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Living In Fear, Worried About What’s Around The Next Corner.

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Fear cripples, robs, distracts your life.

But when you live in an area that is not knee deep in it. The shift to tend to other details that are more important, having greater reward happens. Like getting the winter wood in to stay warm. Canning and preserving for the root cellar stash into the winter foodstuff cache.

Rockport Maine Lighthouses

Protecting The Harbor, Not From Criminals But Navigational Perils.

Fixing the roof leak around vent pipe on the Maine home.

That would be a pretty hard DIY procedure once fresh, fluffy snow piles up around it. When old man winter neck reins the weather channel. Settles in for a few months around the end, beginning neighborhood of the calendar.

So in Maine life skills are not self defense to protect against bad actors, shady characters. Survival is banking your home to make it easier to heat.

Taking care of the ceiling over head, the drafts around the windows and doors. The basics of survival not fight or flight fear engagement with concern about do or die. Your personal safety is not the first consideration. Or thought of at all in Maine.

Making sure harvest of the bounty of the garden produce is stocked away to draw from around meal time.

For the sit down, count your blessings, pass the peas please. Around the supper table of the Maine house you are proud to call home. That is a work in progress. Will never be really done or complete in your lifetime. In the pay as you go, take your time with the hammer, nails, paint brush.

Sharing what you have and helping others in the strong local connection. That is part of small town living in Maine. Take what you need, leave the rest for others.  It’s always about others. Not number one moi.

Pinching pennies and Maine simple living in gentile poverty.

Rockport ME Resort, The Samoset Golf Course.

Blue, Green Blend. Maine Has A Lot Of Variations Of Those Two Colors.

Getting more from less. And not everything tied to the almighty dollar. Lots of bartering attached to the transactions of goods and services. No dead presidents exchanges from the bank roll.

But living in personal fear.

Sheer terror and always thinking the worst is about to happen. That is lives in the shadows. Lurking around that next corner. That is not Maine. Rural, simpler living in the 4th lowest crime state is not living in fear or feeling scared. It is all about being prepared in battling the elements not people.

Had a continuing education course at this year’s state of Maine REALTOR’S convention at the Samoset Resort. The headline about safety in real estate. I thought it was going to be more about practical applications of the day to day watch yourself around property listings.

Like, when you visit a bank foreclosure which are not the norm in the 46th lowest state for them, but that has knee deep water in the wet basement.

Not Living In Fear, With Crime. That Is Outdoor Living In Maine.

Maine Is Outdoors, Doing Lots Of Fresh Air, Blue Sky Events.

Maybe when the power is on, you should as the real estate agent or broker think twice, thrice.

About stepping off whatever cellar step the water from the spring thaw has climbed to during the inspection with buyer or appraiser.

Electrical safety around the rising ground water.

Things like the laundry basket, picnic coolers, luggage, pieces of firewood floating.

Bobbing in an eerie way and everything looking very out of place as you think about plugging in that sub pump but not being fatally shocked in the process. As you fish for the cord end to slide into the electrical socket if the juice is on.

Or thinking about the sleeping pit bull in the last bedroom down the long, dark, narrow hallway of an older mobile home. The one with the nameplate “Vagabond” above the trailer hitch.

Where one bedroom you suspect the tenant has a meth lab percolating. That is the kind of personal safety issues I think about as a rural Maine real estate broker. Tour guiding with a buyer for the looksie, the once over kick the tires. And figure out the whatta you think?

Maine Social Media.

Maine Explained With Social Media Examples.

Stepping through a rotten neglected deck board. Or keeping customers away from the railing around the structure that is loose as a goose. Gonna cause a buyer, one of their kids to take a Peter Pan off into the lupines, burdocks surrounding it.

Falling into a septic cesspool depression out in the front yard. Or driving up a steep grade around a Maine lake for a showing or listing when there is a skim of black ice.

Not much sand handy for traction in and out. And you gun it to keep from sliding sideways. Keep moving with enough speed for momentum. To avoid the upsy daisy at the Maine lake. The oh oh. Up and over, down  a very steep bank heading to the drink. Coming to rest down into an evergreen, all natural vegetation parking spot. A completely camo color protected gully.

In a Maine farm barn watching for exposed nails and being careful where you plant the loafers. It’s on your mind out in the farmstead yard.

Maine Lupines

More Lupines, No Drive By Shootings. No Gangs In Maine Small Town Rural Living.

To avoid scraping your leg on farm equipment angle iron sharp edges. Hitting your shin walking by a parked pickup with the trailer ball and hitch lining up just so. As you squeeze around the implements parked in the Maine farm machine shed.

Those are the property dangers to be eagle eye as you wander. Out and about in rural Maine property as it’s peddler. As the dealer in the matchmaking that brings buyer and seller together at the property listing.

But never where I live worrying being hit in the noggin. Robbed, your car hi-jacked. All in a split second as you bend over fiddling with a lock box code.

The door is open. We don’t mess with house door locks. Keys left in the ignition of all the vehicles too. Help yourself. Walk right in, sit right down. Baby let your hair hang down is how the song goes right?

Entertaining thoughts that you will be taken out with a baseball bat don’t surface in the gray lobes.

Not thinking during an open house property tour that while you are in the kitchen talking about granite and quartz counter tops.

The other half of the Bonnie and Clyde “buyers” tag team is wrestling with the Monet on the wall. To pry it off. Looting, shoveling jewelry into a black nylon sack to lower out the window. For the drop, hit and run. You watch too many movies or have lived in crime riddled areas too long.

Triple locked doors, cars secured with alarms, clubs to disable them.

You don’t see that in Maine. A car thief looking for a Porsche, something exotic, heads to Martha’s at Cape Cod. More high end, lower mileage late model beauties await the drive it like you stole it routine. For the NASCAR slick five finger discount. Before chopping it up and the evaporation of parts.

Maine Ocean Sailing.

Maine Is Space. On Land, The Water! Personal Safety Is Big Here. Crime Is Not.

Got the three credits for the Maine real estate license renewal.

But the having a text on your phone to hit send when you meet up with bad characters. The calling the office and asking for the “red file” to be sent to your email account or phone.

As a secret signal that you are being held hostage or directly in harm’s way. Send help SOS, May Day.

Like someone pushed the silent alarm under the teller station like you and I have seen in movies. Letting the network of people on your personal safety list  all know where you are every minute of the real estate day. As you move with special phone apps to catch the loss of signal. When the blip goes off radar sweeps. Save your money, stop worrying. Move to Maine.

In most Maine homes, the treasure is not store bought and sought by a thief to fence it.

Pawn shops don’t have a big market for the personal valuables of a true Mainer. The plaster of paris snow white hand prints of a tiny child or a dead animal from a memorable hunt. That hang on the wall.

The old black and whites images in crooked frames. A little out of focus photos from yesteryear. With old cars, big smiles, family dogs, cats or horses included. Round the capture under glass in the 5×7, 8×10 snap shot. Kodak moments collected, because time goes by.

Maine Simple Living

Maine Is Outdoor Living, Hold The Crime. Second Helpings Of Fresh Air, Clean Water Please.

The SUV with enough miles on it to get to the moon and start the trip back in the tin can.

Who would travel this far north to help yourself to that? The sentimental value wasted on anyone else that has no connection to the events, the people attending them. What is valuable is not store bought but home made.

Whew, you made it to Maine. Life in Little Rock, Arkansas, any high crime population center is a whole lot different than in rural Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730

The Hidden Areas Of Maine Locals Know About, That Flyers Forget.

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If you make your living with tourist traffic, one by one all the players send up marketing flares.

Because in Maine there is strength in numbers.

Like a single candle or singing voice, adding more helps the broadcast range. The individual efforts combine for a howitzer force punch.

Maine Island In Foggy, Mist.

Get Lost, Be Found. Find Your Island, Special Space In Maine.

And regionally, areas of Maine heave ho to put online, to print the four color glossy print.

To do the insertions on newspapers, trade journals and magazines. With a bent toward the niche audiences they are want to court and spark. Highlight the tourist attractions.

The attention starts with hitting, tickling the interest fancy. Then pushing a little harder in the marketing to create desire that leads to results. Money from the actual trip made and left behind.

And hoping the excursion to whatever area of Maine continues. Year after year with healthy frequency. And word of mouth, sharing those pics on social media outlets help whip up the gotta go there to Maine frenzy.


Some areas don’t get or hog the marketing spotlight. That is why if you have never been to Maine, often the only region getting the white hots is coastal Maine. I love a lobster, took a recent trip to Wells Beach area of Maine.

Maine Lake Sunset Photo

Fresh Air, Clean Water, Wildlife Not People. That’s Part Of Maine’s Secret Beauty.

And love Acadia National Park, the MDI region too. Pretty special on a bike heading up Cadillac Mountain.

Or hitting the Old Port to trudge up and down the cobble stone, hilly, narrow streets around Maine’s largest harbor side city.

Where really neat churches fallen from use become local eateries. Transitioning to worshiping the locally sourced farm to table food for a new experience.

Not the old habit of just fed by the word from the good book in the tall steeple locations. With maybe a coffee cake square or apple strudel slice after the inspiration sermon given down front.

How about the small hinterland, off the beaten path places in Maine?

Ever been to Wallagrass or Drew Plantation? Where you can look up and see an explosion of stars nightly. With Maine lake loon performances heard in surround sound over the unpopulated waterways each evening for three seasons.

Maine Small Town Living, Simpler Approach.

Simpler Small Town Living In Maine.

Then lightly falling snow deafens with quiet and takes over the controls.

In the solitude only interrupted by the hum of the wind through King pine needles vibrating in the wind.

Or a crackling, snapping, popping fire in a log lodge or cabin. After being on the snow sled or ski trail while the sunshines brightly.

But now it is night fall in Maine. After play or working out in the fresh, crisp air. Time for a “chowdah“… a good slow cooked stew. After a rich cup of coffee. Or one of Maine’s micro brews or high test grape juice. To set the stage. Cheers.

It all helps soften the dead air during the winter.

Like sounds of cheering, exuberant ice hockey fans as they watch the black circle go back and forth. Over the blue and red lines. Or the orange ball thrown up, for the swish through the twine. For two or three points.

Maine Sea Coast Light House Photo

Maine, She’s Rugged, Real, Challenges A Person. Helps You Define What Is Important.

The small areas of Maine, a rural state often find it goes “mums the word”.

You don’t get everything dissected, explained from A to Z.

Lots never make the show and tell. Like the best places to fish, hunt.

Because even though the Internet, blog posts like these help expose them.

They are still a little longer haul, a lot less publicized.

And a lot more real, all natural Maine.

Unfiltered, pure, like right out of Mother Nature’s mountain side spring water tap. Help yourself, take what you need.

Leave the rest upspoiled, for others on the dusty, less traveled trail.

Maine Map

The Unique State Of Maine Hand Drawn, Creatively Depicted. Like The People That Are The Fruit Of The Tree.

If you want the local real Maine slant, don’t just use sites that make users pay for the membership insertions.

Go to the blog posts with the fresh content on rich experiences. Read the reviews of the folks that thumbs up or down and not just the propaganda of the paid announcements.

Or better yet, forget the scarce reviews in the hidden wonders where they don’t exist. Because those that stumble on to them keep them unannounced. Not bragged about. And like the entrance to the Bat Cave, a secret.

Real Maine is not what the tourist information center print outs say to do.

Come see what was left out of the tourist information brochures. It is what is not talked about and kept sacred. You can not wear out your welcome in places like this. And you see the real Mainer up close and personal. Not the glimpse of one promoted from the low bidder for the marketing of tourism from out in Wisconsin.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730


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Breakdown Lane, Parked Or Itching For Something Missing.

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Point whatever you are driving north to Maine.

Load up the Desoto, Chevy Nomad wagon, van man to the gills. Hike, bike. Heck, stick out that thumb. Bum a ride to Vacationland if you have to as your last option.

You may have friends in Maine that are one option for lodging. Couch surfing here and there. Until your feet get planted firmly under you. And you end up “sponsoring” someone the same fashion to play it ahead. Pass it on.

Maine Is Less People, More Living.

Recharge, Unplugged In Uncrowded Maine.

Why do people move, relocate to Maine?

This link speaks volumes on the attraction eye candy one by one. A slew of reasons for the kick in the pants. The get up and go ambition building.

But the primary reason for the let’s make the ME move is something is missing in your life. You can attempt for awhile to ignore it.

Try the lazy, throw money at it medication that works half baked at best. But it all fetches up. There is a ghost in the machine running the show.

What’s missing?

Usually space, or the lower cost of living in Maine. Friendly make eye contact, glad to see you people. Not the ones that avoid your conversations, are in one major life or death serious hurry  scurry. And the idea light bulb shines brightly like an arc welder. Or the glint of rows and rows of floating sunshine lake diamonds that mesmerize.

Guiding a person’s one by one steps. To make the life mental shift to home grown rather than store bought. Do I need it or just want it thinking. One big kick in the pants. Away from multi story skyscraper living and bring it all home as Johnny’s record producer said in the studio to launch a career.

Maine, The Colors Shade, Like Your Mood.

Colors Of Just Winter White, With A Splash Of Shaggy Horse Chestnut Brown.

To high tail it out of a high crime, heavy traffic location to rural Maine.

Life is too short to be stuck in grid lock. To waste it in the race.

The days and night are made to live, experience. To learn and grow from the discoveries. To grow and expand to avoid becoming narrow and stagnant. If you are happy, passionate about where you hang your hat.

Where you live, work and play. Raise a family. No place better than small town values, without living in fear.

Some folks we hear from in our job as a Maine real estate broker for coming up on 36 years. Making the leap fueled by the cattle prod of regrets.

Stuck too long between the rock and hard place without the option of going sideways or around whatever life obstacle froze them dead in their tracks. Wanting to start over, do it again Steely Dan.

The burning desire for answers to life’s problems, mysteries.

You can hear yourself think in Maine . Because no one is in your space except you. Is is a comfort living in the 4th lowest crime state.

Happy Maine Families, Households.

How To Cook Up A Happy Household, Create A Happy, Responsible Family Member.

Being able to fix and repair, do your home improvements yourself and not having every micro move tied to writing a check, sliding a magnetic card.

Not spending money like a drunken sailor into port.

Or a pirate out on a night of raising cane when the rum in the tum tum firewater kicks in. Just before the black out.

Respect, easy does it, slow she goes.

Growing your own food and knowing what you put down the hatch. More hands on and feeling pretty peacock proud of what took you longer.

But the next time would be done in shorter time with what was self taught watching a you tube how to video along the way.

Your home improvement project taking a lifetime to complete but the process savored. The results sweeter because the high on the tree fruit that takes effort to reach is always tastier than the quick grab low hanging fruit.

You can do it, attah boy felt inside. Reminded if it is to be it is up to me.

Maine Outdoor Natural Beauty

Maine Is Outdoors, Friendly People, Less Crowds, More Beauty.

Maine is simple living, raise your own from out back on the vast acreage, not hemmed by inches that surrounds you.

You are not on house arrest living in Maine.

And your can telecommute, bring that old job to make it your new on in Maine. Need almost speed of thought Internet?

Folks learn along the way with the dips, twists of life that nothing stays the same. Life changes, moves fast and you better keep up with the 5,6,7,8 hokey pokey. Life does not stop for anyone. The trick to keep it all in perspective.

Knowing 95% of folks are well intentioned, want the same gusto out of their short life on the revolving green and blue marble. To consider it all joy, smiling from a generator linked to the upward turn of the corners of the mouth somewhere down close to their souls.

Maine is a place of unspoiled beauty.

Of lots of room to roam and stretch your legs. Expand your mind and streamline how you approach conflict and avoid drama. Manure storms.

Get Outdoors, Get To Maine Any Of The Four Seasons.

Paddling Your Own Boat, Raft, Canoe, Kayak In Maine.

You can do that easier and plane out, cruise at a more turbulence free altitude when you have personal space, freedom from the layers of players that plague you in the urban concrete jungle.

Maine, she’s personal, warm, friendly and you feel the local connect.

You can sigh “whew” and replace, shed the feeling of “meh” living in Maine. Ready for a second, third helping of that?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730

Hastings Falls | Small Jaunts In Hidden Maine Wilderness

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The best experiences are almost always outdoors in Maine.

Any season the same places serve up differently. Many of the outdoor hikes are made more enriching because all that they involve to pull off is a couple gallons of gas for travel.

Maine Deer Photo

Who Is That… Can I Help You? Eating Clover Over Here Off Rt 212 If You Don’t Mind.

A picnic basket of homemade potato salad. strawberry rhubarb pie or other goodies.

To feast on in the fresh clean air.. When it is just you, loved ones, out in all natural, always pure Maine surroundings. Or reaching up for a succulent apple that are all around you. To nibble on.

Bigger than normal this year as the bounty of good weather, the right amount of moisture paid off in dividends.

The apple trees Johnny broadcast seed far and wide on around Maine are having a bumper crop, bonanza year.

Limbs drooping to the ground in many places. Where bearing fruit larger than normal is happening as I hunt and peck.

Went to Hastings Falls, a ride around southern Aroostook County.

Not far from the north entrance to Baxter Park. Another venue to reach out and pick the fruit of tramping in those map coordinates for a future trek.

Hastings Falls can be approach two ways. Off the Clark Road in Merrill Maine.

Or heading north off the Moro Road in Aroostook County. Have done the former a number of times with small kids. In hotter weather when the red in the scale was higher in the glass tube.

Maine Kids At Hastings Falls

Cooling Off, Earlier Trip When Kids Were Young To Hastings Falls Merrill Maine

But driving in most of the way in a jeep the latter method for approach was the mission yesterday. A day of crisp, tasty air flowing easily under a totally blue sky.

With total sunshine overhead bathing the landscape in long sideways, lower rays.

As Jack Frost assembles his paint hues, color tones. For the second bloom, for leaf peaking foliage that is just around the corner.

The water is low, you can still hear the rush of it on the approach.

But the lower volume pulls back the shades on the smooth rocking surface sandpapered over the years. From back when the Jackson Sluice Road was used for lumbering.

When it was king, and woods or farm crops were pretty much the only two flavors of employment in North Maine.

hasting fall merrill maine

Walk Right In, Sit Right Down. Bay Let Your Hair Hang Down. (In Maine).

Small hikes, not gut wrenching, life threatening ones can serve best. When sampled with a more relaxed, easy does it approach. If you are lucky enough to live in Maine full time, or most of the year. You know what the magic is.

The short vacation long weekend or seven days is heaven too. But living here to enjoy more of Maine is where the peaceful easy feeling of true contentment resides.

Map location of Hastings Falls… two approaches to add to your bucket list as you wander around Maine.

Poking, prodding and exploring to discover Maine’s inner beauty. The areas that never get addressed in the four color glossing tourist information brochure write ups stacked and racked.

Maine, don’t stand her up.

Or keep her waiting. Get here quick as you can, as often as you can pencil her in.

Maine Hastings Falls

Rock, Water, Sunshine, Nature. Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730

The Way Some People Look At Wealth.

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The benchmark when the “wealthy” is not the inside kind measured in sheer gratitude.

But the outside kind that is cold hard cash. Or look at what I have that you don’t that sparkles.

Some figure they have more than enough. Take what they need and leave the rest for others. Feeling blessed that they have more than they deserve.

Maine House Flowers.

Raise Them With Love. Kids, Flowers, Animals In Maine. All Need Peace.

A few figure if they make more money a year than their sister or brother and their partner, they are rolling. Sitting pretty. In the cat bird’s seat. Finest kind.

What matters most when you live in small rural Maine is not status.

But how valuable you are in the day to day fabric. That this one, that one and pretty much all the local population would be sadly missed.

If plucked from the Earth. Or relocated to some other location.

Air lifted by a bright blue light from the belly of the mothership in one by one. The backyards spread pretty far apart. In a small Maine town.

How come? How does it shake and bake? There are less leaders at the top and more of the rest of the folks working together.

Like the twenty plus year sergeant that runs the platoon. Not the wet behind the ears college grad with the two silver bars on the shoulders or lapel.

Everyone pretty crossed trained as they rotate through the tasks, chores, obligations.

Maine State Wide Derby Racer Smiling Ear To Ear.

Happy? I Guess. Drove Hard To Win, Place In The Top Eight For Maine’s State Soap Box Derby Race In Houlton ME.

And then settle in on the one that they shine the brightest. They know it. So so all the other neighbors, friends, family in the small Maine town.

Lots of bartering to pay the bills. Get back the other guy or gal who pitched in and would not take anything for the helping hand.

You get creative and find ways that the other will appreciate for the “return the favor”. You do something to benefit their family.

To make life this winter a little easier. Heating oil or cord word mysteriously finds itself in someone else’s back yard.

Or smell that strawberry rhubarb pie. MMmmmmmm tasty and nothing store bought. Am old time recipe involved from another family.

The pie that was made with love cooling on the kitchen window sill. The pie that was not there before the household went off to church. Or down to the Piggly Wiggly to restock the pantry in the simple Maine home.

No explanation. No note, no fanfare. That’s part of the secret of Maine small town living.

The left hand not wanting the right hand to know what just happened here.

Eastport Maine Fisherman

Fishing For Something Missing? Maine. Find It Here.

And helping others carry their burden. Without the spotlight of attention shining.

Because when you needed the help the most it was there. Showed up right on time. And you were blown away from the generosity. When you are not used to being helped. And definitely did not ask for it.

Small Maine town living.

Are you thinking you could be an asset in a small Maine town? Me too. Reach out and connect. Let’s plan the relocation, move to Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730


Maine Once Had 90 Ski Areas, Could Be Down To 16 By The Holidays.

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Making snow on Maine’s ski slopes costs lots of money.

Empty ski mountain chairs don’t crank in revenue. Anything like farming, seasonal dairy bars, outdoor go carts or mini golf that depends on the weather being blue sky and sunshine. Not rain.

It’s a finicky proposition. And today, there are so many choices for things to do for fun. Competing with an overbooked families time. To visit the nearest small Maine ski area mountain for some gravity driven fun on one or two skis. Or a snow tube.

Maine Snow Sledding, Snowmobiling

The Average Snow Sledder In Maine Spends $150 A Day. Win Win, Big Fun & New $$$ Happens.

So to make money beyond when the snow is on the ground, Maine ski areas have tried boatloads of activities to create steady income.

To extend the season beyond just when the snow flies. After April until the pair of year end holidays appear on the calendar.

Endurance runs up and down the hill, through mud, under barbed wire to simulate boot camp. Inviting snow sled groups in to cook outs and music fests. Before the trails are groomed and sleds put into action.

Micro breweries, craft beer maker tasting sessions are another crowd pleaser. For folks who don’t coward, chicken out and head to the sunny south destinations.

Fall foliage rides up and down the chair life. Or gondola line that is idle three seasons and not putting a dime into the company coffers.

Maine Is Four Seasons, Saving On Home Heating Costs One Hobby, Sport We All Try To Master.

Maine Lower Temperatures Mean Turn Up The Heat On Home Fuel Oil Conservation.

Have two local mountains in Northern Maine to get a downhill ski fix quickly.

One in Mars Hill, Big Rock that is working on profitability.

The other technically in Canada, Crabbe Mountain.

But nothing like staying, spending a holiday or long weekend at Sugarloaf USA .

Or Sunday River Ski Area. The others dotted around the Maine countryside. To give good reason to stop waving the TV channel changer wand.

To avoid the trips to the refrigerator to crack open a Ben and Jerry’s.

To hunt down the cheese doodles. Or pop a top of a barley pop. Pour a gurgle, chug alug of warm or cold, stemmed glassware sampling of high test grape juice.

Maine Outdoor Blue...Which Shade?

Maine, Try To Describe Which Shade Of Blue, White Happening Here.

Golf courses parked next to ski areas. Hiking trails to use the hill and dales for better health.

All of it makes you want to preserve your local small Maine ski area. Learn more about Maine’s snow ski industry.

To preserve the sport, the outdoor Nordic pastime of attaching the boards.

And plying the new fallen snow in Maine during the winter months. When we get outside just like the other three seasons. We don’t hibernate through any of them.

Are you a skier, thinking of snow even thought spring, summer, fall in Maine are pretty darn special?

Or is climbing on an ice rocker, a Maine snow sled more your speed? To hit an open field trail or smooth lake ice bed and pull the trigger for a burst of sheer thrill?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730

Go Fly A Kite In Maine.

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Maine. Bring the kids, add lots of seashore sand, the sound of the surf.

Mix in the smell of the salt air off the coast of Maine. And if the wind is just right, take a kite skyward.

Don’t forget the sunscreen. Or to go for a sail boat ride fueled by the wind.

Anchor and take a dip, a nap, read a good book. Grill something back on the aft to take to the bow.

Wells Moody Beach Maine

Listen To The Surf, Dazzle The Eyes With Water Diamonds. Wells / Moody Beach Maine.

Spent the Labor Day Weekend in the Wells Beach area and really enjoyed the Maine coastline. Brought you home a few snapshots from the Brownie Hawkeye.

You can not help but have fun on the Maine coast. You have to be amused and at put at total ease in the Maine beach regions.

Of The Yorks, Ogunquit, Wells, Sanford, The Kennebunks, Biddeford, Saco and Old Orchard Beaches.

Several helpings of fried clams hauled up from the deep destroyed.

A trip to Reny’s for the sand toys. Other bargains. (Pronouced BARRrr-gins)

N’er Beach Motel is well located affordable lodging option. If you are not couch surfing. Planning to sleep in your car or under a bridge.

Zeroing in on a touch down in the Wells beaches area of Maine?

With everything you need handy and easy to access, the N’er Beach Motel is about 45 units of lodging, one super where to stay option. To consider when you open the wallet or purse wide.

Trolley service to shuttle you back and forth from Wells to Ogunquit Maine tourist attractions. With words on front that rhyme with trolley one way. Blue ones with sea terms on the front heading north during the Maine tourist season.

Maine Seacoastal Vacations Are Best!

Steer The Shortest Path To Maine. Get Some Sand In Your Shoes.

Look Mom, no hands. No driving needed for the 10 and 2. All aboard. Step to the back.

Hang out the open sides of the trolley rides and meet other “tour guides” that give you the straight skinny. On all the fine dining establishments to add dimension to your waistline.

The insider secrets shared. The ones about where to get the best experience for the memory making. What you take home to wherever you hang your lid.

Maine is famous for fine food.

And there is no shortage of it along the coastal towns of Maine.

Lots of outdoor farmer’s markets to do the dining plenty home grown and totally heathy too.

No shortage of roadside stands for the fruit and veggies in Maine.

The vacation along the Maine coast does not all have to revolve around the green clawed lobster that turns bright red.

When the timer ding dings it is time for the bib and jaws of life.

To extract the delicate meat to dip and let swim in the melted butter.

Maine Beaches Photo

Sample ME. Pick A Place To Plant Your Beach Chair Along The Miles Of Maine Coastline.

Where the red carpet for the tourists is rolled out and kept fresh, new and different.

To gain the return traffic to familiar old stomping grounds in Vacationland.

But hanging out at the beaches of Maine. Hopefully, to pass on the habit to the younger ones.

Who are taught by example on this is one way to do this game call life.

To create the best uses of the spaces. Of time that you cull out and cherish.

Coast along the Maine coast.

Preserving the downtime to unplug and recharge from the total relaxation.

Maine Kite Weather, There Is A Breeze.

A Break From The Water, Flying A Kite At The Wells / Moody Beach Seashore.

There is nothing like it to make everyone feel relaxed.

Instantly. Because all the cares of the World evaporate.

That is what a true vacation is suppose to do. Suspend your life.

Replacing it with a whole entirely new backdrop. To gain perspective.

To reflect on how your life has been going. To continue or change the course heading as you see fit. Or steady as she goes because everything is fine and dandy.

In the rolling waves and timing the tide just right.

For a fun day in Maine at the coast, soaking up the sunshine and blue sky.

Have you had your sessions, plenty of doses of Maine sea coast this year?

And explored all the other areas of this big state of Maine?  No matter what the season?

Maine, don’t stay away so long.

Beach Life During A Maine Vacation.

Pick A Season. Enjoy Your Place In The Sun In Maine.

Don’t stand her up or keep her waiting.

Bask regularly in her drop dead beauty any chance you get.

Here is a handy dandy Maine beaches guide. Maine has more than 28,000 bodies of water. Not just the Atlantic Ocean hogging the vacation spotlight.

Imagine 6000 ponds and lakes over an acre in size. Plus 22,000 pools and ponds. That ought to keep you from going thirsty for Maine waterfront fun recreational options.

Maine has over 32,000 miles of fishing water, for paddling whatever vessel you captain.

When you are lucky enough to live in Maine, there is no excuse whatsoever.

For missing out on scheduling the fun to take in the many attractions.

Maine Outdoor Market. Been To One?

Farm Fresh Locally Sourced Food From Maine. Get Healthy Inside And Out In Maine.

The picking a few new ones from the long list of what makes Maine one of a kind special.

Ever thought how lucky you would be if you were relocated, retired in Maine?

Or just packed up and brought your telecommuting job to Maine?

Maine is one place to find your style. To get away from all the people that cramp it now where you live in the concrete urban jungle.

Maine, your best choice for healthy living.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Windmills In Maine, How Do You Feel About Generators Dotting The Hills?

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More and more windmills in Maine are populating the hillsides, mountain ranges of Vacationland.

Harnessing the wind. Using giant egg beater looking contraptions of white pointed skyward stems. Rotating heads spinning to catch the breeze. Neck reined by whichever way the wind gusts.

To create a buzz. The juice for the transmission lines. That carry the electrons to the large consumer markets for electrical power users to the south.

Maine Wind Generators

The Tall White Wind Generator Stem And Three Very Large Blades Harnessing The Wind.

Ask for the local read and you get lots of reaction to wind farms in Maine.

Plenty of emotion over the topic of wind generating projects in Maine. No one candy coats it. No hot air. Unless propaganda to soften the blow when the talk for wind generation arrives in your field of vision.

Either way of the dial swing can happen with wind power in Maine keeness. Some see wind generation using the 300′ or more long prop driven blades as tres progressive.

Thinking the wind generating heads spin money into the local coffers. Create local jobs, pad the property tax base. These babies need repairs, maintenance. That means people running grease guns and turning torque wrenchs.

Repairing maintenance roadways. Clearing trees along the powerline corridor for the trip to energy markets. (NASCAR pit stop wheel lug air wrench sound… RRrrrrr. RRrrrr.)

Others shake their heads side to side. Think it is the most UnGodly thing that could happen. Their ancestors probably had flip flop nervous stomachs too. When phone and power came right by their home that ran nicely without it the day before.

Maine Wind Power, Like It?

Wind Power In Maine. Lot Of Hot Air? Or Pure Logic, Genius?

These new fangle wind beaters popping up on radar. Thinking take away the wind farm tax credits for energy production and poof. You would see the giants come to their knees for scrap metal. Like crash landings without the wheels down in the war movies. Lots of bent props, rototilled roughly forest bed ripped up with brute Mother Nature force.

Wind generators. Read all about them in the buy, sell, swap guide of Uncle Henry’s someday.

Make an offer and own your own megawatt GE wind beater.  To cool your whole house parked on a clothes line extension for the stiff Summer breeze please. Relocated to the the back yard or escorted out on the rear forty acres.

Whoomp whoomp whoomp.

And the beat goes on as Sonny and Cher sang when together on the stage sharing the same mike. Before the love dried up and marital knot untied.

Spoiling the view, tearing up the terrain to access the elevations with bulldozers followed by cement trucks in low range for the twisting climb uphill.

To anchor the huge wind generating platforms that hold the pin wheel tri-bladed heads that track the gusts. Along the Maine hardwood ridge overlooking the crystal clean lake the glacier carved out for wildlife and man to enjoy. To protect, preserve, pass on to the next generation for more of the same.

Drews Lake, Oakfield Maine Wind Generators.

The Drews Lake Sunset Before Lake View Wind Generators Popped Up On The Oakfield Foot Hills.

Some think wind generation in Maine is fine and dandy.

As long as the wind farms are not in their backyard. Or on Mt Katahdin, anywhere in Baxter Park. NIMBY’s in Maine, don’t cross them.

The generators for wind on Mars Hill Mountain that you see as you step into the boards after hearing the solid heel click. To ski and carve through new fresh white snow.

On Big Rock where wind generators dot the hillside north and south. Visible by skiers and motorists out on US Rt 1 alike. Wind towers are now a familiar part of the landscape for all to see.

As the giant white steel shafts curve and flex gracefully straight up. Are very close, impossible to miss as you scooch forward. To heave ho, hop up and off the chairlift. As you reach the summit. To downhill ski the groomed course again.

On Mars Hill, there was already a tower or two for television and communications. Lighted up and guy wired. Along with the ski area that is a glow at night with evening skiing. So with commercial activity already happening, what’s a couple more towers some would argue. That don’t look at them daily. Or really have a debate dog in the fight.

Buzzing during the winter months in Mars Hill, central Aroostook County. Sharing the landscape with the golf course on the north end of the range almost in Canada. When snow high tails it from “The County”.

Maine Windmills, Like Them Or Not So Much?

Noticed Any Windmills In Maine Or Wherever You Live Today?

Wind generators in Maine, after the first collection of 40 to 60, the shock of seeing them diminishes.

But like it or not, they are a reality. More on the planning board, in committee for design review. And the stamp of approval or modification to make them pass muster on all levels. So locals in the municipality like Oakfield Maine can get their check just under $3000 a year.

Maine wind towers, the generators. They do look like those two legged Star Wars toys that are big, clumsy, over shadowing the land. The AT-ST walker although missing a leg. Only one to stand on. Swaying, straining but not roaming much.

What says you about energy independence and ways to create our own? Or to reduce the use of juice or to cut the tether, the wire altogether. To simply live off grid in Maine.

I have a summer home on Drews Lake where ta da.

The red light marking the flight obstacle as required by the FAA on every tower now blinking.

Are like waving watery fingers, extending the projects closer. Of red tower lights that are not just in the distance on the Oakfield foothills wind generators popping up at this point in time.

Maine Land Photo

Maine Has A Lot Of This… Just Land. No People, No Wind Generators Or Anything Man Made.

But extending over the water in a lazer like shadow of reflection. To let you know progress with wind projects in Maine like it or not. Are underway in Southern Aroostook County. And blue printed for other venues one by one to go online.

Other parts around Maine’s hillside where wind generation would be perfectly positioned if no local objection to the farm projects happens.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker


The Grand Children When They Start Out As Dogs, Cats, Pets.

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The pets of your kids, before they have the grandchildren you get to enjoy.

You can get attached to the furry, four legged K-9 and feline offspring. Until the real bundles of joy in pink or blue drift to Earth from the overhead sky drop.

Maine Dogs Bond.

The Pets Socialize As Their Owners Do The Same On A Maine Open Deck.

As a kid we had a lot of dogs and cats. The cats worked the Maine farm barn, out buildings from machine sheds to granaries, the chicken and well house.

The dogs did not herd cattle or animals on the hoof pounding the pastures.

They actually did well to stay alive for long with the farm in Maine location on a busy US Rt 2 highway of commerce. The traffic made keeping the dogs from becoming passerby motorist “hood ornaments” a real challenge.

We had lots of german sheperds, a cocker spaniel for a brief stay because he was not so hot with kids. They youngsters bothered him and he snapped to show his distaste. One St Bernard got hit by a car and did lots of damage to the vehicle and the front leg.

That ended up developing front leg gangrene.

And my dad said it was not fair to a 100 pound and growing dog who had a mother weighing in at 160 pounds. To have Dr Newman the Island Falls vet get out the bone saw and amputate. To end up having only three legs to stand on was not a positive future for a dog this large. To be able to function as a happy dog carrying lots of tonnage around the Maine farm as he roamed.

Maine Dogs, Surrogate Grand Children.

Take The Picture. I Want. Need To Go For A Walk Okay?

So meet Dale, the black labrador retriever, young dog that is home in Maine from Colorado to visit. And his first cousin Nicky a same shade of midnight black color but lower to the ground cocker spaniel. Who can get lost easier in a Maine winter new snow fall when it measures a foot or more.

Nicky, that is not snappy and very affectionate like Dale she enjoys visits with a lot. Bother raised with love and not brought up with anger or neglect.

Had an Aunt Ruth who had one giant stable of horses for riding pleasure both western and English disciplines. So animals in the childhood were plentiful on her farm, the ones of my Uncles, Aunts and our own family one.

I’m Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Questions From The Answers, Sometimes More Is Needed.

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In depth, long extended play anything is the most rewarding right?

But today in the quickness of drive through and multi tasking, cutting to the chase can miss much.

Like Monarch or Cliff’s Notes for the high school or college student that waited until the night before the exam to read War and Peace.

Or some other epic that just time did not allow to digest and report the findings to earn the sheepskin. The letter grade to move along people. There is nothing more to see here. Step along now. Show’s over.

Maine Is Small Town, Simple Living.

Maine. The Little Things That Are Missing In Urban Living’s Hustle Bustle. Less Is More. Turns Up The Awareness.

Sometimes the longest book is not the most words either right?

Pass the big easy to read print or the filler, fluff like Wonder Bread pumped with mostly hot air. Fools on first glance.

But back to the question answers causing more questions. Because not enough is plopped on the cafeteria tray. As it slides down the highly polished aluminum rails with the sneeze protective glass barrier under your nose.

To make sure you keep your distance and don’t spray whatever germs you have.

Or collect the ones someone else brought to the party.

I worked at a broadcast facility or two in the Bangor Maine area during and after college graduation. And the almighty clever, catchy sound bite. That tickles and gets the attention of the masses. Deep in thought about lots of other things besides the news of the day.

It was like the perfect shot used to fill these blog posts. Like ice in a tall glass of cold, pure, all natural Maine water. Or something squeezed from the whatever was picked from the vine out from the back forty.

maine small town living

Children, Our Greatest Entertainment, Investment In Maine Small Town Living.

Something that was tip of the ice berg illuminating. Quick like a bunny efficient. Like the commands to herd the kids along at bedtime. When it is beyond time for lights out.

But what happens when not enough on this, this and that subject are all there is?

Isn’t it like empty calories? Yes, you are eating, funneling down the gullet lots of bulk, filler but not enough of the stuff you can really sink your teeth into to get down to the nitty gritty.

The juiciest part of the knowledge to take a bite out of like when you are on a walk in the country. And spy with your little blue, brown or whatever eye color a gift from Johnny Appleseed. Rachel Raspberry or Suzie Wild Strawberry. And reach up, down over over. To pluck, bite into the crisp, tart and refreshing that is heirloom rich in the case of the apple of your eye.

Not GMO alterered to look good, taste okay but just a bad photo copy of what you should of had.

Yeah, we’ve hunt and pecked about the merits of Maine organic food before.

Maine Simple Living.

Warm Up, Get Close, Settle Back And Relax. Whew. You Made It. You’re In Maine.

Taking the time to glean and graze on the A to Z of a subject you know little about today. Or one you thoroughly enjoy and do know a little bit about and more than many of the other average bears. Time, how you allocate it and putting it all into balance.

Priorities to establish in the household so kids know another to not forget this, but remember that. So balance can happen.

The kind to keep a person from going wobbly and to know what they need and must have to be grounded, centered, full of joy.

I am glad I live in Maine because of lots of reasons.

Primary and foremost is it is a place with space that allows you to know waste time worried about being in someone else’s proximity. Their center of the Universe Ground Zero. Get down to your own level.

Maine Is Animals, They Enchance Our Lives.

Herding Cats, In Maine Don’t Try To. They Run, Rule The Roost.

To free you up to pursue digging in and becoming more with your own talents and resources. No time wasted in traffic or worried about crime.

More time for focusing on what is real important and not artificial or stacked high with layers of players. To push the paperwork of over burdened local regulations and enforcement.

Maine is simple living and all that is removed to clear the table to get down to the meat and potatoes of it all. To feast on what really tickles the senses.

To get you the full meal deal and extended play, the version of the book like Stephen King’s The Stand that the author went back.

Adding another 500 pages to for a re-read of literary left overs… the best kind when you cherish it more the second time around. And see what was missed the first read, added for the second one.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker


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