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They Live In The North Maine Woods. Yup, There’s A Sauna.

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A lot of the folks who call Maine their home were not born here. These transplants have birth certificates with hospital locations at birthing centers in city setting centers south of Vacationland’ Big Green Bridge.The state of Maine does not promote itself with heavily bankrolled slick publicity either.

Sauna.. Spent Time In One?
Safe, Uncrowded, Low Cost. Growing Up In Maine, That’s The Big Pull To Raising Families Here.

So the gravitational pull to Maine was not caused by ad agencies glossy four color brochures but word of mouth.

Hunters, fisherman that discovered the North Maine woods decide they need more than a long weekend of stretch of seven days a year of Maine. Others found their way here on a cruise ship off the coast. Or figure if the Bush family have a Presidential vacation home in Maine. If folks like Martha Stewart, Teddy Roosevelt, horror writer Stephen King, Ted Williams spent time here, they conclude they should too.

Many of these new to Maine re-locations happen at retirement, when picking the best wholesome location to raise a family, to gain four season clean outdoor living for little money.

Maine. The Fun Is Outdoors Year Round.

All recreational trails lead to Maine. Yesterday an 83 year old from Rhode Island man, raised on a farm in Cranston was a tour guide. To locate a new Maine listing back in the woods. In a township six by six miles square with less than 126 souls populating it full time. It is nice to solicit the help of a local who knows the lay of the land when dealing with a new real estate listing in his backyard.

This man of Swedish descent helped me locate the land and cabin of a friend of his who has died. The family wants to sell the property. It is located quite a hike in off a maintained roadway. Up the hilly, twisting seasonal dirt road in a small rural Maine town of Haynesville.

Have you heard the song about the Haynesville woods, the place up in Aroostook County? The one loaded with buried truckers up north on that lonely stretch of woods called US RT 2A? The song made famous by Dick Curliss of Fort Fairfield that had one good eye. One under a patch and parked from use to navigate. 

The gracious guide that signed on to help me locate the new listing in Maine raised on a dairy farm.

Being brought up on a potato and grain farm myself, we had a common bond of the work ethic both were exposed to early on. This fellow wore plaid pajamas in Irish green color.

His wife shared with me that in Clearwater Florida, their winter home as snow birds, he wore shorts. But up at the camp-like routine living in Maine, it was comfortable soft flannel plaid PJ’s put on daily. That was her husband’s wardrobe of choice.

The most interesting people you meet in Maine are not all from the state.

It is refreshing to learn of the steps taken, the course of any person’s life when they are willing to share the story. This couple, in a second marriage, loved the same things. The wife a retired teacher, the husband making a career in promotional advertising items. To help folks promote their brand through a myriad of ways.

The couple owned a Cessna 182 and flew around New England. The husband had taken a trip to Alaska that was quite the adventure. Their home in the woods in Maine has power that they paid sixteen thousand to bring in from US RT 2A.

Like I said, the location is in a willy wags, not exactly over populated with people.

Lots of four legged furry neighbors though and the pile of apples collected, dumped out back attracted black bears, white tail deer. The husband is an avid hunter. 

After locating the hidden listing, the land in the rain on a Saturday afternoon, I had all the images, room dimensions, local property information needed to get the details online. The couple wants my girlfriend and I to see where they lived and over an hour was spent touring, sharing, talking in their hand made log home. They invited us into their dwelling to let us sneak a peek. It was polished rustic with all the conveniences.

There was a sauna house.

Got Your Towel? Crank The Music And Settle Into Hot Hot Dry Sauna Heat!

The sauna, pronounced like the female pig… “SOW-nah” was a source of pride and joy. Used to cleanse the body, a component of the husband’s Swedish background, the sauna housed in the a separate screen house.

With tunes, power, the sauna made of native cedar with a heater. That was loaded with hot rocks to pour ladles of Maine spring water on to create the steam.

The dry heat and sitting in the sauna session finished with rolling in the snow in the white of a Maine winter.

Or dashing yourself with cold water to rinse off after each bathing experience the other three seasons. To force the body’s toxins out through your pores. More than relaxation with tunes and the dry heat and social aspect. The clean up, personal hygiene happens with the scrubbing up and all the hot heat too.

Ice Cold, Low Temperatures Cause Migration To Saunas, Wood Stoves.

More on saunas. I have had many Finnish property owners who all installed a sauna at their homes. More on the history of saunas. Maine has lots of natives from Scandinavian descent. I have blogged about the love affair with a Norwegian wood stove made by Jotul.

There are lots of Swedes in New Sweden, Stockholm area of Maine that never lost their old country traditions. Down hill skiing, cross country skiing, the biathlon alpine experiences live on in Maine. More on how to build a sauna from scratch for inspiration. More on a sauna off grid operation,

It was the woods, the streams, rivers, lakes that attracted this pair ot Maine.

The vacation-land location for retirement was lower cost and fit their budget too. What is your favorite part of Maine? What’s your attraction beside less people, no traffic, the four seasons natural beauty? Pure and simple. Maine is the way life should be.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Well Water In Maine, Head’s Up On What To Expect.

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Well water in Maine, it is not the same here as you find in other places. Drink up. Vacationland has lots of clean, fresh water to guzzle. The eight glasses a day kind you and I are suppose to be chug-a-lugging to stay hydrated.

Clean Maine Water! Above And Below The Ground.

Maine is loaded with clean, unspoiled recreational water too. All kinds of it in the form of lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, and ocean front h20 kind.

Lack of water of any kind in Maine does not happen. Yes, it is one more way we are truly spoiled living here in Maine.

In our real estate job of marketing Maine property listings, the question “what about water wells” comes up a lot. Because where the buyer is moving from has there are big time water problems. It is very expensive to drill a water well.

I hear horror stories about horrendous water quality and low quality issues outside of Maine. How hydro-fracting is messing up the water table. And man is polluting their over tapped water supply for domestic and recreational use.

Opening up the tap and a steady stream of clean fresh water is the dream for folks moving to Maine. The private drilled well water without the municipal taste of chlorine and flouride is one of the perks with Maine country living.

If you plan to raise animals on a farmstead, water has to be plentiful, clean, available round the clock.

No one can wait for a gone dry water well supply to return so they can water the thirsty livestock. Irrigation happens to help regulate some agricultural crops but what Mother Nature supplies the farm fields and pasture land usually does the trick.

Float Your Boat In Maine Water!

Cows don’t get their drinking water out of a stagnant pond. Fencing down to the water’s edge means the water can get contaminated with animal waste. The same warm pond water where frogs live is not used for organic farm irrigation either due to concerns about food safety and bacteria, e-coli, etc.

Besides wanting to see a moose or whale, to eat a slab of blue berry pie or to sit down to a feast of steam clams or lobsters. The vacationing visitors also want. to see a lighthouse or two. The relocating, moving to the Pine Tree state folks also ask how’s the water in Maine? It’s on their minds because it is it is part of the reason for the heading to Maine.

I talked to Jamie Watson of Watson Well Drillers in Littleton this afternoon.

To get his perspective as a 6th generation Maine water well driller. Jamie told me in southern Aroostook County you can hit granite but that northern sections don’t have it to contend with drilling wells or chewing up bits.

The deepest well he ever drilled was 800′ business application used at Freddy Valshing’s sugar beet refinery in Easton Maine. But Watson says that the typical well in Northern Maine he pokes int the ground is 150 to 200 feet deep. That depth of drilled well provides plenty of water to serve your needs.

Water pools on a Maine coast!
Water Pockets Around Coastal Rock Formations In Maine.

Uncle Sam says the minimum gallons per minute for a drilled well has to be 2.5. And there needs to be adequate depth to create a reserve to draw from when water is needed in a household or business.

More from the state of Maine on drilled wells.

I have a private drilled well that is 60 feet deep at Drews Lake, am on public water next to my office at an in town residence. A family farm has a couple wells and the main one is 225′ down inside a hatch in one of the auxiliary buildings. A hand pump on top of a rocked around well is down by US RT 2. Another one was filled in with gravel that we could clean out if we ever wanted to put back into service.

Watson Wells owner said the biggest problem today is kids that don’t conserve water.

That make little effort to time those showers and that must have amazing water heaters to keep it hot hot hot. Growing up on a farm, we did not waste water. Even if it was plentiful you lead your life in moderation, easy does it mode.

maine river water
Water On The River In Maine!

Water collected from roof gutters connect to feed a rocked cistern in the farm home basement. Rain water is soft, not hard. Probably started before the days of drilled well that could deliver more water quickly.

Sometimes a poor producing well is because the foot valve is not low enough in the casing. Like a straw not hitting the lower portion of a glass, you suck air, not fluid. Good, clean potable water is a must for healthy living anywhere on the planet.

Dug wells are not that uncommon in Maine.

If you dug down 14′ or more and put crushed rock on the bottom, piling concrete tiles on top of each other. Adding a lid on top with a hand pump. That does your time up at camp in Maine just fine. A lake or pond cottage draws the water from what’s out front.

I have tested lake water and had it come back fine and dandy for drinking, for all the domestic uses. Some argue the water tastes like Mercury, Honda, Suzuki or Yamaha though. (Smile). Dug wells are created by hand shovel, a back hole and lined with concrete tile, rock and mortar walls. Topped with a protective cover. Some call dug wells a ground water magnet. Sealing them in the best you can will help lessen the chances of contamination. The walls of a dug well must be solid enough to keep them rigid and from collapsing.

The average household does not just abide by the one Saturday night bath whether you need it or not. How often do you shower a day and for how long? How many loads of laundry do you produce and are they full loads?

Do you hang those fresh, wet clothes out on a line to air dry on a breezy, sunny Maine day? Or does Suzie need her favorite pair of blue jeans washed all by themselves with much panic involved because the high school dance is only a few hours away?

Clean, Fresh, Fast Moving Water In Maine.

I was not brought up to do one item wash loads and the household was not turned upside down until the coveted article of clothing was washed, ironed, folded and tucked away.

In the Oakfield Maine area, along the Mattawamkeag River, there are many driven point wells.

What is a driven point well? You see them used around soft sandy ground where the water table is high enough for an adequate supply. The driven well point is placed in my experience 12 to 25 feet deep but work fine and are typical to certain areas of Maine.

This blog post on well water in Maine concentrate more on the supply and how deep to expect. Granite, bedrock can add to the cost and depth of a well and this geological formation is more difficult to drill according to Watson.

Testing your water for bacteria, for hardness, for arsenic, radon, high iron or sulfur content and other elements can avoid health problems later. The cost to put on filters, to add reverse osmosis units and other water softeners and conditioners can cost a pretty penny. Plus they need regular maintenance to continue to do their job. It is not once and done… someone has to make sure they keep doing their job with the filter change and charcoal cleansers.

Most of the water tests I have taken over the years have been sent to Northeast Labs in Waterville. I have had super success with the turn around times, the advice from helpful staff at Northeast Labs if you are looking for a reference from personal experience taking well water samples.

How many gallons per minute is another helpful statistic to know about when learning about an existing drill water well’s performance statistics.

I have seen 30, 50 gallon per minute private drilled wells. And you hear the term a lot talking about true artesian wells. Not every drilled well is an artesian well. Here’s the definition of an artesian well.The difference between an artesian well and other types is the pressure, the flow that naturally happens.

Playing On The Maine Waterfront In A Raft!

I had listed a home in Ludlow Maine. Where the water flows without aid of a pump and empties out of the well cap into a pond feeding a brook. I timed the amount of water per minute and found four gallons was the flow.

No jet pump, no submersible pump down into the drilled well… but all by itself siphoning action happening out of the side hill. Often you hear the term artesian well used on all kinds of drilled in the ground sources but only a few are the real deal. Where positive pressure causes the water to rise and empty up and out of the well cap.

When a natural spring is dug out, it too can be a water source. Where the water naturally bubbles up and fills the reserve used for drinking and domestic use. The drilled wells I see used in the area are six inch pipe iron casing on the top fitted with a shoe where the metal meets the rock formation below.

Problems with drilled wells that had the cap cut off below the ground’s surface are a trouble maker down the road.

Sure you don’t back into the metal above ground casing or have to mow grass around the drilled well protrusion.

Snow Flakes, The Frozen Water Winter Kind!
Water From The Sky! The Snow Flake Kind!

But finding when the foot valve or pump needs replacement becomes more of a mystery. And bacteria seems into the well head vent when the wood or whatever material decays used to protect it.

These wells get dug up and PVC piping is added like a sleeve around the iron or steel casing to make it easy to spot. And a snap to put a quart of bleach down into them for disinfection to happen when a bad test and high bacteria cut comes back from the water testing lab.

In another blog post on well water, I promise to have a discussion on the quality of what we drink.

What the issues are and how to tackle them for safe drinking water. This blog post was more to help someone brand new to Maine know about the types of wells, how they work and where their application is appropriate. Thank you for stopping by to read this blog post on drilled wells in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Moving To A Small Town In Maine, What To Expect.

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When you make the switch, find yourself moving to a small town in Maine. Everything is not going to rock and roll the exact same. In small town Maine living, you enjoy the lack of traffic, the low level of crime.

whitewater rafting in maine,
Rafting Down Whitewater In Maine. How Many Times On Which Rivers In Maine?

The way small town folks wave at you and smile. Let you go first at a four way stop sign. Or hold a door open so you can scoot in or out. They are helpful and polite. That can change a little if you are a complainer. Or start finding fault with the small town living.

Comparing Maine to where you used to live before the move in a negative light is not pleasant. Makes the locals wonder why did you move here then? They can bitch and moan but for the first year especially ease up on the whining yourself. The locals are proud of their area, worked hard to get it where it is. They want you to pitch in, not take pot shots and put down the small Maine town.

Right off the bat you notice a friendlier atmosphere in Maine.

Lower cost real estate, access to the great outdoors happens easily. No matter which direction you head out of town to experience the country. The woods, water, wildlife are on all the well connected recreational trails.

But. When it is time to call a plumber, electrician, carpenter or mason. It could take a little time to get a response or the job you need done performed. Why? If someone is skilled, charges a reasonable price, they are in demand in a small Maine town. They are worth the wait and you learn to plan for the project renovation.

maine aerial views portland head light
Maine, Drop Dead Gorgeous. Low Priced Property, Lacking Crime, Crowds, Traffic.

Something major for building construction means being the first guy out of the gate in spring. Finishing off that new addition in the middle of winter when work slows down and it is easier finding your tradesmen. Or Maine is all about doing more yourself and relying less on others.

Money is tighter in a small Maine town and we are raised to be jack of all trades.

Hiring everything done and wearing out the yellow pages is not the Maine way. You miss a lot of the satisfaction when you are not hands on and knee deep involved in the repair or renovation.

Live And Local. You Are In The Front Row Of The Event Working It Happens In Small Maine Town LIving.

You might think if there is lag time getting a tradesmen to arrive on the job at your place in Maine that more of them are needed.

Feast or famine happens in small rural areas of Maine. In the dead of summer we could use another two or three players in every profession layer. Around February, after the pair of holidays at the end of the calendar year, the shortage disappears.

Availability improves and you learn to go with the flow. You catch the rhythm of the local work force. And like the best time to vacation around the shoulder seasons going in and coming out, expansion projects need planning. To get who you want, at a price that is best for the quality of work received.

Once you get your local small town professionals working for you, don’t put them off getting settled up.

Pay them what the bill that matches their estimate spells out. Don’t make them wait, don’t play any games trying to get something extra or stringing them along with payment.

maine lake loon with fish
Come And Get It. Fish For Free Are Fresh In A Maine Lake. Adult Loons Are Excellent Anglers To Feed Their Young!

Word gets around in a small Maine town quickly. Good or bad your new to town reputation is golden or tarnished due to how you treat the locals. Unlike a city where you find the list is long. To one by one track down someone that can come right over to fix that leak. Or help get your furnace purring and heat restored.

The remodeling or any much needed repair in a small rural Maine town can require lots of patience.

Some Maine construction companies prefer to do large jobs, not the little ones. When they are away on the road, not enough professionals can be in the small Maine town to handle the workload.

The one man shows, where you know exactly who you are going to get and what quality of work for what size bill are super. They are affordable because their overhead is under control. But they are busy and worth waiting for if you can.

maine winter countryside photo
Sugar Coated Maine, Don’t Miss A Season, Make Winter Sparkle Part Of Your Vacation Plans.

When you learn a project was canceled and your local carpenter, plumber, electrician, whatever profession is available, you jump on the change to invite them over.

To tackle your job jar items bigger than your expertise level.

In health care facilities in small Maine towns, there are times when the work load is enough for one and a half specialty doctors but not quite two. Timing is everything when you get sick or need an operation. Doctor vacation schedules can mess up life for those in small Maine towns needing medical help.

The Maine Blueberry Crew Field Rakers Are a Motley Bunch.

Moving to a small Maine town.

So much to like about the pure and natural, the unspoiled outdoor living. The relationships are deeper because you are more involved in small town living. Especially living in small Maine towns under 4000 population.

The circles you travel are smaller and less people means you get to know the others around you. You will be serving on local community boards, working in service and civic clubs, school and church projects in a small Maine town.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Life In “The County” When Temperatures Rise.

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Weather in Maine, anywhere in Vacationland. When the topic comes up it is a more often than not a discussion involving snow flakes. How cold does it get? How much white stuff do you fellas collect in winter up there is Maine? Are the roads plowed? Do you hibernate? Are there igloos and dog sleds or polar bears involved living in Maine over the winter months?

Wells Beach Maine, The Scenery On A Hot Summer Day In The Sand.

For starters, Maine has many distinct regions and the weather in each varies too. It’s a big tall drink of water state. “The County” is the crown of Maine.

The largest of Maine’s sixteen counties, Aroostook alone has fourteen thousand miles of trails to explore any time of year. With or without a blanket of white snow, it is one special top shelf corner of the state to discover.

Weather in Maine is never an issue because we have lots of experience with all kinds of it. You just adapt the wardrobe to fit the temperatures you have to work with for the outdoor fun. Or when it means bundle up or strip down. For working outdoors, the show must go on. It does quite nicely no matter how high or low in the tube the red juice sits in the glass tube .

Where I Spend Summers In Maine At Drews Lake. One Sunrise Scene This Week.

You dial in the local forecast to work around the weather patterns overhead on those rec trails you wish to explore. Or for the chore list ahead of you on any given day no matter what the thermometer reads.

What you use to explore and enjoy Maine pure natural outdoors depends on the season. Hoof it and hike. Climb on a bike. Grab poles to cross country or down hill ski. Or gas up and here we go on snow sleds, ATV four wheelers. Climb in a raft for high water river action.

Or fire up the old jeep for those back wood trails. All approached easy does it whoa slow. Have a plan Stan. With a tread lightly attitude approach. Remember, the use of private land owners property in Maine any season is always a privilege, not a right. Show respect for the wildlife, the land owner, the crops or trees growing on the acreage.

Maine Summer Wild Flowers Arranged By Mother Nature.

But how hot does it get, how high do temperatures rise in Maine?

Winter weather and lots of myths have been circulating for years. The temps can average around 22 degrees that part of the calendar hanging on the kitchen wall. But what is your weather in Maine like in spring, summer, winter? The chatter about that usually takes a back seat to winter windchill and snow accumulations for anyone who has never lived here.

But for the record a comfortable 70 degrees is your summer average… the same reading most folks set the thermostat on or lower for inside living.

Sometimes Purple Aroostook County Potato Blossoms. Not Always White Ones With Golden Centers.

Along the coast of Maine the weather patterns and winds, temperatures and moisture in the air is different. Than up in Aroostook or say over in Franklin County or in the Highland rugged terrain regions are not the same.

The breeze does not blow the same. The moisture in the air is varied. So when you try to broad brush anything in Maine, she is too big to try and apply the same response to the weather question.

Downeast Maine would get more of a dampness in the air than say further inland where there is less water weather influences.

(White fluffy full of air snow instead of heavier water logged slushy snow can be the extremes that happen in Maine for winter weather precipitation.) It dries out winter, spring, summer or fall moisture wise the further inland you head up into Maine.

There is more to Maine than dipping your toe in Kittery at a visit to an outlet retail trading post just off an I-95 exit location.

The breeze of the York and Wells Beach regions is different than the one blowing in the mountains or during haying on a Maine farm deeper into the interior. The heart of Maine is not the Southern tip that is handy to Boston.

Your weather exposure on a Maine lobster boat bobbing off shore and hoisting fish traps is not the same surroundings you experience cultivating and hoeing on a Maine farm tractor. Or cutting, conditioning and bailing hay or harvesting berries, potatoes, grains, whatever is raised from the fertile farm soil.

Maine Has So Many Lakes To Float Your Boat And Enjoy! Public Boat Launches All Over The Place And No Lines, No Fees. Welcome To Vacationland, Maine!

All I know is in general, Mainers adapt to the weather and life with a positive attitude.

Make the most of what we have and be grateful. Taking it all in stride. But I can not tell a lie. High heat of summer can make you feel dog tired, wet with sweat and light headed. It affects sleep, your mood can dip because being as productive as possible is hard. It is like Superman knows there is a chunk of Kryponite hidden around here somewhere. Check the lunch box or under the couch cushions or what’s buried in the back yard.

The summer heat makes you less industrious and we are used to apply liberally the work ethic lotion. Lather it on and no one wants the label lazy because they are not. That drive and dedication is what made the state famous. We don’t complain about the heat, and try to fight the myths, the negative talk about winter weather conditions too. Mainers try their best to not complain and count their blessings.

How hot does it get in Maine?

As I hunt and peck this blog post where I am in Northern Maine it is 82 degrees, the wind is 5 miles per hour and the humidity is 63 percent. It is hot for Maine standards and that’s where our Maine crystal clear clean cool lakes come into play.

Soak the body, swim with the fish. Climb in a kayak and drift, paddle slowly and watch the sunset, the loons, other boaters on a Maine lake the plan for tonight for me. Booking a white water river rafting trip on the Kennebec, Dead or Penobscot River sounds like a good way to cool off to me.

Maine Has A Lot Of Water. Some Salted.

Hot else do we handle the heat? Heading to the Maine lake, by visiting those ice cream dairy bars. Taking a bike ride. Tacking and harnessing the wind in a sail boat. Stripping the clothing and turning on a fan to sleep nights. Cranking up the AC in the car or rolling down those windows. Removing the top completely or cracking opening the sun roof.

Getting up early when it is cooler and capturing those Maine temperatures.

Inviting them in to stay all day long. By opening up all the windows. To bring in the five in the morning AM chill. To trap it inside by closing the windows, quickly getting in and out use of the exterior doors. Shutting the blinds and curtains to make for comfortable living inside to prepare for the hot summer day ahead.

Gonna be a hot one, a scorcher today in Maine Chummy. But the winter wood pile still needs the attention to stay one heating season ahead of the next. To avoid the green sizzling sound of creosote in whatever stove we use to heat the interior of where we live the looming approaching winter.

We only get a handful of over the top muggy weather periods in Maine. We worry about the farm crops and animals out in the heat. Irrigation is not the norm on a farm but the globe is heating up and getting warmer, dustier, dry as a bone in more places.

Land On A River In Maine. It Is Not Just Lakeshore, Oceanfront That Is Attractive. Like This Nearly 60 Acres On The Aroostook River In Oxbow Maine For $32,500!

Long periods of no rain and hot sun don’t help the bottom line on a Maine farm up here in Aroostook County. Lack of water or too much of it can ruin the crop on a Maine agricultural spread for crops or critters. But again, we adapt and do the best we can with what we have for natural resources to stay on that patch of dirt.

Everyone is concerned about how the weather and the temperatures, amount of rainfall all affect the local farmers, the loggers in the woods, the fishermen on the open seas. Weather is a topic of discussion year round in Maine.

Last winter was a heavier snow load, longer one for sure. Great for the skiing and snow sledding vacation destinations. Those paid to manage it plowing and shoveling it during a slower economic time. So no complaints about the muggy hot weather showing up in the local Maine forecast today. Just adjusting to it adds to the major temperature degree swing we enjoy in Maine.

We get a lot of weather in Maine. That’s true and we are not amateurs dealing with it. Just don’t experience a lot of the middle of the road kind weather temperatures. As a rule, true Mainers are pretty heat intolerant or become snow birds to escape it in the winter the older they grow. But we prefer it a little cooler thank you very much. Over the blistering hot please. We are better at the cold than handling the heat.

Hot or cold or in between. It’s all good no matter what the Maine weather.

Because it is not too crowded, all pure and natural scenery surrounding us. The temperature shift makes each of the four seasons much different from the one before and to follow. We do not get one boring weather pattern. Something new happens quickly to change it up to stay on our toes and not doze off.

I’m signing off, heading to the Maine lake to take a dip. To get out, heat up, return to the lake water for another submersion to make for comfortable sleeping toinght.

Thank you for stopping by. Extremely grateful to be lucky enough to live in Maine full time. That I got to visit with the first grandchild, Penolope tonight on the way to the Aroostook County waterfront seasonal home!

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Rotary Clubs In Maine

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The impact of Rotary Clubs in Maine, small towns know the true merits of the blue and gold wheel.

If there was no Rotary Club, much would be missing in the community landscape in the Maine communities they serve. All the service clubs like the Elks, Masons, the American and Veterans of Foreign Wars, the snow sled, ATV and sporting clubs all add big time to make the rural areas shine. But this blog post is from personal experience with the Rotary Club I have witnessed.

In the early 1980’s I joined the local Rotary club in Houlton ME.

Money raised for so many capital fund projects directly benefits where I live in Vacationland. My local club that meets Monday noon at the Watson Hall of the Church of the Good Shepherd is part of Rotary International District 7810. Clubs from both sides of the US and Canadian border are part of my Rotary district. Here is a Rotary club finder to help you get on board the local meeting schedule.

Much of the fund raising is geared to local area youth oriented endeavors. We serve several school administrations. Maine is a sparse populated state with miles between the school districts. But funding worldwide polio plus, humanitarian aid for suffering areas on the spinning globe are part of the mix in where money is allocated.

My Rotary club celebrates 100 years of service this year!

The clubs membership hovers between 60 to 70 local members. You get out of Rotary what you put in and the individual member needs the club more than the other way around. It is all about service above self, the Rotary motto. He profits most who serves best.

Rotary Club Of Houlton ME, Celebrating 100 Years Of Service Above Self!

An earlier Rotary club blog post outlined what projects were underwritten by local members. Our biggest fund raising of the year is the annual Rotary Auction held around Thanksgiving. But local Bingo, E-waste also add to the funding for local needs. The local club has run canoe races, put on Radio Day, manned the gates for the 4th of July entry points, and much more.

Lots Of The Local History Involves Rotary In Houlton Maine.

My favorite part of being a Maine Rotary member?

How so much more can be accomplished as a group rather than as an individual. You get to know the local community members more deeply working on worthwhile community projects. Rotary sees a need as a club and then attack the problem collectively.

Rotary Balloon Night During McGill’s Outdoor Community Concert.

My local community needed an outdoor bandstand for McGills Band summer concerts, for local veterans day celebrations, etc. It was used for part of the Houlton Maine Rotary 7810 annual convention when local Rotarian Leigh Cummings was 2012 district governor.

Waiting For Your Heat Number Pair Up During Houlton ME Soap Box Derby Race.

When the local soap box derby need help building its own engineer race course, the local Rotary club was involved from day one. A garage for the topside of the race track was built with money raised by the local Rotary club. The local race site is the state of Maine venue for the big event held each June to find out who represents the state in Akron Ohio’s All American Soap Box Derby national race.

The Houlton Rotary Club Built This Outdoor Amphitheater For All To Enjoy!

Local hospital equipment funding for much needed modern technology helps all ages in the Maine community. If loved ones don’t have to travel for medical attention, if they can stay local and get the support they need for the hand up to get back on their feet. Everyone wins when the local Maine Rotary club makes it happen.

The singing a song, collecting happy dollars, the recalling stories of past lost members of Rotary that are greatly missed. All those local Rotary traditions and history are preserved and cherished.

It all makes Rotary an important part of the weekly routine living in small Maine communities. Everyone in Rotary is busy, much involved in their professions and other local service, school, municipal obligations.

Local District 7810 Held In Houlton Maine In 2012!

You learn a lot from other members that are experts in their professions. Each week if you rotate around the tables of members who get together for the wonderful home cooked meal, so much knowledge is gathered.

The best way to now the members of the community are by working hand in hand on anything to improve the area. That’s what Rotary does and without it and other service clubs in small town Maine communities, the quality of life would suffer greatly.

The Local Rotary Auction.. Everyone Shops For Items To Build On.

Are you a member of your local Rotary club?

Why or why not? Do you make up missed meetings by visiting other clubs in your district? Were you a member and dropped out? Rotary is International. Rotary is a rock solid local group to support with your time and financial resources. Everything Rotary does benefits the local area, the state, the World we all live in.

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Soap Box Derby In Houlton Maine

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Soap Box Derby in Houlton Maine, the Aroostook County race venue held it’s big June race last Saturday. The State of Maine Soap Box Derby race is in Houlton each year.

This Is “Derby Hill” Where Maine State Soap Box Derby Local, State And Rally Races Are Run.

The success with the derby racing program is tied very much to the course used to host it. If a small town or city street is used for a derby program, the logistics to using that hill are huge. The manpower needed to set up, maintain, tear down and tuck away the equipment needed for a local soap box derby race drains the resources. 

At one time Maine has five soap box derby race venues to give boys and girls the opportunity to downhill race.

The locations for Maine derby racing were many and spread around the state in Houlton, Bangor/Brewer, South Portland, Rumford and Camden.

Houlton is now the lone remaining site for the Maine race used to produce winning derby car drivers to represent the state in Akron Ohio’s All American Race centers on just one major factor.

Trophies For Top Eight Places In Stock, Super Stock Racing. But Also The Spirit Award, Best Teched Car And More Awarded In The Houlton Maine Soap Box Derby Annual Local Race!

The small Northern Maine community in Aroostook County raised funds, drew up the plans for an engineer hill for rally and local derby races. “Derby Hill” has lights, safety guard rails, a garage at the top for storage that make for time and labor efficient set up and tear down operations. 

When less time, smaller amounts of yearly funding is channeled into the derby race course, more effort can be poured into other vital areas of the event. The workers putting on the derby race don’t suffer from burn out and drop by the wayside from exhaustion and dwindling numbers.

“Derby Hill” is also used by area children during the winter for sliding on the snow. Even fireworks have been staged off the area called “Topside” during 4th of July celebrations. Spring and fall soap box derby rally races in addition to the annual local run down the hill happens at “Derby Hill”.

The Houlton Maine race started with a small group of local parents traveling to Camden to witness a local 1995 derby event. MBNA, the big credit card company was looking for a worthwhile family friendly event to sponsor. The plastic card with the magnetic strip giant allocated twenty thousand dollars to hire derby racing officials from New Hampshire to show the Maine race cities how to put on the event.

Trial Run For Brand New Soap Box Derby Racers! Held Friday Before The Big Local Derby Race.

Like grass fire when it is dry and conditions are right with wind blowing in the right direction, soap box derby racing in Maine took off. In fact, after the Houlton Maine derby race in 1996, the next five annual installments of the downhill event were the largest in the country. 

Maine Soap Box Derby Racing!
Lining Up The Heat Sheet ith The Pair Of Derby Racers.

The Northern Maine Soap Box Derby race with two hundred cars meant sixty six local volunteers stepped up to pull off the event. Money from sponsors, funding for cars, everything needed from event t-shirts to trophies, from food to car parts had to be raised. Derby car racers from over two hours away in Maine would venture to the Houlton venue to compete.

In Akron Ohio when the largest race city award was presented at the All American downhill event, it would be asked over and over. How big is your city, is Houlton Maine to field up to two hundred soap box derby car racers? Just a tad over 6000 population for an answer made the person asking the question scratch their head in disbelief.

Matt Conley, 2019 Super Stock Soap Box Derby Racer Heading To Akron Ohio To Nationally Compete In The All American Race!

How could that small a Maine community field that large a field of derby car racers? The answer is you don’t know the size of the heart and passion of a home town proud parent or sponsor or derby race volunteer. More on Maine Soap Box Derby racing in Houlton, the county seat for Aroostook.

Megan Peters, Heading To Akron in July 2019 To Race In The All American Soap Box Derby National Race In Akron Ohio!

Videos of this year, past races below to show what this soap box derby racing program is all about.

2019 Maine Soap Box Derby Race Video
We Have A Green. Derby Drivers Ready To Race In Lane One, Lane Two?
It’s All Down Hill For “The Thrill Of The Hill” In Soap Box Derby Racing!
Sometimes It Rains, Is Blistering Sunshine, Windy. Derby Racers Prepared For ME Weather.

Please like and follow us on the Maine Soap Box Derby race page.

The planning and execution of events in rural communities of Maine. In small Maine towns, everything is home grown not store bought. You work the event not just pay your price of admission and sit down to enjoy the show and then look for your car to go home.

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Small Towns In Maine | How Do They Keep Their Doors Open?

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Small towns in Maine.

The northern rural New England state is known for its sparse population and wide open spaces. So how does a small town exist? Some of them don’t because keeping up with the paperwork to maintain the local identity is slipping. Once Grange halls, local schools, the mill, and one by one farmers or woodcutters fade from the local town landscape, all you are left with is the historical notes.

Small towns in Maine. Some are surrounded by water, neighbor no other community!

Amity ME is a good example of a small town in Maine.

Amity is a bedroom community for a larger population center to support for employment, schooling, shopping, all the essentials to survive in today’s modern age. Amity Maine is located on the USA – Canadian International border.

But a little further south you find the small town of Bancroft Maine .

That was a town but not anymore as it retreated. Waved the white flagf and dismantled local government. Becoming an unorganized township from its previous status as a town is becoming a pattern. Blog posts on deorganization of small Maine towns have gotten press ink lately.

Bancroft Maine took about three years in it’s disconnecting the ties that bound the local government entity. To settle up the financial obligations was the first order. Who plows the roads and fills the pot holes. Mows the grass at the local cemetery. Or writes the check for Maine school education tuition or to pay the bus driver?

Spring run off from heavy winter snow loads fuel our many canoe and kayak races!

Somebody is at the helm no matter how small or limited the tiny small Maine town government running the show.

Issuing the warrants, counting the voter ballots on important issues of the day or to fill a position. To shift gears and divvy up the local control responsibilities between the state and County of Aroostook. 

Like a boat on the open water surviving the choppy seas and less than perfect nautical weather, don’t you need a certain number of local players for a crew of a small Maine town operations? Besides figuring out how to raise enough in local annual property tax assessments each year to stay in the black financially.

Who’s going to picked from the flock for representation of the town’s people? To be a local elected selectmen, the chair of this group of committed townspeople. That all one by one step up to help administer the small Maine town obligations and responsibilities. 

Home grown and everything is live, local. That’s living, working, playing as a volunteer of a small town in Maine.

In a small Maine town or plantation, someone has to be on the local board of tax assessors, serve on the local school administration education boards.

Tapped to be the local animal control officer to handle a nuisance dog at large and off his lease. To fill the boots of the local town fire warden. For where you get your fire permit. To be legit for that little smudge fire ring circle gathering outback Saturday night. The town clerk in a small Maine town often has a real job doing something else besides registering your friends and neighbor’s cars, trucks, snow sleds, ATV four wheelers and boats. 

In the tiniest of small Maine towns, it is not one but many volunteers performing their local duties. Mailing out the annual property tax bills. Keeping track of real estate registry of deeds transfers in the small town divided up into map and lots. Writing out the receipts for early discounted property tax payments. Performing the property tax lien process when its been more than eighteen months since the small Maine town received any real estate taxes from its owner. 

Volunteer fire departments responding to local calls for a structure fire. Or when Sparky gets a little carried away with burning fall tree leaves. Or that brush pile that spreads when winds fan the flames.

There may not be a town fire department to fight the blaze. Just like the local police are not in the town limits. But instead serve under the umbrella of protection of the local county sheriff department. Or whatever Maine state police troop barracks is closest to serve this particular radius circle of highways for each section of Vacationland.

In the small Maine community of Drew Plantation, one man in his eighties and not in the best of health holds it all together.

He admits that if he stopped changing all the hats he wears, if he retired from his many roles in Drew Plantation then deorganization steps would begin.

Fish dinner… this is how you snag one of those taught early on in small town Maine living circles.

Township 7 Range 9, in Penobscot County became the township of Drew on April 5th, 1921. But the Great Depression took its tolls. Causing Drew to return to the plantation status is began with September 8th, 1856. With 137 friendly souls populating Drew Plantation in the 1880, two school houses were used to educate the children. Today the US Census population hovers around 45-46 folks calling Drew Plantation home. 

Some small Maine towns or plantations share one office, one manager. In the case of Patten Maine, under the same town office roof line, the affairs of Moro Plantation, the town of Hersey are also administered. Each local government body kept separate and not merged to be independent authorities sharing administrative services to defer the cost.

Linneus and Hodgdon Maine in the past shared one town manager. Smyrna and Merrill Maine have one capable lady at the helm of both towns under one shared roof line.

What about when it is water water everywhere… when you are a small Maine island government to keep running?

Depending on where you search online, Maine also has 3166 islands. Or other sites quote 4600 islands off the coast but also counting the ones on lakes. Mt Desert is the largest of the large collection of independent islands in Maine. Some are only visible when the tide is right to keep these ledges exposed.

Island in Maine, this one in Cutler.

Some Maine islands are close enough to the mainland that ferries shuttle the kids to school. And mom and dad take the daily ride in and back to the island from mainland population centers. If their work is not on the island community itself. From retirement checks that support the island life routine. Or from hoisting bounty from the sea fishing or running tourism attractions involving lighthouses, hump back whales and puffins.

Islands in Maine coded “R” are registered and privately owned.

The ones wearing the letter “U” designation are unorganized. Four more structures on an island puts them in another classification. Here is the list of Maine islands and their code designations. More to explore about Maine islands. Inland, Moosehead Lake, Maine’s largest surrounds Sugar Island, the biggest of its water surrounded land masts.

Salt water, sea air, sounds of gulls and navigation buoys. Maine islands offer heavy helpings of solitude.

Maine’s islands are a big part of the tourism industry. Many islands don’t live within municipal boundaries to include them in a bigger government administration. The unorganized townships of Maine divided into the sixteen counties catch all of these lost in the hustle bustle shuffle entities.

Do you know where Jewell Island is in Maine? 

For a number of years each summer, a bunch of my friends would boat out and camp on Jewell Island off South Harpswell that has some unique bunkers on them from the World War Two era. To defend the coast and as a look out for early warning detection on any invasions. Add to your collection of Maine vacations with island tours on bike

Small towns in Maine, the collection of islands too. Ever wonder how they keep the doors open and local government humming smoothly? Quite nicely and everyone volunteers to make it happen. To maintain tradition the best they can as the population shrinks. Strong internet to telecommute and connect small towns in Maine is so critical to keep those town government and local business enterprise doors open.

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Dance Schools In Maine, Watch Videos On Local Productions.

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Dance companies in Maine, schools where everything from tap, jazz, ballet and more steps are learned.

The joy of dancing is an extension of the music.

Feeling the groove, catching the vibe and letting loose. For kids, it sure beats sitting on the couch, eating a bowl of cheese puffs killing time on a device. Get up, start moving, being part of a dance routine with classes to advance the 5,6,7,8. Dance in Maine, there is a lot going on in that department.

Dance In Maine, What Type We Talking? All Types.

It matters not if you are located in Portland, Lewiston, Bangor or the small handful of cities or a rural community. Maine has a sparse population. Vactionland is pretty far flung in the well spaced dots on the map. In the small towns of Millinocket and Houlton, a shared dance company thrives. Check out what thirty years of dance classes has done to the program at Houlton School of Dance. Three videos of past Maine dance recital performances below.

Starting with the littlest of dancers, helped by the older more experienced ones.

The tiniest dancers not all moving as one dance group. The low to the ground, not all stepping to the same drummer beat are the cutest. Whether they are reindeer, snow flakes, blue birds, daisies, cowboys or whatever synchronized dance routine theme. They are collectively dressed as brand new dancers.. They are precious.

Stay Together, Dance Collectively. Look Lively Now.

In the rows of seats watching the dance performance up on stage, you can not help but pick out the ones that will advance rapidly and being shedding tear with their instructor at the end of their high school dance career. Our local treasure. Tomorrow’s hope and today’s live and local entertainment.  That’s what the dance groups of all ages and talent levels represent.

It makes a family atmosphere when it is all ages and the love of dance is the driving beat. Pretty darn sad to see the seniors move on but to create the space for the next group to step up and shine brightly.

Maine fine arts, dance is just one avenue, one element of the local entertainment that greatly enriches an area.

Up on stage, as you sit in the audience you recognize some of the youth from other recreational, church, school events. Hard not to know many of the local youth population in a small Maine town because some of them are relatives. 

The Audience Is Excited As The Maine Dance Program Seating Fills Up.

Watching our greatest asset grow tall and strong. To develop into the future population that runs the show. Dance is more than exercise and staying in shape. It is a routine, discipline, an accomplishment. In my area, the Houlton School of Dance starts in September and runs through mid May. Like other youth activities, dance and sports and music programs pretty much run year round the deeper you get immersed and advance into the various program levels.

Dance in Maine.

It’s been around a long time. My grandmother on my Dad’s side made sure all four kids took tap dancing. It was to improve balance, develop poise and help cure whatever ailed a kid pigeon toed, knock kneed or whatever the things just don’t look right condition is.

Maybe it’s too much horse riding and bowl legged like a cowboy appearance? Not sure how you fix that big space between the knees that don’t ever get close. Dance for poise and conditioning can not hurt the situation.

(At the same time, my same grandmother, an RN who pushed her kids into the dance steps, thought better yank those tonsils early. Before they cause problems later on. Not the norm now. The public consensus today is leave them be unless you absolutely have to issue an eviction notice. And open wide to say ahhhh… Come on. Out you go.)

Santa’s Little Helpers, Dancing Around The Hot Bright Spot Lighted Stage.

But back to dance.

Gimme a beat. My parents before television has dance fever. Just like American Bandstand, they were dancing on a regular basis. My dad met my mom at a dance at Nickerson Lake’s Pavilion. Bob Callnan matched them up and look how that turned out. Four boys later looking back, music and dance were encouraged. Part of the household and the joy of both was exposed, not repressed.

Dancing around, and not because you are a kid needing to visit the bathroom kind. My dad played clarinet in a band to be the entertainment for the paired up dancers down in front of the stage. Rod Palmer was the band leader who later was my accountant until dying at 96. He also played in the local 100 person McGillicuddy’s Band that entertains through out the summer on Thursday nights at Monument Park in Houlton Maine. 

Growing up I would hear lots of stories about all the public dances with live bands.

Everyone traveled over home into Canada, up into Aroostook county. Or venturing down into upper Penobscot and Washington and Piscataquis counties, wherever there was a band playing and people assembling to fill the dance floor. To kick up their heels, to let off some energy and laugh, socialize and for a few hours, put life on hold.

Fun Dancing As A Group, To Shine Individually. Maine’s School Of Dance Develops That Magic.

My brother Stephen played in lots of dance bands on the side.

His most memorable and best polished one was named “Bootleg”. He played piano, sang lead vocals and it was so much fun to be in the audience. He would entertain but also remind the dance and music patrons to tip your waitress well.

And Steve would also let those in attendance, who had showed up this particular night at the local bar or bottle club. In whatever snow sled or Elks Club or whatever the venue that the band realized something. The performers all knew that some in the audience tonight have been struggling with a burden or two.

Stephen Is The Oldest Brother. On The Left. I’m The Little Guy On The Lower Right.

Recent loss of a loved one, trouble at work, wrestling with a failed marriage or celebrating a promotion, new grand child. Good, bad or ugly, for the next few hours, park it at the door. Take a break from all that and let’s dance. Let’s listen to a latest hit, do an original, play a cover or revive an oldie goldie that brings back a flood of memories.

When is the last time you went out dancing?

Do you crank the radio or XM or Spotify at home? Did your Mom play hymns on the ivories? Was there music and dance filling your home? Everyone benefits if is was. I know I know, no one renting wants to hear Nine Inch Nails or Metallica blaring at 2 AM when the party should have ended hours ago. Those kind of loud parties with carousing causing blue lights and police scanner chatter are not the healthy kind. Do you dance like these limber folks shimmy and shake, move and groove.

Ever told you were a lousy dancer? Never do the boot scoot and boogie or electric slide because of it? Don’t listen to them. Get up, move around, let’s dance as David Bowie suggested. The kids in the dance videos above get it! So do the ones in this last dance video that have all kinds of original moves that might require the services of a chiropractor tomorrow.

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Growing Up In Maine, Earliest Childhood Memories.

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Growing up In Maine. Earliest memories living in small town rural Maine.

The youngest you were where you can remember vividly. How old were you when events happening around you can be recalled from memory? And not thanks to a relative making it seem real. But recalled on your own without help from the family story telling of a personal event. I can remember living on Franklin Avenue in Houlton Maine. We were only there a couple year before moving to a farm property outside of town.

More Open Space, Less People, No Traffic, No Crime. That’s Maine. Is It Like That Where You Hang Your Hat Now?

I was two to three years of age according to my quick ciphering calculations.

The family still living downtown. There must have been a party the night before. It is just me shuffling around at about 5 AM. Slowly climbing out of bed, sliding down the carpeted stairs on my stomach to hang a right at the bottom. To visit the brightly lit living room.

The sun on the eastern exposure windows pouring, shining in very brightly. Just waking up and being in the dark for quite a few hours sleeping probably added to how daylight intense it was to a little shaver. With sleepy seeds from the Sandman’s handiwork the night before still crusted in the big brown peepers.

Wearing a one piece zip ’em up sleeper with the built in vinyl coated slipper feet.

Moving like a low to the ground cat burglar that knew his way around the quiet as a mouse single family homestead. The warm insulated sleeper probably from JC Penney’s or Chain Apparel. There were potato chips in the bowl on the living room coffee table. The familiar big glass snack container had a wire bracket hooked to the top side of the super sized bowl. To allow the dip to hang out near the chips. It was onion dip’s turn to entertain hungry guests at the house party.

Aroostook County’s Oldest Town, Houlton Maine.

Thinking back it was out of character for my mom not to have cleaned up the dishes after the night of the party or when a meal was done. With the help of the family recruited to remind all that many hands made light work.

So somewhere around two plus years of age and was MIA in the crib upstairs this particular Saturday or Sunday morning when the Maine house was dead quiet.

Like home alone after everyone gets shuttled hurriedly to the airport. No noise because it was a tad early. All the rest of the family members had not done the rise and shine, get your head out of bed.

Another vivid earliest of memories was the actual move to the farm from Franklin Avenue. Passengers in an International pick up, the back end loaded up with household belongings from in town destined for the country relocation. I am in my Mom’s lap, Dad is driving slowly. As we round the corner beyond the cemetery on both sides of the road and the farm comes into view. The memory moment in time is crystal clear. Nothing faded or hazy about it in the memory banks mental scan.

Our family pitch black cat Satan, a Tom with plumbing kept intact for life is none to happy about being in the truck cab. Pacing, crying, anxious and not the best of passengers. At fourteen years of age after keeping the farmstead free of other cats and any rodents, Dr Perkins on Court Street was summoned to put the family pet to sleep. No easy task. But that event to come later. Way way beyond moving day from town to country for “Satie”.

Satan was not the most social feline but a better mouser there was not to be seen for miles around.

He would disappear one week a year. Head to town or somewhere he did not share with us. And to come back in one major mess. Cuts, scrapes, bruises. Torn ears, chipped teeth, looking like one of the Rolling Stones after being out on tour way too long. He would be nursed back to health. To land back on his four feet. Returned to the barnyard daily routine and sobering up from doing what Tom cats do. Flirting, competing for an intown female cat’s affections. When off duty, on R & R from protecting the grainary, performing the other agricultural barn yard list of chores. Everyone works on a Maine family farm remember? Satan knew his special role.

Back back to the move, the window in the back of the pick up is sideways oval. Looking back through the truck cab’s window I can see a tall floor lamp loose and swaying. Wondering to myself just how much that beige colored shade could take in the breeze of the transport. Ease up on the pedal to the metal Dad suggests Mary Lou aka Mom.

The recall of the move was not because my parents supplied the detail. It was my own you are there observation. The parents are both gone now and not available to ask for more details. Like where were my three older brothers? Back packing or tractor beamed behind us with more cargo?

The sense of smell is supposed to be the strongest to kick start memory recall of an earlier time in your life.

Walking into a farm barn and the smell of hay or manure or grain, the livestock can take you instantly to that familiar setting in rural Maine. Being in the Maine woods “uptah camp” or hiking a trail can surround you the same way with rich forest smells of recall. Fresh rain early in the day. Everything is alive and vibrant. Welcome to Maine, the way life should be.

No Two Are The Same. Because Everyday You Are Not The Same. Maine Sunrises, Sunsets Collected On A Crystal Clean Maine Lake Setting. Feeling Blessed.

Little ice shards stuck like jewel crystals to wool mittens knit by your mom or grandmother. Those have smells from your winter outdoor playing in the snow that trigger the olfactory sense too. The hand made pearl one knit two home made patterned mittens that matched your winter coat. Removed, heavy, wet and smelling like damp sheep. Carefully placed on a wooden rack by the kitchen wood stove to dry out completely for another day of play. Every day, any season, Mainers are outdoors any chance they get. We all suffer from cabin fever if we don’t fill our lungs with fresh clean Maine air.

Landing on the moon for someone younger than myself was the earliest of memories for a friend of mine.

He figured he was around two at the time and remembers asking his mom why is everything white on the moon from afar? Her answer to her son was because the trees are white, mountains and craters are too.

Total white on white washing to sterilize the lunar moon scenery. The take away logic was that everything on the moon must be a million shades of white only white. And boy could this new destination in the all important race to the moon location ever use a Sherwin Williams paint outlet his thought. For the blues, greens of Maine, fall orange, red, yellows and all the other color wheel shades needed to shake it up a bit.

Snow Covered, Moon Lit Small Maine Town Courthouse. The Shiretown Of Aroostook Is Border Town Of Houlton ME.

Everyone asks who are these people in the old black and white snap shot photos.

The ones safely touch away in a hidden protected box.

Even when family members all try their best to write on the back who their relatives are or to indicate the year they were captured. When the people who were there suddenly are not, everything goes fuzzy.

But for most of us, the earliest memories of living in Maine are collected on our own very early.

Combined with the ones we overheard shared at family reunions. Or from the regular Sunday after church rotations to someone’s house that was the pick of venues for this week. To spend the afternoon with aunts, uncles, cousins.

The grown ups sat and talked. The kids played outdoor games and used their imaginations in fresh air exercise. We grew up in Maine taking turns visiting our relative’s homes. Each week it was fun because it was new and different than our own regular surroundings.. You did get a glimpse of how the other family members lived because of they weekly gatherings.

Other early memories on the Maine farm?

Complaining my bike with the training wheels was not fast enough. So my older brother Jonathan hooks up a rope, connected to his English racer bike and I went lots faster. For awhile. Until hitting one of the very tall and thick maple shade trees out front of the country home on the County Road.

Still wear the large scar under the chin from that adventure. My grandmother was a nurse and probably should have had the gash stitched up but did not get sewed up because she must have triaged the wound as just a scrape. Nothing serious Mary Lou. Have him hold this peeled potato on it for a spell and he will be fine.

Early Andrew Mooers. Snacking On A Graham Cracker On Franklin Ave Houlton ME Neighbor Home Of Ralph And Marjorie Black.

What’s your earliest memory that is crystal clear as a bell?

Did you have grandparents in Maine that you visited summers as a kid? Have fond memories of life on the rural farm? Or trips to the coast, were those in the mental slide show?

Wells Beach perhaps or hiking trips to Mt Katahdin? Or renting a lake camp for a week in Maine growing up? Visiting LL Bean or Old Orchard Beach?

Maybe your family rented a cottage on the Maine coast. Or liked camping in the Great North Woods. Ever paddled the Allagash Wilderness Waterway?

Been to Vanceboro or Escourt Station or The Forks, Jackman, St Agatha Maine? Feeling pretty lucky to have be raised here, not just sample the state a long weekend here, a vacation stretch of days there. Live and local and a full blown native is a special inner feeling and very grateful for my roots and heritage.

Maine, she’s a big part of a lot of fond memories whether you live here full time or not.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Easter In Maine Traditions

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Easter in Maine, growing up our family attended church services, received something for spring dress clothes along with the Sunday noon ham, green bean casserole, the squash, potato, and ambrosia fruit salad.

Gelatin salads of all type were popular but I never took a shining to the suspended carrots in the jiggly Easter dinner selection. Yeast rolls of the cinnamon variety and breads of all types. Relishes, asparagus, broccoli, turnip, carrots, corn, peas and those pearled onions.

whitewater rafting in maine,
Rafting Down Whitewater In Maine. How Many Times On Which River In Maine? Heavy Spring Rains, Snow Load Run Offs Create The Watery Fast Ride Through The Woods.

Fresh baked pies made from the fruits picked and frozen and packed away in the large chest freezer last summer and fall located and thawed.

Carefully placed just so in the homemade crust pie shells. With an artistic covering folded and tucked around the pie plates edges. Then with neat chevron patterned air holes added just so to decorate the top covering before the sliding the dessert creation into the oven to cook to perfection.

Puddings, squares and topped with whipped cream or ice cream completed the formal dining room feast for our Maine family. Lots of chairs, more than one table and extended family members pulling up close to what was on the Easter dinner menu. Food was very much part of the Easter memories.

Nowadays, going out to eat at local restaurant seems to be popular. Instead of the time spent in the kitchen creating the Easter holiday spread.

Quebec City Flowers In Parks.
Tulips In Quebec City Are Colorful! Lots Of Open Parks To Sit And Reflect. Maine Is Next Door, Borders The Province Of Quebec.

What is served up earns a tip from someone not home with their feet up. Missing out on the Easter holiday time to relax munching on the treats left overnight. The ones hidden cleverly by the long eared, whiskered one with strong back legs carrying a very large basket.

Jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks, a new book. A gift of Sunday best clothing outfit just for the occasion.

Potted tulips, an Easter lily or daffodil. Easter basket green straw lined the festive woven containers. All that was left behind by the generous bunny who took a page out of the Santa book spoke of spring that was starting up all around us in rural Maine.

Before the sea of sameness and broadcast automation recordings from far away tickling our ears. The local radio stations were live and local. Servicing the air waves of small local towns lucky enough to have one by giving clues on where the crowds of kids with baskets or sacks should head to find hidden tin foil wrapped chocolate eggs, ones that looked like a robin would lay and speckled too.

maine winter stream photo
Spring Means Maine Water Water Water Of All Types Everywhere. That’s One Big Attraction And Answer To What’s To Do In Maine!

Candied carrots. Jelly filled or foam pumped up chicks and the traditional chocolate bunnies you felt guilty about ruining by removing their heads and ears by chomping down with your quick guillotine use of your front teeth.

Those town wide Easter egg hunts were made easier with clues broadcast that needed group deciphering. As the station crew stayed a few steps ahead planting the loot of candy, prizes, brightly colored treats that kept a dentist in business. It was trick or treating without the steps and the doorbell and done in broad daylight not darkness of night. Like a posse in search of sugar free for the taking if you stepped lively.

At Easter, the Saturday before the holiday, I remember my dad taking the four kids on back a farm truck loaded with empty cedar stave potato barrels. To Cary Mill’s and the Holmes house to purchase and transport live bunnies.

The frisky rabbits placed in the snug rows of barrels for safe transport on the under two mile trip back to the Maine farm.

We always took a short cut across the farm owned by brothers Uncle Carl and Donald Hagan over a private field road that easily cut traveling time in half. I remember the bunnies being released on our large rolling lawn and them hopping in circles. Soft, cute, quiet and with twitching noses and whiskers. Not making a noise but creating a trail of perfect round er… “by products”.

Maine, Common Sense, Simple Living The Way We Roll.
Come To Maine, See A Moose, Pat The Bunny, Meet The People, See The Sights.

Then they were gone. Not placed on the dining room table. We never ate rabbit. Although World wide it is a popular dish to feast on when the meal time bell rings loudly. I’m not sure if they hopped to it to go AWOL or MIA by simply high tail it quick like a bunny.

Heading for the woods and back to freedom as they knew it. Or maybe at night a sly fox would make them a rabbit dinner when the sly one felt like easy pickings. Just did not feel like the same ole same ole chicken dinner or whatever the UPS truck hit on the way over from the package delivery storage warehouse that day.

Or maybe the Easter rabbits hopped back to the Holmes house where we had purchased them for resale. Like homing pigeons with built in GPS following their noses.

All I know is they disappeared and it was not the family German Shepherd or St Bernard responsible for the bunny’s demise.

High water levels from melting snow turned thoughts from hockey ice skating and down hill skiing or sliding to canoe races happen at Easter time in Maine. The local dairy bar pens and the ice cream window is sliding up to ask for your order. “Talk to me” the teenager inside and stooped over asks with pencil and small pad of paper. What will the ice cream treat you should not be ordering a large serving of be today? What looks good to you?

amish in maine photo
Walking To Church On Easter. The Black Horse Horse Buggies, The Walkers And Amish Bikers Hard To See At Dusk At Night In Maine.

Little league tryouts and who’s selected for which team. The race to get the right size uniforms washed and ironed and delivered or new ones ordered with fresh numbers and team logo. And the baseball fields groomed and in shape after the ravages of winter reshaped them. The soap box derby race in Houlton is the state race and June 15th this year and not far away as we burn through the days on the April calendar. The White House Easter egg roll has a Maine connection too.

Kids digging out bikes, wearing rubber rain boots searching for irrestiable mud puddles.

Everyone out for walks and the April showers helping wash off the street sanding material. Whatever the snow plow placed on lawns riding on melting snow banks desperately need to be shoveled and raked. So fresh green live grass can pop up in unison. Just like the bulbed flowers around the foundation and in rocked gardens, the tree tips too have started to do when it is Easter in Maine. Happy Easter!

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