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Going To Flying Pond, New Area Of Maine To Explore.

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Traveling is fun and enlightening outside Maine but instate it can take a lifetime to discover the local turf.

Next weekend have a family reunion to attend in Flying Pond and know zip about that area of Maine.

For starters, I am very familiar with local recreational waterfront options like Drews Lake that got plied, surveyed with a kayak yesterday. But Hhmmmm.

maine lakes ponds

Year Round, Maine Lakes, Ponds Get Enjoyed. Used Like The Outdoor Living Room.

Where, how to get there and what is Flying Pond all about?

For starters, check with the state about the fish, the waterfront body itself.

Details on Flying Pond.

Vienna and Mount Vernon Maine in Kennebec County covers the where is Flying Pond. It is 403 acres large. 8.7 miles long, 27′ feet average depth and 80′ deep maximum.

You have to consider like lots of the lake study done way back in the 1940’s that not all the numbers can be taken as gospel though.

Maine has a lot of lakes. Somewhere I read about 2200 in number for how many Maine lakes.

And don’t even think about how many islands to visit. (Hint: 3166 islands in Maine.) Without splitting hairs on are we talking coastal or inland islands in Maine?

And what is the plain jane, garden variety difference… if something is labeled a Maine lake not a pond?

Or the other way around. Usually Maine lakes have different layers of temperatures and ponds have one consistent one. But the inlet, outlet of a lake or a pond is what makes the major difference.

Map of where Flying Pond in Maine is. And better yet, directions on how to get to Flying Pond in Central Maine.

Marshall Point Lighthouse, Port Clyde Maine

Port Clyde Maine’s Marshall Point Lighthouse. Pretty Any Seasons. No Tourists In Winter Under Cobalt Blue Skies. Sample Fresh Air, Snow And Sunshine.

Well, maneuvers with the mouse says plan to sit back and relax.

Cruising at about 24 inches  off the hot top and tick away 3 hours, 18 minutes. Log give or take 188 miles from “The County”, the “Shiretown” of Houlton in Aroostook.

Will report back about a new area of Maine to share which is what this blog posting series of hunt and pecks is all about right?

Lighthouses in Maine have taken the reins in some of the exploration of Vacationland in the past.

Like a past post on Burnt Island lighthouse. Or the Cuckholds Lighthouse off Southport Maine. Just a few hunted down, photographed and that got ink in the blog post stream of insertions.

And as that personal collection of state landmarks grows, I remember some inland lighthouses in Maine. A little fuzzy but remembering someday to capture another one or two that were not your traditional along the coast of Maine lighthouses.

Maine Lighthouses

Some Maine Lighthouses On Rivers, Inlets, Not Parked Out On A Sea Island Or Craggy Shore Line.

Because the location of Flying Pond is in Kennebec County, maybe lighthouses along the river of the same name might be handy enough.

To snap snap of the shutter to cut and capture. To be fodder for future editions of the blog post stream.

They are out there.

Maine lighthouses on Kennebec River.

Busy plotting how far and if a little course deviation coming or going to Flying Pond might be possible. To capture addition imagery to share online in this forum.

Where we all share a deep love for Maine.

Anything Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker



Let There Be Light… Solar Heat, Power For Maine Homes.

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How did they live years ago without power? Quite nicely.

No hair dryer for Suzie’s wet hair. Or straightener, crimper to plug in to alter what sits on her head.

Clothes hung out instead of tumble dried. Fresh air not a sheet of fabric softener applied in a little longer process on days that are still. Or no time at all when a stiff breeze removes the moisture while flapping whatever is secured to the line with wooden clothespins.

Living off grid is independent.

Maine Gardens

Maine Garden Bounty, Creating Wealth From The Fertile Soil, Farm Dirt.

Solar heated, powered homes in Maine.

Making your own energy beyond just heating with wood. We run into them, alternative energy homes in our day job as a Maine real estate broker.

And like the organic farmers, back to the land homesteaders, the approach to living is kept rock steady clean, simple, enriching.

Reducing it down to remove the clutter. And the waste, added expense created to fuel the unnecessary. That only serves to distract, detract from that simple living.

That approach to Maine’s day to day existence here requires a constant vigil. To be centered and have purpose.

Round the clock effort reminders needed to never loose track of that less is more in Maine.

Gardens, Flowers In Maine

Maine, All Four Seasons We Spend Most Of Our Time Outside. It’s All Natural, Simpler Living.

And to always be on the look out for ways to steady as she goes. Not get caught up in anything that takes the eyes off that approach to living simple in Maine.

To keep it all natural, unfiltered and refreshingly lasting to endure. Not ever store bought and artificial, short lived.

Creature comforts, are those enough for you to be content? You have a full belly, shelter that is warm and clean. Family that surrounds you and health of any of them is not a concern. Is that all you require or is something nagging, missing from that simple approach?

Maybe highly effective marketing is causing the doubt, the nervous in the service feeling that something is missing.

You need this, should have that, deserve to let the World know you are one of a kind special. The only one in your breed or species and hail to Dorothy to be revered. Held in high regard.

Not everyone can handle simple living. Partly because life has been nothing based on that up to this point. Or that to embrace that angle on living would be weak, depriving you are all of life’s goodies. the bounty of wealth that is out there for the taking.

maine simple living

Outdoor Four Seasons Recreation, Our Living Room Is Outside In Maine. Fresh Air, Wide Open Space, Wildlife.. Reasons We Live In Maine.

When you living in Maine, it is always an effort to reduce, reuse, recycle and living below your means to avoid debt.

Or worry about making the ends meet. Survival skills are honed to a sharp point. But awareness and being keen on what matters happens inside a person with that walk in life in Maine.

Is that the take away at the beginning and end of the day where you hang your hat on planet Earth now?

Maine, there is another simple approach to living all natural, unplugged in Vacationland.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Bluegrass Music In Maine, Pickin’, Grinnin’, Toe Tapping.

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Bluegrass music in Maine, where do you get a helping of that type of tunes?

We’ve posted before under the blog topic heading “Ever spent thirteen hours in a lawn chair?” The July 23rd thru the 26th of 2015 Northern Maine Bluegrass Festival just wrapped up.

Was lucky to take in part of it and to enjoy high quality bluegrass music close to home here in Aroostook County.

Bluegrass Music In Maine.

Gather Round At The “FARM” In Fort Fairfield Maine. Bluegrass Music Festival A Big Success!

The trip today up to Fort Fairfield Maine was definitely worth it and you can not beat the crowd of music lovers at this kind of family fun event.

Here is more on other bluegrass festivals in Maine.

Bluegrass music is a sub genre of country music, a form of American roots music.

More information on Fort Fairfield Maine.

And don’t forget the American Folk Festival happening in Bangor Maine this August 28-30, 2015. Save the dates and bring your folding chair.

Get your daily sticker to show you support the music acts, food vendors and product peddlers by hitting the bucket.

Bluegrass Music In Maine

Harmony In Voice, String At “The Farm” In Fort Fairfield Maine’s Bluegrass Festival 2015.

Ten dollars a day is the suggested contribution for American folk music from far and wide.

Are you ready for music happening right here in Vacationland? All type to enjoy, groups and acts to follow close to home.

And like food locally sourced, the music home grown in the Pine Tree State is the sweetest to the ears. Hitting places near your soul.

Have you attended the bluegrass music festivals in Maine or the American Folk happenings each year?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730

The Kids In The Restaurant, On The Plane, Store Get Antsy.

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Ever been somewhere and the kids in the landscape of a restaurant, on vacation flying or shopping, at the playground get “animated”.

Kids act like kids. Because well, they are for a short time. But all that changes with three meals a day, lots of rest, exercise. They grow up. Have their own air dropped by a passing stork.

Adults can act like kids in good and bad ways.

Ever seen one that behaved, sounded like a two year old? Who is at fault if blame is needed when a kid is out of line in a public setting? Or when the adult who reacts to them is not so kid friendly. Never had a few of their own. Drop dead, all she wrote missing even a drop of patience.

Maine Soap Box Derby Racing.

Started Young, Soap Box Derby Racing In Maine. A Family Fun Sporting Affair.

Marcy’s Diner on Oak Street in Portland Maine is in the news.

Awareness of how a child’s behavior is affecting your meal, other patrons and the staff. And how long, what take for steps, what is appropriate?

If a kid explodes, does not get what they want and you are shopping.

My secretary said she told the grocery store manager hold the cart. I’ll be back. Left the store. No hanging around hoping for improvement. Have a little parenting outside Piggly Wiggly the establishment to do.

Once the kid’s attitude is stretched back into shape, the younger,  close to five year old child wanted to go back. Promised not to do it again. Not that day though.

But days later when revisiting the place with the wire carts and one squeaky wheel, junior was there. But better behaved and knowing the rules.  Quiet and reserved and all eyes and ears. The lesson was a success. Did not need a repeat procedure because no more melt down. No one headed to the correctional center.

In school, the discipline is metered out differently if at all.

Threats of lawsuits, the kid becoming the parent and changing places in the authority chain of command. Going to the head of the class in a not so healthy way. Many parents right beside them in the don’t take any grief or responsibility for anything John or Jane. Other people screw up, not you center of the universe “son”/

Maine Is Small Town Proud, Home Grown!

Sweet Sounds, Locally Sourced From Maine Youth. Keep Them Here In Maine.

I was screwing on a SOLD panel on a Maine real estate sign near one local high school. And noticed a long line of cars at the end of the day in line like taxis. It was early fall. Leaves dropping to the ground and the second bloom explosion of color underway.

And one child verbally using their recess voice chastising the mother startled me. Mom who apologized profusely for being a few minutes late. The boy who could use a little physical exercise with a healthy girth continued to whale on the mother until they drove off. To home that was only three blocks away. A walk would have done the lad wonders all the way around.

In a heated exchange the Mom told junior she had skipped her lunch half hour, could not get away due to an emergency at work at a job she really needed.

It all went on deaf ears. None of it deterred Jimmy’s demeanor and distaste for her tardiness behind the mini van wheel. Where were you whined in the questioning looking over the hood of the ride.

The verbal lashing at the public whipping post continued and was hard to observe.

Other kids looked surprised that you could do that to a parent and not suffer immediate consequences. I could not help but think does Dad treat Mom the same way? Because on most of the Nanny 911 episodes, that is the common theme of why the household is going sideways.

Maine River Rafting Water

Hold! Grab The Short Rope, One Paddle Hand Extended! Hang On!

My Mom’s “you wait until your father gets home” did the trick.

Plus I knew oh oh. I have disappointed my parents. That is what hurt, smarted the most. Knowing a nuclear weapon must have been deployed as a youngster because just a reminder look, was all it took. There was a limit, no room for more debate telegraphed in that sharp as tack glare.

Somewhere back there near the beginning of walking, a kite on the keester was administered.

Then did not have to be again. Given not out of enjoyment or sick pleasure but just to remind it was enough. End of debate.Tough love.

I knew I was not head of the household and felt secure in that with limits, rules, family traditions and acceptable behavior clearly understood. By me and the three older brothers who towed the same line.

No hollering, high emotion, no broken furniture or household items made during the debate.

There was not and respect never left the room as silence entered it during the “corrections phase”.  It was all chalked up under the heading parenting, tough love.  Raising kids in Maine, we had work to do and did not waste time on tug of wars in who runs the show. Or who is for the record unhappy, or that is not fair. We had more important tasks to attend.

The parent saying your full name. Giving you to the count of three. Or reminding I’ll give you something to cry about. Meaning you are over doing the drama and carrying on and it is not working. Time for bed. For the whole household according to the clock on the wall.

Big Fish, Happy Fisherman.

Local Fresh Maine Fish, Not Shipped In From Who Knows Where.

Ever been on a plane flying to somewhere that did not require first hand knowledge, experience with a snow shovel? And have the occasional frequent flyer mutter “I wish they would shut that kid up”. When an infant, new born adjusting to the change in air pressure in the plane cabin is not doing so well.

It is easy to want that guy or gal in 32C to shut the pie hole.

The sound of the child is not irritating and you have a shift to feeling badly for the young flyer, his parents. And wondering what can I do to help. Because we have all been there, done that and take it in stride without throwing a stone.

Would like to hear from the other 75 diners in the Marcy’s Diner incident. Then draw a conclusion as to what just happened and went viral. Before the media, the lawyering up got to it and added the spin or whatever was lost in translation. At the place where half hour waits happen now because of the hubbub during a slow news day.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Moderation, Easy Does It, Simple Living In Maine.

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Life is short and who would not want to get the most out of the days and nights all of us are provided?

But the how, what steps to take to preserve peaceful, simple living in Maine? Contentment, feeling at ease. Usually, removing large amounts of money to fuel the excess or store bought temporary helps get to that place.

Maine Is Four Seasons, Always Outdoors.

Being Able To Hear Yourself Think Is Easier In Maine.

The hands on put your back into it changes the approach too. Hard work and discipline, moderation make building a happy, productive life in Maine a family affair.

The focus is building something with more of the blood, sweat and tears.

Attacking problems, not people along the way. Being resourceful and staying positive. Yeah, do that. Keep time to that bass drum beating.

Easy does it, moderation. To develop the patience needed to create happiness and joy. Not expecting it all the time to reign supreme. But more often than not should be the expectation.

So it is enjoying blue sky and sunshine.

Maine Moose Trail Traffic.

The Moose Is Loose, Alone. Where’s The Mrs?

Not just dark clouds and stormy weather of our own making due to “stinking thinking“. What is joy?

Perspective, looking at things from a slightly different angle.

Rationalizing helps water down the toxin of a situation and to see the road ahead. To go around, through, over or under it. But not to stay stuck or delayed. From happy travels and learning much during the course of every day living in Maine.

Looking for something missing?

Get to Maine, get centered. This is where the training begins to end the search for whatever is lacking. How to be happy is a choice, a desire, a life long ambition. Find happiness in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Sunrises, Sunsets In Maine | Not Just One Click And All She Wrote.

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Like fresh cut Maine wildflowers, they don’t last long.

But Maine sunrises, sunsets unfold in spectacular ways. Where no single frame of them is enough to really transfer the what is going on.

Maine Sunrises, Sunsets Are Amazing.

They Start Slow And Build Like Fireworks Heading To The Finale.

The beginning and end of the days in Maine are always different. No two the same.

Because you and I grow and change, melt together. And thank goodness don’t stay in the same place.

Folks that are stuck and hopeless, helpless usually find most of the pain is caused by being trapped where they don’t want to be.

Crime, living in fear, not able to move without bothering someone who is hair trigger highly agitated.

Maine Sunrises, Sunsets

Sunrise, Begin The Day In Maine. All Of Them.

Maine is a place with space so you can spread out. Hear yourself think. To relax and breathe deeply.

Every day is a new day that we are glad, we do rejoice in it. Because it is not like this many other places.

Sampling the clean air and water.

Gathering as much eye candy of the all natural, unfiltered surroundings Maine is famous for and the big reason people keep coming back for more.

This kind of place does not only exist in fiction, in history or if you were on something mind altering.

It is real, constant and one of the best kept secrets that we aim to uncovered with our hunt and peck, picture posts.

It is why many consider moving to Maine full time.

After sampling, nibbling around the edges.

Of all the special places to run away to when you make time to explore and discover.

Maine Sunset On A Lake

Get To Maine. You Have No Idea What You Are Missing Staying Away.

She grabs your heart strings. Hard.

Tugs, takes over in a good way.

And you don’t mind in the least and know you are caught hook, line and sinker. Powerless to stay away.

You hear the click, feel the snap and know something major just happened that is hard to explain. The missing piece has been found. Your love affair with Maine builds.

But all you do is smile.

Feeling warm and special.

Inside, outside.

Neat, sweet and complete.

Maine Sunrises, Sunsets

Everyone A Different Experience, The Start, Ends Of Days.

Vacationland is scratched, pressed on to the bottom of most of our license plates for a reasons too.

So the simple things, like a Maine sunrise, sunsets. Start with those and realize they are over the top because you can experience them without the crowd of people.

Missing the noise, any interference that robs the take away. It transforms a person who is bone tired weary.

Don’t throw in that towel yet.

Or begin waving the white flag.

Maine, you might be staying away just a tad too long this last time.

Get here quick as you can and don’t be a stranger. Especially if you have never set foot in the great state of Maine

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker



Don’t Need A Lot Of Money To Have Fun In Maine.

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The cost of entertainment, many places require the swipe of plastic.

Buying this, that, paying for parking. Beg, borrow and steal for all the extras that Maine provides no charge. Too many people, good bad and ugly change the atmosphere of your day to day life.

It is not just what we have here that excites and calms. The peace and beauty are not the best things either. Not just about all that we have and are grateful for either. Blessed with. No no.

Maine Clover, Wild Flowers.

Outdoors, That’s Where People Hang Out In Maine.

The list that excites and calms at the same time. Has plenty of room for more. But wait there is more.

The happy and you know it goes on and on about what we don’t have in Maine too. That you don’t need. But take for granted when living in a city, urban landscape.

Where tough titty. Here you go. Stop your whining. You can not have this, this and that in the concrete jungle. Not going to happen. Get over it.

No traffic, 4th lowest crime stat, no lack of clean air and water. That’s Maine.

And wide open space. Lots of woods infested with wildlife. Wide open water escapes.

But the people in Maine.

Fewer in number, their volunteer hearts second to none in strength. Family values, work ethic, the connection is constant.

Simple beauty. No one in your face. And outdoor camping options up the kazoo. Pack a lunch, hit the trail, tap into the natural beauty surrounding you in Maine. Bike, hike, kayak, ski, swim (repeat).

Maine Small Town Living Is Special.

The View From Maine. Head Outside.

Images for Maine.

Those one by one say it best. ’nuff said really.

Enjoy the heart of summer in Maine.

Capture it on film, recycled electrons.

Don’t stay away so long and remember the American Folk Festival is coming! Last year’s blurb to get you pumpin’, jumpin’.

The food at the festival excites in tandem with the toe tapping tunes, the dress and dance moves.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker


Parades, Fourth Of July In Small Maine Towns.

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The connection of small Maine towns.

Some folks argue they don’t like the vibe. The connection that somehow everyone in the small Maine town is wired jointly in a myriad of ways. Beyond just the DNA strands that share common genetic make up.

Many who move, relocate to Maine comment on the closeness with fondness though.

They find the small town friendly way of life in Maine refreshing. And remind the locals here that making eye contact back in the big city where they had to work to advance their career. Had it’s double edged sword drawbacks.

maine fourth of july

Lots Of Parade Watchers In Small Maine Towns. Your Friends And Neighbors.

Don’t get involved, act uninterested, keep your distance.

That approach to living won’t work if you ker plop, parachute into a small Maine town. Why? You are needed. You have skills, talents. It is time to get involved. There is work to do in small Maine towns. Where everything is not hired. The folks responsible for events are not hired but volunteers.

And everyone knows there is nothing stronger than the heart of a small Maine town volunteer.

The fourth of July. Folks take their vacations to work them.

Spending the entire week hopping from event to event. Not to attend them. But to enjoy putting them

Local Maine Small Town Celebrations.

Folks Are Friendly, Easy Going In Crime Free Small Maine Towns.

on. Working the long hours preparing. Manning the posts once the planning is done and it is show time.

Laughing with the others that pitch in, that give their heart and soul in the volunteering.

Learning from others in the labor of love and sharing tid bits, odds and ends of personal information back and forth. So the take away is more than the event.

There is a rich experience that happens inside when you are lucky enough to be part of community events in a small Maine town. People smile, relax around each other and enjoy small town living in Vacationland.

Maine Small Town Living.

Down Town Maine Small Town Celebrations, Festivals. Home Grown Tasty, Special, Memorable.

Maine’s fourth of July.

You stay in a town that has lots going on. All your out of town family and friends come home too. What did you do over the fourth of July celebration? Here are some other images of just one event, a fourth of July parade in a Northern Maine town. But in reverse, with a twist.

Looking out as the possession. A different direction for the focus. As the parade possession slowly snakes, plys the streets of the special Maine community.

The events that happen in a small Maine community.

That happen year round on the calendar. The people prove the point that they are the small town. Not the sticks and bricks, the structures no matter how elegant or pretty. Take away the people and it is last guy or gal out, remember to shut off the lights.

Please friend me on Facebook. Your other social media outlets so we can connect on those platforms, to exchange easily. Hope your fourth of family fun and special.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker


Okay, You Move To Maine, You Are From Away.

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Maine is a big place.

Often crusty coastal folks of few words but ones that drive home the point with an verbal economy. Those are the spokesmen sometimes used in the tell me what Maine is all about stories. Or to weave into the stream of Maine humor if you are Tim Sample, Bob Marley.

The yarn spun, the tales exaggerated but funny.

Just not all so accurate to represent the garden variety folks walking the Earth in Maine. Because it leaves out the rest of the down home town proud locals in the state of Maine. Working hard to survive, raise a family. Just anxious to pitch in and make a difference on the local landscape.

Maine Is Small Towns!

Growing What You Eat, Knowing Where It Came From Is Maine.

So in my job as a Maine real estate broker, it happens once in awhile. A customer buys a farm, lakefront property or old quaint Victorian smasher of a house.

And less than a year later we get a call to bring one of your red, white and blue signs.

Plant it on the front lawn would ya? We are heading back to wherever we lived twelve months ago.

Maine may have been the third, fourth stop in the move and groove. So they know how to assume the position to relocation, make the transition. Again. Kept all the boxes.

Sometimes the reason is a loved one left behind needs them. Sick mom, failing health brother, divorced daughters with little ones. Someone in the family needs them.

But the motivation to high tail it back and turn the wagons in a big wide circle 180 degrees is not always a bad health situation down country.

Or a hard time to find a job in their field or the employment they had here in Maine drying up. And just for the record, many do telecommute to Maine for work.

No, the reason to move is because the people were cold, they could not make friends.

Whoa. Really? When you ask a few more questions filling in the blanks on the list to sell agreement, you hear some themes. Familiar ones about no one invited us over for beans and hot dogs.

Maine Is Vacationland, Plenty Of Space.

Small Town Maine Is Clean, All Natural. Fresh!

Or we have no kids, everyone around Maine is family oriented. So we feel odd man out. Don’t go to church or sporting events either.

Even though they do admit folks reached out to invite them to holidays. When the neighbors down the road knew they were in the house by their lonesome.

You have to make an effort and to have friends, you have to be one.

Why would someone avoid another human being in their home town? If a steady diet of conversation shared is how stupid the locals are.

That might hammer hit the nail on the head. If lots of “back in Jersey” or wherever the transplant in a new land used to live is salt and peppered in the chit chat. That gets old too if dripping with negativity from an Eeyore.

Mainers love to learn about where you lived before as they bring you up to speed on the way things rock and roll, shake and bake in the local surroundings.

Maine Is Outdoor, Farming Of All Kinds.

Maine Horses, Stick Together, Are Close Like The People.

But even though the average run of the mill Mainer can on occasion whine a tad, the first year of a new move to Maine property owner needs to bite the tongue.

Because someone else with a vehicle wearing the same plate that came to Maine earlier could be the problem. The kink in the hose.

That has burnt some bridges rubbing folks the wrong way. Put a bad mouth  taste that can taint others that hail from the same location. Guilt by association.

Maine is full of hardworking, super friendly folks because we don’t live in fear in the 4th lowest crime state. We get involved, feel and feed the local connection. But don’t take a cotton to others who dump on the small Maine towns they are so proud of and work so hard to protect and preserve.

Even someone from southern Maine can get on a high horse and start to begin the let’s rescue the locals routine.

Thinking because we lived a stint closer to the big city of Bean town, that that influence adds an edge. That should make the locals some kind of hand stand  happy they moved here to “save them”.

Maine Vacations, Move To Enjoy Them Full Time.

Maine Is Small, Friendly, Glad To Be In Vacationland Full Time Or Any Time At All!

Resentment, avoidance and the passion of whatever a group is doing suffers when this air enters the meeting. So new, moving to Maine, want to get along and play ball fairly?

Ease up on the I am up here, you are down there needing a leg up approach.

The expertise, experiences, stories are welcomed from out of town, out of state. The spoon full of sugar approach works best like in the musical. Kind not snide.

Paddle gently in the pool of people, personalities.

The local Mainers are plenty resourceful, well educated, highly committed to their small home towns.

Be the same in the approach to answer the question “what can I do to help”?

I had read rhetoric this week about an individual who went on and on about how lucky their new small Maine home town was that they had landed there.

Maine Small Town Living.

See The Light, Love The Surroundings, The Locals In Maine Small Towns.

And the locals should come away being some kind of glad they had.

An air of smugness, a spirit of not finding much good about anyone in the small Maine town shared behind the scenes. Removed all the good. In the me, me, me what a gift they are.

We have lots of saviors in small Maine towns pouring in their heart and soul day and night. That don’t need attention or recognition.

To glean the new experiences working together.  That’s the true Maine unplugged, unfiltered and raw, refreshing. For the take away from somewhere else that could benefit a new community in the spirit of kindness and cooperation.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker



Traveling To Maine, Looking For Festivals.

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If you are lucky enough to live in Maine full time, it is like a horse let loose in a new field of spring clover.

Pace yourself. There are jobs around your home to perform first. Tasks to get out of the way for chores. Before hitting the trail, open road or waterways to bask in what Maine does best.

Maine Lighthouses

Maine Lighthouses, Started Your Collection Yet?

Providing unspoiled wide open space Maine trumps everyone else in it’s sheer vastness.

The kind of space where you can hear yourself think.

Reflect on how life is going. To correct the steering a tad to keep it headed in the right direction.  As you juggle the elements of life for balance, moderation, peace and an enriched experience.

Sampling it, not racing through it. That’s the simple Maine way of living. Common theme of this blog posting in Maine hunt and peck.

Okay, so instead of exploring alone or in a small group, experiencing a Maine festival should be part of the taking in Vacationland.

And all she has to offer. Planning those excursions in Maine means avoid the hard telling without knowing feeling stuck in your craw. Festival listings for Maine.

Something for everyone, all ages makes the festivals in Maine eenie meenie miney moe a tough selection process.

More than enough to entice and trying hard to avoid the sheer regret. From missing out on more than one event on each end of Maine when someone put too much into one weekend that you want to sample.

Maine Festivals, Which Ones Do You Find Fun?

Festivals To Share Music, Crafts, Food And Brew. That’s Part Of Maine To Sample!

Today at 1pm a Festival from Shipyard, Maine’s largest micro brewery happens.

A street fair in Southern Maine to say thank you. I read somewhere Shipyard was the 12th largest brewery of its kind in the nation. And a neat article from it’s fearless leader about why the success in his operation. Maine is 5th in the nation for micro breweries.

Where he credits the gains in growth and market share by simply hiring the best people. Letting them dig in and manage their areas of expertise without being micro managed or ham stringed. Forced to wear a straight jacket.

Festivals in Maine, some revolved folk music, some around farming. Here is a list of Maine agricultural fairs to fit your schedule of free time.  Some with free time cleared in the schedule.

Maine Is Local Food, Grown Close To Home.

Celebrating Fresh Locally Source Food With Maine Farmers At Open Air Markets.

Gravitating naturally to festivals for Maine lighthouses. That’s what some do with their down time. To visit and collect lighthouses in Maine.Get centered and to find peace letting go. Taking thousand yard stare strolls with the peepers off the points they protect.

Or volunteer to preserve the Maine lighthouses for others to visit and enjoy.

Around the 68 venues that Maine has for sentinel outposts. To help navigation out on the open waters off the coast of Maine. That offer one spectacular setting for picture taking, memory making.

Things to do for fun in Maine on your days off from work. So what do you have planned for the weekend, your next vacation? To pause for some away from the same old hometown surrounding routines?

Maine offers so many home grown unique experiences to entertain and enrich the soul. Add your two cents worth on what pumps you up in Maine!

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker