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Portland Maine, Visiting The Old Port Section.

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Maine is a jewel with many brilliant facets.

What sparkles most is different for everyone that ventures into the great state of Maine. But it is way way more than the fresh air, clean water setting. The people who you meet, that greet and serve you if a tourist are what hit you deepest. They are friendly, helpful, warm and genuine.

Maine Living Is Outdoors, Kept Simple.

Find Answers In An Unspoiled Four Seasons Setting.

But if you were thinking of a last minute trip to Portland Maine, did not have a ton of time, visiting the Old Port section would be a good idea.

As one travel suggestion. Options for the Old Port walk to night life.

Two very nice places to stay in this region to consider for walk don’t drive would be the Portland Regency Hotel & Spa, the Portland Harbor Hotel. The Holiday Inn By The Bay is another close to everything in the Old Port recreational travel vacation option.

Portland Maine Restaurant Options, Grace Is One.

Grace Restaurant, A Former Church Portland Maine Restaurant Dining Option.

There is nothing like being right in the heart of any Maine all natural setting. To squeeze the most take away from it. To experience it best.

To hang around. Try out and visit the quaint one of a kind shops, the neat watering holes. The cobble stone streets and granite buildings all adding to the historic jaunt. To excite the senses with not available anywhere else venues open for business, your enjoyment.

As you ply up and down, criss cross the hill side slanted narrow streets. To discover what is offered in Portland Maine’s Old Port Region. Where every business works hard to stand out. To make you darken their doors.

The Old Port thrives with unique shops, diverse restaurants, a working, hustling, bustling fishing, boating waterfront.

One dining option to remember, and there are so many, is to book reservations for dinner at Grace Restaurant at 15 Chestnut Street in Portland Maine. Housed in a former church, the wide open setting adds to whatever you order off the locally sourced Maine cuisine.

Along the shores of Casco Bay in Portland Maine.

Old Port, Portland Maine

Exercise, Up, Down, Sideways In The Old Port Portland Maine. Places To Stay, Restaurants To Eat At, Bars, Shops In Casco Bay.

For breakfast, it is hard to beat an authentic Portland Maine venue called the Porthole Restaurant and Pub.

As you walk along the Portland Maine Old Port harbor. Into the heart of the fishing industry, ferry, cruise and fishing boat traffic. The leaning, colorful lobster trap stacks. Mingling, ticking the senses with salty air and other smells generated around the waterfront.

The blue green water increases the sensory volume inside your heart and head. Ramps up the awareness meter of what is important. Of the “how is life going reality check”. Dialing into the signal as you dine on the open deck. Starting your day front row. With the Maine sea harbor sunrise unfolding, now playing in front of you.

An omelet made with crab, lobster and a slew of multi colored ingredients to pick from as you wind yourself up. Fuel the body.

Making it anything but mass produced, fast food. No not that. The decor feels original, because it is.

Real Maine. No gimmicks, smoke, mirrors, bait and switch shell games.

Portland Maine Head Light, This One Of Over 60 Maine Lighthouses

Watch The Video of Portland Head Lighthouse |

The Maine cooks wearing a variety of winter hats, there is laughter. Giving you the signal loud and clear. This place would be a fun one to work at each day or night shift.

To serve hungry folks, old souls. Meandering, mingling, loitering and hating to leave. Around the Old Port region of Portland Maine. That is their mission in life for now. And that leads to many return visits from those that can not stay away.

Maine, we have lots of blog posts on the deep interior, northern regions, the crystal clean waterways, uninhabited wooded townships with no official names. Off the beaten Maine pathways that are not the destination of many and a big secret.

And we’re just hunt and peck, adding imagery to the trying to increase the list. Of the many reasons to get to Maine anytime you can squeeze me in. To explain why we live here. Think that you should to. To unplug, recharge and witness first hand. That Maine is the way life should be.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME

The Spring Birds Are Back And Singing, But Thinking Of Next Winter’s Fuel!

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The attitude of people, animals too in Maine when Spring knocks on the door.

It is an exciting time of renewal, replanting if you are into flowers, growing what you eat. Spring is hope, having faith in another season with three more right after it.

Maine New Spring Flowers.

Begin Again, Rebirth, Renew, Maine Spring Flowers So Up Right On Cue.

Spring seems to be the follow the leader, self appointed Rudolph one to set the pace. Like a weather, climate control alternate delete on the life channel to dial in. Adjusting the tin foil on the rabbit ears for a clearer, less snow reception.

Don’t get me wrong.

All four seasons in Maine are special. But along with Spring’s brand new baby approach to living, to start over and begin again. There is always a nagging thought or two in the back of the mind. Like better get the winter wood, pellet’s or oil when cheaper stocked up. Always aware, putting it all in perspective when you live in Maine. And practice frugality.

Maine is simple living, careful spending and a greater awareness. Of how things work around you, where you fit in and how to be sensitive to others.

Because we are a smaller knit group of people spread pretty far flung. Scattered around the all natural, pure, unspoiled landscape.

Maine Is Simple Living, Family First.

Maine Is Simple Living, Outdoors, Family Based In All We Do!

Plenty of space, not really enough people and the volunteers are worked pretty hard. Sometimes put away wet from sweat, bone weary but with a feeling of satisfaction. By pitching in, which is a given in small town living in Maine.

So Spring is here, canoe races underway, ice cream dairy bars opening up left and right.

Lining up contractors before they get too busy and you lost them for the house repair construction season.

Folks are putting window boxes back on their hangers, in their designated places around their properties. Digging out and cleaning off the wicker chairs for the patio. Wheeling into place the gas grill to park off to the side of the sliders on the open deck. Digging out fishing boats, putting away snow sleds.

Maine Small Family Values.

Family First And Last In Maine. Raising Them. Attacking Others Is Not The Target.

Kids dusting off bikes, fixing chains, blowing up slack pan cake flat tires. Playing catch and reaching for tennis rackets and basket balls to play outside in the fresh air of Maine.

Water hosing off their homes, washing exterior house windows that have been bothering them from the lack of clarity.

From what the roadway sanding trucks caused over the last few months for grime, loss of shine and glass sparkle.

Insides of cars and trucks are itching to be swamped out by their drivers too. After a long winter of ice scrapers, snow brushes, overworked heaters and defrosters. But neglect in the tidy end of the tin lizzie primary ride providers.

Maine Is Small Farms, Rural Living.

More Hand Work, Planting, Tending, Weeding, Harvesting On Maine Organic Farms.

New piles of leaves raked that blew in because not everyone did the strokes to bag and tag or mower munch them last fall in their yards down the street.

Change of wardrobe to lose the sleeves and lower pant legs. Plans for what summer camps, rec programs, what to do on vacation this June, July, August all front and center in the gray matter thoughts. What to do bantered, entertained, talked about around the meal table.

Out on the street, down at the coffee or barber shop, hair salon or gas station too. As kids count the days until school is out. And all the neat small town summer program recreational activities kick into gear. Weather in Maine, we have all kinds. Take your pick.

Been away from Maine? Come up this weekend and catch the spirit, get unplugged, recharged. Relax. See what you are missing by being a stranger, staying away from Maine and all her natural charms.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker


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How You Like, Eat Your Eggs Tells A Story About You.

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The eggs you eat, the way you like best for them to be prepared, what does it say about you?

Lots evidently, read more in this article on unlocking the secrets of your egg persuasion. Sunny side up means you have a wild side, but an old soul.

Outdoor Grilling, Cookouts In Maine Help You Inside Out.

Maine Vacations, Get Cooking Outdoors To See What’s Up Deep Down Inside.

The personality of the way you lock and load, rock and roll do anything each day.

Putting your pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us right? But your preferences, the style in the swagger, the way you play the part of you. In the short production, up on the stage of life. Where it is said we are all but mere actors, living our life in quiet desperation.

So Maine, what would the way you like a potato, blue berries, lobster, micro brew.

Anything grown and raised in Vacationland reveal about you? Well, lots. Sometimes out of necessity. Your potatoes whipped, garlic infused with cheese please. Your blueberries in a pie or a cobbler, what will it be. On second thought, make it pancake providing the ride for what is inside raked from the Maine blueberry barrens.

Want A Graham Cracker? 1958 Photo From Ralph And Marjorie Black's Houlton Maine Lawn.

Happy To Be A Kid In Houlton Maine. I Was. Say, Want A Graham Cracker?

The Maine lobster serve up lazy man style, no need for all the tools to make it cracking good for what is inside. Or slide it into a stew, for the last swim before down the gullet for your denizens of the deep delicacy from Maine.

The color, the kind of car you drive in Maine. Depends if you are in Kennebunkport or Wallagrass Plantation or Otis Maine. Clothes too, with all agreeing warmth, layers are more important than chic, trendy, tres suave.

Maine Is Small Towns, Home Grown.

Home Grown, Maine Made Is Small Town Special, Unique.

“Behaving in a relaxed, confident, and pleasant way in social situations” the definition of that last label.

That someone might hang on you due to your habits, preferences, your air. As you rise and shine. Move around wherever you live in Maine.

Maine, down to Earth, simple is what most in the Pine Tree State do best. Attracted to that, all over that. Like a moth to a open porch light on a Maine hot summer evening.

Not being in a rut is important too. When you open a menu at a local eatery in Maine where it all looks good. Could work just fine but one selection seems to always get your vote. Because it is so good, from experience the last time you darkened the door.

Maine's Easport Maine Fisherman

Fresher Fish In Maine Only Found Still Swimming In The Sea.

Filled, stuff, no longer feeling hungry as a horse.

But with a pang of regret after the table is cleared and it is time for dessert. The what will it be for the perfect ending.

And you ponder, lament you could have, should have, might next time will actually sample something out of the ordinary.

The predictable for you is just the way you roll. That’s today. But getting out of that comfort zone. Ah, there is the rub. To apply to the steak, chicken, fish, vegetarian bounty. Whatever is for breakfast, dinner, supper three times a day at least meal time addiction.

Peel back those onion layers.

Stop playing it safe. Open up the curtained windows and dead bolt doors. Crack the skylights of the inside places you don’t visit much. That not many other people get to tour either.

Try new things in Maine. The way life should be. Learn what makes you tick.

Maine Blueberry Rakers, Pickers.

Following Strings, Lanes In Maine Blueberry Fields, Raking Up A Storm.

Shake it up, get to Maine. Prepared just the way you like it best. Meet the people. See the sights in Maine. Hear the stories shared but definitely do sample the local grown close to home Maine cooked food.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Mention Merger Of School Systems In Small Maine Towns, Then Stand Back.

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The topic of school system mergers in Maine, anywhere in the free World is a very heated topic.

People squirm. Because small Maine communities are built on, steeped deeply in rich school history. Thrive on the vivid folklore, are identified in part by the school colors they cheer for in sports, music, academics. The high school graduation ceremonies they attend yearly too like one big town wide family.

In small Maine towns where the entire graduating class knows each other well.

Growing up together in and out of the school house corridors lined with lockers, class rooms. Classmates with lives so intertwined and connected in small Maine communities. That the very notion or mention of a Maine school district merger creates indigestion, heat under the collar, division among family and friends.

Maine Island In Foggy, Mist.

Get Lost, Be Found. Find Your Island, Special Space In Maine.

Maine, where the village raises, has a hand in the rearing, shaping of each small child. The local population may be sparse in number. But they all shine brightly when pitching in to create the community flavor that makes each burg unique.

That Maine neighbor is your little league coach.

His sister married your cousin. The one who is your Scout leader. Who’s brother is a pastor. Who married into a family that has three educators among them. Delicate, volatile, not an easy proposition.

Beyond the emotion of even considering such a bold albeit necessary move. As small rural areas of Maine without an abundance of jobs continue to hemorrhage employment options. Are frugal and resourceful but never flush with cash to reverse the tide.

With our Maine kids becoming the greatest export if we don’t strive to embrace necessary change. I would rather take logical steps to assure a quality education continues in consolidation. That it can be bankrolled by the local property tax payers already under the weight of other local obligations. The increase weight of which speeds the exodus of youth and their parents alike.

Maine Wind Powered Balloon

Lifted By The Wind, Powered By Hot Air In Oakfield Maine.

So school merger in Maine. Like two hospitals in an area that both are struggling to keep up with the maintenance of facilities. When there is shrinkage in patient flow as population decreases and there is room for one and a half or a single health care center. Isn’t is smarter to consider how we would do it before we are at the brink of doing it?

Less emotion, planning for not firing, just not replacing retiring educators and administrators ahead of time.

Less costly because it is more natural and thought out. Then force fed from the state and not defined locally. Where the focus is always our children, their proper education.

Making the most of the resources we do have. Not the ones we don’t with already over burdensome property taxes. That are a band aid at best if not applied to a sound strategy. And ignoring the delicate subjects needing fresh air and the same kind of innovative ideas to embrace change. Be disappointed, but not angry when the local diner debate is school merger, consolidation in Maine education.

Would there be a savings, what would be the best bus transportation plan, which buildings for which grades and educational uses.

Like a partnership and joining forces. Not a shot gun wedding force in the eleventh hour crazy. But input, a strategy to set minds at ease. For when looking back, we did the best we could with something that was going to happen. Like it or not. Why replace the building roof, heating system, do any work on the structure.

If in three years a merger happens not planned for and it does not make the cut for a purpose in the new merger. But represents a waste of funds for a future use not as a school. That is wasting the tight, precious tax payer dollars we do have.

The promises and perils of school consolidation. The Maine department of education started the consolidation mandate a few years back that seemed a certainty at the time. Hard feelings developing because gun to the head told you will.

Maine Small Towns, Getting Along.

Refreshing, Water Over The Dam Means Regrouping To Work Together In Small Maine Towns.

But if revisited with calm clear reasoning. Attacking the problem, not the people, the business exercise of how would it work, when is the best time to get ready on both or more sides of the partnership could be seen.

As the best possible solution to a very contentious problem no one really wants to face, let alone implement.

Locally based decision making on education always wins over dictated from many hours away by people you don’t know, don’t share the home town connection.

But no longer is the one room school house in Maine an option like it was in the distant past.

We can not afford duplication in school systems five miles apart.

Waste left on it’s own festers and sinks the ship when it lists to the point of no return. Moderation in the approach to consolidation can smooth feathers and turn up the volume on reason. Without letting fear rule the roost.

The concerns each side of the school merger lament are common. “We”, “our” has to replace “they” if there is a coming together to share resources to be more than the sum of the parts would be without the combination.

Or law enforcement operations with the same mission, only wearing different color uniforms. 10-4. Roger that.

Sitting On A Maine Porch. Maine Is That.

All Year Long, Maine Is Outdoor Living. This Is Where Best Discussions Are Held. In Family, For Issues Facing Small Maine Towns.

Yesteryear state incentives to stay small and preserve what we have today tomorrow discouraged consolidation.

But like many aspects of shrinking population Maine towns faced with escalating expenses to keep the shops open, the streets paved and plowed, the halls of education shining brightly.

The easy revenue sharing money is gone, flow back from the state to small towns drying up to a trickle.

Changes to encourage efficiencies and improve accountability are needed.

Inside or outside or better both coming together to shape the education in small Maine towns. Before disaster hits because it was put off and neglected which only makes it more costly in ignoring the declining numbers and increase in red ink flowing in small Maine communities.

That lead to lay offs, wide spread panic when the push comes to shove. And the time for the rhetoric, the face saving fence straddling debate is long over. And drastic measures in the slash and burn, the wasting money on expenditures that won’t be good in the long run. If left until do too much in too little time. No pause to bend it, not break it.

Due to delay, missing a plan all hurts the Maine towns deeply. That will take more recovery time to heal from then if the earlier pro-active approach shaped by many was seriously was kicked into gear. Double clutched explored and then implemented fully. By moving forward.

Without the “war between the states” bloodshed atmosphere over which trophy case location the gold balls will be placed.

The new color scheme and combined bigger better mascot branding in the marriage. The Maine communities have to come together quickly.

Get up to speed in forming a working partnership to offer a stronger, tighter educational experience that lasts. Than ignoring the complicated problem that will cause going it alone in a sinking ship. Where ultimately the kids suffer. As this, that course of study are dropped entirely. That program trimmed to the bone and too limited. As the intrastructure erodes. Becomes very outdated, just plain inefficent.

It is no longer a case of if you want to have a Maine school merger.

It is past the opportune time of devising the plan for the best way how to consolidate school systems. Plan quickly, build slowly and the end result will be stronger, lasting. And assure the quality of education in our small Maine towns all will rally around and support.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Maine, Not A Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy.

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Original, raw, real, everyone wants the full meal deal.

Heck super size it. Why not? To make it better than the real thing as Bono sings. Because people are hungry for what is missing. Crave being entertained too. And to always top whatever seemed the greatest at the time.

That leaves many wondering somehow, somewhere there must be better. More. Because just not good enough for long hangs around. Waiting for the Fat Lady to sing. Hitting the high note of whatever is missing in the grand finale to stop the craving. For now.

Maine Farms Offer Simple Living, Dailiy Hard Work Involved.

Maine Farming, Life Is Hard Work, Spent In The Rolling Field, Big Barns, On The Tractor.

Unhappy people become bored the easiest.

You have to be grateful first before happy enters the room right?

Maybe Maine’s magic is she is not slick, not hyped, not pushing and shoving for show. Not just a clever assembly of buzz word metrics that happen to be trending at the moment. That the herd chases in a cloud of churned up cattle trail dust.

Maine, she is not a follower or a sheep.

That in an era of constant change to search for what is missing, she kept some black and white certainties. Like flour, sugar, rice, salt and pepper basics. To create a rich, fulfilling life in all this unspoiled natural space. We have more than we need to do that in Maine.

Maine Blueberries, Wild Ones.

Kind, Hardworking People. Small Maine Town Volunteers Are Like The Fresh Tasty Fruit. Adding The Special Home Grown Taste To Communities.

Her location sticking up like a thumb. Off in the upper right hand corner of the country, almost in Canada helps insulate Maine. Not retarding her progress, but preserving the basics.

Simple living is honest, beautiful, enriching.

And from the grumbling sounds of city dwellers, it is contagious, a delicious notion. Not found in high supply or at all in crowded landscapes of the concrete jungle.

So back to the copy of a copy that NIN recorded. Machined, the tracks layered like lasagna in a pan for the 375 degrees.

Maine Horses, Big Powerful Pets.

Big Pets, Maine Horses Are Also Workers. More Than Hay Burners. Not Just Pretty Against The Green Backdrop.

Waiting for it to bubble on top. Parked on that middle rack of the pre-heated oven. Stewing, simmering in a good way in its own juices tasty.

But still without hesitation marks, bits and pieces to bolt together for a new production. A copy of something that came before. With a dash of nutmeg, a twist of lemon. Whatever moves you wearing the white cooking apron.

Get away from the copy of a copy of copy and sample ME.

Refreshing, satisfying, one of a kind, genuine. Deep, not just skimming the surface or going through the motions. That is not good enough.

She grabs your heart strings by the hand full. Tugs playfully. And you don’t mind in the least as she whispers why don’t you cross that big green bridge to the south.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Divorce, Kids First Program Helps Ease The Transition For Parents, Children.

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Maine, 11 out of every thousand people are involved in a divorce yearly.

Maine the state shows up, gets a score of 88 out of a 100 for ease of filing for a divorce. This according to a nationwide divorce review to see how the states all stack up in the USA.

Maine Small Towns

Small Maine Towns, The Entire Village Helps Raise The Children.

But what about the kids involved in a Maine divorce?

The Kids First Program has been supporting families of divorce since 1998. The four hour sessions, classes for parents are extremely helpful.

Input from others who have gone out into life after a divorce. The different stages of a divorce discussion from those in the trenches day to day helps those who have not done time yet avoid mistakes.

It is all about learning how to put the needs of the divorcing or divorced couple’s children first. While dealing with the legal, financial pressures of separation, post divorce adjustment. Any problem or issue is solved easier when you realize others are struggling with the same life transition.

But what happens in the case of a high conflict family during and after a divorce?

Eighty percent of divorces don’t land or stay in the high conflict category. But the ones that do work through family problems using bitterness, bullying, fear and anger. Instead of logically responding to a situation, an issue, high conflict divorce parents just react instead. Emotional upheavals hurt everyone.

Maine New Spring Flowers.

Begin Again, Rebirth, Renew, Maine Spring Flowers So Up Right On Cue.

They are on a long difficult painful journey.

Like traveling fearfully through stormy weather into the unknown. Robbing the good times between parent and child. The common target to bull’s eye. For everyone in the family who sincerely wants the best for the son or daughter. Which at the beginning, end of each day is peace, love, respect and a healthy routine.

The kids especially that try to duck, strap on flak jackets but get caught in the not so friendly cross fire anyway.

It can happen because the angry, hurt parent is struggling, depressed, embarrassed, broke, lonely. Or continuing to bully, lie, cheat, steal or over power any way possible.To get the result they used doing it in the marriage. That fight for control that ended up causing the divorce. That put the transition into the works from household life on the rocks causing the shipwreck conditions.

So going with a knee jerk, think the worse gut reaction. The fight or flight kicking, over the top instinct that harms the children. Takes its toll in added stress, toxins for all involved surrounding the detonation. With parents who fall into the high conflict category of divorce using tiresome, harsh approaches to co-parenting. Of intimidation, cold shoulder treatment, sulking, dishonesty to discredit the other parent to make themselves look the better of the two.

Don’t alienate the other parent who the kids want to love along with you.

Communicate with respect. Keep it civil and business like. Avoid contentious transition times when the kids go back and forth from the two households. Make it a neutral “pass the kids please” location if you can not as a parent respect the other’s home. If you walk in like you own the place and nothing has changed since the divorce, the move.

Maine House Flowers.

Raise Them With Love. Kids, Flowers, Animals In Maine. All Need Peace.

Respect the other ex’s space.

Their mates. The blended families. Don’t share with the kids, feel sorry for being alone, or get self absorbed as a parent missing your kids. But instead turn that corner quickly.

Making it an all out effort into creating the visits, the meals, activities, any time you do have the best it can for your family. So they can look back and have happy thoughts. Holidays, lots of moments with each parent to reflect on and adopt into their parenting style.

The kids of a divorced couple are watching, learning and can feel peace, calmness and a loving spirit.

Or live in fear. Eventually end up wanting to get away from the negative atmosphere. That takes two to create. The unhappy children ending up coping in unhealthy ways. Or simply distancing themselves from both divorced parents to survive the warfare.

Because the reasons for the marriage breakdown continue to circulate. Instead of adopting ways in two shared households free of the poisonous air they have to breathe. And taking it’s toll on their future relationships because they missed out seeing ones that worked. Sometimes the problem is the divorced parents don’t act like they are. Still relying on the other for mental support.

Maine Wild Lupines.

Maine Is Outdoors, Wild Lupines. Summer Living.

If he or she needs support or to talk about personal matters, each should call a friend, not the other ex.

There needs to distance, moving on to happen. To establish, maintain boundaries that create the safe space the kids expect. The critical spouse becomes the critical ex, co parent for a reason that may have nothing to do with you.

Or one co parent continues the denial that anything that goes astray is because of their doing. Everyone has inside homework to do. Crack the books. So each parent can move on in life and love. And the kids can too. Don’t end up confused, stuck without solid ground. With only thin ice to stand or build on.

Living in limbo is like treading water long after you lose feeling in your arms and legs.

Cold, numb, all alone. Where in the dark of night all hope can wane, depression can germinate and fully blossom. Kids are not equipped to handle that kind of pressure or mind game battle conditions turmoil. They are counting on the parents to “make it all better”.

If there is a blur, or one is stuck and hoping for reuniting. Or just lack of setting boundaries for the ex, the kids to follow. That just adds to the confusion of setting the stage. For how life will unfold, the set of expectations crystal clear. To help moving on for the kids, for each parent in life after a divorce.

Grandparents, extended family, teachers, coaches, ministers, neighbors and the entire community in a small Maine town all help raise the kids. Take their turn. Don’t leave anyone out and keep it light, bright, upbeat around the kids. Our greatest resource and the most rewarding responsibility, honor any of us has on this Earth to be a parent.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Weather In Maine, Don’t Feel Sorry, No One Is Upset.

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Saw a blog post this morning from a Florida real estate broker feeling sad for anyone in a snowy climate.

I made the comment that no need to feel sorry. No sympathy cards to mail out to anyone in the Northeast, or with a white covered landscape.

Maine Is Outdoors, Living Free, Kept Simple.

Spring Skiing, Mix Of Two Seasons Meeting Makes For Fun In The Sun Conditions.

Because winter in Maine is one of the four seasons. That we enjoy them all. And for proof, pinged him an image of Maine in winter. Here are a few more Maine winter images.

Folks don’t hibernate in Maine or hide out inside and wait for the calendar sheets to one by one get flipped or ripped off.

In fact, spring like conditions now, the overlap of winter with what is about to explode is bitter sweet. Because the things we do for fun outside in Maine change with the seasons. We have to let go of those past times and replace them with the new set for the one by one seasons that follow in Maine.

But one thing does not change. We are still outdoors most of the time. It is why we live in Maine full time. Why folks visit Vacationland around the year for those same recreational pursuits. More on the Maine weather, climate.

Dressed Warmly, Appropriately For The Outdoors, Maine Is Outside Living.

Maine Living, Any Season, Winter Included, It’s All About Being Outdoors.

I guess it could be a reverse of seeing southern residents during a scorching, dry, blistering hot summer with no moisture.

And heat stroke like conditions where everyone hurries inside to be in space that is air conditioned. Chilled like a meat locker. We are extreme heat intolerate. Like Maine’s comfortable summer living. Like to work, putter, relax outside year round. And if the temperature was too hot, it would interfere with getting things done on the other side of the home’s four walls.

There is no poor weather in Maine during winter. It is bad layering.

Poor choice of the garments worn to match the conditions. But with experience, help from the locals, we’ll help you figure it out and get comfortable in Maine.

We crave the fresh air, blue skies, sunshine no matter what the season. Maine is the place with the space to enjoy it. Unplug, recharge and sample our pure, unfiltered simple living in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Poor Timing, Adversity, Set Backs And Plenty Of Drama.

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I hear it a lot in my day job.

Out of state real estate buyer considering moving, relocating to Maine. “Things would be easier in life if I could get away from all these people.” Do you believe the bulk of your problems are caused by other people? That don’t always agree with your outlook on life. That possess a different way of sizing up the events unfolding around them.

Much of life is your reaction to it. Because it shows what you are made of or become along the way.

Maine Is Four Seasons, Always Outdoors.

Being Able To Hear Yourself Think Is Easier In Maine.

Maybe it starts with youth, over the top enthusiasm to be all you can be.

And when the one path you thought you were the sole marathon runner on looks well worn as you glance down. And notice that others are on the same one.

So don’t take yourself too serious, stay humble, be positive, don’t be cocky.

Let out the slack.

Easy does it and think of how fragile relationships really are. And need to be protected. Watered, weeded, fed to grow strong and last.

Keep your eyes and ears open to learn the things you don’t. About yourself, others, and how human nature rock and rolls. But blaming others for your bad behavior patterns.

Maine Baxter Park Photo

Maine, One Blue And Green Dream. Wake Up, Get To Vacationland.

We need other people.

They accept us, we let them be them. Black and white, see Dick, see Jane, where is Spot easy right? Blaming them when things go sideways is like lost faith. You need it the most when gale force winds swirl around you. Not just during fair sunny weather stints.

The calm before the storm. That happens pretty much right on schedule. With casual speed, ready or not.

The solitude of Maine not flush with lots of people does help in creating the space to collect your thoughts. You can hear yourself think in Maine.

Maine Is Small Cabin Wood's Living.

No Neighbors, The Wind In The Trees. Crunching Fresh Snow Bring In Some Stove Wood For The Fire Would You Please?

The knee jerk of reaching for someone to cuff up the side of the back of the head like Jethro.

To blame or chide or ridicule. Instead, be kind, be patient and often be silent. Until those thoughts connected to the end of your tongue become captured. Before the damage they can caused are released out into the conversation.

Believe there is a lesson to be learned and stop the blame game. Blaming justifies your own bad behavior.

Neat quotes on how blame limits, damages.

Blame puts you in a corner that is hard to get out of because it is unhealthy but justifies why you are there. The actions of another is the lazy way to run your thoughts. To control your actions. Avoid the stinking thinking and embrace the spring in Maine that is underway.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Spring In Maine, A Time Of Rebirth, Hope, To Plant Again.

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Seasons, Maine has four of them.

Despite the wise crack about mud season and winter. There is not bad weather in Maine but just poor layering of the clothing to fit what is happening on the other side of the kitchen window. Folks that work the day without a roof or walls, no matter what the forecast catch that drift quickly.

Maine Outdoor Beauty Walking, Talking, Photo Shooting.

Do You Have This Kind Of Natural Beauty Where You Live Now?

So spring, the best skiing, snow sledding happens on the tail end of a Maine winter.

We savor an old friend when their time with us is short. Seed catalogs, greenhouses, where to plant this or that is the buzz in many Maine households. As the red in the glass tube climbs higher.

And from budding and return of snow birds in spring, we leap into lush summer Maine living.

Hiking In Maine, Finding The Best Trail.

When You Live In Maine, Everything You Need Is Right On Your Back, Carried With You Daily For Skills, Talent.

And the calendar peels off the pages. Spins nicely toward the brilliant explosion, second bloom of fall foliage in Maine. Land of four seasons. Not just the white of fluffy winter snow. We have no igloos, don’t hibernate or become glued to the couch in Maine during snow covered months. More about climate, weather in Maine, the nitty gritty details.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
― John Steinbeck

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”
― Charles Bowden

“When the sun gets hot and the moon gets hazy
good girls go bad… and it gets crazy!”
― Rachel Thompson

Find what you are missing in Maine where it all happens outdoors year round.

More space, all natural, pure and kept simple. Life is more enjoyable without the crime, the traffic, the billboards or cans/bottles along the highways. The layers of players pushing the pencils in regulations are missing in Maine too.

Maine Churches, Episcopal One In Gardiner.

Lots Of Churches In Maine. More Than Worship Happens In Them. Fellowship, Community Meetings, Counciling And Not Just Used Sundays Mornings.

Come for a day. End up falling in love, staying for a lifetime. She improves, challenges, inspires you this state of Maine does. Don’t stay away too long, or be such a stranger. Get to Maine, plan the trip.

Here is a a little help on places to stay in my area of Southern Aroostook County. We have hunt and pecked lots of other helpful blog posts on a slew of the FAQ subjects. Just reach out, connect and ask. Don’t swallow those questions about what is it like in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Slow Money Maine, Focused On Local Sustainable Food Systems.

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Anything in a Maine community or one of the sixteen county regions is stronger with grass roots collaboration.

Locally sourced Maine farm or fisheries produced quality food hands down strengthens the economy. Creating a diverse income stream to support all the other livelihoods needed to make the burg or village. To fund the intrastructure. To create wealth, keeping the dollars in the small Maine communities turning over, flowing strongly.

Gardiner Maine Episcopla Church

Slow Money Maine Meeting In Gardiner ME Held At The Episcopal Church.

From highly creative, tightly run micro, close to home Maine food enterprises.

Maine farming that entices our young to stay in Maine. Not cross the big green bridge on the southern end. To do more than carve out a meager living. To enhance the uniqueness of the small Maine community in other ways. And assure there is always that small Maine town on the map. Not a last guy or gal out, remember to turn out the lights situation.

There is a shift from just you are what you eat, to how, where it is produced agriculture wildfire going on in Maine.

A storm of not just about sitting down to eat. But “feeding” yourself with all the other experiences your body, family, community needs in this short lifetime on this blue and green marble. Pitching in to create home grown not store bought to dine on in Maine. That like hunger improves the taste because your farm neighbor grew it, your fisherman raised it.

Gardiner Maine Slow Money Of ME Meeting

Bringing The Investor, The Maine Micro Agriculture Producers, Co Op Vendors Together, Slow Money Of Maine Organization Meeting.

The small Maine town is not just a collection of houses, a selection of government buildings and downtown commercial outlets. It is the people. Each bringing talents in their skill set to create the buzz. To differentiate the small Maine community, to make it truly all it can be.

It is not just about for you quality food you toss down the gullet either.

Not fast cheap who knows where it comes from food, but slowly raised and cooked healthy local Maine food. Way more than just setting the table with healthy fuel to keep you and the family going too. It is an attitude, a philosophy, an approach to everything you do and teach your kids in Maine life.

I traveled to Gardiner Maine yesterday to hear several speakers showcase their local food operations.

To highlight where a little help in financing. Could take it to the next step in expansion to extend the market.

Slow Money Maine is one of the Maine partners that gets the discussion started, keeps it going. Breaking down barriers. By bringing investors behind the desk to make the connection with the small farm or fisheries producer out in the field or sea.

Maine Slow Money Maine Meeting

MOFGA Representatives Mingle, Network With The Micro Producers, Co Op Vendors At Slow Money Maine Meeting.

The dialogue created by this group’s tie in with MOFGA, a slew of foundations pushing, promoting the same thing.

To find ways to compete with the big cheap food policy of the nation.

From bread baskets out west. Out of the country too. Where the national focus has been a cheap food policy. Less concern for the healthy quality of the food. Just make sure there is lots of it.

For years small local farming trumped, squashed by the almighty dollar bottom line. Everything about just in time inventory, volume sales like other industry business models.

Food from outside Maine’s collection of mostly small towns with shrinking populations. With fewer farms until the resurgence of local growing to feed the populace.

Eight out of ten people live in an urban area. Not by choice, but for survival.

Maine Oysters

Have A Maine Maine Oysters…Their Reputation Is Catching On!

But you have to do more than eat.

Feeding the mind, spirit, and in the process of putting the best locally sourced Maine food on the family table working together. That leads to everyone in the small Maine community to step up.

To know if it is to be, it is up to you and me.

You and I are the “they” in the Maine community. Don’t bitch or complain, wait for someone else to do it. What is needed to enhance. Expand the unique flavor of our many Maine small towns, the handful of cities.

Yesterday in the Episcopal church in Gardiner my partner and I heard presentations from the Brunswick Food Shed. A group converting slow but sure a set of derelict train storage sheds, to develop the old right of way track pathways to create a food hub and more. And from None Such Oysters talk about their coastal 6.5 acres operation. That enterprises tourist/fisheries production tale and needs.


Peakes Island Micro Farm Producers, Lana and Sara Cannon Talk About Their Micro Maine Enterprise.

Also a set of sisters, Noon Family Sheep Farm, creating Peakes Island farming off Portland Maine on a small scale. Growing slowly. Same themes. Almost below radar compared to what you and I think of traditional farming. All the mountains of overhead debt, giant equipment payments, etc that come with the typical agriculture operation.

But the pair now supplying a school kitchen and growing by inches not yards or acres. I was there at the Slow Money of Maine meeting to help out with a pair of presentations from Aroostook County. From both ends of “The County” the size of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined. Up here in the “Crown Of Maine”.

First the County Co Op in Houlton Maine. Check out their Facebook page. Along with co-presenters, located two hours further north Market Street in Fort Kent Maine.

Keep it simple. Let’s grow it here in Maine and feed ourselves.

And attract tourists to sample the delicacies of carefully grown, all healthy food. To create sustainable agriculture systems for right here in Maine. The space I call all natural, unfiltered, always pure. The place to unplug, recharge. Where if we all roll up the sleeves, pick ourselves up by the bootstraps in a shifting economy great things happen. The awareness shift back to local food happens. Leads to other home grown endeavors. All started by the back to the land thinking about everything.

Maine Slow Money Group Meeting.

Presentations By County Co Op Of Houlton, Market Street Co Op In Fort Kent Maine At Slow Money Of ME Gardiner Meeting.

We can create more locally sourced farm to table Maine food.

Making us depend less on outside Maine forces that cripple. Siphoning the money in a state not flush with it which weakens. The farmer’s markets, pop up tent outlets, food co ops, acoustic soup, Taste Of Winter suppers all helps out the famous Maine tourist industry too.

It is way more than just creating health food systems from wholesome organic food in Maine. But making healthy communities in the Pine Tree State that starts creating the richness. The real wealth locally out in the local not out of state farm fields.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker