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Putting On The Small Maine Town Event.

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In small Maine towns, there is always lots to do.

If you are involved in the events that happen in the village. Fund raisers for someone burned out, burdened with sickness let the members of the community feel needed. And those on the receiving end of the help know they are loved collectively and individually.

The connection is strong in the smaller populated areas of Maine where you can have entire townships, plantations that number under 100 for the total small town head count.

So using the few folks you have to assemble an event takes logistics, being able to delegate to avoid burn out. So it is not Johnny One Time. They never pitch in again.

Maine Small Town Public Supper

Maine Is A Big State, Small Towns, Folks Close And All Interconnected.

Even though as you get down to the wire, just doing it yourself. Can seem easiest because time is short. And so much to do before this event arrives. The next one, another right after that has to be tackled. Chop chop. All year round for the rest of your life.

The focus of the event in a small Maine town like the living there is always keep it simple.

Within budget of time and resources. To assure it was fun to attend, for the workers too. And knowing you want the largest audience served means put yourself in the audience. It is many small extra touches that put an event over the top easily, successfully. But not if open ideas are not allowed to happen on the committee planning, executing the small Maine town activity.

Too many cooks in the kitchen can be strong personalities that see it one way, mine. So don’t open your pie hole.

Pipe down. Just do what you are told. A here, read the latest memo. “The beatings will continue until the morale improves” pirate logic shared. Only their way or walk the plank and the distracting from the all important event or task at hand tug of war ensues. Like the shoot out at high noon out front the saloon on Main Street, the only road in and out.

Instead of guns blazing, the smell of burnt powder, caving in can happen. To keep the peace. But the fun gets sucked out of the event before it even gets started. The event suffers if all those good ideas are handcuffed, stifled. That let each of the members behind the curtain putting it into gear are not allowed ownership of the original, home grown great ideas.

If they are shelved.

Maine Show Choir State Competition

New To Maine, Get Involved In Local Community Events. Pace Yourself.

In the case of a meal, in small Maine towns the hoity toity expensive, exotic, fancy foreign dishes are not what heads the top of the list for best dining fare.

To please the crowd. Instead thinking like what your grandmother served up on the holidays is what satisfies most. If in generous supply so no one leaves hungry. Or has to second mortgage their house, sell a duplicate organ to pay for it.

And like any family gathering, it is not one lone cook doing all the work wearing the apron in the pantry. It is “what can I bring” asked. Knowing your killer cinnamon rolls, green bean casserole or baked beans, garlic red potatoes with cheese are something like ambrosia, nectar, food for the Gods. If it works in your household, the public supper audience will love it too.

One by one the covered dish approach of potluck that always turns out balanced and wonderful happens.

Partly because of the ease of what each cook does to please their role in the event. In everyone, many are in this event together fashion. Never is the desire to draw attention to one that hogs all the credit, has an agenda to be in the limelight center stage.

And if fund raising is part of the annual or individual event reason to happen, the profit is in the expenses. Not to be frittered. Even if the most verbal planner spends money like a drunken sailor. Goes through their fingers like a sieve.

If the focus on simple dining and everyone pitches in to provide it together theme stays strong. Not changes to store bought and not the normal ingredients the small Maine town is used to dining on in their own homes.

Maine Is Small Town Simple Living

Maine, Our Kids Are The Treasure, Jewels.

Reaching out to get more involved is one more building block of successful small Maine town event planning.

Many hands make light work in the small Maine town community action. And experiences to be their strongest, most memorable. Mean tap all the senses. It is not just good, hot, plentiful food prepared by the hands of many. But the other senses brought to the party besides just the taste buds.

Like dining out, music, the right kind, level and knowing the target audience of the event. What most of them would enjoy in the background if you were out there sitting at the table. Not slaving, slinging the hash, washing dishes behind the scenes. To attend to the details that keep the event humming. Purring right along like clockwork. As folks file in, dine, socialize and then free up the space for others right behind them.

Lighting, efficiency of the layout of seating, the temperature being just right, friendly servers involving the youth especially make it all like the hair of gold’s porridge. Just right.

When you ask other local Maine businesses and local community members would they like to be part of the event. And give suggestions on what we need to round it out, make sure to give heapings of recognition.

Small hand scribed cards angled just so as the delicious food is sampled. To know who had a hand in where it came from and to add to the feeling everyone pitched in. To spur others to who missed this event but that won’t happen again. Getting on board. To want to be part of something that grows from a spark ember. To become wild fire.

Maine Texting, Communicaiton, Conversations.

Waving, Communication Without Texting, Video, Anything Electronic.

Bring in some local displays of what artisans create… that can tie in with the event and give some audio visuals.

The folks in those circles would be glad to do the leg work of delivery, pick up for what is put on display to add to the event. Cross promotion happens and not a dime or finger was lifted after the request goes out. Delegating bits and pieces of the event creates the magic of the take away. Felt during clean up and review of why it went so smoothly.

Flowers that are in over supply and destined for a dumpster in a few days have plenty of life for center pieces. Again with the little sign to know who donated them, to give credit where due in the big thank you.

The local businesses want to pitch in with products for door prizes to raise money. Not by writing another check. Realizing there are so many worthwhile causes needing funding and that small Maine town businesses get hit hard. But if you can make it a pan of this or tray of that from something in the food, farming industry. It is easier for them to say yes, step up. I can help and contribute in ways other than money in the small Maine town worthwhile event.

Making it a trade out with the positive public relations pay back picking up the tab. Because you thank them using social media, piggybacking on other no or low cost means to give credit where due. So they step up for other events too because not over taxed. In finding ways that they can join forces and help out in a small Maine town.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker


Making A Movie In Maine.

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Maine is a pretty neat space, place for all kinds of recreation.

Pick a season, you don’t need a reason to vacation in Maine. And to set up the tripod, lay down a rail, fire up a jib crane. To use Maine as a backdrop for making a movie in Maine. Like most places, Maine is trying to attract movie producers, directors to bring those scripts and actors across state lines.

Marshall Point Lighthouse, Port Clyde Maine

Port Clyde Maine’s Marshall Point Lighthouse. Pretty Any Seasons. No Tourists In Winter Under Cobalt Blue Skies. Sample Fresh Air, Snow And Sunshine.

Why the attractiveness of Maine to shoot a film?

Well for a movie set in a small sea coast town surroundings. Hard to duplicate that in a sky scrapper riddled urban area. Parking is no problem, neither is crime.

And the costs for production, putting up actors with lodging, working out the logistics is helped by the spirit of small Maine towns. Where everyone is used to pitching in, being helpful naturally.

Stephen King who lives with Tabitha, his wife, family in Bangor Maine knows the ropes first hand. Up close and personal. Growing up here and using the Pine Tree State as a movie setting. Or for developing film characters that were reborn, created in Maine. First in books, then transformed into a screen play. Adapted for a movie, for shooting a film here in Maine.

Here are some of the incentives for making a Maine movie up here in the upper right hand corner.

Sample a few of the films made, shot in Maine. Maine is a popular place for movies. For many looking for a Maine lighthouse, deep woods with a private cabin. Or a quiet lake setting or small Maine town to create the backdrop for a film creation. To develop the character written into the script that live there. Along with the locals that are some kind of proud. Of their small Maine town being chosen, to share it with others far away. Because some hollered “Lights, scene 105, quiet on the set, we have speed, sound, and action!”

Camden Maine was used as the setting for the 1957 Peyton Place movie.

Forrest Gump visited the Marshall Point Light in Port Clyde, Maine in 1994. If you watched Golden Pond, you’ve been to, seen Belgrade Lakes, Maine. Mel Gibson hung out for a movie production on the Maine coast too.

Maine, think of her for lots of things. Pssst, spread the word about what a classic spot Maine is for shooting a film, making a movie.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Being The Best Asset To A Small Maine Town Possible.

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In small Maine towns, everyone is a public servant of sorts.

Because everything is not hired done. Doesn’t work that way when money is tight. And without a ground swell of local support not much would get done. That makes every small Maine town the special jewel that it is. But. What hurts the efforts is attitude.

Sometimes a person’s attitude sours because somehow they get resentful.

Thinking look how hard he or she is struggling and well, just not coming away from the toil feeling appreciated. But if they looked around, there are lots of unsung heroes working just as hard. But not complaining. Lack of kindness when folks are all just trying to help can make a tongue sharper, wag louder.

Maine Communication Cam Mean Job Telecommuting

The Connection With The Audience. Seeing Each Member One By One. Working Together.

Tear up the list of complaints, put away the toxic negativity that plays in endless mental loops.

Like a hangover, shared with anyone that will listen. It one by one infects the sheep that can start to mimic the dialogue and chide in which derails the tasks at hand.

Puts everything pressing on hold for bring in the juicy gossip. At someone’s expense in the character defamation. The pick up a jagged stone, lob it into the fray destructive exercise.

Also, if the same person starts wondering why this, this and that citizen over there is not pitching in, give them some history lessons. Those folks did. For years knowing there is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer. And performed an admirable job too at the same task collection year after year. And have lightened their load in old age.

Or are still pretty selfless, dedicated in the many other ways a small Maine town with so much to do, so few to do it syndrome.

Maine Blueberries, Wild Ones.

Kind, Hardworking People. Small Maine Town Volunteers Are Like The Fresh Tasty Fruit.

Give each other compliments.

Understand if personal issues, family pressures, health or financial hurdles cause a volunteer to pull back. And remember how much they have done over the years. Give them credit rather than criticism. Or worse, uncalled for snipes and gripes in public settings.

Or the behind the scenes round robin personal attacks. Get hand cranked up. Like old fashioned air raid warnings sounding eerily. When bomber planes, V-2 rockets were heard approaching over head. Wasting time with emails, phone calls, behind the scenes personal visits that are libel, slanderous. Sap, suck the energy out of a small Maine town.

Efforts not germane to the problems at hand begging for attention. But some people enjoy the manufactured dirt, slinging manure. That does excites them but does nothing to help the small Maine town with plenty of neglected work to do.

Maine Four Wheelers.

Low Or No Cost Outdoor Fun. That’s The Magic Of Maine.

When problems begging for well thought out solutions are needed. The time and attention wasted dedicated to personal attacks is crazy. Because eventually you hear the whispers. From others that get tired of the venom. Searching for the antidote from the bitch and complain diet.

And mutter “is there anyone he or she actually likes, approves of in this small Maine town?”

Blaming eenie meenie miney moe who are just trying to help out. But like a cat with the nervous tail showing building irritation. Or the horse with yellow teeth bared, ears pointed back toward the tail end. Watch out, scratching, biting, kicking is about to unleash.

Your workers in a small Maine town have all kinds of needed talents.

The best player on a sport’s team is not always an asset. If he or she points out how good they are for attention. How crappy the rest of the squad is for anyone that will listen. When you add up the storm of negativity that comes with the primadonna being on the bench. The team would be better off in the long run if they were not taking up team space in and out of the game.

Maine Is Space, Outdoors.

Weaving, Needling Your Car, Bike Through The Highway Thread. Exploring Maine.

Why they do it? The person may be spoiled, burned out, bitter or a snob, self centered. Or just plain unhappy, lonely. Needing control. Whatever the reason. The score ends up a negative number when the smoke settles at sunset. Because of the cuts, bruises, sucker punch poor treatment if you get too close to the put down judgement radiation cutting torch flame.

Where it can feel like on a battlefield was where most of the suddenly uphill day was spent.

Taking its toll in the body count casualty pile up of victims of the tiring hit and run verbal attacks. That sap the energy of goodwill and creativity. Where some volunteers wave the white flag and quit. Where everyone left on board in smaller numbers feels the tense atmosphere in the tip toeing.

Labeling, calling the day a success if at least there was no bloodshed. If folks work hard enough to limit the damage and isolate, contain the elephant in the room.

The bull trying to head for the china closet. That always sees red and nothing you can seem to do about it. To stop the snorting, put a smile not a sneer on the face of the crossed arm not so approachable. Who vacillates somewhere between annoyed and irritated about something, anything on a given day.

Stand back. Hand me a couple cartridges. Pass that tranquilizer gun will you please? Sadly, you notice, end up enjoying the cease fire. When a few meetings happen and the hurricane “take no prisoners” personality is missing from a group work session. And so much gets done because all the energies are channeled in a positive cohesive way. Don’t have to fire up the force field deflector shields wasting resources just to protect the group cohesion, it’s integrity.

Give of yourself and expect nothing in return works best.

It makes it an unconditional love situation with the small Maine town the beneficiary. No fault approach to making it better than it was because of all the individuals that populate it.

Maine Ducks On Lake Photo

Maine. We Stick Together, Like Momma Duck, The Kids In Tow.

Pitching in, helping out and contributing to life in the small Maine town. Peace is more important than being right. Going along to get along. Most battles are not worth fighting over unless your ego won’t allow the wasted opportunity for a witch hunt. Off with someone’s head. Find a tree and toss up the rope.

Training your brain to see the good in others.

A healthy habit to adopt and show your family, that snowballs.

Can be like wildfire in a good way that sparks the small Maine town. And if you have to be critical, fight the battles within to seek the peace outside. For you and others.

To diffuse the tension, the egg shells others have to walk on. Trying to contain the hostility. That can not be bottled up and corked without an intervention of many for the good of the small Maine town.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker


Like Holidays For Adults, School Vacations Not Always Fun For The Kids.

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This is school vacation week in Maine, so parents are dragged by their kids.

Through plenty of snow. To make driving to basketball tournaments in Bangor, Augusta, Portland Maine a little more challenging. Chasing dreams of gold balls. Good luck to all area teams in Maine!

Swim meets, hockey playoffs and down hill ski competitions also happen the same February vacation. So many small Maine towns are pretty sparsely populated right about now. You drop everything to take your vacations around your kids being off from trolling the hallways of higher education.

Small Maine Town Living, Getting Along.

Simple Child Like Curiosity, Respect For The Fragile In All Relationships.

A case of last guy or gal out shut off the lights.

Or those left home to work, or without kids. To cause the travel to larger population areas that host the tournaments. Don’t forget to hold down the fort. Until the rest of the small community members chasing the gold ball return.

But what about the kids in not so great homes?

With nothing to look forward to when the school schedule says next week is vacation. The structured routine of school, the good steady food stream and one on one attention in a clean, warm environment. Suddenly vacation means all that is interrupted.

Like someone yanked, cut or tripped over the life support cord of the survival essentials cocktail mix.

In a space capsule floundering, spinning, drifting away. From the Mother ship that gets smaller and smaller in the port side window polarized glass.

Ask anyone in alternative education in Maine about school vacations. And the Friday going in, the Monday coming out are hard days.

As the adjustment to crank everyone, ratchet it back into the routine is put into motion for resuming the three “R’s”. For kids that carry the added weight of personal, family issues in their knapsacks. And did not have a good steady flow of quality nutrition and self esteem building exercises. When the cupboards are bare. At the home, not so sweet home from school during vacation break just killing time. Or listening to the fighting, being caught in the cross fire.

Like holidays where the person who recently lost a loved one enjoyed them together. But is now solo. All the family is hurting, bleeding. Reminded painfully someone is recently gone. Never to return.

There is a hurry up and get this ho ho holiday over attitude just like Maine school vacation.

Because it is not all roses for everyone in the Maine community who regrets the MIA hangover gloom. Or space of time where home sweet home is not what it should be. Assumed to be by those where it is family fun not hitting the books.

Maine Is Home Made, Small Town.

Maine. The Crack Of A Bat. Little Leaguer Sliding In Home Plate Sounds.

How do you fix the ills, fall out of broken homes?

If a kid is bouncing off the walls but the parent refuses to have tests, agree to counseling to try to help the student cope. To learn appropriate social behaviors that match his or her age if regressed. Or about abuse, dysfunction fueling them like rocket juice.

To get the issues of the home the kid runs away from out in the open. To begin tinkering, adjusting and taking ownership of why Jane or Jimmy is very unhappy, highly disruptive and pretty hard to teach.

And on the statewide level, should public education money be weighted more to schools in affluent areas that get better test scores? Or poured in greater proportion to small rural areas where it is suppose to be no child left behind? Maybe where the need is greater or watch out.

Maine Is Four Seasons, Class Always Is In.

Life Drifts, Snow Storms, Don’t Get Bogged Down, Miss The Take Away.

Neglected kids become societal bigger burdens leading to greater unemployment.

An elementary school educator could predict with pretty good accuracy.

As he or she pans the class room, the sea of young not always sunshiny faces. That that one in the back corner, this one in row two and over there. Those three are all heading in the same wrong direction. Have all the signs written all over them.

Sliding down the tubes. To take their place as the at risk junior and high school age challenge. If they stay in that long.

To get educated, passing letters. And not just kept in school. But to come away with skills the market place needs. To land decent jobs that the employee can feel proud about filling. Productive performing as responsible members of society.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

February Winter Winds In Maine Turns Thoughts To Greenhouses.

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Turbulence like a plane where the captain reminds with a toggled overhead light and a friendly voice.

From upfront to baton down the hatches out back. To buckle up people. Maine winter winds that can produce gusts like not so friendly sky air turbulence. We are experiencing that flavor around us today in Maine.

Great kite weather though. No black flies or need for sun screen protection. As metal roofing, shingles, vinyl siding gets peeled away here and there. Rocking, creaking structures fighting back, feeling bullied.

Winds gusts causing white out driving conditions too. Drivers to grip, grab tighter on the 10 and 2. Holding tough to the steering wheel suddenly with a mind of its own. High air speeds acting nothing like a gentle summer breeze. Quickly with no warning pushing vehicles where their pilots don’t want them to go.

Making driving visibility poor to blinding. The snow we do have to pile higher in some driveway drift deposits. And then again to become ground bare, broom smooth clean in other spots. All due to Maine winter wind gusts just doing some outdoor huffing and puffing. High powered exterior house keeping.

Maine Snowing. Getting Out On Top Of The White Stuff.

Getting Around In Maine, Lots Of Options In Vacationland.

But as the four seasons of Maine page turn by quickly, greenhouse thoughts are on the minds of some. Seed catalogs in the hands of many.

You don’t need to own a lot of land in Maine to produce an abundant variety of quality food.

It just involves rich, healthy tilled soil. Worked smooth and fine. To play host to the carefully planted seed beds and transplant of vegetables and fruits. That lead to summer, early fall harvests if tended correctly. Nurtured to put wholesome food on your family’s table. The excess you don’t use sold, given away, donated to a local food pantry.

In my travels in Maine I see lots of greenhouses of all types, styles, sizes. Filled with a medley of items incubated. The greenhouses all differ depending on the builder’s imagination and thickness of the wallet he sits on.

Using what you have in a new way.

That is the survival spirit on a Maine farmstead. Many old wooden storm windows replaced with permanent storm insulated glass get eyeballed. That no longer are put on and taken off after a Maine winter like evergreen fir bough house banking and craft paper or canvas. Those old windows become excellent greenhouse building materials if taken out of dusty, dark retirement from up in the machine shed loft.

To recycle, lay into place, fasten and given a new tasty use twist. Here is a link to DIY greenhouse options.

Maine Organic Food

Since 1971, MOFGA Has Helped Organic Farmers, Gardeners In Maine.

Organic farming in Maine especially benefits from transplanted stock. That went to prep school. To get the jump on weeds and grasses.

That feed, crowd and grow wild from the same fertilizer cocktail spike. In the rows side dressed, intended just for the seedlings. But that other wild and crazy weed plant life tap. Can help themselves to like it was welfare and do from day one.

We had a greenhouse on the Maine farm I grew up on.

But had not thought about how big a hot house, greenhouse would work best at this stage of life. Until a visit, Unity Maine road trip with my partner. To MOFGA for an educational meeting recently. Plus the reading material picked up on the way out after the organic Asian salad, the same raised pure turkey pot pie did not hurt either. For motivational brain storming about sustainable, eco-friendly agriculture.

Sustainable Agriculture, Woodlot Management Training And More Happens Here At MOFGA

A Place For A Demonstration Farm, For Offices, MOFGA Headquarters In Unity Maine.

Do you have a garden, and trying not to sound sing song like the nursery rhyme but just how does it grow?

Do you have your glass porch window sills lined with peat pots in anticipation? In preparation for getting down in the dirt. Newspapers spread around kitchen counter tops with the same rows of starter plugs.

That will show up in many rural Maine homes as temperatures go up, winter winds die down.

To get germinated seeds jump started correctly for Maine spring planting.

Raised under a watchful eye, a grow light array or just Mr. Sunshine. With the right mix of nutrient essentials sprinkled into the perlite. Then each tall green chute, stem, clump slipped into their designated neighborhoods. The ones out behind the house in the family garden or larger Maine land acreage.

Maine land, we have plenty to break you off a big or little piece. We can help with that dream, goal in your life to know what you eat. Because you prepared, raised it from scratch. Were involved in the entire food chain process from greenhouse to field. To root cellar to the much anticipated serving it all up. Piping hot and ready for the come and get it at the family table.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Groom Maine, New Vanity Plate To Open Up, Smooth The Trails.

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Maine is under populated, unspoiled. And the best experiences are when you can get where man does not tread often.

Nooks and crannies not opened up and commercialized are what rural Maine’s wilderness is all about. But tapping into these areas easily is not always so easy.

Outside Trail System Snow Sled Grooming.

Hop On Your Snow Sled… See Maine Snowmobiling.

That is why support of grooming trails in Maine is critical. To the economy, to support the many sports. That use this network of natural access. That criss-cross Maine with bridges to span waterways.

To provide funding for the twitching trails, removing brush. Putting up directional, warning signage. To make sure your vacationer or locals are always up close and personal with the wildlife. On top of, overlooking the ride by of the waterways.

To take in the drop your jaw long views. To hear the sound of the wind. The rushing streams, rivers, water fall drops. To breathe in deeply the fragrant Maine woods. To slow down, unplug, recharge in Maine.

The vanity plate for grooming trails assistance is for local Maine residents only. Started by Candice Pinkham of Presque Isle Maine, the hope is to sell 2000 plates.

It is important for Maine’s extensive snow sled trail system to be heard about online. So those vacationing families and friends can plan yearly trips to experience Maine. To help the coffers of the small communities, clubs, groups that support the trail network. If you groom it they will come.

Maine Winters, Not Spent Indoors. Not On A Couch!

Snow Shoeing, Hoofing It Or Riding The Groomed ITS Snow Sled System?

The evolution of Maine snow sledding has been an interesting one.

Things have come a long way from the days of riding just the back forty. The change a spark plug, tinker for two hours to ride for one on pretty much non-existent groomed trails. Maine, see it riding.

Snow sledding in Maine is a great way to fill your lungs with fresh, crisp, clean air. And bring your camera. You will want to capture the scenery that is sugar coated with snow In Maine.

When you step off, hit the red handlebar square button. Turn off and listen to the sounds of Maine in the woods, on an iced covered lake.

The connection between you and the Maine surroundings bumps it up a notch or two. You figure out what is important in life, where your priorities should be and are in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Maine, She Tugs At Your Heart Strings.

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Valentines Day is racing toward us.

And if you are lucky enough to be in a healthy relationship, it is your Christmas, 4th of July, birthday, all the holidays rolled into one to celebrate. Thanks to Cupid’s handiwork. Because you are not alone. In a relationship that is one of a kind, completes you. That is a glass slipper fit for two people that both know they are not perfect. But that imperfection blends.

Each bring something of value to the relationship for what is missing. So eventually you can not tell where one ends and the other begins. With all that combined good, value added in the partnership. With desire to improve together that is more than enough for a rock solid strong, lasting bond pledge.

Maine Small Family Values.

Family First And Last In Maine. Raising Them. Attacking Others Is Not The Target.

Your other half is your better half.

The one you are with makes you try harder. She or he is your defined purpose on Earth. What was missing. And that you respect, cherish, honor and glorify.

“Love is bigger than you are. You can invite love, but you cannot dictate how, when, and where love expresses itself. You can choose to surrender to love, or not, but in the end love strikes like lightening, unpredictable and irrefutable.”

Maine is a place for lovers. She herself is pretty drop dead gorgeous. Without the spin, makeup, bear grease or vanilla extract dabbed behind the ears. Offers all the intimate, private, special places to spend time, get to know. She pulls, tugs at your heartstrings persistently.

Maine Is One On One, Talking, Sharing, Learning.

Asking Questions, One On One, From The Locals Works Best. Tapping Into The Grapevine.

You come to Maine for a day, end up staying a lifetime.

She offers space, unspoiled natural settings.

Clean running water, fresh crisp air, elusive wildlife, deep still woods.

Frees you up, Maine she does says Yoda.

Creates the loud quiet so you can hear yourself think. Sobering, helping you focus with 20-20 or better clarity. To see, hear, sense completely what it really is for the all that matters in life.

Maine. The people in your face everywhere you turn are missing. All that radiates from too many folks pushing, shoving and coming at you like asteroids in space in all directions. Poof. Gone. Can you handle that lightening the load you carry? To create inside space for the outside areas in wide open unspoiled Maine?

Find Yourself Outside In Maine.

Unplugged, Hard Wired Into Maine’s Outdoor HBO.

Lovers, families, retireds, nature seekers, those wanting to work the dirt, live in the woods or around water all thrive in Maine. Because the stresses of an urban area disappear. Less people, less problems. Simpler approach to living happens in Maine. Hear her whisper, flirting, motioning to come closer?

Relationships improve, more time for each other. In spiritual gardens is part of it.




Protect what matters most in your relationships in Maine. She will school both of you in a no nonsense, respectful way. Maine, don’t keep her waiting. Stop punishing yourself by staying away so long. Get here quick as you can to Maine. Any reason, any season.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker


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The Loss Of A Child In A Small Maine Town.

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Small Maine towns are knit tighter. Because the lasting connections run deep, wide, long.

Partly because we are in common families. That DNA overlaps with community events we all pitch in and pull off together. You see each other a lot in small Maine towns. Traveling the same circles.

Our Maine children intensify the closeness too.

Family is everything. All you need. But sporting, musical, church activities come into play. Causing the lasting friendships beyond just lucky enough to be related. To lots of strong, neat people in small Maine towns that work together to make them extra special.

Maine Bald Eagle Takes Flight.

Taking Flight, Strong Wings For The Long Journey Ahead. When A Small Maine Town Loses A Child.

So what do you do, say, are suppose to feel when one of the local children, young adults sprouts wings?

Flies away heaven bound way way too early. But leaving a sea of emotions in the wake. To rock, reel and recover from in the days ahead.

For comfort, peace, the healing of raw wounds to begin. To fill the void. Shared by not a few but so many touched by the child in the small Maine town.

Any parent would agree that there is no greater loss to suffer than of a child.

And you, I would hands down be unanimous it must by far be the single worst possible situation to find yourself in. But how do you truly know that sucker punch feeling where no air fills your lungs? Unless it happens to you. That wakes you up if you sleep at all. Hoping it was just a pretend nightmare. To try to process, to begin to accept and recover from the shocking news.

Delivered by a doctor, a family member, the police or soldier holding a telegram. Head bowed, hat in hand and wishing the news was different. Cling to that Eagle watching over the household for days before lift off.

Have a friend who was blessed with five kids. A tragic backyard accident involving an oak tree, a swing took the life of one son, injured another. And he described the funeral, what people said wanting, trying to help. “Well at least you have four other kids” as if you were pushing the limits. Somehow overdoing it anyway.

Maine Horses Together.

Pulling Together, Maine Small Towns Are Tight Knit.

Or in the long line where the grieving family members suffering the loss are in a row. In shock, exhausted, totally numb. But having to hold it all together standing up front not sitting down in the back. To be the much needed support for others at the funeral that file in to pay their last respects.

My friend who lost a child said you would hear from other parents too that knew childhood death early.

You would think their story would help light the pathway ahead. Make them feel less like a parent that is now an orphan. But he said it did not help. He was angry and growing more hot under the collar.

Because they started out saying “I know just how you feel” while he thought no, no you don’t. And then the next twenty minutes he felt like their grief counselor while they cried, relived the pain they suffered step by step. Putting his on hold in the process where all he can do is listen. Like it or not. While he and his wife, the other kids were struggling to even pick out, identify the individual feelings churning inside.

Maine Lighthouses Are Neat In Winter Magic.

Everything Changes In A Blink Of The Eye. Like The Seasons. Small Maine Towns Pull Together To Get Through The Good, Sad Times.

People want to help, are sincere in those attempts. But celebrating the short life, highlighting the bright spots, finding something positive. To enrich the lives of those left behind is the sermon goal.

And one by one, every member of a small Maine town tries to do just that. Offering comfort in their own individual way. When a small Maine town loses a child. It is not limited, contained to just the four outer insulated walls of the family home. And extends, ripples thorough the community. Where everyone has a hand in the healing. Because they share the pain.

The best support for the family that has lost a child is saying I am sorry.

I don’t know. I can not begin to imagine what you are feeling right now, in the days ahead. But I am here. Now, tomorrow, forever. Cooking, supporting, running errands, providing child care, hugs, the two ears are yours just for listening.

Not full of advice, not assuring you this too shall past. Who are you trying to kid? They, not you lost their precious child. So stop crying, carrying on or do that part in private. Otherwise you make the parents, brothers, sisters, family all feel bad. Responsible for what it is doing to you. For something they could not stop. Had zero control over.

Instead try praying on your knees without ceasing for them. Lots of silent private prayers day and night. That’s how you help behind closed eyes, holding clasped hands.

Then listen, embrace, think of small ways that you can help in deed, in actions. Not just at the funeral where there is more than enough well wishing. But later during the long stretch of twists and turns ahead. Providing not just words, cards, money, all the pictures dug out and shared on posts. But you are off to the side ready to hop into the middle. No matter what is needed to lighten that load. To show you are not going through this alone parents, family in a small Maine town.

Where the star is the one of the new twinkles, sparkles over your right shoulder in a cold winter sky.

Look. See it? Now parked with a slightly pink hue radiating that separates it from all the millions. Picked out easily. Up on the backdrop of black velvet.

Make a wish upon that star to cause good to come out of the sad times. To replace the empty feelings of a big hole when a small Maine town loses a child.

In my small town in Northern Maine, it will be hard today unless you are totally blind to not notice a sea of pink for Hannah.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker


Weather, We Gets Lots Of It In Maine.

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What is the weather in Maine going to be like later today, tomorrow, next week?

May seem to beg the response why don’t you just wait and see? Go outside, look around. Then live in the moment and decide your choices. Chill, relax. Stop worrying.

But knowing what to expect from the sky above in the Maine weather forecast is more important when you are a contractor. Wondering if you strip off that old asphalt house roof.

Is there time to lay down the new one that replaces it? Or should paint go on tomorrow on the exterior?

Maine Weather Happens.

Maine Weather, What To Wear Means Whatever Works, Protects, Is Comfortable. Does Not Put You In The Poor House.

Or if you are a private, commercial airline pilot, a truck driver, lobster boat or passenger ferry skipper. It becomes a little more critical to be in the know on what’s up with approaching Maine weather patterns.

Making plans to not be stuck out in the Maine weather when you should be inside. Parked next to a warm crackling fire. Waiting it out for the coast is clear Maine weather forecast to head back outside.

When you have lots of money invested for outdoor musical or sporting events, any town wide festival, outdoor wedding or funeral. Early knowledge of what the weather in Maine is going to end up being is smart planning. Good for business.

So alternate plans can be kicked into gear, to make the event fun, easier, prosperous. To let the show go on working around the dark clouds or heavy winds or downpours of rain, sleet, hail, snow that just won’t turn off.

Maine Outdoor Air Temperatures Color The Experience.

The Little Black Dog Walks The Owner Along The Sandy Shore In Misty Maine.

Farmers in Maine too rely heavily on accurate weather information.

For more than dry haying conditions. When to spray crops too. What is the wind speed going to be because if too brisk.


Pesticide applicators have strict rules in the do’s and don’ts to keep their spray license.

But depending on the Maine weather, the let’s spray early at dawn or into the evening when conditions can make the timing everything. To improve the coverage.

To get the maximum results, bang for the buck. Coming along way since just relying on the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

I learned a lot about today’s weather predicting, the study of what happens before it does so everyone has more to go on. Than just trusting their gut or flipping a coin.

Maine Is Four Seasons.

Four Seasons, Sometimes One Ends Quickly In Maine.

Showing eight houses in the Caribou Maine area to a cousin who is accepting a job at the National Weather Service. I had no idea that fifteen to eighteen individuals man a station and what their specific roles were.

It made me think of how many lives were saved or lost in time of war due to the weather.

When the betting on the odds of the right or wrong weather during a battle surge or retreat was everything. In the success or failure and heavy loss of life.

My Dad was a tail gunner in a B-24 during World War Two.

And the greater accuracy of the shift to daylight bombing. Introduction of the much needed Norden bombsight.

To better pinpoint primary and secondary bomb targets made a difference. In ending the war earlier, in reducing the number of casualties by accidental strikes on schools, hospitals, civilian neighborhoods.

Maine Is Small Town Special.

Maine Is Music. The Outdoor Loon On A Lake Kind. The Small Community Band Flavor.

But weather. Critical to know during the briefing of today’s mission of flight crews in the Flying Fortress formations. To know if the four engine bombers go up or are socked in due to inclimate weather.

The German 88 guns were deadly accurate with their flak bombardment.

So many of the B-24’s, B-17’s did not make back to base due to being shot down, blown out of the sky.

But to have the heavy losses bumped even higher due to bad weather stacked against the flight. To the IP and to release the payload on targets, then get the heck out of that heavily fortified radar swept sky.

Knowing the accurate weather, scoring better forecasts for the war campaign ahead. One more advantage the good guys had over the enemy. Whether coming in from the sky, the sea hitting the beaches or marching across war torn winter country sides.

The weather forecast helped improve the odds for what is ahead. Knowing the wind speed, cloud cover, temperatures and precipitation that could help or end up crippling the war effort and moral of the already tired troops.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker


Motivation, Daily Positive Spirit Living In A Small Maine Town.

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Small Maine town residents are used to working hard, taking nothing for granted.

Always aware of needing each other to get it done. Because less people in Maine. So much to do. Makes a daily approach to living anything less not an option.

But sometimes not everyone is pulling together in a small Maine town.

Maybe missed the memo. Or is just an attention whore. Who can infect other individuals that become sheep who follow subdued, perplexed from the venom sting. Listening behind the scenes for one by one who is on the you know what line by line.

In time it becomes quite a collection on the manure who’s who list for company if the person is unhappy. It is not contained and spills, stains the fabric of the small Maine town. Forgets all the back up, behind the scenes folks that are faceless, in the shadows That get the credit but don’t want it. Shun it and know others do more and fuel their passion.

Attack problems, not people on the home team in a small Maine town.

Small Maine Towns Work Together.

Maine Small Towns Work Hard Collectively. Giving Others Credit, Not Hogging Or Needing The Spotlight.

The credit for success if it has to be beamed in a bright hot spotlight on one individual.

When constructive criticism or making a decision hammered out in committee is needed. It is like herding a cat. Because corralled, contained or just exuding good manners and taking turns. Is not something an insecure ego is used to, what it needs for temporary but destructive treatment.

Mirror mirror on the wall, well you know who is the greatest of all in one person’s opinion. It’s the unsung hero. Like real war heroes who don’t act or show it in their humbleness even keel display.

Small town Maine is simple living. Less individuals needing the credit. More just wanting to help out but not to draw attention for what they figure everyone else does too. Stepping up to the plate and proud to live in the small Maine town is more than enough reward. It is what you teach your kids too.

Down to Earth people live in Maine.

Not showy, not snobby or snarky. Not small minds but big hearts. That is what you see out in the crowd of a small Maine town. No room for negative attitudes.

Looking out for the greater good of others that are your neighbors, family, friends and co workers.

Maine Is Outdoors, Figuring Things Out Happens Easier Here.

See the Trail, How Many Steps Is Your Life Long?

You believe in your Maine town, it is not about one individual effort to hold it all together. It takes the entire community. All that talent, resources creatively poured into the horsepower that gets traction in a small Maine town.

The stakes are bigger in small town Maine. Survival is everything. The margin for error is razor thin all the time. Because some would chuckle we live like we are prepared. For a recession most of the time. Better safe than sorry, be prepared thinking always in charge.

It is about the players in a small Maine town. Respect, selflessness, stick with it, dig deeper. Reach further and moving on with support thrown behind others. Even if someone does not agree with what you thought was a brilliant idea at the time. Go along to get along.

Sitting On A Maine Porch. Maine Is That.

All Year Long, Maine Is Outdoor Living.

No one is the Village Idiot for trying hard and staying on board through thick and thin.

Let’s try something, not allow death by committee and think on our feet. To handle the hard decisions that have to be made in a small Maine town on the move.

Coming together on discussions in a small Maine town means not attacking people, addressing ideas and solutions instead. Working hard to forge the path, direction of the small population community. Otherwise it is last guy or gal out, remember to turn off the lights.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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