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Maine | When Simple Is Way Way More Than Enough.

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“Take your time and don’t live life too fast.

Troubles will come and they will pass.”

Think of words that are in the same camp as “simple”.

Do you reach tip toe high for those essential happy, content building blocks in your daily rise and shine?

Or maybe chasing other glittering rainbow pathways. Trying to locate what is missing. It’s not outside, but inside. Wage wars there instead of finding fault with others to blame.

Maine Is Four Seasons, Always Outdoors.

Being Able To Hear Yourself Think Is Easier In Maine.

Maine is a natural beehive for simple living.

Because of sheer less people to navigate around, that strips away the distractions. Let’s you really crank up the volume on the deep woods wildlife and crystal clear water wonders. Hear yourself think.

Get in touch with me, myself and I. Feeling stronger, not crumbling when the trails gets a little steeper. Littered with rocks and roots to cause a painful stumble if you don’t pay attention.

More weight shifted to the mindset that “you can do it yourself” in the four season unspoiled Maine surroundings.

Hard to handle but easier to hold, none of us are angels as Greg Allman reminds.

When belting it out in the key of “G” harmonies with back up musicians adding to the melody. He is no stranger to your dark. Wanting to be let in, to start a fire within your heart. Never lifting a hand to hurt. In the drive you crazy. Go for it, make it count.

Maine Fall Colors, Are You A Leaf Peeker.

Fall Colors In Maine, Courtesy Of Jack Frost.

Everyone gets tested, wears scars and stripes from the lessons learned along the way.

When the focus is a tad less than 20-20. And having to rely on others for the answers, the missing puzzle pieces in your rifled through cardboard box.

Panning for the gold washed, sifted out crouched by a Maine stream bed. It starts with you getting centered, then cue the others to flock together right?

No quick fix cheat sheet to peel. To curl back one corner of the top plastic layer and quickly dial in numbers on the microwave. Slow down on the fast food for thought. Real life short cuts that work in the long run are few and far between. Baked slowly tastes best.

Maine Is Less People, More Space.

Way Too Close, In Your Face. That’s Not “Purr-fect”, Not Maine.

Hunger improves the taste remember?

Not something Monarch, Cliff Notes zipped through to game and conquer to achieve another layer level star.

Push away the game console. Park it on a shelf. Unplug, get outside in Maine for the simple answers. Only found outside your bubble.

Maine. Learning early on if you follow your heart, consult your gut and head.

Get your sleep, eat right, think about others and avoid stinking thinking. While settling in to a rewarding, simple life doing full time days and nights in Maine.

Others with all they offer from the same amazing community pantry cupboard of talents. Pitching in for the real, lasting takeaway experience only achieved collectively.

All the people. Knowing that you need the entire small tight knit Maine local community kept intact, not allowed to fragment. That you can do this if you try. But won’t unless reaching, digging deep and helping yourself from within first. To be something you love and understand as one Southern Band embedded above explains. So you are ready step it up. To take your place. Do more within the small Maine town community.

The airwaves, news stands, beauty salons, barber shops, sidewalks are all choke full of dime store wisdom on how you should whip your life into shape.

To make more days blue sky and sunshine always. Not so swirling gusty, windy with loaded drama. Instead to rest easy in the shake and bake, lock and load. To carve out a life that counts. To make it have a purpose beyond just entertaining yourself.

Don’t grow callous, grow strong. And follow your heart and what you understand by keeping it a simple approach to the life in your lap. To have that life be something you love and understand as the song reminds. As the guitar and soloist share what Momma told him when he was young and receptive to instruction. When reminded, don’t ever forget to listen closely. As you sit down along side someone you trust. Maine, we keep it simple to make it the kind of rich money can not buy.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

The Sound Of Maine Is Memorable Without The Ear Buds But…

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The noise of silence can be deafening.

But slowly what is down low and in the background in Maine gets turned up and enjoyed. Outdoor sounds of Maine include feeling the fog rolling in off the ocean coastline. The rustling of dried, curled and colorful leave explosions in the fall during the second bloom.

The crackling of wood, spitting and sizzling if a tad green on an outdoor circle of rocks and friends.

Rain on a tin roof. Hail against a side window. Crickets, Maine lake loons, Northeastern gales that can make the loose second floor original windows of an antique farm house.

Or in town Victorian smasher three story sound like a vibrating kazoo. A blade of grass between your palm thumbs flush with lots of whoosh. Or to head to your knees. Say your prayers. Worried about the roof of an old barn blowing off. In the creaking, rocking, reeling in the middle of a full blown storm melt down of Maine weather.

But while you are biking, climbing, skimming the surface of a Maine lake, a little bring it along to enhance the experience is neat too.

With music that is trending in your World. Between your ears, behind the pair of peepers. Here is a glimpse of a music log of where I enjoy today. Share your bands and songs and the why in the comment section.

Maine, the outdoor sounds of the four seasons are more than enough.

But adding some talented music, a band to help remember the moments. All add to the take away sizzle. Enhances the ride. Get to Maine, don’t keep her waiting. Try not to stay away so long.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Back To The Basics, Moving To Maine To Begin Again.

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Sometimes life seems to get out of control. Spinning too fast or bottom dropped out free falling.

Hoping someone remembered to pack the parachute. As you fumble to locate the rip cord. Or maybe you are just pushing too hard on the leaning forward. Adding into the red zone pressure on the throttle lever. Causing more and more unnecessary layers of stress and worry to your already overbooked day.

Maine is a place where what is really most important shines brightly.

More obvious because less noise, honest and real, not artificial or plastic. Maybe the less flash, spin, the more outdoor natural and not wall to wall people is a big part of it. That makes it way way easier to see the choices that are the most healthy. Not to be neglected, woven into your daily routine in Maine.

Maine Is Small Town Values.

Take Your Best Shot, Find Your Target For Happier Living In Small Town Maine.

Basics, when you strip away and begin again start with easy does it, practice the moderation approach to just survive.

Food you grow on a Maine farm patch of dirt. Peddle what you don’t use. Shelter you have a hand in creating and not just write a check.

Heat from natural resources because Maine is ninety one percent wooded land. And entertainment that family centered but tied to community involvement. Because of the greater connection small rural Maine town living demands. You are needed for whatever talents and skill set you bring to the table to add to the flavor of wherever you hang you hat in Maine.

Maine Lake Sunset Photo

Fresh Air, Clean Water, Wildlife Not People. That’s Part Of Maine’s Secret Beauty.

But the inside spiritual garden to weed out within what crept in. When no one was looking and too fast paced living was in full swing. Causing the distraction, leading to the neglect.

Relationships, needing others, handling them with care and kindness.

It is easier to be considerate not dog eat dog. When you are not surrounded by too many people that are not so happy.

Can not be easily because of the toll that chasing, adding to the material items collection causes. Or just keeping their head above water when high cost is the only flavor to dine on in the grab and go hurry scurry.

Maine Cows Dot The Pasture Country Side.

Moo Yourself. Don’t Happen To Have An Apple, Carrot, A Little Grain?

What is not real or natural long term wholesome missing. No joyful from within grateful because you are not. Instead feeding some inside insecurity temporarily with the latest and greatest store bought goods or service. Or over the counter medication, working on some stop gap addiction. Wondering what is wrong that is so elusive to fix slam bam thank you mam? Stop. Slow down, look around. Consider a move to Maine.

Simple Maine living can seem hokey to some.

Not enough to excite and fast pace entertain, is that’s all there is? Square, what fun is there in helping others and yourself at the same time in small rural community involvement some may ask?
It is the foundation of what is needed to enrich from within and not whipping out a plastic card with the magnetic strip. If you are looking for real, genuine, lasting. Not trendy or passing fad hip for now, Maine is the horse to bet on for the win, place show trifecta to better small town living.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Fear, Transitions, Polling The Audience In The Move To Maine.

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The World spins at a pretty good clip. Life transitions are hard no matter what your age.

Because if you are content, comfortable in the place you park under the sunshine overhead, why do we have to stop the music? Need to change it up? You don’t. No matter if all the chatter from close friends are raising a stink, thinking you should.

Everyone else is an expert at how to run your life.

Just ask them. Their own, well, not so much.

Maine Mountain Hiking Trails, Does A Body Good.

Negative People Are Not Mountain Climbers. Get High Up, Surround Yourself With Positive People.

There is constant pressure squeezing out of the eerie glowing device “tube” and speakers too. Marketing something that will radically change your life for three easy, one not so simple last payment. To show you a new jig. To dance differently than you do now.

Happy. It is a seed that germinates. Not a sliver that festers.

Nurturing, not neglecting. Being in that place where joy and contentment, all American apple pie normal happens. Or as close to it as can muster. Juggling your other priorities allows.

Ah but at the same time. What is best for you in your life here and now changes. Like raising kids, you just get this stage figured out and there they go, moving to the next phase.

And also something inside you grows and priorities shift independently of those near, dear and loved surrounding you. What was so all mighty important makes way, drops from formation. For something new to have room to grow replacing it. C.S Lewis too reminds…

“It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.”

Decent, moral, what is good or bad, right or wrong adds another channel to mix into the music levels.

Maine Small Town Politics, Keeping The Peace.

Keeping Small Maine Town’s Running Smoothly. Calm Is Nice, But Ripples Happen.

Your core values, integrity are challenged daily in what you hold dear. What defines you. But questioned round the clock with too many view points.

Boats loads of opinion, pretty dark judgement. Individuals one by one on the blue and green marble raising their hands, opening their pie hole traps. Hunting and peck like moi aussi mais qui.

To offer more sharp rough edged cutting opinions when maybe too many already clutter the landscape.

Hot under the collar, steam out the ears. Somehow feeling threatened. Screeching, scolding, preaching “people don’t get it, you don’t understand, life’s not fair, you got it all wrong people” whining themes.

Life on the small Maine farm was all about being highly industrious and geared for survival. Keep if simple.

But with modern society freed up with the latest and greatest devices and hired out services, more time to develop boredom inside arrived on the scene.

Maine Is Outdoors, Using Only Natural Ingredients.

Maine Living, All Natural. Rock Solid Simple. Not Used To Judge, Stone.

One Atom Twelve, see the suspect with the blank deer in the headlights glassed over thousand yard stare.

Please be advised. Proceed with caution as he or she is considered unstable, unpredictable right now. Over. (Mic sharp click, static white noise heard, fades up and under. Fade to black.)

Like the Venn diagram, overlaps of the children, marriage, job, health, retirement and other responsibilities shape the life landscape for any of us right?

There are choices, input needed to be dialed in to the course heading of where you should be pointed. Or to avoid road rash, rope burns from being dragged hooked to barbed wire if you don’t just let go. Just say no more.

Some people just get through life easier and make their own luck. Strenghtened by events. Not charmed just relaxed, enjoying life. Accepting others, not trying to tame them with a whip and chair.

Something, whatever is eating at you, missing in your life causes the tightening the buckle or canvas ring on the girth.

Neck reining the mare, gelding or stallion sharply. And making a cloud of dust behind you. High tailing it out of the steep stone wall boxed canyon.

With a shrill whistle, hands raised high as if barrel raising clock timed. Putting the boots to the ribs. For the long ride back to take a different fork in the road. Presenting itself if you have faith and patience. Open your eyes, heart, window and doors of the soul. Remove the blinders that keep you in the self inflicted darkness of just plain scared. Not so sure. Afraid of making any or too many wrong moves.

Maine is small towns, simple living. Outdoor space.

On A Mission, Mainers Are Busy Bees But Enjoy More Space, Less People In The Natural Beauty.

As you radar sweep blips into the region labeled “Fear of the unknown”.

That replaces the routine of apathetic or just dog gone depressed but easy and predictable. There is no antidote to quick fix get drunk on to remedy this quagmire. Soul search, pair up with a cowboy or girl who ride into that sunset together. Compare notes around the same prairie camp fire. Slurping a spoon stands up in the middle of the tin trail cup coffee or two. Before retiring propped up against a Western saddle, under the blanket that separates if from horse and rider during the daylight jog.

What am I suppose to do is easier if you search for answers contained inside. Surrounding yourself with positive people you trust to compare notes. And being kind to you instead of fifty mental lashes for failing to believe in yourself, live your own life in the move to Maine. Less people, more drop dead gorgeous natural beauty, no traffic, little crime, four seasons. All contribute to make Maine a place where it is quiet enough to be able to think, hear your much needed answers to how to lead your life best.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

It Was Like The Song About Two Cats In The Yard … Our House.

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I will hum a few bars and then you slide right in to the music stream as the mood strikes.

“I’ll light the fire, you place the flowers in the vase that you bought today.” Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young penned lots of intense and soothing at the same time harmonies. That wrap around the mirrors in the aisles of the mind. Where past memories lay waiting.

Maine Is Outdoor, Farming Of All Kinds.

Maine Horses, Stick Together, Are Close Like The People Should Strive To Be.

Playing low in the background of earlier times in your life.

Needing to be pushed, relived like selections on a juke box. I felt that song playing about love and contentment in the homestead yesterday. In a house in Westfield Maine. That was built just the way two people in love envisioned it.

A culmination of all the features to date. That each enjoyed in their separate list of houses called home up until they met.

Back when they were not traveling the same paths and rabbit trails. Logging frequent flyer miles before holding hands started.

And households combined to add what was missing. That each longed for in the log home in Maine constructed just so. Attention to the missing details both desired weaved into the construction fabric. The place with the space way way more than just oriented to the sun at the right degree angle. So the front entry sun room solarium works overtime. Doubling as a greenhouse and passive solar collector too. Doing its part and contributing to the housing experience.

Holding, to carry it’s own weight in the day to day comfortable, unassuming open design layout. That fits the pair that celebrate their life within like wearing a pair of glass slippers. A glove fit for them both outside too. Roaming, gardening, puttering around the surroundings. Sharing, basking in the rural setting. With the other always on tap. To enjoy it all with any of the four seasons.

Because of the 125 acres of Maine land space that wraps around, creates, preserves this special location.

Getting Along When You Live In Maine

We Live In Maine, We Keep It Simple. Have To, Want To.

Side road quiet, on a hill of gently sloping and rolling terrain. With both open and mixed wooded sections managed. A Maine land medley buffet.

And talk about wildlife. Especially birds. The feeder like an aviary airport of touch and go landings. For the hit and run. Of the drive thru slot at the bottom of the very tall glass tube. Filled to the brim. With a never ending exotic, intoxicating combination of much appreciated seeds to snack on all winter long.

While the long low angled bright but diminished sunlight arched overhead. Smack dab parked in the middle of a winter pale blue hue sky.

The feeder one channel to watch. For whoever’s turn to do the dishes. To marvel at the escapades. The dare devil soloing doing figure eights outside. While lucky enough to be inside. For the “you wash, I will wipe” pair tandem exercise. Linked as a Jack and Jill. To enjoy the impromptu stage show unfolding the other side of the insulated high performance glass together.

Maine Farm Cows.

Oh Look, Company. You Wouldn’t Happen To Be Carrying A Carrot Or Apple Would You?

The floors are easy. Low maintenance, polished honey rich oak. Tile in the over sized bathroom the way they all should be proportioned. Not sardine cramped. The main heat source hardwood varieties. Gleaned and thinned from timber forest stands just so. From the wooded sections along the higher ridges.

Rising above the small gurgling, babbling stream. That has a mind of it’s own. Mendering in a zig zag across the large property in Central Aroostook County.

Inside this designed for simple living. Not to come off museum stiff or stifled pretentious.

No one out to impress. But it is hard to not be envious. Of the private residence built with sticks and bricks but mortared with love and kindness. Two old souls that thoroughly enjoy the dwelling and all this land acreage in the northern Maine woods.

Inside large hearty slabs of thick planking security. For the treads on the open stairway to the second floor. This modified, not a kit carbon copy Maine log home loaded with spaces that reflect the interests of the owners. Black and white wall hangings. Sliced into, one of a old Willys jeep taken up close and personal. All representing story opportunity conversation sparks for another day.

Sunshine drenched areas to inspire writing, creating short stories, novel sequels.

Bay windows to welcome the light of day and nourish plants. No neighbors to spoil the view. The wife industriously painting, gluing a table scale castle using odds and ends. Adorned with cobalt blue painted bottle caps, other household reusables. For a grandchild, a labor of love on the converted kitchen examination table. But when we arrived. Hopping up. Pouring fresh brewed black hot coffee from the french press. Offering me a rocking chair. That she reorients to collect the approach of the sun dialed in behind me for just this precise moment in time.

Another chair repositioned beside it in cozy fashion. To warm us best in front. After coming in from the brisk crisp fresh air. To plop center to the fire waves of positive ions. Radiating from the kitchen wood cook stove. The escort for my mate and I to sit a spell. To warm our bones. As the fluffy calico cat tagged Pestilence and hard of hearing took turns.

Maine Outdoor Beauty Walking, Talking, Photo Shooting.

Do You Have This Kind Of Natural Beauty Where You Live Now?

Slowly tag teaming the pair of us because not used to all that much company. This was a special occasion for her too. Scoring several scratches behind each ear. Garnering a little extra TLC attention.

While the pair adjusted to the do drop in. When the call from the owner’s daughter with long hair of yellow announced we had time for an unscheduled visit if they did.

The best kind where you pick up where you left off in the dialogue. From the last hand spun installment.

To sample a delicious, savory meal prepared with home grown food organically produced in Maine. No sprays. Raised with love, stored with pride. And the foodstuffs drawn from the root cellar slowly over the quiet of a Maine winter in the middle of January.

Maine Small Farm Land Photo

Growing Up In Maine, The Fun Home Made, Outdoors.

The squash that was sweeter because of just recently suffered frost bite.

Explained the man of the house wearing the apron for the lunch served effortlessly this day. It rounded out the home made meal so completely.

A window in it’s storage area it was shared, left open a little too wide. So for the next few meal sessions, squash would be performing regularly.

Comfortable. Tension free. Set back from the road. Bursting with love and saturated with an easy atmosphere of just gosh darn all over peaceful. The home in Maine that is not cookie cutter common but one of a kind because of the care takers that cherish it. The structure that reflects the home builder’s personalities and lifestyle interests. Providing the cornerstone missing piece in the Maine country setting puzzle. That the pair of peas in the pod set out to create as always a work in progress.

And adapted so well for the “hello, anyone home?” Pull up a chair, sit a spell and let’s talk. Exchange how have you been, what jaunt are you on today and a warm hug of introduction. Another to see you off until the next chance to catch up, to connect in person.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

The Audience Has Different Preferences Than Just You And I.

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Marketing to more than just your own special tastes, it means seeing others out in the audience.

Because if you don’t, the following is small. Because last check, there are like colors in the rainbow a lot of distinct preferences for anything from music to food to where to vacation in Maine.

Sitting On A Maine Porch. Maine Is That.

All Year Long, Maine Is Outdoor Living.

Survey says (ding ding ding) not the same answer on the tip of your tongue.

Or held near and dear in your heart. And if you and I open up and try new things. To embrace, consider new ideas or approaches to anything in life, something special happens inside. You move from narrow, set in your ways and expecting others to tow the same thin line.

To let’s try something different. Even 180 polar opposite. Give it a shot, whirl. It snowballs. The spark catches fire and here we go for growth. Being able to accept easier other people’s viewpoints that are scattered in the wind that swirls around us.

Without taking it personal or figuring they are wrong. New ideas. Ones that are not your own. The answer to how you feel about much is life is not a yes or no, right or wrong answer. And toleration, patience, hear them out before you put up your hand in protest. Or say that would never work. To be a wet blanket, borderline Eeyore.

Ruts happen in life and routines can be easy to perform without thought.

But. What are you missing in the short journey in that dash between the when you are born, when you take that last ride.

Maine Small Town Living Is Simpler.

We Consume Less Power Here, Maine Is Ripe For Wind Electrical Generation For Other Hungry Consuming Markets.

The people you circle with in life and bump into is part of the let’s try something different or not. Traveling, reading, or just having a creative imagination all helps shake it up.

Open the doors and windows in your head and heart. To blow out the cobwebs.

And shift from talking about people you like or not to let’s share hopes, dreams, experiences.

To wow, see the bigger picture.

To solutions to make life better for you and those around you. Because it never goes away from making sure it is all about the greater good.

Outside yourself is where the enrichment, enjoyment is and Maine is a place with space to get blown away. Not caught up in your own problems and realize this too shall pass.

What are you venturing out into and enjoying that either never had time for or any inclination to try?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Foodie In Maine, Are You One?

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What’s for breakfast, dinner, supper in Maine?

Three times a day or more, looking for something to eat. It is a fix most of us want to address. Wikipedia defines a foodie as “A foodie is a gourmet, or a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and alcoholic beverages. A foodie seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger.”

News From Bloggers, Through The Grapevine.

Shooting The Breeze With Locals. Learning From The Man On The Street Works Best.

I was in the local Shop and Save supermarket this week and thinking I need to hit the deli.

The lady slicing, holding up a wedge and asking if this was the right thickness turkey got a nod, smile and “yes please” from me. But I asked her what happens to this big cart of food?

I had interrupted her exercise.

Of loading up the wire cart with food wearing an expiration date of tomorrow. I motioned to the food stash and ask what becomes of all the whisked away food? “Dumpster” she uttered sadly.

I asked couldn’t it go to the jail, a nursing home, hospital, a battered women’s shelter or at least a pig farm?

Then realized not her call. Worry about lawsuits if someone ate a bad egg roll, a tainted foot long hoagie.

Making the most of rescuing food in Maine who’s death sentence was not commuted by the Governor.

To salvage something from it for value. To end up down the gullet not the drain. To help, fuel someone that does not know where his next meal is coming from, on limited income and getting public assistance. Or has kids that are always hungry.

And not because they have worms. They are just growing leaps and bounds.

Living In Maine

Open Air, Locally Grown, Friendly. Maine Is Simple Living.

Always grazing so the food with a day left for shelf shoppers would make it disappear. Before the buzzer sounds. If someone just gave them a heads up. For the come and get it, no charge.

The excess food in Maine that needs to be cleaned up like the advice about your plate growing down low to way tall.

You might think stop making so much and that cures the wasted food blues. It is not put together locally where the lady lathering on the mustard, miracle whip or whatever lubricate to help it slide down and stay moist punches the time clock.

If local and not trucked in from central HQ down state or further, he or she with the stylish hair net. Could simple look over the deli counter. See the shelves are overstocked for the retail supply needed.

And it’s quitting time by pulling the sash to the long whistle blast maker. Stop the production conveyor belt. Just don’t make any more until empty happens. Or better yet near just above the “E” for supply maintained to avoid waste.

Maine Small Town Living, Walk Around Freely.

Not Telling Where He Caught The Maine Fish.

So foodie in Maine.

Not thinking how an ordinary pizza, or a lobster creation, seared prime rib could be marinated, be turned into ambrosia for the God’s in Portland’s Old Port. But just taking part of the food chain that never gets digested, dined on by locals who need the food.

Heck, that are used to if an English muffin gets rescued from a dumpster, and only has a few mold spores waking up to do their tap dance. Like vegetables, culls or seconds for a stew, just cut off the spoiled part. Save, use, savor what is still good.

Growing up on a Maine farm we did not waste anything.

It is how we survived, stayed on and did not lose the Maine farm. The same logic applies but if you have always had a never ending supply, plenty of food, the down the drain of any thrown away is not gonna make you lose sleep.

I wish someone needing the surplus shipped to local grocery stores owned by national chains. With kitchen’s elsewhere could redirect the end of it’s life for retail foodstuffs. To do good. Are you this kind of foodie that is not a snob? That does not get snarky or turn your nose up at cheap yellow mustard? Demands only Grey Poupon. Or something even more expensive, imported and raved about around the food critic circles. And boy there are a lot of those type reality shows.

Foodie in Maine. Not always talking gourmet. Usually talking grown local, close to home and organic Maine food. Organic food in Maine means you know where it came from, what it was not sprayed with and that it is safe for your family’s dinner table.

With Maine organic food it is not about produce that is perfectly shaped, all the same shade and consistency is everything.

Just wholesome, nutritious and none of it wasted. The natural resource put to good use.

I know a Nature’s Circle Maine organic food that has it’s end of the line culls not plowed under and lost. But shared with a supplier of Houlton Farms Dairy Milk. Which mean their holstein dairy cows are eating right too in your local milk production.

Everyone happy, the cows that don’t live on factory farms. The locals who don’t have to wonder how many states or countries away the white stuff came from before landing up in your local dairy case.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker
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MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730

Roll ‘em, The Maine State Soap Box Derby Car Race Is In June.

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There is nothing like watching an eight year old, brand new Maine soap box derby racer.

That is timid, standing close to Mom, Dad, whoever helped the driver build their stock car. That goes through the tech inspection, the weigh in and is ready for the maiden voyage. The practice run on a very big engineered hill.

Maine Soap Box Derby Racing

Final Heat For Maine Super Stock Soap Box Derby 1st & 2nd Place.

The Derby Hill in Houlton Maine looks big, is if you are an adult.

Consider the reaction when you are just a tad over three or four feet tall. And there is a chill in the air surrounding, following you. That was not there before arriving at the race course called fear. Just not so sure.

Prepared the kit derby car for the day’s big race which is the next day, always a Saturday. And on Friday, for the trial runs, the helmet carried. Lugged around for the pictures, the car exam check off of the long list of safety items that can not be forgotten. But still timid moving over for not so bold. Questioning if this about to happen was such a hot idea.

Because safety is the number one concern of everyone that works, puts on the annual Maine State Soapbox Derby Race in Houlton Maine each June.

Since 1996, when there were five soap box derby race site venues in Maine, boys and girls have known the “thrill of the hill”.

And before the break in that downhill action, Maine is full of an older generation remember trips to Bangor Maine years ago. To have the same set of wheels, but everything riding on them built with the imagination and the budget, whatever materials were available to each driver and construction team.

Maine Families, Small Town Living.

Living In A Small Maine Town, Folks, Families Are Connected, Close.

The original soap box derby racing event held in Akron Ohio since 1934 has been the World Series of national down hill match ups. To three at a time go through the wave after wave of derby car heat launches. To determine a top winner, all the places for what is called the All American Soap Box Derby Race.

That nervous, not so sure this was the smartest idea feeling young first time down hill soap box derby racer goes very quiet.

When they get out of the kid carrier topside. The one towing the trailer of derby cars and the drivers that spill out like ants at a picnic. And car and driver get inline behind the staging area at the launch. Slowly moving forward to have their derby car rolled, to slide into the steel rails in lane one or two.

Check their helmet to make sure it is tight, sitting on their head with hair tucked under for the best visibility. No obstructions or distractions. To seeing the long, fast, airport grade paved course that drops before them. Think of being an eight year old in that position for the first time down that kind of long, fast hill. In a brand new car worked on for hours but never tested until this very moment in time. Gulp.

In this slide show image display of one by one events. That advance in the carousel that flash a glimpse of the small Maine town driver childhood. That has the support of the entire village. In derby racing, all their other events too. Because small Maine towns are connection intimately. Have to be because not enough people to have it any other way.

Be A Good Sport, Congratulate Success.

Instilling In Kids Early On The Right Stuff To Succeed. To Contribute For The Greater Good.

The last pair of racers for the trial runs on tech day, the Friday before the big Maine race tomorrow get a green light.

The launch lever is pushed forward to release and off they go. Wheels rumbling, each car picking up speed as the drivers hang up, get low and pray.

Racing faster toward the bottom of the hill where volunteers are ready to assist. Hollering “BRAKE” as the drivers cross the white painted row of lines signalling to the driver you are out of runway, pull back on the reins. Or better yet, push hard on the plunger brake with the rubber pad. To stop the car, hop out and smile ear to ear. And whip off the helmet as you turn around and look up that very big hill you just conquered.

Now it is your turn back on the top of the hill for real. Not just watching, but ready to race. In the gates, sneaking a peak toward the driver and their flashy car in the other race lane on Derby Hill’s topside. And being walked through the check your brake, helmet okay, make sure your steering wheel is straight not cock eyed to the side.

You are all alone and ready to roll.

Looking down the double barrel lane of a high powered gravity derby car race track. And just stare with a look of terror, and little like the same feeling inside on a roller coaster ride. Where there is a point of no return. Just like going over an approaching waterfalls but this time, you are ready.

Have been coached, know what to expect, drilled and trained. But. Still. Scared happens and floods the inside of the driver who have never actually ridden down this long historic hill. As one of the rights of passage of a Maine child who is nurtured by the community of race fans cheering them on.

The 180 degree change from scared on the top of Derby Hill to wow, speechless but flooded with release of any anxiety at the bottom.

That transformation, segue into years of spirited soap box derby racing is something to behold.

An amazing program to be involved with which I found out as a past derby director of the local race. The one in Houlton Maine venue the largest in the country five years running. Consider being a derby car sponsor. Helping a driver build a car. To be able to participate in a Maine soap box derby race to know the “Thrill of the Hill”.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Empty Your Cup, Making Room For More Of The Little Things.

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There is nothing like being humble.

Going without the most basic items, situations for greater appreciation to happen. On a cold Maine night with the wind howling, it is extra comforting to be inside a home. With the warmth of family and an antique kitchen wood cook stove. Maybe a modern one like a Jotul 404. Preparing a wholesome meal brought up from the root cellar shelves. To combine with fresh items purchase at a local food co-op. Where friends and neighbors join forces to put food on the tables that is grown close to home.

You think about even though the temperature is low, there are folks that are not in for the night.

The lineman from the local Maine electrical utility if you are not off grid. Is on stand by. With a bucket truck, chain saw, maybe pole spikes, insulated gloves and a leather belt. For the time when someone hollers “Boom Boom, Out Go The Lights”.

Cold, rainy, dark of night conditions can mean a phone call to go out in it.

Maine Is Small Towns, Working Together.

Peace At The Beginning, End Of The Day In Maine.

The lowest temperatures combined with wind chill factors also create the perfect combination for the deadliest house fires. The heating systems are pushed to the max to maintain a comfortable interior. Plugged in electrical heaters spiked into outlets connected to old substandard wiring.

Creosote soaked chimneys ignite and break through old defective thimbles under layers of old wall paper no one knew were there. Until the fireman with the axe and wearing the oxygen tank and shield helmet started paddy whacking. To discover where there is smoke there is fire.

Over worked devices to keep it warm inside when it is not outside. All those electrical shorts, chimney fires and smoldering inner walls that go undetected. Just waiting for the worst conditions for firefighters to get the call. Turn on the siren and lights. Grab Spot, the dalmatian wearing the insulated coat. Let’s roll.

Same with road clearing crews when poor visibility of blowing snow, icy rain or fog team up with the low sitting mercury in the glass tube.

To make for long shifts, dangerous runs to keep roadways open. Especially for emergency equipment.

Mailman, same story. Dress warm, your appointed rounds are waiting for you. The delivery to your assigned zip code show must go on no matter what. Sure the job is fun on a summer day. Wearing short pants, shirts without sleeves. You can say it is all part of the job. The one that each signed on for or they could quit. I am glad they want to do what I am happy I don’t have to for a job.

Maine Small Farm Land Photo

Growing Up In Maine, The Fun Home Made, Outdoors.

It makes your appreciate the little things.

When inclement weather means you and I can hunker down and stay inside. Still watering, graining, haying the farm life stock.

Delivering new stock often born, delivered the briskest day of the year it always seems. Could you be a Maine farmer?

Do you think of the most basics as special the way you live now? You would if you live in a neatly connected Maine small town.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker


Waging War For Peace Inside Instead Of Fighting Battles No One Invited You To.

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The simple goal to surround yourself with positive people.

Most New Year’s resolution lists have that one somewhere near the top I would bet. Does not just mean close ranks to pull those who always agree with you closer. Or that have the same negative habits of let’s see. Who can be today’s character slam, personality “pick apart the human being” in conversation.

People that enjoy that stone casting are cruel, mean and insecure.

Sometimes pickled, hammered, heading for a black out. Or merely are followers that just join the pack. Lob a rock, aim for the temple. Like bullies, loners that want to belong to some circle, any group. To intimidate and earn respect the wrong way. From fear not home grown inside merit and hard work appreciation.

Often the contributors in the round robin, anything but friendly chit chat do not even know the person. On the receiving end of the pointed, steel toe cowboy boot. But they have an awfully strong conviction in their darkest heart of hearts. Concerning the one or series of neighbors, community members of who is branded, graded USDA rotten to the core.

Maine Mountain Hiking Trails, Does A Body Good.

Negative People Are Not Mountain Climbers. Get High Up, Surround Yourself With Positive People.

Often just labeled a jerk, reject stickered “bad to the bone no good”. Just so severely disliked that it is herd them up on by one in the critical pointed finger.

Those deemed best destined for the now boarding for Misfit Island. At gate what a zero.

That are lined up, turned around to be individually shot down. Placed in the corner with the tall cone pointed hat facing away from the angry posse mob. That take turns throwing kindling on the fire that burns fueled by bad Karma hatred.

Time out. Alcohol can be a good or bad thing if applied in moderation.

Sometimes the bad press is merely this is fun to play the who do you do not really know or like and pssst. Pass it on game that gets louder. More vicious, raunchy as the drink numbers downed add up. Take their toll lubricating the I can top that or here’s another one I hate and want you to as well.

But it can be a splash of firewater for the the New Year’s Eve held high toast of bubbly at the end of the night. And sincere appreciation for your partner, family members who are with you through thick and thin.

Who share the same hopes and dreams for the next dozen hanging sheets of 31 or less numbers to fill.

Where you together reflect in what is parked in the rear view mirror behind you. What is up ahead in the roadway of uncertainty called life. And we need others to co-pilot, navigate it best.

Maine Small Family Values.

Family First And Last In Maine. Raising Them. Attacking Others Is Not The Target.

The barley pop shared after a friendly, physical sporting exercise and reliving the plays and saves. That is social without leading to let’s destroy a thirty pack. Down a bunch of fifths individually.

Or a glass of wine introduced before or during an Easter ham hopping on a platter. Getting brought on stage for a family table sit down munch a bunch and reflection. Or shared watching a sunset from a Maine patio or open deck.

In front of an outdoor Maine lake, backyard or river cabin fire pit.

Surrounded, with filled plastic or folding canvas chairs. Staring into the blaze, sharing and collecting positive ions. During the exchange of ideas and gleaning answers to life’s easiest, most daunting questions and the in between. Usually the talk with the crickets, loons and bull frog in the background about family members, personal struggles or triumphs. Not who can we dump on next, your turn.

Those we love not hate the conversation fodder. The joys and hardships of those near and dear and often related to us. Not out verbally sniping, back biting without their knowledge folks out in the community that we don’t even really know. Or like a witch hunt, may never get to based on someone else’s coveted opinion. To stay away, quarantine them with a skull and crossbones poison warning.

That only makes you wonder in time. Who you really have on the list, the small circle you really count as friends.

Maine Potate Heart Shaped Special

Different, Odd Or Something Beautiful. In Others, What Do You See? Good Or Bad?

Because this one, that one is brought up in less than a redeeming light using your sharp pointed tongue. Spewing negativity, stinking thinking.

Finding something good to say about others.

Locating the fault, sharp edges with yourself. Wage war inside to change what needs housekeeping stealing your joy, others too around you.

Find the right color wire to cut on the ticking device to diffuse the anger knee jerk reaction that is painted blackest. Lifting up not crushing, slamming down the small Maine family value way to approach living. Playing well with others.

You may not be happy but it is not others that cause that. It is an inside job to go either way with the emotions, the smile up or frown down. Tearing down anyone else instead of looking for their redeeming qualities. That does nothing good in a community.

Attack problems, issues and look for the good in others.

So they pitch in willingly and not get exiled. In small Maine communities we need everyone involved in the discussions and hammered out solutions. Have to have all the players pulling together in the same direction. To live in harmony and achieve true peace inside and out that endures for the greater good.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker