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Jewell Island Is In Casco Bay Off South Harpswell Maine.

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     A group of my friends had a year tradition to boat out to Jewell Island off the coast of South Harpswell Maine.    During World War Two, this island was used as one of many for national defense and comes complete with old abandoned bunkers of that era.  Our mission on these yearly jaunts to camp out on Jewell?  To catch the famous Bluefish.  We even have tshirts made up indicating this is the seventh annual invitation Maine Blue Fishing event and

Jewell Island in Casco Bay

Jewell Island in Casco Bay

so on. 

     Have I ever caught a Bluefish? Nope.  But we had great times despite the drought and will never forget being in a tent during Hurricane Hugo on Jewell Island.  Cooking fresh Maine mussels and the fish we did catch along with the laughter and catching up with old friends make Jewell Island an excellent spot to visit this year.  The view from the old WW  Two observation and gunnery towers is pretty amazing and the experience of how close that war was to Maine when you only thought it revolved around other parts of the world.

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