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Mainers Are Frugal, Love To Horse Trade, Barter, Get An Honest Deal.

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When you live in a state not flush with money, life improves.

Because everything required to live in the state of Maine is not cats in the cradle string loop connected. Not wired to the wallet you sit on or the purse you carry. The amount of green dead Presidents you have stashed in the bank, a bed mattress or buried out back in the apple orchard. That is not what fuels the day to day in Maine. Do it yourself, being a Jack of all trades develops. Attah boy and exchanging skills, trading, no money swap of talent for talent. Not showing up on an IRS end of the year tax return.

Houlton Maine Rotary Auction

Over $70,000 Items To Bid On, Many Home Made Special On The Houlton ME Rotary Auction.

Important distinction pause in the Maine blog post.

Frugal is not cheap. But the how low will she go. The rock bottom price here and now. How much wiggle room? Will you budge on that final offer number? Dickering is an art form. Passed down through the Maine generations as an important life skill.

Uncle Henry’s has been dubbed a “literary giant” by Maine Downeast humorist Tim Sample.

The short four line column black and white ad stating “Size 12 empire waist white wedding dress, never worn. Still sealed in bridal shop plastic. Will trade for 12 gauge shot gun or higher caliber assault rifle.” That is an ad that requires the faithful Uncle Henry’s Swap Or Sell It, Trade It Guide book holder to read between the lines. It speaks volumes. Says so much that you can miss if not paying attention. To what’s being telegraphed in that simple but powerful ad statement.

Subtle, hard hitting, cut to the chase. No pussy footing around the issue when you are needing something. On a mission. Hovering, circling like spiraling cats. With cash on the barrel head ready to buy. But. If. At a certain price. Because Mainer’s have highly tuned impulse spending control when it comes to letting go of the very hard earned dollars.

At an early age, all the young Maine grasshoppers learn just what exactly it takes to earn that green back. And if what is being “I spied with my little eye” is tipping the scales in the trade, exchange the wrong way. No dice happens.

Maine Auctions Save Money.

That’s A Low Bid, Come Back With Higher If You Really Want The Auction Item. It’s Wicked Nice. Wicked Good.

Dickerers call Uncle Henry’s the “Bible”.

Every Thursday, hands up, who reaches for the different cover color print publication covering Northern New England? I do. Study farm tractors for sale , what’s up for grabs for real estate that needs my help in promotion. Checking out antique cars, who has a pre-owned Jeep or snow sled in Maine for sale.

Making ends meet, survival and buy it, flip it has been going in Maine long before the reality shows popped up on a channel surf.

About steal, fix, flip the sticks and bricks episodes where you can relate to the week after week character development. Of man and woman on the street folks just like you and me.

That dicker to buy low, apply the Texas sunshine. Spiff it up. Sell as high as the market will bear. But turn over that item Chummy, Mister Man. And experience a wicked good feeling, fun time doing it. Deep down satisfaction radiates inside with dickering joy. Nice.

Have a local 59th Houlton Rotary Radio, TV, Internet Auction coming up the week of Thanksgiving.

For three nights, close to $70,000 worth of locally solicited items are promoted, bid on, sold. Since 1920, the Rotary bid proceeds funding a slew of worthwhile projects. Without the local yearly Houlton Rotary Auction, my little jewel of a Northern Maine town would not sparkle so brightly. Without Rotary, the town would suffer.

Home made items go way way higher.

Off the charts for book value. Especially when neighbors, family members, office worker compete. To as they call it “win” the item. When actually they out bid and bought it showing no mercy in the called in bidding to up the ante. Hear their name read as the successful bidder on the home made chunky style apple sauce.

Making Bids On Maine Auctions, Getting Dickering For A Deal.

Rock Bottom Cheapest, Finding Out The Wiggle Room In An Auction Bidding That Can Go Both Ways.

The twelve hundred pound round bale of hay from Winship Farms. 100 gallons of oil, gift certificates from local merchants. Pairs of tickets to the Nutcracker Performance November 30th.

Or the three night big item, big kahuna Ward Cedar Log Homes Baskehegan camp package. Scope out the items up for bids this year.

Support your local Rotary auctions, anything that pipelines the needed dollars. From charity to the nooks and crannies needing financial lubrication to keep from freezing up.

Disappearing all together.

Let’s Go To The Houlton Rotary Auction, Watch Video.

Get a deal, you don’t need as much money when everything is cheaper. Has to be that way in a rural out of the way state like Maine. With few people, parked up here so far in the Northeast we out to be, almost are in Canada.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Wind Generators On Maine Mountain Ranges, Foot Hills, They Happen.

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When the average bear thinks Maine, unspoiled, all natural is what the inside setting reads.

On how the outside surroundings hit a person not used to all this space, jaw dropping beauty. But wind generators in Maine happen. When a place like Big Rock Ski area in Mars Hill gets the row of blinking red lights. Used to warn silver birds, planes descending into PQI that wind beaters are up ahead, it may not cause as much of a stir. Because broadcast towers, commercial activity from the slopes lit up for night time snow skiing is already on the connecting the dots of the landscape.

Maine Wind Farm Generators Happen.

Maine Wind Generators, Lupine Combine In Mars Hill.

But to suddenly see the same very tall white slowly turning props churning the wind on a Mt Katahdin would stop you dead in your tracks.

To think that is just not right. NIMBY’s don’t want it where they call home. Easy to not really have a strong opinion either way. When the shadow, flicker or low rattle and hum of the turning wind generators in Maine are far far away.

When the unorganized areas get considered, less locals to object. But too far out in the willy wags, boonies and the cost to build all those transmission lines to carry the juice to market. Factor in with all the permits because of extra sensitive development templates lowered over the wind projects in Maine that are off the beaten path locations.

Maine Small Town Living Is Simpler.

We Consume Less Power Here, Maine Is Ripe For Wind Electrical Generation For Other Hungry Consuming Markets.

In Oakfield Maine, the “Switzerland of Aroostook County” there is lots of First Wind activity.

The road building, woods clearing, loads of gravel, concrete and construction work hitting high gear. A fevered pitch to get those wind towers up, running. Generating power courtesy of Mother Nature’s blustery gusts.

Lit in blinking flashing eye popping red for all to see. That was never there before piercing the velvet black, dark sky of Southern Aroostook County. It all takes getting used to something new, man made. The moving forward of work projects, newsprint, broadcasts and social media PR all creating a local grapevine whirl wind buzz.

Power harnessing the wind that gets shipped down the big fat hanging wires. To large consuming markets elsewhere outside Maine. The locals, voters in Oakfield Maine were supportive of the wind project. The not so happy campers along the Pleasant Lake front. Waterfront property owners in nearby Island Falls, not showing their teeth so much in the smile department. After the sting of losing a court battle to stop the wind projects in Southern Aroostook County.

Oakfield Maine residents get an annual check to accept the partnership between town and wind generation with the big GE turbines.

Maine Wind Powered Balloon

Lifted By The Wind, Powered By Hot Air In Oakfield Maine.

In the news, more mention of other projects to spin the wind for profit. Drifting in and out to high light drawing board new hillside patterned arrays for harnessing the wind generation.

Have to admit the spill over of the Oakfield Maine wind towers into visibility of the pulsating red light spilling across Drews Lake in Linneus, New Limerick was a shocker. Eye wide opener when known it was coming. The west end of Drews Lake AKA Meduxnekeag Lake is technically in Oakfield Maine.

Sometimes you don’t know how something will hit you until up to the edge, brink of it arrives. Everything actually gets thrown into gear.

When the popping the clutch gets dumped. Here we go. All is in place to throw the switch.

Maine Wind Farm Generators Dot The Landscape.

Tall, White, Spinning, Lighted Nightly In Blinking Red, Maine Wind Farm Generators.

Progress happens, and the change is inevitable like it or not. But Maine’s simple way of living, being tucked way up here in the upper right hand corner has always caused less stir. Fewer ripples over the years. We are left alone, way way off the main arteries of the heavy, in the thick of things traffic.

Protected, easy to forget, under populated Maine means peace and serenity.

Less change, fewer people, more acres of woods, water, wildlife. Away from the major consuming markets of everything. Off radar sweeps. All helps insulate, preserve what many that don’t travel the longer hike north forget is up here in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Mainers Shift Wardrobe, Outdoor Equipment When Winter White Happens.

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Winter to some in the audience is just brrrrrr, sitting on the edge of a couch and inside hibernation.

Maine is not that setting because outdoors is where we spend all four seasons. The weather shifts, there is the slowly flipping pages of the calendar that causes a change in the wardrobe.

Maine Outdoor Beauty Walking, Talking, Photo Shooting.

Thank You Cindy For The Neat Early Morning Walk Photo Of Panther Pond, Raymond Maine.

The shake up of what we use for outdoor recreational equipment to keep filling our lungs with fresh Maine air. To get a workout, exercise from a burn of relaxation amidst all this drop dead gorgeous scenery.

Have the youngest cub and his girlfriend living in the Raymond Maine area.

And exploring the area around Panther Pond means new images to collect and share. With approaching winter, the love of downhill alpine skiing, mountain slopes in his area of Maine is on the radar. He has let me know to tell Santa the cost of season’s passes at nearby Black Mountain in Rumford Maine.

Or get your tickets to a Maine black bears hockey team game.

Maine Outdoor Air Temperatures Color The Experience.

The Little Black Dog Walks The Owner Along The Sandy Shore In Misty Maine.

Where you get a seat assignment, but anyone that spends any time around the sheet of polished Zamboni ice knows, you stand up to watch. The back and forth across red and blue lines. The chasing the black circle that looks for the best angle, the second, third and more shots between the iron, into the twine. There are no ugly goals in hockey.

But it is a tad early for full blown planning ski weekends so while we wait for more white stuff to be made, pileup, the shifting gears happens.

Getting ready. Mentally, physically turning the weather channel corner. Putting on the ski rack, digging out the Spyder warm winter clothing. Lubricating the snow sled too.

Heck I still have some fall leaves to mulch or rake. Peek a booing out from under the first installment of Maine snow that landed a couple weekends ago. But that with rain, warm temperatures, the wind and now some sunshine the snow accumulations are waning, tittering, almost history.

We are ready for lasting snow, what’s hanging in the coat closet has been changed up to play comfortably out in it. Flower boxes, lawn chairs and lake wharfs all wolf whistled loudly. Called, given the summons to head back into storage. Old man winter, any time now. Really. With the price of home heating oil, Maine gas so much more affordable, it’s going to be a fun, warm winter inside out in Vacationland.

Maine Early Winter Maple Trees.

Angry Looking Maine Trees, Stripped Of Leaves. Splashed, Lathered With Early Morning Low Angle, Long Ray Lighting.

Maybe the crazy mad dash wear and tear to hang a heat pump or two off the sides of homes, businesses for the energy tax credit rebate creates a silver lining for those who did not.

Along with all those new wood pellet stove installations, the stampede away from oil makes it more affordable. Timber on the price to happen. To lure you back. Because less dependent and more winter heating options for what to dial in than Texas tea crude. For when we come inside from enjoying playing, working outdoors in Maine. Sitting down in front of a hot bowl of chowder.

This morning on the way into town could not help but notice the long slant of the early sunshine.

The way it colors, bathes everything around me. Bright in intensity, the splash at low seasonal angles. But lacking the warmth on exposed bare tanned shoulders, hatless heads.

Maine Is Farming, Outdoors, Horses, Animals. All Rural.

Horsing Around In Maine. Want To, Need To?

Like bopping around in a kayak on a Maine lake ripple of waves feels. Or hiking up a hill, mountain while birds sing in perfect harmony, in the key of “Gee”. Fun.

Maybe biking down a trail along the coastal island byways, network interior roads. Logged, plyed after delivery by a Maine ferry taxi.

All that get in your system. More Maine is the only antidote that works to ease you back from the edge. Beckons you to return. For a re-run highly personal experience.

When you coming back to Maine? Don’t stay away so long.

We’re not closed winters. Try a different season in the rotation if you are not firing, operating already on all four cylinders of the Maine calendar.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

The Toxin That Can Stunt, Cripple A Small Maine Town.

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Don’t let the blog post title throw you off track.

Not about some shuttered, boarded up industrial factory in Maine that goes belly up. Not about contaminated soil and heavy metals, PCB’s. And in the wake of the defunct, rusting status and emptiness, the sea of pink slips, a major hole that is made from the closure vacuum.

Maine Small Town Politics, Keeping The Peace.

Keeping Small Maine Town’s Running Smoothly. Calm Is Nice, But Ripples Happen.

No, this toxin, poison can be the public facing appearance of working together.

But out back nothing could be further from the truth. As small groups struggle to adapt to new economies, technologies that take jobs off shore. And the consumer’s spending habits swerve to make serious adjustment in the small Maine town necessary. Or else.

What makes a small Maine town great?

The answers don’t come easy for what do we do to keep up?

To create jobs for young people to relocate here, stay here when raised in the small Maine village or burg. When distance away from markets, higher production costs due to heavier regulations than other states, countries force us further back in the pack.

But what adds to the list of the ship, the tilt toward starboard when a small Maine town economy takes a series of blows, is the attitude of people. The small Maine town is the folks in it. Not just empty houses in rows, the schools, library, town office, hospital and down town shops.

Maine Is Small Towns, Working Together.

Peace At The Beginning, End Of The Day In Maine.

The antidote to decline to rise from the ashes is the people searching for solutions together.

And whether you agree wholeheartedly or not in group discussions, shape something together to put into action. And think on your feet. Adapt along the way to adjust the thrusters. Using the resources, creative spirit Mainers born to survive are all hard wired with internally.

But. When to your face the reading is all is well and good in those discussions. But behind the scenes, if you don’t agree, endorse and notarize stamp another’s suggestion, they go behind you.

Fighting tooth and nail to discredit. To alienate. To bash. What’s with that? And at the least let the toxins flow, but get them out in the air, into the light one on one. For the what the heck and why the counter productive character assassination of another in the small Maine town?

Maine Small Towns, Getting Along.

Refreshing, Water Over The Dam Means Regrouping To Work Together In Small Maine Towns.

There are only so many workers, and one by one you put those folks on a list of undesirables.

To avoid at all costs as if infected with an incurable disease. When their only crime is not agreeing with you wholeheartedly. On the direction the small Maine town is headed. Should be steered over the next year, five years, decade.

What fuels the need to go behind backs and tear another to shreds? To take something personal when it was not your own idea, or credit for it is not spotlighted on the one that has to be in charge. Or heads will roll. Hail to Dorothy.

Best friends has eleven letters but so does backstabber. People who backstab tend to be insecure.

The cure for counterproductive, downright mean spirited backstabbing hatred is an intervention.

Not tip toeing, dodging the elephant’s advance in a crowded room. But confrontation, weeding it out and pouring the antidote for all to drink. Or tapping into the public water system to infuse the elixir. Because valuable time is being wasted in building the future in a small Maine town.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

The Maine Grapevine, Word Of Mouth, One On One News You Trust.

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The days of you can believe everything you read are all shot to heck.

The spin, agendas, politics of what you are told in black and white newsprint, peacock living color often is only half a sound bite. To add to the sizzle. Cause a stir for attention, ratings, increased sales. But that creates the out of context that takes the story by the neck. Down a whole other slanted rabbit trail.

News From Bloggers, Through The Grapevine.

Shooting The Breeze With Locals. Learning From The Man On The Street Works Best.

Sometimes not sinister or dark and dangerous at all.

But just not complete or even accurate. Often because the cub reporter who has no prior experience in the topic, the field being spotlighted just does not put in enough time. Or live, do time in the news location.

To make it neat, complete. Not skimmed, strained low fat blah. Just plain old dumbed down.

Many times there is just not the space to cover an important topic completely. Or the complex issue is made into a comic book in the over simplification hitting the bare bone highlights.

So back to where you get your news, opinion, fodder for what is going on in the World around you?

Maine Is One On One, Talking, Sharing, Learning.

Asking Questions, One On One, From The Locals Works Best. Tapping Into The Grapevine.

Lucky to find through the man on the street, the bloggers that post on a regular basis that the good stuff is home grown from gold old locals. Passionate about where they live, work, play.

Everyone is a journalist today that can hunt and peck. And when you live in an area, you know it best because of the day to day spent there eye ball to eardrum with the locals. When you are a card carrying true blue local.

Unlike the far away journalist that swoops in on a telephone or email signal. That might travel. Spend an hour or two at a venue at the most. Then flits. Or is sitting at a news bureau desk the whole time. Somewhere, anywhere else. And misses the local approach and rich flavor, honesty all together.

By hit and run reaching in, pulling back like gypsies.

Same take away from very short vacations at a brand new place on the planet. There is more learned in working longer ones in any location that is new and different. To chew the fat with the locals. Experience their favorite haunts and jaunts.

Not just the ones mentioned in the four color glossy tourist information tri fold brochure. You need to experience what the propaganda left out to arrive at, to form your own conclusions. Not the ones spoon fed to you in fast food drive through fashion as we race through life’s time passages.

Tom, Dick and Harry, Mary Jane, Agnes, Beaulah too with a camera, of any type is a photo journalist.

Not just telling you about an area, the news and people that make it.

Home Made Not Store Bought, That's Maine.

Maine Is Home Made, Entire Small Communities Pitch In, Make It Happen.

But showing you the Maine images that tell a thousand words. Posting the videos that make it “you are there”. Taking you by the hand and doing the informal introductions as if you were here through Maine blog posts.

The more real the raw, unpolished and home grown put out there for anyone interested to see, the better. Help yourself to the real, honest, fresh, accurate information you need. All you have to do is seek, ask, reach out, connect.

Mainer’s are friendly, helpful, family first, hard working too.

Very involved in their small town communities. We watch out for each other. There is a greater awareness to others we need and learn from in the sharing.

Putting the members of the audience up close and personal to the news, exposure to the local community events and surroundings is huge. So easy now with technology and the desire to share what you observe around you. And to graze, surf and glean the same from others with the same willingness to post and share. That make it go both ways, 3D not flat and one way.

The perspective of the people around us in the grapevine that is not just home town small. That is what most of us needs, wants, seeks out for the truth. Thank you faithful Me In Maine readers for tagging along. Checking our Maine blog posts, the images we shoot, videos we edit to help create a worthwhile media stream to follow.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

The Shift To Just White, Brown, Blue…Maine Colors Of Winter.

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Have always thought of the Maine fall season as a “second bloom”.

With the explosion of fireworks grand finale colors. Everywhere you crank your head tooling, bebopping around Maine on and off the highway. But winter becomes more than just icy white. Because open water until it freezes solid, the cobalt skies roll in too. Adding blue hues you won’t find in any size Crayola box of wax colors.

Maine Is All Natural Pure Colors.

Maine Is Pure, Natural Colors… Different Combinations. Always Stunning. No Matter How Many Sparkle. Show Up.

Blue, brown, white looks good around you when you are in Maine late fall.

On the tittering edge of here’s comes the winter toboggan and swish swish ride. Preparing for the three holidays that the calendar delivers each year end. Ready or not.

Sometimes there are late bloomers, just like you and I in life. Trees that refuse to go along with the rest. That cling, hang on to those leaves of gold, red, orange and green variations. This past weekend a surprise blip on the weather radar reminded all of us.

To snap out of it.

To scurry to wrap up the late fall tidying up the yard. Putting away the summer outdoor furniture and “toys”. Lots of us thought oh a little dusting of white snow.

No biggie. It will melt off quickly, won’t amount to much accumulation. Be gone before you know it and the real white stuff arrives for the 5,6,7,8 of winter’s rhythm.

Maine Is Al About The Weather Around The Natural Beauty.

Collision Of Fall Not Done, Winter Just Dropping In A Tad Early. Seasonal Rivalry.

We have all picked up the tempo a tad. Because a jolt back to reality of what we had hoped and what did arrive courtesy of the weather channel were not the same expectations. But we Mainer’s adapt.

Today thinking of pulling the curtain for the all important get out and vote.

And start looking at new skis, jiffy ice augers, snow sleds, winter apparatus from ice scrapers, wool mittens to jumper cables, red, yellow and blue bottles of dry gas.

To adjust the sails for winter living in Maine. As rhinestones of sparkle on new snow under bright sunshine.

Greeted all of us in rise and shine in Vacationland today on the way to work.

Maine Is Colors, Natural Ones.

Less Colors Late Fall On Winter’s Doorstep. But All Natural, Stunning Just The Same.

Winter wonderland of crust, swirls, drifts. From what was wet, squishy and heavy snow that has morphed to brittle, settling in crunchy underfoot.

Last call for fall leave deposit memo’s telegraphed to all the Maine hardwood hold outs.

That were miserly, possessive or just plain distracted with the call to let it go of the colors. Or get dragged into winter.

To march along with squeaky turning of the the seasonal backdrop pulleys. To escort in the winter 2014/2015 season.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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The Need For A Production, To Make The Everyday An Experience, Memorable.

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<1>When I was a small child, I worked on a Maine farm with my parents, three older brothers in Aroostook County.

Part of my job as a young grasshopper was picking vegetables, fruits, produce we grew and sold at a Maine farm road side stand. Working with the motoring public was an eye opener as a lad.

Maine Farm Stand Markets

Maine Farm Fresh Veggies, Fruits, Produce. Nothing Sweeter, Healthier Than Close To Home Food.

The lady with the expensive shiny, squeaky clean, heavily chromed car was often difficult.

Snarky, not in the best of moods to deal with in her Maine farm stand purchases. The driver of a not so new, multi colored fender ride burning oil, needing a muffler was a joy.

And maybe too free with her money that the car would need to keep running. On the road and getting a new vehicle inspection sticker glued to the inside of the windshield. With a new notch cut out of it to be legal.

The lady in the Rambler, Studebaker, Desoto, whatever brand happy with her purchase of fresh Maine farm veggies, fruits. Highly content, humming a song and smiling. With the quality, but also the baker’s dozen of thirteen philosophy we add to the cash and carry trading of what we grew on the Maine farm.

Now it seems instead of just offering close to home, grown local Maine farm fresh foodstuffs, the lowest price, an experience above and beyond helps in the marketing.

To hold your own or increase the bottom line tale of veggie sales.

Home Grown, Maine Farm Fresh.

Small Maine Farm Sustainable Agriculture. Hard Wood, Highly Rewarding Lifestyle.

So instead of the old days of picking a trailer load of pumpkins and placement in one place behind the big front door of the farm barn. The public would rather take a ride. Hop up into the wagon. Lead by a jovial guy wearing overalls, a sun shading straw hat. With a blade of long grass perched, dangling out of the corner of his mouth. As he adjusts, pulls the throttle level a couple notches. To increase the “put put put” speed of the narrow front end iron horse pulling the wagon out back.

Smiling, navigating the antique Maine farm tractor down the winding, twisting field road to the patch beyond sight of the Maine farm buildings.

Destination the rear forty acres. To strawberry fields going on forever. High silk topped rows of soldier straight green corn stalks. All aboard for the deal direct at the source. Coming up, raised from the good Earth. Rich soil rocks removed each spring. The Maine land worked, tilled, fertilized. Seeds planted and tended to produce the loving bounty of hopefully a big yield crop harvest.

The personal escort to the farm field in Maine. For the helping, involvement in the picking the cream of the crop. Just the one you want, that is still hooked to the vine. Fresher, there is not to be found than that. Ground zero. From the very source, selecting not just any old pumpkin, blue hubbarb or acorn squash from a pile. But picking the apples of your eye that are reached up to rip from the tree connection. Plunked for the filling up the basket or bag to carry back to the Maine farm tally it up, check out.

Maine Farm Fields With Cows.

Space Happens On A Maine Farm. Open Places For Raising Critters, Crops. Outdoor Living With Fresh Air.

No just any produce from the boot scoot and boogie from the Maine farm.

But the best of the patch in your personal humble opinion. Having it your way without donning the paper crown with flat illustrated jewels adorning it around the rim. For filling, being king, queen for the day.

People want choices. Have so many options today unlike back in Henry Ford’s beginning days. Where you had selection of just one color of tin lizzy or lizzie. Basic black. Where ice cream was vanilla plain. Maybe a handful of grape nut seeds strewn in the hand churned home made ice cream.

Was it easier when there was less money to fuel the eenie meenie miney moe?

Not needing to be entertained, everything to be fun and light, bright delightful. Just happy to have whatever was delivered, offered to you. Like at meal time, this is what we are having. Mom was not a short order cook with a three plastic coated fold out menu of other options to fit your fancy. If your nose turned up, head swiveled away. And oh oh. Here comes a picky eater when it raised its ugly head.

To please the taste buds. Dulled by too much snacking out of boredom not hunger. Just prior to the sit down for tonight’s special of the day. Prepared in the Maine farm home pantry and placed before you made with many loving hands. And you were grateful to have it served up, just available to dine on. To satisfy the deep down hunger worked up from laboring, using energy and burning up the calories. On a Maine farm where you worked hard, respected the labor process, appreciated all you received from the toil.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Simple Pleasures Being More Than Enough, Maine Is All Over That.

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Do you get excited about being inside a warm home?

A plate in front of you with good food from your own garden or root cellar. Family surrounding you that is happy, chattering, pulling together. Not being up against it with debt and slowly rebuilding over your house as the budget allows. Using more of your own sweat, ingenuity. Staying mentally, physically, spiritually healthy in the total exercise of living in Maine.

Maine Is Simple Outdoor Living.

Maine, Starts, Ends Simple. All Natural, Unfiltered Unspoiled.

Putting your back into the remodeling, renovations.

Slow going but rewarding because you did not hire it done. You watched the you tube videos on the DIY, your brother Bob is a carpenter. Owes you a favor for helping him with the addition on his woods camp. Shingling his garage last month. Call in those IOU’s and tap into the jack of all trades training all Mainer’s are born and bred with to survive. Prosper and become very grateful, self satisfied, less dependent.

So back to what makes you happy.

Stay that way. Is just being warm as toast or the glow inside that radiates from spending the day skiing or hiking a very high mountain enough? Is the experience from swimming, boating, fishing crystal clean unpopulated water enough to make you sing inside?

Or do you live where the basics are not what trips your trigger. But having more, spending lots on stuff you thought you needed. But after you get it you are not so sure. When all the bills come in in waves of thirty day cycles.

Less in more, enough in Maine and we are taught as young grasshoppers to be content.

Be happy as an inside job you take on. Not expecting it to happen from the outside that involves others that may not have signed up for the role in your play day to day.

Maine White Tail Deer

The Nature Of Things. The Balance, Harmony, Reality.

Zero lot lines for the postage stamp property measured in inches. In the urban crowded areas make it why bother having side windows? Just to look at the grain in the siding up close and personal in the shade from your neighbors? In Maine the back and side, front yards are measured in yards, acres not fractions of a foot.

More space, less consumption of anything not man made. That’s what we rely on. For the home made fun that uses your imagination. Hooked in tandem to the drop dead gorgeous surrounding. Labeled, called unspoiled, all natural Maine. Looking for some of that?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Repair Time When You Have A Fender Bender In Maine.

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The time it takes to pull out or fill a dent when people trade paint.

Accident repairs are pretty cut and dry when you tool into an auto body collision repair place to tally up the fix it up charges. The pushed in rear tail gate on your SUV means fractions of an hour for each of the detailed steps to remove the damage. Smooth the wrinkles and give it a couple coats of the original color with a clear sealer on top. For the voila, good as new. Or almost.

Maine Is Rural, Lots Of Farms.

Maine Is Having Land, Using It For Farming, Hobbies. Or Just Enjoying Wide Open Space.

But life is a little different than tallying up the .3 hour to remove the chrome trim.

The moving on to the .2 hour to apply the bondo filler. Or to drill the hole, to pull out the crease. To replace the entire section that was messed up in the smash together gnashing the metal, plastic, rubber, glass of the iron horse. At least, hopefully, no one got hurt.

Mechanical work in a Maine car repair shop is cut and dry.

Easier to outline how long the procedure should take if you have the skills in the trade you call your career. But fixing problems in a person’s past, way back deep down inside their childhood storage slide show. Places they don’t wear on their sleeve, talk about in public or private.

Not like sliding your index finger down the thin pages of a shop manual to determine how long is this procedure supposed to take. To untangle knots, cut out the burdocks.

In someone’s infinite wisdom of what is supposed to be normal. What to expect to complete the healing and maturity process. To put you back into the pink. Up on your feet. Or closer to that shade of the picture of health color for you as the support around a person can muster up.

It would be easier to bar code scan a person to learn from their past.

Maine Lake Summer Moonlight.

Summer Moonlight, Outdoor Fires On A Maine Lake. Peaceful, Romantic, Relaxing.

Where they are in the present day. And what their hopes and dreams are for the future. To navigate them back into safe, familiar waters. For the back on track. Or swamping out the trail of a brand new path. To charter a new healthier course to tack with whatever way the wind blows naturally around you.

Maybe it is just hold on, bracing for major change in life ahead. Or as it happens and the smoke finally settles. To crank your head around and access the situation. Then beef up the stuff deep down inside. The place where we all pick ourselves up by the bootstraps. And are way way stronger for it on the other side of the rewiring, adjustment to the thinking they had going in. That might have been stinking.

Family living in Maine, where we do our best counseling outside four walls.

On the open front porch sitting in wicker or pre-molded plastic chairs from a big box store. Or sitting on that log, a stump for splitting fire wood place skyward. Around a camp fire deep in the Maine woods. Listening to rushing water of a stream or river. the crickets, crackling blaze of mixed hardwoods. Softwood kindling.

To perch, purge, place your scattered thoughts back together. Like the detailing done to the scarecrow after a savage experience.

Flying monkeys, oh my. Or to just unplug and recharge after a long haul success or personal milestone. Where something very important to tackle and conquer was completely to make it all just fine and dandy. Celebration happening in the pause before right back it to swing with both arms, kick with both feet and journey on.

In the game of life and trying to get through the least scarred, learn the most possible. Along the road of frost heaves, potholes, detours and new sunrises when it becomes a brand new day. Maine is one drop dead gorgeous backdrop for whatever excites or ails you. Put her in your background to improve your foreground.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Best Neighborhoods To Halloween Trick Or Treat In Small Maine Towns.

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In many areas of the country the thought of witches, warlocks, goblins of any kind climbing up on your open porch to trick or treat is not happening.

Too much crime, worry about apples with razor blades, etc. All kinds of reasons to avoid the door to door panhandling for treats of any kind.

Small Maine Town Trick Or Treating At Halloween Still Happens.

Maine Small Towns Still Safe To Halloween Trick Or Treat.

Just the transition from gypsy scaling, bounding up the front steps two at a time. To ring the front door bell. Scream trick or treat. To instead having a church or recreation center party on stop shop. All under one roof rather than helter skelter canvassing out in the neighborhoods in places outside Maine.

No danger of someone wearing a sheet or pirate, walking dead zombie being hit by a Halloween night in the dark motorists.

In the dodging across, zigzagging this and that street in the dark.

But small Maine towns are different for trick or treating that still happens. With the fourth lowest crime statistic, and pretty much everyone in a small Maine town knows everyone, it is not a dangerous affair. We know that relative, cousin, whoever.

Behind the gruesome mask, under the gown or white blood stained sheet.

Are his hockey or little league coach. Or know her from church, the neighborhood that is connected. More so than a large sprawling urban area where worry happens when you leave your own backyard. Welcome to Mayberry, welcome to Maine. I’m Andy. Not sure what happened to Opie, Aunt Bea, Barney but you get the drift of the way things roll here.

To outfit, bundle up and get the family of small ones rigged up. To head out starting at 4:30 to look for porch lights left on. The signal we play the Halloween game, are open for visitors. There is candy here. To trick or treat, canvass the neighborhoods in a small Maine town.

Also the best neighborhoods to trick or treat are not necessarily the ones with the highest taxed Maine homes.

No, No, the number of Maine homes per neighborhood, less busy streets are factors that kids out to collect the sweets quickly figure out. When it is only so much time on the clock before bedtime to ring the bell, open the bag. Holler out trick or treat. Hitting the High Street home example in the video above makes that area popular.

But experience from the year before of what you got, remembered and wanted to return for another dose. Those trick or treating hot spots are talked about through the grapevine of kid’s that tramp the small Maine town.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker