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The Black Friday Best Deals, Maine Rich In What Counts All Year Round.

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Here it comes, Black Friday shopping deal time.

Hope you are rested. Ready to wrestle with other Black Friday sale shoppers. To fight over two of an item per store items deep discounted to tease. As token loss leaders. Hoisted high like a piece of dripping fresh meat. For the hungry masses.

Maine, Evacuate Now.

Hitting The Trail Out Of A Crowded City. You Are (Pointing) Here. Connect The Blue Dots. Head To Maine. Away From Black Friday Shopping Mobs.

All sucked into a Bermuda shopping zone of retail therapy, self medication to fill an artificial Black Friday hole.

Tractor beamed efficiently, pulled with a sense of urgency. To the neon flashing light retail magnets. All peddling their wares and services. Radiating the stuff sharp edged slick marketing that follows you around the Internet.

The ads everywhere you look directly and from out of the corner of your eye. In searches that are the exact color and size that you looked at once. One time was all it took. That makes us anxious and hanker it from that day forward. Until the next Black Friday sales time rolls around.

Thinking we have to have the latest and greatest to be happy, feel blessed. Rise to the occasion. Because we can not stand to miss out on a deal to snatch up. Black Friday, Cyber Monday bargains are out there just waiting.  Making you feel like you should be aggressively pushing, filling a wire cart. If you don’t set your clock for a middle of the night wake up alarm.

To rub your eyes, stretch your arms high and stretch. To prepare for the Black Friday retail therapy drain shot in the bank account.

To stand in front of the mirror and for a moment ask what am I doing this for? The project feeling of guilt if I miss out. Getting a grip. Then to run a comb or brush through your hair before morning light. And the grab your wallet or purse and a hat, coat, some gloves. Assuming the position.

Turn the key. Whirl a cold engine into life with a roar and here we go. To back up, move forward. Headlight out into the night in search of a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal. That are lurking.

Maine Lake Snapping Turtles

Come Up For Air While Black Friday Shopping.

Wielding a shopping computer mouse or rat-tat-tatting a mobile screen touch screen for all you are worth. To make the best of the little time you have while the precious seconds tick loudly away.

Getting a deal on one day that like an eclipse only happens once in a blue moon.

Where it all is life and death important. Coming down to the wire. For the shop til you drop. If you miss Black Friday, wait there is more. One extra day to Cyber Monday correct any of the lost retail shopping ground. If an opportunity to score items for a song was someone missed. In the pushing, shoving, reaching up high or way down low.

Shopping becomes a sport, fueled like a drug. When you believe you gotta have it. Need it, want it. Can just taste and feel it. And the fixation becomes all that matters. Get out of my way to find it the cheapest. When on the hunt for a Christmas shopping list article for  loved one. And don’t you always sneak something for yourself to take down front and hit the check out. What the heck.

At the mall or online in and out of many big box store cyber outlets for the stuff Santa can not fit in the sleigh.

Maybe the elves didn’t fashion at the North Pole. Or were distracted by the tickle me Elmo’s, other list items. Written in and asked for from those lucky ones. Listed in the good book, the red one not the Satan black colored binder inventory out there in Who or Hooterville. For those touch and go landings. On roofs around the World before sunrise happens.

And the dancing sugar plums in the heads of the young’uns wears off and it is time for a rise and shine.

When Mom and Dad give the signal it is okay to proceed. Come down the stairs and see what happened in the living room where the multi colored tree lights are a glow.

Maine Clover, Wild Flowers.

Outdoors, That’s Where People Hang Out In Maine.

When you live in Maine, the present comes in two types.

The special fresh air, the clean water to hog and enjoy. With a shortage, not a lot of people to mess up your all natural surroundings experience.

And without the traffic, crime, urban setting noises from sirens and all the over-taxed transportation modes. Bloated and expanding from the seams.

Transporting the in a one major hurry masses here and there. In the sea of people where frowns, worries not smiles are worn hanging onto the strap standing. Or sitting and looking out windows filled with a blur.

Dreaming of country neighborhoods outside the city. Away from the state of Maine. City dweller or out in the burbs. Where Dads and Moms see their kids for an average of forty five minutes only a day if they are lucky. Because of the commute to work that can be many hours away each way. When you tally up the hour glass sand chewed up in the time away from home sweet home.

So this Black Friday, Cyber Monday, consider the real deals are away from the big retailer giants.

Have to make a shameless plug for my day job and to stand next to the marketing fire rattle and hum. Fed by the Madison Avenue catchy ad campaigns to fuel the retail therapy hysteria. For those who think the best Christmas is the one with the biggest dent in the available credit lines on the plastic with the magnetic strip. Measured in volume of stuff a kid, you can not live without because someone planted the seed in your head that you better hop to it.

And take advantage of another Black Friday, hit me again like a game of 21 on a Cyber Monday to stock the shelves.

Maine Sunset On A Lake

Get To Maine. You Have No Idea What You Are Missing Staying Away.

To create the expensive spreads when reassembled in your home. The space under the tree to fill and level to keep it even Steven.

And by the way, again do Black Friday real estate deals happen?

Relax. Down boy.

Like all the rest of the days on the calendar, pick any day for a big discount compared to what most have to pay for their land, their homes, all the other types of property listings for sale in the more populated areas of the country. Read all about it in this blog post link.

Maine is low cost real estate all the time. Less emphasis on the stuff that glitters and more all about the pure green, blue, other shades of outdoors in Maine.

Take a deep breath, step back. Drive that car like you stole it. And put the city madness that sucks you dry in the rear view mirror. Head up the pike, I-95 to the upper right hand corner of the country.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Hit The Express Lane | Shopping For Things Maine Is Famous For?

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Eight items to help break the ice for someone not so familiar with Maine.

From someone who lives here and not bits and pieces from the grapevine from many folks that don’t. Who have never crossed up and around the bend on the big green bridge at the southern tip of Maine.

Vacationland, it has that stamped on the license plates for a reasons. Lots to do when you are off work. Not chasing the dollar, not watching the clock.

Maine Small Town Living.

Down Town Maine Small Town Celebrations, Festivals. Home Grown Tasty, Special, Memorable.

The fun stuff is often a slightly different list than the full time Mainer would highlight in the top crazy eight.

Of what makes them feel connected, intimately part of the small town rural fabric. But that is a blog post for another day. From a different lens, using an approach from the local perspective peering out. Not the other way around with Maine under the Google microscope.

So number one, the Maine food.

Someone comes around to making the discussion tasty. Maine food. Yes, there is lobster in this link. With some Maine potatoes, lots of other grown close to home vegetable produce and fruits, farm products. Ever thought about starting a micro farm in Maine?

Number two, Maine lighthouses. The experience any seasons is incredible. Visit the same one a different time of the year and see what happens. Something new, different yet more of the same attraction all rolled up into one ball of yarn.

Maine Outdoor Beauty Walking, Talking, Photo Shooting.

Do You Have This Kind Of Natural Beauty Where You Live Now?

Johnny, trot in number three. Maine mountains. Hike them, ski them. Preserve them. Start your collection of big, small.

Do them all and then start over during your life trail adventure. Add white stuff, snow powder coat your mountain and trails.

See what happens to your Maine mountain. Especially during a Cadillac Mountain sunrise. An afternoon jaunt on Baxter’s Mount “K” Knife’s Edge.

Life is (wait for it, then loud groan) a beach. Maine beaches. Scribble a number “4” on the next list item of tell me about Maine. To know what to expect and like a moth around a night time discussion porch light, zero in on efficiently. During your brief visit to sample ME.

Five. Like the Seasame Street jingle about how many is five.

Sticks in your head. Pass the number five helping of Maine blueberries.

Maine moose. That is number six on what Maine is all about using one word descriptions. And to highlight make sure you see one. Just not late at night. The Maine moose or black bear, white tail deer all make lousy hood ornaments.

Maine Is Small Towns, Working Together.

Peace At The Beginning, End Of The Day In Maine.

When you find you look down. Find yourself tooling along at double nickels on the side road.

Clipping, covering ground like the Hot Rod Lincoln from Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen. Doing seventy five clicks an hour on the I-95 highway ribbon.

Hit a state park in Maine for camping, cooking on an open fire. Sleeping in a snug insulated bag or slung in a hammock. Number seven on the quick check list is Maine state parks.

Like Baxter,  Aroostook, all the other State Parks.That must be on your list of things to do and see in Maine.

And the Acadia National Park in MDI. One of the most visit of the New England parks. But maybe you want less traveled, out of the lime light and Maine is famous for those nooks and crannies. Ask a local. They might share a few of the gps coordinates.

Shopping is number eight for Maine stops to make.

Maine Snow Sledding, Snowmobiling

The Average Snow Sledder In Maine Spends $150 A Day. Win Win, Big Fun & New $$$ Happens.

Shop til you drop at your outlets, LL Bean, Reny’s, Marden’s or peruse the latest Uncle Henry’s. For a bargain. Mainers are frugal not cheap. Love to horse trade and barter. Services exchanges not green backs.

We could add Maine loons and go on and on forever. Much of it around recreational water. Inland and coastal kind.


The people of Maine are the rest of the numbers.

At the end of the tourist day. Covers it in acres. For the eight, nine, ten and beyond continuation. That rockets roaring skyward. Going off the green sweep screen chart. Maine is nothing without it’s hardworking, friendly, family first people. Get to know them.

Meet the locals in Maine, learn the wisdom of the way life should be. And is in Maine. The place with the place, unfiltered, all natural.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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The Blue Corduroy Jackets With Yellow FFA Stitching.

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The boys in blue, the corduroy jackets with the three initials over the heart.

They were on the yellow bus. Roaming the halls of the high school. Those were the future farmers of America, of Maine. I grew up on a farm, learned the art of Maine potato picking spuds as a little shaver.

MOFGA Farmer To Farmer Conference

Veggie Tales, GAP Certified MOGA Organic Food Best Practices Discussed At Farmer To Farmer Conference.

My family raised vegetables that were sold in a roadside stand too.

That cash stashed in the summer/fall labor peddling corn, cukes, onions, dry beans, squash, a variety of veggies. Learned about consumers, marketing, how business works early on as a young grasshopper too.

The family farm trucking gardening in Maine produce sales. All helping keep the potato and grain conventional farming end of the farm operations humming.

Greasing it with some much needed financial lubricate. To keep things moving. The wolf from the door.

Maine Organic Farming.

Intent Listening, Learning At MOFGA’s Farmer To Farmer Conference In Northport Maine.

All important when most of your hard earned savings dollars are buried. Again.

Scattered over level to rolling farm fields in the spring.

Tended with love over the summer and waiting for good fall weather, healthy market prices.

With just breaking even considered a good year target goal. That’s part of farming in Maine, anywhere.

Planted inches down into the rich dirt. Just below the surface. In the back forty, the side sixty.

In the farm fields waiting for the Maine potato harvest here we go again hoopla. When leaves changes from green to a slew of brilliant colors. One by one spiraled to the ground.

Attended the MOFGA’s Farmer to Farmer Conference in Northport this past weekend. The key note speaker told of farming with his heart, not a business plan. In the beginning it was lots of mistakes that were the lessons that were the farming education.

And that it was passion for the dirt and the lifestyle coming out of being a back to the lander, a homesteader. Highly socially aware.

Maine Farmer To Farmer Conference, MOFGA Event

Reliving The Forty Years On The Same Farm. The Butterwork’s Farm Owners, Jack And Anne Lazor Spin The History.

A bit of a rebel. A graduate of Tufts University.

Lessons Learned From 40 Years On The Same Farm was the story told down front.

Jack and Anne Lazor owners of the Butterworks Farm shared their tale of wrestling, enjoying the twists and turns. Of creating wealth scratching, managing the Good Earth.

Buying broken farming equipment with issues. Reaching out for answers on how to make it work again to produce food.

Recalling farming by the seat of their pants not a farm plan. And fueled with plenty of wonderment to overcome any discouragement.

The Lazor’s emphasized to the MOFGA audience the important of taking care of the farm soil. Be kind to it, to others and that is the key to richness, personal success. Your farm land, wooded sections will take care of you and pull you through.

If you just tend to the basic principles, build up the soil with minerals and keep an open mind to try new ways to improve your farmscape.

Maine Farmer To Farmer MOFGA Meeting.

Young Families Sit, Sleep Through MOFGA Farmer To Farmer Conference In Northport ME

Lots of young families and a day care to help the little ones enjoy the three day / weekend MOFGA Farmer To Farmer event in Northport Maine.

Plenty of space between the topics to allow for networking in the halls. Asking what is or is not working for another small producer. Some gardeners, others large growers of crops or raising larger scale herds.

Farm tours, break out sessions on labor relations, nut farms, soil husbandry, food safety.

Organic farming in Maine thrashed thoroughly. To mentally sort and reap much that organic farmers could all take back to their operations.

Organic farming in Maine providing good locally sourced food. Grown close to home, full of nutrition and goodness. For a resurgence of sustainable farming in Maine. But on a smaller, more manageable, enjoyable scale.

Food hubs, marketing the organic food to get it to the masses all part of the talks over meals, during the social hour and contra dancing.

They Came To Learn About Organic Farming In Maine.

Bring The Family Farm Members. Lots Of Young Families At MOFGA Farmer To Farmer Conference.

More on what Farmer to Farmer topics were on the list to pick from for morning and afternoon sessions.

With lots of young families that inspires and excites. Gives hope. As locally grown food in Maine is discussed from A to Z.

To increase availability and avoid dependence on out of state or country marketers.

Close to home food that you feel good about buying, putting on your family’s table.

That gives local control on what we eat, knowing exactly where it came from too. Grown with USDA / GAP certified practices.

Held at the Point Outlook in Northport Maine, the original MBNA compound with neat log cabins of all sizes. To host the Farmer to Farmer travelers that needed lodging. I was lucky enough to tag along with the Nature’s Circle Maine organic food and seed farm gang to the MOFGA event this past weekend.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Maine, Ooh That Smell.

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No, don’t cue the guitar people. Where none are wearing a  GI Joe buzz cut among the motley crue bunch.

Or drop the needle on the Skynyrd song about smells of new cars, whiskey bottles and other not so pleasant things. Maine is a natural drug. More like a vitamin or missing trace element your body needs. The good kind of moxie tonic that gets in your system. Keeps you alive and kicking.

Sense Of Smell In Maine Strongest

The Home Made Goodies Feasted On After A Maine Youth Game Or Performance. Your Sense Of Smell. Is The Oldest, Quickest, Sharpest Of Them All?

But the Maine smells that help the tug.

The ones that don’t stop or let up. On your heartstrings once you take a hit of Maine. It’s all good. With moderation, done in a healthy way.

The only rehab is return visits to Maine for a fix with the entire family in tow.

To add snaps to the life album all four seasons. As new family members enter the picture. Growing straight and tall while Maine happens all around them.

Smell. They say it is the oldest of the five senses. Tied to the earliest parts of the brain development. The take a whiff of Jiff and then the other senses stroll in where only the nose knows. Dares to go and shows up first on the scene.

Maybe smell being the follow the leader of the senses is primal.

Because no food, no live long partner. And when your next meal is an unknown and not tied to a timed three gongs a day dinner bell. Then the sniffer is always on duty. Watch an animal on a walk. The beak breathing holes are in full gear. More on the sense of smell mystery solved.

Maine Odors, Small Towns Have Them To Attract The Tourists.

The Smells Of A Small Maine Town. Each One Pumps Out Something Different From The Many Eateries.

A future daughter in law calls it “reading the paper”.  Her little black cocker spaniel walks the same zig zag course.

Stopping here to sample the only he can “see” it smell. Or to leave a little calling card of his own for other K-9’s on the beat. That you and I would be nose blind to in the final analysis.

Or for GPS trail of bread crumb odor to follow his own nose.

Like intricate Google thumb pin markers. Or water skiers who pat their head with one arm. Hanging onto to to the triangular bar with the other. Signalling, had enough. Time to head home.

The sense of smell being the one to ride shot gun. Sit right up front while the other senses take a back seat as you ten and two the life course ahead. Is it a couple millimeters closer to the brain than any of the other senses?

Is that the reason it’s take a deep breathe and settle down or get excited. Especially when the home cook smells of something tasty beam you back in time. Without the Delorean of silver Marty for the transport.

Maine Is Outdoor Farm Fresh Smells.

Maine Farm Fresh Blueberries Ready To Be Raked On The Barrens.

Why smells unlock memories.

The sense of smell is not talked about as much as the press all the other senses get. A picture says a thousand words happens when the peepers get to speak up. You don’t just call something green unless it is the color sponsor along with a number and a letter on the Bert and Ernie serial.

Visual relay of what was seen. It’s more fine tuned than that box of eight waxed sticks. Announcing pre stork arrival. That the color of the baby’s nursery walls because it was hard telling without knowing the gender pre-delivery, was a play it  safe easter basket grass green.

Or frosted, muted lemon poppy see shade of sunshine amber. But definitely not cobalt sky blue or anything think pink shaded.

So the smells of Maine, the fall damp weather richness.

As the wet hunting dog after tramping the dead fallen leaf crackling forest bed of pine needle ground cover. Bounds up on the open porch and inside the latch lifted rough sawn board door.

Warming up, shivering by a crackling log cabin wood stove like it’s master. While (sniff sniff) In behind the front door of the antique cook stove. In the air around you. Is that baked beans with bacon strips floating on top of the jacob’s cattle variety I smell simmering?

Maine Beaches Photo

Sample ME. Pick A Place Breathe Deep The Salty Air. Drink In The Sounds Of The Maine Sea. Get Ready To Plant Your Beach Chair Along The Miles Of Maine Coastline.

Sure hope so and that brown bread, home made something to soak up the juices is part of the supper show.

Performing in perfect pitch harmony. With the fresh chopped colesaw or cabbage, banana and mayonaise salad. To chase with the fork or spoon around the tin camp plate.

Fresh coffee a constant up in the woods of Maine this time of year as we wait for winter.

Waffling in the air. To radiate out as it goes down the gullet. To warm the bones from within while the wood heater takes care of the other side.

The smell of snow in Maine. Do you have it. recognize that one? True Mainers do and know there are slew of snow types. Excitement builds if you enjoy the outdoor sports in Maine. Dread if you

Heading To Camp In Maine.

Cabin Fever In A Maine Retreat When Spring Teases, Stays Away.

thumb the pages of places to snow bird. Chuck the snow shovel.

If you don’t relish the layers of white blanket that help the hibernation as one by one the holidays at the end of the year unfold again.

Maine. Hashtag #Maine.

Give your senses, all of them a work out. Not just the out of this world food smells along the seacost of Maine. The rich outdoor odors that awake something long dead or just plain dormant inside.

It is way way more too than just Maine eye candy . That you feast on when lucky enough to find yourself crossing the big green bridge at the southern tip of Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Jobs You Admire But Would Not Want To Touch With A 10 Foot Pole.

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Why you do what you put your time in chasing the dollar ?

The gotta get to work by nine. Living just enough for the city.

To make ends meet. To squeeze in a vacation trip when you can. To pay for kid’s braces, college educations and keep the oil drum or wood box full in the Maine home.

Ask most college freshman one question about what is their major, are they sure they will use it and not all raise their hands.

To the question do you know what you plan on doing until you are 50, 55, 59 or 65 years or maybe older. Ourside the four year bubble to get the sheepskin.

Local Maine Small Town Celebrations.

Folks Are Friendly, Easy Going In Crime Free Small Maine Towns.

Wear the square for the second time for most.

More times for others. Or not at all to go with the GED earned off hours. Outside the halls of higher learning. Some folks work right along and into a family business too.

Maine is famous for small operations and small towns are loaded with the service providers.

Small, lean, mean and able to sometimes work circles around the slow moving expensive Goliath’s casting shadows overhead.

Others go the trade school route or learn a skill set to make it outside being in the care of Uncle Sam’s armed forces. Most work their way through the babysitting, lawn mowing, flipping burgers and odd jobs.

Maine jobs.

Some telecommute to Maine. Others find pick and chose, collect what you can. Usually a couple part time ones with the trend larger employees are offering. To avoid benefits and keep a healthy employment pool. To compete with off shore cheap providers working sweat shop hours, with OSHA-less conditions.

Maine Is Small Farms, Rural Living.

More Hand Work, Planting, Tending, Weeding, Harvesting On Maine Organic Farms.

Or creating your own opportunities that exist today but did not yesterday spring up. Jumping on the bandwagon of wind generators, border protection and beef up law enforcement as the World becomes a scarier place.

But around you, jobs in Maine, anywhere.

If you were not doing what you do now, would it be an earlier career deep sixed? Or involve going back to school for further instruction?

So jobs in Maine that you admire but wouldn’t want to do them? Or maybe you did and owe them your success with the stick with it.  Sounds like the Dirty Jobs show?

The list of worst jobs.

Don’t forget the bartering that happens off hours  in Maine to get the job done too.

But think about stress. The kind in a drive thru Mickey D’s or the guys that wear the BK crown, Timmy Ho Ho’s.

Or the Double D for the morning shot of Joe, something sticky and sweet to eat to use the java bean juice to wash it all down. Pass that large double double please. (Slurping sound) Ahhhh, that’s the rocket fuel, the kick in the pants.

Maine Is Four Seasons, Always Outdoors.

Being Able To Hear Yourself Think Is Easier In Maine.

These gals and guys could be air traffic control pros.

Keeping track of this super sized order, that value meal.

And making sure two sweet and sours or BBQ dip your chicken finger get dropped in the bag at the second window. Plus lots of napkins.

For the NASCAR quick here you go, have it your way drive away hit and run for empty calories.

The pay is not the carrot in these minimum wage jobs. The satisfaction and skills to not get rattled and being a team player is the reward.

Like most jobs where if you really love them, you never work a day in your life. And have found your happy spot under the sun and stars.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Living Our Lives In Locked Chains, Never Knowing We Have The Key.

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The Eagles had some neat, catchy wisdom snippets packed into the measures of their many hit songs.

Philosophy on life in three four or more time. Forty song quotes from the Eagles.

The combination of words, putting a different spin on the topic and sneaking it all in for a musical  road trip experience. When you were just driving along minding your own business. Humming, thinking, drifting until the next stop. Then the light bulb, the aha moment happens.

Thank you Glenn Frey, Don Henley. Oh and Joe Walsh, Randy Meisner and other Eagle band members.

Maybe Maine is what is missing in your life. Playing an old haunting familiar song refrain repeating loop in the mental tapes in your head.

Maine Fall Foliage Colors.

Maine Is Rich Colors, Simple Pleasures, Natural Beauty.

That tightly wrapped, living too fast, dipped in fear and dripping with sweat a stressful city landscape causes. It takes its toll.

And looking frantically. Following, connecting the blue evacuation dots around an urban area to get out. From the life in the fast lane. Too high an RPM to keep it up.

Maine. Yeah, that might be a good idea. Ah, but an exit strategy. Lots of folks are struggling with that one. To get to Maine. Someday. ” It’s a girl, my Lord In a flatbed Ford.

Slowing down to take a look at me”. Me, you in Maine.

Lots of the Maine land we sell is to folks needing a safety net. For a mental form of insurance binder coverage just in case. Not just for the investment value or recreational fun alone that happens on their piece of dirt in Vacationland.

But purchased, the Maine land acreage or small plot spot for bailing out, the rip cord maneuver. Like break the glass. Pull when needed.

Maine Is Wide Open Space, Colors.

As Far As You Can See, Trees. That Is
Sea Of Trees, Lots Of Wildlife, Not So Many People. That Is Maine.

Just knowing there is a place where they could survive without the plastic card swipes and wracking up debt. Where basics are more than enough in the needs department to meet.

Building a small shelter that is plenty for your needs. Growing your own family table food and knowing exactly what you eat.

Because you started it from seed or did the transplant. With the comfortable, peaceful, easy feeling taking it easy on the spray application. If you care, dare to  use any at all.

Because food was not sprayed with anything toxic or exotic to preserve or enhance it’s visual appeal.

Same treatment and respect goes into the meat, poultry, dairy products you tend and nurture from

Maine, Evacuate Now.

Hitting The Trail Out Of A Crowded City. You Are (Pointing) Here. Connect The Blue Dots. Head To Maine.

day one. Giving you a best of my love for nutritious food feeling. About what goes down the gullet. At least three times a day around the family table.

Or packed in the bring from home school lunches. Not the slide the tray kind and most of the goop ending up in the metal trash can and wasted.

Heating with wood from your Maine land, being a real son of a birch.

And not following the up and down spike of oil prices with any interest at all. Not caring about the cost of the bubbling crude that Jed sang about before the big move to the west coast.

In small town Maine, there is an intimate connection and everything goes local. Turning within to dig in. And heave ho, make a different in many small ways. That is what everyone that hangs their hat in a small Maine town does.

Maine Seacoastal Vacations Are Best!

Steer The Shortest Path To Maine. Get Some Sand In Your Shoes. Never Ending Up At A Hotel California Like The Eagles Crooned.

With greater awareness. Be careful Desperado, don’t draw the queen of diamonds. Look for her sister with the heart to avoid being cut every time if she is able.

Pitching in and bartering the collection of skills sets honed and perfected over the years.

In the trade you this for that? Deal? I’ll be over Saturday morning at the crack of dawn to get started, have the cup of Joe on and those world class fruit explosion muffins the Misses creates.

Has to because if they don’t, bye bye. Not more small Maine town which is what 98% of them are in this pretty under populated, vast state of fresh air, clean water. It is a greatest awareness when money is tight, you respect resources and make survival a game.

Not like life in the fast lane with a Dead Head sticker on a Cadillac.

Trapped at your Hotel California.

Where not check out bill is ever slid under your door to wake up to after a hard night. When you are just another garden variety one of the boys of a never ending summer. And you feel strung out, already gone.

What else makes a small Maine town great?

Plenty and usually home grown, like pot luck supper special. Everyone brings something that together makes for one tasty, memorable spread.

Maine Hiking Haystack Mountain.

Maine, Get High. Lots Of Chances To Rise Above The Static.

Nothing store bought and always about home grown, one of a kind recipes past down over the years. From lots of practice makes perfect runs at family gathers held around the calendar.

Stopping in at the local corner store to fuel up and tap the grapevine. Not for gossip, for details behind the scenes that the column inches of black ink and white space did not delve into enough. Or at all.

Learning this morning Buzzy Nightingale has four acres left of  Maine potatoes to harvest. Seeing his harvester crew inching along with a sea of lights at 8:30 on the way home to the lake last night.

Looking like a grounded, landed alien space ship of sorts pulled by a diesel Maine farm tractor.

Plying the fields, back and forth with the tired, hungry crew putting on the big push before Jack Frost takes over and works full time on the landscape.

The harvester followed by a wind rower to set up the next pass to combine six rows into one. For the squeaking digger beds to elevated, shift out the dirt. And then one potato, two potato sort and filter out good from bad. Or the rocks.

Talk about the spending waste, duplication of local services a small Maine town can not afford to ignore in it’s life blood drain.

The local Sear’s appliance and tools moving to serve you better. At a new location and to make room for another dollar store in the old hole. Details that would be mundane to someone not in the six by six mile Northern Maine border town. Or the collection of about forty more in a ring around it.

Getting Along, Play Nicely Together Takes Team Work.

How People Interact On The Life Team When Everything Is Not So Peachy Keen Is An Eye Opener.

But keeping current and watching, listening in earnest because of every local’s personal investment in their small Maine town.

As the reach for a sugared donut hole from the open bag happens. Then slurping the black stuff to wash it all down.

Staying away from the spicy breakfast burrito knowing there’ll be a heart ache tonight if you don’t.

Want some of that? As you plan your day?  Take it easy. Avoid the fanfare. Get away from the hype. I can’t tell you why, but that is the heart of the matter. Drink, eat, breathe in the all natural, pure, never filtered always real Maine.

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The Home In Maine, Anywhere You Enjoy, Not Everyone Has It That Good.

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My regular job is to help people trade up, downsize and to get pre approved to buy a Maine home.

Or something tied to the waterfront. Maybe surrounded by a boatload of acres of land to protect their quality of life.

People do buy a house for the home that provides the lifestyle they want.

Jimmy Wayne Country Singer

Picking, Grinning, Spinning The Tale At The Maine Affordable Housing Conference. Jimmy Wayne Performs, Tells About His Homelessness Growing Up.

Or have worked their way up to with blood, sweat and tears. But what about the kids?

The ones that don’t have a home, or it is a foster one. Don’t just raise themselves. Where connect the murky dots of shelter after shelter to somehow get them to eighteen.

And then to expect flaps up, fly straight and true. But attended a Maine Affordable Housing Conference yesterday in Bangor at the new Cross Center.

The one with Paul Bunyan standing guard with an peavey, sporting a warm red flannel shirt and flashing a big wide grin.

The tag line for this conference “Today’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Reality” from the Maine Affordable Housing Coalition.

Listened to an opening speaker named Jimmy Wayne, a country singer / songwriter and advocate for foster children.

The ones who face constant homelessness. Give a listen, check out his chords on a song.

It made me think about those of us wanting a bigger, better home with more bells and whistles. Where just having somewhere dry, warm and safe would make a homeless kid feel like they are on a private exotic island. With three meals included in the package with the clean sheets at lights out. Don’t forget to say your prayers. And now you do have blessings to count you can see, feel, taste.

Maine Affordable Housing Conference

Maine’s Affordable Housing Conference. Held At The Cross Center In Bangor Maine

Jimmy’s mission is to raise the foster age kid support from eighteen to twenty one. Not to cut off the benefits. Now hold on.

If you are thinking that is too much help, time in a “bubble” or stuck in the system. Hold on now hombres.

He quoted statistics that half the woman in foster care are pregnant within two years and here we go, here come more kids.

Also reminding all of us at the Cross Center plenary area that no kids grows up alone. Kids need you. They can not do it without you.

Wayne citing all the folks along the way that like a pin ball machine, were the navigation nudge in the right direction.

When his compass was missing the needle.

When figuring out what happened in their own troubled childhood, healing from the wrinkles of that crazy train  has not been completely dealt with enough. To make sure these foster kids, the majority of them become productive, successful community driven citizens of tomorrow.

Affordable Maine Housing Pretty Important. For All Segments Of The Population.

Everyone Needs A Roof, Four Walls. Affordable Housing In Maine Is Pretty Darn Important.

Other stats like within the same period of time after the funding gets snipped, the gentlemen in that group are behind bars. In the crowbar hotel and incarcerated.

But with care to get them to the next level and feet planted solidly on the ground the statistics could be way way different.

Lots of other topics at the Maine Affordable Housing Conference were offered up for the break out sessions too.

About housing for our most vulnerable neighbors. Those spending more than 180 days in a shelter. Changing demographics, looking at the future with the seniors.

To protect them from head injuries, broken bones because falls are the biggest worry. When the hair if you have any goes gray or that strange shade of blue tint.

How to make sure the environment in your Maine home is safe and not toxic. And know about those silent killers or cancer causers or just drafts. That make the housing not so affordable, not so healthy.

I liked the economic development and re-use of existing property inventory in places like Biddeford Maine when the mill dinosaur went to its knees.

And downtown Bangor Maine examples of rehabs, development to meet the housing needs of various segments of the local population.

Affordable Maine Housing. Pretty Important Stuff.

Awards Given To Recognize, To Inspire Affordable Housing In Maine Champions.

We are all partners for success for affordable housing. In my area of Northern Maine, housing stocks is low cost, but aging.

And the jobs to go with the need a house part of the equation are always up for discussion.

To make sure the best bang for the buck for municipal and educational services is achieved.

Or where to cut when only so much money to stretch. Because you can not just keep raising property taxes in a small Maine town or plantation.

Spending like drunken sailors the same old way. Which is time and resources wasted. Like putting a lot of wasted effort into the re-arranging of chairs on the deck of the Titanic.

The trick in small Maine towns is to make them perform like they are way way above their weight class.

To have sustainable housing. A high test grade of rural quality of living that Maine is rich in if the dials are monitored. Holding your mouth just right, the tongue tip exposed. The steady she goes adjusted just so.

maine small town living

Children, Our Greatest Entertainment, Investment In Maine Small Town Living. Kids Don’t Raise Themselves. Or Shouldn’t Have To.

And more objectives to meet in rural Maine than just keeping housing affordable across the board.

For all segments of the population you need to preserve and protect the vital existing jobs.

Making sure those with retirement checks that follow them wherever they go come to Maine for the Golden Years.

Go into schools to make sure the curriculum matches the outside work world environment.

And to expand on exciting telecommuting to Maine, bringing the new resident’s job with them.

If the broadband is hearty enough to flex, work the Internet muscle better than some other state’s. The up and down speeds are critical to the cyber highway connection. Much needed to stay a thriving, vibrant small Maine communities. Can not do it the old fashion way and just keep it status quo.

To keep thing bright and glowing. Twinkling and no one hollering “last one out pull the chain, turn off the town lights”.

My brother Stephen B Mooers’ Memorial Award was presented too. For the work done by the quality people surrounding him at Penquis Community Action Program. Where he worked for many decades in the affordable housing arena.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Living In Fear, Worried About What’s Around The Next Corner.

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Fear cripples, robs, distracts your life.

But when you live in an area that is not knee deep in it. The shift to tend to other details that are more important, having greater reward happens. Like getting the winter wood in to stay warm. Canning and preserving for the root cellar stash into the winter foodstuff cache.

Rockport Maine Lighthouses

Protecting The Harbor, Not From Criminals But Navigational Perils.

Fixing the roof leak around vent pipe on the Maine home.

That would be a pretty hard DIY procedure once fresh, fluffy snow piles up around it. When old man winter neck reins the weather channel. Settles in for a few months around the end, beginning neighborhood of the calendar.

So in Maine life skills are not self defense to protect against bad actors, shady characters. Survival is banking your home to make it easier to heat.

Taking care of the ceiling over head, the drafts around the windows and doors. The basics of survival not fight or flight fear engagement with concern about do or die. Your personal safety is not the first consideration. Or thought of at all in Maine.

Making sure harvest of the bounty of the garden produce is stocked away to draw from around meal time.

For the sit down, count your blessings, pass the peas please. Around the supper table of the Maine house you are proud to call home. That is a work in progress. Will never be really done or complete in your lifetime. In the pay as you go, take your time with the hammer, nails, paint brush.

Sharing what you have and helping others in the strong local connection. That is part of small town living in Maine. Take what you need, leave the rest for others.  It’s always about others. Not number one moi.

Pinching pennies and Maine simple living in gentile poverty.

Rockport ME Resort, The Samoset Golf Course.

Blue, Green Blend. Maine Has A Lot Of Variations Of Those Two Colors.

Getting more from less. And not everything tied to the almighty dollar. Lots of bartering attached to the transactions of goods and services. No dead presidents exchanges from the bank roll.

But living in personal fear.

Sheer terror and always thinking the worst is about to happen. That is lives in the shadows. Lurking around that next corner. That is not Maine. Rural, simpler living in the 4th lowest crime state is not living in fear or feeling scared. It is all about being prepared in battling the elements not people.

Had a continuing education course at this year’s state of Maine REALTOR’S convention at the Samoset Resort. The headline about safety in real estate. I thought it was going to be more about practical applications of the day to day watch yourself around property listings.

Like, when you visit a bank foreclosure which are not the norm in the 46th lowest state for them, but that has knee deep water in the wet basement.

Not Living In Fear, With Crime. That Is Outdoor Living In Maine.

Maine Is Outdoors, Doing Lots Of Fresh Air, Blue Sky Events.

Maybe when the power is on, you should as the real estate agent or broker think twice, thrice.

About stepping off whatever cellar step the water from the spring thaw has climbed to during the inspection with buyer or appraiser.

Electrical safety around the rising ground water.

Things like the laundry basket, picnic coolers, luggage, pieces of firewood floating.

Bobbing in an eerie way and everything looking very out of place as you think about plugging in that sub pump but not being fatally shocked in the process. As you fish for the cord end to slide into the electrical socket if the juice is on.

Or thinking about the sleeping pit bull in the last bedroom down the long, dark, narrow hallway of an older mobile home. The one with the nameplate “Vagabond” above the trailer hitch.

Where one bedroom you suspect the tenant has a meth lab percolating. That is the kind of personal safety issues I think about as a rural Maine real estate broker. Tour guiding with a buyer for the looksie, the once over kick the tires. And figure out the whatta you think?

Maine Social Media.

Maine Explained With Social Media Examples.

Stepping through a rotten neglected deck board. Or keeping customers away from the railing around the structure that is loose as a goose. Gonna cause a buyer, one of their kids to take a Peter Pan off into the lupines, burdocks surrounding it.

Falling into a septic cesspool depression out in the front yard. Or driving up a steep grade around a Maine lake for a showing or listing when there is a skim of black ice.

Not much sand handy for traction in and out. And you gun it to keep from sliding sideways. Keep moving with enough speed for momentum. To avoid the upsy daisy at the Maine lake. The oh oh. Up and over, down  a very steep bank heading to the drink. Coming to rest down into an evergreen, all natural vegetation parking spot. A completely camo color protected gully.

In a Maine farm barn watching for exposed nails and being careful where you plant the loafers. It’s on your mind out in the farmstead yard.

Maine Lupines

More Lupines, No Drive By Shootings. No Gangs In Maine Small Town Rural Living.

To avoid scraping your leg on farm equipment angle iron sharp edges. Hitting your shin walking by a parked pickup with the trailer ball and hitch lining up just so. As you squeeze around the implements parked in the Maine farm machine shed.

Those are the property dangers to be eagle eye as you wander. Out and about in rural Maine property as it’s peddler. As the dealer in the matchmaking that brings buyer and seller together at the property listing.

But never where I live worrying being hit in the noggin. Robbed, your car hi-jacked. All in a split second as you bend over fiddling with a lock box code.

The door is open. We don’t mess with house door locks. Keys left in the ignition of all the vehicles too. Help yourself. Walk right in, sit right down. Baby let your hair hang down is how the song goes right?

Entertaining thoughts that you will be taken out with a baseball bat don’t surface in the gray lobes.

Not thinking during an open house property tour that while you are in the kitchen talking about granite and quartz counter tops.

The other half of the Bonnie and Clyde “buyers” tag team is wrestling with the Monet on the wall. To pry it off. Looting, shoveling jewelry into a black nylon sack to lower out the window. For the drop, hit and run. You watch too many movies or have lived in crime riddled areas too long.

Triple locked doors, cars secured with alarms, clubs to disable them.

You don’t see that in Maine. A car thief looking for a Porsche, something exotic, heads to Martha’s at Cape Cod. More high end, lower mileage late model beauties await the drive it like you stole it routine. For the NASCAR slick five finger discount. Before chopping it up and the evaporation of parts.

Maine Ocean Sailing.

Maine Is Space. On Land, The Water! Personal Safety Is Big Here. Crime Is Not.

Got the three credits for the Maine real estate license renewal.

But the having a text on your phone to hit send when you meet up with bad characters. The calling the office and asking for the “red file” to be sent to your email account or phone.

As a secret signal that you are being held hostage or directly in harm’s way. Send help SOS, May Day.

Like someone pushed the silent alarm under the teller station like you and I have seen in movies. Letting the network of people on your personal safety list  all know where you are every minute of the real estate day. As you move with special phone apps to catch the loss of signal. When the blip goes off radar sweeps. Save your money, stop worrying. Move to Maine.

In most Maine homes, the treasure is not store bought and sought by a thief to fence it.

Pawn shops don’t have a big market for the personal valuables of a true Mainer. The plaster of paris snow white hand prints of a tiny child or a dead animal from a memorable hunt. That hang on the wall.

The old black and whites images in crooked frames. A little out of focus photos from yesteryear. With old cars, big smiles, family dogs, cats or horses included. Round the capture under glass in the 5×7, 8×10 snap shot. Kodak moments collected, because time goes by.

Maine Simple Living

Maine Is Outdoor Living, Hold The Crime. Second Helpings Of Fresh Air, Clean Water Please.

The SUV with enough miles on it to get to the moon and start the trip back in the tin can.

Who would travel this far north to help yourself to that? The sentimental value wasted on anyone else that has no connection to the events, the people attending them. What is valuable is not store bought but home made.

Whew, you made it to Maine. Life in Little Rock, Arkansas, any high crime population center is a whole lot different than in rural Maine.

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The Hidden Areas Of Maine Locals Know About, That Flyers Forget.

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If you make your living with tourist traffic, one by one all the players send up marketing flares.

Because in Maine there is strength in numbers.

Like a single candle or singing voice, adding more helps the broadcast range. The individual efforts combine for a howitzer force punch.

Maine Island In Foggy, Mist.

Get Lost, Be Found. Find Your Island, Special Space In Maine.

And regionally, areas of Maine heave ho to put online, to print the four color glossy print.

To do the insertions on newspapers, trade journals and magazines. With a bent toward the niche audiences they are want to court and spark. Highlight the tourist attractions.

The attention starts with hitting, tickling the interest fancy. Then pushing a little harder in the marketing to create desire that leads to results. Money from the actual trip made and left behind.

And hoping the excursion to whatever area of Maine continues. Year after year with healthy frequency. And word of mouth, sharing those pics on social media outlets help whip up the gotta go there to Maine frenzy.


Some areas don’t get or hog the marketing spotlight. That is why if you have never been to Maine, often the only region getting the white hots is coastal Maine. I love a lobster, took a recent trip to Wells Beach area of Maine.

Maine Lake Sunset Photo

Fresh Air, Clean Water, Wildlife Not People. That’s Part Of Maine’s Secret Beauty.

And love Acadia National Park, the MDI region too. Pretty special on a bike heading up Cadillac Mountain.

Or hitting the Old Port to trudge up and down the cobble stone, hilly, narrow streets around Maine’s largest harbor side city.

Where really neat churches fallen from use become local eateries. Transitioning to worshiping the locally sourced farm to table food for a new experience.

Not the old habit of just fed by the word from the good book in the tall steeple locations. With maybe a coffee cake square or apple strudel slice after the inspiration sermon given down front.

How about the small hinterland, off the beaten path places in Maine?

Ever been to Wallagrass or Drew Plantation? Where you can look up and see an explosion of stars nightly. With Maine lake loon performances heard in surround sound over the unpopulated waterways each evening for three seasons.

Maine Small Town Living, Simpler Approach.

Simpler Small Town Living In Maine.

Then lightly falling snow deafens with quiet and takes over the controls.

In the solitude only interrupted by the hum of the wind through King pine needles vibrating in the wind.

Or a crackling, snapping, popping fire in a log lodge or cabin. After being on the snow sled or ski trail while the sunshines brightly.

But now it is night fall in Maine. After play or working out in the fresh, crisp air. Time for a “chowdah“… a good slow cooked stew. After a rich cup of coffee. Or one of Maine’s micro brews or high test grape juice. To set the stage. Cheers.

It all helps soften the dead air during the winter.

Like sounds of cheering, exuberant ice hockey fans as they watch the black circle go back and forth. Over the blue and red lines. Or the orange ball thrown up, for the swish through the twine. For two or three points.

Maine Sea Coast Light House Photo

Maine, She’s Rugged, Real, Challenges A Person. Helps You Define What Is Important.

The small areas of Maine, a rural state often find it goes “mums the word”.

You don’t get everything dissected, explained from A to Z.

Lots never make the show and tell. Like the best places to fish, hunt.

Because even though the Internet, blog posts like these help expose them.

They are still a little longer haul, a lot less publicized.

And a lot more real, all natural Maine.

Unfiltered, pure, like right out of Mother Nature’s mountain side spring water tap. Help yourself, take what you need.

Leave the rest upspoiled, for others on the dusty, less traveled trail.

Maine Map

The Unique State Of Maine Hand Drawn, Creatively Depicted. Like The People That Are The Fruit Of The Tree.

If you want the local real Maine slant, don’t just use sites that make users pay for the membership insertions.

Go to the blog posts with the fresh content on rich experiences. Read the reviews of the folks that thumbs up or down and not just the propaganda of the paid announcements.

Or better yet, forget the scarce reviews in the hidden wonders where they don’t exist. Because those that stumble on to them keep them unannounced. Not bragged about. And like the entrance to the Bat Cave, a secret.

Real Maine is not what the tourist information center print outs say to do.

Come see what was left out of the tourist information brochures. It is what is not talked about and kept sacred. You can not wear out your welcome in places like this. And you see the real Mainer up close and personal. Not the glimpse of one promoted from the low bidder for the marketing of tourism from out in Wisconsin.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Breakdown Lane, Parked Or Itching For Something Missing.

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Point whatever you are driving north to Maine.

Load up the Desoto, Chevy Nomad wagon, van man to the gills. Hike, bike. Heck, stick out that thumb. Bum a ride to Vacationland if you have to as your last option.

You may have friends in Maine that are one option for lodging. Couch surfing here and there. Until your feet get planted firmly under you. And you end up “sponsoring” someone the same fashion to play it ahead. Pass it on.

Maine Is Less People, More Living.

Recharge, Unplugged In Uncrowded Maine.

Why do people move, relocate to Maine?

This link speaks volumes on the attraction eye candy one by one. A slew of reasons for the kick in the pants. The get up and go ambition building.

But the primary reason for the let’s make the ME move is something is missing in your life. You can attempt for awhile to ignore it.

Try the lazy, throw money at it medication that works half baked at best. But it all fetches up. There is a ghost in the machine running the show.

What’s missing?

Usually space, or the lower cost of living in Maine. Friendly make eye contact, glad to see you people. Not the ones that avoid your conversations, are in one major life or death serious hurry  scurry. And the idea light bulb shines brightly like an arc welder. Or the glint of rows and rows of floating sunshine lake diamonds that mesmerize.

Guiding a person’s one by one steps. To make the life mental shift to home grown rather than store bought. Do I need it or just want it thinking. One big kick in the pants. Away from multi story skyscraper living and bring it all home as Johnny’s record producer said in the studio to launch a career.

Maine, The Colors Shade, Like Your Mood.

Colors Of Just Winter White, With A Splash Of Shaggy Horse Chestnut Brown.

To high tail it out of a high crime, heavy traffic location to rural Maine.

Life is too short to be stuck in grid lock. To waste it in the race.

The days and night are made to live, experience. To learn and grow from the discoveries. To grow and expand to avoid becoming narrow and stagnant. If you are happy, passionate about where you hang your hat.

Where you live, work and play. Raise a family. No place better than small town values, without living in fear.

Some folks we hear from in our job as a Maine real estate broker for coming up on 36 years. Making the leap fueled by the cattle prod of regrets.

Stuck too long between the rock and hard place without the option of going sideways or around whatever life obstacle froze them dead in their tracks. Wanting to start over, do it again Steely Dan.

The burning desire for answers to life’s problems, mysteries.

You can hear yourself think in Maine . Because no one is in your space except you. Is is a comfort living in the 4th lowest crime state.

Happy Maine Families, Households.

How To Cook Up A Happy Household, Create A Happy, Responsible Family Member.

Being able to fix and repair, do your home improvements yourself and not having every micro move tied to writing a check, sliding a magnetic card.

Not spending money like a drunken sailor into port.

Or a pirate out on a night of raising cane when the rum in the tum tum firewater kicks in. Just before the black out.

Respect, easy does it, slow she goes.

Growing your own food and knowing what you put down the hatch. More hands on and feeling pretty peacock proud of what took you longer.

But the next time would be done in shorter time with what was self taught watching a you tube how to video along the way.

Your home improvement project taking a lifetime to complete but the process savored. The results sweeter because the high on the tree fruit that takes effort to reach is always tastier than the quick grab low hanging fruit.

You can do it, attah boy felt inside. Reminded if it is to be it is up to me.

Maine Outdoor Natural Beauty

Maine Is Outdoors, Friendly People, Less Crowds, More Beauty.

Maine is simple living, raise your own from out back on the vast acreage, not hemmed by inches that surrounds you.

You are not on house arrest living in Maine.

And your can telecommute, bring that old job to make it your new on in Maine. Need almost speed of thought Internet?

Folks learn along the way with the dips, twists of life that nothing stays the same. Life changes, moves fast and you better keep up with the 5,6,7,8 hokey pokey. Life does not stop for anyone. The trick to keep it all in perspective.

Knowing 95% of folks are well intentioned, want the same gusto out of their short life on the revolving green and blue marble. To consider it all joy, smiling from a generator linked to the upward turn of the corners of the mouth somewhere down close to their souls.

Maine is a place of unspoiled beauty.

Of lots of room to roam and stretch your legs. Expand your mind and streamline how you approach conflict and avoid drama. Manure storms.

Get Outdoors, Get To Maine Any Of The Four Seasons.

Paddling Your Own Boat, Raft, Canoe, Kayak In Maine.

You can do that easier and plane out, cruise at a more turbulence free altitude when you have personal space, freedom from the layers of players that plague you in the urban concrete jungle.

Maine, she’s personal, warm, friendly and you feel the local connect.

You can sigh “whew” and replace, shed the feeling of “meh” living in Maine. Ready for a second, third helping of that?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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