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If A Third Of The World’s Food Is Never Eaten…

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Wasted food, when someone goes hungry while another throws away what never gets eaten.

Something wrong with that situation. So for starters, how to avoid wasting food which can make greenhouse gases, methane that does not help the Earth’s environment. It does start at home and food waste reduction. And when you raise what you eat, it can stay in the garden and be drawn on like a food bank. Or stored in your root cellar with sometimes little preparation or a process in canning that is a family tradition.

Organic Food In Maine

Fresh Maine Food, Like This Cabbage Organically Grown At Nature’s Circle Farm In Aroostook County.

There is nothing like a trip around supper time during a nippy winter night in Maine and getting an armful of potatoes, bread and butter pickles, stewed beets or whatever the food pantry holds to dine on with a little imagination and a hunger that always improves the taste.

The journey down the cellar steps into the root cellar that yields much for lovingly made produce. For more close to home, farm to table all natural items to feed the Maine family. What you eat, how much is available and knowing you or your community members had a role in the growing and final preparation is a beautiful thing. No worries about what this foodstuff was sprayed with, how it was handled all disappears when the farming is done in your backyard, out in the rear fields.

But think about that staggering amount of food raised but never eaten by anyone. A third of the World’s food goes to waste, unsampled. The nutrition never channeled into someone’s diet and the fuel never put to use. Maine is a place with close to home grown quality food. To think of all that food in other places of the World that ends up on a trash pile or plowed up, in a composting container is truly sad. Starvation is not just having food or going hungry too. Food insecurity is another topic of discussion that

Maine Rutabaga Farm Produce Is Tasty Food From The Field.

everyone in the World can appreciate.

Maine has started a healthy trend to being the top in the country for lower age farmers and is bucking the national average age of hovering around 59 for farmers in the USA.

It used to be about 48 years old for the guy and gal in the overalls, back after World War Two’s cease fire. More on the trend for aging farmers in the USA. In Maine, agriculture’s resurgence is tied to the tourism too. Sometimes the farming is a agricultural festival that creates the buzz and traffic to small Maine communities.

The resurgence of local farming in Maine could help give a shot in the arm for the food pantries too. Maine farms starting up at a rate four times the national average. Close to home surpluses of excess local foodstuffs don’t end up on the rubbish pile. Get channeled where they do the most good at places like the Good Shepherd food pantry and don’t become methane generators or end up hurting the size of the Earth’s carbon food print.

Maine Farm Fields To Gleen In Maine.

Ways To Slice, Dice, Eat Red Cabbage. Just One Of The Locally Grown Maine Farm Foods Available To Buy, The Fields To Gleen.

Instead of picking up a package of food and not being so sure where it came from, the tendency to gravitate to the farmer’s markets is a healthy habit. To have a rich experience jawing and rubbing shoulders with the local grower who delivers the Maine farm food. Who shares the growing experience and learns what the shoppers prefers for future planning on what seed to buy. Knowing just which field on the Maine farm he will be growing what next year because the customer has spoken.

Eyeball to eyeball and face to face in the exchange between shopper and Maine farmer.

Organic farming in Maine is a growing part of the agriculture landscape too. Fighting for it’s bigger share of the market with conventional farming operations in Maine. There is a reason many Amish settlements have popped up around Maine. Cheap Maine land, fertile soil, not overly regulated with permits and licensing and low crime, no traffic. Lots of love and it makes for an idea backdrop to a farmstead in Maine if that is the lifestyle you want to carve out for yourself, your family.

More on agritourism.

Food, Maine, you and some land around where you live. Because you and no one else either should go hungry. Ever thought of scratching the dirt, planting the seeds and seedlings and tending the crops to get them to the bountiful harvest? Maine is one big state and farming is such an important part of the heritage of every single ones of the communities surrounding the four corners of Vacationland. Ever thought of owning a farmstead you build from the ground up and renting out rooms at your country inn, or scheduling tours for the tourist who decides to wander into your region of Maine? Hold that thought, can help you put together the dream in ownership of your own farming property in Maine.

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Food Insecurity, What Does It Mean To Mainers?

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Food insecurity, what do the two words mean if you live in Maine?

Well for starters, the first time I heard the expression “food insecurity” I did not think about not having enough or any. But where did the food come from and what was it sprayed with, how was it handled by field workers, in transport from field to my point of purchase, etc. I grew up on a Maine potato and grain farm and we had lean years but always ate well. With big vegetable truck gardens, an endless supply of potatoes and a root cellar stocked from dirt floor to over my head to draw from to make it close to home hands on foodstuffs. For true field to table, fruit orchard, poultry, beef, dairy critters to provide what went into the meal production.

Food insecurity is defined as …

Good Nutrition, Beet Trimming Organic Foodstuffs.

Trimming Beets At Nature’s Circle, A Local Organic Farming Operation In Northern Maine.

“food in·se·cu·ri·ty

 the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. 1.”more than 800 million people live every day with hunger or food insecurity as their constant companion”.
They says food insecurity and poverty go hand in hand too.
Not knowing where your next meal or snack is coming from messes up the three meals a day routine, the you can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat.

In a state like Maine where farming is big, agriculture is all around us. Going hungry is harder to fathom. You can always glean fields, there is plenty of food harvested but lots more left behind to just rot into the ground. Help yourself, just ask the farmer and say thanks. Because more mechanized farm operations don’t get everything from the field that could be what’s for your breakfast, lunch, dinner. But it is not economical for the big scale farmer to go back and scour because hundreds of acres to harvest before frost sets in and that’s all she wrote.

 But the quality of the food, the nutritive value especially for youngsters with developing brains, growing bodies. Plenty of good food wins the day. Not tons of convenience items with empty nutrition that can be bought cheaply. But rob dietary nutrition of the essential vitamins and trace element ingredients. The eight out of ten folks living in a city where the most jobs are don’t have the same options for free food straight from the field to supply what is on the grocery list. They can’t have a garden because just no space around them in the hustle bustle.

Reduced quality, less variety adds to the food insecurity discussion to broaden the scope as defined by the USDA. Discomfort, weakness, illness with prolonged food insecurity is a cancer of a different type. Than the ones that attack certain organs or that like to  spread and travel around the body like wildfire. That claim the lives of loved ones in our families and communities.

Do you worry about food running out and your cupboards being Old Mother Hubbard bare?

In cities, just in time grocery store stocking the shelves would mean havoc if trucking stopped for two or three days. Storms and weather disturbances bear this out as panic happens on the retail level.

Movement To Maine Farming

Family Farms, Maine Has An Increase And The  Average Age Of Farmers Is Dropping!

Like a cold Maine winter challenges the wood pile supply when you have five cords stacked in the shed or filling your cellar but are chewing it up quicker than you planned.

Knowing you may not have enough fuel or food for your family to keep them warm or fed is what keeps a parent awake at night. When money is short, programs to take up the slack get over taxed, reduced or phased out altogether.

Food and shelter, safety are the biggest basic needs a person could have. Providing for your family, the young sprouts is a component of love as a good parent. Which everyone needs to feel important, to feel loved, worthwhile and have hope. Good food, in great supply is a wonderful basic staple. And can the locals in a small Maine community prepare it just so.

Anyone working in education knows the anxiety of kids skipping meals because there is nothing to to feast on.

And what it does to add to the distraction and dull the focus of the student needing the education. But the lack of energy or oomph. Just not feeling up to par because of sheer hunger. The week before a school vacation are happy times for those heading out on a tropical sea cruise or a visit to see Mickey or Minnie in the sunny south. But when your Maine home is cold, there is no food and the atmosphere is stressed because of missing parents or ones that fight, there is nothing to look forward to when a vacation arrives. School is the routine, with food injected to round out the day in the classrooms and roaming the halls in the educational shuffle from the gym to the library and hopefully not detention.

The days heading out of a school vacation back into the three “R’s” in the classroom are hard on educators and students too.

Because the adjustment from a week, a holiday that was not fun with no food, cold and harsh conditions at home. All that follows the unhappy student back into the rows of desks with the black board upfront and the apple on the desk. The hungry child living in poverty conditions did not get a real vacation and has to begin feeding the mind and nourishing the soul to develop skills to be self sufficient outside of the educational bubble.Have you ever run into someone that was poor growing up and did not like it, carries a chip on their shoulder of bitterness and regret? It isn’t fair for a kid to be hungry, to go without food.

maine food farms, potato fields

The Bees Are Busy Pollinating The Maine Potato Fields In Summer.

Or I know of someone that knew hunger growing up and missed meals, went to bed hungry and who now works at a food pantry because of it. To make sure less kids and older know that same feeling down in your gut of going without food or good nutrition.

Do you support a cause like backpack for kids in your local area?

Who fill up the empty sack to have bus drivers distribute to households that lack much in the cupboards at no fault of the child in those homes.

During the school year, backpacks with non-perishable items are filled up on a Wednesday, taken to the school on Friday, and head home with the children to be returned via the child turning in the empty bags on Monday.

Everything repeated the following Wednesday which is fine as long as the yellow school bus is on its run. Reducing hunger for children is so important to their education, esteem, general well being. Summer away from school’s dinner bell ringing or if the back pack support team needs a break in the food line bucket brigade, kids go hungry of the good stuff, any foodstuff and on their own in fending for themselves.

Low cost or free meals that are nutritious and balanced are provided to over 31 million American students in our country.

The US Census ties poverty levels to the number of reduced or free hot lunches or breakfasts provided to students in an area economically challenged. Hunger is one of the leading obstacles to education in our country.But the argument parents always used about finish your plate and remember all those starving kids halfway around the World.

When you scan a row of kids at a concert or at a sporting event or out in the community and obesity seems to be another dietary problem. Not because of not enough food but poor eating habits of the wrong items or too much that adds the weight and affects the health of the youngster. Who is carrying around the physical weight beyond the design of his or her body along with the self esteem issues for being large.

organic farmers in maine

Seed Potatoes In Maine, The Best Creates Large Yields Of Great Nutritious Produce.

Part of fixing health care and making it more affordable starts in good eating habits as a kid.

Obesity affects genetics, alters the behaviors and attitudes of kids that get less and less exercise the larger they become. A healthy diet, a child physically active is happier and not eating out of boredom or self medicating to band-aid a larger dietary wound.

Good diet, eating habits and nutritious food helps children grow strong, maintain a healthy weight throughout childhood. And leads to less burden on the expensive health care system because a healthier population does not depend on it so greatly.A harmony, a balance of energy goes into activity and calorie consumption. From the right foods and beverages to prevent excess weight gain.

Healthy eating, being physically active helps to prevent chronic diseases that are killers like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Eating balanced meals, combined with exercise improves mental clarity and helps reduced mood swings. To stave off depression because of the poor self image from overeating, under exercising and being out of control with food consumption.

Did you or anyone grow up exposed to Maine farming?

Do you have a garden, is there space to have one where you live or does your community provide space to scratch the dirt, plant seeds to cultivate and nourish to get to the harvest stage?

Maine, lots of space and more are turning to homesteads, farmsteading because what is most important is missing on their dinner tables. Good food and Maine farming tie in with healthier lifestyles and being outdoors, working the land to be in better shape as the secondary gain. Maine farming  agriculture numbers are up in more ways than one.

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A Two Nation Vacation In Maine And Canada.

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The coastline as far as you can see and wildlife filled Great North woods surrounding you can make Maine vacations pretty peaceful.

But when you vacation in Maine or live here full or part time, Canada is always near your Maine doorstep. Just a short hop across the border in many Maine locations means tap into the magic of Canada too. For an international blend of Maine and Canada on tap for vacation fun.

Atlantic Canada is the region of Canada that the is closest to where I live in Maine.

It comprises of four provinces located on the Atlantic coast, the three Maritime provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. Quebec is the other Canadian province that borders Maine and offers more vacation options. With the loonie worth less than the American dollar, the vacation value of crossing the Maine border into Canada combine to be a change of scenery / sound fiscal decision all rolled up into one.

Atlantic Canada Provinces

Maine Is Next To Three Atlantic Canada Maritime Provinces

I have lots of Canadian relatives and my two youngest children, boys, each played lots of hockey on “over home” polished sheets of frozen solid ice.

Ice hockey arenas are a cornerstone of many Canadian provincial towns and cities. Hop in the Jeep, let’s take you through the Canadian immigration and leave Maine for a view minutes.  Ski areas in New Brunswick Canada account for some of the cross border traffic in our family.

If you follow the Me In Maine blog you see different areas around Vacationland high-lighted as possible places to visit. But being this close to the Atlantic Canadian provinces means it is time for a blog post rotated in to the mix of over 1000 about what lies just a few miles away.

My first visit to Halifax Nova Scotia was because one son was thinking about attending Dalhousie University in Canada.

We visited Fairlawn Cemetery while in Halifax Nova Scotia which has the remains of many who perished on the wreck of the HMS Titanic during her maiden voyage. I plan to visit Prince Edward Island Canada this summer and will post images and blog a post or two on that vacation adventure. In Quebec, on vacations growing up my three older brothers and I made several trips to that Canadian province and usually during Winter Carnival. Staying at the Hotel (Chateau) Frontenac in old Quebec City Canada, the frozen toboggan runs, skating on iced over ponds added to the history lesson of this province where French was the primary language.

In New Brunswick Canada that borders Maine, there are vacation options from the Fundy coastal area into the river valley and Miramichi River route.

Lots of cultures clashed and melted into the landscape and history of casting the rod and reel line along the Miramichi River region of New Brunswick Canada. Life is a beach and in New Brunswick Canada there are fifty of them to spread out your towel or set up a folding chair to just unplug and recharge as you gaze out over the waterfront that expands well beyond the eye sight of you or me.

Hartland Covered Bridge In New Brunswick Canada

Longest Covered Bridge In The World, Hartland New Brunswick Canada. Hold Your Breath Like The Kids Do Crossing It!

More on New Brunswick Canada beaches. More on provincial and national parks in New Brunswick Canada.

Hit the World’s longest covered bridge in Hartland New Brunswick Canada. Visit King’s Landing and step back into colonial times with 70 historic structures on 300 acres. Sample the ale, toe tap and hum, sing, dance to the music of the Maritimes. Visit St Andrew’s By The Sea.

You decide the mode of transportation in the site seeing on your vacation weaving back and forth from Maine to Canada too.

Maybe what works best is a combination of biking along Eastern Canada’s best mountain trails, hiking to the waterfalls hidden in the wildlife filled forests, or camping and cooking outdoors under the stars of New Brunswick. One New Brunswick Canada park in particular to scope out is Hopewell Rocks located on the shores of the Bay Of Fundy. The Hopewell Cape location is one of the Marine wonders of the World and is the site of some of the World’s highest tides. When the sea is removed, the walks on the ocean floor who unique rock formations that have been carved by the wear and tear of tides and wave action.

The “flower-pot rocks” as they are called are over a thousand years old in the Hopewell Rocks region of New Brunswick Canada.

The tides manipulate the water to rise to four story high levels. Kayaking around the rock formations is one memorable way to explore the Hopewell Rocks. More on the New Brunswick province region called the Bay of Fundy. More on the festivals of New Brunswick Canada. The food of New Brunswick Canada includes a lot of seafood, because like Maine, the rich fishing grounds of the Atlantic Ocean include the gulf of St Lawrence and Northumberland Strait. Enjoy lobster just like in Maine but also year round the arctic char, salmon, haddock, trout, sole, crab, clams, and blue mussels.

The propaganda I read from the tourist sites say the Bay of Fundy scallops are fat and juicy like the lobsters.

Oysters are harvested from September to the end of November and to really load up on them visit the Acadian Coastal Drive as part of your New Brunswick Vacation.  Used to ski Mont Fralagne when the kids were little in Edmunston New Brunswick Canada.

The food in the Edmunston New Brunswick area offers unique Acadian dishes that were part of the local 39th Acadian Festival highlights showcased last year. The Acadian Festival spanned both sides of the Maine Canadian border. Events included a re-enactment of the first Acadian Landing in Northern Maine, traditional Acadian supper, entertainment, cultural displays, a festival Parade, Party du Main Street.

The Acadian Festival is held each year in conjunction with a large family reunion, honoring one of the Acadian pioneer families.  Edmunston New Brunswick Canada is one of eight cities. In Houlton Maine a quick trip where I-95 connects to the Trans Canada highway to shop in Fredericton the capital of New Brunswick Canada is abut 70 miles. Fredericton provides a city setting and going on to Moncton, to St John New Brunswick Canada’s largest city just adds to the road trip.

If you are in Downeast Maine, you might consider a ferry boat trip across to Roosevelt Campobello International Park.

The 35 room historic International vacation home of President Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt called Campobello is one worthwhile visit on Vacation in Maine or New Brunswick Canada! FDR’s family vacationed here for 65 years on his beloved small Canadian island where he could be himself! On an island, you and I are all the same. Watch the video on Campobello Island with its 35 foot tidal waves and total privacy away from the high society of New York and training to be mentally tough, to wrestle with polio at age 39.

embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube mooersrealty

Like Maine, whale watching, visiting the museums, learning about the history and sampling the local food served by friendly Canadian locals make your two nation vacation one to remember. To continue year after year as you straddle the border between Maine, New Brunswick and the rest of Atlantic and Quebec Canadian provinces we will highlight in detail in the future!

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Coffee, Make It Pitch Black, Fresh Ground, Using Maine Spring Or Well Water.

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The best coffee in Maine is found served up at a sporting camp in the great, deep woods.

With a group of guys traveling from many different states on a yearly pilgrimage up to Maine. The recreational camp in T4 R3 or whatever unorganized township and range number where property taxes go directly to Augusta Maine. No pressurized water, the woods retreat serviced by an outhouse with very outdated reading material. The damp, musty smelling sparse camp interior used by mice most of the year is stocked with plenty of bunk beds, a center pot belly wood stove just a crackling, sputtering as it cranks out the heat.

old coffee pot

Coffee Early In The Morning The Old Fashion Way!

  The coffee server making his rounds like a private after the day’s hard fought battle to catch some type of wildlife with the Choke full o’ Nuts, Eight O’clock, Wally World Classic Roast coffee beverage.

Served up inside the hand peeled cedar or pine log Maine woods camp. Using a pot holder, gripping a very old smoke charred metal pot tipped slowly to spill where intended its precious brewed contents.

The blackened coffee pot like the cowboys used out under the stars, on the open range leaning against their circle of western saddles gazing into camp fires. Collecting positive ions as a summer breeze circulates around the idle conversations.

Back at woods camp, the metal coffee cups gripped by their handles by the partridge, deer, black bear or moose slayers. Transported out onto the open porch after a gut busting supper of fresh game, local veggies, out of state dessert pies their better half packed in coolers  for the trip north days earlier.

Fresh coffee to start the day tastes mighty fine, extra special at a Maine lake cottage or ocean front property too.

With Grampy cooking a breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, baked beans, home fries, pancakes, homemade biscuits and jam. The chef telling his three grandsons to shake a leg. “We’re wasting daylight lads, the fish are waiting, I can hear them calling your name.” A glance at his Timex shows the cook and chief bottle washer it’s a whisker before five AM.

Lobster Boats In Maine Part Of Christmas Dining.

Hot Coffee Fixed The Way You Like It Best! To Keep The Lobstermen Caffeinated.

The excited boys, a trio of cousins under the gun to finish their breakfast eggs, flap jacks, whatever remains. Mopping up their plates using the last biscuit what was served up from iron frying pan atop the antique wood cook stove. The heater/kitchen cook center of making the hash passed down family heirloom surviving two World Wars and the Great Depression.

The eggs, Maine blueberry pancake stacks and the charge of so much else just dined on, all cooked just the way each young boy liked them best. While now their grandfather cleans up, turns to drain one more cup of early morning coffee. He gave up the cancer sticks, the nails for the coffin three decades earlier that would have died up one coffee drinking hand in the pair.

 Filling a thermos with the excess brew to nurse on later to remain percolated chipper, to stay IV slow drip caffeinated out on the open chop, the swell and roll, fishing troll along Maine water front.

As a day of fishing and stories with a grandfather out in the sea worthy boat unfolds for the memory making. The competition for the biggest fish bragging rights about to launch from the boat tied to the dock out front the Maine lake cottage or rock bound coastal vacation venue.

The best coffee in Maine, you can find it in quaint small town, a few city venues all established that stand out brightest. But the map from the hand picked beanery dispensers touted online seems to stop in Bangor heading north. It forgets the coffee served daily at the corner stores, local Northern Maine diners, restaurants and cafes. The church, grange, service and snowmobile, sporting clubs. Morning coffee tastes best in anything but a Styrofoam cup and spiked with the conversation. The catch up on grapevine local-state-national news with the other fresh ground bean worshipers public opinion that makes the eye opening coffee time almost a religious ritual.

 Just try to skip that morning coffee and the rest of the day seems to back peddle and you feel big time out of joint.

nija coffee cup

Ninja Coffee Mug. Become Cat Like Quick Slurping Joe Out Of This Container.

Maine like it’s barley pop beer micro breweries has lots of coffee bean roasters. Clever names attached to the coffee to tie in with the Maine regions it is from and all of them pushing hard on the branding levers to stand out as the best bean to start, maintain or end your day. What’s the slogan of the double DD brand of coffee? Oh yeah, the World runs on Dunkin’ (coffee).

My World rocks on Tim Horten’s and with my boys playing hockey in Canada for years I noticed there is a Timmy Ho Ho’s on every corner eh? My addiction grows for the place with the pull up the rim to win, and fruit explosion muffins that make me a coffee Ninja. (Hi yahhh chop drop kick move.) Hey, hold it while over home in Canada… Back it up in Hartland New Brunswick where the World’s longest wooded covered bridge spans the St John River. Let’s pull in to Dixie Lee for some of their wicked decent chicken, fish, a couple tubs of that oh oh so so fine, the sweet fine chopped coleslaw would you Sport?

 Forget the brand of java bean you like best, how do you enhance it to your liking with the aftermarket fixings?

If straight up, Darth Vader black is not your color or choice for coffee enjoyment then roll in the condiments tray. Add the cream and sugar, or slew of substitutes for sweetness or flavoring infusion options. A shot of Jack, Jim, Jose, Crown whiskey or hit me. Like a little splash of raspberry Chamboard, orange Grand Marnier, Bailey’s Irish Cream, B&B liqueur? No thanks. Keep the stopper in the Jeanie in the bottle like gold strip wrapped decanter. But please do. Latte this, double shot of turbo that, triple triple espresso over here as you make the coffee pouring rounds. To have it your way in the cup of Joe held with clasped hands. To heat the palms of your paws as you reflect. All the enhancement additives leaves little room for center stage coffee among pump up the volume foamy lather.

And how much coffee is too much? Hold it to a limit of 28 cups per week some preach.

  What are the heath benefits coffee, of this oxidant rich elixir of the God’s besides extra energy, clear thinking, burning fat? Well decreasing heart and diabetes disease is one reason to keep it up. The chug a lug makes you a regular percolator. Who started the coffee break, the coffee cluck reach for filter brewed squeezin’s of the big bad bean? More on the history of coffee. Sometimes it is less is more in the good to the last drop with little demitasse, half the cup size coffee squirt. But talk about horsepower and an eye opener from the coffee shot between the eyes. Iced coffee anyone? Cool off on a hot day, shift to the hot stuff when the mercury sits lower in the glass temperature tube. Or fire up the single serving Keurig unit for some like it this way, some another or when drinking alone.

keurig coffee unit

Single Shot Coffee … Load Your Favorite And Here It Comes Without The Wait For 8,10,12 Cups Or More In The Big Pot Of Java Joe.

Remember, it’s not the coffee all by its lonesome  but the people and Maine setting that improve the overall taste experience. Coffee moments, ahhhhh. Got time for coffee?

Oh sure, sometimes it’s just you and the coffee in the holder with drive time tunes or the news on the morning commute. But the sense of community among coffee drinkers after their morning fix is strong. Truck drivers guiding the 18 or more wheels with the jake brake through all kinds of Maine weather and winding roads. The guy or gal with the chain drive wallet, the high watt squawk box linear “got your ears on” CB needs the road juice. Not a flashlight full of bennies under the bunk mattress. To stay extra alert, to avoid flattening texting teenagers with new licenses and plenty of other distractions. That’s a big 10-4 to skip the 10-55 that leads to the meat wagon or hearse call.

 What’s that, you are a tea toteler?

Being this close to the merry old dominion of Canada which learned the love of a spot of tea at three in the afternoon from across the pond, Mainers are no strangers to the power of the tea leaves. Don’t have clouds in their coffee and reach for Red Rose, Sleepy Bear, Earle Grey, Lipton or whatever their favorite blend of tea in the bag to heat, steep and pour. Some hot items for tea drinkers if it is no no to the cup of Joe.

maine farm bull winter photo

Fresh Hot Coffee, Whatever Meal Tastes Improves After Maie Farm Chores Are Done.

The best coffee bean grinder on the market today to own because some argue fresh ground of any variety that trips your trigger is the single most important ingredient. Or what about French pressed coffee? It ain’t rocket science as this coffee camp blog post sputters.

Anything but those Folger’s coffee crystals for me please.  Like warm water with a brown crayon dipped in it. Yikes. And what about cowboy coffee that is only the beans, the water, the pot? True two wheel hog riders don’t mind the bugs in their teeth but the grounds from really bad cowboy coffee can stick with your gritty smile and spoil the day.

 I think the water is right up there with what’s most important to pay attention to making the morning coffee.

Don’t spoil the coffee with chlorine and fluoride municipal H2O IMHO. Tap a spring, draw from a private well of pure water. And push back, run away from those burnt over-roasted beans that taste like Moxie, roots, bark and bug parts mixed with dirt. I know folks line up in droves, beat a pathway to the door of Starbucks. And I’m a some like it fine just midnight black, straight up no thank you to anything extra slid into my coffee cup. To wrestle with the taste, to interfere with the clear, crisp liquid buzz. But just don’t feel the love for Starbucks. Sorry and hope you do support the establishment if one is handy and on your haunt circle.

 What you park the coffee in for a vessel for the road ride or just standing around hearing about how the Red Sox, Celtics, Boston Bruins or local sports team did last night.

With the shuffle stop and go at the Piggly Wiggly corner pit stop.

happy coffee cup

Happy Coffee, Warm Up Your Hands, Heart, Let the Buzz Give You A Kick In The Pants.

Where talk about the brown trout biting out on Secret Pond or the river with the first settler’s name, Meduxnekeag that means “Rocks at its mouth”.

Here’s one fine coffee tested container for road or camping trips where you need more than one 8 ounce fix and the thermos is as precious as the green tank with the air cord is to folks short on breath.

The coffee cup better not be Dixie brand or hydrocarbon styrofoam. That’s right up there with drinking water out of a garden hose on a warm day experience when you are a kid. And your peers say “he’s just a young sprout, don’t know no better”. (Speaking as an aside of the dialect expressions in Maine check out this wicked decent video story about the trusty, crusty clammer with his hoe, boots, on the mud flats in search of the friggin’ purple clam that removed his finger. He could have used a squirt of French Vanilla coffee to his sweeten his sour mood.)

 Here are some local Maine bean roasters and distributors.

Wicked Joe’s pushes not just a better coffee bean but fair trade with the Juan Valdez farmer on the other end of the trade. Carrabassett Coffee Company is headquartered in Kingfield, Maine near Sugarloaf USA ski area. Here’s a Maine map with more coffee roaster locations to located the ones nearest you. Will double back and add more from the list as we delve into who they are, where they are in Maine for your coffee hounds.

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Downeast Maine, Where Is It Exactly?

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The location of Downeast Maine, where the region starts and stops is hard to nail down.

The term Downeast or Down East Maine has been used loosely since the word first appeared in a dictionary in 1825.  “Downeast” is a sailing term too. The prevailing winds along the Maine coast blow from the southwest in the warm months, so ships from Boston were able to run downwind as they sailed along Maine’s north-easterly-trending coast. Or so reported like a true skipper Colin Woodard with his explanation of where the term originated in his book The Lobster Coast.

Downeast Maine

Ever Been To Downeast Maine? Learn More About The Region In Washington And Hancock Counties.

Woodard examines Downeast Maine’s complicated relationship with Massachusetts that combined with what else was happening almost a decade before the pilgrims spied and named the rock.

When European settlers were barely eking out a living along the rocky Maine coast. Where their weary, weathered descendants fended off aggrieved Indians, French raiders, self serving English lords. And greedy land speculators all had a hand in the forces forging, shaping the unique lobstering communities of coastal Maine.

Downeast Maine is small fishing communities, a little less touristy than coastal sections closer to the Granite, Bay states. The terrain is hilly, soils rocky, sandy and not like the Caribou loam profile of Aroostook County, the garden of Maine. Downeast Maine is not easily accessed by simply turning on a right hand turn signal and a quick zip to reach from an Interstate 95 off ramp. It takes time to weave in and out along old US Rt 1 like threading the eye of a needle. Downeast is more difficult to reach from land or sea. During periods of fog, when it is snowing and blowing fluffy flakes or through a weather spell of freezing rain.

The distance, difficulty for travel insulates and protects like lots of far away corners of Maine.

Where on a day trip you just arrive and like travel to the Moon have to quickly shift gears and think about heading for home. Low on the fuel of precious time. That is part of what protects the craggy, rock bound coast of Downeast Maine. And why there are not easy directions for tourists when wanting a quick answer fix to finding tourist attractions and getting a slow, dry reply of “you can’t get there from here”. (The correct pronunciation “You caunt get thar from here-ah”)

Looking For Life Answers? Find Them In Maine.

Rough Seas Outside Maine, Come Ashore, Land Your Vessel.

When the native asked for the tenth time today gives up, because the travel help just causes grumbles about what a stupid way to lay out your town. When the locals have no trouble at all and like it just fine. Downeast Maine is not like anywhere else, not trying to be and hangs tough to what helped it keep going and survive the storms of life.

Don’t expect cookie cutter like modern grid row communities and remember the terrain, weather, tight economics all add more wrinkles to the Downeast experience that defies zoning and does not seek perfect order. Clinging instead to the days before the steamers and when clipper ships, King pines, fishing canneries, maritime folklore of dance and music, rich sea coast history and tradition ruled the day.

So back to the drawing the dotted line on the cake of Maine to cut deep and carve out a piece of tasty Downeast Maine.

Downeast Maine, where exactly does it start or stop again? The tourist information people slice the watery eastern side of Vacationland to include “sections” of the Maine coast so the local merchants can focus just on their backyard. Because on a three day weekend, you are not going to be able to sample all of Maine coastline. Pace yourself as a traveler with only so much time. Focus on your area as a merchant not wishing to waste a drop of the expensive promotional dollars. It’s regions, not one of the sixteen counties easy to figure out the where the travel slide show is taking you today in Maine.

Hancock County has the longest coastline of any of Maine’s sixteen land sections. In Washington County no democrat has led the county since Hubert Humphrey back in 1968. What about the Downeast Maine lighthouses included in this northern most section of coastline? I know Cape Elizabeth’s Portland Headlight gets most of the press, but West Quoddy Headlight is one of the prettiest in Maine in her crisp, clean, dramatic red and white attire. She is the Eastern most lighthouse in Maine, the USA.

Maine Harbor Scene In Cutler ME

Float Your Boat To Maine. Get Here Anyway You Have Available. Cutler Maine Pictured, Downeast.

I think West Quoddy Headlight’s northern coastal location across from Maritime Canada, Campobello Island makes her a jewel the average traveler runs out of gas and never gets to see.

We took a little road trip down to Machias Maine, the county seat for Washington yesterday. Had some fried clams, fish chowder at Helen’s Restaurant and admired the Downeast setting. Less tourists, much snow than Northern Maine today, plenty of fractured ice along the waterways. A visit to Roque Bluffs State Park is one recommendation if you are in the Machias area of Maine. For the smell of salt air, vision of coastal eye candy and to feel the breeze that makes you pull up your collar, tug on your zipper.

Blueberries, one more word to describe Downeast Maine. Like Central Maine children collect eggs out of the hen’s nest, Northern Maine children pick potatoes out of the ground, Downeast youngsters and their families rake blueberries from the barrens.

Meg and I picked up the Quoddy Tides and Machias Valley News Observer after fueling the stomach with fresh Maine fish.

machias downeast maine

Machias Maine, County Seat For Washington Is Part Of Downeast Maine!

Front page insertions about food pantries, winter fuel heating assistance, volunteers sought to count homeless residents all show how coastal community ban together. To help each other, and leave no one out especially during the colder, stark off season tourist months when folks hunker down and wait for spring. Your turn to deal in the cribbage board game Chummy. Pass the sardines please Bub.

In both newspaper publications, towns grapple with local regulations for marijuana gets front page press ink in larger font type. Fifty two percent of Washington County did not support the latest pot referendum but Maine as a whole did by about four thousand votes.

Now talk about moving forward with how best to handle pot out in the open suggests moratoriums for a year. To figure out regulation, enforcement, penalties, how to guide best, how to test for sobriety and what about edibles that all on the table in small Maine communities. Who are looking to the Maine Municipal Association for guidance on legalize pot. Some towns in Maine reaching out to learn about how Oregon, Colorado and Washington state rolled out legalize marijuana growing programs to study for the private and retail sector.

Maine Seafood For Fresher Flounder, Etc.

Fresh Fish, Your Are In Maine Remember?

The veteran of the month is highlighted in the Machias Valley News Observer, the local Maine newspaper serving its region for over 160 years.

In the newspaper edition I held up, opened wide for the peek into Downeast Maine, a World War Two vet was the topic of discussion. Many in the audience no doubt somehow related to this service vet. Veterans are gone but not forgotten and remembrance is the least you can do for the many who gave some, the some who gave all. Amen.

Local sports teams like all of Maine towns are big news as thoughts of another or the first gold ball for the school trophy case are entertained by everyone young and old. ” The Narraguagus Lady Knights basketball team slays the Woodland Knights” the headline reads. Local photos from Steuben, Jonesport, Barney Cove in Beals, Maine all add to the literary seasoning of the local newsprint of Downeast Maine.

News highlights in the local Downeast press edition we scanned highlighted the Calais Maine hospital marks it’s 100th anniversary and shows a 1917 image from back when it was on Church Street. An image of Bohemian Waxwing birds flying in and out to feast on apples and berries was showcased for readers. New books at the Pembroke Library highlighted… one titled “The Kamikaze Hunters” by Will Iredale.

cutler maine island

Maine. The Jewels Are Out In The Open, Glistening, Sparkling The Daylight. Not Trapped, Under A Light In A Locked Up Tight Display Case. Cutler Maine Island.

Contra dances, Celtic music, boat builders meeting, benefit suppers, bug delicacies tasting and education, senior socials, a beam raising ceremony, soul foot pot luck supper, mind reading, workshop on making sauerkraut, moon light snow shoe/ski/food hike. Everything happening in the local setting make the news announcements and gets coverage in the weekly papers Downeast.

To mark the new year, the Great Sardine pictured, dropping from the Tides Institute and Museum of Art building in downtown Eastport at midnight. Also a historic tug boat that parted from its mooring in St Andrews Canada because of high winds during a winter storm was pictured listing to one side on shore in Robbinston, Maine.

The 60 foot T.B. McClintic was built in 1932 at Bath Iron Works and had a rich maritime history racking up the nautical miles out at sea. Luckily the sea vessel was able to power off on the incoming tide the following day with calmer seas and the journey across the St Croix River to return to St Andrews.

Who says there is nothing going on in a small Maine town?

Downeast Maine, you want to vacation but need some ideas on what to do and where in Vacationland. The Pirate Festival in Eastport and Lubec Maine is one worthwhile outing. There is an Eastport Ferry Service to help get you on the water, from land lubber point to point. To help you during the Pirate Festival develop your sea legs. Wicked fun time if you can make it to Downeast town wide celebration. Now let’s go clamming! Ready?


The Ballad of the Purple Clam from Adam Fisher on Vimeo.


Bar Harbor Maine is part of the lower end of Downeast coastal sections but seems so much more prosperous and polished that something is lost in the authenticity.

Maine River Race Links

Maine Has A Slew Of Waterfront Options For Vacations, Like Downeast Maine Up North On The Coast.

There is spin in that four color high gloss representation of Downeast that seems a little slick, a lot more expensive. Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park are a tourist attraction that is hard to resist and she is the rich relative because of the wealth. The old and new money people that all had the same idea in where to head. In migration to this coastal Maine destination for summer vacation homes and nightly sea cruises where breakwaters were installed to avoid spilling your cocktail while conversing and spotting whales, seals, bald eagles and lighthouses.

Lobster recipes in Downeast Maine. The crustaceans start out dark green and end up bright red. But if I had my druthers, just set me in front of a very large bowl of steamed clams with the broth for dipping, in the stripping and bathing in butter before down the gullet. With a splash of micro red or white something from a local brewery of barley pop and topped off with a seaside setting with your family in Maine. It does not get better than that.

Sample Maine, all of her. Even if it takes a lifetime.

Eastport Maine Fisherman

Fishing For Something Missing? Maine. Find It Here.

When you say you vacation at the Maine coast, that does not nail down the where exactly about are you talking? And don’t make the trip the same season if you want to get a completely difference travel experience. Often times the best Maine coastal vacation is without all the people like the open highway when it is not drive time busy.

Vacations, time away to be below radar and unplug, to recharge in Maine. Come at the beginning, ends, before and after the tourism season’s highest pitch for the down low, real connection.

Fill your lungs with the sea salt air, your eyes with the expanse of rock and coastal fresh water. Your plate with another helping of fish, clams, lobster but save room for a slab of blueberry pie topped with drizzling scoops of ice cream. Learn about the Acadian and Canadian history. Lots of stories to hear. Pull up a chair, roll down a window, make the trip.

Come to Downeast Maine. To absorb the small Maine coastal town living experience up close and personal in say Downeast Maine.

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The Latest Uncle Henry’s, The Maine Atlas Gazetteer Map And A Stephen King Book.

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The reading material in Maine, what you find yourself holding as you ride shot gun traveling up the I-95 pike into Maine.

Vacationland is a tall, wide, vast state and securing the right publications can help the experience while roaming the Pine Tree State.

I live in the Crown of Maine, up in “The County” and Aroostook folks like the rest of the state all enjoy looking for the latest Uncle Henry’s buy, sell, swap guide that hits the new stands on Thursday of each week.

Maine humorist Tim Sample who is from Fort Fairfield Maine weaves Uncle Henry’s into his comedy routine.

maine moose eating in lake photo

The Scenery In Maine. What You Look Up And See While Reading Uncle Henry’s, The Delorme Maine Atlas Gazetteer, A Stephen Kind Book.

The long time premier Maine comedian quotes one gem as he scans leaning back on a stool holding an Uncle Henry’s as far out as his arms will carry it. Under a hot spotlight shining down from overhead he reads carefully. “Size 14 wedding dress. Never worn. Will trade for shotgun.”

Then the ad proceeds to provide contact information so the trade can be completed between the disgruntled bride that did not tie the knot and has a little unfinished business that will be probably classified under the crimes of passion column of the Portland Press Herald, the Bangor Deadly News or whatever newsprint you get your fix and open wide for an eye full in the read read read.

Uncle Henry’s is a key to making a native’s hard earned pay check go further, to get more from their small fixed income retirement dollars.

Like the funnies, the comic section and which strips your eyes bee line to in sequence, Uncle Henry has sections that appeal to everyone in the audience. I like to check out the airplanes, farm machinery and use the real estate section for business.

The Maine Atlas Gazetteer Map, a Delorme company based in Yarmouth now owned now by GPS giant Garmin, a Swiss company that plans to continue press of one valuable book.

To struggle with tucking it under your arm as you trek Maine’s back woods roads and trails. “You can get there from here-ah” if your are carrying the big, bulky latest updated Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map book that is depended on by many around the state.  As the pickups full of hunters, fishermen, sportsmen dressed in camo and blaze orange ply the back roads of Maine looking for wildlife and highly scenic adventures.

Maine Lighthouses Enhance The Sea Shore Experience.

How’s This For a Back Drop Reading Your Favorite Book In Maine?

And the Stephen King book, there are so many to select from if you find yourself are caught up, not nursing on any other reading material while in Maine.

Most make you appreciate being inside a Maine home or woods camp, lake cottage, wherever you find yourself reading. About the only time you find yourself locking your doors in Maine. And when you are a little jumpy but it all improves the take away from reading.

When the heightened state of awareness just serves to draw you deeper, to the place of no return into the literary works of the Bangor Maine author. See the Maine house where Stephen King lives in Penobscot County. The guy responsible for too little sleep from too much ready into the week hours of the night when you tell yourself, just one more page.

One thing for certain in Maine, you will not be reading billboards as you motor through the state. Maine billboards were banned back in 1970’s. No shortage of No Trespassing signs and some are pretty humorous and keep you guessing about venturing onto the land of another after reading them and weighing the odds of is it worth it to go against the sign’s advice on posted property when on the trail.

Reading material in Maine, the menu at the eating establishments can be entertaining too.

Remember a family vacation trip to Big Squaw Mountain to ski with the kids and the special of the day at the local Greenville Maine restaurant being “whatever the UPS package delivery driver hit on the way over recently”.

maine vacation destinations

Maine Is A Popular Venue For Weddings, Vacations Where You Are In The Woods, On The Water. And You Get To Mesh With The Local Small Town Community Settings.

Road kill, MMMmmmmm good and nutritious. Pass plenty of the Frank’s hot sauce please. Drive careful and keep those eyes peeled for clusters of deer, black bear, moose or wild turkeys. You can surprise them when you come around a corner on a back road in rural Maine. And suddenly they can not get out of their own way due to the numbers pushing, shoving. As you pile on the brakes to avoid stoving up, fender bending all to heck whatever you are driving exploring the great state of Maine.

Take your pick. The reason for coming to Maine is from a long list of personal needs.

It is what has been missing. Once Maine gets into your system, she tugs on your heart and you can not stay away for long. Maine, come for a day, end up spending a lifetime. Don’t stand her up. Sample her drop dead gorgeous sights, sounds, smells and throttle up all of your senses.

So much to discover, only so much time to fit it all in when you put Maine into your GPS and here we go. Hang on, it will be a ride you will never forget. The friendly locals in the Maine small towns guarantee it.

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Cutting, Harvesting, Storing Ice In Maine.

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Refrigeration in early Maine living was not so hard to accomplish during the winter months.

But the rest of the year it became increasingly difficult to live without cold storage or the benefits of ice. Like the value of the root cellars for crop storage. Once early settlers of Maine got used to the benefits of refrigeration, what’s for dinner changed beyond just what was in season gleaned from the fields or on the hoof raised in the pasture. Harvesting ice gave a job for dirt farmers before electrical power lines were strung up on poles and compressors in homes could artificially do what Jack Frost had mastered so well naturally outside the early Maine housing.

Cutting, harvesting, storing ice in Maine was a form of farming.

A dangerous operation because if you fell in the drink, that could be your last day cutting large blocks of ice. With wind chills blowing down across a Northern Maine lake and temperatures hovering just above or diving below zero on the temperature readings in the glass tube of mercury. No matter how many layers of clothes, like winter lobstering, net dragging for the denizen of the deep way off the coast of Maine where you lose sight of dry land. The cotton, wool, gortex whatever you are wearing loses any form of protection when you find yourself submerged, under water during a Maine winter.

Ice Making Block Harvested From Cut

Bundle Up. Ice Ice Baby. Not From A Tray, Cut And Fished From A Maine Lake, Pond, River.

You could parish by the time help arrived to fish you out of the water to remove frozen clothes, get you near a kitchen wood cook stove or living room fireplace or parlor heater. To warm your bones.

If suddenly you found yourself taking a winter swim and flailing your arms and legs for all you are worth to try to climb out and escape the grips of hypothermia. From the bone chilling deadly spell caused at the scene of ice cutting in Maine years ago on the pond river, lake where the ice was sliced, diced and tonged out of the frozen water. Ice harvesting was big business and employed many, involved boats, trains and large shipments Worldwide. In its peak, 25,000 folks from the Kennebec River area of Maine were harvesting from the ice fields in Vacationland.

More early Maine imagery of harvesting ice as a commodity, the process of cutting, stacking, storing it that involved horses, manpower too. A 1919 amateur ice cutting video that shows how labor intensive the process of harvesting frozen water really was.

On a farm in Maine I grew up on, one of the many buildings surrounding the homestead and big center stone crown jewel of a barn, there was the well house.

Maine Is Baxter Park, Mt Katahdin

Bigger Than Life. Majestic, Constant, Challenging Mt Katahdin Maine.

That the south two thirds sat over the primary well that supplied the farm’s water needs in the house, for the animals in the barn. The north third of the cedar shingled cape style building with overhead storage was called the ice house. Before my time as a young grasshopper to see this area used for it’s original purpose, but I was told how it got it’s name. Why my kids know that section as “the ice house” even though we don’t saw our natural ice in the 12″ x 12″ x 36″ cakes.

Hefting 100 pounds of solid eye with ice tongs much like hanging freshly sewed top burlap sacks of potatoes of the identical weight.

Using some of the same muscles as you heave ho the cargo into place up and into a loading ramp from potato house loosely connected to the steel wheel container.  Filling a rail road car destined for a far away market where lakes do not freeze a couple feet deep or more on the surface. Where cars and trucks drive out to ice shacks fishing through holes for something fresh and tasty.

Northern climates were important sources of huge blocks of ice weighing up to 300 pounds and the industry appeared in the top ten list of largest businesses in our country at one time.

Ice men delivered blocks up to three times a week in many markets. Starting in December and ending in late March, ice cutting in Maine was a short season. But was extra money for farmers and their field hands needing to kill time between shipping the crop out and waiting for spring planting. In later years small gasoline motors with saws were added to the use of horses to manufacture more ice to meet the demand. Clear colored ice just like diamonds and rare jewels fetched the best price from consumers of the shaved, careful handled cakes.

Learned about the dark, falling a long way but coming out unharmed one day at around five years of age while following my three older brothers as they went in and out of the farm building called the “ice house” while cleaning out it’s lower level.

While I ventured upstairs to see what I was missing, and just exploring I lost track of the brothers who left the building for a time. And before I knew it,  found myself dropping through an open space in the floorboards like a three stooges or cartoon move. And landing square inside a solitary round cedar stave potato barrel positioned in the center of the dirt floored lower level. In a building section that had no windows, no lights on that was as the Maine expression goes, darker than the inside of a cow.

I hollered at the top of my lungs, my brothers came to the rescue by turning the circle of metal antique door handle to the ice house portion of the building where I was very lucky to have bull’s eyed from above into the one and only lone barrel parked underneath my descent. Thankfully missing the sides of that barrel, doing a peter pan standing up without straddling it and causing serious problems in advancing the family DNA later in life with kid’s of my own. And having to adjust to a voice about the same range and octave as Mickey Mouse.

Maine Farm Barns

Maine Farms, The Big Barn Is The Center Crowned Jewel Of The Buildings.

The ice house section of the building on the Maine farm had no windows, utilized saw dust used to pack the big, heavy blocks of ice stacked wall to wall, earth floor to ceiling.

That created a frozen vault to draw from through out the year. Or as long as the ice harvested in winter hung out. At about the same time, a building in downtown Houlton Maine on Bangor Street that in later years was a dry cleaners, the cork insulated brick building was originally built to be a community freezer. To draw from like a bank for your family’s frozen food selections to prepare for when the dinner bell sounded.

I was reading in a book on the history of Hodgdon Maine about my grandfather Shirley Benn losing a horse in one winter ice harvest on Mill Pond. And how one cent would buy a 100 pound block of ice harvested from the sheet of frozen water that forms. Originally cut with a saw, and for a time a specially designed iron plow that did not work so well. The ice blocks harvested from grid lines sketched on the thick, solid sheets of ice over our Northern Maine lakes, rivers, ponds was hard, dangerous work because of harsh temperatures that caused the ice to form like clock work each year at certain places on the yearly calendar.

Commercially made ice causes pollution, while natural ice is created from a few cold nights in Maine. And the outdoor ice with community effort with your neighbors shakes off the cabin fever from being holed up. Ice cutting parties are environmentally friendly. Often 30 to 40% of the ice melts pre-maturely and perfecting the insulation of the storage and other factors add to lessening the learning curve and improve.

More images, history of the lost art of ice cutting and harvesting in Maine.

When my Dad returned from the service across the pond after World War Two, he and Mom lived in Bangor Maine while resuming the college education interrupted by Uncle Sam’s tap on the shoulder telling him he was needed elsewhere as a tail gunner in a B-24. Dad would talk about putting ice in the top of the refrigerator and the next morning getting wet feet because the melting block sometimes overflowed its storage housing. Today we flick a switch, have indoor ice makers to tap into with filtered cold water to stay hydrated.

maine winter photo

Not As Much Ice On Maine Lakes As Spring Approaches. Still Ice Shacks, Fishing Through A Hole Underway During A Mild Temperature, Snow Load Light Or Heavy Cold Winter.

The local Amish settlements in Maine use large blocks of ice for refrigeration. And while clearing off a lake cottage roof this past weekend to remove the thick blanket of snow before sleet and rain arrived in the forecast to make it tremendously heavy, I counted three ice shacks. Looking out over as the afternoon sun dipped lower and snow sleds in packs buzzed by on the ITS trail.

Winter is a peaceful time, there is solitude and the pace is different when Mother Nature wears white than when the green of a million shades and hues covers the Maine landscape. Snow insulates, muffles sound and wraps everything in a blanket of fresh layers of flakes which cause us to reach for mittens, shovels, snow skis, hockey sticks, ice fishing shacks and traps.

I will check the local farmers museum in Littleton Maine for ice cutting saws, the pairs of big tongs to wrestle them up and out of the open hole of a lake where big teams of horses stood ready to haul the heavy duty sleighs loaded with giant ice cubes. Shipped to the city, stored away in local ice houses for personal and commercial use. They have some pretty nifty donated farm items used to work the dirt and manage the livestock, the poultry on the local agricultural operations.

Like to see an ice cutting harvest operation in Maine? Mark your calendars, because in East Bristol Maine, February 19th, 2017 you can learn about the practice that was common in Maine until the 1930’s. More on the oldest, a step back into history for one ice cutting practice in Maine that still happens and has open display tours if you can fit it in.

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Snow In The Maine Weather Forecast It Spells Money For The Economy.

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Maine Lighthouse At Pemaquid Are Pretty Any Season.

Windy, No Tourist To Shoot Images, Video Around. That Is Why Winter Lighthouse Visits Leave A Lasting Impression.

Snow is a four letter word but the winters in Maine without it are long, dreary and put a sag in the local economy.

Snow piling up means groomed sled trails, down hill skiing as lift ticket sales pick up. The shovel operators that clear the porch and house roof, the guy who angles the snow out of your driveway. Winter snow covers the bare brown landscape with a white fluffy insulating blanket. The glistening snow that hardens up like lemon meringue pie topping with a little melting under a bright sun then freezing action. The crunch of walking along a sidewalk in a small Maine town or out in the countryside on the way to farm barn to do the early morning chores.

Early Maine Snow Sledding.

No Thumb Warmers, No Heated Radiators Under Your Feet. Boogie Wheel Buckboard Rides On Your Knees Leaning Corners.

Snow covered winter months create a stillness to reflect on life in Maine.

As the calendar year changes and New Year’s resolutions are recited, recycled from previous new beginnings. Ice fishing is a slow sport but huddled around the six inch holes waiting for your five traps to trip. Displaying the orange flags popping up during the signaling of the fresh dinner has been delivered on the end of the line. It’s a Marshmallow World in the winter in Maine. Sugar coated tree limbs and power, communication lines part of the winter painting on the outdoor canvas.

Wood kitchen cook stoves bake the beans, brown bread and have the tea kettle ready for Maine homestead afternoon sessions in rocking chairs.

Weather forecasting has to be accurate if you are a farmer, fisherman or find yourself waging a war and overseas. How does the farmer’s almanac still forecast so well without having daily readings of all the vitals in the weather making? When all the technology guiding and adjusting is left out of the mix when suddenly a warm front hits a cold one and low pressure zones cause a shift in the weather? The farmers almanac claims a batting average of 80% home runs.

Maine Is Small Towns, Grateful, Happier, Simple Living.

Capture Your Thoughts. Slay Those That Betray You, Keep You From Being Grateful.

The restaurants, the motels, gas stations, taxi services and air ports in Maine during winters blessed with heavy loads of snow.

All the areas on the way to and from the winter resorts benefit when there is a steady flow of snow. Suffer snowless drought conditions too long in the weather forecasts and the economic coffers become way way lighter. When new fresh snow accumulations don’t come down from heaven. When snow is missing in the Maine winter forecast. Here’s a Maine link on winter tourism. Another one for winter vacation in Maine suggestions. The state and town highway snow crews do a super job keeping the roadways open, sanded, salted and safe for travel. We know how to drive in it and no one hibernates or fears snow flakes.

The coldest winters in Maine are the snowless ones.

The snow dampens the sounds and muffles. Be a kid again and dig out a tunnel in a bank. Climb inside and hear nothing, as you kick in a circle to make your snow castle room larger. Eskimo natives can tell you about the fifty kinds of snow. Snow comes in different flavors, requiring different waxes for the various temperatures in cross country ski fun.

Let’s go skiing at the Sugarloaf USA resort. Or stop in for breakfast on the snow sled trail and hear from the locals at the club house. Have you been to Maine in the winter? Visited a lighthouse without the tourist buzz and came away with a whole new sensation from the experience?

Maine, she has four seasons. We don’t stop the show because of a few new flakes of snow. Happy New Year Me In Maine blog post followers.

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Maine’s The Fourth Lowest Crime State, Less People Part Of It.

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Crime, what causes it?

Hard times make hard people. But wait a minute, Mainers are not flush with money but don’t turn to crime to make ends meet. Oh sure, there is some welfare fraud but our Maine Governor LePage is riding herd as the High Sheriff  to stop welfare program benefit abuse. Putting the spurs to that posse out to curb the waste of benefits going to folks that don’t need them.

To report fraud or abuse complete the online form here or call the Fraud Hotline number at 1-866-348-1129. All reports of fraud and abuse will be fully investigated LePage promises.

But crime in Maine. Folks used to listening to the headline airwaves of a city get numbed to the round the clock drive by shootings, gang violence and other dirty deeds done dirt cheap. But in Maine, there is a reason for less crime. Take car thefts, like in the movies where something exotic is stolen, taken to a back alley garage to be chopped for those shopping for discount auto parts.

maine winter snow photo

Maine Is Real, Peaceful, Not Crowded. One Of The Lowest Crime States.

In Northern Maine especially, the cars, trucks are part of the family, been around a long time and often you are the second, third or more owner.

High mileage, worked on by back yard mechanics and recycling parts from the junk grave yard happens to stretch those rural Maine incomes.

So if you were someone that stole cars for a living, until ending up behind bars in the crowbar hotel stubbing your toes for it, why would you drive to Madawaska or Masardis or Skowhegan for something new and shiny to take back to the city?

More miles on the frame, the chassis than it takes to get all the way to the Moon and well on your way back in good shape. Too many miles reading on the dashboard that turned over a couple times and tricks to keep the rig running, on life support to limp along just not taught in vocational mechanics 101. Plus the time to get here, snacks on the road, price of gas and slim pickings to select from make it all a lesson in futility. Heck, the fender colors don’t even match and each dent has a story attached to it. Passing inspection is a dicey proposition even if the VIN number and plates are switch-er-rooed.

And while on the subject of cars, trucks, how about those key fobs designed to cut down on vehicle theft?

We don’t lock doors in Northern Maine. It is a nuisance to slide into whatever is parked in the yard driveway and oh no. No keys. Or worse, the door is locked. What’s up with that? Everything stops as you hunt down the keys.

Maine Stained Glass.

Maine Is Colorful, The People, The Places, The Properties. Lowest Crime State Too!

Two wires in the reach under the dash like MacGyver and the motor is purring like a kitten on cat nip. Not stealing it the five finger discount way, just too lazy to go looking for the keys. Not needing them on the older rides.

But these new anti-theft devices that supposedly lower your car insurance premiums create a bigger expense headache. If the key fob dies in actions and wears out, won’t unlock a door, shows error message of broken key when gingerly slid in the ignition slot.

No ignition Houston. That is a big problem. You have to get that car or truck back to the dealership for computer re-programing. Can you say ramp truck or hitching a ride with something dangling a hook off the back end?

Dig deep in the wallet or purse.

For the coin to buy a new $150 or more fob to replace the old one that went bad. That repair involves more than a NASCAR quick jump start and you are back on the road clipping off the road mile markers singing Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire Or Folsom Prison Blue. Or Patsy Cline’s Walking After Midnight, Crazy or whatever the ditty.

People help each other out in communities in Maine, out on the open highways.

hasting fall merrill maine

Walk Right In, Sit Right Down. Bay Let Your Hair Hang Down. (In Maine).

Don’t be surprised when someone buys you a round of dry gas for your fuel system. To get you where you gotta go, where you were headed. To keep you between the snow banks on both sides of the ribbon of road way as you motor down the winter pike.

Why else is there less crime in Maine? Hope it has something to do with the way we are raised. We have to work for everything we have. So we take better care of it when nothing is handed to you or taken for granted.

And we figure other people worked hard for what they have too so leave it be. Respect each other’s stuff, personal property, their beliefs too.

And here’s a story I heard over the weekend about a local Maine oil dealer.

They had a big office safe that suddenly would not open sesame. When the tumblers were dialed in with the correct numbers written on the sheet taped under the top drawer bottom panel of the book keeper’s desk.

maine river water falls photo

The Winter Run Off Of Snow Makes The Faster Paced Spring Canoe & Kayak Races. Snow Is Money In Maine.

The abracadabra spell did not work for some unknown reason getting into the locked safe.

The far away trained locksmith used to working on these older then the hills safes like the one in Northern Maine was no small expense and was a scheduling nightmare to come all this way for one little job. Luckily the oil dealer powers to be got wind of someone locally that had a good batting average. Of breaking into safes legitimately.

They rang him up, only took four numbers at the time on a small Maine town phone exchange.

(We also still only have one area code of 207 to take care of everyone’s phone, fax, whatever phone line for Maine information deliveries.) He trots up to the office, pushes his hands up and out like a safe cracker with the fingers intertwined to prepare for the task.

And leans in, puts his ear to the cold black safe door. As he fumbles with the tumblers. And presto, door opens. The company representatives are relieved, over joyed. Until they ask how much for the safe entry? The response “$100”.

Jaws drop, grumbling starts and the sound of the safe door closing heard. Locking it up tight as a drum happens again. Each of the oil company workers tries their hand at cracking the safe to not avail. Then pleas for help getting the door open again are heard in a unison of whining. Which the local legit safe cracker is coaxed to do. To perform his exercise again to unlock the doors so the ledgers, whatever of importance inside could be fished out. The check for $100 starts being drafted as a hand goes up, and “hold it” is heard. “The cost is $200”. Quick math, thinking on your feet would show in your head it was $100 per safe door opening operation.

Maine, less crime, more common sense, lots more respect for other’s feelings and their property both real and personal.

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Christmas In Maine, The Holiday Traditions In Big Families, Small Towns.

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Small Maine towns, which is the majority of the population centers scattered around Vacationland, all celebrate Christmas like one big family.

The school bus drivers know which kids have a hard home life. Collect the extra food to bound down the steps of the school bus. Paced with love and care in a back pack to make sure Christmas includes good food.

Maine Christmas Celebrations, Meals.

Merry Christmas From Small Town Maine. Rich In Traditions, Shared At Family Gatherings.

While local churches in Maine hang the Christmas gift pleas for the congregation to take.

To buy for an unknown boy that is eight and likes Lego building toys. Or a teen age daughter that could use a warm pair of boots. Secret Santas, there are a slew of them in small Maine towns. Helping without calling attention to the local elves pulling off the behind the scenes to make the season bight. To lend a helping hand to make sure Christmas happens in town and out in the country for the local residents.

I ran into a lady who’s Mom and family picked potatoes for my Dad back in the 1960’s.

Santa Comes To Maine Small Towns.

Christmas Light Parades To Say Hello To Santa Who Tours Maine Small Towns.

I asked her what was the best Christmas she could remember and she said her first year in her own house, to celebrate with her own family. I asked her as a child, which one stood out. She said the one when she was ten and was not sure if Christmas was going to happen or not. Her parents had a tough year with a big family and struggled with making the household financial ends to meet.

But with the help of friends, family and neighbors, who all pulled together, she remembers the best Christmas ever.

Hunger improves the taste and to her surprise what seemed unlikely to happen because of being strapped financially as a family turned out other wise. The miracle of giving, opening hearts and making sure no one goes without in the local community. Because in small Maine towns, there is a strong connection. We help each other, our lives run in smaller circles that over lap and the grapevine helps whisper the needs that need addressing. SHhhhhh. Pass it on.

Lobster Boats In Maine Part Of Christmas Dining.

Sea Food For Christmas? SURE! Lobster Not Just Stuffed Roasted Birds, Prime Rib Or Ham Are Always Welcome At The Christmas Eve / Day Dinner Table.

Your own personal family traditions for Christmas? Candle light church services, school musicals with Up On the House Top Click Click … oh oh. There go some more roof shingles. And reindeer games, took out the guy wire securing the antennae to pull in the few television stations we have in Maine and across the border to over home, into near by Canada.

Food, always part of the celebration with family and friends. Dishes your mom whipped up with her eyes closed and so tasty.

Mocca balls, coconut clusters, date filled cookies, divinity fudge, fruit cake and nut rolls. Forget the calories, keep the phone number for the gym to tap out after the season ends. Being on a diet prior to Christmas and until the noise makers are put away with the empties of party juice at New Year’s is a steep uphill battle.

Oyster stews, lasagna, hams, turkeys, pies of all kind. What do you remember as a kid besides ribbon candle and peanut

Small Maine Town Christmas Light Parades

Small Maine Town Christmas Light Parades Welcome Santa, Entertain The Little And Old Alike.

brittle among the ho ho ho? Playing Hearts happen on Christmas Eve in our house hold by the glow of the Christmas tree. With Andy Williams, Ray Conniff, Perry Como,  and others belting out the old Christmas standards.

Pass the egg nog and more shrimp cocktail for me? Yes please. Don’t want to appear to be a hog. But just being social and not wanting to hurt the cook’s feelings. Grandmothers wear the biggest grins when you reach for seconds, thirds or more helpings of what they live to put on the table for a holiday spread. Nothing store bought or from a bakery or deli. Everything from a family recipe that was served up at every Christmas family celebration bar none.

If you moved to another venue for Christmas Eve or the 25th Day vittles, would the menu change from lobster or crab, prime rib, grilled steaks of all kinds? Would you have fiddle heads if preparing to eat out in the Midwest, the other coast or in the Florida pan handle?

Or a Maine baked potato if sitting down, pushing in the table chair in Idaho or Oregon? Not a lot of rice dishes served up in the potato country of Northern Maine. Pass the green bean casserole please. Is that cranberry sauce over there by Grandma? And I’ll pass on the jello with the carrots, pineapple and whatever else got sifted and folded  into the jiggle and wiggle. But ambrosia, save some for me. The food of the Gods with those cherries, whipped cream, pure heaven.

Christmas Meals, Holiday Cooking

Heading To The Kitchen Pantry To Rustle Up Some Christmas Meal Dishes. Planning Something Big This Year?

The extras beyond stuffing from the bird, the bread and butter pickles, real whipped potatoes, other veggies like butternut or acorn or blue hubbard squash.

Boiled, pearl creamy onions, turnip, home made gravy and breads, rolls, biscuits. Speaking of turnips, ask a Mainer if a rutabaga is different and how? If you are on the coast of Maine, seafood, fish takes up a big portion of the serving platters. It’s what’s for dinner all twelve of the months on the kitchen calendar in a Maine coastal household.

Whatever you eat, have planned, don’t forget the round guy with red velvet and white fur, flying deer who is working over time. Beyond his pay grade to make the season bright for kids of all ages without all of our help if you still believe. A carrot or two for the eight reindeer, a sugar cookie, brownie and ice cold milk for the red faced sleigh master driver. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. A video of Santa touching down in the Aroostook County recently.

Here’s wishing you the best for the New Year! From all the Maine towns that put the extra effort to celebrate the reason for the season beyond the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

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