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The Beauty Of Maine, Space Is A Big Part Of The Magic.

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What is the attraction to a big place like Maine?

Space, lots of it. Not worrying about interfering with any other person’s privacy, happiness, their personal life enjoyment. And likewise, no other of our fellow man or woman bumping into our bubble.

And it snow balls from there. More space, less or no people in an underpopulated rural state like Maine means the local water resources and the land turf is not over used and abused.

Maine Wildflowers, Where Mother Nature Does The Natural Arrangements.

It Is The Prettiest Weed I Can Think Of… Lupines.

Like a home where no one is around to clutter it up, there is not so much housekeeping to perform to pick up after yourself, someone else.

And the folks that return to Maine for the solitude have a respect. Developed like the die hard locals. To carry in, pick it up and tread lightly. Leave everything like you found it or in better shape if possible as you become a vigilant, good steward.

And when you have a lot of people to herd like an urban area does, there are layers of players.

Plenty of thickly stacked permits, regulations to apply and slow everything to an expensive crawl. To corral and keep everyone in line with lots of rules.

Maine Lupine Wildflowers

Clusters Of Lupine, Sometimes They Are More Spaced And Scattered.

Plenty of crowd control applications and lots of little bureaucratic kingdoms to arm wrestle with in the hurry up and take a number, have a seat. To maneuver around to get even the smallest of  stuff accomplished in an overbooked life.

In small rural Maine traffic is gone. Replaced with outdoor beauty, scenery, wildlife, wooded sections, waterways, open space. We use the land, create wealth from the dirt in so many versions of farming.

Delays getting cross town to appointments, return to the hardware store for the right wicket, to pick up bread and milk… all the errands are quick, simple, no road rage elevating the temperature under the driver’s collar.

Crime stats peg us at the fourth lowest for breaking the law.

Eye contact made, manners displayed with an extra helping of consideration. There is a small town, intimate connection in Maine communities. A tight wrapped we’re all in this together and aren’t we all lucky to live here the way life should be.

Maine Outdoor Living.

Day Is Done In Maine. Fresh Rain, Sunset Sunshine Combine.

Is it like that where you are now? Do cars get stolen, windows broken to steal the contents? Maine keys in rural areas never leave the ignition, house doors left unlocked too. Because we are far enough away and folks are taught as little grasshoppers to respect other people’s feelings, their personal property too.

Lower cost house and car insurance because the price tag for both types of coverage is lower. Because the real estate prices are closer to the ground.

Like I said, it snowballs. The extras that combine from the long list of what we don’t have that you don’t want but have to grin and bear it, just accept with a bite the bullet by choosing to live in the city.

Combined it all with the natural beauty a place like four seasons Maine is famous for and that word is getting out about thanks to people buzzing on the Internet.

Have you been on the fence about living in a place like Maine?

Or at least investing in a piece of it for the R and R we all need to unplug, recharge? Thank you for following our Me In Maine blog posts and eyeballing the imagery that the copy wraps around as we hunt and peck about the place we all love so much. Maine, it may just be what has been missing in your life.

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Getting Away From Store Bought, Turning Toward Home Grown In Maine.

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The term home grown extends way way beyond just where the food comes from that you serve up, put down on the family table.

What you cultivate on the local level is a known product though and takes away the mystery of where did this stuff come from anyway?

Maine Small Town Living, Enjoying The Simple Lake Life.

A Maine Lake For A Neighbor. Yeah, Do That.

But the attitude of doing things local, everything local has to happen in a small Maine town.

Because if spending was not done locally, instead outside the economy of the small Maine community, it would cease to exist. Or the day to day quality of life would suffer.

Because the flow of money to feed all in the small Maine town would be cut off and stranded. The population would drop off as the census number of residents bleeds out. Did a blog post on the importance of using local resources in our real estate job.

In small towns you become protective, strive to preserve what is special where you are lucky enough to live on the map in Maine.

Maine Simple Living Blog Posts.

What’s Cooking Inside, Outside When You Live In Maine? Plenty!

In a city, it might not even be considered so important whether you bought the car locally or out of town, out of state. As long as you got the best deal. Or thought you did.

Part of the roaming online to shop is motivated by the almighty dollar. But the habit of leaving a small Maine town to buy a product or service is one sure way to harm the local economy. There is something to volume that a larger market provides to whittle away on the price tag that tells you how deep to reach to cough it up. Open wide and say “ahhhhh”. But do you even need it comes into play. Better impulse control for the spending in small Maine towns happens.

The what is important if you live in a city and comparing that list with the one held in a small Maine town is so different.

Your happiness, your survival, your emotional and financially condition is fed differently. On a small Maine farm, you can get excited about your chickens that put themselves to bed. Are pretty low maintenance but are being eyed by a fox that sees them as individual fresh, never frozen chicken dinners.

You the homesteader building a farmstead in Maine likes the manure they create as they hunt and peck around the barn yard. Adding soil amendments and rich nutrients to the landscape you scrape, rock pick, cultivate and hoe to hopefully harvest something bountiful. To feed yourself, to sell to others what you don’t need.

Maine Gardens

Maine Garden Bounty, Creating Wealth From The Fertile Soil, Farm Dirt.

In a city you are 10 and 2 in grid lock and hot under the collar when traffic on the expressway slows to a crawl.

Or to nothing at all as a wrecker is called, a meat wagon or hearse to clean up the next accident you come up on as you take the long journey home. In a city, you get excited about an open parking space, or owning a coveted one for $30,000. Purchased to be able to leave your car close to where you live.

In a small Maine town, help yourself. Parking is free, everywhere. Less people, less problems is a big part of it. When you boil it all down. You don’t worry about crime in the 4th lowest state for it either.

The ride to and fro to work in a city. Seems long, time consuming. That in reality is just a few miles but with an obstacle course of congestion to contend with every day. In the small rural Maine community, what is traffic? There is no need to remove the keys from the ignition, to lock up the doors or be concerned about someone heisting, boosting your ride either.

Maine Small Town Living.

See The Light, Love The Surroundings, The Locals In Maine Small Towns.

You work the local community events and help put together the behind the scenes parts of the production whatever it is.

From a community supper for a cancer survivor and their family to help out.

Or to pitch in and build a play ground, something else needed in the small Maine town. Rising to the occasion because everyone else who lives in the small Maine burg does too.

It feels good, was taught as a knee jerk reaction to see a need by parents, grandparents. Volunteer for others. It is a way of life that seems down home to a Mainer, like a fish out of water to someone that at first glance thinks hokey, unrewarding or a waste of time. Try it, you might like it city mouse. There is life beyond the pushing through crowds, trying desperately not to make eye contact and mostly looking down to seem nondescript.

Eastport Maine Fisherman

Fishing For Something Missing? Maine. Find It Here.

The outdoor living, fresh air, clean water and space is what energizes in small Maine town living. In a city, space is found at one park. That’s all she wrote unless you can get out of the city. And get to a place like Maine, the way life should be. As often as you can.

Have you been away a tad too long or are you just new to these parts? Come see what you are missing in Maine, the way life should be. Still in.

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Photos Of Maine

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The safety off your still camera or video device and you find yourself in Maine.

Lots of eye candy to collect. To take back home out of state where what you snap and capture in Maine is 180 degree not the case where all those people spoil the surroundings.

Boy With The Leaky Boot

If The Boot Was From LL Bean, It Would Be Replaced Free, Not Be Leaking Right?

The Maine lake surface like a polished bottle, smooth and glassy. Because no one has criss-crossed it at a high speed to cause the ripples and waves.

Or maybe the wind is on a break. Stepped away from whipping it up and making it choppy, salt and peppered with white caps to keep it interesting.

As Maine loons, ducks bob, drop, go sideways as they fish for dinner. The handicap on the meal score card number increases.

Then light rain falling slowly like the old coffee commercial with the “Dee dee Dee dee DEE dunt” with the percolation picking up pace. Making small circle ker plunks sending out bigger waves around them.

The top types of images of Maine you see folks post?

Gotta have a Maine moose, a lighthouse or two and someone grinning wearing a plastic bib and using the pry tools on a bright red steamed Maine lobster.

maine lobsters photo

Fresher Lobster Than This? Only What’s Still Underwater, Swimming Along The Maine Ocean Floor.

Or bucket full of steamed clams, boiled corn on the cop. A tall micro brew or adult grape juice to wash it all down.

Maine Ice Hammock On Lake

Ice Ice Baby. Maine Has Four Seasons. Yes, Winter Is One. Bit Nippy Today Would You Say? No Need For Sunscreen Or Black Fly Repellent.

As you watch tall ships, schooners on an open deck or glazing over a sandy beach, rocky shoreline before you as you feed the pie hole.

Blueberry fields, potato picking, farmer’s markets.

Snow that is as white as a person has ever witnessed blanketing anything left outdoors to its own defenses. Water in the Maine photos is a common theme.

Sunrises, sunsets, fisherman with their worms tucked inside a well packed tackle box. A thermos of coffee fixed just the way the guy with one hand on the twist grip tiller likes it.

Maine Winter Weather.

Maine Winter Weather, Snow Makes Maine Extra Special, More Personal. Not A Slew Of Tourists Hanging Around The Photo Ops.

As he prepares to get the jump on the rest of the World. His mosquito like sounding outboard motor whining and buzzing in a drone by your lake camp as darkness punches out. Daylight enters to set up shop.

maine farm animals

Animals, People Of Maine Get Along Just Fine. Because It’s Not Crowded. We Need Each Other.

Birds, bees, butterflies and lupine flowers in the growing collection of whoever holds steady the brownie hawkeye. For the Kodak moment because time goes by.

Everyone now toting a cell phone, a tablet device and not just something with a long telephoto or wide angle camera lens hanging on a strap.

Drones lifting off, taking it to another level for a more adventurous new interesting angle on the approach to the photos or video frame with natural sound loops of Maine.

Maine Sunset On A Lake

Get To Maine. You Have No Idea What You Are Missing Staying Away.

So your collection of photos from Maine. Do they feature hikers, bikers, state parks and mountains to ascend or ski down swish swish fashion? Do they feature the rugged coastline, the folks weathered by age but dripping with wisdom if you take the time to shoot the breeze?

maine winter snow photo

Maine Is Real, Peaceful, Not Crowded.

Maybe you are not truly happy unless you smell like a Maine hand peeled log cabin fire?

Or can close your eyes, lean back and hear, smell grilling onions, baked beans or home made bread.

Vinegar splashed on your self picked, hand cleaned lightly buttered fiddlehead greens.

Pies lined up and cooling on a rack in a summer kitchen wainscoted and painted yellow or green or colors no one picks in new construction.

Running the camel hair brush that is under 30 mining for just the right hue, tint from the Sherwin Williams tall skinny display of paint chips.

Gardens, Flowers In Maine

Maine, All Four Seasons We Spend Most Of Our Time Outside. It’s All Natural, Simpler Living.

Maine is still like the Cracker Jack box prizes that were really neat, not duplicated and parked in a sturdy foil wrapped box not flimsy bag.

What people using wheels, wings, cruise boats come to see.

Maine Sunset On Lake

Day Is Done, Cue The Stars, Crickets, Mister Moon.

The designs of the Maine farm barns, the rolling fields, hand stacked rock walls, the thick woods and long vistas of Maine.

Are those in the ingredient mix of your photo recipe what’s cooking, being served up as the apple of your eye when you think Vacationland, the Pine Tree State?

What do you want to spy with your little eye?

The lifestyle of simple living in Maine marches to a less complicated drum beat song.

Your image array, the photostream on your SD card, hard drive or beer bottle brown acetate negatives must have a little of this and that right?

Maine Farm Stand Markets

Maine Farm Fresh Veggies, Fruits, Produce. Nothing Sweeter, Healthier Than Close To Home Food.

Get to Maine. Don’t keep her waiting. Shoot the photos to share with folks less fortunate who did not make the trip. Yet.

What could possibly be so important, distracting on your end of the pike to keep you from carving out time for a Vacation in Maine?

Low cost camping trips don’t make your mortgage your soul or have to sell a duplicate organ on Ebay to finance right?

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Maine, Hum A Few Bars And The Words Will Come To You Loud And Clear.

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The wide open land called Maine.

When the surroundings are all natural, less of what man makes gets in the way. You can think clearly, see the pathway that is best for your greatest happiness, your contribution to give back.

And it does not take a pocket full of plastic, a handful of dollars to spend time here in the blue, green, other colors of Maine.

Camping, your number one way to experience Maine without costing a duplicate organ to sample her. Grilling on a fire, sleeping under the stars, hiking for the fun of it to limber up and crank your inner awareness.

Maine Lake Loons.

Drift, Glide, Pop Up And Down Fishing. Maine Loons Dressed In A Black And White Tuexdo.

Joy is built from the inside out and contentment starts with space. Maine has lots of space.

The better places are the further up the pike in all direction you push forward into Maine.

Maine is down home simple, home grown real and tasty.

And talk about waterfront options.

Lakes, ocean front, ponds, streams, brooks, rivers in Maine.

Who left the water running? Hello.

Maine has so much of it and no one around to sample the sight and sound of the rushing, gurgling, bubbling clean water to combine with the fresh air. And just you often to experience it all by your lonesome.

Maine Hiking Haystack Mountain.

Maine, Get High. Lots Of Chances To Rise Above The Static.

Well, you do feel sets of black eyes peering out from behind the mixed woods, down low in the lush vegetation.

You always have wildlife close by because you are lucky enough to be in their home sweet home tramping circles.

Is it like that where you live now and do time chasing the dollar?

Have you been dreaming about waking up in Maine for too long now?

Maine Fall Foliage Colors.

Maine Is Rich Colors, Simple Pleasures, Natural Beauty.

Make up the words along the way.

It’s okay to be a little off key in Maine.

Not know the words by heart. Few people if any within earshot to critique.

She let’s you be yourself, to find yourself if someone has been lost.

Or just too busy to work on you.

We all need self improvement, to add to what we collect along the way right? Had anything rip you open and help with the self discovery lately?

Maine Sea Plane, Pontoons On Lake Aircraft.

Touch Down On A Maine Lake.

We don’t take ourselves so serious in Maine. No one out to impress, make anyone envious.

No script, no following the herd, just doing what comes naturally to you.

Like dancing, kissing, eating Maine lobster, riding a bike. There is no one way to do it best and you never forget how once you give it a whirl.

Mt Katahdin Baxter Park

White Capped, Snowy Much Of The Year, Mt Katahdin At Baxter Park

So don’t let low funds for the travel fun deter you from heading North to Maine.

And don’t just circle long weekends, vacation stretches that only fall in the summer part of the calendar either.

Open up the door, step outside in Maine. We spend all the seasons outside four walls, a roof, floor. You can take a lifetime getting to know her.

Start the journey, share what you have learned and thank you for following our Maine simple living blog posts.

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Opening Up The Maine Lake Camp, Cottage, Summer Home.

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The place in Maine on the water, whether it is a river camp, a woods cabin on a stream or a lake vacation home.

Opening it up is a tradition. Sometimes a production. One that reminds the owner of the others in the family before them that did the same routine. Or that this is too much work for one person to shoulder the burden. That sometimes seems to be like batting clean up long after the game ended.

maine lake sunset photo

What Happens Under The Sun Another Day In Maine. It Depends On You. Being Here In Vacationland.

To pick up after other far traveling family members who are not so tidy. And steal the joy of using the place that has a job jar before that can be accomplished in the too little time, so much to do.

The opening up of a Maine vacation retreat. Sometimes in the spring or often times in the fall for hunting, leaf peeking. Maybe for winter ice fishing, snow sledding only. But no matter what the season, places on the water in Maine are a sacred investment. Sometimes on leased land in the middle of no where in places “T” this, “R” that.

Many waterfront properties in Maine just idle, waiting, sitting.

Some folks collect second, third and more homes that they don’t get to enjoy but hope to someday. Paying the property tax bills but not darkening their doorways. With no dock out, no boat parked on either side of it.

Time carved out of a busy schedule to make sure the place on the water is enjoyed is a healthy habit. As life ticks by whether you do or don’t.

Big meals, cribbage games, outdoor horseshoe competitions, time napping on a porch swing or dooryard hammock. Family discussions, talking about the fish that got away. The wildlife that sauntered by while enjoying hot coffee or a cold adult beverage.

Maine Waterfront Boats

Wave, Be Friendly, Everyone Is In Maine.

Take your pick, select your poison for fire water. While cooking your food outdoors with a sizzle happens. As kayaks ply the like a bottle smooth, polished lake surfaces.

Or as rain peppers the metal roof that may leak or not depending this opening day season. On what that blow down tree did that let loose over, struck the structure sometime over the winter months.

At least it produces some firewood in the clean up. When processed and cut up in bite size pieces for the parlor stove or end heater.

Everything reduced down to turning up the volume on the greater awareness of what is truly important in life.

You can hear yourself think in Maine. So much of the layers of living in a city are reduced one by one the more reflectorized mile markers that click off on the way up the I-95 pike. When you point whatever you drive north.

And often what is found is missing where the property owner spends most of their time chasing the dollar the bulk of the year. It all shows up right on time. Traveling the many miles that separate the two of you. Many moons distant, down the road from the state of Maine where the property owner chases the dollar where all the people collect.

Maine Lake Snapping Turtles

Come Up For Air To Spy On Lake Campers With Bread Morsels.

The smell of the familiar place on the Maine waterfront is the most powerful.

The sense of smell the oldest of the senses a person uses to navigate in life. Follow your nose like Toucan Sam.

A mixture of damp, moist wood, earth underneath the settling camp structure. Lack of heat and a proper foundation makes a place shift, settle.

The dust, collection of house flies and any other rodent who used the place as the winter home all add to the what you find, what you notice in the beak. Moth balls to protect clothes, wool blankets might be noticed too as you unlock and enter the place in Maine on the waterfront.

The quick throw everything mad dash. From lawn chairs to lawn mowers inside on the screened or glass porch if lucky enough to have one. Underneath a camp if elevated enough or equipped with a hatch door. Maybe into a storage shed for the outdoor toys, cooking and sporting gear.

Or all escorted in to the living area in one big last call type hurry as the bright house lights come on, the music stops. Is what greets you after a long drive north to open up for another six month’s later or more season. Who did this… you did this. Oh yeah.

There is a lot of work involved with a second home in Maine.

Storm damage, regular maintenance, or renter fatigue. Waiting on professionals that don’t want to really fiddle with the little pain in the neck jobs that are piddly. Don’t pay a lot.

Maine Ducks On Lake Photo

Maine. We Stick Together, Like Momma Duck, The Kids In Tow.

Not so much on the to do list, the depth and width of the job jar with a simple woods or Maine lake place that has just bare bone comforts though. When it is not a two or more star lodging.

Maybe that still uses an outhouse and the bath on Saturday night is a ritual out front carrying a bar of Ivory soap, with a towel on shore to dry off after the dip that refreshes. Helps you sleep on a hot summer night at a Maine lake, waterfront place.

Where crickets, loons, honking Canadian geese provide the back ground music that Maine is famous for if you are lucky enough to be parked next to the waterfront.

Do you vacation in Maine on the water?

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Who Used To Live In The Maine Home, On The Farm Or At The Lake Camp.

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They say a house is not a Maine home until you add some people.

The sound of kids laughing, a parent working industriously on a project or tending the farmstead complete with a full array of critters. The grandmother shelling new picked garden peas on the front porch with a grandchild. Where volumes of wisdom are being exchanged with every installment of family time.

Slow Down, Watch Out.

Like Maine Moose, Pop Ups, Spam, Cookies Hard To Miss On The Internet Highway Surfing.

Today as you cruise the neighborhoods of your city or town, take country road rides do you recall who used to live in this or that place?

Or recall when there are a grand set of buildings on that now vacant land? Or see several houses where not so long ago there were none?

In small Maine towns where population is never too large and just holding our own to keep from losing our youth to the urban magnet is the tug of war. We don’t worry about sprawl, not restricted by HOA’s that enforce long lists of do’s and don’ts on top of what city planners and local zoning boards demand.

And the fond thoughts of who used to live in that green two bedroom ranch never fades completely to black.

Stays a little shade of gray and visible.

Want A Graham Cracker? 1958 Photo From Ralph And Marjorie Black's Houlton Maine Lawn.

Happy To Be A Kid In Houlton Maine. I Was. Say, Want A Graham Cracker?

In drive bys or daily walks around the familiar haunts memory lane happens. Where I remember the Houlton Maine owners who took so much pride in the place they built together. No kids air dropped, brought in by the stork for them.

But the garden alive behind the home on the hill that sloped to the south, the rear of a very deep lot.

Towered over by one very large pine with roots just under the grass and above in many places.

That as a little kid peddling into town from the country added to the labor with the weekly lawn mowing and grass trimming. This is me to the left before the lawn mowing merit badge was earned on Franklin Avenue.

Ralph the accountant at Fogg’s Hardware store sporting a crew cut and a fan of dulse touted by some as better than spinach or broccoli for nutritional horsepower.

He popped, sucked on those pink peppermints you can only seem to find over home too. Maybe to counteract the salty seaweed he munched on.

Maine Simple Living, Knowing Where The Value Is Day To Day.

What Makes A Rich, Personal Life Is Not Bought, It Is Shared. Values, Beliefs, Traditions Big In A Small Maine Town.

He and his wife Marjorie who worked at the Cary Library . Hailing from the bordering town of Woodstock New Brunswick  and fully naturalized. Duly sworn in with the right hand up as one of Uncle Sam’s successful transplants that never lost the love of Oh Canada.

Ralph like a car with a cylinder miss would sputter. On his knees pulling weeds, planting seeds. A World War I veteran fighting for the Canadian side in England and catching pieces of shrapnel in his back that somehow affected his lungs, his breath in, breath out.

Just a raspy, wheezy cough that if you did not know him you would ask is that just a nervous habit? No it is something that explained the purple heart medal and others he hid. Probably in his underwear drawer where with quiet respect and dignity the topic of why the cough was not discussed. Put out of his mind and kept behind him. In the cloud of mustard gas that went along with the ricochet of lead and steel.

Sit Back, Take It All In. Maine.

Outdoors, No Office Desks, No Deadlines. Your Outdoor Therapy.

Ralph had a tan colored 1964 Corvair, the rear engine Chevy that Ralph Nadar helped escort get off the road. Into the breakdown lane for roadside assistance. More than a call to triple “A”. Ralph traded up to a 1966 Pontiac Tempest.

No rug on the floor, vinyl like the stripped down police cruisers. For easier to clean mishaps when drunks pulled over, yanked into the car for a little questioning about how much have you had to drink.

Ralph’s pride and joy. Just a six cylinder power plant of gerbils upfront.

Kept washed, waxed and glass sparkling to show room perfection standards. The car always looked like it had just rolled off the Motor City assembly line. I think it had red line tires but that could be wishful thinking.

The tempest could have been a super candidate for the real thing, a GTO clone. With some heavy modifications under the hood, suspension, transmission. Beyond replacing the Tempest with “Goat” designations, insignias.

Sliding in a close ratio four speed, bolting in a different rear end and chain falling slowly into place an aluminum head, 396 cubic inch motor with three two barrel carbs riding on top under the hood scoop. With cut outs giving it plenty of air when the pedal went to the metal.

(Yeah like the 1967 Mustang my older brother Jonathan totaled, bent the frame on in Brewer during college, that I was about to inherit as I got my driver’s license. I wished I had either of the two now … the Springtime Yellow Ford or Ralph’s mint Tempest wearing all tan blended with plain

muscle cars, ponticas gto tempest

Pontiac Tempest, The 1966 GTO Cloneable Classic.

Jane beige lacquer.)

Demand for those big engine muscle cars hand crafted in Detroit died off a tad as the males who bought them were drafted one by one and sent to Vietnam for some R and R.

Had blogged a ways back about a Plum Crazy Purple Challenger about that time of the height of the conflict halfway around the globe.

So today when I walk or drive by Ralph and Marjorie Black’s first home  where for three years of my life we were neighbors, there is nostalgia.

Remembering pushing the turquoise Ex-Cell-O brand reel push mower, the yellow hand powered or “silent” rear trimmer and grasping grass clippers, I can see the leopard pattern banana bike seat, am reaching forward for the high rise handlebars and enjoying being a kid in a small Maine town.

1967 Ford Mustage

1967 Ford Mustang, Wearing, Sporting Springtime Yellow Paint, Wire Wheels.

To roll up into Market Square and see other kids I knew from school as I pumped my legs to get to the destination of 5 Franklin Avenue, Houlton Maine.

With the trust of parents, who let me pedal into town to earn my five dollars and a can of Mountain Dew or White Rock Cream or Black Cherry soda as the reward for the toil and sweat of the weekly obligation. In my home town of Houlton Maine.

The same tonic that hit the spot in the dusty potato fields that would capture every kid’s attention come fall harvest in Aroostook County. We learned work ethic as kids.

Can’t help but notice the changes with the home, that whoever is mowing the lawn now does not have Ralph or Marjorie watching closely to remind you skip a strip. Or that cedar needs a little of the shaggy growth under it given some love and attention. Or the garage door is left up round the clock so you can see the black Cel-o-tex sheathing where Ralph had a place for everything and order ruled the day.

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The No Trespassing Signs, When You Feel The Need To Post.

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You are brand new to Maine and after the real estate property closing winds down, everyone gets up.

To shake hands, wish all well as everyone reaches for their hat and coat. If the buyer of Maine real estate asks where is the nearest hardware store?

No Trespassing Signs in Maine

Think Twice, Think Fast. Survivors Will Be Prosecuted.


Oh, I hope it is for mailbox, some lumber, supplies and not a no trespassing sign. To post around the property and to establish the keep out.

Along with the rip up of snow sled trail markets and stakes. Creating a fortress to defend with the orange, black or yellow, red and black or white lettered signs to say this is serious. Keep out, not to trespass. And have a nice day you hear?

For starters using another’s property is a privilege not a right. One rotten apple or two can spoil the fun for all.

More on posting private property in Maine.

I have a snow sled trail across a Maine farm I own and have not had trouble with folks staying on marked trails. No issue with garbage or snack wrappers, barley pop cans scattered around the trails.

Have been asked by one out of stater from New Jersey why I would allow that use? Ah, I am a sled head, like to ride over hill and dale with my own machine. And round and round in circles on your own land in Maine can get boring. Okay for small kids that you want to keep close. But there comes a time to venture out and leave the farm!

Posting Private Maine Land

Posting Private Maine Land. Making A Strong Statement.

When you live in an area of 11 people per square mile in Northern Maine, worry about keeping folks out is not so strong a voice in your head.

But if you live in a place populated with a 1000 people per square mile it is a given, the norm.

It is a matter of perspective for city and country mouse on how they look at posting private property or not on Maine land. When ownership changes, attitudes do too!

To see chain link fences, angry signs to keep out or else off with your head happens. Maybe something about survivors will be dealt with harshly and to the maximum of protections offered by the law statutes. It becomes the lay of the land, how the use of the landscape is defined as the new owner. Along with the erosion of societal norms and loss of respect for others and their property.

Everything is private property and this land is your land, this land is my land. And never the two shall meet. With surveys being done where rock walls always defined the boundaries. And property line squabbles where there never were any before the survey done because they always are on the postage stamp lots on the other side of the river from the green bridge entering Southern Maine.

Posting Private Maine Land

Run Forest. Run Fast. The Slow Ones Catch Lead.

Have heard from one local farmer in Maine concerned about disease being brought in by a four wheeler from one neighboring field to his operation.

Blight is no fun to share for the one on the receiving end that has 3000 dollars tied up in each acre of farm land. Along with personal liability laws in this age of lawsuits.

Birds fly over all the land and can transmit from one to the other from the Maine land they touch down and lift off from.

The wind can blow in nasty things too. Company happens and good luck keeping it out.

Bees, butterflies and humming birds can help pollenate and mingle from piece to piece too. These guys are pretty social and industrious at the same time. Flitting from land tract to property acreage without concern about the name on the title to the real estate.

Some folks don’t mind you taking a nature walk on their Maine land, shooting images of game for the eye candy. Not to end up in the freezer to draw from to star in the supper table dinner and a movie. More on hunting and trapping in Maine.

The old timer who for the last forty years has hunted for game birds or picked fiddle heads along the river or stream bank. May not think of asking the new property owner if the tradition can continue. But because his dad, grandfather before him did the same around the seasons, he just preserves the tradition. And could own a big chunk of land in Maine that he shares the same way.

maine farm calf cow

What’s Brown And White And Surrounded By Green? You See Lots Of These Among Maine Farmsteads.

Until someone dumps garbage, old white goods or a dead couch on his Maine land. And when one piece goes off the stomping grounds inventory, it leads to other horns being pulled in. And the defense of property from someone who abused it starts up.

Gates with locks, the signs that say anything but welcome to Maine.

So I have seen the signs go up, the game camera’s installed and then come down.

Because not needed. The Maine farmer down the way pointing out the ugliness. When summons to weld something broken or could he bush hog or hay a field. Or please hook on with the long chain to pull the new Maine land owner out of the ditch or bottomless mud in a swampy section.

In a nice way, the conversation starts with “Young fella, those signs, say keep out but you want to go everywhere you please onto land of others. And now need a helping hand which I am happy to oblige. But still have to get something off my chest. Those no trespassing signs are ugly, rude, even though protective if someone did get hurt and wanted to sue. We don’t sue for a living, we work for one in Maine.”

The best advice is ask before you tramp on someone else’s Maine land. And extend the same courtesy in return on your Maine land.

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Fishing In Maine, How To Find The Secret Spots To Wet The Line.

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Gone fishing, in Maine. Could mean using a Jiffy ice auger to open up a Maine lake.

Or wearing waders, casting a line in a brook while toking on a cigar you don’t smoke for the buzz. But for the smoke to keep pesky black flies at bay when they are flying squadrons of sorties around your head.

Not Stuck Inside, Moving Around Outside In Maine.

Outside, Moving, Catching A Ride To Maine Fishing Adventure.

Maybe fishing in Maine spikes a slide that splashes on the back of the inside of your head.

Of you, loved ones, rocking and a reelin’ in something big off the coast of Maine. Or lucky enough to find yourself working as a third hand on a Maine lobster boat.

Where the denizen of the deep is going to steamed, slid on to your plate at meal time that evening when you get back on dry land.

Regardless of the type of fishing in Maine you like best, you need some guidance.

The locals all know from experience. You are brand new and have a blank etch – o -sketch. Need someone to coax and nudge you in the right direction.

Maine Deer, Moose, Wildlife.

Your Neighbors Four Legged, Furry, Curious, Shy. Watch You Fish.

So you don’t waste time you don’t have because it is a short, limited vacation in Maine.

Hear that clock ticking loudly, the hour glass sands shifting from the top to the bottom? The leisure time in Maine passes too quickly for sure.

Don’t be a Johnny One Time. Keep coming back for more.

Bud Adams, a local fish-o-holic had the addiction bad.

Not just hunting it down to eat it on Fridays like some folks still do. Round the clock, every season possible to fish for supper. He is fishing in the great beyond now but when he shuffled his feet here on planet Earth, he ran a radiator repair shop.

His motto? A question.

“Where’s the best place to take a leak in Houlton Maine?”

Why Adams Radiator of course silly.

Maine Lake Fun May Involve A Boat.

Maine. You Ready To Get Wet?

But with his bald as a bowling ball head would grin and start the fishing tutorial with a simple statement. If you are serious about your angling, you have to think like a fish.

What time of day would you be where in the Maine lake?

What rock looks like a good place for treading water and snoozing away from prey or a colorful fishing lure that was too tempting?

Brookies, fishing for brook trout in Maine. Open fishing with your passed down fly rod or the new one that costs way way more than two and a quarter brooks of green stamps.

If that is your weapon of choice, you might try casting in Dead Stream in Monticello Maine if you find yourself in Aroostook County. Trolling for land lock salmon in East Grand Lake sounds like a stellar notion too.

Maine Small Town Living, Walk Around Freely.

Not Telling Where He Caught The Maine Fish. Actually His Brother Snag It On Nickerson Lake, But Let Wally Have Bragging Rights in A Photo Opt!

Sometimes the water levels are so so high from spring run off, the melting of snow from Old Man winter.

And it makes the kayaks and canoe races get over earlier with lightning fast times. Whether you are a black belt or no belt paddler.

But getting close to the edge of the waterway can be harder when the water levels interfere with the up close and personal.

Here are the dates for open fishing in Maine. Don’t forget to introduce the little ones, or just those who missed getting the fishing bug fever.

There are lots of free fishing dates in Maine to take advantage of if you can clear the schedule.

Some anglers think there are too many regulations and the Maine state fishing regulations are way way too complicated.

But don’t forget, remember that we are dealing with thousands of waters statewide and that each is just a tad different. Like the people, soils, views, everything in Maine. Fishing to protect a natural resource is no exception and yup.

Maine is very touch on being a good steward of what we all know we are so so lucky to have and enjoy.

Getting kids to fishing derbies and to start out with training wheels on heavily stocked Maine ponds. So their arms almost hurt from the casting, catching and do it again. That is what starts the pattern, tradition of heading off to go fishing in Maine.

On the family farm in Maine I grew up on, a soil conservation grant funded pond was used for just that purpose.

To turn kids on to fishing.

To make sure they had strong strikes of constant nibble to pull in and grin. It was a water source for a fire in the country too.

The Inland Fisheries and Wildlife people are just trying to give anglers a variety of quality Maine fishing opportunities while ensuring the resource does not go extinct for our children.

Maine Lobsters, Some Too Big, Or With Notched Tails Have To Return To The Ocean.

Maine Lobsters, One Of The Top Three Word Associations With The State.

The ones that have not appeared on the scene yet or ever baited a hook. Selected the right fishing lure.

Or had a Mickey or Minnie Mouse rod and reel in their small hands.

To feel the thrill of fishing what’s done deep in a Maine waterfront resource with a skilled guide they call Grampie, Papa, Aunt Jane or whatever the nick name of affection.

Check out the Maine lakes survey as one of the guides to selecting your next fishing outing at one of the sixteen counties nearest your location.

And mind your P’s and Q’s. Be friendly, will you? Can you?

Using sugar works better than vinegar for getting a local in a small Maine town to open up.

And maybe the stand back, little reserved atmosphere when someone you meet is a tad cool to you is because some other vehicle driver with a plate the same color as yours has burned some bridges.

Stepped on a few nerves, hurt someone’s feelings when asked curtly, “Hey dummy, where’s the best places to fish in Maine?”

And came off Interstate 95 veering sharply on just two wheels by the time they hit the bottom of the exit off ramp. “Hurry it up, don’t have all day” does not get the results you need for local info on the best fishing holes. If the local will share them to you, anybody. Considered yourself lucky to be in Maine!

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Homesteading In Maine, Been Happening For Years.

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Homesteading in Maine, living off the land with the birds and the bees, all these trees.

Is not something only tie dye wearing folks from out of state did back in the late 1960’s early 1970’s. While an unpopular war raged on.

The image of someone heading north on the highways twisting and turning through Maine in a VW micro bus, a couple thick Mother Earth News or Whole Earth catalogs riding on the dashboard. The mission, a burning desire to get closer to the Canadian border that surrounds Maine on three sides.

"X" Marks The Spot For Crow Hill Linneus ME

“X” Marks The Spot For Crow Hill Linneus ME

No AC cooling the vehicle space but all the windows down and the little triangles up front cranked to catch a breeze. Harness the momentum of the highway travel north up into Vacationland.

Pass me another Moon Pie would you and a tin of pop, an Orange Crush or Fanta to wash it down along with the road dust will you please and thank you?

With Arlo Guthrie, Melanie or Jerry Garcia, someone taking a turn through tinny tiny speakers providing the tuneage. The background sound.

Maybe Canned Head explaining the life and death, do or die need to get out into the country. I’m gonna do just that.

Seeking a place to roost like underpopulated, sparse but heavily wooded rural Maine. Where Maine land is almost in endless supply and priced so so low to the ground.

Getting away to unplug, recharge, breathe. Hear yourself think. To avoid the suffocation of the city that can choke a person, drive them black flies in spring crazy. Suffocation, not to be confused with another long “S” word, a classic RIP Bowie’s Suffragette City.

There were five young men fresh out of school and ready to take on the World. To set it on fire and make a difference, take their bite of the apple. Create a new untraveled path. One lad returned home to New Jersey where the gang all hailed from, roamed the halls, went to high school.  After a stint in California. To round up his personal belongings and head west to the coast or maybe British Columbia. He had a classic case of wanderlust.

maine winter photo

Not As Much Ice On Maine Lakes. Still Ice Shacks, Fishing Through A Hole Underway During A Mild Temperature, Snow Load Too Winter.

While home in Jersey, he hit up his buddies and heard about a land auction going on this weekend in New York.

For 200 acres of land in Linneus Maine.

A place dubbed Crow Hill that was located on the back way to Oakfield on a stretch of Aroostook County back woods. Before wind generators and similar to the Bagdad Highway after some progressive B-52 thorough carpet bombing treatment rained down from up in the clouds.

The land in Maine for sale cost $7500 for 200 acres of property sans buildings.

There was another $500 needed for the freight, to settle up and pay the damage for the esquire.

The lads did not pockets lined with gold. But collectively, if they dug deep, they could each scrounge up their share of the $8000 split five ways Evie Stevie. Stop the auction, put in our bid and they did.

Got themselves a chunk of Northern Maine land bought by joining forces. Doing what the group together but not the individuals could pull off alone.

So suddenly, on a whim life took a turn for the five man band that pointed the loaded to the gills pick up north to cross the big green bridge heading into Maine. Whew, you made it, the way life should be. Maine.

Whole Earth Catalog

(Sang Way Way Off Key) “Whole Earth In Your Hand… You Have The …. “

Destination Linneus Maine, a patch of hilltop woods where “Crow Hill Lodge” was built from scratch.

Just over the valley from Meduxnekeag Lake that makes locals scratch their head that on maps is labeled Drews Lake. Other lakes near by scattered in the other three compass directions around this 200 acres of high top Maine land.

The boys each turn turns with theconstruction tools and together constructed the post and beam barn like structure. I asked one of the original Crow Hill members if any of them were trained to be carpenters.


None a Bob Vila. But they went into a NJ housing development or two, toured a few places, the model homes and the framed early versions. Took pictures, made notes. All she wrote. The whole nine yards. That was their bootstrap training full of ambition, buckets of youthful hope and a lot of wetness still behind their ears.

Crow Hill Lodge, the mansion. Did not happen, go up quickly when money was scarce, knowledge was limited. It took years to take shape. And winters off happened where four of the five went south to look for work. That interruption cooled their jets. After local potato house, woods work took it’s toll on the majority and dulled their enthusiasm as the newness wore off. And familiarity with each other built contempt.

You hunt and pecked for what you could with what there was that was meager jobs in Northern Maine and not so financially rewarding happens in the weekly pay envelope. It is why Maine land is so cheap, has to be teasingly attractive and alluring.

Hard work, time to think, reflect on was this the right move and should I go sideways. in a new direction, usually back south played on the backs of the insides of all five original Crow Hill lodge, mansion creators.

Maine Social Media.

Maine Explained With Social Media Examples.

With pot auger, a bohemian existence underway to survive. Salt and peppered with around the clock frugality.

Bill Bernat stayed behind to tend the home fires and scratch out a living locally high on the hill covered with a blanket of pure white Maine winter snow.

The band eventually disbanded. The music of the rattle and hum excitement soured. In-fighting and the silent treatment both worked together to buzz kill the dream of the Crow Hill Mansion. It had been a long hard haul.

The place left empty for a spell until listed, we sold the big land tract and structure. To a fellow from the same state where the auction for Crow Hill was held back in 1971.

It now being the early 1980’s during a time of 16.5% adjustable interest rates for mortgages. And A Derek Content, his wife Rosa decided to give hill top living a shot.

Derek dealt in rare manuscripts, selling early historical artifacts to colleges, universities and to private collectors. Gems, other collectibles not found at your typical Saturday morning Maine garage sale were bought and sold overseas too. He made a good living but was gone like a merchant marine half the year.

He knew seven languages, was from Holland originally and did not have a driver’s license when he landed in Linneus Maine. Relying easily on NYC mass transit for his moving, shaking, grooving to get from point A to point B. Using silver birds to make a living too. Rosa was from Puerto Rico.

Maine Fall Foliage Colors.

Maine Is Rich Colors, Simple Pleasures, Natural Beauty.

I showed him the Crow Hill “Mansion” real estate using a 1980 Polaris snow sled with Derek on the back holding on. And with my pleadings forcing him to put on a winter wool cap. He was not dressed, not  prepared for the harsh realities of outdoor Maine in winter weather.

The bright orange hat to protect his exposed ears from frost bite on a nippy Northern Maine winter day where you could see your breath. Every time it exhaled.

They created a daughter together named Phillipa. Ended up untying the marital knot with Rosa moving in town, creating a new pad over the now Hollywood Pet Salon on the corner of Main and Mechanic Streets in downtown Houlton Maine. Leaving Linneus Maine in the rear view mirror.

But before the parting of ways lots of money invested.

Plowed into improving the mile long private steadily rising road, finishing off the Crow Hill structure and adding supporting outbuildings to feather the small family’  nest. Their home sweet home.

Maine Is Four Seasons, Always Outdoors.

Being Able To Hear Yourself Think Is Easier In Maine.

Slowly accumulating more Maine land too. To protect and insulate the holdings up here in Northern Maine. That was one of a kind.

Where you entertain yourself, your living room, all the real entertainment is parked outdoors pretty much all four seasons in Maine.

Never being afraid of being different, but more concerned, afraid of being like everyone else.

That’s one story of homesteading, starting an off grid, back to the land property in Northern Maine. Hit us up for lots more where those came from that should be hunt and pecked about in the days ahead.

Thank you for following our Me In Maine blog post stream.

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The Colors Of Maine, Not All Found Just Naturally Outdoors.

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Maine is a lot of blue water, skies and add a zillion shades of green.

A dash of browns and explosions of bright fall foliage colors as the temperature dips preparing all of us in Maine for the approaching winter. But colors, not everyone has white houses with black shutters either.

Maine Stained Glass.

Maine Is Colorful, The People, The Places, The Properties.

Especially as you venture up into the St John River Valley in Northern Maine’s Aroostook County. Where no one is afraid of splashing on the colors and vivid exteriors are common as you ply up and down small Maine town streets where French is the primary language in many neighborhoods.

But the colors, can be stained glass from quality tradesmen’s handiwork designed to last long after the creator has left the Earth. This red with frosted, cut out grape design from Bath Maine. In the front of the home parked next to the Maine Maritime Museum.

The colors of buoys in Maine that mark the lobster pots, fishing nets and traps below the ocean surface have some bright shades too.

Tell a story about a particular region. Tackling a lobster pot that is not yours is akin to cattle rustling. Stealing, poaching is bad business in Maine and does not win you a hearty invite to a baked beans and brown bread supper either.

maine fishing buoys colors

The Sea Of Color, Each Coastal Region Of Maine Uses Different Patterns, Shades To Mark Fishing Territory.

To see when the visibility is poor or pretty much missing. The colors means something special and are not just random whatever paint applied from whatever was lying around the workshop at the time.

And are so important to find your way back to the compass coordinates that spell it all out.

Where those pots, baited lobster traps were dropped into the drink. To attract lobsters to come inside to sample the rotting fish used as bait to razzle dazzle them.

So the lobster traps will be full of the green succulent fish that the World hankers from Maine.

maine lobsters photo

Fresher Lobster Than This? Only What’s Still Underwater, Swimming Along The Maine Ocean Floor.

There are close to 6000 lobstermen in Maine bobbing, working, boating the open sea.

Relying on these colorful buoys to eek out a living from whatever they can harvest from the deep. At the helm of something powered by a diesel motor with a lady’s name plastered on each side of the bow or sideways on the aft.

Out working on the open rolling sea pummeled by wind gusts and hard weather conditions that equal the market price that has to exceed the expenses.

Or oh oh. No more Maine fisherman. Just like no more Maine farmer if the numbers are in the red for too long and going belly up occurs.

Maine Housing Is Impressive.

The House On The River Bank, At The Maine Maritime Museum.

Picking Maine potatoes, working the farm fields inland from the coast makes the colors of the navigation markets and fishing buoys seem foreign.

More on that topic at this helpful link.

Now I am thinking fish dinner, something caught in the wild from Maine!

Now how did that happen?

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