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When You Live In Maine, Your Foot Is Not Nailed To The Floor.

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Maine is one big state and when you live here, it is like a multi faceted dream come true.

Because you get to sample lots of very distinct areas. All friendly people but the closer to the southern border of the state you get, a little more traffic happens. The cost of living goes up.

It is more accessible, there are more rules to herd the population that treks there to sample it and those who live, mingle with the tourists. Depend on them for a living. Sharing what they love and others seek. When you live here it is not just one week’s inoculation until the next year’s booster is administered.

You get to enjoy Maine year round, it is like Christmas all twelve calendar months.

Wells Beach Maine

Another Day Starts At Wells Beach Maine.

Some tourist traps that you want to fall into at least once a year. Bar Harbor, Old Orchard, are so different than a visit to the same ocean but a different part of it say in Lubec, Eastport.

Like a buffet that you wished you started at the other end before your plate weighted down. Head North. Go deeper inside Maine, near her center, the soul.

And Maine has those other remote areas accessed  by hoofing it, only by a high clearance jeep or on horse back. Giddy up.

That no one but you gravitate to and the in between gray areas off the beaten path. That depending on the day, the time and budget you have to spend get visited.

That are not so easy to travel to without thinking about the return trip pretty much about the time you land there. The longer distances help insulate, not isolate is how I prefer to look at it.

Some folks chase Maine lighthouses.

Portland Headlight House

Lighthouses, Portland Headlight In Cape Elizabeth Has Lots Of Selfies Posted Using Her Nautical Charm.

Others just want to see a Maine moose! Hear a lake loon. Want a big slab slice of Maine blueberry pie or to slice into a steaming Maine potato.

Add some fixin’s that are not probably the healthiest. But you gotta have a little fun in this short life on Earth right?

Spent a few days in Wells Beach Maine and snapped a couple images to share in the Me In Maine blog post.

When a family picks an area of Maine to build their photo album it because tradition that others in the next generation continue.

I am happy to be introduced to Congdon’s Donuts, to share with the kids just waking up that just hopped out of the grease. Onto the cooling grills. Or to sample whole friend clams from Jakes Seafood, and more clams, the steamer kind from the Fisherman’s Catch.

All Kinds, Sizes, Styles Of Maine Beach Homes, Rentals.

No Two Alike, Along A Maine Beach Like The Ones In Wells, Moody Maine.

And the ocean front. Staying at N’er Beach in Wells Beach Maine last year. And right on the beach this year.

The vacation home in Maine rented for a week loaded with lots of expressions about being at the beach. Reminding you to relax. That the beach, the ocean fixes everything.

Reading material in the bathroom, on end tables, night stands and wall hanging about how to tap into the power of beach life. Knowing to forget about the concept of time. To get up, rise and shine and get out on the beach. To walk it and study the many different styles of beach front, waterfront property shanties and castles.

Vacation Stay At Wells Beach Maine.

Congdon’s Donuts, Jakes Clams… You Must Be Talking Wells Beach Maine.

Open porches are a must anywhere you live in Maine.

Communication still done without a glowing screen device casting an eerie glow on the user’s face.

Some have hammocks on them or an array of brightly colored rockers. Second and third floor balconies and public way access strips so folks on the other side of the Atlantic Avenues.

And other nautical or old salt air sea sounding locations can drag a lawn chair, an umbrella and cooler on wheels, a good book to tap into the healing power.

To set up the colored buckets and shovels for the kids to start sand construction.

As the tide makes the waves aggressive or causes them to retreat. And wipes out the handiwork, the foot prints in the sand, with sea weeds, the shells, sea glass and other finds.

Advice On Living At The Maine Beach

Advice For The Maine Beach Vacation. How To Relax Tips Everywhere You Look At A Beach Rental Property.

Para sailing boards, sea kayaks, jet skis and boats ply by and swimmers laugh, bob and get massaged by the wave sets. The smell of the ocean, the return to a visit with an old friend.

It changes the channel from the hike up Mount K, the trip to the Allagash Wilderness Waterway to fish. Or the wood’s camp visit on leased paper company land in T this, R that.

No Wally World or Mickey Dee’s corporate office scoping out these locations on the Maine turf. No Fun Town, Splash Town rides and slides in this GPS coordinate.

Maine is not one monotone speed in the rattle and hum.

Wells Beach Maine

Fresh Air, Working The Sand As Early Masons On A Maine Beach.

It comes at different price levels. you can mix and match and write the rules of relaxation that fit your pace to a “t”.

The best one is camping and grilling food at a state park. no money shelled out can improve the taste of a Maine vacation. Sleeping under the stars, listening to crickets. And unplugging to recharge.

Maine, you getting low on your supply of it? Don’t stay away so long, she tugs at your heart strings and misses you just as much as the other way around. The signal goes both ways.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Living In Maine, Small Rural Town Decision Making.

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Common sense and being forward thinking are two skills true dyed in the wool Mainers possess in great supply.

Small Maine towns survive if resistance to change is removed, if creative brainstorming is done. To figure out what do we do now? Way way before arriving at that all important crossroad that makes it do or die important.

Resistance to change happens for a lot of reasons.

You might have liked it just fine the way it was. Or the issue(s) at hand are large and many in number. So where to begin and how will it upset the rest of the apple cart has to be considered. Like the ticking bomb, you holding the wire cutters and with sweat on your lip and brow, hoping you pick the right colored wire to snip snip in just in time. With barely seconds to spare.

maine lake photo

When It Is Less People, More Peace And Quiet Happens.

The stakes are high because the room for error in the direction you head to work around the problems to arrive at solutions is small.

When you know hard decisions are needed but delayed, population starts to drop off. Folks that don’t want to leave do anyway. Because inefficiency and delay of implementing new policies that control the spending in a small Maine rural towns is disasterous.

High property taxes in small Maine towns, hikes in user fees and service permits signal something is not being correct  quick enough in the belt tightening. When you see one by one small Maine towns and plantations lined up to wave the white flag.

To deorganize and step into the boat being lowered into the water from a sinking local community ship. That opts out to go all in with centralized services from one of the sixteen Maine counties. To lose their local identity because not enough volume of people, too low a population, and too higher a tax burden. The bilge pumps can not keep that local boat afloat.

Maine Lake Loons.

Drift, Glide, Pop Up And Down Fishing. Maine Loons Dressed In A Black And White Tuexdo.

Local control is something small Maine towns are finding harder and harder to hang onto despite the fierce pride, the colors of the sport’s teams worn proudly at state contests on the way to the top. Reaching for the gold ball.

So when you see the loss of population going down, the cost of living in a small Maine town spiking upward, why so slow to rein in the spending?

Rather than hiking the mill rate to dangerous levels like watching the pressure readings on a steam locomotive engine with a dial needle dancing in the red. Drastic times do call for decisive measures to control the skid.

What adds to the frustration is true Mainers that know the rules of survival don’t run their own households that way. They adjust the spending and live below their means to prepare for those sharp curves, crater sized potholes in the road ahead.

Like pushing the heavy car that is out of gas to who knows where. Getting out, bailing and hitch hiking and looking for the best trail out of the situation can make it every dog for himself. Centralized services, removal the layers of duplications in spending and letting go of the way we always used to run the show in a small Maine town. With a spirit of we’ll be better off on the other side and around to rise and shine.

maine victorian homes

Style, Comfort, Home Sweet Home Made To Last Design. Life The Way It Should Be Protected In Small Maine Towns.

Like pruning a tree of life sucking dead limbs, what remains can thrive and prospers in new healthy ways. If.

Letting go of personality conflicts, using the wisdom of what happened in history when similar scenarios found their way into small Maine town life.

To arrive at this is the best course of action now for the good of the community, everyone in the small burg.

The Mainer who prides himself or herself on being independent will find new ways to work collectively because there is no other option. Just no room for slow, stalled or just not moving in the best course available correction. To keep as much of the distinct, the original flavor of a small Maine town. While preserving, at the same time streamlining and preparing for the future to assure survival of a small Maine town.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Taking Money Out Of The Equation | Simple Maine Living.

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During an election year, like hail, lots of activity pelts a person off the beaten path even in Maine.

The robo phone calls from Presidential hopefuls as everything gets racheted up approaching the early November elections. But when less voters live in a rural state, to pull the curtain and fill in the spaces, when money is not plentiful to seek out to support candidates, we get more left alone than other places.

Maine Lake Photo

Rich Where It Counts, Maine Is Unspoiled, Drop Dead Gorgeous.

High taxes when it’s low wages and you struggle to make ends meet in a city.

That is a frustrating combination. But even though Maine has it’s share of how to fund the most basic elements of state, county government and local obligations to keep things moving.

You can still get by on less money. Because we live full time in Maine.

And our fun is not coin operated. Not needing continuous slides of the plastic rectangle with the magnetic strip or the new chip to push it in and pull it out. We always keep an eye on the bottom line, to avoid over spending in Maine.

Camping, sleeping under the stars, in a tent or lean too at a state park and grilling food outdoors. One of your best, cheapest entertainment options. And the wildlife, the backdrop of blue, green and other colors in fall, many shades of gray, white, brown and blue in the winter.

In Maine you are aware of the space around you, our place in the World.

There is a connection with the local sparse population and folks need each other, help each other, work to survive and prosper collectively. Our water front is clean, the air is fresh, the scenery uninterrupted and vast.

Maine Kids Play Outdoors

The Imaginations Working Full Time Outdoors, Lungs Full Of Fresh Maine Air.

If you owner finance a piece of land in Maine, start slowly. To use on vacations with the eye toward the big move when the time is right. Up the pike to this thumb sticking out of the national map in the top right hand corner.

You don’t make much, you don’t spend much but you get more in Maine. Because money is removed, the need for status, prestige or the pecking order in a small plantation or little town is not what makes it run.

Bigger, more important items like got to get that roof finished before tomorrow when the weather man predicts cats and dogs for rain coming down. Got to get that hay in, the crops harvested before the temperature drops.

Or splitting, stacking the winter wood a year ahead to be ready for old Man winter.

Canning and preserving food from your garden to stock the shelves in your root cellar. Fixing what breaks, not just buying new to replace it. Taking better care of stuff, respecting others more is part of the transformation if any of this is new to a person not brought up in the country, in Maine or a similar rural area where money is missing.

Maine Is Outdoors, Wide Open Space.

Hiking, Dining On Food Cooked Outside. Feasting On This Kind Of Maine Scenery. Priceless.

Practicing resourcefulness, bartering saves the day in Maine.

So does hanging onto that piece of angle iron or stainless steel bracket. Because necessity is the mother of invention to make the most of what you have to do the best you can with what you already have.

Feeling good about the hands on, tap of creative juices inside. For the swell of the empowerment and “can do” spirit that does its magic from the inside out.

Knowing if it is to be it is up to me. Not blaming anyone else or feeling sorry and having a pity party. Time a wasting, hop to it. Shake a leg, get a move on.

Buck up, stay strong and being grateful, how luck you are to live in a place like Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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The Love Affair With Maine Cars, Trucks, Tractors.

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When you grow up in a small rural state like Maine.

Where the ability to fix things, keep them going not just plunk down the cash to replace them, an attachment grows. To our Maine cars, trucks, tractors, anything with or without a motor on it.

I have a super M farm tractor I feel pretty fond of because she is older than me.

I have lots of memories on the farm working with her working potato and grain fields. And we grew up together.

1967 Ford Mustage

1967 Ford Mustang, Wearing, Sporting Springtime Yellow Paint, Wire Wheels.

Just purchased a International Farmall 656 farm tractor that is color coded. Keeping with the red theme that was used on a hay farm by a Maine state trooper down state. That I never met but had scoped out the iron horse he was letting go of for a reasonable price.

Had it hauled up to the unloading dock they were nice enough to let me use at the Tractor Supply outlet in Houlton Maine.

Had fun driving it home during one of the coldest days of the year with the wind blowing strongly and my colar pulled up as my head shrunk down. But excitement to have gotten the new to me big tractor that I introduced to the “County”. Where farming of all types is big.

I needed a little bigger tractor with more power, a three point hitch to get under machinery and to lift up and over ledge or other obstacles found working around the Maine farm I grew up on and purchase from my three older brothers.

Speaking of my brothers, the car I almost had that got totaled but no one hurt back when I was just getting my license to legally drive at age 15.

Even though when you grow up on a Maine farm you are driving way way earlier than that. From field to field, around the farm with a variety of machinery options depending on the farm season. The length of my legs at the time and if I could reach the brake, clutch and gas pedals or not.

Hug For The Road

Cancer Ripples, Effects Everyone Around You. Hold On, Hug Tight. My Secretary Of 24 Years Wishes Youngest Well On Ride To Summer Job Down State Maine. Robin Still Ticking, Going Strong. So Is The Little Black Del Sol. Her Red Car Ruby The Mazda.

During a good potato year which you could count on back in the 1960’s about every third one, my dad custom ordered a 1967 spring time yellow Ford Mustang. I was two weeks away from making it mine. Because my brothers had their turn in high school.

It was not allowed to be taken to college and used mostly by two of the next oldest brothers when they were in high school. Kinda off limits to my oldest one who drove everything too fast, on the edge of being in not being in total control more often than not.

But Stephen Mooers, a clothes horse was a good wheel man because of experience and little fear.

Lung cancer got him when most figured speed would. Because of too many near misses behind the wheel of something pushed faster than the speed limit or manufacturer suggested.

The Mustang Ford car I waxed, drove around the yard and waited for my turn was not to be.

My brother Jonathan had a 1961 Chevy that would not pass inspection, had house glass for the driver’s side door, no reverse, and those were just some of it’s ills.

But it was what he could afford, got him around the University of Maine campus. Most of the time. Until a breakdown and much needed repairs that could not wait.

Small Maine Simple Living.

Fixing, Getting Under The Hood, Under The Engine Of Small Maine Town Pride And Joy.

He used to park the not so pretty shade of brown Chevy car in low spots of parking lots. To hide, cloak it and to try to be non-descript.

From the eyes of folks looking for current stickers, that picked up on violations in the motor vehicle department rules and regulations.

Dad agreed to let Jonathan take the Mustang out of storage, with the promise of one week it would be returned to the same parking berth.

Unharmed, no delays. The car got totaled in the “Y” intersection of the two Main Streets in Brewer on a Saturday night.

Coming into contact with a pick up moving a little too fast like the Mustang. The frame of the Ford bent and the insurance company signalling with a thumbs down on investing the money to fix it back to driving condition. No one was injured but there went the yellow car in my high school driving pair up.

Have a red jeep that four kids learned how to drive in, that went on lots of trips with that went on to be a loaner to the grown kids before they got their own set of wheels.

Maine Wildlife, Hitting Moose, Deer, Bear At Night.

No Injuries, Well Except The Maine Black Bear Had A Goose Egg On His Noggin. Took Off Into The Woods To Die, Live Another Day. Wondering What Hit Him.

As a parent pouring money into the fleet of tired, mileage piling up vehicles while juggling resources to get the kids educated. After that much history with a vehicle, it is hard to just let go and not feel a special place.

Especially after it hits a Maine black bear, the kids don’t roll over and as a parent somehow I give the Jeep trusted with care a lot of the credit.

Here is a picture of poor Sally, the 1998 red jeep that could be parted out but can’t quite do it. Feeling the need to fix and restore because of our history, all those kids that learned to drive with her patience.

(Yes I know what an “E brake” maneuver is and other not so smart things done over hill and dale, in the back seat with this Jeep kids.) Read more about the 1956 Ford “Heatwave” local car legend. We do blog about cars once in awhile in the Me In Maine post thread.

So vehicles, tractors, anything that we depend on or helps us have the freedom to move around and explore Maine. We don’t need the latest and greatest and the longer we use them, the more attached we get to them. Because they are part of our life living in rural Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Maine, Start Small, Get Big Without Debt.

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Living in Maine, the idea of relocating here starts with vacations, the eye candy.

Lots of Maine images splash online to tease and entice. But when the dream of living in Maine full time won’t go away, needs a little action, how to do it best? Start small, think big and steer clear of the debt to pull it off too quickly.

Maine Is Outdoor Simple Living.

Maine Outdoor Living, We Keep It Real, Simple, Honest.

Like home made food prepared slowly, the process is not rushed and the end results are the tastiest right?

Do it yourself and not hired done is the best trip. With online resources on how to homestead in Maine everywhere you turn, there is no shortage of DIY instruction to study the steps to pull off the farmstead lifestyle.  Tailor made for your unique situation.

The small piece of land in Maine that had a clearing that was neglected.

And trees one by one rushed to fill in the opening in the property acreage. Clearing, pushing back those trees to go back to the land, tilling the soil to make it production is not easy work. But the labor is so worth it. Knowing what you eat, growing it yourself, heating with the wood cleared from the future field or pasture land is its own reward.

Maine Is Outdoor, Farming Of All Kinds.

Maine Horses, Stick Together, Are Closed Like The People.

So is wildlife not people for neighbors around your Maine land.

Not because you are anti social but because you like your own company and can entertain yourself with the industry of clearing the Maine land, set up shop to make it productive.

In the shift from whatever you did chasing the dollar before to a new endeavor when you rise and shine each new day in Maine.

How much land for farming in Maine do you need?

Not as much as you might have thought. Plus with owner financing the land in Maine, managing the spending is always front and center in a homesteader’s thinking.

Has to be for survival along with the chores, careful detail to stretch those savings means developing spending impulse control if it was ever missing or treated laxly. Attention to delay never lets us or goes away developing your micro farm, homestead spread in Maine.

Maine Potate Heart Shaped Special

Different, Odd Or Something Beautiful. In Others, What Do You See? Good Or Bad?

Taking care of loose financial ends where you lived outside of Maine means the move to Vacationland  may be a tad delayed.

But doing it right means sticking around and enjoying the four season show Maine performs oh oh so well.

Where you live dictates how the story of your days and nights unfold. The twists and turns your time here on Earth takes.

Find your direction, purpose. Point whatever you drive or use your thumb stuck out proudly to head north.

Get to Maine, find out what’s been missing, what is most important in your life. The location, surroundings are everything in creating the back drop for a rich, rewarding life in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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State Of Maine National Soap Box Derby Champion

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There was a time when five soap box derby racing cities in Maine put on locals.

Recruited the parents and support from strong arms and backs to wallets opening wide to fund the soap box derby program. The five venues grew, peaked and eventually only the Houlton Maine Derby Hill program was the one race city to survive.

Maine Soap Box Derby Racing

Maine Soap Derby Racing Produced A National Winner In Akron Ohio AASBD Run!

Why? Putting up a hill, tearing down the race track used to qualify the winning soap box derby field of boys and girls is one of the main reasons. (Ouch, the L3 and L4 crack thinking about it for many grabbing their back.)

Hard work, long hours and logistics of taking over a neighborhood, a public street and adding the hay bales, safety barriers, the launch, the run out on the end when everyone screams “BBbrrrrake! ‘

All the effort put into the race track creation and dismantling is why a program for soap box derby survives or dwindles down to peter out to no more program.

Staying abreast of all the car modifications, regulation changes made mandatory by the AASBD part of expense and education to keeping the momentum going. Kids grow up too.

Mallory Bruen Wins National Soap Box Derby Racing Title

The All American Soap Box Derby First Place Trophy Taller Than Most!

Have other family events, employment and recreational, sporting, etc pastimes to keep up with as well.

Besides just down hill gravity racing with kit cars that win or lose by a hundredth of a second in races divided into heats.

The Houlton Maine race site history at this link.

And the up to date website for Maine soap box derby racing.

Watch the race videos salt and pepper through the derby site and on line around the social media circuit.

This past Sunday, the parents, family members of Mallory Bruin of Hampden Maine were honored in fine fashion at the Millar Civic Center. Video of the recognition for winning the top spot in soap box derby racing.

Town officials, the press, lots of well wishers and drivers especially that wanted to hear about the five heats after the winning the first one to advance.

Something two thirds of the racers don’t do in the three lanes, one trip down the hill that started the tradition back in 1934.

Check out the middle honey bee bright yellow jacket wearer with hands held high on the All America Soap Box Derby site lead in photo array.  That’s Mallory Bruin from Maine.

Maine Soap Box Derby Racing

A Maine Soap Box Derby Racer Wins The All American Top Honors, 1st Place Trophy!

After a parade and lights, siren escort through the Shiretown of Aroostook County when the family got off the Houlton Maine exit of Interstate 95, the national champ was treated to a reception with refreshments to relive the experience.

To thank the local volunteers that worked with she, her older and younger brother who were both in the Houlton Maine Soap Box Derby Race.

It is a big deal to win the state race or final game in any sport. But to go on and take the first place trophy on the national stage in Akron Ohio is something else.

Thank you parents Larry and Trisha, brothers Stephen and Chris who were on board from day one to cheer, hoot and holler.

No matter what the Maine weather that can add a whole new dimension to down hill racing with rain, wind, scorching sun, dipping low temperatures.

Kids and families are reminded we live in Maine, the weather can change every twenty minutes to keep it interesting and add to the challenges.

Like life, bundle up, get in, sit low, simmer down, hang on for the best ride. Or to just complete the challenge.

Akron Ohio Soap Box Derby

The Field Of Racers In This Years All America Soap Box Derby In Akron Ohio!

On the way to a World Championship tall trophy, a ring, all the other trappings included in the top spot honor.

No kid is raised by themselves in Maine either.

Thank you to the communities around the racers in Maine who contribute paint jobs, lettering, travel support.

And all have a helping hand in the accomplishments of one young lady who can drive, consistently win heat after heat in her red super stock car with the musical notes trailing in the wind on each side.

Congratulations Mallory Bruen and good luck to all other boys and girls who decide to rally race, to compete in the June state local event in Houlton Maine on Derby Hill.

To experience the thrill of the hill and learn about mechanics, competition, safety first and spirited soap box derby racing.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730


Picnics, Camping, Grilling, Eating Outdoors In Maine.

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You don’t have to be in Maine for a long time to have a good time. Outdoor exploring makes a person hungry though.

The picnic areas in Maine are a great place to pull over, open up the basket lid to fish out what was packed away to remove hunger. To quench the thirst as the outdoor air and exercise combine to increase the taste. Of whatever is dined out as the wildlife peek out, wander by and entertain table side.

We spend most of our time outdoors and three times a day the dinner bell rings. So outdoor dining, it is a big part of life in Maine. While parked somewhere nice like beside a lake, river, the ocean. Or while10 and 2 on a mission to get somewhere.

Picnics, Dining Outdoors In Maine

Nothing Like Outdoor Dining In Maine! The Back Drops Are Spectacular.

The recreation areas of Maine state parks is one source of spots to stop, snack too.

To stretch, take a break from behind the wheel or on the trails to eat. To snap some of the beauty of the surrounding eye candy to post on your refrigerator or the round robin on social media channels.

To let others know what you have been up to while in Maine.

When you live full time in Maine, the picnic areas don’t lose their luster.

They are still used as outdoor dining room locations as revisits to old familiar favorite spots get collected. And new hidden, unknown destinations are discovered and enjoyed when lucky enough to be in Maine more than a handful of days. Or a solitary week and that’s all she wrote.

Maine is a place to take your time, relax, explore and savor.

Here is a list of roadside picnic rest areas on Maine highways. Along your state and US highways in Maine, the canopy over the picnic table is a familiar site.

Maine Crane

The Entertainment Reaching Into A Picnic Basket, Outdoor Dining On Homemade Goodies In Maine.

More valuable and necessary as tight vacation budgets years ago did not allow the restaurant dining and in the middle of no where, there were not so many choices or franchised meal deals.

For the pull over, stop in and slide into the booth. To put a quarter in the tableside juke box for the pick three of your favorite 45’s to sample.

Tourist rest stops along Maine’s many highways before the Interstate picked up the pace and the landing gears lifted up and under. For the here we go.

The old pack a lunch and nibble along the way to your destination in or out of Maine. Used by motorists and locals alike. Because a grill is on premise and the highway department folks keep them squeaky clean and inviting. The folks who use them also practice respect.No one likes a litter bug right?

The carry in and carry out, tread lightly approach to how you live your life.

That’s Maine. How you treat others and their property, their feelings and opinions and expect the same in return.

Maine Outdoor Land Views

The View At Your Picnic In Maine. It Adds To The Home Made Taste Of Whatever Is Packed Away In The Picnic Basket.

Some of the picnic areas in Maine are no longer. I remember taking my kids to one on RT 11 in Moro Plantation that was stream side.

The kids checking out the water while the picnic basket opened up, the home made food pulled out. While the grilling operation was underway.

The birds chirping, the flow of vacationers with their campers and pickups, SUV’s loaded down with kayak and canoe working roof racks.

That’s the entertainment pulling off the road from traveling to grab a bite to eat.

Budget cut backs and Interstate 95 in Maine made the shift from the smaller picnic area to larger tourist information centers.

Complete with running water, for those pit stops. For the perusal of the brochure racks of maps, tourism information and four color propaganda from its publicity members.

I am a card carrying member of the Tourism bureau that has seen many changes in it’s name. And still stock the shelves with print media that still gets picked up, circulated and digested by the motoring public.

Maine Is Outdoor Farm Fresh Smells.

Farm Fresh Blueberries Ready To Be Raked On The Barrens.

Removing fatigue in driving to avoid accidents is another big reason for the tourist stops.

Locals around the tourist information centers of Maine use the facility for their own quick meal.

And families enjoy the play grounds if there is one and the folks you meet at the next picnic table with the open sides, roof over head.

Helping tourists get around, know the lay of the land is part of the where are you from, what are you doing for fun while in Maine.

And the suggestions about the list of activities you might want to consider while in Maine on vacation. On top of giving directions, the best way in, out, all around the many small scattered towns, plantations and only a handful of cities in Maine.

Maine Baxter Park Water & Wooded Mountains.

Respecting Maine’s Vast, Rich Natural Resources. Easy Does It.

We all work for the Maine publicity bureau, put the badge on every morning. Mainers are friendly, make eye contact, will do you a favor. Because we love where we live and can’t keep it a secret.

Maine, hear her calling?

It starts as a whisper and then snowballs from there once she gets into your system. Unplug, recharge, let go in Maine.

Don’t try to fight it. One bite, a small morsel, a glimpse of the eye candy is all it takes. Then she has a secure hold on your heart strings and gives a playful tug as a reminder it has been way way too long. Come back to Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730


After The Fourth Of July, Small Maine Towns Settle Down To Normal.

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It’s a big deal celebrating the nation’s birthday, all our USA freedoms.

Small Maine towns turn up the volume on the local events to wave the red, white and blue. And state fairs, local celebrations are part of the fun in small towns like Houlton Maine. Parades, fireworks, great food and carnival rides combine with events like horse and truck pulls. And demolition derby smash them up car collisions. That the crowd hoots, hollers it’s appreciation for their favorite drive. Usually the underdog, newcomer or old classic local icon favorite.

maine fair carnival fourth of july

The Carnival Food, Fun, Games, Rides. Did You Get Your Fill This 4th Of July In Maine?

Retailers, shop keepers in Maine combine in full force to collectively offer bargains to hold up their end of the party. To do their part too!

And company, talk about overnight guests and extra cooking, cleaning and juggling to fit it all in. Have had a lot of people wander in and out of work this week. Perplexed and wondering what day it is exactly.

One lady that owns a lake home in Maine we are selling said her two grandchildren just left.

midnight madness in maine

Midnight Madness In Houlton Maine, Aroostook County Seat Or The “Shiretown”.

They are seven and nine and wore she and her husband out. She said the granddaughter, the youngest argued about everything.

The grandson wore out her older husband riding bikes, casting fish lines, learning how to drive a golf ball.

He and she are both played out. Geritol tonic won’t help. They are belong exhausted and one dose of sleep session is not going to reverse the sluggish feeling. Of being torn inside out entertaining.

She felt like a short order cook and it was more difficult to find food the kids would eat.

Then she remembered her own kids, their grandchildren’s parents when they were little ones. Pushing food around their plates when they sat down for meal time.

Company can be like fish. Start to small a little as they linger a slightly too long and wear out their welcome. Some company pitches in more and are a big help and not a burden or dead weight about your Maine home.

Demolition Derby Race Car Driver In Maine

Would You Take Driver’s Education From This Demolition Derby Driver?

It is hard to try to work and entertain guests, your out of town family that is on vacation on both ends of the day.

The company can get bored and are in vacation mode so entertain me please.

The house owner hosting the sleep over and share our home can use their washer, dryer round the clock and made several extra trips to the grocery store.

Maybe the lack of sleep, being a little punchy with all the down time of long vacations like the fourth of July cause drive irritation.

And desire to watch or be in a demolition derby event. Edging, spending and eating too much.

demolition derby cars racing

Traffic Is Not Usually This Heavy Or Aggressive Dog Eat Dog in Small Maine Towns.

Going too light on the Zzzzzzzz’s when getting your head in the bed, laying it down on the pillow each short night of darkness. Before up and at ’em, rise and shine, cock a doodle do.

The demolition derby in Maine.

Dangerous but each hit can make the folks in the audience wish they could just once in traffic do the same.

To plow into and stove all to heck the slow moving motorist making life come to a snail’s crawl out on the open highway.

Watch a video on one local demolition derby in Maine, other events too.

Hope your fourth of July was a memorable, safe one and included family gatherings to catch up on the lives of other with the same DNA pumping in their arteries. Family is everything and what living in rural, underpopulated Maine is all about day in and out.

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Houses In Maine, The Kind That Are Not The Norm.

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Small Maine towns have lots of different housing stock that reflect the walks of life and the size of the pay checks of their owners.

Through the years the shift from many family farm, New England type housing multi story structures with auxiliary barns, chicken houses, machine sheds and barns have shifted to more efficient, modest one floor ranch style homes.

Maine Homes In Bar Harbor

Maine Housing Is Working Farm Houses, Blue Collar Simple Capes, Ranches And Not Swanky, Designed To Impress.

Roam up and town the main streets of most small Maine towns and you see the capes, colonials, federal and bungalow home designs.

Along the coast the grander sea captain homes with the glass widow’s walks on top. To scan the open water for the return of the skipper of the vessel piloting it over the choppy seas beyond the breakwater of the protected Maine harbors. That are dotted with Greek Revival, Queen Anne, Mansard and English Tudor style homes.

County seats have a little more austere housing stock and reflect the center of industry and services provided due to the designation as capital of one of the sixteen counties Maine is brought to have. But … housing that is not the norm and simple, straight forward, functional.

Homes In Bar Harbor Maine

The Tourist Areas Around MDI, Acadia National Park Have Housing That Is A Tad Bigger, Fancier, Higher Price Tagged.

Maine has pockets of that too that are a little out of character with the rest of the designs that you typical find along the highways and byways of small town and rural country living.

Case in point, ski chalets at your bigger mountains like Sugarloaf USA, Sunday River. Compounds around Walker Point in Kennebunkport Maine.

And in Bar Harbor Maine, I have heard seventy five percent of the nation’s wealth was concentrated in vacation homes, estates along the rugged, rocky coastline in that Mount Desert Island community.

What was in Bar Harbor Maine for housing stock of the rich and famous is no longer so historically original though.

Bar Harbor Maine Homes

Your Cup Of Tea For A Maine Home? Pretty, Ugly, Or In Between?

New homes with larger square footages, more palatial features built by carpenters pushed to out do another neighbor’s housing stock sticks and bricks.

Driven by the size of the wallet or expanse of the ego of the family name behind whatever was framed and embellished for all to envy.

Old money wealth and Nouveau riche explained, the different degrees noted in this link. It is better to be humble and sensitive to the needs of others when you have wealth.

Using it to benefit others and not bring attention to yourself always plays best.

What changed the landscape of Bar Harbor Maine’s earlier housing stock was a fire in 1947.

Winds fanned the flames and quick destruction happened, caused ashes to what was because of the Bar Harbor Maine 1947 fire. What once was is captured in a few black and white images,news accounts, magazine reports but essentially  lost in a puff of smoke.

Home In bar Harbor Maine

Homes On The Coast Of Maine, Along Main Street Of County Seats Are Higher Scaled, More Attention Getting. And Not The Norm.

In a recent coastline tour and after listening to the history and some gossip colored by time, I snapped a few images from the bow of a Bar Harbor Maine sight seeing boat.

These images show cliff top estates, housing stock that is not the typical Maine down to Earth simple or purely functional working homes. And much of what you see does not have much age on it.

Many are uninhabited but highly maintained for when the owners of the estates who have lots of other venues to call a vacation home  to pay a visit.

For a tourist that arrives by cruise ship, dropping anchor in the harbor and carried by a smaller tender boat. To walk the gang plank. To land on shore to shop til you drop for nick knacks and momentos stamped with the five letters that mean Vacationland just like the license plate promises.

But not knowing what they see in the highly commercial tourist attractions is not a true reflection of all of Maine.

Bar Harbor Maine

Heading In To Bar Harbor Maine. (Pronounced BAH-HAR-BAR) And Did You Know Humorist Tim Sample Is From Fort Fairfield Maine, Not A Coastal Town Chummy?

To get that you need to paddle your canoe or sea kayak, to tack just so with your sailboat further north.

Up the coast line to places like Lubec, Eastport in Downeast Maine.

Or to the interior sections of central and Northern Maine. That is the still trapped in time, the same as all of Maine once was. Those are not where you find your luxury housing in Maine.

Lower key, a lot of the same, more down to Earth happens with the houses we call home in deeper recesses of Maine.

Hard working folks maintaining, preserving what an earlier generation relative crafted working to make ends meet in small Maine towns.

That is a lot of the housing stock of Maine that is form follows function. And the function is not to impress, no hint of la de da or ooh la la. It was more rural farming, coastal fishing, timber harvesting related uses and housing applications you will find the more time you spend in Maine.

Get to all of Maine.

Sea Kayking In Bar Harbor Miane

Family Fun. Make A Splash, Paddle Around A Maine Coastal Community.

Have you been to Maine, do you know what the state looks, feels, smells, sounds like beyond the high points that the path if well worn ? Read her cover to cover. Not just nibble around the edges to experience Maine.

Get to hidden spots that you have to look hard to find. To  see the less traveled trails in the nooks and crannies of this drop dead gorgeous state.

Maine, get to sample ME as often, as soon as you can. See what you are missing in Maine, the way life should be. Come for a day, stay a lifetime.

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Maine Has Many Moving Parts, Check Out Her Venues.

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Vacations in Maine when you are a native are extra special.

Because more than one a year happen and we get to sample the same places different seasons. New spots to add to the list while life ticks by.

Egg Rock Lighthouse Off Bar Harbor Maine

Egg Rock Lighthouse Off Bar Harbor Maine, MDI. One More To Add To The Collection Of Maine Lighthouses.

It is hard to imagine just a few days a year in Maine and expecting that small a session to explore and enjoy her to even begin to satisfy the thirst or hunger for more.

Have you ever been to Maine gets a lots of of the same answers. When you poll the wild blue yonder and ask for a show of hands. For who has been here, there and in between.

Because there are four seasons, the venues we enjoy the most are never quite the same. The spot on the calendar that we visit and return for more is like adding different seasoning to the experience.

Personally, I love to visit a Maine lighthouse in the dead of winter.

No other cameras to fence with to collect the eye candy. And there is something about seeing your breath and the shade of the ocean blue water in contrast to snow white pure that makes the photo opt more memorable for me. More on Maine lighthouses.

Deeper places inside are hit and tickled and soothed when you get to explore and discover Maine’s magic without lots of people to share the moment.

Maine Is Baxter Park, Mt Katahdin

Bigger Than Life. Majestic, Constant, Challenging Mt Katahdin Maine.

Off season is not a bad thing in the state dubbed “Vacationland”.

So how about a few images from Bar Harbor Maine, made the trek during tourist season but enjoy it even more around the fringes when cruise ships are not double parked off shore.

Use the LL Bean Island Explore to take you to and fro and leave the driving to the blue and green marked buses is one bit of advice is new to these parts around Mount Desert Island.

They say that at one time 85% of the nation’s wealth was concentrated in Bar Harbor Maine. That JP Morgan did not like spilling his drink when taking a sunset cocktail cruise along the shoreline around Bar Harbor Maine.

More images of Bar Harbor Maine.

So JP used a little of his vast wealth to take the belt and suspender approach to smooth the waterways off the coast of Bar Harbor Maine.

To alleviate that little unpleasantry. By commissioning a load of rocks to create a breakwater to calm the Atlantic Ocean waves.

Maine, What Words Come To Mind?

Maine Is More Than Lighthouses, Lobsters, Lake Loons.

Take a ride on the Acadian boat tours and hear more tales about the big fire of 1947 that changed the face of Bar Harbor.

And see a bald eagle swoop down at you in the boat with talons out stretched. To muckle on to a fresh piece of fish and then flap flap for all he is worth to return to his nest with dinner for the wife and kids. Bring the camera, keep the safety off and just wait for more of the wildlife to say hello.

White tail deer on the islands, sea kayaks bopping around your tour boat all add to the sunshine, sea air and feeling of wide open expanse on the water.

I felt lucky to see gray seals, puffin, a minke whale and to collect one more Maine lighthouse for the collection.

Egg Rock Light is pictured in this Me in Maine blog post today. 

Have you been to Maine and which parts have your never dipped your toe in? Try out the new venues of Maine on your next vacation and remember camping, a picnic and just a few gallons of gas along with tent for under the stars is one inexpensive option to drink, breathe, hear and see Maine. The off the beaten path places are the most special and home grown not store bought.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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