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Living In A Small Maine Town, The Benefits.

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Where to live, why a small Maine town?

Rural living offers lots of perks and you can still take the treks to the population centers to experience whatever is a small town does not offer. Whatever the small population can not support that large urban areas can. But living with the traffic, the crime, the high cost of living is not a daily struggle when you decide to hang your hat in a small rural area.

Maine Lighthouses Enhance The Sea Shore Experience.

How’s This For a Back Drop Reading Your Favorite Book In Maine?

So living in a small town in Maine, what it the day to day like?

Well for starters, you feel the connection, you become very aware that you do care about others around you. And the feeling goes both ways. You have an intimate connection, you know the folks you meet on the streets and downtown in a small Maine town. Fewer in number is the population but working with the others who live around you happens. Whether it is through your job, church, school activities or community events. Or sharing the outdoors that Maine rural areas provide as the backdrop to small town living.

So what to prepare for living in a small town in Maine?

You don’t stay isolated, you don’t just attend events or shop and go home. There are lots of opportunities to pitch in, give back and make the small town living experience richer for yourself and others. If you move in from somewhere else, share what you have learned. And respect the local traditions if new to you because you now call home the small town in Maine.

Resist complaining about how life was different where you used to live compared to the small town in Maine. You moved here for a reason. Maybe it was the lake home for vacations that became a retirement property that caused the relocation. Maybe after you retired it was just too darn expensive to stay in the city setting where you used to chase the dollar.

But lack of traffic, no worries about crime, experiencing the bright star filled skies at night that pollution choked out are just a few life adjustments in small town Maine.

Small rural living is safer. Your family has less worries. Less time is spent on the road traveling to and fro. That creates more time for stuff you want to do to enrich your life. Smaller groups mean more intimacy, a stronger connection. You know each other more deeply in small rural towns. You need each other more because look behind you. You are it. Not a lot of competition for the endeavors you are designed perfectly to take on to make your small town living in Maine experience the best it can be.

amish farm horses in Maine

Teaming The Horses, Working The Land In Maine Farm Fields. Amish Communities Do It Daily Around The State.

Purpose in life, it starts with having a major role in the script. Less change or shake up happening in small town living too. Because change happens slower and the pace of life is sane, predictable, and friendly. When you shop for groceries, go to the movies, pick up the local paper, you know the folks you meet and read about and their families.

When something happens, a fire, someone has cancer treatments ahead, folks turn out ten fold in small Maine towns.

It could be them needing the helping hand. There is a sense of responsibility to others and deep pride in the local community. Because you are an intricate part of it, Year after year pitching in to help make a local event bigger and better than it was before and planning the next year’s undertaking as soon as this year’s wraps up and is in the history books.

Shopping in small towns in Maine is at local one of a kinds, where the owner is in the store to provide you personal customer service. As a kid you work at these small Mom and Pop stores, diners, service providers. Your grandfather traded with the same family that started the business in the small town in Maine. There is a good feeling to doing business with a small town enterprise where you know the owner, where it is not a chain franchise. Where it is one of a kind shopping experience and everything is familiar, down to Earth and where you the shopper know you are needed as a customer. You feel appreciated.

Wells Beach Maine

Fresh Air, Working The Sand As Early Masons On A Maine Beach.

In small towns in Maine you also sense more than Mom and Dad are raising you. You don’t feel like a little kid but are treated with respect and guided into adulthood by all the members of the village. The neighbors are rooting for you. Proud of the sports or academic performance or how you represent the small town in Maine at whatever level or endeavor you choose.

These folks root for the home town boy or girl because they watched them grow up, had a hand along the way in their development.

They helped shape you the little sprout as a teacher, minister, little league coach, farmer, store employer or soap box derby sponsor.

The college scholarships awarded to those going on to higher education are many in number. Not one big contributor but lots of them supporting you as you go on to learn a trade, obtain a sheepskin diploma and enter the work force wherever it may lead you.

Lower cost real estate, smaller sized insurance premiums too and labor for repairs or construction following along in more affordable fashion. That is all part of the many perks to getting more for less in small town living. But the best benefit is the unspoiled outdoors in Maine. When less people tramp or trample an area, the pure and natural shine it has is preserved. Respect for the outdoor fresh air and clean water and wildlife is higher. Sacred and that good stewardship is passed on to the next generation.

Sea Kayking In Bar Harbor Miane

Fmily Fun. Make A Splash, Paddle Around A Maine Coastal Community.


More than skilled in just one talent and bartering with lots of others to gain whatever is lacking until completion of anything lacking. We are lucky, grateful and don’t realize really to just how great an extent until someone from an urban area points out what is missing where they call home in the bright lights, big city landscape. We listen, hear what the city mouse regrets that usually revolves around needing more money, greater space, no crime and less traffic please. Help yourself to greater helpings of all those items that abound in small rural town living in Maine. And don’t stay away so long, Maine tugs as your heartstrings once you experience small town living in Maine.

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Fixing The Small Maine Town Economy.

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The attitude of the locals, sure Maine comedians try to exaggerate the Downeast slant that at times takes a different angle on day to day life in Vacationland.

Like the Purple Clam video blogged about earlier if you drop in for the hit or miss on the post stream. Hit the Downeast hyper link  above. The friggin’ clam is determined not to be trapped in the wire basket with the handle. He frustrates and wears out the digger down a finger on one hand. Who has a score to settle on the mud flats near the blueberry barrens of Maine.

life on the farm

Free Of Layers Of Players, Maine Simple Living Means Reduce, Reuse, Conserve.

But how someone appears to sweet or sour sound in conversation and what they really feel deep down inside don’t always match up in the ballistics test review.

We all know being around someone that is toxic can suck the air out of the room. That bitching, complaining can be contagious and a nasty habit. Discouragement and slow to change thinking to adapt to new economic situations can mire a person who just gets weighed down too heavily.

Overloaded worrisome thinking means head to the hills of Maine. For some control, alternate, delete. The nature trail of fresh air and clean running water that regains a healthy perspective. Does a body and mind good. A positive outlook always gets a person through the day best.

 So the spell when a rural small Maine town gets challenged to revamp how it rocks and rolls.

Paper or lumbering mill communities have the biggest economic hangover. Farming with hops and the scramble to get in on the ground floor of pot creates a buzz. The increase of younger micro farm producers has caused a stir in both the organic and conventional agriculture sides of Maine field operations.

Slow to change means dying on the vine, bleeding out and look Mom, no more small dot on the Maine Gazatteer atlas map.

Banding together for consolidation and reduction of duplication of services started years ago. Late night meetings into the wee hours to discuss the limited choices. Plenty of time to get used to the idea of inevitable change and the right direction in the tough choices has already happened. To avoid deorganization and surrender of identity to one of the sixteen counties that absorb the townships, plantations that become township this, range that auto piloted one level up the government food chain pay grade.

maine outdoor winter scene

The Peace And Quiet In Maine. Unplug, Recharge, Get Your Head Screwed On Straight.


Unfortunately the quickest way to turn the wagons around on the way into a box canyon is to be bankrupt on resources. So no more delay or talking solutions to death without implementing necessary steps ceases. Unfortunately “We’re out of money” is the quickest way to cause change instead of hoping each department or program administrator pulls themselves out of the local mud collectively.

Doing the right thing for the greater good means letting go, not looking over the shoulder waiting for Augusta Maine legislators and the Governor to come to the rescue.

These are the good old days twenty years from now looking back. The talk about “they need to this, that” discussion and pointing at leaders six feet under pushing up daisies wastes precious time. You and I are “they”. For the lead, follow or get out of the way.

maine small restaurant diner

Tradition, Wearing Wool Snow Caps Flipping Burgers And Pancakes. Maine Has Distinctive Eateries.

So when you vacation in Maine, as you head deeper into Vacationland away from the tourist traps, you see rugged individuals.

Polished smooth by hard time and perseverance. Experiences not taught in a classroom. These salt of the Earth individuals that work, live, play in small Maine landscapes. They are dependable, constant and never waiver. Not fickle fair weather friends but friends for life.

That have a few more facial lines than most and not from laughter but concern. And plenty of outdoor weather exposure in all kinds of elements. The desire for more jobs so our young don’t have to be the number one export is on the minds of all. And the need to stay positive and brainstorm to creatively hammer out the best solutions to keep small Maine towns more than just afloat. But to prosper and grow takes patience and sharp tongues that are silenced with duct tape over the pie holes. Best case scenarios solutions to real problems and not personal attacks is the only approach small Maine town populations can adopt.

Get excited, not discouraged. Be part of the solution, not the problem that need a common plan that the majority of locals can believe in to tackle the issues.


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Getting Ready For Spring, Maine Winter Weather Winds Down.

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Spring in Maine, a time of yard work to repair the truck plowing lawn scars, to remove rocks air lifted in from the snow blower.

Sides of houses pressure washed to release the sand and salt residue that clings to the exterior. And garage doors thrown open high and the interiors swamped out and organized. Just like the cars and trucks we hunker down in when the white blanket covers the landscape in Maine.

Spring is a time when not just your Maine house cats, dogs, whatever pet that samples the two dishes through out the day acts a little funny. Like they are on too catnip.

Cabin fever from the being stuck inside a little more than you would like over winter intensifies as the snow banks surrender and the temperature rises in the tube sampling the air outside your kitchen window.

Free at last. Especially if you are in the elderly demographic of Mainers and worried sick for too long. About that hidden layer of glare ice that might be lurking under the new fallen snow. That snow adds lubrication to the polished ice formation like a moat causing house arrest. That makes conditions ideal for a broken hip or dislocated shoulder if the house dweller inside gets any ideas of a quick escape to Wally World, Piggly Wiggly or Mardens. No one wants the siren ride to the ER and the OR pin applied to the hip right?

maine black bears

Searching For A Snack. Shy Maine Black Bears Shake Off Hibernation And Become More Social.

Throwing open windows and house doors to exchange the air inside for the fresh stuff the other side of the insulated barriers.

Study intently of the online and newsprint canoe and kayak racing circuit schedule news. For trophies to add to the collection gathering dust in the bookcase or on the fireplace mantel. Or the row row or paddle your boat for just the sheer pleasure of floating, coasting with the current at your own pace. Down a winter run off engorged river or stream in Maine with fellow friends, family and neighbors that is a spring tradition for many in Maine. You see the green and red water craft leaning against garages, getting ready for the heave ho hoist to the rack on the back of pickups around Maine. As the angled yellow or red or stainless steel angled plow and frame come off the other end.

The vegetable seed catalogs have long ago been delivered and peat pots on old newspapers cover card tables and porch room window sills.

Both areas littered with jump started, sprouting vegetables to transplant because of they are the best areas to capture the all important sunshine.

That is invited into Maine homes lucky enough to have an eastern, better yet southerly exposure location. The pools of warm sunshine same areas cats like to lounge as they follow the yellow and red ball radiation of heat and light from room to room in houses around Maine.

maine moose

Maine Moose Jogging By A Maple Syrup Tapped Grove. Spring Air Stirs The Wildlife And  The Local Natives.

Plans for a bigger garden this year with new editions that were not on the menu for family dining when harvested after the regiment of planting, weeding, watering, feeding in the labor of love. To serve your family, yourself and all the folks you share the excess bounty from the good old Earth that creates the all natural foodstuffs. In the piece of dirt that can be measured in feet, yards or acres depending on the size of the metes and bounds legal description in the deed to the house you call home in Maine.

Funneling the income tax return to needed repairs or to erase debt for the free and clear. That is part of spring’s ritual involving whether you owe or get a refund. Filling in driveway pot holes, pushing dirt back in to smooth out the runway stop and go. Spring means lots of exercising that involves ladders, holes, window washing and tightening, straightening what is loose.

New Year’s a regular time of resolutions for a better disciplined life as the ball drops and you kiss the one you love and rip off the month of December from the kitchen calendar.

But spring is a time of action to get results from the pledge IOU’s written under the influence of bubbly grape juice or barley pop or whatever firewater tickles the taste buds to fresh you in life celebrations and mile stones. Gratitude is riches and that blessing increases inside especially in spring. A time of renewed hope, faith and relief that robins and song birds return from the south along with lake loons who serenade us nightly as we circle our chairs around open fire pits for some outdoor gap fests and heart to heart therapy sessions.

Opening up the lake, woods, river camps in Maine.

Chasing out the mice who hung out while you were gone. Making a mental list transferred to the scribble on the job jar items that may be a little too ambitious for your back and wallet. But nonetheless created in gusto with prioritizing like the triage exercise in an emergency room. To determine whether the machine shed roof on a set of Maine farm property buildings trumps the replacement of the two windows or sliding doors that have lost their seal and fog over. Interfering with the view of the bird feeder that attracts winged delights of all kinds and a fair share of the cats and squirrels, chipmunks from around the neighborhood to shoo away with the daisy red rider broadcasting copper pellets.

maine winter wood burning

Next Year’s Wood Pile In Tree Life Form. Ready To Knit On, To Slowly Cut And Split Into Just The Right Stove Lengths. Mainers Stay A Season Ahead With Their Wood Stash.

Screwing back on or replacing hanging by one screw mud flaps. Getting a new windshield pinged by a sand truck rock on the way to the local sport’s team and their quest for a gold basketball or coveted hockey trophy. The new sheet of glass so the new vehicle inspection sticker can be applied to avoid the blue lights from Smokey Bear asking for license and your registration please.

Tending the wood home fires stops. Feeding the stoves and furnaces winds down. Next year’s tree length is delivered to prepared early for the next round of winter weather. Staying ahead of the heating curve.

Trips around Maine because you are lucky enough to live here and sample easily the delights of the many regions of Vacationland. Those are mulled over in the shower, humming while shaving with the guy you meet and greet each day in the bathroom mirror. Or while performing the thorough, deep spring cleaning where interior walls get scrubbed, curtains washed or dry cleaned and wardrobes exchanged. To slip into something more comfortable to match the weather in Maine now playing outside your home or camp or cottage.

Treks with picnic baskets to Baxter Park, down to the rugged rock bound coast line in Maine.

Hiking up the hills, biking around the islands that deliver whatever you peddle by ferry boats running on tight schedules when the Maine weather allows them to without peril. Collecting another light house in Maine for the collection.

tapping maple trees in maine for sap

The Sweet Stuff, Rock Maple Sap That Boils Down 40 To 1 For The Golden Mixture To Ooze And Drizzle On Your Griddle Stacks Of Maine Blueberry Pancakes.

Trips to visit, pay respects to family plots on the spots in a cemetery where departed loved ones are buried. The plastic flowers replaced with rear ones in some cases. Trimming bushes, shaping landscaping trees to keep them low to the ground and respectful. Silent and audible conversations had with the ones you miss but know are in a better place with no suffering and saving you a seat.

Maine home shows around the state give you ideas for renovations to your castle this spring and beyond.

New toys for the water front or all the trails that dot and dash the Gazetteer map to explore get attention too if sales too hard to pass up are marketed correctly. The seed is already planted in Mainers who study the Uncle Henry’s and Craiglist for a true bargain. Snow sled trail markers and directional signs are collected, uprooted in muddy fields. To make way for the farmers to drop the chisel plow to get ready for another spring planting when the soil warms up and drys out.

Awareness sharpens in spring because of the lull caused by spending more time than you would like indoors over a Maine winter. The exercise regiment increases and the pounds added on during the holidays melt away like the snow flakes free loading in receding bank on properties around Maine. Green grass awaits, golf courses too and hardware trips to perform a few of the requests at a time on the honey do list.

Spring time in Maine, folks of all ages smile more, dream  louder.

Kids sense it first as bikes are hauled out of storage way too early. And forgetting to wear a coat as they race for the trampoline under chilly conditions remind you what it is like to be young and not carry the weight of mortgage payments, poor medical reports and juggling the check book.

If you only spend time in Maine around July 4th, add some new dance steps to your vacation fox trot or jitter bug up the pike numbered “95” into the Pine Tree state. Maine, she does a body good and once those heart strings are found, she never lets go and you don’t mind one bit.

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Moving, Relocating To Maine.

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Moving, relocating to Maine, what creates the itch needing to be scratched?

And how long does the loving feeling for Maine last? What makes the longing grow stronger, dig itself deeper? Maine tugs hardest on the heart strings of those just not built to shuck and jive in a city. Maine is small town connected, helpful, honest. The cost of living is lower in a small Maine town. Because cars don’t get stolen, gangs don’t roam the streets collecting for chop shops. Less fender benders when population is low like Maine. We look out for those elderly drivers who we know on sight and who’s own has dimmed. Cut ’em some slack. Especially if they are wearing a yellow Fisher snow plow angled your direction on front of that well known pick up truck. Give them a wide berth Chummy.

old coffee pot

Coffee Early In The Morning The Old Fashion Way! Get To Maine, Relax, Breathe.

Way way more land around whatever you purchase for real estate in Maine. House and land prices are lower. Slaving to make mortgage payments is not a given. When you fill in the spaces, tear off and send the checks in at the end of the month. Fun is outdoors, no or low cost generated. All four seasons offer something special that touches folks in intimate places they did not know they had. Fear, personal safety is not a drain on the brain of the people who live in rural Maine. No dead bolts and chain locks in the 4th lowest crime state.

Worry about making a certain salary, meeting some imaginary financial goal objective may be a seed planted by parents, educators.

Who live in a small town but longed to see what life was like in the bright lights, big city. Get away, shoo fly.

Travel cures that concern and folks that feel trapped in a small town should move and relocate. Try out what they think is missing. Those who have appreciate Maine even more. Because they have other surroundings to compare it to and the appreciation increases. The local whining and bitching stops.

Maine Kite Weather, There Is A Breeze.

A Break From The Water, Flying A Kite At The Wells / Moody Beach Seashore.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. And you don’t appreciate something as much as you should until it is removed from your life right? A couple of weeks of therapy living, surviving, struggling in say Boston’s Combat Zone oughta do it.

Living in small rural Maine does not mean retreating to the stone age.

High speed internet, telecommuters are common as you bring your online job with you to Maine. Those with an income that follows them flock to Maine too and they are not all retired, wearing the gold watch for all those years of service somewhere far from Maine.

Maine's Kennebunkport Maine Beach Sea Shore

One Beach Is Not Exactly Like The Next. This One In Maine In Kennebunkport At Dusk.

Maine only has a handful of cities. And the shift of folks living in the ones closer to Boston making the move deeper into the interior, pushing further north. It is happening as I hear in my day job some just don’t feel like they live in the Maine they grew up in because of increased population. All that is lost when the head count number rises.

Maine, why Maine?

The unspoiled beauty, the vast wide open space, fresh air, clean water. The simpler living in Maine. You are needed in small Maine towns, you have a role to do beyond raising your kids, holding down a job. You contribute in lots of little ways so collectively the pride of the small Maine town, your area of one of the sixteen counties swells. You work behind the scenes in the local community events, not just pay for the price of admission in small Maine town productions.

Fire engines send off and receive the sports teams that leave town boundaries lines to defend a title or earn a new one. We cheer on and had a hand in raising our youngsters. We know them by first name, their brothers, sisters too. Our households have hub bub from more than our own and kids grow up feeling a part in their community. And long to come back to it if forced to move but that leave their heart back in Maine. The state up here in the left hand upper corner which by rights should be in Canada. And shares a rich heritage with the land of the waving red maple leaf.

Maine Dogs Bond.

The Pets Socialize As Their Owners Do The Same On A Maine Open Deck. Chill.

Folks moving, relocating to Maine get the unexpected perk of venturing into the Maritimes.

No one told them in the four color brochure pushing Maine tourism how neat it really is to be a two nation vacation destination. And our sports teams drag us to other parts of Maine. We hang around after the game and get to know our Maine small town host by tooling the area, sampling what each has to offer. That is the sparkle on the facets of the jewel dubbed Maine.

Ever been Downeast Maine? This Me In Maine blog post channel tries to highlight the many areas of Maine. Folks that claim to have been to Maine but only the Kittery Trading post and a quick trip back across the big green bridge quick like a bunny like we urged the kids. They missed out on so much! Come back, go deeper, stay a little longer sometime. Make Maine a life long habit.

I love where I live in Maine.

But just as much, exploring and discovering all the special areas of Maine living here is what adds the sizzle to the steak. The ice shacks are slowly leaving the frozen sheets of water, sap houses are in production making the maple syrup. Canoe and kayak race schedules are being circulated around Maine. We are scanning seed catalogs, planning for outdoor remodeling or renovation projects and shopping materials for the DIY updates. Little league, soap box derby registrations are landing in household metal boxes and email inboxes.

Maine Land Photo

Maine Has A Lot Of This… Just Land. No People, No Wind Generators Or Anything Man Made.

Space in an under populated state like Maine creates the sense of relief and then bring in, cue all the wildlife. Everyone longs to see a moose, white tail deer, a whale vacationing in Maine right?

Birds singing, fish jumping, no highway hum of big trucks or all those city sirens. The sunrises, sunsets on a lake, a river, ocean front cause a person to let go completely. To gaze into the outdoor fire pit while friends and family collect to share, bond, to dream. Munching slow cook, locally sourced home made food. Much you raised yourself or others at the social gatherings contributed to the common menu.

Thinking you could benefit from a little Maine time spent wisely to ease back, enjoy life a lot more? Less distractions, more hands on skill building and help from your neighbors who join forces. Who wouldn’t benefit from that? Thought of moving, relocating to Maine?

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Easy Does It, Keep It Simple Living In Maine.

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Maine’s magic is all about living simpler without wall to wall people invading your personal space.

And you know how clutter piling up around your home can cause stress? Or the feeling of being perpetually late, pushed hard to be here, there, everywhere can overwhelm? Because you are just being pulled in too many directions. When you take a deep breath, step back and study what’s is causing the what is missing, the causes are plain as day. How you fill your day is still a personal decision right ? And you do have some say in the life you lead or do you?

Maine Family Snow Skiing

Families, Outdoor Fun, Maine Fresh Air. Winter Greets Spring. Priceless.

What leaves you out of sorts, feeling deep down dissatisfied is often just too many people pushing and shoving and making demands on you.

Maine is under populated, with vast unspoiled space which helps tremendously to set the stage for the healthier living foundation to build on. Not many people to deal with means much is missing and just does not show up on your radar.

The high cost of city living, all the traffic, noise, expense and worry about personal safety weigh a person down big time. Like heavy cement shoes were slipped on permanently in just your size. Or your pair of arms are pressed tightly against your chest as if a permanent strait jacket was laced up and buckled tightly to cut off your air supply. And who put on these leg irons? Ah, you did.

What can rob a beautiful day of promise shortly after you rise and are suppose to shine?

What brings in the dark clouds that hides the blue sky and makes you a prisoner is not someone else’s fault. The over stuffed bloat and everything just not in its right place around you day in and out takes its toll. Empties a person. Shouldn’t you be able to fill your schedule day and night with some hand picked items and live your own life with some self input in the personal choices?

maine winter snow photo

Maine Is Real, Peaceful, Not Crowded. One Of The Lowest Crime States.

That feeling of not being as ship shape as you want and powerless to change your life’s direction. Virtually out of control weary added to a continuous over booked lifestyle where the clock is your drill sergeant can leave a person drained. Bone weary.

Wondering what’s wrong. It’s what is missing. A person can self medicate to temporarily address the symptoms. But they don’t go away on their own. And clutter is not just what fills your household living space. It spills over beyond the physical square footage you call home and where you stuff whatever you hoard and consider treasure.

A day at a time makes the how do you fix the direction your life has taken easier to accomplish. Causes patience, the sincere effort needed to force the self examination. You can not fix what you don’t address by avoiding making the time for study. The neat thing about blog posts from real people out in the World around us is sharing. How do the rest of the Earth inhabitants live, and how do you apply new ways of thinking, doing to your own life is easier than ever with the Internet. Granted, you can spend a lot of time surfing, drilling down into a topic and looking for the rich veins of information that are hidden nuggets to search online.

Maine Kids Play Outdoors

The Imaginations Working Full Time Outdoors, Lungs Full Of Fresh Maine Air.

The  root cause of what is ailing you can make a person feel pretty powerless as the hide and go seek exercise unfolds. If you make the time. Isn’t it time? Come to Maine, open up your mind and heart and run away from all those people that distract.

Or don’t. Stuck, treading water and just trying to avoid people when they are wall to wall around you limits you. Makes it easily to just pile on more layers of what is not rewarding and lasting but simply a time and money hog.

Are you just killing time?

Have you thought about living in Maine?

Trading in the gerbil on the tread wheel existence squeak squeak squeak. What it would be like to live simply in Maine?

How do you get back to simpler living?

Spring is in the air in Maine as winter wanes, Mr Sun gets stronger overhead our small communities.

Spring fever, cabin fever intensifies as warmer days, cooler but not cold nights become the norm. As the season change begins transition. Maple syrup sap is starting to run. The snow is melting and spring skiing, snow sledding is superb. Ice shacks are heading off the frozen sheets of water to prepare for smelts running, other forms of trolling for your fish dinner.

Local Mainers are digging out from winter. Reading seed catalogs. Enjoying natural speed bumps and driving obstacles. While a fresh crop of pot holes are in full bloom as frost heaves release the frozen hold on the ground around us.

Sample Maine on a vacation and consider what if you lived here full time?

If you were involved in your small Maine community and needed, contributing to others who do the same to benefit you in the process. Maine, come for a day, end up staying a lifetime.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730 USA


Cheap Land In Maine Prices, Less Or No Layers Of Zoning Building Codes.

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The marching to Maine to find cheap land.

To run away from all the layers of players whenever you want to build the new dream home. Or add on, do the updates  when you are smack dab in the heart of an urban setting. The big attraction, the main reason besides low price tags for Maine land is you get all this space. Wide open surroundings without too many people to spoil the setting. To make it so you can’t hear yourself think.

amish in maine photo

The Black Horse Horse Buggies, The Walkers And Amish Bikers Hard To See At Dusk At Night In Maine.

Maine, it looks attractive to those wanting to avoid all the strangle hold of zoning, building codes, all the rubber stamps of approval steps. That are costly in time and the green stuff. Permits for this, waiting for another municipal meeting, running everything by a snarky restrictive home owner’s association in a planned development. That sizes you up to see if you are a blue blood and going to fit in or not.

Maine is simpler. Because we have less people, there are way way fewer of the head and horns, big cheese chiefs telling them us what to do that over regulation causes.

Move along people. No more herding them in this or that direction. Because freedom to build slowly, a little today, adding to what you started along the way. As time and your budget allow. It makes whatever you do create way more interesting and thought out practical. Because nothing was rushed, no one had a gun to your head. You had choices in the decision making with the stress of heavy duty pressure.

Soil tests for the septic system is one must when you do build on the cheap land in Maine. Making sure your water source is a well at least 100 feet from the sewerage disposal operation. More on what’s the heck is a HHE 200 soil test plan tht is pretty important paperwork. You can have a privy, make the trips to the little shack out back. The outhouse which is environmentally the best for the good Earth. And have a gray well disposal area designed for shower and kitchen water.

Still need the soil tester involved in the pretty straight forward paperwork that the licensed soil tester, site evaluator cranks out. That shows the dimensions of the leach field or disposal area. That is bigger or smaller depending on the number of bedrooms in the dwelling. With it designed for pressurized or forget the pump to create designs to handle what you want to dispose of that no one likes to talk about much.

Besides the folks wanting a piece of dirt for low cost vacation use, for the investment side of things, piece of mind is another motivator to buy cheap land in Maine. If the country gets into more hot water, if the quick sand of expensive government red tape causes the city mice to head to the hills where their country brethren roost. Starting over in rural Maine is an attractive notion of an increasing number of people.

amish farm horses in Maine

Teaming The Horses, Working The Land In Maine Farm Fields. Amish Communities Do It Daily Around The State.

The Amish over the years have found Maine on their real estate radar.

The cheap land prices, easier codes for building and just less all around regulation is appealing to their simple lifestyle. The supply of farm land in Maine is great and the smaller fields that bigger growers don’t mess with are idea for the Amish. Who strive to keep things like their were a few generations back in farming. Horse drawn this, hand done that makes the farming harder. But keeps the Amish industrious and pretty much to themselves.

In many areas of Maine you see new Amish settlements. Hear the clip clop of their horse drawn one color carriages. With the group huddled inside wearing the same shade of black. In over a half dozen communities in Maine, Amish settlements have ignited. Sparked from earlier visits from the Amish scouts to check out their brave new land called Maine, the state by itself in the northern outpost of the country.  And bordering Canada where the difference in the dollar to loonie exchange can add to the sizzle and allure. Depending on which way the currency value tips.

The Amish have helped taken up the slack of the shrinkage of original farmer head count in Maine.

The trend nationally of farmers being an average age of 59 is not what is happening in Maine. The Amish, the resurgence of farming with micro agriculture younger operators have made Maine bucking the trend. With more than four times the national average of new farm starts the headline in Maine today.

The Amish home school, pay property taxes and contribute to the local economy with their trade mark storage sheds, leather harnesses, bike sales and repairs, etc. I have used their vertical metal siding to re-side a big family farm barn. And their dark as the inside of a cow general store in Smyrna Maine’s Amish community is stocked to the ceiling with nifty devices and fair prices. The Prairie Princess wood cook stove like the other items they sell are tried and tested by their own Amish communities. They sell what they use in their households on a daily basis.

amish farm horse carriages

No Smog, No Gas Guzzling Exhaust Fumes With Maine Amish Transportation Using Horse And Buggies. Over 113 Amish Families In A Half Dozen Communities Are Alive And Well In Maine.

Another Amish settlement in East Hodgdon Maine I was involved with as the broker with the listing on a border farm that looked into Canada made for a perfect setting. Except what do you do when you cattle, sheep, farm animals wander across the US / Canadian border? Disconnection of the power into the home, sudden building of a variety of structures was done quickly as I observed the the migration of new families to this Hodgdon Maine location in Southern Aroostook County.

Industrious, private, family oriented, the Amish element in our Maine landscape has added a tourist attraction.

They Amish group in Smyrna from Tennessee landing here in 1996. The Fort Fairfield Central Aroostook collection arrived in 2007 from Heuvelton,  NY and Ohio, Missouri, Iowa. The Unity area Amish population from Missouri, Kentucky and down from Smyrna settled in 2008. The Sherman, East Hodgdon and Patten area groups all showed up between 2011 and 2012.

But the shy but friendly Amish population in Maine tries to tend to the chores, raising their large household of respectful boys and girls. The Amish don’t vote. They take care of their own self funded Amish healthcare. Part of the admiration of the Amish when you live with them as neighbors is the preserving the yesteryear farming lifestyle.

Using old ways to produce the bounty from the farm land. But also observing the way they work together on projects from barn raisings to house construction. On their own spread and hired out like ants at a picnic in time’s a wastin’ country building projects. Relying on the home or barn builder to pick up the Amish crew to and from work. Or hiring others to transport the materials if not handy to their own Amish farmsteads. Check out the video from a recent Maine farm sale that was built from the ground up, along with a barn by the Amish community in Smyrna Maine. See, hear the Amish home building in action at this link.

maine white tail deer

Space For Everyone, Maine Has Lots Of Cheap Land. To Enjoy The Wildlife Without Traffic, Crime, Pollution. Noise.

On Thursdays, the Amish in our area have “community project day”.

They leave their farms to go help another in their group do whatever needs attention on the spread down the road. There is a connection and working together manner that is impressive. In a day and age of me me me when it used to always be about others.

How do we adjust to the Amish in Smyrna, East Hodgdon, Fort Fairfield-Easton, Unity-Thorndike, Sherman-Island Falls and Patten? Well motorists see the horse and buggy signs, slow when a carriage is coming at you or when you come up on one pretty fast on a country highway. The black makes seeing them at dusk or later very hard so I avoid those highways and opt out for the faster Interstate 95 by pass around the communities that do have Amish settlements in Aroostook County. Having a horse hit for a new hood ornament is not a pleasant thought.

Nature’s Circle, a local New Limerick organic farm operation partners with the Amish produce growers for their root crops, the squash, potatoes. With expansion of what is grown and shipped to organic markets planned. I grew up on a convention farm and the introduction to organic crop raising has been enlightening. Thinking more about where did this food come from and how it was handled makes food safety pretty darn important. There is nothing better than farm to table, close to home farming to feed your family the best food available to make them grow tall, strong, happy and healthy.

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Sea Cruises To Maine.

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Taking a sea cruise to Maine, to anywhere on the planet can be a whole lot of fun.

Sometimes the little boat ride is a short one on a ferry to says Cranberry or Peaks Island Maine for biking, hiking exploring. But other times when you are in Bar Harbor Maine you see a large ocean sea cruise boat. That empty their 3000 to 4000 cruise boat passengers ready to play tourist inland at a Maine town or city. To come ashore, to ply the streets of a deep water port in Maine. Searching for local food or gift items, a t-shirt, souvenir with Maine written across it.

Maine Sea Cruise Boat Vacations.

Cruise Ship Vacations, Those Big Boats Come And Park Off Maine Harbor Towns.

What are the cruise ship destinations in Maine?

You want to take a sea cruise to Maine. To shake life up and to see what is missing. Well the ports of Portland, Rockland, Bar Harbor, Eastport, Freeport, Kennebunkport, Portland, Rockland, Bath, Boothbay Harbor, Camden, Belfast, Searsport, Bucksport, and Bangor all get visits from the large cruise ships.

The Canadian member ports of Campobello Island and Saint Andrews by the Sea in Downeast Maine get visits from the huge floating hotels. That are like gigantic, piled high resorts riding the waves around Vacationland.

So what is the magic of a cruise Vacation? I have been on seventeen cruises and can throw in my two cents of the subject. First, travel is never a waste of time or money. To experience how another part of the World lives, how other areas rock and roll broadens your life perspective. The poverty of a third world island community is sobering. But the rich pride in the blue green waters surrounding it, in the often hard fought independence from an Imperial force makes the sand and sun island life shines brightly.

Have had my kids notice something very important from the settings beyond just around the cruise ports on an island. Where the locals put their best foot forward for marketing their goods and tourist services.

From my experience, instead of booking a tour on the boat that are more expensive and involve longer tedious days herding the other cruisers packed in like sardines. It works better to do those excursions from the cruise boat from a different approach.

In a cruise ship stop in say Jamaica, it is better to wait until all the cruise ship passengers on those large excursions crowd the hallways to get to deck zero and exit the boat. Then take your time getting up, eating your breakfast and packing the snorkel gear, sun screen and beach towels for the day in port ahead of you.

Maine Sea Cruise Vacations.

Cruise Ships Park In The Harbors Of Many Exotic Locations Around The World.

You get off the cruise ship boat without any pushing or shoving, looking for a taxi van to hire for the day.

Scanning the dashboards to see a well worn bible and then having a chit chat to spell out what you would like to accomplish on the day in paradise that the cabby calls home. You explain you want to go to a beach, the one he would take his family to, not the tourist trap nearest the cruise ship. You want him to come back to the beach in about three hours, and to line up his cousin who has a small boat and will take your family snorkeling where the fish are most colorful and plentiful.

Then on the cab driver’s return to beach, to take a guided tour of the island he knows so well as a local native.

Show us the Fern Gully, take us to Dunn River Falls for the trek up the waterfalls one rock at a time with a hand holding side to side attack up the eight hundred foot course.

Then to take us to a compound protected from the pan handlers to shop in peace. To go from shop to shop and dicker with the merchants. Where your kids learn to walk away from something they want but not at the sticker asking price. So they get a better deal, or two for one in the simple business exchange.

Then before the cruise ship blows the loud low fog horn warning passengers to climb back on before the captain pulls back the gang plank, to wrap it up. With a combination of sun and fun and trinkets from the island visit as you prepare for a day at sea or another island stop tomorrow. And ding ding ding of the dinner bell. It’s time to eat because every twenty minutes you are pretty much grazing on something good to eat all served up by folks from all over the World. Your service providers on the boat can be a cabin steward from the Far East, your waiter from Colombia, his assistant from St Vincent. The cruise director from New Zealand, the drink lady from Latvia or Serbia or another Baltic country.

Maine Is One Cruise Ship Port Of Call!

Cruise Ship Vacations In The Sun And Fun.

The cruise ships are big, efficiently laid out, have lots of entertainment options from live music dancing to piano bar small and intimate settings.

They are floating hotel resorts parked off another West Indies island jewel. The boats float all around the globe and sea cruises to the Alaska, Hawaii, through the Panama Canal or over to Europe and everywhere in between.

The kids in the island stops go to school long days, wear uniforms of bright white to contrast with the wicked tans and bronze skin. Your own kids will see flapping sheet metal roofs peeled back from the last hurricane. The poverty of the inner regions of many island stops that the four color brochure does not display are educational.

The folks with little are happy, connected, need and work with each other. And if they are poor, they don’t know it. They are rich because they are grateful. They appreciate what they have. What a lesson to show your kids while growing up to expand their vision and to know how lucky we really are and the difference of third and first world problems.

Maine Sea Cruises, Taking A Boat Ride To Vacationland.

Sea Cruises In Maine, Taking A Boat Ride To Three Or More Island Stops.

Taking a cruise on a very big ship. There are lots of boat brands to pick from… I am partial to Carnival Cruise Lines. Heck bought stock that is doing well from the line that owns more than the 25 whale tail boats.

Family oriented, kid friendly and they have the water slides, all the bells and whistles that keep all the ages happy. The kids are on vacation too … the Carnival cruise lines realizes that important factor.

Unless you’re a major drinker or down and dirty gambler, everything is paid for on the boat cruises. The shore excursion are up to you to add to the fun when you are not on the ship and heading inland.

From the live shows to the heavy duty array of all kinds of food to the sleeping staterooms with or without balconies. Sea cruises are one highly efficient way to vacation. Unpack once, leave the driving to the skipper as he tools around the islands on your cruise itinerary.

Sea Cruise Vacations in Maine.

Cruise Ship Vacations, They Are Not Little Tug Boats. Nothing Small About The Dozen Story High Water Hotel Resorts.

Maine is one pretty state with four seasons to explore and discover the magic of this hidden location.

But moving around the crystal blue green water with palm trees and local fresh fruits and the colorful people of an island can transport you to  Margaritaville.

Have you cruised on the open seas, been on a boat ride and to where?

Have you ever stopped in Maine on a cruise ship vacation? You might want to come to Maine by sea and not a highway or touching down on an airport runway.

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If A Third Of The World’s Food Is Never Eaten…

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Wasted food, when someone goes hungry while another throws away what never gets eaten.

Something wrong with that situation. So for starters, how to avoid wasting food which can make greenhouse gases, methane that does not help the Earth’s environment. It does start at home and food waste reduction. And when you raise what you eat, it can stay in the garden and be drawn on like a food bank. Or stored in your root cellar with sometimes little preparation or a process in canning that is a family tradition.

Organic Food In Maine

Fresh Maine Food, Like This Cabbage Organically Grown At Nature’s Circle Farm In Aroostook County.

There is nothing like a trip around supper time during a nippy winter night in Maine and getting an armful of potatoes, bread and butter pickles, stewed beets or whatever the food pantry holds to dine on with a little imagination and a hunger that always improves the taste.

The journey down the cellar steps into the root cellar that yields much for lovingly made produce. For more close to home, farm to table all natural items to feed the Maine family. What you eat, how much is available and knowing you or your community members had a role in the growing and final preparation is a beautiful thing. No worries about what this foodstuff was sprayed with, how it was handled all disappears when the farming is done in your backyard, out in the rear fields.

But think about that staggering amount of food raised but never eaten by anyone. A third of the World’s food goes to waste, unsampled. The nutrition never channeled into someone’s diet and the fuel never put to use. Maine is a place with close to home grown quality food. To think of all that food in other places of the World that ends up on a trash pile or plowed up, in a composting container is truly sad. Starvation is not just having food or going hungry too. Food insecurity is another topic of discussion that

Maine Rutabaga Farm Produce Is Tasty Food From The Field.

everyone in the World can appreciate.

Maine has started a healthy trend to being the top in the country for lower age farmers and is bucking the national average age of hovering around 59 for farmers in the USA.

It used to be about 48 years old for the guy and gal in the overalls, back after World War Two’s cease fire. More on the trend for aging farmers in the USA. In Maine, agriculture’s resurgence is tied to the tourism too. Sometimes the farming is a agricultural festival that creates the buzz and traffic to small Maine communities.

The resurgence of local farming in Maine could help give a shot in the arm for the food pantries too. Maine farms starting up at a rate four times the national average. Close to home surpluses of excess local foodstuffs don’t end up on the rubbish pile. Get channeled where they do the most good at places like the Good Shepherd food pantry and don’t become methane generators or end up hurting the size of the Earth’s carbon food print.

Maine Farm Fields To Gleen In Maine.

Ways To Slice, Dice, Eat Red Cabbage. Just One Of The Locally Grown Maine Farm Foods Available To Buy, The Fields To Gleen.

Instead of picking up a package of food and not being so sure where it came from, the tendency to gravitate to the farmer’s markets is a healthy habit. To have a rich experience jawing and rubbing shoulders with the local grower who delivers the Maine farm food. Who shares the growing experience and learns what the shoppers prefers for future planning on what seed to buy. Knowing just which field on the Maine farm he will be growing what next year because the customer has spoken.

Eyeball to eyeball and face to face in the exchange between shopper and Maine farmer.

Organic farming in Maine is a growing part of the agriculture landscape too. Fighting for it’s bigger share of the market with conventional farming operations in Maine. There is a reason many Amish settlements have popped up around Maine. Cheap Maine land, fertile soil, not overly regulated with permits and licensing and low crime, no traffic. Lots of love and it makes for an idea backdrop to a farmstead in Maine if that is the lifestyle you want to carve out for yourself, your family.

More on agritourism.

Food, Maine, you and some land around where you live. Because you and no one else either should go hungry. Ever thought of scratching the dirt, planting the seeds and seedlings and tending the crops to get them to the bountiful harvest? Maine is one big state and farming is such an important part of the heritage of every single ones of the communities surrounding the four corners of Vacationland. Ever thought of owning a farmstead you build from the ground up and renting out rooms at your country inn, or scheduling tours for the tourist who decides to wander into your region of Maine? Hold that thought, can help you put together the dream in ownership of your own farming property in Maine.

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Food Insecurity, What Does It Mean To Mainers?

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Food insecurity, what do the two words mean if you live in Maine?

Well for starters, the first time I heard the expression “food insecurity” I did not think about not having enough or any. But where did the food come from and what was it sprayed with, how was it handled by field workers, in transport from field to my point of purchase, etc. I grew up on a Maine potato and grain farm and we had lean years but always ate well. With big vegetable truck gardens, an endless supply of potatoes and a root cellar stocked from dirt floor to over my head to draw from to make it close to home hands on foodstuffs. For true field to table, fruit orchard, poultry, beef, dairy critters to provide what went into the meal production.

Food insecurity is defined as …

Good Nutrition, Beet Trimming Organic Foodstuffs.

Trimming Beets At Nature’s Circle, A Local Organic Farming Operation In Northern Maine.

“food in·se·cu·ri·ty

 the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. 1.”more than 800 million people live every day with hunger or food insecurity as their constant companion”.
They says food insecurity and poverty go hand in hand too.
Not knowing where your next meal or snack is coming from messes up the three meals a day routine, the you can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat.

In a state like Maine where farming is big, agriculture is all around us. Going hungry is harder to fathom. You can always glean fields, there is plenty of food harvested but lots more left behind to just rot into the ground. Help yourself, just ask the farmer and say thanks. Because more mechanized farm operations don’t get everything from the field that could be what’s for your breakfast, lunch, dinner. But it is not economical for the big scale farmer to go back and scour because hundreds of acres to harvest before frost sets in and that’s all she wrote.

 But the quality of the food, the nutritive value especially for youngsters with developing brains, growing bodies. Plenty of good food wins the day. Not tons of convenience items with empty nutrition that can be bought cheaply. But rob dietary nutrition of the essential vitamins and trace element ingredients. The eight out of ten folks living in a city where the most jobs are don’t have the same options for free food straight from the field to supply what is on the grocery list. They can’t have a garden because just no space around them in the hustle bustle.

Reduced quality, less variety adds to the food insecurity discussion to broaden the scope as defined by the USDA. Discomfort, weakness, illness with prolonged food insecurity is a cancer of a different type. Than the ones that attack certain organs or that like to  spread and travel around the body like wildfire. That claim the lives of loved ones in our families and communities.

Do you worry about food running out and your cupboards being Old Mother Hubbard bare?

In cities, just in time grocery store stocking the shelves would mean havoc if trucking stopped for two or three days. Storms and weather disturbances bear this out as panic happens on the retail level.

Movement To Maine Farming

Family Farms, Maine Has An Increase And The  Average Age Of Farmers Is Dropping!

Like a cold Maine winter challenges the wood pile supply when you have five cords stacked in the shed or filling your cellar but are chewing it up quicker than you planned.

Knowing you may not have enough fuel or food for your family to keep them warm or fed is what keeps a parent awake at night. When money is short, programs to take up the slack get over taxed, reduced or phased out altogether.

Food and shelter, safety are the biggest basic needs a person could have. Providing for your family, the young sprouts is a component of love as a good parent. Which everyone needs to feel important, to feel loved, worthwhile and have hope. Good food, in great supply is a wonderful basic staple. And can the locals in a small Maine community prepare it just so.

Anyone working in education knows the anxiety of kids skipping meals because there is nothing to to feast on.

And what it does to add to the distraction and dull the focus of the student needing the education. But the lack of energy or oomph. Just not feeling up to par because of sheer hunger. The week before a school vacation are happy times for those heading out on a tropical sea cruise or a visit to see Mickey or Minnie in the sunny south. But when your Maine home is cold, there is no food and the atmosphere is stressed because of missing parents or ones that fight, there is nothing to look forward to when a vacation arrives. School is the routine, with food injected to round out the day in the classrooms and roaming the halls in the educational shuffle from the gym to the library and hopefully not detention.

The days heading out of a school vacation back into the three “R’s” in the classroom are hard on educators and students too.

Because the adjustment from a week, a holiday that was not fun with no food, cold and harsh conditions at home. All that follows the unhappy student back into the rows of desks with the black board upfront and the apple on the desk. The hungry child living in poverty conditions did not get a real vacation and has to begin feeding the mind and nourishing the soul to develop skills to be self sufficient outside of the educational bubble.Have you ever run into someone that was poor growing up and did not like it, carries a chip on their shoulder of bitterness and regret? It isn’t fair for a kid to be hungry, to go without food.

maine food farms, potato fields

The Bees Are Busy Pollinating The Maine Potato Fields In Summer.

Or I know of someone that knew hunger growing up and missed meals, went to bed hungry and who now works at a food pantry because of it. To make sure less kids and older know that same feeling down in your gut of going without food or good nutrition.

Do you support a cause like backpack for kids in your local area?

Who fill up the empty sack to have bus drivers distribute to households that lack much in the cupboards at no fault of the child in those homes.

During the school year, backpacks with non-perishable items are filled up on a Wednesday, taken to the school on Friday, and head home with the children to be returned via the child turning in the empty bags on Monday.

Everything repeated the following Wednesday which is fine as long as the yellow school bus is on its run. Reducing hunger for children is so important to their education, esteem, general well being. Summer away from school’s dinner bell ringing or if the back pack support team needs a break in the food line bucket brigade, kids go hungry of the good stuff, any foodstuff and on their own in fending for themselves.

Low cost or free meals that are nutritious and balanced are provided to over 31 million American students in our country.

The US Census ties poverty levels to the number of reduced or free hot lunches or breakfasts provided to students in an area economically challenged. Hunger is one of the leading obstacles to education in our country.But the argument parents always used about finish your plate and remember all those starving kids halfway around the World.

When you scan a row of kids at a concert or at a sporting event or out in the community and obesity seems to be another dietary problem. Not because of not enough food but poor eating habits of the wrong items or too much that adds the weight and affects the health of the youngster. Who is carrying around the physical weight beyond the design of his or her body along with the self esteem issues for being large.

organic farmers in maine

Seed Potatoes In Maine, The Best Creates Large Yields Of Great Nutritious Produce.

Part of fixing health care and making it more affordable starts in good eating habits as a kid.

Obesity affects genetics, alters the behaviors and attitudes of kids that get less and less exercise the larger they become. A healthy diet, a child physically active is happier and not eating out of boredom or self medicating to band-aid a larger dietary wound.

Good diet, eating habits and nutritious food helps children grow strong, maintain a healthy weight throughout childhood. And leads to less burden on the expensive health care system because a healthier population does not depend on it so greatly.A harmony, a balance of energy goes into activity and calorie consumption. From the right foods and beverages to prevent excess weight gain.

Healthy eating, being physically active helps to prevent chronic diseases that are killers like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Eating balanced meals, combined with exercise improves mental clarity and helps reduced mood swings. To stave off depression because of the poor self image from overeating, under exercising and being out of control with food consumption.

Did you or anyone grow up exposed to Maine farming?

Do you have a garden, is there space to have one where you live or does your community provide space to scratch the dirt, plant seeds to cultivate and nourish to get to the harvest stage?

Maine, lots of space and more are turning to homesteads, farmsteading because what is most important is missing on their dinner tables. Good food and Maine farming tie in with healthier lifestyles and being outdoors, working the land to be in better shape as the secondary gain. Maine farming  agriculture numbers are up in more ways than one.

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A Two Nation Vacation In Maine And Canada.

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The coastline as far as you can see and wildlife filled Great North woods surrounding you can make Maine vacations pretty peaceful.

But when you vacation in Maine or live here full or part time, Canada is always near your Maine doorstep. Just a short hop across the border in many Maine locations means tap into the magic of Canada too. For an international blend of Maine and Canada on tap for vacation fun.

Atlantic Canada is the region of Canada that the is closest to where I live in Maine.

It comprises of four provinces located on the Atlantic coast, the three Maritime provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. Quebec is the other Canadian province that borders Maine and offers more vacation options. With the loonie worth less than the American dollar, the vacation value of crossing the Maine border into Canada combine to be a change of scenery / sound fiscal decision all rolled up into one.

Atlantic Canada Provinces

Maine Is Next To Three Atlantic Canada Maritime Provinces

I have lots of Canadian relatives and my two youngest children, boys, each played lots of hockey on “over home” polished sheets of frozen solid ice.

Ice hockey arenas are a cornerstone of many Canadian provincial towns and cities. Hop in the Jeep, let’s take you through the Canadian immigration and leave Maine for a view minutes.  Ski areas in New Brunswick Canada account for some of the cross border traffic in our family.

If you follow the Me In Maine blog you see different areas around Vacationland high-lighted as possible places to visit. But being this close to the Atlantic Canadian provinces means it is time for a blog post rotated in to the mix of over 1000 about what lies just a few miles away.

My first visit to Halifax Nova Scotia was because one son was thinking about attending Dalhousie University in Canada.

We visited Fairlawn Cemetery while in Halifax Nova Scotia which has the remains of many who perished on the wreck of the HMS Titanic during her maiden voyage. I plan to visit Prince Edward Island Canada this summer and will post images and blog a post or two on that vacation adventure. In Quebec, on vacations growing up my three older brothers and I made several trips to that Canadian province and usually during Winter Carnival. Staying at the Hotel (Chateau) Frontenac in old Quebec City Canada, the frozen toboggan runs, skating on iced over ponds added to the history lesson of this province where French was the primary language.

In New Brunswick Canada that borders Maine, there are vacation options from the Fundy coastal area into the river valley and Miramichi River route.

Lots of cultures clashed and melted into the landscape and history of casting the rod and reel line along the Miramichi River region of New Brunswick Canada. Life is a beach and in New Brunswick Canada there are fifty of them to spread out your towel or set up a folding chair to just unplug and recharge as you gaze out over the waterfront that expands well beyond the eye sight of you or me.

Hartland Covered Bridge In New Brunswick Canada

Longest Covered Bridge In The World, Hartland New Brunswick Canada. Hold Your Breath Like The Kids Do Crossing It!

More on New Brunswick Canada beaches. More on provincial and national parks in New Brunswick Canada.

Hit the World’s longest covered bridge in Hartland New Brunswick Canada. Visit King’s Landing and step back into colonial times with 70 historic structures on 300 acres. Sample the ale, toe tap and hum, sing, dance to the music of the Maritimes. Visit St Andrew’s By The Sea.

You decide the mode of transportation in the site seeing on your vacation weaving back and forth from Maine to Canada too.

Maybe what works best is a combination of biking along Eastern Canada’s best mountain trails, hiking to the waterfalls hidden in the wildlife filled forests, or camping and cooking outdoors under the stars of New Brunswick. One New Brunswick Canada park in particular to scope out is Hopewell Rocks located on the shores of the Bay Of Fundy. The Hopewell Cape location is one of the Marine wonders of the World and is the site of some of the World’s highest tides. When the sea is removed, the walks on the ocean floor who unique rock formations that have been carved by the wear and tear of tides and wave action.

The “flower-pot rocks” as they are called are over a thousand years old in the Hopewell Rocks region of New Brunswick Canada.

The tides manipulate the water to rise to four story high levels. Kayaking around the rock formations is one memorable way to explore the Hopewell Rocks. More on the New Brunswick province region called the Bay of Fundy. More on the festivals of New Brunswick Canada. The food of New Brunswick Canada includes a lot of seafood, because like Maine, the rich fishing grounds of the Atlantic Ocean include the gulf of St Lawrence and Northumberland Strait. Enjoy lobster just like in Maine but also year round the arctic char, salmon, haddock, trout, sole, crab, clams, and blue mussels.

The propaganda I read from the tourist sites say the Bay of Fundy scallops are fat and juicy like the lobsters.

Oysters are harvested from September to the end of November and to really load up on them visit the Acadian Coastal Drive as part of your New Brunswick Vacation.  Used to ski Mont Fralagne when the kids were little in Edmunston New Brunswick Canada.

The food in the Edmunston New Brunswick area offers unique Acadian dishes that were part of the local 39th Acadian Festival highlights showcased last year. The Acadian Festival spanned both sides of the Maine Canadian border. Events included a re-enactment of the first Acadian Landing in Northern Maine, traditional Acadian supper, entertainment, cultural displays, a festival Parade, Party du Main Street.

The Acadian Festival is held each year in conjunction with a large family reunion, honoring one of the Acadian pioneer families.  Edmunston New Brunswick Canada is one of eight cities. In Houlton Maine a quick trip where I-95 connects to the Trans Canada highway to shop in Fredericton the capital of New Brunswick Canada is abut 70 miles. Fredericton provides a city setting and going on to Moncton, to St John New Brunswick Canada’s largest city just adds to the road trip.

If you are in Downeast Maine, you might consider a ferry boat trip across to Roosevelt Campobello International Park.

The 35 room historic International vacation home of President Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt called Campobello is one worthwhile visit on Vacation in Maine or New Brunswick Canada! FDR’s family vacationed here for 65 years on his beloved small Canadian island where he could be himself! On an island, you and I are all the same. Watch the video on Campobello Island with its 35 foot tidal waves and total privacy away from the high society of New York and training to be mentally tough, to wrestle with polio at age 39.

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Like Maine, whale watching, visiting the museums, learning about the history and sampling the local food served by friendly Canadian locals make your two nation vacation one to remember. To continue year after year as you straddle the border between Maine, New Brunswick and the rest of Atlantic and Quebec Canadian provinces we will highlight in detail in the future!

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