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Homesteading In Maine, Been Happening For Years.

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Homesteading in Maine, living off the land with the birds and the bees, all these trees.

Is not something only tie dye wearing folks from out of state did back in the late 1960’s early 1970’s. While an unpopular war raged on.

The image of someone heading north on the highways twisting and turning through Maine in a VW micro bus, a couple thick Mother Earth News or Whole Earth catalogs riding on the dashboard. The mission, a burning desire to get closer to the Canadian border that surrounds Maine on three sides.

"X" Marks The Spot For Crow Hill Linneus ME

“X” Marks The Spot For Crow Hill Linneus ME

No AC cooling the vehicle space but all the windows down and the little triangles up front cranked to catch a breeze. Harness the momentum of the highway travel north up into Vacationland.

Pass me another Moon Pie would you and a tin of pop, an Orange Crush or Fanta to wash it down along with the road dust will you please and thank you?

With Arlo Guthrie, Melanie or Jerry Garcia, someone taking a turn through tinny tiny speakers providing the tuneage. The background sound.

Maybe Canned Head explaining the life and death, do or die need to get out into the country. I’m gonna do just that.

Seeking a place to roost like underpopulated, sparse but heavily wooded rural Maine. Where Maine land is almost in endless supply and priced so so low to the ground.

Getting away to unplug, recharge, breathe. Hear yourself think. To avoid the suffocation of the city that can choke a person, drive them black flies in spring crazy. Suffocation, not to be confused with another long “S” word, a classic RIP Bowie’s Suffragette City.

There were five young men fresh out of school and ready to take on the World. To set it on fire and make a difference, take their bite of the apple. Create a new untraveled path. One lad returned home to New Jersey where the gang all hailed from, roamed the halls, went to high school.  After a stint in California. To round up his personal belongings and head west to the coast or maybe British Columbia. He had a classic case of wanderlust.

maine winter photo

Not As Much Ice On Maine Lakes. Still Ice Shacks, Fishing Through A Hole Underway During A Mild Temperature, Snow Load Too Winter.

While home in Jersey, he hit up his buddies and heard about a land auction going on this weekend in New York.

For 200 acres of land in Linneus Maine.

A place dubbed Crow Hill that was located on the back way to Oakfield on a stretch of Aroostook County back woods. Before wind generators and similar to the Bagdad Highway after some progressive B-52 thorough carpet bombing treatment rained down from up in the clouds.

The land in Maine for sale cost $7500 for 200 acres of property sans buildings.

There was another $500 needed for the freight, to settle up and pay the damage for the esquire.

The lads did not pockets lined with gold. But collectively, if they dug deep, they could each scrounge up their share of the $8000 split five ways Evie Stevie. Stop the auction, put in our bid and they did.

Got themselves a chunk of Northern Maine land bought by joining forces. Doing what the group together but not the individuals could pull off alone.

So suddenly, on a whim life took a turn for the five man band that pointed the loaded to the gills pick up north to cross the big green bridge heading into Maine. Whew, you made it, the way life should be. Maine.

Whole Earth Catalog

(Sang Way Way Off Key) “Whole Earth In Your Hand… You Have The …. “

Destination Linneus Maine, a patch of hilltop woods where “Crow Hill Lodge” was built from scratch.

Just over the valley from Meduxnekeag Lake that makes locals scratch their head that on maps is labeled Drews Lake. Other lakes near by scattered in the other three compass directions around this 200 acres of high top Maine land.

The boys each turn turns with theconstruction tools and together constructed the post and beam barn like structure. I asked one of the original Crow Hill members if any of them were trained to be carpenters.


None a Bob Vila. But they went into a NJ housing development or two, toured a few places, the model homes and the framed early versions. Took pictures, made notes. All she wrote. The whole nine yards. That was their bootstrap training full of ambition, buckets of youthful hope and a lot of wetness still behind their ears.

Crow Hill Lodge, the mansion. Did not happen, go up quickly when money was scarce, knowledge was limited. It took years to take shape. And winters off happened where four of the five went south to look for work. That interruption cooled their jets. After local potato house, woods work took it’s toll on the majority and dulled their enthusiasm as the newness wore off. And familiarity with each other built contempt.

You hunt and pecked for what you could with what there was that was meager jobs in Northern Maine and not so financially rewarding happens in the weekly pay envelope. It is why Maine land is so cheap, has to be teasingly attractive and alluring.

Hard work, time to think, reflect on was this the right move and should I go sideways. in a new direction, usually back south played on the backs of the insides of all five original Crow Hill lodge, mansion creators.

Maine Social Media.

Maine Explained With Social Media Examples.

With pot auger, a bohemian existence underway to survive. Salt and peppered with around the clock frugality.

Bill Bernat stayed behind to tend the home fires and scratch out a living locally high on the hill covered with a blanket of pure white Maine winter snow.

The band eventually disbanded. The music of the rattle and hum excitement soured. In-fighting and the silent treatment both worked together to buzz kill the dream of the Crow Hill Mansion. It had been a long hard haul.

The place left empty for a spell until listed, we sold the big land tract and structure. To a fellow from the same state where the auction for Crow Hill was held back in 1971.

It now being the early 1980’s during a time of 16.5% adjustable interest rates for mortgages. And A Derek Content, his wife Rosa decided to give hill top living a shot.

Derek dealt in rare manuscripts, selling early historical artifacts to colleges, universities and to private collectors. Gems, other collectibles not found at your typical Saturday morning Maine garage sale were bought and sold overseas too. He made a good living but was gone like a merchant marine half the year.

He knew seven languages, was from Holland originally and did not have a driver’s license when he landed in Linneus Maine. Relying easily on NYC mass transit for his moving, shaking, grooving to get from point A to point B. Using silver birds to make a living too. Rosa was from Puerto Rico.

Maine Fall Foliage Colors.

Maine Is Rich Colors, Simple Pleasures, Natural Beauty.

I showed him the Crow Hill “Mansion” real estate using a 1980 Polaris snow sled with Derek on the back holding on. And with my pleadings forcing him to put on a winter wool cap. He was not dressed, not  prepared for the harsh realities of outdoor Maine in winter weather.

The bright orange hat to protect his exposed ears from frost bite on a nippy Northern Maine winter day where you could see your breath. Every time it exhaled.

They created a daughter together named Phillipa. Ended up untying the marital knot with Rosa moving in town, creating a new pad over the now Hollywood Pet Salon on the corner of Main and Mechanic Streets in downtown Houlton Maine. Leaving Linneus Maine in the rear view mirror.

But before the parting of ways lots of money invested.

Plowed into improving the mile long private steadily rising road, finishing off the Crow Hill structure and adding supporting outbuildings to feather the small family’  nest. Their home sweet home.

Maine Is Four Seasons, Always Outdoors.

Being Able To Hear Yourself Think Is Easier In Maine.

Slowly accumulating more Maine land too. To protect and insulate the holdings up here in Northern Maine. That was one of a kind.

Where you entertain yourself, your living room, all the real entertainment is parked outdoors pretty much all four seasons in Maine.

Never being afraid of being different, but more concerned, afraid of being like everyone else.

That’s one story of homesteading, starting an off grid, back to the land property in Northern Maine. Hit us up for lots more where those came from that should be hunt and pecked about in the days ahead.

Thank you for following our Me In Maine blog post stream.

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The Colors Of Maine, Not All Found Just Naturally Outdoors.

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Maine is a lot of blue water, skies and add a zillion shades of green.

A dash of browns and explosions of bright fall foliage colors as the temperature dips preparing all of us in Maine for the approaching winter. But colors, not everyone has white houses with black shutters either.

Maine Stained Glass.

Maine Is Colorful, The People, The Places, The Properties.

Especially as you venture up into the St John River Valley in Northern Maine’s Aroostook County. Where no one is afraid of splashing on the colors and vivid exteriors are common as you ply up and down small Maine town streets where French is the primary language in many neighborhoods.

But the colors, can be stained glass from quality tradesmen’s handiwork designed to last long after the creator has left the Earth. This red with frosted, cut out grape design from Bath Maine. In the front of the home parked next to the Maine Maritime Museum.

The colors of buoys in Maine that mark the lobster pots, fishing nets and traps below the ocean surface have some bright shades too.

Tell a story about a particular region. Tackling a lobster pot that is not yours is akin to cattle rustling. Stealing, poaching is bad business in Maine and does not win you a hearty invite to a baked beans and brown bread supper either.

maine fishing buoys colors

The Sea Of Color, Each Coastal Region Of Maine Uses Different Patterns, Shades To Mark Fishing Territory.

To see when the visibility is poor or pretty much missing. The colors means something special and are not just random whatever paint applied from whatever was lying around the workshop at the time.

And are so important to find your way back to the compass coordinates that spell it all out.

Where those pots, baited lobster traps were dropped into the drink. To attract lobsters to come inside to sample the rotting fish used as bait to razzle dazzle them.

So the lobster traps will be full of the green succulent fish that the World hankers from Maine.

maine lobsters photo

Fresher Lobster Than This? Only What’s Still Underwater, Swimming Along The Maine Ocean Floor.

There are close to 6000 lobstermen in Maine bobbing, working, boating the open sea.

Relying on these colorful buoys to eek out a living from whatever they can harvest from the deep. At the helm of something powered by a diesel motor with a lady’s name plastered on each side of the bow or sideways on the aft.

Out working on the open rolling sea pummeled by wind gusts and hard weather conditions that equal the market price that has to exceed the expenses.

Or oh oh. No more Maine fisherman. Just like no more Maine farmer if the numbers are in the red for too long and going belly up occurs.

Maine Housing Is Impressive.

The House On The River Bank, At The Maine Maritime Museum.

Picking Maine potatoes, working the farm fields inland from the coast makes the colors of the navigation markets and fishing buoys seem foreign.

More on that topic at this helpful link.

Now I am thinking fish dinner, something caught in the wild from Maine!

Now how did that happen?

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How To Handle A Nudist Next Door To You In Maine?

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Maine is a four season state and most of us spend as much time as possible outdoors.

Fresh air, clean water, all this scenery is not to be wasted stuck inside four walls, under a steep pitched roof to shed the snow and rain. Losing clothing as the temperature rises. Adding articles when it goes the other way.

maine river water falls photo

The Winter Run Off Of Snow Makes The Faster Paced Spring Canoe & Kayak Races

And not a lot of people in your face or all this space in Maine makes life less crowded or so hurry scurry.

But nudists in Maine, when one thinks about nippy Maine weather and the mercury sitting a little lower in the glass tube, the lone Pine Tree State does not strike you as the best place to practice that lifestyle. Where you take it off, take it all off.

To be naked and exposed.

Walking around the inside of your private home sans clothing is one thing. But letting it all hang out outside in even the pucker brush of Maine may seem unlikely or common place. Because like most hobbies, you want to enjoy them year round.

Oh sure we have your lake skinny dippers that go well up into their 80’s swimming like otters and fish,  Maine loons. Not just teenagers feeling frisky under the moonlight out at Lover’s Look Out.

The older seasoned practicing but specialized limited nudists. With their daily practice of swim strokes but their body without the skin tight Speedo applied under water for most of the daily work out. No drag from bulky swim gear to slow down or affect the work out.

Know of a wood lot in Ludlow I was selling and hearing from neighbors about an off grid homesteader who daily would jog just wearing her sneakers. Only the piggies covered up and protected.

maine lake photo

When It Is Less People, More Peace And Quiet Happens.

Moving faster perhaps, having a better, harder work out because of Maine black flies pushing her along, helping her set the pace.

Winter purifies and makes it simpler living too. Old Man Winter and his helpful Jack Frost take care of Maine having poison this or harmful that.

Many things need heat, temperatures to soar to grow and survive. The colder temperature nip that in the bud and cure many ills we don’t need but that tropical climates have to contend with because of being a ripe culture to foster it. To watch it mushroom like it or not.

We bundle up and dress appropriately in Maine.

And the cold limits the outdoor nudist time outside to flaunt in their jaunts exposed in just their birthday suits. Naked as a jay bird.

But nudists in Maine do pop up and happen occasionally. Not like Orient Beach or this list of top ten nudist favorite beaches for that over all tan and no lines where clothing starts or leaves off. Where less to mess with for laundry because if you are not wearing your skivvies they don’t get dirty right?

Maine Lake Loons.

Drift, Glide, Pop Up And Down Fishing. Maine Loons Dressed In A Black And White Tuexdo.

Had a listing on a camp in Orient Maine on East Grand Lake that was very attractive and made the phone ring, the email server to heat up.

But once the buyer’s doubled back and learned from asking around the grapevine about how are the neighbors, they turned white and ran.

The nudist next door was a turn off for someone with small children. Or that could tolerate the lifestyle but just not sharing property lines doing it up close and personal. Never saw a performance but the legend preceded and out lived my waterfront property listing agreement.

Another Maine lake camper who had a neighbor to share the water frontage recreational with who was a nudist. Who had a problem just like the lady with the tequila consumption.

And the same there go the clothes that happened to her threads but as she chug-a- lugged. Wearing nothing but a smile. There was a unique remedy for this practicing nudist neighbor. That did not need the sauce to loosen up and to cause clothing to melt, fall away either.  It was a sport.

Every time that neighbor’s lawnmower fired up and roared into life and bare butt grass cutting started, the neighbor went under cover. Camo and John Rambo like because of being an expert sniper in the middle east, he became below radar. Went dark.

maine farm calf cow

What’s Brown And White And Surrounded By Green? You See Lots Of These Among Maine Farmscapes.

With his professional grade pellet gun and scope acquiring a naked moving target of body parts.

To ping ping in sensitive areas of the naked lawnmower parading back and forth. No visible looking around but causing the neighbor to stop and put on shorts to continue mowing without the copper pellet stings that hailed his way.

Another woman who like to make sure every inch of her bronze body stayed tanned to the hilt has a neighbor with a game camera. That was hooked up to his big screen flat screen television. And when the sun was high over head and she came out on the open deck next door to his lake shore paradise, he went inside with his buddies to admire a different view than the one down on shore.

Maine Beaches Photo

Sample ME. Pick A Place Breathe Deep The Salty Air. Drink In The Sounds Of The Maine Sea. Get Ready To Plant Your Beach Chair Along The Miles Of Maine Coastline.

It was a mutual arrangement and the woman caught some rays, the boys inside a few thrills with the adult entertainment.

In freedom of dress practiced in Maine. There are warmer places to be one but if you are hearty, come ski, snow sled, play pond hockey unprotected and in the buff. We dare you.

The spring/ late winter skiing at the local hills and mountains do spy with the little eye the bikini top swish swisher on occasion but most of us find being warm trumps being exposed or even stylish.

Although have to admit sliding into a hot top wearing trunks in an outdoor deck inset at Sugarloaf USA with my family after a fun day of downhill wearing a pair of boards. Surrounded with arms around the tub’s edges, watching other skiers on the lift headed back up for more. My arms steaming with arctic smoke.

In a mist of steam from the water and air temperature contrast extremes. We try to avoid being outdoors without clothes in the dead of winter in Maine. But I have had sauna users from Finland, Norway for real estate customers who for for health reasons, tradition like to roll in the snow. Like sugaring a fresh donut that just hopped out of the grease to cool on the rack. But otherwise we all take steps, precautions. The naked truth? We like to avoid frost bite in Maine.

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Unplugged, Raw And Real | Maine Blog Posts On Simple Living.

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Ever get tired of the spin, the manipulation and insincerity of the intense marketing that swirls around us? Pull the plug, get to Maine.

It is not land before time or dinosaurs roaming the landscape in Maine. But money to fuel all that hype, the propaganda a growing level of distrust. When it is missing, other miracles happen.

maine small towns

Nothing New, Small Maine Town Pride, The Fun Home Grown & Kept Simple. Nothing Has Changed.

In small rural living Maine towns, the rip open up the wallet every time you turn around  is replaced with unfold the community spirit in the a local resident’s heart.

There is nothing stronger than the heart of a passionate native who year after year steps up and takes on the challenge.

To do their part and contribute selflessly because there is never too much competition for that unique part in the day to day play.

Once they determine their skill set, step up and do their part. To add to the local Maine flavor in Vacationland.

The fun is outdoors in Maine. In an urban setting there is none of that space. Excitement is all around us in 91% wooded Maine dotted with clean fresh lakes, a rugged coastline of water facing east. Fast and slow moving water. Some pretty interesting terrains to hike, bike, ski or hoof.

Maine. The Jewels Are Out In The Open, Glistening, Sparkling The Daylight. Not Trapped, Under A Light In A Locked Up Tight Display Case.

Maine. The Jewels Are Out In The Open, Glistening, Sparkling The Daylight. Not Trapped, Under A Light In A Locked Up Tight Display Case.

Marketing, convincing you and I to buy this, invest in that with three easy payments, one last not so sweet larger one. Living in debt is not what true Mainer’s do.We can live without whatever is on the shopping carousel round and round she goes. We can say no thanks, not for me. But many new to Maine out to change it would say you can not, should not.

That is why an individual invested in the local turf can get their shackles up.

Cause them to raise an eyebrow when someone not from Maine suddenly decides what is needed to improve it.

If you come from an area flush with cash and used to lots of it needed to survive. Burdened by extra levels of spending in the day to day, it can feel like more of that should follow you over the big green bridge on the south end of Maine.

Leave it on the other side of the river. At your old address outside Maine.

As you enter Vacationland and leave the rest of the hustle bustle in the rear view mirror motoring hard to get away from the smells, noise, crime and expensive living in jammed in concrete jungles.

The quiet can be at first deafening in Maine. But then the subtle sounds of crickets, or the hard to miss cry of a blue jay or Maine lake loon can take it from here.

maine old car gas station photo

Check The Oil, Your Air, Stick In The Gas Hose. Maine Has Not Lost What Is Important.

The wind vibrating through the pine needles of a large left alone wooden giant. The sound of running water. Or tapping in drops on a tin roof of a Maine wood’s hand hewn beam cabin or sitting relaxing in old farm house porch rocker or swing.

Life still requires hard work being resourceful, developing skills to stretch the dollar in Maine.

But the anxiety to fuel the unhealthy slows down in the less important areas. To make room for the ones that were shoved aside and forgotten. Or never development, no one sampled the no thank you helping. To try it, you might like it.

Why so different in the urban vs rural? Often not an option when all the space, no time robs a healthy habit to enjoy life in natural no money required ways. The just got got no no time as Burton Cummings Of The Guess Who sang lamented.

No time, and all that bombardment of how you should spend it and your pay check best can make a person feel there is no other option. Even that places like Maine only exist in movies, history.

maine victorian homes

Style, Comfort, Home Sweet Home Made To Last Design. Life The Way It Should Be Protected In Small Maine Towns.

Small town special is challenged with the economy and down sizing to centralize services in Maine but you do have to go through a little Hell to get to Heaven right?

Hunger improves the taste.

Self medication over indulging in something that’s missing for a temporary fix is expensive. And all that replaced when you move in the direction of under populated Maine. For inner joy, plenty of space and all these natural resources.

Give it a chance, keep an open mind and watch what happens to your heart strings.

As one by one they get wrapped around her fingers. And you don’t mind one little bit. As Maine’s simple living seduces, relaxes,fulfills you completely. So that unplugged, real and raw eye opening living replaces rat racing like Chicken Lickin’ or Henny Penny.

Settle in and get lost. In a place that ends the inability to hear yourself think about the important areas of your life. Get to Maine whenever you can and sample her pure, natural unspoiled beauty!

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Ramps For Wheelchairs, Walkers | Maine Home Heating Oil Assistance.

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If you are elderly, on a fixed income and mobility is not so easy.

If your circulation makes it harder to stay warm, you need some assistance. Big time.

Maine Small Town Living Means No Cost Pleasures.

Maine Pleasures Are Many, Small, Real & Natural. The Best Kind Are Free.

Finding help with creating handicap friendly surroundings.  Financial assistance with wheelchair / walker ramps is what the aging segment of the Maine population needs. Along with heating assistance, help with insulation to tighten up the home sweet home.

So where do you turn?

To save time, you have come to the right blog post link for wheelchair ramp assistance in Maine.

And what are the specs for a ADA wheelchair ramp? Building minded and needing more advice for wheelchair ramps construction?

Here is another wheelchair ramp option.

On a walk today during a spring like day in Northern Maine I notice a couple aluminum ramp systems of handicap ramp.

Maine Loons On Lake Fishing.

Taught How To Fish, Survive Early In Life. Missing His Mate, Crying About It Heard On A Maine Lake.

Instead of the traditional wooden set up so wondered what is the cost and how aluminum ramps would be so much easily to dismantle.

To transport and set up again using the lightweight ramps in a needed, new handicap location. Without missing much of a delay of service if the folks needing them are made aware of the ones out dotting the community.

Ready quickly to be relocated and to find a new home for the same use by another Maine resident needing a little helping help to ease access when mobility is an issue.

From $334 to nearly $1700 the cost I found for a range. Have seen these rust free sectioned wheel chair ramps at churches, residences and less maintenance one of the biggest assets besides ease in re-use.

Maine River Rafting Water

Hold! Grab The Short Rope, One Paddle Hand Extended! Hang On!

And then there is shipping at this aluminum wheelchair ramp link.

Please share with me other avenues for help with handicap wheelchair access ramp resources in Maine. Will be happy to add them and post on them as they roll in for all to use that really need help getting around.

We have blogged about the Maine home heating oil assistance program before.

Here is some help with  the Maine weatherization housing program.

Help for the elderly, for those that need to have a little discretionary money left over to enjoy life.

Or to save for peace of mind is a good thing for the Maine small town resident. No matter what age. Maine, simple, real, four season living and always most of the time spend outdoors.

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Left Handed Compliments | How They Work, Why They Happen.

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How does the song go about what the World needs now, is love sweet love?

Hmmmm. Hum a few bars crooned and scribed by Burt from Kansas City at the center stage Yamaha grand piano and you’ll remember the lines. But today the art of left handed compliments. What they are, how they work, why they happen.

The first time I heard the expression I thought about left handed cigarettes.

Those pick, dry, grind and roll your own herbage that are grown way way out back with the saw tooth patterned leaves and buds riddled with THC. But those make you mellow, maybe feisty for the last piece of pizza or cranked to holler using your outdoor recess voice to “turn it up, cause Mister Man, Chummy here comes the good part”.

As you air guitar with the best of them to “Stranglehold”.  Or some Canned Heat, Grateful Dead, Phish tune in the back ground of a smoke filled den of inequity.

Maine Rules, Apply The Ice.

Apply Ice. Playing By The Rules. Living Simply In Maine.

But left handed compliments can miss the mark and still be well intentioned enough.

Like Yogi Berra utterances. a string of malapropisms assembled to make a profound statement that lives on and on. But most left handed compliments are designed to malign and have literary prickly barbs manufactured to sting.

To draw blood, hit an artery to do the most collateral damage.

The Wikipedia definition of a left handed compliment.

A backhanded compliment, also known as a left-handed compliment or asteism, is an insult that is disguised as a compliment. Sometimes, a backhanded compliment may be inadvertent. However, the term usually connotes an intent to belittle or condescend.”

Yeah, what the World needs now is lots more of those. Like anything good or bad, there is an art form, a skill with practice makes perfect.

You must know someone that is gifted at left handed compliments. Can you count the number on one hand?

Maine Social Media.

Maine Explained With Social Media Examples.

You don’t forget these people when you or a loved one is the red dot assassin’s target painted on the mark as the next in line to receive one or two or three.

Made just for you like a chunk of silver melted down, poured into a bullet mold to cool then slid down the long, narrow rifle barrel.

With plenty of gunpowder and cotton wadding to pack it in wicked good for the ready, aim, fire.

Everyday examples of a left handed compliment might include a comment about your newly painted kitchen.

When observed, nothing is said for a pregnant pause moment or two as just the right comment is formulated just so. And then volumes are spewed beyond just the sentence or two. With “Oh my gosh, look your new kitchen color, is that school bus yellow?”

Or “My, my, that dress color is definitely you, it does such a good job of hiding the layer of fat around your waist. Really it does wonders for you.” And “What a beautiful baby boy, just precious and would you look look at how long his arms are, really, just like a monkey he is. Coochie coochie coo. ”

Jimmy Wayne Country Singer

Picking, Grinning, Spinning The Tale At The Maine Affordable Housing Conference. Jimmy Wayne Performs, Tells About His Homelessness Growing Up.

In the movie Step Mom, the jilted ex wife is asked by her young son while the pair ride horses over hill and dale if she thinks Dad’s new, fun, young girlfriend is pretty.

She deliberates, reflects as the steeds walk and cool off from a trot or canter or hand gallop change in the pace of travel. And then utters “She’s kinda pretty, if you like big teeth”.

To which the young son ponders her remark and makes the sincere offer. “I’ll hate her if you want me to Mom”.

To get better at something, to develop a skill of any type, something has to drive the process. The fire in your belly.

Passion to do good, compliment and lift up, cheer a person is the good carrot and stick. Fear, envy, hatred. Not so much good comes out of those lonely ingredients. What goes in, what comes out is black or white but how sensitive the receiving end of the left handed comment is matters too.

If they don’t hit their mark, if no flinch or blush appears on the scene, you’re deemed no fun by the creator of the one of a kind, left handed comment designed just for you. The quip, dig, bite goes unrewarded. The pleasure is in the squirm it would seem. Uncomfortable for all within ear shot matters not to the orator hell bent on election to prove a point eloquently and with perfect timing. To put someone in their place. To call them out.

Maine Fall Foliage Colors.

Maine Is Rich Colors, Simple Pleasures, Natural Beauty.

Why do they do it, have to be snarky?

And how come if you are not the target of the moment, that Gatlin gun will swing high, wide and handsome to your “you are here” location.

To come around and put you in the critical cross hairs. Unless you run for the hills, high tail it to points unknown to shield yourself from the harsh treatment. Or toughen up. Stop being the target.

Seeing the red flag to wave your white one.

An insult insulated to appear as a compliment at first brush or glance. Yup, you have just been served up a left handed compliment.

Can you spot the left handed commenters in a crowd? The pursed, lemon sucking lips are one clue. It takes a lot of energy sucking it out of others and shows up on the face first.

Is the problem we live in a right handed World? And everyone has to just settle down, adjust, toe the line for peace and harmony? And it does take supreme effort because something deep inside, parked down by the soul just makes it that you, I , others can not help ourselves.

Maine Lake Vacations

Relax, Unplug, Recharge In Maine. There Is No Bad Time To Unwind. Cross The Big Green Bridge. Visit ME.For A Two Nation Vacation.

Your resentment once you get a handle on your emotions in a left handed conversation turns to curiosity about how and why they do it.

Maine is the 42nd least dense state and all that wide open outdoors increases our awareness. Helps create the space to get along, to be more connected and to over look faults. Less judgemental and more accepting.

We need each other in small Maine towns for the greater good. Get to Maine. Don’t stand her up, keep her waiting. The fresh air, clean water, all this four season unspoiled pure surroundings does a body good.

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Small Maine Town Driving, Everyone Pays Attention On The Open Road.

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Small Maine towns, where everyone is more connected, somehow related through DNA or work, social, church or volunteer endeavors.

Driving in a small Maine town is more personal too.

I have been looking up and down I-19 in Clearwater, Tarpon Springs Florida on vacation before and thinking how do I swim with the other highway fish in this blur? Some drivers I noticed just count to ten and floor the Cadillac or Lincoln. Blast off and hope for the best.

Maine Is Amazing People, Beautiful Surroundings.

Maine, A Fun Place Inside And Out. Drive The Back Roads And Discover Much About Maine, Yourself.

Sitting too low in the seat and eyes level or just below the dashboard.

And their right foot pushing the pedal to the metal and just going for it. Drive fast not so worried about the accurate part being the rule of the open road in cities where it can seem like dog eat dog.

Don’t give an inch. Don’t drive cowardly, like you wore a yellow streak down your back.

Or I remember being in Santa Monica with the owner of a Volvo wagon that had 22,000 miles on it that  was halfway through the third set of brake pads. One foot on the gas, one on the brake and hang on. NASCAR style high wide and handsome with up to six car lanes abreast and packed solid.

If there is half a car length we are going to jockey for position to squeeze into it, make it grow to fit the in and out weaving wagon.  That sash shay swayed back and forth at a rate causing vertigo, dizziness and white knuckles for this riding shot gun blogger.

Maine Wind Powered Balloon

Lifted By The Wind, Powered By Hot Air In Oakfield Maine.

But in small Maine towns this is a typical scenario driving the streets and roadways.

Knowing the vision of say Melbourne Jackins was fading, and realizing he had a Fisher angled snow plow on the front of that approaching pick up.

You wave, stop, move to the shoulder like he was at the wheel of a cop car or ambulance with a ear piercing siren blaring. Get out of the way.

Partly out of courtesy and respect your elders. Also because a date with a fender bender dent puller auto body shop is not on the list of highly entertaining recreational options in small town Maine.

Spare your wallet and the arm wrestling with the insurance carriers of the two cars involved in the crash.

You know the people you hold doors for and let go in traffic. There are no strangers on the in town, country roads.

Find Yourself Ouside In Maine.

Unplugged, Hard Wired Into Maine’s Outdoor HBO.

Baldy Inman with his black bow tie dark gray Caddy had swerved into my driveway to sell a ticket on a Rotary function and while backing out, grazed the pick up door of Jock Gentle who was in looking for some Maine property listings.

Jock saw, heard the trading paint mishap as it happened and just raised his hand, shook his head and smiled. Said that’s okay.

“He is a nice old man and I hope to be one some day too. ” Just should not go into box canyons or use the reverse gear at his driving stage of life.

The big car added safety to the equation though and made him easier to see than the dark Amish buggies when dusk approaches and you just don’t always see them on radar.

Eddie Williams, a doctor grew up in Linneus and his raven black haired mom was known for two things. Being the school cook that made kids, teachers and any lucky visitors to the Roosevelt School  on US Rt 2A feel like they were royalty in the cafeteria.

Maine Ducks On Lake Photo

Maine. We Stick Together, Like Momma Duck, The Kids In Tow.

Fed cake so thick, moist, delicious that the state investigated and found the frosting had to be a little less tall, the cake created underneath de-tuned, tamed, pruned back.

With more prison like ingredients used so as not to spoil the students and faculty alike. The stuff she cooked was addictive.

Peanut button balls like no others back when they were not Kryptonite to kids that had life threatening allergies that made them lift fingers to form a cross to shun them if down the table lurking in a school lunch. And blondies like brownies with nuts, chocolate chips long before you could find them next to check out counters. As one impulse item you can not help reaching up and snatching for snackage on the way by.

These original squares as big as your head and not shrink wrapped and made local. By a scrumptious, low to the ground black haired school cafeteria happy cook. Gobbled up and history long before their expiration date. No preservatives injected in them needed. Because they disappeared before fully cooled off and hopping  off the rack. Kids at the time did not know how lucky they had it and got the same treatment from home, their grandmothers as par for the course in a small Maine town school system.

Rock Solid Maine Is Special.

Simple, Stunning, Real, All Natural. Maine.

The cooking great. But her driving, pull it on over. Lower marks later in life. Not so good eyeball vision wise. But not using her vision to create the recipes that did not need to be read after decades of tickling taste buds practically blind folded.

Cooking with her eyes closed. Tommy Fitz, Aubrey McLaughlin, my Grandfather Albert with the tie, sweater and hat cruising slowly never getting out of second gear. All that should have had their car keys taken away earlier than they did some would say.

But not like Scent of a Woman’s star when Al Pacino drove the sports car blind either.

But no one hurt because the locals knew who to watch out for and drove defensively to over compensate if they met the dirty dozen on the roadways of this Southern Aroostook town.

The drivers with diminished vision also driving very very slowly cautiously. Creepers, the good kind you look out for in a small Maine town.

Maine Texting, Communicaiton, Conversations.

Waving, Communication Without Texting, Video, Anything Electronic.

Otis Putnam using his lawnmower to go to the bank, grocery store, to pick up a pizza pie or shop from his backyard.

Before that excellent at left hand turns, not so skilled at the right hand ones according to Joe Inman, a relative who shared the news with me this week.

Everywhere Otis drove when he could was in circles, the left hand ones because that side was the best field of vision.

The only one he had as his other senses stepped it up to compensate. To drive as long as he could with the help of others who saw him coming and took necessary steps to avoid a collision in a small Maine town neighborhood, down town or out on the country roadways.

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The Conversation Out In The Woods In Maine.

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Face to face can’t be the only way today’s conversation starts.

The happy smile on a text does not mean the sender is not really wearing a frown. As their thumbs rock back and forth or the stylus taps taps on the keyboard of the device they are attached to as they express their thoughts in a condensed, filtered, strained method.

Maine Simple Living.

Warm Up, Get Close, Settle Back And Relax. Whew. You Made It. You’re In Maine.

Maine communication, has a different twists because of where it is produced and the all natural pure surroundings.

 If your conversation  other half is eighteen states away or on the other side of “the pond”, you are lacking some key ingredients on what to shake and bake.

To send back as the whipped up, rolled out next conversation course conversation tidbit.

I worked in broadcasting before peddling real estate in Maine and not seeing did not mean not knowing what the guy or gal one at a time was needing out in the hinterland.

Or how he or she was reacting to what was being communicated as close to conversation easy as possible.

Like predictive text, this is how you do it during an air shift or newscast was predictive communication where other than a few call ins or today texts, tweets and posts around the social media circle, you just make it interesting. Something worthwhile to follow.

In my job today when it is 10:30 at night and they want to “look” at properties for sale or to learn about the local events surrounding the real estate for the flavor of the corner of the Earth where I hang my hat in Maine, I better have all the “communications” stocked, ready, locked and loaded.

Maine Snowing. Getting Out On Top Of The White Stuff.

Getting Around In Maine, Lots Of Options In Vacationland.

Idling to deliver the message to get them started now, without delay or the actual trip to see you “face to face” to study the expressions and delay and tone of the conversation to shape how it goes next.

Videos, blog posts, image streams all help that connection building and the Maine attitude about we may not know each other but won’t stay strangers long and quickly become good friends.

When you visit Maine and are say staying at a wood’s lodge in the middle of a T2 R3 type unorganized townships just a dotted line defined on a map six miles by six miles square in Vacationland.

Lots of special interesting things happen.

No people, just your hosts and the other cabin dwellers. The stragglers that come in to dine at meal time on a snow sled, using poles on the cross country ski trail for horsepower. Or angling to fish, itching to hunt for small or large game in Maine.

The sounds are a crackling, warm and inviting crackling lodge fieldstone fireplace. The lodge keeper’s dog barking a friendly greeting and hoping you remember him with a tidbit morsel of what you are about to be served from the back kitchen. Sneaking him a sample of really good food in a setting where you would not expect the five stars and over the top.

Maine Island In Foggy, Mist.

Get Lost, Be Found. Find Your Island, Special Space In Maine.

Outside only the hum of the wind vibrating in the pine tree needles is your background with song birds.

No people, but trees. The run away feeling of leaving behind the hustle bustle for some meditation.

Time spent unplugging and recharging next to some waterfront in Maine.

Casual dress with practical warm flannels and stay dry foot and hand wear. Simple living in the Maine woods. Your communication is with yourself more and others less.

Inside discussions and pondering the life turns you already made, the ones at present to consider and making sure not to get too far ahead of yourself on the trail.

Your internet connection is down and spotty. But it feels good after the initial shock of what if some loved one could not instantly ask what you are doing. And you learn they are board. Wonderful.

Maine Is Space, Outdoors.

Weaving, Needling Your Double Clutch, Down Shift That 18 Wheeler. Car, Bike Through The Highway Thread. Exploring Maine.

The active listening when there are no people or just a handful of old souls makes for deeper understanding in the communication out in the Maine woods camp.

Distraction and multi tasking not taking their toll in interrupting the quality of the talk. The glean to take away much to apply to the richness of how we live in Maine.

For years used to take a snow sledding trip sporting lodge jaunt with just the guys at Bowlin Pond Camps in T5 R8. And had the fortune of dining with two couples at the Mt Chase Lodge last night that made me realize the wonder of the woods. All located under radar just north of Patten Maine. One more facet of Vacationland.

Excellent food, thirty four other diners with the bulk from the Natural Resources Council. For a woods powwow retreat to talk shop without the fluorescent lights and sterile office setting.

The card games and 15 -2 for you out in the rental cabins help add the filler in the wood’s stop reflection setting in the North Maine woods.

Like slow cooking and not fast food the table talk more than chit chat and filler. Relaxation takes place truly when space is unlimited out in the vast wooded sections of Maine, up in the northern most tip of say a county like Penobscot.

Explore. Find what is here, what is missing inside yourself. Plan your next outing to Maine. She is drop dead gorgeous but for a second even think about keeping her waiting or standing her up. You only hurt, deprive yourself when you do.

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Short A Few Dollars, That’s Where A Mainer Shines.

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When you live in a rural state not flush with cash but drop dead gorgeous in the looks department, a true Mainer gets highly resourceful.

Lack of funds does not restrict the can do with what you have attitude found through out Maine.

Dealing with economic down turns goes back to practically everyone being a Maine farmer. Owning and trying to hang onto a patch of dirt they scratch to eek out an existence. Raise a family on a Maine farm.

We Are Bullish On Maine. Uplug And Make This Your Outlet To Recharge.

We Are Bullish On Maine. Uplug And Make This Your Outlet To Recharge.

You don’t throw away much that might come in handy with a re-purpose use.

There is an intimate connection with the others in the sparse population and during conversations down at the diner, the corner gas station others are willing to help in Maine.

Once your situation is explained and others share their two cents to find ways to pull of the caper without the adequate funds in your pocket to peel off and make it a store bought operation.

Lots of bartering, trade outs and exchanges of goods or services or both. No one is a stranger.

They Came To Learn About Organic Farming In Maine.

Bring The Family Farm Members. Lots Of Young Families At MOFGA Farmer To Farmer Conference.

Calling in favors and just reward from others in a little better position who know the feeling of being up against it.

Not charity really but along the lines of a little of the same thinking. Just the spirit of take what you need, leave the rest for others.

Because you feel pretty darn lucky.

And are when you live in Maine. And tally it up in your head before you lay the head in the bed or rise and shine when the cock a doodle doo activates.

Small towns support each other unlike cities that get impersonal and less connected.

That’s why we have to court and spark business to compliment what we already have and want to retain. So small towns in Maine keep their doors open and don’t fizzle out. In the one by one march to deorganization.

Maine Hiking Haystack Mountain.

Maine, Get High. Lots Of Chances To Rise Above The Static.

Because piling it on with higher property taxes won’t work for long because it squeezes the life blood out of the small Maine community if streamlining and centralization is avoided too long.

Or approached with a just tip your toe approach and time does its destruction from too little too late thinking.

What makes a small Maine town great? We never want to forget the spirit that snowballs and does not restrict. Small Maine towns can think on their feet and maneuver way way quicker like a David not a Goliath.

Weather storms easier and survive to live another day because drunken sailor spending is missing in real Maine. Use that deep down instinct in your gut to see the way to re-tool and adapt like Mainers always have. Free Site Map Generator

There is nothing new under the sun that has not happened in a similar fashion before and comparing notes and working together is the only pathway to make sure the small Maine town is on.

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Happy In Maine, Joy Joy Joy Down In Your Heart.

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Where you live has a big bearing on how life goes, how rich it is in the right ways.

But how you live day to day  dove tails along with the geographical location. And some would argue if you don’t move around a little, how do you know how the other half of the World puts it all together? To compare notes,  glean much from other ways of living, for perspective and inspiration.

Maine, Evacuate Now.

Hitting The Trail Out Of A Crowded City. You Are (Pointing) Here. Connect The Blue Dots. Head To Maine.

Like relationships, problems in one follow you into the next if they are brought out onto the carpet. Not tackled early on in life. So everyone can benefit. And being hand stand happy is not the expectation to maintain round the clock.

Some folks would not be happy regardless of where they live for long because none of it is an inside joy, gratitude building kind.

That is stinking thinking.

Comes and goes and is not a cumulative variety. It is like a flare that is a flash and gone.

To weather storms in life, you need to have that joy down in your heart. The kind that is cup runneth over so a little set back, a major one too won’t put you into a tailspin.

The kind that is like a deep bed of coals that holds the heat when you have good blaze going inside your Maine camp woodstove or house furnace that radiates the heats your space to separate you from the outdoor cold.

Maine Social Media.

Maine Explained With Social Media Examples.

How you react to others and do you expect them to be carbon copy like yourself?

Do you really think they do stuff that irritates and annoys just to get under your skin?

For the sheer fun of turmoil you can create all by your lonesome? Letting others be who they are is one less thing to have to control.

So they can enjoy and struggle to learn and grow just like you. Kindness goes an awfully long way.

Worry less about what others think and remembering you have countless do over chances. That is a big part of the rise and shine, day is done approach to living simple in Maine. You have the space to think, to consider how’s things are going and where you want your life to lead. How to get there and how we got to this point.

Awareness, clarity and removal of lots of the artificial distractions make Maine a wonderful breeding ground of fertile surroundings to take you higher.

Maine Gardens

Maine Garden Bounty, Creating Wealth From The Fertile Soil, Farm Dirt.

Overbook schedules keep you busy but delay the mental housekeeping to gets things squared way and ship shape.

When you free up the time an urban dweller spends worried about crime or spent traveling very slowly or not at all in thick traffic, strike one. Add in the high cost of living and extra layers of debt and strike two.

And wallowing in both just lead to delay in realizing the solitude of all of that is removed. You don’t need to impress or watch, follow the herd. You create a whole different trail to trot along.

Run your own show. Make way for the roll up your sleeves, turn your head around and open your eyes. Drink it in. Get rid of nose blind. Feel alive. That happens when you cross the big green bridge on the southern tip of Maine and realize, whew, you are in Maine. The way life should be.

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