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You’re On A Deserted Island, No Device To Pick Up, Enjoy New Fresh Music.

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If you were marooned on an island that does not even show up on the nautical maps.

No radio. But no stations if you did to tune, pull in signals. Plenty of fresh tropical fruit, cold shaded spring drinking water, warm sea breeze temperatures though. No worries about being unarmed. With no snow shovel, windshield ice scraper either. Nor an extensive wardrobe like being in Maine four seasons creates the need. To cover all the bases, bare skin spaces, places. To protect from the outdoor elements, scrapes, bruises, bumps.

Maine Sea Gull Paddling.

Surrounded By Island Water, Meet Your Neighbors.

As you explore, focus on survival but making the most of the surroundings of blue green water, loaded with exotic wildlife. Scant for inhabitants with human DNA.

Rocks formed, shaped on the beach asking politely but loudly for overhead “HELP”.

Drift wood, dried stalks, blow downs in the forested section of your little island latched onto, hauled, dragged to the smooth open sand. Arranged for a bonfire. To torch, touch off, light up quickly.

Should jet or turboprop engines perform a fly by. To activate to flash point with a precious lighter if a boat is spotted plying the horizon. Should just happen to be spotted meandering, bobbing by.

Knowing you are no where near sea shipping lanes. Rats. Not going to see barges stacked high with containers of bananas in your field of vision.

To do jumping tack hand waves to be noticed in spy glasses. It’s like living on a dead end street in the Bermuda Triangle neighborhood of “no one’s home” Omega Man. Ever. The quiet is deafening, takes getting used to like being in the Maine country. After shell shocked too long. With city noises that never sleep. So it takes months, years to lose the ringing in your ears urban exposure damage causes if you ever do.

But you have music through it all on your little island.

Solar powered, limited hard drive size portable device you treat like porcelain.

Maine Outdoor Natural Beauty

Maine Is Outdoors, Friendly People, Less Crowds, More Beauty.

Like the question posed, pondered with friends by your own bonfire at a summer gathering, what three musical artists if limited to that low number would you pick to survive? Need to keep your marbles intact, operational. Your wits about you to get off this rock speck and back into civilization someday.

Warner Brothers used to have a loss leader album set they would issue to the public. For only two dollars to cover cost of production. And a puny shipping, handling for peanuts fee tacked on to get the thin flat tall package to your house from Burbank California. Have a bunch. Sent in the box tops. Big back in the late 1970′s, early 1980′s where you received in the mail ten to twelve tracts to nibble on, tickle your ears.

Music of brand new, unknown, fresh, green musical artists.

No memories attached. Fresh slate. Where bands, singers who did not show up on radar, virtual unknowns, not burdened with any fame or fortune. Zip for success but talent, promise, potential to soar and connect. Over the radio airwaves. Back when people saved up, debated, bought one album at a time. Studied the jacket art work, memorized the lyric sheet and added the album cherished to a wall shelf meager collection.

Pretty obscure samplers with a wide range of artist genres spotlighted. Using a low budget, shoe string promotional word of mouth approach touched on. Not like MoTown with one R & B Detroit sound theme. Varied big time.

Keep It Simple Living In Maine.

Maine Is More Outdoor Beauty, Less People Problems.

But all had potential and hitching a ride on a vinyl 33 & 1/3rd poo poo platter to spin to win. All hoped and prayed. I would want one of my island alone channels to be this loss leader stream. And for my second wish Genie, throw in some Credence, CCR. Or it’s a toss up between Jim Morrison with the Doors or the Stones to keep me balanced. Vote number three, U2 or Coldplay would be the musical pick from the cutting the cards selection. This is not easy.

If I was stuck in a solitaire spot as just me, myself, I in the wolf pack.

An army of one, killing time in a different venue to make the most of it, I would reach for different musical groups to enhance, tranquilize, tenderize the location or conditions. The new musical stream of performers from the loss leader channel of up and coming Warner Brother artists. Would be the keep me going seasoning. New stuff for the heart, soul, grey matter. To be in the background of new experiences, relationships, seasons of life.

Because life without music would be like losing the ability to see, feel, get lost in color. In a prison of just black, white, shades of gray darkness. Luckily all the grown kids now have the same love of music, need for tunes to expand, maintain their life.

Music, gives you something to believe in.

Keeps your head above water. Up or down your feet from touching the ground. Lets you soar, detach, not ever backed in a corner. Feel like you are outdoors in Maine where rich life happens, is now showing. And we have box seats saved for you, no charge. Except get here. Soon. Don’t stay away so long. Maine… she’s calling your name, tugging on your heart strings. Hear the Maine loons, fog horns, rain on the camp roof, the crackling of a fire you cook on? That’s the Maine I know.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Spring In Maine, We’re Still Shoveling Snow.

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Plenty of snow in Maine, this past winter’s polar vortex brought lots to the party.

Maine Is Outdoors, All Four Seasons.

Maine, Outside, Another Season. Just Dressed Different.

And as spring crocus, daffodils, hyacinths get the nod “you’re on, up and at ‘em”, green red and other color canoes get dug out. Pulled from dusty garages. Or returned from whoever borrowed them after your kids went down a swollen Maine river last. It’s time to come home. Begin again with the rebirth of a Maine spring.

We are shoveling the large banks of Maine snow along hot black top driveways, parking lots to speed up the melting.

To splay the low quality snow banks. That are more like reject, low grade snow cone stock peppered with rocks. Over the warm pavement to hurry up the spring’s arrival in Maine. The transition not happening fast enough as the sun shines warmer, brighter high over head.

Mud season, drying out, firing up cellar sump pumps to give Maine spring thaw run off from winter snow water a better place to go. Then inside where nothing good comes out of the liquid visit. That can get high enough in unattended Maine homes to drown out the furnace.

Maine Photo, Image Beauty.

Pick Your Outdoor Pleasure. Maine Has Them All. Spread Over The Four Seasons.

Seeing your Maine neighbors out walking, talking, biking.

Taking cans, bottles from winter to the redemption center. Swamp out the family vehicle that looks battle weary from a long Maine winter.

Visits to the LP gas refilling center. For the cylinder swap of the empty tank for a full little piglet to fire up the outdoor BBQ.

Now you’re cooking with gas Bub. It’s all good.

Here.. (handing spatula, cook’s apron, the chef’s lid). To season, tenderize, sizzle whatever is on the menu good to eat tonight. Make mine rare enough to still moo, twitch please. Pink, cold center, juices oozing. Flash seared, blackened, sealed on the top, bottom, sides. Sure, you can make yours over done, shoe leather. Knock yourself out.

The Kenduskeag Canoe Race is next weekend, April 19th in the Bangor Maine area. The Meduxnekeag River Canoe Race is May 3rd. Here is the round up of the Maine canoe, kayak race schedule. If you want to be out on the white water, on the circuit to get in shape for summer living.

Grab your paddle, before it is time to latch on to the garden rake to rearrange the rocks from the Maine winter sand plow truck handiwork.

Celebrate spring in Maine. Hitting the garden and trade shows around the Pine Tree State.

The Maine kids planning for Easter egg hunts, church papeants. Getting bikes upgraded, fixed. Pan cake flat tires blown up. With your help Dad or Mom remove the training wheels. Or later for the it’s time for the really large step. To sure, look both ways. But you are big enough now, responsible. Can leave the yard. Ride with your friends to the corner store up the street for a treat. To the dairy bar for a soft serve twist of today’s favors. To feel like king of the small Maine town tooling around the downtown. Hoping you see someone you know to wave at and grin ear to ear. Or to beeline to the skate park with the board bungie corded to the handlebars. To shake off winter cabin fever on the slide, leaps and revolutions.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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My Brother Stephen Is A Maine Clotheshorse.

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Wanting, needing to be fashionably correct. Taking the time to make sure everything is pressed, accessorized just so with his clothing.

Yup. My older by ten years eldest brother Stephen is a clotheshorse. The fashion bug, the being “in”. Leading the trends in what to wear started back in the halls of a Maine high school.

As a little shaver wearing red PF Flyers, Jumping Jacks sneakers or whatever brand the Boston Shoe Store peddled, I remember my brother Stephen getting ready.

Bargains In Maine, Shopping Mardens.

I Shoulda, Did Buy It When I Saw It At Mardens.

Running an ironing board for the next day what to wear. Mom did a fine job with the four boys on all scores. Keeping the clothing department in our rooms clean, mended, ironed and tidy. But Stephen had above and beyond exacting standards to meet. To keep and make sure those creases and pleats were razor sharp perfectly pressed.

The loafers spit polished as if a large surly drill sargeant with a chip on his shoulder was stationed in our Maine farm house just outside of town.

That was battle ready to pounce. Going to shout drop for fifty soldier if “I can’t see my pretty self in the reflection of your highly polished shoes private”.

The hair on the top of his head always combed, arranged just so. Ready for action. Looking his best as if coiffed by an on location full time trained stylist. Ready, willing, waiting in the dressing set trailer. Who’s only job was to maintain “the look” for the “action, quiet on the set people”. The crack of the electronic scene clapper time recorder. “Roll ‘em. Now throw yourself into the parts, the characters with feeling. We have sound”.

Girls in high school were the sport for a healthy Maine teenage boy.

He liked to be the target, in the cross hair scope of their affections, attention, flirtations. Knowing Monday if he had the family car for a date this weekend was priority one to establish early on. And if the answer was not the affirmative, tension in the house happened. He needed to know what to plan for, schedule at the end of the week. The parental tone of “it depends on what kind of week you have Stephen” car key dangling tease did not pacify. Did zip to help calm or appease the situation. As I ate my meat and potato, chop suey, whatever farm supper with three brothers. Observed, heard, felt the back and forth conversation that could get over heated and cause ear steam pretty quickly.

The enjoyment from looking dapper has not dropped away, ebbed in my oldest brother’s life today. Working in a Bangor Maine office setting in a management capacity. He sports an impressive, deep arsenal of clothing horsepower. Still the clotheshorse but not outdated with what just what worked a few decades back either. That qualified as today’s look for the time.

Black And White Maine Blog Poster

First Handheld Cub Reporter’s Recorder. Cell Phone? Or Is That A Graham Cracker?

When I spend the night, am watching a movie in the guest room before the Sandman arrives, I notice a closet with not a handful of dress shirts.

I share the room with racks and stacks of clothes. We are talking every color, all neatly pressed and hung at attention. Waiting to be put into service. The extra racks like stores use with rows to hold more dress clothes selection.

Ties, I guess there are ties. For every conceivable color and patterned combination. All the holidays to compliment the rest of what he girds himself with to hit the day running. Looking spiffy neat and pressed and “with it” like a fashion plate.

Conservatively thirty men could outfit themselves handsomely with a divide the spoils approach to the stock pile of clothing inventory. To the wardrobe “Uncle Stephen” to my kids has amassed. It’s that deep and expansive. If clothes were a heart’s card game, you could say he took, had all the tricks in succession. Shot the moon and back several times.

Walk-in closets would love my brother Stephen.

They would feel like one of the most useful areas of his home. Very necessary and ten hut ready to be put into action. An integral part of the Maine household.

Today the ironing board is stilled used a lot, preparations the night before are exercised to be boy scout prepared. Mom would be proud of the clotheshorse that still practices the craft in the Queen City. Who has more blazers, slacks, sweaters, cowboy boats, dress shoes, tires, shirts than most mortal men. He played in several local Maine music bands over the years too. So the wardrobe is not just for the office boardroom meetings.

Red Cheeks, Sliding Down, Trudging Back Up A Maine Snow Sliding Hill.

In Maine We Dress Warm First, Stylish Second.

But is way way broader than that. With an upscale country western twang flair showing. That allow the snake skin boat collection to mosey into the day to day in the cross fire of what to wear back and forth applications.

I like clothes too. But not quite bitten as deeply, to the bone by the needle and fabric thread bug. Recently cruising through the local Marden’s found a real bargain (Pronounced with a Downeast drawl “BAR-ginnn”) that was under 8 bucks.

Wool blend, extremely well tailor made with all the extra pockets, silk stitched lining. A matching dress suit of brown fine herring bone that fits like a glove. Mainers like a good trade to put a spring in their step. To free up hard earned money for other things in their life. To have left over for savings for those rainy days, fun activities, luxuries like groceries, kid’s braces and prom dresses.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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You Are Not Going To Like What I Have To Tell You.

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What I am about to share with you, brace yourself, it may be something you just don’t want to hear.

I have got some bad news to deliver. You better sit down. Not sure how to begin to tell you this.

How does that Maine blog post lead in with the H1 bracketed amplification emphasis hit you? Do you tighten up, look away? Wondering what the frig is this all about? You definitely don’t feel like wait for it, wait for it, here it comes.

World War Two Bomber Planes Flak.

Flak Happens, Bad News Comes In Lots Of Forms.

Something pleasant, light, airy with a delightful easy to swallow bounce to it. Bright, warm and fuzzing is not the expectation right?

Somebody has died. There’s been an accident, many people seriously injured. The IRS audit team just called.

There’s a registered letter dodging you like a deputy needing to serve you with some legal papers. Or you can sense it is going to be like the “you wait until your father gets home” as a kid. Or a lecture about “now you’re done it, smooth move wedge head” is about to begin. Run for cover. No, you don’t have to sit in the corner or go to your room. Because you’ve done nothing wrong to feel guilty about right? (Pause) I can’t see your eyes. (Pregnant pause) Right?

The older I get, the more I like blunt people.

No punches pulled. Straight forward, no manure spread around the dance in the conversation. No bottle whitened pearly teeth flashed in straight formation while a pitch is delivered. The knife of there has to be a catch slipped between two ribs. Or arm twisting to make you reach for your wallet, purse suggested.

What are you selling? They want something, are peddling some product or service.

Maine Deer, Moose, Wildlife.

Your Neighbors Four Legged, Furry, Curious, Shy.

No arm around my shoulder to pull me close and make me think the guy or gal talking is genuinely just glad to see me. Unless a true family or long time friend. And not out of the blue needs to talk with you about the circles, pyramid, being a seller of soap products and other whiz bang gotta have items.

Straight forward conversation comes from someone busy and as if words cost twenty dollars a piece.

Chose wisely young Jedi and trust the force that is strong within you grasshopper remarked with grandparent wisdom tone style. Candor, being candid does not set well with everyone in the audience. Maybe not enough people are and go apathetic. Or the extreme of don’t want to offend anyone so don’t look at me for any opinions on any topic whatsoever.

Because there are folks that just don’t take very well any constructive criticism or differing opinions. You are with them or against them. Friend or foe happens. It can be the way you and I are judged, labeled. White or black hat wearing. Or some times it depends on the day for the color you see. Like you are a loose cannon. Not sure how they feel with you at the moment and gotta get back to you on that one.

Happy Maine Families, Households.

How To Cook Up A Happy Household, Create A Happy, Responsible Family Member.

A friend of mine was a Maine junior high soccer coach.

Kai is a straight shooter. Not just in the job as a now retired US Border Patrol guy wearing green with a 223 rifle. Or out hunting. But in his approach to life. Say it like it is and please return the favor so we are on the same at ease solider wavelength. He has to wear a hat. Doesn’t pick or care about the color. Is his own boss so to speak. Right behind Tina.

A mother was on his back during a winning season where his soccer team did not lose a game. But she was unhappy with him as coach. He was not playing Jimmy, Joey, it does not matter the name. Whoever he was, spending way way too much time on the bench. Developing sores for her, not the kid. He was after all she reminded the coach on a regular basis, his best player. Increasing the volume of her son should be getting more playing field dirt, grass stains to shout out in his uniform this season whine.

After a practice, pulled aside and lighting up a cigar he started his conversation with Mom.

Low voice aside, out of earshot or to observe visually, he let Mom know “Your son is a great kid. You’ve done a super job raising him. But. Frankly, he just lacks soccer talent.” Her jaw dropped. Conversation had a lull. The bottom dropped out and she was speechless. I said whoa. You told her that face to face with a Cuban going? Without pleasure, not delivered meanly, he spilled the beans out of sight of the team that had dispersed. Relayed what she did not want to hear. Not expected, had not considered but believe it or not had to process. To explain why he was not out on the field in the game rather than sitting watching it.

If your conversations, what you write, how you communicate, do you dare to be open and honest? Not provocative, exotic or for show. But because it cuts to the chase. Says it like you mean it, see it. Shooting from the hip. Life’s short, people are busy, be tough skinned, tender hearted. Be kind, be honest. Put all the cards face up, down on the table more than holding them close to your chest. But there are situations where it’s no way feelings don’t get stepped on. Instead of respect and going along to get along, you could end up on the you know what list for the “somebody had to say it”.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Maine, Simpler Algorithm To Better Living.

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Gaming the system and looking for the current algorithm to spin, stand out, be on top.

To unlock the right combination of input variables to get the maximum return. More than garbage in, the same out. Throwing it at the wall and hoping it sticks.

Calculated awareness to plan your moves wisely before taking your hand away. Collecting, holding, discarding, laying down any cards.

It is developing the math, science, computer language technology vision skills to see the big and little picture. Playing the odds. Getting far away from trial and error flying by just the seat of your pants. Trusting your gut forming the tractor tire you wear for life to track the trends. To drive your day to day path making in the creative decision making.

Happiness In Small Maine Towns, Working Public Suppers.

Community Service Volunteering, Working Public Suppers One Maine Algorithm Variable For Simpler Living Joy.

To apply the one by one steps needed by custom chiseling, careful shaving and sanding.

To remove the rough edges, sharp corners of what you build in your backyard garage. Plant, water, weed, feed in the fertile patch of garden dirt where you sink and cover the magic beans.

To match where you live, in your local bubble to the DNA of how the World revolves around you today.

Highly specialized has happened in society as she shifts into a faster road gear, squeezes the gas pedal.

More complicated and needing other people’s technical help, products, services. Being dependent on the Internet to fan the fire. Pour on fuel. Which means expensive if you pay others to keep up by digging deep. Pumping endless streams of quarters, other larger currency to just stay on the beam.

Or studying, determination to adapt, see and understand the changes and apply them to your set of life Rubik’s cube colors. Without becoming frustrated to the point of poor impulse control. Ripping, peeling off the face colors to reapply on a different side square where you herd them to match up to win.

I must say the cup of Joe is exceptional, outstanding Maine home weekend coffee this morning.

Or it’s from watching Captain America on the big silver screen at the local theatre last night’s walk home that got me thinking about algorithms. And how today we run things from the wrong end. Up top down.

Or driven by an industry that scares, manipulates and then feeds on what it creates to control the masses. Exploitation happens and the height of the almighty dollar pile is how you keep score.

Maine Blueberries For Better Health.

Good Maine Food, One More Algorithm Variable For Healthier Living.

Slowly the World, you and I are less of Jack of all trades that Maine is famous for, brimming with in Vacationland. And all the charts like an Albert Einstein in one or just a few areas.

Totally devoid in all the rest we hire out, sub contract to others to maintain and address. Usually the low bidder with the best run operation. Where he and she know the biggest, sometimes only profit is in the expenses. So make it a no sag, no slack fly zone people. Tight is right, red is positive and time is money.

The simple algorithm to gain better, simpler living in Maine reduces, shrinks down any bloated feeling.

Of over stimulation by artificial intelligence. Too much retail therapy. Genuine, home grown, natural patience replaces imitation store bought hurry hurry blur here in Maine.

Because the money is not how we keep score. Or use to flaunt to cause envy in some hoity toity numbering pecking order. No one is labeled, treated, deemed, judged better or worse. Not graded good, bad or both. You are just a striving to improve you like me.

Removed from the equation without Botox, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck procedures.

Maine On The Farm Simpler Living.

Self Sufficiency, More Reliance On Yourself. In The Maine Simpler, Happier Living Algorithm Variable String.

It’s a take what you need, leave the rest. No gluttony hoarding like you must have worms.

Or a hungry cancer to feed that eats you up from the inside out. Still all about others. Not vanity or ego, insecurities but the greater good in a small Maine town. That has not changed.

ET heart like glowing brighter than ever inside. Because you feel at home comfortable, in your right place under the sun in the simple Maine small town surroundings.

The strong connection take away from the solo sport of gaming the algorithms by your lonesome. Replacing that busy technical chase your tail work with fire in your belly creative passion. To pour it on that make a difference in other people’s lives.

Awareness of the sparsely populated community’s needs and working in unison. Pulling together in the traces to survive, grow, prosper. Concentrating on what we show and tell in raising our families in the privacy of our Maine homes. Partnered with the collective roles all of us take on out and about in the entire Maine village or burg.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

They Met 37 Years Ago, It Took That Long To Cross Paths Again.

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The best job in the World, meeting neat people along with matchmaking properties to fit the folks.

This Maine blog post couple highlighted a guy raised in Brooklyn, two Vietnam War river boat tours. Met a lady on some rest and relaxation from the rice paddies in the hop across the puddle to Australia.

Fire Makes You Make The Most When Housing Is Slim.

The Car Became The Home, It Happens.

Where Madalyn worked, they first met approaching four decades ago.

They both never stopped thinking of each other.

But life pulled each in other directions. To opposite sides of the blue and green revolving marble.

Not traveling in the same circles or daily paths. And Madalyn proceeded to build a home in the bush. 800 miles from the nearest store and shopping every three months. To avoid expensive local foodstuffs. Off grid self sufficient too. Gutsy lady.

In a tent first with a dog named Tao. A K-9 cross, blend of mastiff and labrador. Raised from a puppy and in a country with nine out of ten of the most deadliest snakes on the planet. That on walks would go ahead, kill a snake it sensed on some internal radar.

But one day coming back into the tent after exploring. That had a lit citronella candle for mosquitoes and black flies. Was hit by the tail of the happy big dog returning to a sleeping owner.

Marilyn had dozed off writing a letter. And when the dog wrote her up, pulling at her in the thick smoke, she just had time to leap out of the tent. Before everyone caught a blaze and a gas tank exploded. Everything including money burned up, destroyed in a flash.

Time to rebuild and until construction moved into the Ford Cortina car. She in front, Tao in back. In the outback, seeing Roos, Wallabees. Shopping at a Coop, places like Sally’s, stores that recycle good stuff someone else used lightly. Or not at all. Never took a shining to. Just not liked, worn and ta da. Second time around Rose deja vu for you to try on. Wear, sport, hang in your closet. To take home paying whatever that color dot represented on the wall chart of unheard of savings. Discounts are easier when the cost of goods is free. No mark up for what the traffic will stomach.

The far away neighbors helped this lady with the big dog in Australia get the materials for re-building.

Which were stolen before being pieced together while parked at the old tent location cleared spot. Hard times, tough lady, interesting experiences in the outback of a country far from Maine. Where Frank says he never stopped thinking about her. She lamented, admitted the same.

The reach out for Where’s Waldo, I mean Frank that Madalyn had used came up a dead end.

Contacted the Vietnam Veterans Center in Washington DC to see if he could be located through the membership. He was not in that group. She cried on the shoulder of a friend the night before that she had to accept Frank was gone forever. He found her through social media tenacity and called the very next morning. Looking for me? Panning, sifting for locations of a missing love online finally hit pay dirt. Got traction.

They worked through the two year green card process. That’s another story. Were married and are here in Maine. Ready to move because one by one taking turns staying with his family mostly in Pennsylvania is getting difficult. Love the kids but everyone wants their own TV channel wand to surf. The old space on the couch to find their personal choice for feeding tube offerings. Will keep you posted on how they make out… her expressions are precious.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Maine Voices In Your Head, Did Someone Say Meow?

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You are a Northern Maine office supply guy and dropping off deliveries.

See the golden arches and out of reflex, with your stomach doing the 10 and 2 swerve. Take a hard right into hap hap happy place. To throw the van in park. Hand gallop into the lobby to order up the usual food fare. Egg McMuffins, one with ham, the other with a sausage snug as a bug in a rug in the middle. Black coffee, and okay, throw in a pair of hash browns in that bag to go go go. Mickey Dees, Timmy Ho Ho’s, Dunk Your Donut, they’re all a big habit in a small Maine town jump start your day where everyone knows your name.

Maine Cats, Kittens, Adopt One Today!

Kittens, Cats Can Make A Maine Home Complete.

It was summer, sunny and when Dave slid behind the wheel and sat munching, slowly emptying the contents of the sack of fast food fuel, he hears sounds.

Voices in his head, but not English. Cat talk, meows mew mew mewing. He sticks his head out the open window, looking for the source. Nothing in the parking lot scan.

Gets out, looks under the loaded van of cardboard boxes. Nope, no felines. Swivels his head in a pan of the parking lot. Makes sure radio is off. Scratches his head. Climbs back in the van, the sounds are coming from inside. Really? He did not remember packing cats for the drop offs today.

Not sounds from a talking card with the watch or hearing aid battery glued inside. That won’t shut off and tucked under the sun visor or in the glove box. On the check off list of where the heck are those meows coming from hunt down. Not from a cell phone ring tone either needing to be silenced.

Finishes breakfast, steps out. Opens up the rear lid of the van and starts removing boxes. Lots of them restacked on the asphalt. To get to the source of the trio sounds. Three kittens crying, the stowaways, hitchhikers located using his eyes and ears detective approach.

Someone had thought Dave looks like a good trusting soul.

Might need a threesome of cats or would sign on to find someone that does. Suddenly the office supply van is an animal shelter and he is in charge of foster care adoption work. What to do? Return the favor and pass the cats along? Other cars with open windows, inside diners ordering up the grub. At first considered but … No. Drowning them like some used to do with no qualms in a burlap sack, a pail of water until the sounds stop? Heck no.

Homes, the cats need probably three of them.

Hate to break up the family. He thought of dropping them off at the Mooers Farm on the County Road thinking the kittens will have a good life there. But instead, heads to the animal shelter on the Callaghan Road. Where today of all days he IS carrying cash. Which never happens because plastic is used to maneuver his way around the circular route in Aroostook County.

Kittens, Cats Needing A Maine Home.

Voices Get High Up, Cartoon Sounding When Small Animals Are Around A Maine Home.

To end up back in Caribou Maine at the end of the heavy lifting, driving, delivery to keep office staffs purring. To not develop hair balls that clog, stops operations. And make people want to scratch and claw his eyes out if a delay happens and they run out of office supplies.

Seven dollars a piece for check in, to drop off the three Maine kittens at the animal shelter, humane society. Ever had cats or other animals dropped off on at doorstep? Or put in the open window of your vehicle at 7:30 in the morning like Dave? I have gotten a really neat Maine cat to adopt, take to my home in a real estate sale.

Spay and neuter your family pet so less orphans, animal hobos on the road happen.

Dave had an office cat in his operation where he lived overhead. Did not need more to keep things entertaining or for security after hours at work.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Open Porches, Sun Rooms, Open Decks And Patios In Maine Homes.

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Spending time outside more but closer to the Maine home base.

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to park it on an open porch, use your sun room, the deck or patio more this year? Or to add one if none in your life now? Open air living room, not Maine black bear’s den like seems to be what your body, mind, spirit are craving.

Coffee Tastes Better On Maine Porches, Decks, Patios.

Maine Porches, Free Therapy, Shelling Fresh Peas, Naps Happen Here. Coffee, Ice Tea Tastes Better Here.

Back and forth freely put together talks are one reason.

Not texts, not emails, not during commercials when locked on with the thousand yard detached stare in the recliner or horizontal on the sofa.

Click the power to blip off. Silence. Get away from the tube.

Keep your hands where we can see them and head to bright light, fresh air. Open communication of the special areas to enhance the daily routine and used creatively.

Maine Is Porches That Get Used, People Talk.

Flowers, Bees Buzzing, Birds Singing, Easy Conversations On A Maine Home Porch.

Growing up the Maine farm home porches got used a lot. Nightly summer conversations and how about a snack to go with the chit chat? Early morning coffee just tastes better when the new Maine day sunshine promises to be spectacular.

With Maine song birds in perfect pitch, weaving their own special solos. Bees buzzing. Walkers to stopping by to say hello and ask how everything is.

You return the same query to get up to speed with the what’s new in pair of lives. The budding, blooming flowers and fragrant greenery adding to the eye candy of just so glad to be in Maine.

Talking about what makes you some kind of happy, grateful living day to day in Maine.

Or sharing what has got your done, worried, concerned. Those conversations in a porch glider, rocker to figure it out. Process it all with family, friends, sometimes alone with your thoughts. With a cold refreshment in your hand and company is healthy. What’s going on in your life is shared. Comparing notes, suggestions from others to factor in your own life direction does a person much good.

Maine Is Outdoors. Park It There

No Walls, No Roof, No Ceiling. No Limits. Maine.

Reading scripture to prepare your heart, quiet it or expand it happens easier, more natural on a porch, deck, patio. Space, surrounding you in Maine opens you up. Untangles the knots, helps make you a better blogger. More interesting writer too. (Smile)

Where do you park it when close to home, camp in Maine? What perch kinda outdoors but used a lot daily, weekly, seasonally works best to keep you balanced, feeling alive and pumping?

As a kid you had to be practically dragged back indoors for supper, bedtime from playing outside in Maine.

What happened?

Adults are more fun when time is spent outdoors. You’ve committed no crime, why the self inflicted house arrest? Make yourself go outside. See what you are missing. You are not the best version of you stuck inside hiding out.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Cabin Fever In Maine, Some Of The Cures.

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Unless you are house bound in Maine due to an injury, surgery, extreme old age or a streak of less than stellar weather patterns, you are outside all four seasons.

Sometimes for pleasure. Other times for a labor of love on a Maine farm. Shoveling new fallen snow off the roof of a woods cabin, a lake cottage. Or removing the porch snow load of your dwelling.

Maine Is Small Town, Outdoors.

Always Outside, Maine Fun Happens Outdoors.

Helping a neighbor or shut in with the same duties around their house with snow loads. But spring comes hard in Maine. Not a clean predictable start like a Labor or Memorial Day signal.

But often the end of a Maine season like winter is the hardest transition.

Because you are ready for spring. But hold your horses. Can’t do outside yard work with those won’t let go go go disappearing snow banks. Where the snow is not white and fluffy, new. But more dirty snow cone, ice mix consistency. So no raking the lawn. Washing off the house grime off. Or starting the gardens of flowers and vegetables. Outside anyway. Can you rent a flame thrower?

The black potting soil, white perlite specs in the brown peat pots. Line card tables, kitchen and glass porch window sills covered in old newspapers. The green peppers, tomatoes are started inside. To transplant into the tilled garden when it has dried out and a seed bed is created for the tasty inhabitants to check in. Many to stay, hang around until the fall harvest canning, preserving routine.

But Maine cabin fever happens when you have skied, snow shoed and sledded, ice fished, pond hockey ice skated enough.

Same with moving, shoveling winter snows to clear driveways, parking lots. Enough. And ready for green grass, spring canoe and kayak races to start populating the weekend calendar slots. Budding trees, early flowers, lilacs and returning spring songbirds as the sunshine is longer, stronger.

Maine Spring Flowers.. Ready?

Maine Spring Green Itching To Release. Explode When Winter Surrenders.

Wanting, longing to wash outside windows, rake gravel from snow plow trucks off the lawn. To pull out the patio furniture, gas grill and screw on the outside water hose. But not yet.

Some folks decide to zip away for a vacation where the water is blue and green. The music island like with steel drums.

Drinks sweet, rum based. With a leaning umbrella or piece of fresh fruit hitch hiking on the rim. Yeah mon. Nice tourist shirt colors you’re sporting Bub. Or being disciplined to do inside painting, remodeling, wallpaper jobs at the Maine home.

Heading To Camp In Maine.

Cabin Fever In Maine Retreat When Spring Teases, Stays Away. Flirts, Plays Hard To Get.

If outside weather means you are in a no fly zone today. Something other than short stints on the couch to watch a movie, sporting event, heavy duty snacking out of boredom.

Take a walk through a small Maine town.

No matter what the current weather. I don’t know about you but I love being out “in the weather”. Dressed for it. But whether a down pour of cats and dogs rain buckets in summer drenchings when the clouds open up wide. A blinding curtain of big, heavy fat snow flakes in sheets, waves.

When you can barely see the hand in front of your face. As you walk to the movies, play production. Window shop without customers to compete with or bump into. Go out to eat in a small Maine downtown during a Maine winter Northeaster. Or windy fall gusts howling with crackling dry orange, red, yellow leaves whipped, stirred around. Swirling as trees get bent over backwards, undressed, stripped of foliage. We live in Maine, not amateurs to weather maps of all kinds. Bring it.

The Maine Maple Syrup Sundays at nearly 100 sugar shacks fill the down time away from work all help. So does time at that Maine camp playing cribbage, making feeds for the family, buddies. While a center wood stove heater or cook stove drives you out. To shed clothing. Makes you leave the outside door open because too many logs thrown into the fire box. And you dream about the next season in Maine when stuck in the in between of one that comes hard after one that does not give up easily.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Rabbit Ears For The Cartoons Saturday Mornings In Maine.

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Adjusting those rabbit ear antennae to have less snow, static in the Maine television picture.

You must be living in a part of Maine far from the television station, no cable hook up. Before Dish or Direct TV was invented to bolt on to the side of your Maine house at the right angle to pick up a signal on the horizon.

Maine, You Don't Need Your Tea Leaf, Palms Read Here.

Picking Up The Signal Loud And Clear In Maine.

Maybe a rotor was hooked to that antennae array on the top of the Maine home roof that is guy wired to take on a Northeaster.

Or strapped tightly to a brick chimney to rock and roll, shimmy and shake. The antennae straining for a strong signal directional gain can be turned to dial in the station’s broadcast frequency. Today the expression “300 channels on the television but nothing to watch” is the norm in the abundance of crystal clear, noise free digital offerings.

When growing up in Northern Maine was one American station, two Canadian signals and public broadcasting added in to round it out.

Sometimes that rotor stopped rotating. Rusted motor quit taking the turns, sweeps back and forth. Channel surfing with four channels. If the weather conditions allowed the broadcast to drift in. Like smoke signals that work best if no wind. Less garble, missing communication happening.

It was appreciate what you have. More than enough. That is all there is and accepted gratefully.

Not Stuck Inside, Moving Around Outside In Maine.

Outside, Moving, Catching A Ride To Maine Adventure.

Plus not tons of time spent on the couch watching television. We were outside playing, working. Had chores and fresh air was a big part of the daily diet. Still is. Need that oxygen combined with outdoor living, all that scenery, wildlife.

And Saturday morning, cartoons tomorrow morning thought about all day Friday.

And don’t miss them… only in the mornings is your one shot Partner for a week’s dose to tide you over. It was a big deal to head into town from the country. To watch NBC’s full living color peacock fan the plume too at my Aunt Hettie’s home cable feed. On Franklin Avenue for a holiday celebration. Because not regular, standard viewing fair like when watching a cherry picker television station in Presque Isle Maine. When your Maine home was out in the country, not in town where cable wired the village because of more houses per mile to make it feasible.

When you live in Maine it is not fun watching television, movies for hours on end. You want to be outside instead. To step into, be part of that outdoor picture. That four seasons scenery Maine photo folks from out of state drool over. Fantasize about the 51 weeks they are not lucky enough to be in Vacationland a year.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker