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Nursing Home Visits Can Uncover Much Local ME History.

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Visiting a shut in at a nursing home or an elderly member of a small Maine town that is house bound can yield much rich local history.

Meg and I visited one gentleman in the local Gardiner Nursing home yesterday. And it made all three of our days. As you listen to the yesteryear stories, you see the energy and vitality return to the tale teller. Our local resource in the Maine nursing home shared much on local buildings now gone or replaced. The folks who lived in the neighborhood houses, recounting tid bits of information about their families. All local history facts that fade with time but need to be documented to pass on and stay alive.

This person grew up on Prospect Street in Houlton Maine and talked at length about a wagon or carriage factory that was three stories high. The top level for painted fancier carriages, the bottom level used more for working wagons. He explained his uncle had patented in 1902 a special wagon for the local Northern Maine potato farmers to save wear and tear on their backs. The design of the axle to lower the platform was very popular. To make it easier for their help, the families working on the farm to load barrels of potatoes out of the field up and onto the wagon platform. For the journey to the local potato house for storage over the winter months. To draw from and empty the bins in one by one load sales to the consumer down country that was accessed by railroad. No overnight, just in time inventory deliveries from trailer trucks at this time in history available.

maine carriages factory

Earlier SUV Open Wagons, Carriages Built In Houlton Maine Prospect Street’s 3 Story Factory.

We also had a local Aroostook County tinkerer who invented a tong potato barrel hoist that had three claws.

That you could toss from the loading flat bed truck used to collect the barrels. Attaching itself  like a spider on the top of potato storage barrel made of cedar staves or sheets of plywood. The hoist tong would tighten and hold tightly to the straps of wood that held the barrel frame together as it was pulled upward and swung over to be lowered on to to the stake truck platform loading area. Using an electric motor first and then modified with hydraulic pump running off the truck’s engine.

I had taken this same gentleman through a house we had listed for sale a few years back. That was being shown to a friend of his, a classmate who moved back to retire in Houlton Maine. The retired builder came along to explain how the home was built, what was the custom at the time in the local construction of neighborhoods in my small Maine town. He was like a building inspector of sorts, like a shop teacher on the home tour. The flooring was oak when 90% of the same type homes of the period were constructed with maple stock. I asked the builder who had hung up his saw and hammer, nail pouch but able to drive himself around, who had created this house back in 1957, just why that was.

He smiled as the story started like it was yesterday and crystal clear in his memory.

Houlton Maine Market Square

George Keeps Any Eye On Market Square In My Northern Maine Town Of Houlton.

Explaining he did not want to use oak but maple flooring was not to be found. There was a shortage of any local building supply inventory of maple flooring to use in this ranch style home on the southern end of the village. The oak flooring cost $100 more for the entire home and was a last resort to keep his men busy and the project moving along so he could finish up one house to begin another next door.

As one by one the structures popped up on both sides of the street. To hook to existing water and sewer, the electrical utilities. And have the street built to specs so the local municipality would adopt the roadway and take on responsibility for paving, snow plowing, lighting and the routine maintenance that would be required in the years ahead. These houses sold for $4000, $5000 and a high of $6000 which was big money at the time for a Northern Maine home.

In small Maine towns, walking scores are off the chart too.

You don’t need to rate the area for how easy it is or safe you are if you decide to take a stroll for some fresh air. Day or night, we walk any chance we get. Often it is quicker not just healthier than firing up the steel horse, parking it and bee-lining for the destination in mind. You see other members of the community along the way and I find myself thinking about who lived in this house before the current owner. And to try to think back through the chain of ownership and to consider what was it like in my small Maine town when it was first built.

Maine Winter Weather, Climate.

Snow Sledding, Ice Fishing, Pond Hockey Skating. Maine Winters Are Just As Special As The Other Three Seasons.

Not knowing that a great great uncle lived in this home or moved to that one over there after a fire. The local news and how the town grew and what was the industry at the time is all exciting when it is your home town that is a source of pride and respect.

It is easy to get busy. To put off things you know should be part of the daily, weekly, yearly schedule. We made a promise. I want to return to visit and make notes that contain local history that may not be headline Earth shattering news but very interesting just the same.

The blog topics benefit from the inspiration older members of the small Maine towns eagerly supply. We told this nursing home resident the pair of us would be back to listen and learn. He said come anytime, with a smile “I have all the time in the World”. Do you have family members in a local nursing home or elderly care facility that you visit and learn from too?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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McMansion To McCottage | How Big A House Works Best In Maine?

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How big a home is best for you depends on area housing stock economics and whether you really are ready for a Murphy bed or farm house sized kitchen.

There are pros and cons for tiny homes, larger housing floor plans and it is a personal choice. But what about the local area real estate options and pricing in a state as vast as Maine? Is it best for a home on wheels or a big smashing Victorian house in Maine that works best for your real estate needs?

know house thomaston maine

Know House Thomaston Maine Is One Big Residence With Rich History, Plenty Of Bedrooms.

For starters, the average price of a home in Northern Maine weighing in at $71,000 and reality that the SAME home would fetch $210,000 in Southern Maine. That fact alone makes the folks in the market for a Maine house do a quick check of their finances. Before considering the plus and minus evaluation of what size home is best for me.

Debt ratios, how much of your income can go to housing and the associated maintenance to carry the sticks and bricks. Spending habits, not just your income shows where your priorities are when opening up the wallet or purse wide to pay for daily expenditures. Saving for kids to attend college impacts how high a house price range you filter the real estate search when just sneaking a peek at what is currently for sale in your market.

If 28% of your income or less should be dedicated to housing, there is one ceiling in place on what you plan to buy today for a house of any size.

If housing stock is larger in rural Maine, those homes cost less and are more plentiful. Yes, more to heat and a bigger square footage for maintenance, to clean, but cheaper than plopping down a starting price of $46,000 for a tiny home on a trailer that are out there.

Micro housing, the proponents brag up you will save on utilities, less to heat and cool. That smaller castles mean time freed up for other endeavors besides cleaning and maintenance keeping the house straight and sound. If you live a couple blocks from a gym, why would you need the corner den or space in the cellar rec room for a treadmill or stair stepper? In rural Maine, your “gym” is outdoor exercise cutting, stacking, splitting wood to heat your home. Or climbing on a tractor to plow the back field to get it ready for spring planting. Or maybe the all out aerobics of producing square or round bales of hay to feed your own livestock and the animals of others with whatever is tucked away in your barn. For a methodical draw from the deposits as the calendar pages cycle through from fall, winter, another spring in Maine.

Maine's Kennebunkport Maine Beach Sea Shore

One Beach Is Not Exactly Like The Next. This One In Maine In Kennebunkport At Dusk.

Larger homes in Maine, what space is used for when there is extra to go around? Home schooling desks, wall charts, science labs and the reading resource library. Or work from the home office space where the Internet connection allows telecommuting. In laws living in the converted farm house shed or Victorian home carriage house. Or using a series of water front or rustic wood camps seasonally before the move south. To places you won’t need a snow shovel or an windshield ice scraper.

The open outdoor and glassed in porches one more common space for more family members to consider hanging out or shelling peas, sipping coffee on. Renting out the extra space for Airbnb or to provide areas for exchange students or to run an inn, a Maine B&B.

The US Census uncovered that the average size of a house in this country is 2657 square feet.

How do you fit into that statistic? Maine is not a state flush with cash, or filled with residences that boast three bedrooms but eight bathrooms. That’s HGTV west coast Hollywood talking. Could you pare it all down and squeeze into a tinier you 500 square foot leaner, greener four walls? They say smaller, tiny homes mean less decorating, force you not to accumulate so much. Tips for moving what and when regardless we hammered out in an earlier real estate blog post on relocating to Maine. The local Amish settlements produce small buildings that many use as “tiny homes” that get modified by the owner. Lots of folks for vacation or homesteading combine more than one Amish storage shed to make them into living area. Here is another Maine tiny home link.

There was a time in the early 1980’s when the Farmer’s Home Administration (FmHA) made the decision to lighten the load. Of housing stock 1400 square foot or larger that came into foreclosure inventory. And that was to be financed for a dollar down and the 33 year loan with 396 payments. The subsidized housing program shifted to a ranch style 1008 square foot goal that was one floor, insulated to the hilt. And the folks buying them made to look hard at their housing budget to make sure they were taught economics 101 to hang onto the home not lose it to come back to Uncle Sam in foreclosure.

Home Grown, Maine Farm Fresh.

Small Maine Farm Sustainable Agriculture. Hard Work, A Highly Rewarding Lifestyle.

The 1400 square foot houses that were priced low, financed for 10% down for a ten year loan were so cheap to buy. That it allowed the new home owner of a foreclosed home to have money left over from the payment load to channel it into whatever maintenance the big and beautiful housing stock required to be ship shape.

Or to fix up, flip and move on up the real estate housing food chain. To try on something different for the house around them. To adapt to a new to them home with a different set of features, size and location that worked best at the time for whatever life cycle they swam in today. Your real estate needs change and not just because you use a walker to get around or the chicks have flown the coop. Divorce, death, disease and on a brighter note promotions, more stork deliveries can cause the itch that needs to be scratched to make the move to something new and different. To impact your quality of life. Being self-sufficient working on fencing, puttering on farm buildings from hen houses to tractor sheds and storage barns.

Home too large, a big house scaring you from purchase? Consider an income generating apartment in one section and if you ask lots of questions going in, you can get a quality renter for the rental portion of the down sized home. Also tax deduction write offs because a portion of maintenance, maybe heating, other items can be used to sweeten the renting out part of your Maine home.

Do you run the roads, do you entertain at home, do you enjoy sitting in a den in front of a roaring fire? In a kitchen rocker not far from a wood cook stove?

Are the kids on every sport’s team known to man and summer camps, year round tune up clinics are part of your daily experience? Is being home a joy or torture? Are you anxious, feeling like you are missing out on something that is not happening in your own backyard? Had it up to here with neighbors? Or long for a few good ones? Would you consider buying then tearing down the house next to you if it came up for sale? Or approaching the neighbor on the other side of the eye sore to purchase it together and have it hauled away with the remaining house lot split down the middle. For one less neighbor in the hood.

Houlton Maine Christmas Winter Photos

Christmas Reflections In Houlton Maine. Small Town Proud Makes The Holiday Colors Brighter, Spirits Higher. Ready, Want A House In A Small Maine Town Setting?

Where the house in Maine is big or small or somewhere in between. To add a water front element. To have a view, to add to the property acreage to own fields, pasture, your own wood lot to heat the house. Or the option to add on easily with a pay as you go, DIY using some bartering skills. Beyond the size, features in a Maine house you can afford to enhance your lifestyle is a big part of why you might want to move. To experience living in a yesteryear grand old larger home in small rural Maine is possible where the same elegance in an urban area is not so common and priced out of reach.

Formal dinners at home, not at Bonanza sliding a plastic cafeteria tray with triangular numbers riding on them or dining on the daily special at Governors or a Pat’s Pizza.

Using a butler’s pantry, the servant’s corner nooks and crannies, overseeing the canning and preserving operation in the summer kitchen. Sneaking up hidden rear stairway passages. Watching your cat bask in the stained glass natural lighting spilling on the floor where he or she naps. Wainscoting, raised panel ceilings, tin, marble, granite, exotic maintained or not patterned multi toned woods of all kinds. Using the upstairs sleeping porch on a hot summer night.

Converting the walk up attic space into a teenager’s hideaway or media room. Drawing from the root cellar provisions and wood just the size of the heating chamber it feeds through out the day and night. As Old Man Winter loses his gas. And Jack Frost packs up his weather tools for another year. And the early flowers poke their heads through the ground signaling spring is knocking. Bring out the porch furniture, refill the gas grill canister. Service the lawnmower. Fill those driveway potholes and re-hang the rain gutters.

Or on your knees in the spiritual flower beds and tasty vegetable gardens. Enjoying bird feeders, your pets of all sizes with space to hang out in and outside of home. Why you live where you do and was it inherited, where you grew up? Or a house that Jack built without a large mortgage hanging around your neck. Built slowly calling in favors and watching you tube videos on house construction. Tapping into skills honed back in shop class. But the table saw in the living room for years until the housing project turned the corner at least. And earlier work is time to replace because the kid’s grew up and out they went. It’s been a couple decades filtering out of the hour glass revolutions. What size house is best for you if you relocated to Maine or already live here but thinking of changing it up when the real estate market is favorable?

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Maine Winter Fun | Sliding, Sledding, Ice Skating, Skiing.

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When old man winter arrives in Maine for another visit, the simple outdoor outdoor traditions return.

The ones started in our youth and preserved into adulthood. You begin to know how much fun you forgot climbing on a pedal bike is when you push up the kickstand. And take it to new unexplored places in Maine which is a six hour long state. That has so many choices for outdoor fun not matter which of the four seasons you find yourself enjoying.

Maine Is Outdoor Simple Living.

Maine Outdoor Living, We Keep It Real, Simple, Honest.

Ever used pedal power, two wheels and commanded a bike to tour a Maine island? The same joy you remember as a kid returns when you bundle up and grab a snow sled. Trudge up a hill to climb aboard and let gravity be your engine to pick up speed. Heading to the bottom with family and friends of all ages. To do again, just one more run.

Traditions in Maine, the best ones started as a kid.

Introduced by older brothers and sisters. Where you used your imagination, were not parked on a couch killing time inside just because the thermometer mercury sits a tad low in the glass tube.

Sliding downhill in Maine means fresh air, crisp clear scenery, seeing your breath. Exercise, hot chocolate after you hang up your wool mittens. Climbing out of the layers of outerwear to cozy up to a wood stove crackling fire. Falling asleep tonight happens quicker, goes deeper when you downhill slide in Maine.

maine winter countryside photo

Sugar Coated Maine, Don’t Miss A Season, Make Winter Sparkle Part Of Your Vacation Plans.

What else happens in Maine winter? Ice fishing with pretty elaborate shacks for the social aspect. Snow sledding the ITS trailers with motors, carbide runners, radiation under your feet and electric thumb warmers. Downhill and cross country skiing. If you are cold, you are not dressed right or need to pick up the pace in whatever outdoor pastime you picked for pleasure. Shovel a walk way, clear off a porch roof and you don’t need a coat zipped high with a scarf wrapped around your neck. You are plenty warm and full of energy to do more outdoors in Maine.

Kids know how to have fun in a marshmellow world all around Jack Frost had a hand in creating. Maine is like the snow globe kids buy or make for their parents for Christmas. When someone took the time to snow plow or shovel off a small pond. And drops the black circle that causes the spirited pond hockey game to begin in earnest. Skating, puck handling combine with the lines formed for a friendly hockey contest. Bonfires to warm your bones and to detach, dream, stare into the dancing flames.

The simple pleasures are not store bought or needing batteries during any of Maine’s four seasons. There is no software associated and it is a return to your childhood rituals.

Walking on cleared sidewalks in a small town under street lights or around town to window shop. Sure, being careful for slipping up on the ice down under means easy does it. But get outside. To enjoy the splendor day or night of Maine communities or the deep woods, an open field with a white cover frosting. Depending on what type of snow you have outside to work with, snow men, digging tunnels and making forts to defend the backyard is one option. If thick snow that supports someone’s weight on bear paw snowshoes is not crusted over and offers crust sliding on flying saucers and slippery magic carpets. The pattern of ice crystals, snow flakes and magic of crisp, clear frost add a sparkle to Maine winter living.

Small Maine Town Christmas Light Parades

Small Maine Town Christmas Light Parades Welcome Santa, Entertain The Little And Old Alike.

Winter in Maine is peaceful.

There is a silent roar as new snow falls and everything gets muffled sound wise. Crunching snow under your boots, the sharp sound of scraping a windshield to make it safe for winter travel. The distant whine of a two cycle snowmobile with tuned exhaust. Or a chainsaw working it’s way through a thick hardwood tree trunk or dissecting a smaller limb.

The snow plow rumbling by on a country or US highway. The pulleys of a ski area rumbling as your pommel t-bar or chairlift pass by the galvanized tower. The sound a toboggan makes as it eats up a run down over an iced over groove loaded with laughing passengers. Hanging on to the one in front of you with feet tucked around them in one long human chain ready for what’s ahead. But preparing for what to do if things go sideways.

All those sounds help the journey back into what you did as a kid in Maine when the calendar months are those of winter. Maine winters are not harsh or scary and we still spend our recreational time outdoors. Ask a kid, be one again. Don’t black out winter in Maine or you miss out big time.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Portland Stage, Finding Common Connections Within The Community.

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Back in an earlier life as a Bangor Maine broadcast news director, I interviewed Eaton Tarbell, a patron of the performing arts.

portland play characters

New At Acting Old. The Potter In This Play Is A Lady Playing The Business Angles Expertly.

He designed lots of buildings around the state. Tarbell was a regular on the airwaves for colorful sound bites. On the show often to check in and update the listening audience with the latest happenings behind the curtain at Lakewood Theatre , Maine’s oldest summer theatre in America. Lakewood Theatre raises the curtain on first rate performances of comedies, dramas, musicals, and children’s shows. The productions at Lakewood run on stage from late-May through mid-September. This year marked the 117th season for Lakewood. Where is Lakewood Theatre? Find the productions, a restaurant to at 76 Theatre Road, Madison, ME 04950 • (207) 474-7176.

Maine Is Amazing People, Beautiful Surroundings.

Maine, A Fun Place Inside And Out. Drive The Back Roads Outside And Discover Much About Maine, Yourself. Hit A Play Production Inside.

This past weekend, I was fortunate to take in a live show at the Portland Stage.

The live radio broadcast simulated for the holiday play production Of “It’s A Wonderful Life”. In the handout Anita Stewart, the Portland Stage Executive and Artistic Director spells it out simply. The mission to discover the character who you think you know from your introduction during the first scene. But as the play progresses the unexpected side of the character appears. The unexpected happens. It points the process we all do in quick scans, sudden judgements as we filter all we think we need to know to sum it up nice and neatly.

The connective play thread this season at the Portland Stage according to Stewart is to open up the possibility that there is a different way of approaching one another. The play characters help us understand the World is full of complex people if we just open up to take the time to go beyond that initial layer when we size them up maybe just a little too pat. And if you see yourself in the characters, maybe it will help accepting others in the community. Small towns, the handful of cities in Maine and our families, in our lives that are  comprised of folks just like you and me. And many others that are not carbon copies. So we learn to embrace those differences that help us grow and learn that benefits us all.

play productions in maine, portland stage

Learning Over The Play Scenes, That It Is A Wonderful Life George Bailey. An Angel Is Finally Going To Get His Wings.

If you can rip yourself away from the holiday carol singing, the mad dash to present shopping ’til you drop.

Take the time to squeeze in a play performance at the Portland Stage for “It’s A Wonderful Life; A Live Radio Play.” An adaptation by Joe Landry to help you celebrate the Holiday Season with a beloved classic. The show bill teaser promises “This heartwarming story of renewal is retold as a 1940’s radio broadcast. Complete with sound effects performed live on stage. With the help of an ensemble and angle called Clarence who has been waiting around 200 years to get a set of wings. George Bailey discovers the million ways we are tied to those around us.”

The play runs from November 24 through December 24, 2017. There’s even a Christmas carol or two that the audience gets invited to sing. To warm up the audience because they are part of the radio theatre broadcast. You feel part of the production because the audience is relied on to put their hands together when the applause light shines.

portland stage play house photo

Looking Into Their Lives Played Live Before You At The Portland Stage Play House In Maine’s Largest City.

When the hand held signs instruct to “hiss” or “ahhh” or a variety of other commands right on cue. To help the at home audience fill in what they can not witness first hand watching the stage production. That radio land audience that only has their ears to guide the vivid imagination parked behind their unused eyes.

Amidst AM static with the reception degree of crackling tied to the weather, the type and height of antennae. Or the distance away from the transmitted filled with tubes and causing cancer to the majority of first class engineers keeping the signal pumping, the radio station on air.

The audience of thousands tuned into the broadcast signal beamed into each and every living rooms. Where families crowd around the wooden early radio cabinet using the all there was medium for family entertainment. The same device connecting them to the outside World. Used to collect most of their important news from stock market crashes to Pearl Harbor Sunday morning bombings. To follow the radio serial shows, the baseball games and to catch musical performances. Along with the nightly news, crop reports, local weather forecasts and political race results.

portland stage theatre plays

The Theatre Production “It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play”. The Portland Stage Curtain Raises.

The play production intermission means tasty cookies, fresh moist cakes and other delicacies with a variety of refreshments all calling you in unison from your theatre rows and rows of seats. As the house lights come on you rise to saunter to the lobby. To stretch your legs between play production scenes for a little snack.

The chatter is loud after being silent so long. Knowing whispering is really talking. While all attention is eyes forward to follow the unfolding story line. Watching the play line by recited line develop the characters carefully from out in the audience.

Talking between scenes now about the play characters, comparing notes on how the performance is hitting each of those sitting around you. Studying the large black and whites on the wall. Peeking at upcoming play productions and cursing yourselves for past ones missed and still talked about because they were that

It's A Wonderful Life Play Photo

Making A Point, To Help The Plot, Develop The Play. Taking Turns Reciting Lines. It’s Show Time For The Portland Stage’s “It’s A Wonderful Life”.

good. Milling around and exposed to new people you get to know that love the same performing arts. Performed under hot spot lights,bathing your favorite characters in colorful pools, inside the shadows of the gels. The audience that follows the actors, the series of season play productions through out the year once the bug bites you. To challenge, inspire, to reflect. That is what the Portland Stage acting troupe strives to do and puts the mission in writing so they never forget either.

Have you been in community theatre as a character, playing in a cast? Do you make it a habit to attend plays, to follow the productions of a acting group? Break a leg. Maine has lots of folks dedicated to small town community theatre. This blogging channel on Maine has featured community theatre before and will again. The play production live audience makes the stage characters soar, stay flat or flop badly. That audience is the reflections, is the indicator of just how are we doing behind the footlights. Maine, so many sides to this jewel. Her facets are many and life is so short.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Things To Do For Fun In Maine | Whitewater River Rafting.

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Want to get wet, can you handle fast moving water down a river winding through the Maine woods on the front of a boat white water rafting?

Things to do for fun in Maine. Can you swim? Will you stay in the white water river raft pointed down the river from a hydro electric power plant discharge staging area? White water river rafting in Maine is one heck of an exhilarating experience. Many natives and vacationers from out of state visit Maine rivers often to climb in the raft, to learn how to help the guide on the back pilot the boat through the series of rapids and rocks down stream.

white water rafting

Ski Passes, White Water Rafting Trips, Anything Maine Outdoors Is A Welcomed Christmas Present. Let, Right, Hold On To The Short Rope Paddles Held High! I’m On The Right Near Skipper Eliot Shouting Out How To Steer The Raft. The Guys, Gals Upfront Get Hit With More Refreshing River Whitewater.

It is more than the thrill of fast river water when you sign on to be a member of a rafting party too.

The eddy out for the greatest, tastiest on the river meal prepared at the shoreline on solid terrain. The conversations of the crew members aboard your boat and others that dine in the woods next to a calmer area of the river where it is less noisy. And you meet interesting folks from all over, all walks of life who share the experience for the first time or one of many waterfront outings. The wild rice that goes along with your meat or fish choice from the grill in this kind of Maine wilderness setting is worth looking into if you are physically fit. And love the outdoors of Maine.

Powered by the river waves as you are instructed in orders to paddle left, right or on both sides with full steam ahead. To as an entire boat weave your wave in the rubber raft through a serious of fixed river obstacles. Like a slalom skier one at a time tuck, bend and turn to keep the boat hitting the waves from upending and splitting the crew into the cold fast water. The river that you are told by the instructor captain who sits on the back of the raft up higher than the rest of the paddlers. Who reminds you to keep your feet, your legs up if you do get pulled from the boat by the forces of nature when tossed this way, thrown that way. Because you want to avoid breaking those two legs and feet used after the fast boat ride down a Maine river. Hold on to that short rob in front of you with paddles raised high to avoid knocking someone’s teeth out. Maybe your own.

Whitewater rafting happens from April to October in Maine.

whitewater rafting in maine,

Rafting Down Whitewater In Maine. How Many Times On Which River In Maine?

The later excursions on the Maine rivers require wet suits to avoid hypothermia. All ages, all abilities are provided for by Maine rafting companies. I have taken a bunch of river rides on Northern Outdoors yellow rafts and my youngest son Elliot was a raft guide for the company living near The Forks.

Trips white water rafting down the Kennebec, The Dead River and more of them down the Penobscot River create a tradition for our group. And offer tremendous exercise for the entire family on exciting rafting trips that accelerate based on the amount of water released from the hydro dams that is the horsepower to add to the day’s river ride.

The water levels are highest after a deep snow of a heavy supply winter provides the spring melt run off that swell the waterways.

These white water rafting or kayak conditions are harder to plan for unlike the timed release from the hydro power plants on Maine’s largest, most lively river rides with licensed guides. Helmets, safety equipment, a talk before the ride all make safety priority one.

The Kennebec River in Maine offers 12 miles of white water fun and it begins at Harris Station on Indian Pond.

The Kennebec ends at The Forks. Providing twists and turns and the ups, downs of special places on the river like the Kennebec Gorge. The Penobscot River offers rapids classified as 2 thru 5. What’s the difference explained below one by one.

maine whitewater rafting

Rafting In Maine, Surfing, Paddling The Whitewash From Rapids! The BBQ Food On The River Tastes Greater From All The Exercise.

The Dead River is a long, unbroken whitewater stretch.

Probably one of the longest in the East. Experience white water river rapids from class 4 and 5. The Dead River 16 mile route begins at Grand Falls, ending also at The Forks Maine.

The Penobscot River has special rapid names like “The Exterminator” and “The Cribworks” .

The Penobscot River raft run starts through Ripogenus Gorge that lasts 2.5 miles before a dozen more miles that wraps it up at Pockwockamus Falls. The lower Seboomook River region of this raft run is ideal for younger or less experiences river paddlers. Find river raft rapid class 2 through 5 on the Penobecot River.

More water, a faster ride and is it safer if the rocks are covered and not exposed? The river hydraulics make any paddling a challenge and the risk adds to the thrill of a Maine whitewater rafting trip. The water levels change daily and the way to tackle a river can vary which makes the ride a different challenge every time. Along with who you raft with, your guide and company can enhance or limit the take away when you peel off the wet suit and unsnap the life vest, remove the water shoes. Regardless, plan the river raft trip to eat up most of a day in Maine. This is not a short twenty minute water ride and hanging around for a micro brew of local hops, a glass of adult grape juice. Leading to tent camping out, or renting a cabin, spending the night in a lodge just adds to the take away to the  white water rafting experience.

White water rafting, what to the class distinctions means?

Class 1 is easy paddling, no obstacles, small turbulence and a slow river current experience.

Class 2 adds more obstacles to make it interesting, comes with a medium current with waves.

Class 3 provides longer, more difficult river rapids and strong, not so predictable currents.

Class 4 is going to be a challenge in difficulty. Expect very difficult, steeper, longer rapids complete with lots of river obstacles to navigate around and through.

Class 5 is going to help you sleep tonight with strenuous vertical river drops, rugged hydraulics, swifts not so predictable currents and heavier obstruction traffic to paddle around quickly.

Class 6 on a Maine river is very dangerous, near impossible to negotiate and should only be attempted by teams of experts, after study of this part of a Maine river and with red alert safety standards enforced by the rafting party.

Northern Outdoors Whitewater River Rafting

Aye Aye Captain. Your River Guide Through The Whitewater On A Maine River Salutes You.

Capture Kodak moments with that waterproof helmet cam or hovering drone. Of laughing, screaming, hollering wet rafters plunging and paddling hard. Digging for all they are worth through places called Big Pocwockamus, Moxie, Nasowadnehnuk Falls and Big Eddy, Caratunk, The Exterminator. And living to tell about it with the refrigerator snap shot with a go pro camera to prove it. More about white water rafting in Maine at this helpful link. (Check out the Three Rivers Whitewater rafting video in the website header to wet your appetite.)

Grab a paddle, strap on the helmet and life jacket and get ready for high adventure on a wild Maine river.

More white water river rafting links to consider are and . One more to round it out and see it is not just white water rafting that the companies do to make it interesting and to appeal to a broader outdoor Maine enthusiast audience. This Maine whitewater rafting link spells out what you get for how long and for how much.

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Slide Something Maine Made Under The Christmas Tree.

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The hoopla of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and what to get for those loved ones on the Christmas list.

Let face it. Kids are easy to shop for with long lists to select from provided early on in the season. But those that already weathered the accumulation stage of their life have everything they need. Don’t want for much and there is the conundrum for the task of what to buy to slide under their bedazzled tree. What do they need, what will they really appreciate for a Christmas gift. No, not another fruit cake. Please.

So local made gifts from artisans, craftsmen that are unique. Nothing you are going to find on sale looming at an end cap at Wally World. Or piled, racked and stacked high in rows at a local Marden’s outlet. What to buy to spread the cheer and goodwill to mankind? Besides a year’s subscription to a Maine magazine or Uncle Henry’s buy, sell, swap guide.

maine small restaurant diner

Tradition, Wearing Wool Snow Caps Flipping Burgers And Pancakes. Maine Has Distinctive Eateries. Diner Gift Certificates Go Over Well For Christmas Presents.

Hmmmm. If you are not the handy, crafty type to create lots of home made gifts that warm their heart.

Here are a few hundred suggestions for Maine made special gifts. And a special spotlight for daughter in law who is a pretty talented artist. Creating a lot of original one of a kind gift ideas that are tailor made for Maine. Check out Cynthia Taylor Studio on Etsy. (Sorry for the shameless plug.) Cynthia Taylor is the art teacher at Houlton High School. Yes I am proud of her work illustrating she loves Maine.

Some of the best gifts are the creation of a child who worked hard on those plaster of paris hand prints, the water colors that are a snap shot of their lower to the ground life perspective. Kids have it easy to win the hearts of family members who tear up knowing the effort put into the gift. But again, are you that talented to create something that does not win the response “you shouldn’t have… really.” And you never apprenticed at Santa’s workshop so producing lots of gifts as time runs out heading into Christmas day. Not going to happen.

Something the person can use, that they really wanted this year and that won’t be a duplicate under their tree. Those gift ideas are generated by spending time with the person and making a mental note on something you see they need or that comes up in conversation as something they could really use. That is in your budget for the ho ho ho.

Warm clothes, a set of jumper cables or cord of firewood are pretty practical but most appreciated when you need them the most.

In Maine, there are long lines are great cooks. So food never goes out of style over the holidays. Holiday plates loaded with sugar sweet goodies, colorful jars with home made relishes. And all created with love. Helpfully created with a smile. Those never go out of style. Giving an experience, like a rental on a Maine lake, a weekend in a coastal B & B to explore another area of Maine that is not so familiar to your loved one or friend. Artwork from a setting that you know the person haunts in Maine.

white water rafting

Ski Pass, Lift Ticket, White Water Rafting Trip. Anything Maine Outdoors Is A Welcomed Christmas Present.

Christmas gift ideas, are you stumped?

Anything that captures the flavor of Maine that does not feel commercialized works best.


That gift opened up to ooh and ahh that is real, honest, genuine Maine. When no one is looking, help yourself to an SD card of someone that is pretty skilled at photography of Maine. Produce the 8×10 or larger, matted image to hang on their wall. All of us want to create those but time has a way of delaying the process.


Or get a snap shot of a landscape that you know reminds the gift receiver on your list of a special spot in Maine.

Steve Beckwith is pretty artful with the camera capture of Maine images. Or how about old barns in Maine that are right up there with lighthouses for me personally. I bet there are others that like the rural barns in any condition or Maine lighthouses out there in the blog post audience.

Maine has over 100 microbreweries I learned yesterday. The last count on Maine local micro breweries I knew of was forty one and growing. Maine has four time the micro farmers than any other state I read online recently too. Maine seafood is always a special gift that the givee will usually but not always share with you the presenter. Tried and tested old family recipes never go out of style around the holidays. Maybe a gym membership to work them off could be a nice tag-along gift idea. How about a cup of Maine coffee with a twist?

Maine Images

Maine Four Season Recreation. See Maine On An ATV ITS Trail Ride, On A Snow Sled, Hoofing And Hiking It.

Giving to a good none profit that you know someone supports can make their heart glow because you care about the same cause. Small town local always adds to the joy of giving and receiving in Maine.

Buy music venue tickets, seats for a local produced play production in Maine.

There is more to consider for a gift than just big box stores provide. Hope these Maine Christmas gift suggestions help.

A bird house made out of Maine license plates, or old barn boards. There is no shortage of crafty options to consider. A stained glass moose. For gifts that reek of Maine, to remind those on the receiving end of the place they love to visit on vacations. To bedeck their lake cottage or woods camp that is pure Maine. There is only one place like it. Maine, the way life should be.


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Prem Pak, The Maine Trucking Company Hauling Potatoes, Paper Products.

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In 1963 My Dad And Mom Bought Their 1st White Tractor Trailer Truck.

Then Kept Adding To The Fleet That Hauled Their Own Home Grown Potatoes And Brokering Other Farmer’s Spuds To Truck Them To Boston, Hartford, New York City. Then Returning To Wakefield Or Medford MA For A Back Haul Of Paper Products… French Fry Cartons For Potato Service In Presque Isle, The Packaging Used Up in Madawaska For Jade East Cologne. Here Are Some Of The Fleet, A Couple Drivers Spotlighted That Just Turned Up Hidden Away At The Farm. Estle McPherson And Dean Lynds I Think Are The Two Of Many Prem Pak Had Up In The Cab And Behind The Wheel. All Powered By Cummins Diesel Engines. Most Trailer Great Dane Models Bought New.

Proud Of A Trailer Truck, Prem Pak Transportation Driver Poses Before Climbing Up In The Cab Over.

Elmer Snell And Al Packard And Gerald Prosser Lifted The Cab Or Opened The Hood Of “Ole Elmer, Dopey” That Kept Everything Running Like A Top! Who Did The Oil Changing, The Wrench Turning Mechanics For The Fleet. Doug McNutt, Albert Fitz, Jeff Bossie, Jack Graham, Roger Oliver, Carl Cottle, Sandy Graham, Joey Nadeau, Charlie McAtee, Wayne Drake, Sonny And Bobbie Howe Are Just A Few Of The Drivers That Come To Mind. Fee Free To Add More.

Jack Graham With His Super Sized Blue Bottle Of Malox Under His Arm Drove The White International Transtar With The 903 Power Plant. My Favorite Driver Was Elwood Kelley Who Drove The 335 Powered Peterbilt And Took Me On Many Trips Riding Shot Gun To The City As A Little Kid Who Helped Unload In The Produce Markets On D Street, Hunt’s Point, Etc. Trading A Left Over Bag Of Russets Or Whatever Variety Of Spuds For Fresh Florida Oranges, Grapefruit Or Melons. Then Eating Whole Fried Clams At The Belle Air Diner On RT 128 Leaving Boston. Kelly Loved Kids And Was An Expert Driver. The Big Farm Barn Worked Excellent For A Truck Terminal For The Ten Trucks, More Trailers.

Alison Britton The Sign Painter Before Larry McCarthy Took Over Lettering New Trucks Or One’s Fixed After A Wreck Hitting Deer, Trees, Etc. Prem Pak Had ICC Transportation Rights Purchased When McCauley’s Express In MA Was Bought Out Before Deregulation Of Transportation Happened.…/dopey-was-a-single-screw-with-t…/

The Old Veteran Drivers Did Not Have Automatic Transmissions Or Electric Fifth Wheel Lock Switches. No Wireless Cells, No Texting “I Just Got Pulled Over By Smokey Bear Whipping Out His Portable Weigh Scales.” As He Climbed The Ladder, Asking For The Log Book. No No… Truckers Used To Drop The Coins With The Correct Change Standing Out in The Cold Using Pay Phone Land Lines. Cupping One Ear While Pressing The Dial Number Phone Tightly To The Other Ear. Trying To Hear Without Outside Wind Blowing, Other Trucks And Cars Zipping By On Lines Where You Got In The Habit Of Shouting When Making Long Distance, Person To Person Calls.

Part Of The Fleet Of Trucks Hauling Maine Potatoes To The Markets. The Others On The Road.

Had No XM But Lots Of Bootleg 8 Tracks, CB Radios With Antennae Whips On Both West Coast Mirrors With A Line Hooked To A Linear 75 Or More Watt Amp To Boost The “Breaker Breaker 19 Got Your Ears On?” Channel Signal For The Best Chatter Reception.

Chain Drive Wallets Tethered To Your Belt Loops With The Leather Held Together By The Big Silver Buckle. Heavy Boots And A Heavy Club To Hit All 18 Tires To Make Sure They Did Not Go Square Many Mile Markers Down The Road. A Flat On The Inside And The Wrong Size Spares In The Trailer Rack … Oh Oh. Better Call John R To Ask What Do You Want Me To Do Now. Overweight In CT Where They Throw You In Jail. Yikes. Overdrive Magazines, Others Quite Exotic Under Tucked Under The Sleeper Bunk Mattress.

Part Of A Family Owned Trucking Company, Prem Pak Hauled Potatoes Down Country, Paper Products For A Back Haul Load.

Fans Keeping The Fog Off The Inside Of The Windshield. Heaters Not So Hot Blowing Ice Cold Air. So Wearing Long Underwear And Dressing Warm A Must. Cussing At Air Brakes That Froze Up. Wipers That Won’t When You Need Them Most. During A Snow White Out As You Creep Along And Are Gonna Miss Another Birthday, A Holiday When Told To Turn Around, To Fetch Another Back Haul With Only Five Stops. Your Truck The Home Away From Home.

And Hey, I’m Broke Down With A Full Load On The Side Of The Road South Of Dallas. You Needed Tow Trucks Lowering The Big Hook With Jimmy Ritchie’s Help At Houlton Truck Garage. Using A Dead Man Block And Tackle To Pull You Back Onto Your Feet Or Out Of The Ditch Hole. Not To Just Open Up A Lap Top To Keep Them Running On All Cylinders And Pointed The Right Direction Down The Highway.

Trucks Hauling Freight. They Unlike The Railroad Could Give Overnight Service For Just In Time Inventory Control. I Hear Truckers Get Blamed For All The Accidents But Know First Hand They Go Off The Road, Avoid At All Costs Hitting The Car With The Texting Or Hammered Driver Behind The Wheel Causing The Costly Wrecks And Canceled Carrier Insurance.

You Can Not Stop 73,280 or 100,000 Pounds On A Dime When Driving An 18 Wheeler On Black Ice Good Buddy.

That’s A Big 10-4, We’re Gone Bye Bye…. Cue Dave Dudley, There Were Quite A Few Entertainers Mining That Behind The Wheel Pulling The Air Horn Musical Theme. He Was One Of The Country And Western Truck Driving Hit Makers. Tap The Link For Some Tuneage That Ties Into This Blog Post Theme. Maine Trucking, As A Little Kid It Was Need To Travel In The Rigs And See The Bright Lights, Big City. Transportation Is The Second Largest Industry In Our Country. Don’t Believe It? Shut Off A City With Truck Deliveries For A Few Days And Hear The Whine, Feel The Pain.

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The Menu For Thanksgiving Dinner When You Dine In Maine.

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The holidays are not the time to diet.

Loosen the belt, put away the Zumba fitness CD. It was not just the Pilgrims who sampled quite the feast put on by the native first settlers. Maine food dishes prepared with local ingredients taste so much better too after being outside in the fresh crisp air too. Whether working on a farm, tramping the woods while hunting looking for game or splitting, stacking firewood.

maine mountain ash winter ice

Mountain Ash Berries Wrapped In Ice On A Maine Lake Today.

So Thanksgiving dinner, what to serve up for the gathering around your table? Traditions for Thanksgiving mean much of what you create in the kitchen or ask others to contribute is from memories of what you remember growing up. Everyone likes green bean casserole with the onions on top and the yummy sauce right? But what is the best recipe for green bean casserole? Do you want it crunchy, cheesy, jazzy?

On our farm table growing up Maine potatoes were a given. When you grow them, you are exposed to many ways to enjoy spuds. Whipped potatoes seemed to be the choice by my mom. The pearled onions, the squash, sweet potato all steaming in bowls escorted from the pantry to the formal dining room table used on special occasions. Cinnamon rolls like any breads take a special touch I have been told. And growing up, whenever my Mom asked what should she bring to a family or social dinner, it was hand’s down always her cinnamon rolls. They were to die for and akin to the nectar of the Gods.

Layered jello salads, watergate salads. Not only the sweet potatoes had marshmallow swimming in them. Never was a fan of the jello with the carrots and who knows what else mixed and chilled inside. But some likes them because they are a constant.The plate is only so large and what to fill it with in the eenie meenie miney moe of Thanksgiving food offerings.

Peas and yellow beans with cream could show up as a vegetable choice for some. Peas were a standard entry that you could bank on. Ambrosia salad with the cherries, mandarin oranges, orchard apples. pineapple, peaches, everything plucked from a fruit tree. The dinnerware not used but a handful of times a year added to the celebration remembrance. So did the decorations, the floral arrangements that were all natural, from the local seasonal surrroundings.

Turkey with the stuffing, gravy to lather the taters the standard, spiral ham could debut at Christmas. Deer meat venison. It’s what’s for Thanksgiving dinner for some.

But Delmonico steaks grilled on the charcoal outside the farmhouse porch entry could make their way to our Maine family feast. The meat not parked for days and price stickered. Not the kind clear wrapped and hoisted out of the cooler but something different. Hidden like a present in white paper, tied with string. A pencil marking the price, what was hiding inside. After a special request was made ringing the bell. to relay the order to the hunched over butcher with the red stained white frock. Who hand delivered it to you as you continued to fill the wire basket grocery cart with the one squeaky obstinate wheel.

Maine Is Small Town, Simple Living.

Lots Of Public Suppers, Ones At Thanksgiving Happen In Small Maine Towns. Across The Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Brown Bread And Potato Salad Table Conversations.

Mince meat pie, pecan, coconut cream, lemon meringue or cherry were not the norm but were on the holiday menu besides your year round standards of strawberry, raspberry, apple, pumpkin or blueberry pies. Or hot about another mocca ball, a little fudge or mixed nuts for grazing before or after the feast? Squares come in so many flavors and the cookies were not the kind you buy wrapped in cellophane with elves painted on the store bought packages.

Seafood from Maine got invited to Christmas celebrations and Thanksgiving more the bounty harvested from the local farm fields. Oyster stew or crab cakes served up Christmas Eve. No reason why a Maine lobster or steamer clams or salmon could be provided table space to celebrate the guy in white fur and red velvet and roof top tap dancing reindeer’s visit right? Ho ho happy holidays.

Thanksgiving dining to give thanks, to count your blessings even it is pizza, bologna and cheese sandwiches. Being thankful to have any food, for the fellowship and a time of reflection on the past year.

Thanksgiving meant who sits where, who carves the bird. The guest list created new. To include first time diners to the table, to include the regulars still living and the lost ones in your bow your head, holding hands blessing prayers.

It’s your holiday to celebrate the best way possible. Pass the cranberry sauce, the bread and butter pickles, the many relishes please. There is no shortage of the extras like lady ashburnham or beet pickles as your eyes scanned the family table. That is like a culinary tetris game to find open table space for one more dish or platter. The buffet loaded up with the overflow, the cold drinks, coffee urns and what could not be parked on the dining room table. That would only straight jacket diners and only serve to interfere with available elbow room.

Maine Fruits, Pie Fillings, All Home Made.

Home Made Maine Pies, What’s Your Favorite Kind?

The Thanksgiving dinner spread seemed to be more harvest gold theme because we had just put the turnip, squashes, carrots, pumpkins in the root cellar. Fiddle heads to douse with vinegar could show up at Thanksgiving or Christmas or both. Picked from along brook and river side banks back in early spring and frozen for the special occasion family dining.

What’s for dinner this Thanksgiving at your home? Have you ever worked a free Thanksgiving dinner for the public members that have no family? Whether Veterans who served, shut ins house house bound and afraid of ice when using walkers. Or folks just missing any living or close by family members, Thanksgiving should not be spent alone. I think about the truck drivers, soldiers overseas who have to adopt new family to share the time of gratitude, the holiday called Thanksgiving.

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Things To Do For Fun In Maine | Climb, Hike Mt Katahdin.

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Things To Do For Fun In Maine | Climb, Hike Mt Katahdin is one suggestion.

Maine has elevations, nothing like the Continental Divide but mountains none the less. The most famous Maine mountain is Mount Katahdin, the cornerstone of Baxter State Park. Mount “K” is a recreational visit that many try to experience at least a couple times each year. The yearly tradition of hiking up Mount Katahdin or one of the many smaller elevations surrounding it is a healthy habit. To get high and feel above the noise of everyday living. Being just shy of a mile in the air can clear your head like no other experience.

Baxter State Park Is Home Of Mt Katahdin

Mt Katahdin | Baxter State Park – One Fun Event To Consider.

Mt Katahdin is 5267′ tall.

The Penobscot Indians dubbed the rock formation as “Katahdin” which means “greatest mountain”. Maine Governor Percival Baxter spent his entire life adding to the park land holdings to preserve the special place for generations to come. To quote Baxter’s own wise words “Man is born to die. His works are short lived. Buildings crumble, monuments decay and wealth vanishes, but Katahdin in all its glory forever shall remain the mountain of the people of Maine.” Naturalist Henry David Thoreau wrote “What a place to live, die, be buried in. There certainly men would live forever, and laugh at death and the grave”.

The number of hikers on the trails of Baxter State Park are limited to protect the wildlife and delicate nature of the sanctuary created by the late Maine governor. The mountain visits increased remarkably once the Appalachian Trail completed in 1937. Mount “K” is the northern most end of the road for the AT trail system. Visit the Baxter State Park website to reserve your spot on the mountain, to learn about highly sought after camping overnight options.

The famous Baxter State Park climbers ranged from Percival the man with a dream hatched long before becoming Governor in 1921 – 1925.

Theodore Roosevelt, Henry David Thoreau made the Mountain Katahdin climb too. Surveyors Charles Turner Jr. and Zachary Adley with a party of just shy of a dozen studied the Maine peak back in 1804. Percival Proctor Baxter has the vision that the 202,064 acre park should forever be kept in its natural state. Over 45 years of fund-raising and efforts in the legislature help to realize Baxter’s life long dream. Baxter a Portland native visited this Katahdin region in his youth and entered the legislature at the age of 26. He envisioned Maine as one big state, to be kept one entity to protect and preserve. And to move forward together promoting the rich heritage and natural resources Maine is blessed with in her vast size. Parts of the park are set aside for forestry research, some tracts open for hunting, only a few regions allow boats, aircraft like Webster and Matagamon Lakes.

When you hike Katahdin, the trail incline and vegetation change. The timberline ranges from 3500 to 3800 feet and peters out in the tableland area of Maine’s highest mountain. Where fog mist rolls in to hide the trail you just traversed. To deliver you to a spiritual place to sort your thoughts, to reflect on your life and feel very humble. Reduced to a very small but humble spec that gets it. The journey through life is so short and the hiker is reminded make every moment count. Simplify, reduce and stay grounded works best to see what really matters and reward yourself  and others that we share the spinning blue and green marble third from the Sun.

State Of Maine

Any Season Is The Right One To Visit Mt Katahdin, Anywhere In Maine.

Mt Katahdin is horseshoe shape and faces the sobering north east to keep your attention. There are nine trails to the summit and five separate peaks. The toughest trail is the “Knife’s Edge” which joins the Baxter and Pamola Peaks.

 I always liked taking the Abol Trail, 3.8 miles long that gets you to the top quickest.

Abol is the steepest. Knife’s Edge is a 1.1 mile narrow ridge trail. You look down each side of a sharp granite steep drop off as you chose your steps carefully. Barely more than a few feet wide, the elevation sheers away hundreds of feet from the skinny trail that leaves nothing to waste as you trek across it in the strong breeze and incredible scenery beyond and below you.

The longest Mount Katahdin trail is Hunt and you access it from the back of the mountain. The over 5 miles of Hunt Trail crosses lots of boulders, streams, and you witness waterfalls that are seen, heard, felt. You will not forget the hike on trails at Baxter State Park. The experience does not dim in your head and heart. Cathedral Trail is 1.7 miles long, is steep and has its share of large rocks to climb up, over, around to complete the hike. You should go up not down Cathedral to tackle and tame the 3 large granite rock Earth apples.

Baxter State Park Maine Moose

Meet The Locals At Baxter State Park! Located In Piscataquis County.

The trails of Katahdin are in alphabetical order Abol, 3.8 miles, Cathedral 1.7 miles, Chimney Pond, 3.3 miles, Dudley, 1.3 miles, Hamlin Ridge, 1.5 miles, Helen Taylor 3.2 miles, Hunt, 5.2 miles, Knife’s Edge. 1.1 miles, Saddle, 2.2 miles. The 5 separate peaks are Baxter (5267 ft), Hamlin (4751 ft), Howe (4612 ft) No. Howe and So.Howe (4734), Pamola (4912 ft), South (5260 ft).

Study the map, plan the trip to Baxter State Park! Percival Baxter donated the land for the state park with the stipulation it be kept forever wild. More on the history of Baxter and his quest to give Maine a lasting gift that would survive time. Picnic, bike, hike, paddle, fish and climb, camp at Baxter State Park.

 Wildlife you see at Baxter State Park include about 100 black bear, moose, coyote, white-tailed deer, red fox, beaver, red squirrel, vole, mole, mink, snow shoe hare, marten, weasel, muskrat, woodchuck, otter, porcupine, along with other rodents. The Katahdin region was logged from the mid 1800’s until 1965 when the last of the retained logging rights in the deeds conveying the land to Baxter extinguished. The early loggers chopped down pine, then spruce, then pulpwood for paper making and other uses. The only land sections that did not get lumbered completely were Howe Brook and also the Klondike Bowl. The early timber cut from the lands around Baxter State Park, Mt Katahdin were transported by waterways. Dams were built to help move the logs to Bangor sawmills to the south. On the Allagash and St John Rivers that original flowed north until dams were made to change that. To help move things southerly to hit the Penobscot River’s East Branch used as a highway for sawn fallen, delimbed logs.

You can stay longer than an early day in and quick trip up and down before nightfall. That is how locals can access our beloved Mt Katahdin and other Baxter State Park peaks and trails. Camp sites are hotly sought after and like waiting for a Black Friday special at a store with closed front doors, it is competitive for the dash to secure a limited number of locations to spend the night, more time in the park. There are two kinds of bedrocks in Baxter State Park. Light gray or pink Katahdin granite mostly found in the southern sections. The other stone color is charcoal gray found in northern sections around Traveler Mountain which was once a volcano.

The glacier period flatten some areas to create basins and push, piled up rocks in other sections of Baxter State Park. To make dramatic settings for your hike. For photo taking too so bring something to capture the imagery of this forever wild setting. Winter park hikes with a competent leader are allowed if the Park director deems it is safe with at least four week’s notice of your intent to visit a white Baxter Park. Bring your snow shoes, cross country skis, your technical climbing gear. Baxter State Park is rarely a once and done visit for most. You return to unplug and recharge, to gain wisdom, to experience an inner joy near that lives near your soul. She is that magical, so well preserved and sacredly protected because of the experience you pass on to your loved ones. Thank you Percival Baxter. Everyone that protects her magic.

Baxter State Park

No Area Prettier Than Baxter State Park! Hike, Climb Mt Katahdin, Other Peaks.

Should Baxter State Park move up to National status? We’ve blogged about Baxter State Park / Mount Katahdin before. Over 87,000 acres to the east of Baxter is a monument. Weigh in on what the Baxter State Park director says about the monument topic.


Regardless of what the maps or media create for a designations, Baxter State Park is worth protecting, should be visited by all ages.

It is not just Mt Katahdin that should take up the spotlight either at Baxter. Little 1400′ high Horse Mountain is an ideal hike to get youngest or slightly feeble a dose of hiking under their belt. To create the burning desire for more vacation trips to sample the woods, wildlife, waterfront. Start your collection burning calories and snapping imagery and video in full color. More on the long list of Maine mountains. Bring your trail mix, extra water tucked into your zipped fanny pack. The knapsack or camel pack and something water resistant, warm for adding or removing hiking layers on the up and down climb of Mt Katahdin at Baxter State Park.

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Things To Do For Fun In Maine | Find, Collect Lighthouses.

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Maine is largest state of all in New England, lighthouses are not in short supply.

It is over 90 percent wooded, making it the most forested state. And more than half the population lives 25 miles or less from the ocean. So when someone mentions Maine, it is awfully easily to only think of coastal, maritime Maine. Especially if on Maine vacations you just frequent the ocean front tourist traps… er I mean attractions. So things to do for fun in Maine, lighthouses.

maine lighthouse

Lighthouses In Maine, The Image Is So Different From New Angles, Different Season Visits.

Maine has over 60 lighthouses and bet you can not just visit one, a couple. Oh no, you get the bug with sea air, the isolation, the sense of importance the navigation beam of light and loud fog horn played in early Maine development. And lots of cruise ships visit Maine so your highway to the Pine Tree State is often a GPS guided watery one. Dodging rocks and reefs and seeking another water draw to allow the big floating hotel to glide in and out without scraping the harbor town sea bottom.

A Maine lighthouse experience hits you from different angles when you make the visit other than just in the summer months. Winter settings with cobalt blue sky, crisp air and the sharp contrasts of white, gray, blue shades only. The senses get a work out and without the mix of tourists and their camera shutter’s busily capturing staged photos. Or you are doing the same snipe of the landscape, the lighthouse but don’t want to wait for folks to clear out of the camera view finder. Or hear then tee hee and exchange banter chit chat. There is no distraction when only one or two are sampling the Maine lighthouse. Ever tried one on and walked around it in amazement in the winter months?

Winter fixes everything even if the lighthouse photo session is done wearing mittens, your weather tamer coat zipped as high as it goes. A hood sealing in the ears. 

To protect from the sea breeze. No bugs. No humidity. No people or sounds that are man made to irritate. But amazing photos for the help yourself that are so different than others posted in the social media streams. Because they have white new snow, exposed gray rock, dark blue water, no green vegetation in the mix. It is on vacation, in hibernation. Like most of the tourists.

Maine, Whatever Floats Your Boat.



Maine has the runner up largest collection of lighthouses.

Long coast line, like Christmas lights strings, mean you need more sea going luminaries to dot the long coastline. Or to mark island rock reef out post far from the safe harbor inlets of Maine’s many coastal towns. Maine has lots of groups that adopt the lighthouses as the Coast Guard slowly transfers ownership. A private residence where you don’t want foot traffic, public stalkers and gawkers trying to get close enough to see the lighthouse you bought at auction with the residence, companion buildings that tags along side. Thank goodness for telephoto lens but nope, not going use it or one of the two drones out of respect for the lighthouse property owner. The drones are grounded and if lost at sea would be expensive to replace.

west quoddy head lighthouseDowneast Maine, Lighthouses Are in Big Supply Like Other Areas Of Vacationland.The oldest lighthouse in Maine is the Portland Head Light that is actually in Cape Elizabeth. It seems to me this is the one that makes the most debuts on post cards, magazine covers, blog post imagery. Others will argue that Pemaquid Point gets the mirror mirror fairest of them all pick of the pack vote. The youngest Maine lighthouse is Whitlocks Mill Light which feels more like a river lighthouse than one protecting the ocean front. It is way up in the Downeast Region just south of the town of Calais. More on the Whitlocks Mill Lighthouse.

To me West Quoddy Head Light is the prettiest.

Maybe because she is far far north and takes more effort to see. Because she is less frequented or nestled in the real Maine where the economy is often the have and have nots. And not much of a middle filling in the population that is passionate about their surroundings. But struggle to make ends meet to stay in their home town. That is taking on water and slowly sinking as new revenue sources are sought to bilge pump the loss of labor intensive jobs that have gone overseas.

Some Captain’s homes along the Maine coast have their adaptions that make them look like lighthouse wannabees. Serving the purpose to lift the spy glass, to gaze out over the water for the return of the mortgage holder or grantor deed name on the title to the Victorian residence.

Maine Home Widow Watch From A Seacoast Home Version Of A Lighthouse Observatory.

There are no lighthouses in Aroostook County. Maybe that is why the topic is so interesting to me. Because other than one or two vacations to the coast as a youngster, Maine lighthouse were not a mainstay showing up on vacations.

The smallest lighthouse is Echo Point Light. It is a six foot operating taller than it really is, an over achiever like the “spark plug” type lighthouse. It is located on Great Diamond Island and still registered by the Coast Guard.

I promise to revisit the topic of  lighthouses, one of the most sought tourist activity on the long list of what to do for fun in Maine. Dining on lobster, mussels, clams or whatever deep sea delicacy with a Maine lighthouse back drop just intensifies the taste. That creates the addiction to have to have more Maine please.

Which ones have you looked up and tracked down? The visit to a Maine lighthouse like rapids have numbers of difficulty to experience. Some require sea kayaks or hitch hiking on a Maine lobster boat to sneak a peek. Like the lighthouse near Bar Harbor Maine that I floated out, visited not so long ago. Have you started your own collection of Maine lighthouses?

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