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Okay, You Move To Maine, You Are From Away.

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Maine is a big place.

Often crusty coastal folks of few words but ones that drive home the point with an verbal economy. Those are the spokesmen sometimes used in the tell me what Maine is all about stories. Or to weave into the stream of Maine humor if you are Tim Sample, Bob Marley.

The yarn spun, the tales exaggerated but funny.

Just not all so accurate to represent the garden variety folks walking the Earth in Maine. Because it leaves out the rest of the down home town proud locals in the state of Maine. Working hard to survive, raise a family. Just anxious to pitch in and make a difference on the local landscape.

Maine Is Small Towns!

Growing What You Eat, Knowing Where It Came From Is Maine.

So in my job as a Maine real estate broker, it happens once in awhile. A customer buys a farm, lakefront property or old quaint Victorian smasher of a house.

And less than a year later we get a call to bring one of your red, white and blue signs.

Plant it on the front lawn would ya? We are heading back to wherever we lived twelve months ago.

Maine may have been the third, fourth stop in the move and groove. So they know how to assume the position to relocation, make the transition. Again. Kept all the boxes.

Sometimes the reason is a loved one left behind needs them. Sick mom, failing health brother, divorced daughters with little ones. Someone in the family needs them.

But the motivation to high tail it back and turn the wagons in a big wide circle 180 degrees is not always a bad health situation down country.

Or a hard time to find a job in their field or the employment they had here in Maine drying up. And just for the record, many do telecommute to Maine for work.

No, the reason to move is because the people were cold, they could not make friends.

Whoa. Really? When you ask a few more questions filling in the blanks on the list to sell agreement, you hear some themes. Familiar ones about no one invited us over for beans and hot dogs.

Maine Is Vacationland, Plenty Of Space.

Small Town Maine Is Clean, All Natural. Fresh!

Or we have no kids, everyone around Maine is family oriented. So we feel odd man out. Don’t go to church or sporting events either.

Even though they do admit folks reached out to invite them to holidays. When the neighbors down the road knew they were in the house by their lonesome.

You have to make an effort and to have friends, you have to be one.

Why would someone avoid another human being in their home town? If a steady diet of conversation shared is how stupid the locals are.

That might hammer hit the nail on the head. If lots of “back in Jersey” or wherever the transplant in a new land used to live is salt and peppered in the chit chat. That gets old too if dripping with negativity from an Eeyore.

Mainers love to learn about where you lived before as they bring you up to speed on the way things rock and roll, shake and bake in the local surroundings.

Maine Is Outdoor, Farming Of All Kinds.

Maine Horses, Stick Together, Are Close Like The People.

But even though the average run of the mill Mainer can on occasion whine a tad, the first year of a new move to Maine property owner needs to bite the tongue.

Because someone else with a vehicle wearing the same plate that came to Maine earlier could be the problem. The kink in the hose.

That has burnt some bridges rubbing folks the wrong way. Put a bad mouth  taste that can taint others that hail from the same location. Guilt by association.

Maine is full of hardworking, super friendly folks because we don’t live in fear in the 4th lowest crime state. We get involved, feel and feed the local connection. But don’t take a cotton to others who dump on the small Maine towns they are so proud of and work so hard to protect and preserve.

Even someone from southern Maine can get on a high horse and start to begin the let’s rescue the locals routine.

Thinking because we lived a stint closer to the big city of Bean town, that that influence adds an edge. That should make the locals some kind of hand stand  happy they moved here to “save them”.

Maine Vacations, Move To Enjoy Them Full Time.

Maine Is Small, Friendly, Glad To Be In Vacationland Full Time Or Any Time At All!

Resentment, avoidance and the passion of whatever a group is doing suffers when this air enters the meeting. So new, moving to Maine, want to get along and play ball fairly?

Ease up on the I am up here, you are down there needing a leg up approach.

The expertise, experiences, stories are welcomed from out of town, out of state. The spoon full of sugar approach works best like in the musical. Kind not snide.

Paddle gently in the pool of people, personalities.

The local Mainers are plenty resourceful, well educated, highly committed to their small home towns.

Be the same in the approach to answer the question “what can I do to help”?

I had read rhetoric this week about an individual who went on and on about how lucky their new small Maine home town was that they had landed there.

Maine Small Town Living.

See The Light, Love The Surroundings, The Locals In Maine Small Towns.

And the locals should come away being some kind of glad they had.

An air of smugness, a spirit of not finding much good about anyone in the small Maine town shared behind the scenes. Removed all the good. In the me, me, me what a gift they are.

We have lots of saviors in small Maine towns pouring in their heart and soul day and night. That don’t need attention or recognition.

To glean the new experiences working together.  That’s the true Maine unplugged, unfiltered and raw, refreshing. For the take away from somewhere else that could benefit a new community in the spirit of kindness and cooperation.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker



Traveling To Maine, Looking For Festivals.

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If you are lucky enough to live in Maine full time, it is like a horse let loose in a new field of spring clover.

Pace yourself. There are jobs around your home to perform first. Tasks to get out of the way for chores. Before hitting the trail, open road or waterways to bask in what Maine does best.

Maine Lighthouses

Maine Lighthouses, Started Your Collection Yet?

Providing unspoiled wide open space Maine trumps everyone else in it’s sheer vastness.

The kind of space where you can hear yourself think.

Reflect on how life is going. To correct the steering a tad to keep it headed in the right direction.  As you juggle the elements of life for balance, moderation, peace and an enriched experience.

Sampling it, not racing through it. That’s the simple Maine way of living. Common theme of this blog posting in Maine hunt and peck.

Okay, so instead of exploring alone or in a small group, experiencing a Maine festival should be part of the taking in Vacationland.

And all she has to offer. Planning those excursions in Maine means avoid the hard telling without knowing feeling stuck in your craw. Festival listings for Maine.

Something for everyone, all ages makes the festivals in Maine eenie meenie miney moe a tough selection process.

More than enough to entice and trying hard to avoid the sheer regret. From missing out on more than one event on each end of Maine when someone put too much into one weekend that you want to sample.

Maine Festivals, Which Ones Do You Find Fun?

Festivals To Share Music, Crafts, Food And Brew. That’s Part Of Maine To Sample!

Today at 1pm a Festival from Shipyard, Maine’s largest micro brewery happens.

A street fair in Southern Maine to say thank you. I read somewhere Shipyard was the 12th largest brewery of its kind in the nation. And a neat article from it’s fearless leader about why the success in his operation. Maine is 5th in the nation for micro breweries.

Where he credits the gains in growth and market share by simply hiring the best people. Letting them dig in and manage their areas of expertise without being micro managed or ham stringed. Forced to wear a straight jacket.

Festivals in Maine, some revolved folk music, some around farming. Here is a list of Maine agricultural fairs to fit your schedule of free time.  Some with free time cleared in the schedule.

Maine Is Local Food, Grown Close To Home.

Celebrating Fresh Locally Source Food With Maine Farmers At Open Air Markets.

Gravitating naturally to festivals for Maine lighthouses. That’s what some do with their down time. To visit and collect lighthouses in Maine.Get centered and to find peace letting go. Taking thousand yard stare strolls with the peepers off the points they protect.

Or volunteer to preserve the Maine lighthouses for others to visit and enjoy.

Around the 68 venues that Maine has for sentinel outposts. To help navigation out on the open waters off the coast of Maine. That offer one spectacular setting for picture taking, memory making.

Things to do for fun in Maine on your days off from work. So what do you have planned for the weekend, your next vacation? To pause for some away from the same old hometown surrounding routines?

Maine offers so many home grown unique experiences to entertain and enrich the soul. Add your two cents worth on what pumps you up in Maine!

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker



How Do You Relax In Maine?

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I have heard the expression, statement that there are only two real kinds of people in this World.

If you reduced it down to peas and carrots, apples or oranges in grading people.

Your Place, Find It In Maine.

All Walks Of Life Make A Small Maine Community Shine.

You are either busy living, or busy dying. As Andy is told wearing prison garb faded blues. Dreaming of Mexico sitting up against, propped, holding up an institutional concrete block wall.

Surrounded by several strands of hurricane circles of barb wire.

Juggling a hand full of small rocks and loose sand like he was just idling in the warming up a pair of dice.

To get back in to the game. The one on the outside.

Some people find relaxation, peace in their personal gardens.

To help unwind and get centered. Others hike, bike, jog, paddle a kayak. Or wet a fishing line right around sunrise.

Or toting some fire power as they try hard. Not to scare while tip toeing. Rustling the dead leaves of

Eastport Maine Fisherman

Fishing For Something Missing? Maine. Find It Here.

brilliant fall colors as sunset nears. Looking for winter food to park in  the family chest freezer.

Others would bend your ear.

Have you thinking that there are but two species of human nature. That what motivates you makes you take one or the other side of the gym. Suit up.

Take you pick. The one labeled “Vocation” or “Vacation”.

The former never working a day in their life at a profession that feels anything but like work.

Because they are a happy raisin in the right place.

Under the big yellow light, heat source arcing overhead.

Maine Hiking Haystack Mountain.

Maine, Get High. Lots Of Chances To Rise Above The Static.

Whatever you classify yourself, whatever makes you tick there is one thing we can all agree on.

Here and now, wouldn’t you say we all need peace and quiet, extra helping of unspoiled wide open space? To easy does it. To unplug, recharge. To gain perspective. Hear yourself think.

Life is ticking by. Nothing to lament, everything to gain by realizing it is short. But how you live it, what you show up for and add to yours is so so important.

And why a place like Maine was created. Maine, don’t keep her waiting. Pencil in that Maine vacation. Like the oil change, you are way way overdue.

Don’t stand her up or you only hurt yourself in missing out.

This fourth of July, anytime you can sneak away to head north up the pike.

To cross the big green bridge on the other end close to Bean Town. Get to Maine. See what you have been missing in Vacationland.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | 69 North St Houlton ME 04730

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Attracting Bees, Butterflies |The Best Bait For Crop Pollination.

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The expression about using using honey, sugar not vinegar.

Something sweet to draw attention. Like leading a horse to water. But to attract the bees, whatever you are after.

To turn on the marketing tractor beam.

Maine Wind Farm Generators Happen.

Maine Wind Generators, Lupine Combine In Mars Hill.

For the we need your help put out on the APB, on the hailing frequency. For whatever you are peddling. Using the high voice and shifting into the “Here Kitty Kitty” mode. Whenever you need a path beat to your door.

Maine farm land needs pollinators besides fertile built up soil, wise planting techniques to avoid any  erosion.

And don’t just think busy bees please. Butterflies with their touch down and lift off flit. Those help Mother Nature in the court and spark. Spreading the pollination lovey dovey around the plowed, tilled, cultivated planted seed beds of Maine farm land.

So you are a Maine micro farmer, a medium sized or large acreage producer, what to set up for wild flower sections to attract the pollinators?

If you could interview a bee that I bet could be very verbal if you knew the lingo.

But knowing butterflies would be harder to interrogate and just come off like rabbits as a quiet bunch. What would you learn about color, fragrance, texture preferences? What are the best flower pollinators for your Maine farm land or gardens to boost the attraction?

Remembering hearing all those news reports about less bees are around and why is that? So better bait needed to get the pollinators the mission. To visit your back yard is the tall order, what’s needed.

Maine Is Wearing Good Warm Clothes. Or Nothing At All.

Maine Blueberries, From Downeast Maine. Pick, Rake, Harvest. Clothing Optional.

To spread the word on the buzzing grapevine about how simply luscious these GPS coordinates are.

How much low hanging fruit easy your Maine farm land or garden is to collect the honey nectar of the Gods.

Spreading the pollen in the process of rubbing up against all those delicate flower parts you and I learned about in sixth grade science.

Or from our Grandmother bent over and weeding out one of many flower beds on the Maine farmstead.

Eight out of ten honey bees might might prefer blue hues.

Bumble bees yellow, give me buttercup or good old mustard. Humming birds pick high voltage greens or reds. Those might be the findings. If you could find a translator. But what you plant, will it survive, regenerate and help populate a hillside next to your best fields?

Will it become invasive and you the Maine farmer will regret unleashing the seed cover?

Maine Farm Field, Potatoes, Corn Too!

Raised In A Maine Potato Field, Orphaned But Adopted By Hills, Rows Of Spuds.

Is it like birds that drop the fertilizer from other fields creating “weed seed” that is counter productive? What is the best bang for the buck. To hold down the bottom line costs.  Hmmmm.

What does the state use on the highways, for soil erosion control and that is low cost? Industrial applications for more than tourist attraction eye candy. But more emphasis that is all over pollination of the Maine farm land crops.

That being the bull’s eye target red series of circles to aim for squinting, holding your mouth just right. Here is another article on attracting butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators for your garden or Maine farm land field.

From your experience, what works best that seems to make your flowers gardens, fruit orchards or vegetable fields like an airport for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds?

Lots of Latin names attached to the pollination attraction flowers fun and games.

Had one lady over the weekend mention Devil’s Rocket as one she would bet on for baiting the pollinators.

Maine is small towns, simple living. Outdoor space.

On A Mission, Mainers Are Busy Bees But Enjoy More Space, Less People In The Natural Beauty.

If you plant it they will come thinking. But knowing if it is not growing here now and established, will it flourish or extinguish quickly.

Be a flash in the pan pollinator one night stand Johnny One Time and then poof, gone?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker



Huckstering, Dog And Pony Smoke, Mirror And Glass… That’s Not Maine.

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Slick, polished, smooth when you want something. Snooty and snarky, aloof when you don’t. That is not the way of the lay of the land in Maine.

Down home, family centered and local pride in the small town in Maine the resident hails from is the heart beat. The love of where you live, being connected to the others in the small population that work together.

Unplugged, Recharging In Maine.

Peaceful, Four Season Drop Dead Gorgeous, Maine.

Instead of attending events, you work them in small Maine towns.

Things don’t get hired out. The locals are knee deep in the behind the scenes of the home spun happenings.

Creative input, individual resourcefulness drip off every local event. And once you sign on, step up that is in your collection to be counted on for the next installment of the home grown production.

In business deals, you don’t need an Angie’s list to look up who you gonna call. You know the others in the small Maine area. The news through the grapevine is like the porridge, hot, cold or just right.

The local ethics, values define a person along with the effort put into the work out in a local Maine job or service.

Or volunteer church, school, whatever civic or hardship fun raiser endeavor in the event of the day in the small Maine town. Wine and dine palava , feeling hustled and worked does not work in Maine. That kind of politics is saved for back and forth across the aisle and some legislative center.

Maine Is Lots Of Water, Plenty Of Weather.

Never Fade Memory Making In Maine. Collect Your Images, Experiences.

Huckstering, feeling worked over to force a conclusion causes anyone within earshot to put up a hand. To ask if the neighbor is okay.

Or being hassled and if they need help, want a hand with anything.

Bullies, attacking people not the problem is not Maine.

Fear, forcing the outcome with the chip on the shoulder. Nope. No thanks. Forget the line in the sand one up manship insecurity.

Too much depending on channeling all the emotion into something more productive.

Missing the back room maneuvering and empty promises. The glowing smiles that go with it that can shred the receiver to pieces.

Smug to sulk to get your way is up to you. But the results are poor because folks around you in Maine will get up, stretch, say “gotta go”. And like Elvis, leave the building.

Mainers are busy, productive, grateful for all they have. They don’t waste daylight in work or play. Don’t enjoy playing games with other people’s emotions or meddling in a harmful way in another’s life.  They are kind, sensitive, but tough skinned if you are trying to pull the wool over the eyes.

Hiking In Maine, Finding The Best Trail.

When You Live In Maine, Everything You Need Is Right On Your Back, Carried With You Daily For Skills, Talent.

Maybe in larger population areas that Maine lacks where folks blend in, don’t really connect those “social street smart alley cat skills” are needed.

To keep your head above financial water, by hook or by crook. In Maine, you do transactions for life, not one deal and that’s all she wrote. Why? Transparency, only so many folks in the career flavors for goods and services.

Maine, the living is just simpler by design.

The people are not. Rich and grateful makes most happy, joyful. The approach to the day to day is more hand’s on, self empowering without cash to burn. Money is taken right out of the equation in much of the daily life in Maine. Not needed and DIY flourishes in a small Maine town.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker



Reefer Madness | Pizza Load Explodes, Pregnant Trailer Happens.

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Nothing like a random blog post headline to spike the curiosity or suspect the blogger is off his meds or drinking.

No no, reefer madness reference in the neon blinking headline is not about Maine’s current marijuana laws. Being a medical cannabis provider, farmer for a small circle. Leaving the zig zag  leaves that look a lot like a tomato plant out of the literary spotlight this morning.

Maine State Troopers Keep The Speed Down!

Slow It Down, Relax. You Are In Maine. “License And Registration Please. Do You Know Why I Stopped You Today?”

(Safe cracker, intertwined fingers locked, pushed up and out to prepare for whatever does end up being today’s Me In Maine blog post).

Not talking about pot, reefer, those left handed, hand twisted cigarettes in this post.

Fodder for munching on in later posts as they get developed inside the head. To hunt and peck and pour onto blank, bright, bleached 8×10 paper sheets for all to read. With Stranglehold guitar riffs in the background as it spills out online.

Reefer madness about the kind of box that carries product to the market.

The kind of stuff that needs refrigeration, climate control to be worth anything when the semi and box back into the loading docks. With the steady beep beep and then release of air pressure as the brakes lock up. The diesel stops vibrating as the power is killed.

Had a buyer of Maine real estate who has been driving truck  for fifty years.

Maine Lighthouse In Winter

See The Light, Maine Is The Source.

This Me In Maine blog author has covered Maine trucking posts before. It’s advance from train loads to overnight truck hauls to the markets where all the population centers. Of where all the people live  outside of rural, removed the vast state of Maine.

This driver with silver hair and the chain drive wallet attached to the belt told me of a load of pizza dough. That the driver forgot about when sleeping off the road fatigue. Forgetting to fuel up the Thermo King reefer.

And as the silenced reefer unit strapped high on the front of the stainless steel ribbed box rested, the pizza pie dough expanded. Kicked into gear.

To the point of pushing out the sides, top skin of the trailer too. Making the box of expansive cargo look like a pregnant, bloated container. Pass the Midol please.

The Maine truck driver finally woke up too late. The ruined load costing this owner operator with a couple extra International semi trucks a big check. With $8100 dollars and no cents scribed on it. That’s a big 10-4. The kind that hurts but is part of trucking.

Like dodging Smokey Bear’s speed traps, DOT roadside inspection, portable scale weights being slid under the axles.

Pass me that log book would you Earl?

Maine Is Space, Outdoors.

Weaving, Needling Your Way! Double Clutch, Down Shift That 18 Wheeler. Car, Bike Through The Highway Thread. Exploring Maine.

Over coffee today fueling up on caffeine this morning at a country corner store, tails of another glad he no longer is owner operator spilled his guts.

Confessing tales of woe on the road when a driver had a trailer wheel bearing break down, get dry, then hot and then causing two outer wheels to spin off.

Flung out into the grassy section down the highway embankment into tall vegetation.

And instead of retrieving the expansive pair of wheels and truck tires, just left them. To RIP. Telling the truck owner, over the truck stop land line phone that he is scared of snakes. Not venturing down the hill like Jack and Jill to fetch the $1000 plus missing pieces of truck and trailer hardware.

Stores about Maine. We try to keep the conveyor belt of human interest tales coming. The inspiration are the neat people of Maine who have very colorful ways. Of describing living, working, playing in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker




Maine Has Lots Of Islands Dotting The Coastline.

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Islands in Maine, there are lots. Out in the deep blue sea along the coastal sections of Vacationland. Inland, not so much.

Although Maine lakes, some ponds, even wide rivers have islands to marvel at. Life on an island is like it’s own country. Just ask a kid who motors over to one in a short boat with a 9.9 motor strapped to the back. Who feels like a pirate going ashore and turning up the imagination with the boat crew as they tramp one. Ever camped out on one? Have a couple times on Catalina Island off South Harpswell Maine.

Maine Island In Foggy, Mist.

Get Lost, Be Found. Find Your Island, Special Space In Maine.

Living year round on a Maine island is not for wimps. Removed, like farming, depending on the weather for  feast or famine.

For transportation and wishing for fishing that is stop and go. Hit or miss at best. Not everyone has the stomach for island living full time in Maine.

But Mainer’s are a more grateful bunch. Because they appreciate the little things more. Are way way extra intimately connected. To the other hearty hard working souls around them.

But think of the solitude on a Maine island.

The ability to stop the World. Hear yourself think. To be surrounded by water to distance yourself when you need total space. To unplug, recharge. Reflect on life as we know it.

Maine Is Conversation, Outdoor Living.

Sit A Spell, Take It Easy, Watching The World Go By In Maine.

The sounds of the shoreline, sea birds, smell of salt air. And in some cases nothing to see for as far as the peepers will reach.

Maine island resourceful.

You have to get high marks for that one. For entertainment too. Fix this, you can not call for that.

Running on ferry schedules if they are plying the water depending on the height of the white caps swell. It can get iffy on an island in Maine.

So DIY or make do and be happy with things just the way they are often the order of the day.

Maine Small Town Politics, Keeping The Peace.

Keeping Small Maine Town’s Running Smoothly. Calm Is Nice, But Ripples Happen.

Maine island living, could you do it? Of if you must be tied to the main land, consider life is a beach in Maine.

Get on the edge of ocean living, the marine landscape without going out where it is over your head. Because some of the islands off the Maine coast are way out there.

Criehaven Maine is one of those that won’t get a lot of trucked in trick or treaters.

Slim pickings for residents to door to door for real estate listings on a Maine island.

It is a tad far away on vast ocean water. Just south of Matinicus Rock where I want to go to add another Maine lighthouse to the growing collection.

There are over 4600 islands off the Maine coast.

Not counting the ones dotting the interior for land lubbers to gawk at or boat to in summer. Snow shoe or cross country ski to in winter.

Here is a schedule of the ferries to Maine islands.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker


Haystack Mountain, Castle Hill Maine In Aroostook County.

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Haystack Mountain, a 1142′ high elevation 4 miles west of Mapleton Maine is a great early climb for a family.

The picnic area across the Route 163 west of Presque Isle is the location of Haystack Mountain in Aroostok County . Haystack Mountain has a great place south of the junior climb. To prepare for or to lunch at after the short hike. Plenty of parking at the trail head staging area too.

Hiking, Climbing Haystack Mountain.

Hiking, Climbing Down Off Haystack Mountain In Castle Hill Maine.

The trail up Haystack Mountain is moderately easy.

To complete for the youngest hiker in the family to conquer with a just a little help. About 75% up the Haystack Mountain trail, veering left for the shorter members of the family works best.

To scale, get to the rock outcropping at the top. That offers tremendous views of the rolling Aroostook County landscape.

Of trees, lakes, just miles and miles of countryside loaded with wildlife. Not so many people. Have a seat, peer around you and bask in the beauty of this junior climb in Aroostook County Maine.

Another less challenging climb if a family of all ages is looking for a hike with a view in Maine is Horse Mountain.

Horse Mountain is located at Baxter State Park. And, like Haystack, is under the 1600′ high variety. That gives a feeling of success to the junior hikers that follow the blue dashes painted on the rock and trees to guide them to the peak.

Climbing, Hiking Up Haystack Mountain, Aroostook County Maine.

The Top, Climbing Haystack Mountain In Castle Hill, Aroostook County Maine.

Horse Mountain provides the tremendous views that take a little less effort to achieve which is important to start the life long passion of hiking, climbing Maine elevations.

The fresh air, snack of trail mix along the hike and lunch on top while taking in the panoramic views hits the soul.

Creates a peace that happens a lot in Maine and that is hard to describe to someone who has never been here.

But the satisfaction becomes a tradition to revisit and add to the trail hiking, mountain climbing family fun collection.

Low cost vacations in Maine usually mean camping, cooking outdoors. Sleeping under the stars. Using Mother Nature’s living room of lush green, other  colors depending on the time of year.

Westfield Maine Log Home Photo

Hugs From Grandma, Family In Maine Is Special, Important.

Whatever the season you decide to roll into Maine’s vast outdoor playground that’s trips the senses. Turns up the volume of what is going on inside when you are outside exploring Maine.

To be surrounded, wrapped around by the wilderness of Maine.

That requires respect, good stewardship and a carry in / carry out mentality. One of tread lightly. To protect and preserve for the next visit. Teaching the generation ahead to approach the same respectful way.

Outdoors, we want to spend our life there when lucky to live in Maine full time. This past weekend was an enjoyable easy climb and circle trip around Northern Maine. Stopping off at Grandma’s home in Westfield Maine for a visit. To enjoy a hug. The ending of another day living in Maine, the way life should be.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker




Pace Yourself When You Are In Maine, Easy Does It.

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Maine, is too much of a good thing a bad thing?

When you find yourself living in Maine full time, it is often like a horse put out to pasture. After a long stint of being inside a winter box or standing stall. And only dining on two sessions of three flakes of hay, grain, a big slurp of water per day.

Maine Is Lighthouses.

Shining The Way, With Sight And Sound To Avoid The Craggy Maine Rock Bound Coastline.

And suddenly pasture clover springs up, surrounds you for as far as the eye can gawk.

Kicking up the heels happens and hand gallop running happens.

Nothing holding you back. No longer hemmed in. The smells of spring lushness, newness. Along with getting down on all fours. Then timber…. lean and dropping to the ground. To get on your back with all legs skyward.

As the back, spine is self scratched in the rich, cool ground cover of green, white and pink flowers. Mixed with other tasty conservation seed mix and meadow cover. Springing up in the back forty of the Maine farm land.

Easy does it or you can get sick.

Like too much pink and blue spun sugar cotton candy after all those round and round. Up and down washing machine rides. Worn ragged trying to hit all the tourist attractions can happen.

Slow down Pilgrim. It is not like NASCAR fast food funneled to the gullet. Not look out teeth and gums, here it comes to bottom out. Hit the stomach.

Savor, slow food collect, dine on the outdoor moments that are so magical in Maine.

Sure, hit the list of must do stops in Maine.

Then mosey on over to gander at the other less publicized ones. Adventuring in four wheel drive, on foot or skis or paddling. Into the off road ones the brochure left out too. When you live in Maine, Vacationland land, that six hour or more drive out of staters have to put under their belt times two.

It all changes.

Maine Is Small Town, Hands On.

Home Made, Real, All Natural. That’s Maine.

There is no just a too far inbetween long weekend, one vacation pause a year to fill. When you can hear the clock ticking in a deafening way. Not when you live full time, have relocated or are lucky enough to live in Maine for good.

I am lucky where I live to be able to hit the coast in 90 miles. To sample ocean clams, lobsters that start out green and end up red. To walk around a lighthouse, along the shoreline.

Or tomorrow will climb Haystack Mountain for a younger set of legs along for the hike in Castle Hill, Aroostook County Maine. There is a picnic area across the road at the base of the Haystack. Horse Mountain, a junior mountain 1400′ tall is another beginner option at Baxter Park which is just a hour away.

On the way to whatever the headliner option is in Maine, the opening acts to add to the buffet shuffle can be cherry picked.

Tomorrow the lumberman’s museum in Patten Maine is an option.

Doing a loop over to Rt 11 and around the Crown of Maine. As we trek up through the Allagash, I take a couple photos and put up a real estate sign in Oxbow heading for Ashland. To hang a right and roll into the base parking area of Haystack Mountain.

Small Maine Town Living, Getting Along.

Simple Child Like Curiosity, Respect For The Fragile In All Relationships.

Ah, but a little thing the farmers in Maine during planting, harvest especially know all about too well.

The weather in Maine, could put a giant monkey wrench in the gears, the works.

So hang loose, take it easy in Maine.

Make sure you bring the kids to get them started on the Maine traditions. To pass on to their little ones.

Have a back up plan to drain some of the energy of youth. To exercise with major scenery and plenty of fresh clean air with some photo opts.

We’ll be sure to share, post Maine images of whatever we end up doing. Don’t we always leave a trail of Maine blog post ramblings and supporting photos?

Eye candy porn dropped online like trail breadcrumbs. To attract you to Maine, the way life should be.

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Using Maine Stones, Granite, Solid Rock In Building Anything To Last.

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Maine has fertile rolling farm fields, lots of deep, vast forest sections.

The Maine land ideal for raising critters, growing crops to feed the population. The woods to heat and build a home with in Maine. But besides the rich soil to produce sustenance, the timber, rocks are part of the landscape in Maine.

Maine Lake Fall Colors Underway.

See What You Are Missing In Maine? Sample ME. Beware Of Lake Rocks If Boating.

Some places in Maine more than ever you notice the rock outcroppings.

The craggy rock bound coastline is one popular tourist venue.  You see the rocks, the table land heading to the peak of Mount “K” too. Where only the hardiest vegetation can survive.

The blueberry barrons of Downeast is another spot hot with rock. Bald spots poking up and out of the ground with acidic soil. A sour PH. Those rocks that limit the use of the Maine land. Just like farming headlands that stick up and make planting, cultivation and harvest impossible.

But all those rocks that head to the surface on Maine land.

Needing to be picked and removed. Escorted to rock piles that form in the woods or used as fill in low sections of roadways. Or to create pretty obvious boundaries for properties in Maine. Nothing like a long rock wall to make where the line between the real estate pretty Helen Keller obvious.

For farming machinery to operate without being jammed or damaged. The rocks have to find a new home. Be escorted one by one to another area to sit and wait. For someone to retrieve and reuse them. That is where I am this morning as I eye a large outdoor brick fireplace.

Maine Is Outdoors, Using Only Natural Ingredients.

Maine Living, All Natural. Rock Solid Simple. Not Used To Judge, Stone.

The fireplace structure pieced together with mortar and rows of masonry bricks back in 1975.

But like most things in life, wearing out. The weather winning the battle of water tight and straight as an arrow. Now become sagging, missing pieces that keep the structural integrity sound and solid. The decline is increasing and it has been time to do something positive.

I don’t want to replace the outdoor fireplace with another one of brick though.

Avoiding all the mortar that if not sealed and maintained, will in time dry out, fall and flake again. So making a fireplace that is going to see out my time on Earth and without a big expense is the mission.

Parting with three thousands dollars to carbon copy what is there is not going to happen. Too many other projects when you own a set of farm buildings in Maine needing the financial lubrication, attention.

A local land owner had four pieces of property that he wanted to know the value of and the payment for services.

Granite curbing, pieces of the wonderful building material. That will get a new purpose in life the barter for payment. Help yourself time. To recreate a use. Beyond what the granite slabs spent the majority of it’s life since sliced and slid into the ground along a roadway to define it.

Or used in an old time cellar Maine house foundation before concrete forms and pouring walls became the standard building practice. Granite and the right hand picked stones to create an outdoor fire pit for cooking, for entertainment.

Rock Solid Maine Is Special.

Simple, Stunning, Real, All Natural. Maine.

To create the crackling sound, dancing flames and release of all those positive ions on a hot summer night on a Maine lake.

So now how to put together using the shapes of granite I have to work with make it like solving a puzzle. A little Tetris, part geometry, some spacial relations exercise in the gray matter.

All toyed with carefully before moving the very heavy pieces into place.

So L3 and L4 don’t suffer too much from the try this, how about that arrangement combinations. More involved them just trying a couch or bed on the opposite wall to see how that feels for the room flow.

Inspiration from Pinterest helps the stone work granite fireplace discovery.

The Internet is an amazing source of how others in the same quandry use the quarry stone to create outdoor fireplaces. So much of what is online concentrates on inside swanky creations. Where all I am after is something that creates a chimney draw to whisk the smoke away to not sting the eyes of the circle of chairs surrounding it this summer.

Vacationing Out Of Maine Makes You Realize How Young A State We Are.

Building With Stone, Masonry, Granite, Marble To Last. Maine Has Lots Of Rock As Far As The Eye Can See!

To shelter the blaze and provide for grates to slide into place. To cook not just enjoy the radiance of heat from and light from the wood burning on the end of a stone patio setting.

Making something lasting from the most basic, natural materials is Maine ingenuity using what you have to work with today.

Rocks are plentiful in Maine on edges of farm fields, gravel pits and offer a work out to put into place, a new service.

Adding order and new purpose to anyone with a way to transport them. And the patience to one by one put them into place and enjoy for years to come.

If you have been there, done that with rock’s send me a ping.

Love to hear about the success and what you would have done differently if given the chance again to work with rocks. Stay tuned for finished product images once I get it figured out and set up.

New inspiration for the stone project fireplace from an ad in the Bangor Deadly this morning.  I may have to take a trip to Calais where pink granite is plentiful and practically free for the asking. But the weight transporting I found out building a front set of steps at my family home was pretty heavy.

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