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When You Live Day In, Out With People Way Way Too Close.

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Maine is space, wide open gorgeous land, clean water, fresh air. And go easy on the helping of people please.

Not because we are anti-social or recluse hermits. No no, families are tight, close and that kind of people surrounding you is not the situation, type we are hunt and pecking about today.

Maine Is Less People, More Space.

Way Too Close, In Your Face. That’s Not “Purr-fect”, Not Maine.

This post is not about the fellow I talked with today and his family of fifteen brothers and sisters.

That were about two years apart in age, and his mom lost a set of twins. Died herself at 53 and the older kids helped raise the younger ones. That’s another post to ramble on about and see what rabbit trail it heads down.

This blog post is about what happens to someone living too close to those around them.

When space is at a premium and back yards are measured in inches, feet. Not acres like Maine is like. How to explain rural Maine, small town living to someone that has a hard time fathoming the concept of not many people here. I tell them think of Disney Land’s Space Mountain. But no lines for the ride. No problem remembering where you parked your car. No tram ride or wearing yourself out walking and walking. Trying to avoid bumping into someone. No reaching into your pocket everywhere you turn coming and going.

In Maine, I think people are friendlier because our crime rate is the 4th lowest in the country. People help each other out and there is plenty of space to enjoy if you decide to head out. To spend time at the woods camp. Where big feeds, intense cribbage or poke games happen. Or just enjoying reading the latest Uncle Henry’s looking for bargains. In front of a wood stove crackling, blazing. Throwing off the positive ions, lots of BTU’s from the hardwood sticks.

Maine Is Small Cabin Wood's Living.

No Neighbors, The Wind In The Trees. Crunching Fresh Snow Bringing In Some Stove Wood.

Being in a tight prison camp like line, worried about your safety, always fearful of too many people in your face is not healthy.

It is why people pay a premium to commute hours to and fro from the suburbs. Making the city pay scale check. But enjoying a semblance of space a little further from the urban centers where space does not exist. Or comes at a premium. An arm, leg, one of your duplicate organs.

Maine has personal freedom and space. Not everywhere in the world offers space. Overcrowding stress, strain and and worry about safety, where your next meal is going to come from if the big box grocery store shelves go bare. It takes it toll and is the opposite of Maine. Where we grow our own food, have farming backgrounds somewhere in the family. We heat with wood, could easily pull the plug and find alternative ways to avoid the utility power bill.

I think not having crowds, rush hour traffic road rage, eating on the run, gang violence and not worried about your personal safety has to make you a happier camper. Knowing how to conserve and get by with less is what Maine is all about. Survival, enjoying what you have and making it work no matter what. What do you think?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Pitch In, Make It Better Than It Was, That’s Small Town Maine Living.

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Purpose in life, fulfillment, why you are here in a small Maine town.

You don’t have to wonder if you get involved with the local community. Because everyone has a role, a part in the local day to day of a small Maine town. Only so many of us in the six by six mile township in Northern Maine.

Maine Welcomes You.

Bangor Maine’s Paul Bunyan Says Welcome!

So don’t be bashful, step up, pitch in and do what you can.

Bring whatever talents, skills you have. To add to the local spice, flavor, taste of each unique Maine town. The ones that out of state vacationers find so refreshing, attractive. And that causes them to return. Often times to relocate, move to Maine. In retirement, to raise a family, or just to have a vacation place in Maine getaway.

So the premise when your feet swing out and hit the floor waking up in Maine. Is what can I do to make the local area better than it was.

Self satisfaction to introduce, bring something new to the area that was missing. Or to maintain something precious, needed in the area that is a resource you don’t want to see lost or disappear.

Working To Promote, Boy With The Leaking Boot.

Small Maine Towns, Some Have Special Local Ambassadors.

Maine, you will like living here. Using what you have to creatively make things around you better, more comfortable.

For you, others in the small Maine town. Like most things in life, you get out what you put in. It is all about others. And collectively what a group of like mind local small town individuals can accomplish when they set their minds to it. And work together.

Is it like that in the area where you hang your hat? Small town Maine living provides the feeling you are needed, would be missed. If in the habit of pitching in, taking it to another level.

Because it is not a case of just hiring it out.

Writing a check. Throwing money at the problem or need. It is all about finding news ways to meet the issues head on in a small Maine town. Lots of bartering in Maine happens too. Sound like you are a prime candidate for living this way and being involved, put to work for the greater good? See you in Maine, don’t keep her waiting. Get here quick as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

(Squeaking Change Of Maine Season’s Backdrops Sound) The Ends Are Sweet.

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Maine has four seasons, and like prime rib, the end cut can be the best to ask for when the order is taken.

Maine is all about vacations and getting away. But the big wide open unspoiled space makes it the perfect spot to land when you have had too many people for way way too long surrounding you. Maine is a place where you can reflect, hear yourself think, figure stuff out.

Maine Lake Fall Colors Underway.

See What You Are Missing In Maine? Sample ME.

So the ends of the Maine seasons, before like a big box holiday promotion of the next holiday to merchandise. The ends are not to be wasted.

Coming, going, ebbing like the Maine seacoast tides.

The big crowd of summer around the hot spots of Old Orchard Beach, Bar Harbor, the island tours dwindle. And the locals are more relaxed that run the vacation production machinery. The seasoned professional ones who roll out the red carpet. Are a little more laid back and the reception feels more down home personal. Country comfortable intimate. Nothing rehearsed, stressed. No cue cards, buzz words used in the Maine rural from the heart tourist presentation this in between the prime time high points of year’s seasons.

The fall weather and more leaves per tree than usual make for one of the best colorful autumns on record.

Need some of that? And at the same time have you checked out new snow machines, are you thinking about Maine snowmobiling? Or have you purchased your season’s tickets for down hill Maine skiing winter fun?

Maine Lake Vacations

Relax, Unplug, Recharge In Maine. There Is No Bad Time To Vacation, Visit ME.

Come north for a jug of fresh squeezed apple cider. To hunt game birds, chase Bambi. To leaf peek and hike, bike, walk and talk. Hit a farmers market for potatoes, dry beans, other in season produce to take home. Bring those closest to youto ride shotgun. To witness the anything but typical fall colors of Maine leaves exploding.

Or suit yourself.

Spend some time with me, myself and I. Gazing out over a Maine lake. Wired directly to a wide open vista. Maybe high up. Surrounding, beaming in from a jaw dropping 360 degrees delivered from a top a mountain peak.

Either way, You go home with your head screwed on straight. Braced to brave a new day with all those people wall to wall that suffocate you. When you are not one of the lucky ones that has Maine four season living year round to sample, enjoy. And to just absorb, drink in and breathe deep the natural space year round.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Remembering Someone At A Funeral, Seeing Their Purpose On Earth.

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Why anyone of us is here on planet Earth.

What is our purpose and how did being here effect others? That is always the question posed when going through the family line of a lost loved one during a funeral. All standing solider straight up front to console others in grief. To of course celebrate the the life that caused all these people to pay their last respects. To say goodby.

Maine Is Outdoors, Figuring Things Out Happens Easier Here.

See the Trail, How Many Steps Is Your Life Long?

Remembering the good times, the happy moments growing up in Maine.

To reflect on the setbacks and when life, everyone’s goes a little haywire. Heads sideways. How you get through those dark times is where you really shine. When you pick yourself up by the bootstraps so to speak.

Lost a brother last week, my oldest and now the healing starts.

Continues for all the family, co workers, friends and neighbors. It is easy to make the person’s life fiction, read like an entertaining book. Elevated to hero status. But why they are who they are, the pathways they tramped and were pulled down. So much goes back to their parents, what was ingrained through example. What the little monkey in all of us emulates, mimics.

The conditioning to weather storms and soar high with successes is part of the rock polishing of a person. That happens as twelve calendar pages at a time picks up speed. Becomes a blur as you look over your shoulder.

Maine Is Four Seasons, Always Outdoors.

Being Able To Hear Yourself Think Is Easier In Maine.

But just as important a part of the life recipe of seasoning is your basic nature wired into the DNA strands of the person.

That explains what makes them tick. I had the fortune to tell a room of well wishers saying good bye, paying respects to my oldest brother Stephen Benn Mooers what I knew of the person. And credited much of his success to his partner of twenty years, Jenny.

Along with the quality of his Maine farm based parenting, the good Aroostook County stock gene ingredients, she found his black box. Was trusted to open it. Tour it, examine it and then explain mysteries all of us have. In the dark. Down near the soul.

Until someone takes the time to really read us, need us and help us figure out who we are, why we are. What we need to be to achieve purpose, contentment, to beam gratefully.

Beyond what we ourselves cook up inside to entertain and pacify. But that only the right mate can bring to the table. To truly complete us. To round us out and make things level, not tilted. No man is an island. To radiate joy, it is all about others having it first. Working toward the goal of pleasing others before taking any of the pleasure for yourself.

The job now becomes help the three grown children that have a new heart hole to fill. To sooth, bag balm and tend to in the healing. To remove the purple bruised areas, to stitch together the teared and torn regions blown wide open. To take what you glean from a person you loved and shared a big part of your life with to make the next installment, season all the brighter for his kids. With a bright future, all the right stuff inside to discover and use to steer the ship. To make wise choices, good decisions and live life in the moment, today.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Life Goes On, Small Maine Towns Help The Hurt.

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Large crowded areas, high concentrations of people are not so connected with each other.

Small Maine town rural living is way way different. More intimate, open, life freely shared, on a more personal level. I was at a Maine State REALTORS Convention & Trade Show this week to learn, network and improve my career. And at that Rockport ME venue, I ran into an old customer, familiar face.

Maine Small Town Living Connections

You Meet Lots Of People, Paths Recross In Small Maine Town Get Togethers.

Had not seen Mitchell Small for over thirty years.

The last time saying good bye after selling his Court Street Houlton Maine Victorian home. Having a red, white and blue sign with the country logo on his lawn. He ran a local heating oil delivery outlet of his family’s Maine petroleum products business. And while here tragedy happened.

His wife fueled up at Jack Forbush’s North Street gas outlet before getting on the south bound I-95 on ramp. To head downstate with their only child, an infant son.

The boy was strapped into the front seat of station wagon during the gas station fueling. That according to Jack Forbush’s recollection shared with the boy’s Dad I bumped into this week as a vendor at the MAR trade show.

Maine Is Small Towns, Community Living.

Maine Is Down To Earth, Small Town Living. Folks Share Everything Good And Bad That Happens.

But Small says his wife stopped on the other side of the Interstate rumble strip.

Put the vehicle in park. To reposition the toddler to the back seat for the ride to Bangor. That according to witnessses he talked to after the tragedy. That saw the seat shifting of locations in the family sedan.

Around the next exit in Smyrna Maine, the car left the road.

Down into a gully, hitting ledge out croppings that caused a total loss, twisted wreckage that claimed the mother, driver’s life.

Small told me there is no doubt in his mind his son would have perished too. Had the mother not shifted the location of the car seat from up front to the back. Once grapevine news of this accident spread around the small Northern Maine community where the Small family lived, locals took over. To help the Dad, husband left numbed, in shock and reeling from the loss of a wife, the mother of their son.

As luck would have it, with plenty of guidance from above, a Nanny, with the last name of Schools, a seasoned mom of ten kids if I counted right was tapped for the important job.

Already living near the small boy and his Dad’s home in an apartment made it easy to come back and forth to work. Take care of the lad, cook, clean and help run the home of the oil executive that suddenly had lost his wife. Was on the road a lot. Mrs School could come over in an emergency and was suddenly the new local grandmother on the spot. The son grew up and stayed in touch with this life shaper for the years spent in Houlton Maine.

The boy could not have had a better care taker come into the picture, his Houlton Maine home.

After losing his Mom. The slight, short new provider of love and attention living just next door. Was the perfect surrogate Mom for reading the nursery stories. Tying on the apron strings to help raise the small boy. Create a happy childhood of memories.

Maine Small Town Living, Simpler Approach.

Simpler Small Town Living In Maine.

One by one others in the community stepped forth to add their contribution. To pitch in and take up the slack, fill the void caused by the car accident. The result of a stroke of the driver, the boy’s mother the conclusion of how it happened.

Mitchell Small says life went on, the boy is doing well I believe he said working in banking out of state.

Small went on to find love again. For the second time, he gratefully stated God guided the most perfect woman into his life. He got a second chance and life went on without much more than the garden variety bumps, bruises, events. Twists and turns. But he will never forget the generosity, the small town community spirit of willingness to pitch in, help he and his son out in so many ways.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Doing Remote Maine Blogging…. (Snap Of Intertwined Fingers Extended Outward).

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On the road in Maine usually means drive time. Did the early twilight drive from Aroostook County to Rockport Maine yesterday.

To once again hit the local Maine REALTOR state convention and real estate trade show. Kinda lonely to be down here from “The County”, the “Crown Of Maine” because you don’t see others from Aroostook.

But the rest of the state shows up in full force and long meetings, lots of coffee guzzling happens.

All that three hour at a time listening but then gap sessions during breaks make for a change of pace. Getting away from your local surroundings, even the beautiful ones in Maine, is healthy.

Maine Baxter Park Photo

Maine, One Blue And Green Dream. Wake Up, Get To Vacationland.

Because getting to see how the others live in various parts of the state of Maine makes you some kind of glad you live, work, will die here. Do you go to state conventions in Maine, on whatever you do for work?

It is always fun to take a trip but there is like Dorothy said, no place like home.

Especially when you hang your hat in Maine, anywhere in Vacationland.

This year’s state REALTOR convention in Maine is at the Samoset in Rockport.

Beautiful surroundings, always special to be on the coast. To take a walk, smell, see, hear all about it. Have you been to Maine yet? Why not? Don’t keep her waiting and take that trip. The fall foliage is outstanding, the colors this year more brilliant than ever. Come see what you are missing.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

The Maine Fall Foilage Colors, Trying To Capture The Best Image.

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This year in Maine, the fall weather has made leaf peeking heaven.

The trees did not get shaken, reduced of many of their green leaves. Those hardwoods did not receive high winds or heavy rains to cause gravity to bring them to the forest floor.

Maine Fall Colors, Foliage Photos

More Outdoors, Less People, Wildlife Playing Hide And Seek. Bring Your Camera To Maine.

Like premature balding, it is not what happened with Maine leaves this fall. More colors on loaded foliage left on the tree for the explosion of color.

So more leaves per tree is the unfolding Maine situation.

The peak of Maine’s fall foliage is now in Northern sections. But taking, capturing the best photo of the fall colors. Because I like to write, but shooting images not game is pretty fun too. To weave into those hunt and peck rambling thoughts.

The raising of the barrel of the camera lens and taking the safety off.

Making it not single shot and using the long telephoto to capture, harvest new eye candy. To share with you faithful readers of the Me In Maine blog posts.

But this morning on the way in from the lake, I thought it may not be the most vivid array of colors with many trees singing in unison that rings the bell. Like solos, individuals that shine brightly by themselves. That stand out in the crowd. Maybe I should not see the forest for the trees.

Maine Fall Colors, Mirrored By Still Water.

Water Adds To The Mirror Of Fall Foliage Colors.

Not pulling back and collecting the group photo of pretty sassy, colorful fall leave stunning settings only.

But find one of the brilliant lone soldiers. In the second bloom of harvest color those in Maine this fall enjoy. Before here they come, blanketing the ground. To get ready for the change of season stage sets.

Maine Fall Colors, Are You A Leaf Peeker.

Fall Colors In Maine, Courtesy Of Jack Frost.

Talked with the oldest son in Colorado this morning who makes snow on Copper Mountain. He says that pretty big hill to ski was the first in the nation to fire up the snow guns.

Had water in reserve all did not and here comes winter swish swish. He skied 200 days last year and has found his passion. Early morning with the snow guns working their magic is a peaceful place. No sharing the mountain. You own it as you work it exclusively while others sleep. Lots of neat mountains in Colorado to enjoy.

Which is how Mainers feel because no crowds, no traffic, not a lot of people the further north you go. Off the beaten path is a good thing if you like your own company. Can warm up to being cozy with less people that you know a whole lot better. Small towns are more intimate, connect strong and tight for sure.

So leaves, changing color, don’t exclude the lone wolf, the David that shines brightly.

It is not all about the woodlot of total color combined. But the contributions like a small Maine town. Of one individual candle shedding lots of light. If you have a room that was filled with wall to wall darkness before it made it’s appearance. Started casting shadows, shedding new light and giving a new perspective on your surroundings. I am so glad I live in Maine. Raised kids here. Work here. Do you feel that high about where you hang your hat? Or dead bolt your door?

Take the tour, get to Maine anytime you can. Don’t stay away so long. I know I am addicted and in my right place and think you will find the Maine surroundings of all natural, unfiltered pretty satisfying too.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

What People Want, Need And Why Relationships Are Delicate.

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No news is not good news because just not hearing anything makes a person wonder.

Hope, assuming but not knowing for absolute certain how things are going. Maybe jumping to the wrong conclusion. Like dial readings to know how a machine is running, communication isimportant. Both voiced, non-verbal all add cues. To paint the picture. To give others a hint of what’s up, shakin’, bakin’.

Maine Communication Cam Mean Job Telecommuting

The Connection With The Audience. Seeing Each Member One By One.

I work in a service industry and setting expectations upfront is great.

But for great service providing, it means very good care. But along the way explaining, some backing up to start educating has to happen. About what the process is. What stage we are in and what could happen next. If this, that does take place or ends up failing to occur.

Everyone wants to be kept informed in a relationship. No matter how business like or intimate. To hear from you, to ask you questions, to make it two way communication. Because the twenty questions helps relay what is happening on your end. As it happens, changes and things unfold.

For between their ears on the other side of the conversation connection.

Behind the eyeballs too. To transfer the best, current information. To draw, come to the same correct commonly shared conclusion. So the other is in the know. If the two sides are not in the same room location to see and hear for themselves. If not in the same hometown, state, heck country or solar system.

Maine Lake Photo

Peaceful, Space, Fresh Air, Clean Water. That’s A Big Part Of Maine’s Magic.

Tell me what you are doing, and getting the same report back.

To avoid worry from creeping in and based on not much if anything. Except a wild imagination. With texting, emailing, cell phones and the mails.

Actual visits too. There is no reason for someone in the relationship, no matter what kind to be left in the dark. Out in the cold on what you are up to and why, where, when.

Busy happens, but chasing to update is not needed with the new electronic age. Showing you care. Making it a priority to keep those in the circle abreast of developments. In the loop that gets fed, weeded, watered. If the other is wired in, tuned to use. Choose from the many methods of communication we have access to today.

Thinking of moving, relocating to Vacationland? Telecommute to Maine easier than ever before. Bring that current job out of state to Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Jack Frost Has Set Up The Easel, The Second Bloom Explosion Of Color Happening.

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Fall foliage, sneak peeking, leaf peepers in Maine that make the yearly trek to Maine to see the color explosion.

After the spring and summer flower bloom, the rich hues of orange, red, yellows and changing shades of green. The handiwork of Jack Frost in the Maine fall landscape is underway. For the second bloom of color natural fireworks. Have you been to Maine for fall color change?

Are we at peak color, when will we be if not for pretty amazing leaf arrays?

Maine is one big honking sized state.

maine fall foliage peak colors

Fall Fireworks, Second Bloom Color Explosion Now Happening.

So keep driving, see the different fall foliage colors regions take center stage for their performance.

One by one the stunning fall colors in Maine do solos. Northern Maine is nearing the peak for color and trees still have an abundance of leaves to display the harvest tones.

Maine Fall Foliage

Million Shades Of Just Green Of Spring, Summer. Suddenly, Red, Orange, Yellow Fireworks Explosion Of Fall Foliage Display.

Like you need a reason to escape to Maine right?

But come now, come quick. No no, just a gentle reminder, causal nudge.

An easy, unassuming oh by the way did you know about Maine falls colors? What’s happening as we hunt and peck.

The individual leaf colors on Maine that is 91% forested, wooded, treed. All those many shades of green variations are mutating.

Evolving, blossoming again into amazing tints of harvest colors Maine is famous for, that causes all the requests.

Bus and carloads of folk from outside Maine. All the locals lucky enough to be here full time. To mutter the same thing. The “let’s get outside, go for long drive on a ribbon of Maine roadway”. Everyone has their special travel map route to do that every year.

Preparing to go out to bathe, bask, take in the panorama. To celebrate fall colors, the farm harvest bounty now underway in Vacationland. Come sample the tapestry of fall leaf color change in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Small Maine Airports, Making Them Funnel In New Money.

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Maine is a great place and if you ask the out of state average Joe or Jane, to describe Maine in one word.

Lobsters, ocean, lighthouses, moose, blueberries, potatoes, Baxter, Acadia, Allagash, Sugarloaf, Sunday River. Whoops, two words for skiing, sorry. Oh, and Moosehead, Sebago, East Grand Lakes. And to be fair rivers like the Penobscot, Dead, Androscoggin and Kennebec.

Sure there are Maine towns and a handful of cities that might come up in conversation.

Visited during vacation, on the way through traveling.

Maine Small Town Airports, Generate, Attract Income, Traffic.

Low Cost Jet Fuel Or AV Gas, Small Maine Airports, Less Busy Small Maine Town Runways. Win Win Win.

Or because relatives live there, the reason for passing through on occasion. But small Maine towns, making them destinations because of all those one word descriptions. When major airports are still hours away. And sampling “the other Maine” is the target.

Less commercial, more outdoors and infested with wildlife, sparse numbers of locals.

What to expect to find in small Maine towns, villages, burgs. A friend of my son’s works at a small airport. Has an app on his phone that let’s him know there is a request for a drink. A plane needing lots of fuel that is requesting touch down. Just long enough to make the gauge on the silver bird go back to the right, up on “F”.

Then turn around, after dropping off precious cargo and flapping those wings back to whence it came. Five hundred gallons, times $4.75 makes for one attractive gas stop of higher octane. With more flammable fumes than the Yugo or Rambler in your average small Maine town yard drink. That are used to go to the local IGA Foodliner, to the Blue Seal feed store for pellets of mixed grain, etc.

Maine Small Town Living, Simpler Approach.

Simpler Small Town Living In Maine.

I really like, get excited helping the flow of new dollars into a small Maine town economy.

And any time someone in my day job asks can I fly into your hometown airport, sure can. May not be a domestic, daily flight schedule you are marching to but with a little lead time, Sky King, Penny can be located to take on the assignment.

Paved runways, mile long can handle the job nicely in say Houlton Maine’s KHUL airport. Earlier today another smaller Cessna drifted in, land for a fill it up please expensive slurp. And then went on it’s merry flight plan way. Local manufacturing factories based here, the US Government, private sector use the small Maine airport too.

Today’s Hawker 800 fuel consumer will be back to pick up a passenger, family member staying until the end of the month.

Flying a Hawker 800 that looks pretty neat, sleek when not the norm where big jet engines row. The airport in Houlton Maine was pretty important, busy during World War Two when barracks were set up. To house NCO and officers but also German prisoner of wars. Who helped local Maine potato farmers plant, tend, harvest the local crops.

Maine Is Space, Outdoors.

Weaving, Needling Your Car, Bike Through The Highway Thread. Exploring Maine.

While most of local GI’s were across the puddle in the European or further mileage racked up in the Pacific war theatre. My Dad played a part taking rides, working out of the back of a four engine bomber.

So when someone asks can you fly their plane, small jet into some Maine town without a major airport but with a runway all FCC approved for traffic, roll out the red carpet.

If you are lucky enough to have one. Tell them sure thing. Hope they stay awhile, return. Make it a habit.

Help yourself to lower cost jet and airplane fuel. Quick clearing of customs, immigration in the case of Houlton Maine’s airport smack dab on the Canadian border.

Spread the word, small Maine town airports are open for business.

Round the clock, Ready Freddy when needed. Repair work can be done on air frames too, avionics and more if needed. Tell your fly boy friends in your rolodex, business circles would you please?

And put others in the Maine small town community to work. Like a car dealer renting the pilot and crew a vehicle. That end up staying the night or longer at a local Maine motel, cabin, lodging.

And who knows, with the small Maine home town warm reception, an up and coming industry expansion, someone starting a new business that generates jobs could ignite. Could be the low hanging fruit harvested. From sending up the flare to say “Land Here Easy.” Simply playing the local small Maine town airport introduction face card.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker