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The State Of Maine Soap Box Derby Race Is In Houlton Maine.

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The state venue for the Maine Soap Box Derby Race is Houlton Maine.

Derby racing is not new to the Pine Tree State. Since 1934 when the big national race started in Akron Ohio, through out the years Maine fielded a crop of new racers. Boys and girls that competed for the chance to head out to the mid west to represent their local town on the bigger stage.

soap box derby racing in maine

Waiting For His Turn Down Derby Hill In Houlton Maine. Stomach Butterflies Happen.

Derby racing in Maine was big in the 1950’s, 1960’s when the parents or sponsor only ordered wheels and axles, a helmet . That was it with the rest of derby car building left up to the racing team. To collectively figure out what to construct for the driver to slide into for the hang on, strap in, get down.

Here we go down the derby race hill in one of two lanes. A street shut down for the day of racing in Maine to determine a derby winner took a lot of work in the build the hill and tear it down to put it back into its original intended use for local vehicle traffic.

Back in 1995 when the now defunct MBNA was active in the Northport / Camden Maine area, $20,000 was set aside by then rolling high  credit card giant.

soap box derby race lane photo

Even Steven, Heats In Soap Box Derby Race Decided By Electric Eye And Hundredths Of A Second Differences To Determine Who Advances To Make The Trip To Akron, Ohio.

Ear marked for the planning and implementation of a Maine state soap box derby race program. To bring back was had taken a nap. Fueled with money to lubricate the wheels to jump start down hill gravity racing, the strong derby association in New Hampshire was tapped. To help Maine put on a program to create boys and girls to climb into sponsored cars to compete in heats. Down hills in a small Maine town or one of the handful of cities in Vacationland.

So with the help of the Granite State to the south, the wheels started spinning as kit cars were orders from the All American Soap Box Derby Association. Shipping companies started delivery of the stock, super stock cars. And outlined the procedure to build these two classes plus the master derby car division. The latter designed with a tad more latitude to add your own ingenuity and engineering for older derby racers. To keep their interest captive and competitive with the spirit of racing.

Because entire families have kids who derby race in Maine and other state locals.

Take your pick Watch some Maine soap box derby race videos. To see how things rock and roll, for the rattle and hum. The three divisions designed to draw from all the ages and stages of youth in this competitive down hill car racing sport. Where gravity is your engine. Plus lots of applied science to explore more reasons why some kids and their derby race cars are faster to the finish line.

maine soap box derby videos

Maine Soap Box Derby Race Videos. Take Your Pick, For The “Thrill Of The Hill”. Just Double Click Search Image Link To Past Race Videos.

Dealing with changing weather is part of soap box derby racing and kids, their families prepare for as one factor of the sport to always consider. Because any kind of wind, rain, snow, blistering heat. Or surprise, all of the above that Maine is famous for that happens during long derby races. Held under skies of all colors in the ever changing weather report on any given day when down hill soap box derby races are held.

In 1995 a resurgence soap box derby race in Maine was held in Camden.

A few families from Houlton Maine with children who raced in the stock division took careful notes. Bringing back what the parents and pioneer racers learned on the coastal town race sponsored by MBNA. To kick off a race in  Houlton Maine where a peaceful take over of Drakes Hill, happened. A public US highway not far from the International border crossing into Canada was where the local Northern Maine soap box derby race was held until 1999. The earlier version, not kept up to date Northern Maine Soap Box Derby site shows the history. See link below for new fresh current soap box derby news for the Maine program. Video link for a soap box derby race in Maine.

More on our national champion, the five local soap box derby races in Maine, who they were back in the late 1990’s. And explaining the reason crash and burn out happened in the derby racing in Maine program. The lone soap box derby race venue Houlton Maine is where the state competition is held each June. Why did this small Aroostook County town derby racing program survive?  Because of the wisdom of locals to build an engineered hill specifically for down hill racing events. For local races and derby rallies held around the calendar to sharpen driving skills. To provide opportunities for racers to log more time behind the wheel. For youngsters filled with “the thrill of the hill” fever to compete in downhill soap box derby car racing.

soap box derby car photo

Good Work Out. Some Soap Box Derby Race Cars Heavier Than Others. Small Driver Equals Heavy Car.

The Houlton Maine local, now state race dual purpose competition is June 17th, 2017.

The day before used to safety check derby race cars and check weights, educate new racers. And to make sure everything is kept fair in the spirit of racing where every driver hops out of their cars, meets in the middle of lane one and two to shake hands, congratulate. As someone moves on up into the medal rounds of the heat sheet for derby racing. To eventually create a new winner to represent the state of Maine in the world series, triple crown of racing in Akron Ohio the following month of July each year.

Your Me In Maine author is lucky to hail from Aroostook County where the state derby race is held.

I have enjoyed fielding two local soap box derby race winners, a son and a daughter who headed to Akron for the big race. Helping create four more drivers who won and went onto Ohio. All four of my kids were involved in kit car downhill racing on the local, and down state, New Hampshire soap box derby race circuit. With a Jeep pulling a loaded trailer with four derby cars, all the tools, weights, etc needed to race at many events around New England.

northern maine soap box derby racing

Houlton Maine’s Soap Box Derby Race The Largest In The Country Five Years In A Row!

I stayed with what was the largest race in the nation five years in a row because the derby program has been so good to my family. And the excitement of new racers who don’t want to wait until they are sixteen to drive a car is infectious.

Once you hear the launch release topside on derby hill looking down the track, and the sound of wheels rolling, derby mania returns deep down inside for me and others who have stuck with the Northern Maine soap box derby program.

Each car and driver has plenty of personality and it is fun for an adult to be a little kid and share in the racing excitement.

There is nothing like an 8 year old who is terrified at the top of Derby Hill that transforms to all grins and a desire to dig in and learn how to win at the bottom of the hill. When the zoo crew by the timer and cones hollers “BBbbrake”. And the driver pops up, asks did I win, was it me? As he or she looks back over their shoulder up at the timer lights to see which lane has the winning light shining.

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Living In A Small Maine Town, What’s It Like?

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Small town living In Maine, how does it different than be surrounded by people in an impersonal city setting?

There are so many differences. Ask people what they like most about small Maine town living and nine times out of ten the answer is the connection. With others living in that small Maine town.

Maine Outdoor Living.

Day Is Done In Maine. Fresh Rain, Sunset Sunshine Combine With The Wild Flower Fragrance.

There is an intimacy, a bond because smaller means folks know your name in small Maine towns.

As a kid, the village raises their young. Kids feel like they matter, that they are to be heard and guided. The young in our small Maine towns are our greatest resource. Everyone takes pride in following their accomplishments in the local Maine newspapers. The online social media images and captions don’t go unnoticed. And some of the kids are related, family.

In small Maine towns, how great the community is depends on the roll up your sleeves and pitch in to get done whatever you have talents to do.

Volunteering, community service is huge in small Maine towns. Because without it, there is not the money to hire it down. And the take away would not be the fierce pride that home grown creates over store bought. The talents of the small Maine town is off the charts and there is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer. That goes above and beyond and not for the recognition. Because they were built for the task and when they look behind them, there is not a long line of others to step up and take their place.

Small Maine towns have a tiny population.

maine lobsters photo

Fresher Lobster Than This? Only What’s Still Underwater, Swimming Along The Maine Ocean Floor.

Cover a vast area of woods, farm fields, lots of acreage. Salt and peppered with wildlife of all kinds, clean lakes, wide open space but not a lot of people. Eight out of ten people live in a city but not because they want to, just consider they have to for specialized employment. To make career financial objectives.

But the cost of living in a city compared to a small town is staggering. You make lots, you spend even more and stress from crime, traffic, just a lack of space all takes its toll. You pay for parking. Hope your car is there when you return.

We don’t even lock doors in Maine. Everything locked up tighter than a drum with dead bolts, chains, security cameras and chain link fencing in a city. There are neighborhoods you don’t venture into and live in a steady level of low and sometimes high level fear. If you travel and set your tent stakes in the suburbs and end up commuting than it means you miss out greatly. You don’t get home in time to tuck the kids in, to hear their prayers. To weigh in and trade your day experiences around the family dinner table conversation. You are missing in action. You leave early, arrive home late. Nice house, you just are never there much.

If you are thinking of the best environment to raise a family, small town living in Maine is hand’s down the right choice.

If you want to someday own your real estate and be free and clear of mortgage debt, small town Maine community living wins again. The lack of permits for everything under the sun, because Maine is the 4th lowest crime state means less worry about the cost of living, personal safety.

Smaller population means less options for spending your money.

Cities are fun to visit, not so much fun to call home. And maneuvering around all those people, through the toll highways, even with mass transits means time is wasted waiting to get from “A” to “B” and back.

Maine Whitewater Rafting

Maine’s Pure, Natural, Fun Waterways. Tap Into Them. Protect And Preserve Them.

The shift happens from buying everything to doing more and more on your own when you consider small town living. You develop talents to fix this, build that and bartering happens in small Maine towns. Someone knows someone that is good at this, and you have something for a talent or skill to exchange for the service. The IRS might not like it, but the swap involves no money that is taxable.

Who would not want to get more for less?

Raising your own food, slow cooking it and taking the time to enjoy your front porch, the open deck and being a part of the community. That is what small town living in Maine is about and with a backdrop as drop dead gorgeous as Vacationland, keep your money in your wallet or purse. The cost for most of the fun recreational options when you live in Maine full time is no or very very low cost. You live in a place that many have to settle for one measly long weekend, maybe if you are luck a full week a year. That’s it to squeeze and savor the joy of living in small town Maine. And that’s all she wrote.

What are the other benefits of living in a small Maine town?

Try getting sick in a city, see how many people turn out to help you with your smallest tasks around your house. To organize a benefit supper to help you carry the burden of household and medical expenses when you get sick. People come out of the woodwork in small Maine towns to show they care and really help out when a person needs it the most.

Maine Clover, Wild Flowers.

Outdoors, That’s Where People Hang Out In Maine.

Clean resources, the air and water are not messed up in Maine. The overhead night sky is black velvet backed in Maine with a million stars that you just don’t see when light pollution and smog erase them. And when you better keep your wits about you, mind your P’s and Q’s avoiding a fender bender, tangling with a gang in a bad neighborhood. You miss out on the little things that don’t exist but that make a small Maine town shine brightly.

Living in a city is anonymous. In small towns, people look out for their neighbors and rally around the needs of anyone living in the small Maine community.

Because small town living means you have a greater involvement in the community, there is a deeper stake in the village. Because you helped build it, maintain it and add to whatever you step forward and sign up for as your contribution. A great stake in the small town happens because you are hands on and would be missed if gone. Everyone in a small Maine town has a vital role no matter how big or small. Like a family, you feel needed, loved, and have a role in a small Maine town. Whatever you do is appreciated and so much is done behind the scenes that does not get press. And no one is seeking the attention from recognition done from the heart not to gain fame or notoriety.

Small towns don’t have the financial resources to just underwrite events.

The small town communities organize collectively what they offer to the local area. They get resourceful, creative. There is small town talent that gets center stage and tapped into, not just big name headliners brought to the area to entertain. With high speed internet, telecommuting can happen in small Maine towns too. Work online, out of state but enjoy the perks of living in a Victorian home, a farmstead you build over yourself or on the waterfront for a song. And have money left over for other areas of your life because you are not house poor.

Maine State Wide Derby Racer Smiling Ear To Ear.

Happy? I Guess. Drove Hard To Win, Place In The Top Eight For Maine’s State Soap Box Derby Race In Houlton ME.

Retirement on a fixed income makes Maine one attractive location. You can give back and serve the local community and enjoy stretching those lower monthly retirement funds to stretch and maximize. There are quality health care facilities, churches, libraries, unique local shopping options where you know the owner in the store. Folks wave at you. Smile, notice and talk to you on the way in and out of the post office.

Kids have teachers where it is not just a job for the paycheck. It is their passion, their contribution to the small Maine town. Not for the money, for the reward that you made a difference in a child’s life and the direction your helping hand guidance added to the young members of your local community. You don’t have one or two mentors in small Maine towns. There are hundreds rooting for you. Your coach, pastor, family members are teaching you the right pathway lessons for life. When you are a kid fortunate to be raised in a small Maine town. Helping local farmers, be responsible with after school and summer jobs. You are not a latch key kid alone with no one home to help raise you in small Maine towns. People care, are hand’s on and involved in raising all the kids in small Maine towns.

Small town living means thinking of the greater good and not number one who you brush your teeth with daily looking back at you in the mirror.

There is a deeper commitment in a small Maine town that struggles and has challenges to stay afloat. You are not just a city transient working your way up the career ladder. Your civic, social involvement completes something inside when you serve on local level small town capacities. You are more aware of the local history, you are deeper meshed in the local community landscape.

If you were lucky enough to live, be raised in a small Maine town, it is preaching to the choir. But if you have never sampled small town Maine living, what are you waiting for, head north. Get to Maine and see what has been missing, why Maine is the way life should be.

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The Trip To Quebec City Canada A Short One When Living In Maine.

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When you live in Maine, there is so much at your finger tips to enjoy in a place like not many others.

Streets Walking In Quebec City Canada.

What You See. Walking The Cobble Streets, The Winding Alleys Up Hills In Quebec City Canada.

The coast line, the vast woods, the rolling farm fields and all the lakes, wildlife and smaller, but friendlier population of Maine boasts much.

But the option to hop across the border and sample some of Canada is always so easy. Quebec was dubbed New France by the French king and a visit to the old historic sections discovered by Samuel De Champlain is rich in the history that evolved since 1608 when a few toughed it out and the population of Frenchmen and their transported culture ignited.

Made a Memorial Day trip to Quebec City this year and surprised by the different feel of the 7th largest of the Canadian cities.

Partly because of growth and change since the last visit and because most of the prior trips across the Maine border were in February’s celebration of winter carnival. As a kid staying with my three older brothers and parents at the Hotel Frontenac which is one impressive hotel structure. More on Winter Carnival in Quebec City Canada.

quebec city canada trip from maine

The Sights, Sound, Food When Exploring Quebec City Canada Are Many. Discounted Loonie Helps The US Dollar’s Buying Power Too When Traveling To Canada These Days.

The Hotel Frontenac is dubbed one of the most photographed hotels in the World.

Just taking an image of the one and on and up up up sections of it pull you in to her charm. The Canadian Pacific railroad designed it to be a luxury hotel to accommodate the wealthy who make Quebec City a tourism stop. The Chateau Frontenac opened it’s ever expanding lobby doors in 1893.

It takes 318 miles or five hours, twenty minutes to travel from Houlton Maine parked on the US border to travel to Quebec City. That is shorter than the 6.5 hours to Boston MA and with the 25% US dollar advantage over the Canadian loonie, the reasons to make that trip to Quebec or other provinces waving the red maple leaf overhead extra attractive to the wallet.

Taking the Trans Canada from Houlton Maine up through New Brunswick and then cutting a hard left to enter into Quebec is faster sailing than up through Aroostook County.

We zipped up and back that route and it reminded me of all the trips across the border for hockey games because the two boys chased the black puck on the sheet of frozen water.

The large church cathedrals in the Quebec province are impressive and their fine details a sight to behold. The elaborate frescoes, the stained glass, stone and wood work. The the layout of Old Quebec and the building construction styles all add to the richness of a walk up the narrow side hill network of streets.

Hotel Frontenac

Hotel Frontenac In Quebec City Is Impressive, So Large And Varied In Design High On The Hill Overlooking The St Lawrence Seaway.

The history of defending the hill top fortress Fort Saint Jean  from attack, the walking tours of today work up an appetite for the French cuisine.

Sample a Norwegian or Eggs Benedict omelet while in Quebec City Canada where you order in French. French in Maine is the second most spoken language in the state’s of ME and VT. Over 22% of Aroostook County residents speak French.

Touring the fertile fields in the Ile D’orleans farm section, an island in the St Lawrence seaway just outside Quebec City.

And returning across the bridge, veer right to get a little exercise. Bring a rain jacket and hike up the network of stairs around Montmorency Falls. Where the brave strap on, attach their bodies to zip across the water falls by a fast cable ride that has a picnic area, playground on top to make it family friendly. The elevation offers the views of the area 7.5 miles from Quebec City.

Quebec City Flowers In Parks.

Tulips In Quebec City Are Colorful! Lots Of Open Parks To Sit And Reflect.

Sample All Vacationland has to offer. Come to Maine, whenever you can. But make it a two nation vacation with our Canadian neighbors eh? The French Acadian culture, the history of the Atlantic Provinces of Canada are waiting to meet and greet.

And visitors to Canada are invited to cross the US International border to see what Maine has to offer. Maine is one big state and borders lots of Canada because we are so far north some say we should be “over home”.

Make a date to check out and collect Canadian tourist spots as you do the same in your sampling of Maine. I joke that Mainer’s are at least a third Canadian because of the cross border family connections.

My Dad’s Mom was 100% Canadian being born and brought up in Burtt’s Corner in New Brunswick Canada. Her maiden name was Burtt. As a traveler, bring you pass port but know you can easily hop back and worth to weave the best of both countries. Maine, Canada, where each side of the border has family ties and a deep connection from our long, fond historic roots.

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Seeing Tiny Bikes With Training Wheels, Handle Bar Streamers, Parked In A Maine Door Yard.

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When spring gets underway in Maine in good shape, the activity around door yards picks up as folks tackle outdoor projects.

The house maintenance and landscaping levers to repair, clean and tidy up from the ravages of winter in Maine get thrown forward hard. And while Mom, Dad or someone’s grandparents, your neighbor are busy bees pulling suggestions left and right out of the to do job jar, the smallest kids are focused on play. Jumping on trampolines, skipping rope, stacking firewood, playing baseball in whoever has the largest back yard.

cutler maine island

Maine. The Jewels Are Out In The Open, Glistening, Sparkling In The Daylight Reflection. Not Trapped, Under A Light In A Locked Up Tight Display Case. A Cutler Maine Island.

Kid trikes and bikes, the smallest kind with teeny weeny wheels always hit me.

I guess because as a kid a bike was so much fun. It was also a kid in Maine’s ticket to freedom. Especially if you lived in the country and achieved the age needed for the parents to decide it’s time. That their kid could venture into town using their bike. Om their own and trusted to be careful, make good decisions. Whether a banana, English racer, mountain bike or something inbetween a new version of a very old method of transportation.

What a feeling to head to town, using simple bike pedal power to trade in the scenery from a rural setting for one that unfolds into the downtown of a Maine community. Trusted to bike into town alone or in a pack of others your age. To ply the streets, hit the recreation centers or maybe to perform the task that generated the jingle in your pocket.

Mowing lawns in town was something I did to create the cash flow. Money to handle with better spending impulse control because it was my own. Earned not handed to me. And whatever I did buy with the money generated from the grass clippings was treated with respect. Because I had sacrificed something to earn it and was not going to part with it like the potato picking lesson. Unless it was fairly priced and something I needed. Mowing lawns a weekly commitment and working around the rain or social events was on my shoulders to keep the grass nice and neat.

Today a home with a pair of small bikes from an abandoned renter and a dumpster being filled to the grim rim made me think about who they were purchased for and why the parents did not take them along when they moved.

Maine Island In Foggy, Mist.

Get Lost, Be Found. Find Your Island, Special Space In Maine.

I knew how much I enjoyed my bike growing up and can tell you about each and every model along the way. And as an adult, I still bike because Maine is one sweet place to safely do it. They report counting up 3166 islands in Maine. Whoa, that is a lot more than I thought there were but think of the lakes, rivers with islands that must be added to the long list of coastal ones.

On an island in Maine, the traffic is nil or a slow trickle if you do run into it at all. And one of the best places to bike without fear of too many vehicles to weave and bob around is on a Maine island. To avoid becoming the hood ornament on a car driven by someone with limited older peepers traveling at a healthy clip that might be struggling with the angle of the sun streaming through the vehicle’s windshield. And all of a sudden, whoops, did not see you as the bike gets bumped. Or to avoid being hit you and your bike head into the pucker brush if chased off the shoulder of the shared roadway in Maine.

Maine Lighthouse At Pemaquid Are Pretty Any Season.

Windy, No Tourist To Shoot Images, Video Around. That Is Why Winter Lighthouse Visits Leave A Lasting Impression.

Maine islands to bike around, either with your own two wheel bike from home or hitting a rental place.

In so many European cities you see row after row of bikes. To make the deposit for it to get released from the metal grip. Of it’s rightful owner so you can lift a leg up and over the cross bar, to hop up on to the seat and push away. To begin the journey in Maine seen pedaling a bike slowly and rotating your noggin to take in the surroundings. The feel of a summer breeze, the smell of the salt air and you are a kid again on a bike. Single or multi speed, it matters not. You haven’t forgotten how to ride and balance a bike. Standing up and pumping to labor up a small or big hill.

Remembering the joy of riding your bike. And seeing the rest of the family following the outer perimeter of the Maine island. Plus cris-crossing the interior streets as the secondary gain from the biking gives you a sense of what life is like on the Maine island. Studying the housing stock, seeing the school or library and shops along the dock of the ferry landing.

You get to imagine life, ferry schedules, what needs to be brought to the island for supplies of all kinds, the seasons, history and what if you lived on the island in Maine surrounded by water.

Where the summer population of say Long Island beyond Peakes Island off Portland Maine is roughly 230 inhabitants. The census that shrinks to around 70 in winter. Talked with a lady this week who wanted to sell her camp in Patten Maine that she and her husband own who live full time on Long Island Maine. She normally would have been painting lobster buoy markers the day she called. But the rain as promised in the Maine weather forecast drove her to look for inside work.

Reaching out to say they just don’t get up to use the place in the woods in Penobscot County near Baxter Park’s north entrance. So let’s list it, sell it. Let someone else get some use out of it and to be elected to keep the roof shoveled winters and other assorted handyman chores passed their way. Not using the Maine woods retreat because something keeps them now from enjoying the  Northern Maine camp like they once did.

I asked about Long Island and to learn about a place in Maine I had never been. Yet.

Maine Ocean Sailing.

Maine Is Space. On Land, Out The Water! Personal Safety Is Big Here. Crime Is Not.

Had used good old Brad’s Bike Rental in the past with kids, or loaded my own bike from home. That was chain drive bearing click click clicking sounding as it rolls onto the Casco Bay Ferry. For the ride across waves of water to Peakes Island before too. To circle it, check out the bunker left over from World War Two keeping an eye out for German U boats.

Brad’s fleet of bike on Peakes Island is quite a motley collection and self serve on Sunday. First come, first serve and you never what you are going to be riding but that is part of the adventure. The honor system for payment for the bike rental helps maintain your faith in your fellow man to do the right thing.

But what else did I learn from a local about Long Island? About the Internet being super fast and the basement of the library or school not sure which being converted to add cubicle, incubator space to entice telecommuters to the small island. The camp owner’s husband a lobsterman for eight months of the year, an electrician the rest of the dozen.

Long Island, not the one in New York that folks pronounced correctly in a funny, exaggerated way but this one in Maine.

Only an independent island since 1993 and seceding from Portland Maine. Andrew’s Beach is a hidden gem and don’t expect a lot of signage showing the way to the three acre state park or to announce when you actually arrive at the destination. The pair of very small, beginner bikes I spied with my little eye this week got me to thinking it is time to bike. But where in Maine Waldo? More on exploring Maine by bike.

Cranberry Isles Maine is another push pin on the Vacationland map to sample someday too. It is a half hour off Mount Desert Island, Maine. Don’t forget to take the Carriages of Acadia horse drawn ride in your MDI visit. With historic information shared as you clip clop around Maine’s national park network of trails. What’s up your sleeve for a visit venue in Maine to shake it up and to avoid the same tourist trap you could easily fall into again?

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Maine, A Great State To Get Lost On Purpose.

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I have a real job and it is not creating the Me In Maine blog post stream of news from up here in the upper right hand corner.

And the common theme I hear more than any is “get me out of the city, away from people.” Maine is a vast state and under nourished for population. The head count is low and the acreage of woods, farm land, water front is huge and unspoiled. Because the distance north protects and insulates the state of Maine.

Low Cost Property In Maine.

Why People Pick Maine For Low Cost Property, The Wide Open Space. Low Population, Less Folks To Bump Into And Bug You The #1 Reason Order Up Maine.

So other people. Why are they the problem for many?

Because folks need to take Dale Carnegie and learn to win friends and influence people? No. That’s not it because I meet lots of people in my day job of listing, market, selling Maine real estate. That are friendly, personable and not difficult to deal with…but thrown these same people into grid lock living of a city, add a dash of crime, an element of noise and feeling jammed in and watch out.

It is the same do or die, fight or flight situation as an animal backed into a tight corner. With teeth bared, its shackles up. The nice as punch, easiest going dog, cat, person becomes a caged animal wanting to break out at all costs. They snap. That is why people buy property in Maine. They can breathe, not worry about plowing into someone that invades their space.

The stress of living with too many people, way too much regulation and high cost of surviving the urban landscape.

It is the reason folks age prematurely from the stress. They are not happy and no matter how much they try to retail therapy their way out of it, something is missing. Something money can not buy. Maine is outdoor experiences, the ability to get below radar and away from people. To spend time with me, myself and I.

Maine Lake Photo, Low Population In Maine.

This Is Not The Landscape Where Too Many People Live. Maine Is Less Population, More Natural Unspoiled Space To Enjoy As You Take It Easy.

Had a call this week from China. Joe is from Chengdu and teaches English. I told him in a phone conversation it must be neat to be fluent in Chinese and he says he is never going to stop learning that language.

He spied with his little eye a low cost house, land, near a lake and on a brook for $12,500. He wants a place to vacation at least once a year with the plan to move here full time someday. He has traveled extensively, is from California originally and has a buddy from Wales who also teaches English in China.

There is lots of demand for help teaching English and folks on the streets of China when they hear English flock to it to practice the language.

To become more proficient with the plan for many to take a leap to the USA someday. The land of opportunity. A cheap place for Vacationland ME real estate and why people buy property in Maine.

But back to Joe. He also has another friend who writes and is looking for a backdrop to crank up the creative literary juices. I told him after college, I worked in broadcasting in Bangor Maine, and for a time at a station writer Stephen King owns. And if you digest any of his many books, Maine is a common setting with a twist on the places to add spark to the fiction of his works.

The time zone difference, knowing China does not spring forward or fall back to save on the time to match the calendar here in Maine.

A dozen hours, it was 11:30 at night there and 11:30 in the morning on the call as crystal clear as a bell with no delay or static. I have been sending him property video links and bring him up to speed on how things rock and roll in Maine. He likes what he sees, hears and is sharing in his cyber circle. Others connected to his sphere are reaching out from far away lands and the spinning blue and green marble is becoming smaller, more accessible to many.

maine cats in vegetation

Easy Does It, Everyone Is Not Strung Out, Including The Animals. Plenty Of Elbow Room, Living Space Does That! Get To Maine For A Sample.

The same day another phone call from St Barths, an Caribbean Island. The caller with a thick French accent, asking about a church for the same $12,500 price tag we must be running a special on in Maine real estate. So much for so little makes Maine a bargain for property listings and add the sauce surrounding it of eye candy, less people, more wildlife and the strong connection to get some real estate intensifies. It is why lots of our sweat and tears is poured into telling, showing the outside audience what Maine is like.

Another caller from Garmisch, Germany buzzed in through thin air of a wireless signal.

He told me the location in Bavaria, near Germany’s highest mountain was the site of the 1936 World Olympics. Evidently whoever picks the venue for the next global games  requires a certain size population. So Hitler anxious to be the host city combined Garmisch (in the west) and Partenkirchen (in the east). They had been two separate towns for many centuries, and still maintain quite separate identities. See link above on the location in Germany.

Have had a seller from England sell a home he bought from us to a purchaser from Ireland we located from one of our blog posts on simple Maine living. People move, look for a better location or just to sample a new part of the World. Traveling is easier today and folks have more disposable money to burn.

They don’t only come to the New Land riding in clipper ships, the Plymouth Rock models or the square back ones Chris Columbus navigated in search of rum, spices, real estate for the taking by planting a flag, for the fame and fortune. To go down in the history books as a remembered name echoed through time.

church for sale in maine

Church For Sale In Maine! $12,500! That Makes The Phone Ring, Email Server To Glow Hot Around The World.

One buyer from Seattle Washington has boat loads of blue chip software tech stock that went through the roof in value.

And did not want his four cats to ride on a commercial airline so he chartered a private Lear jet to whisk them away to Maine. I had to pick them up at the Houlton Maine airport and get the pilot and two other crew members a ride to a rental car place, to the check at a local motel.

The cost was $15,000 for the one way delivery of the felines and the pair of fly boys and stewardess were leaving the next day on touch down in Boston for the return back haul of a family heading to the west coast.

So back to the day job of peddling properties and will keep shooting images, uploading videos about life in Maine. The way life should be and a place where not many other areas of the World can compare.

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The Great North Woods Of Maine.

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Maine is 91% timber land and venturing into the great north woods is one major recreational past time.

Has always been that way since the first family settled in Maine. When it was all wooded. And where you put down roots was always next to a river, water way of some type. Because that river was the power source for the grain or saw mill. And the transportation for moving the logs cut from the vast forests and floated down river to market.

maine moose eating in lake photo

The Scenery In Maine. What You Look Up And See While Reading Uncle Henry’s, The Delorme Maine Atlas Gazetteer, A Stephen Kind Book.

Maine’s woods for hunting meat, fish angled for from the river.

The woods held the key for survival, for recreational pursuits and for the timber resource to build shelter. To cut down the large masts for clipper ships and schooner vessels. The tall straight spruce hand peeled and used for purloins to secure the roofs of the cathedral ceilings. The early houses in Maine were simple log cabins or pine and spruce. Then when houses were built with multi stories, the need for brick chimneys to handle the heating with wood and coal came into vogue.

But back to the Maine woods. Hear the crickets, the owls hoot, frogs croak, see the fire flies light the pathways.

The animals caught used for clothing, their fur for rugs too. The canoes used to glide through the rivers and streams, across broad lakes that salt and peppered the north Maine woods. Great herds of moose and deer, wild turkey, game birds and the best stocked trout, togue, salmon pools created the table food long before grocery stores and drive through fast food outlets.

maine moose in lake photo

Moose Not People, Other Wildlife Too Hide In The Woods, Waterways Of Maine.

For years fisherman have made the trek to the northern Maine woods. Hunters now wearing blaze orange and toting bows, arrows, rifles too. And other sportsmen wanting to access the trails on snow sled, ATV four wheelers, cross country skis. Climbing Mount Katahdin, to take in the long views from the the state’s highest point. And gawking in a slow pan from bald tops of Maine’s highest and other the many other peaks is a ritual for many through out life in Vacationland.

The early log cabins used for hunting expeditions collecting game. For lumbering operations in the deep woods unorganized locations of Maine using camps that were hand made originals. To shed the snow, rain from the roof and to protect the occupants inside from animals, to tame the cold temperatures harvesting woods by day. Sawing mental logs at night to rest and repair for tomorrow do it again. Teaming horses, two man saws and avoiding the widow makers.

Not from the machine cut kits of cedar from Katahdin and Ward Cedar log homes. And all the others that sell houses and camps that assemble as easy as lincoln logs and enjoyed all over the World. Wasting fuel but doing the job of opening up to spray the positive ions and heat BTU’s. The Franklin fireplaces for wood stoves to heat the simple shanties in the timber stands of rock maple, beech, white and yellow birch. In the softwood timber grouping of pine, fir, cedar and with ash, oak, and other forest wood specie offerings. Planted by Nature, scattered by wildlife and the wind and nothing perfect rowed like tree plantations of today that are 1000 and 1200 grid exact.

Maine Outdoor Land Views

The View At Your Picnic In Maine. It Adds To The Home Made Taste Of Whatever Is Packed Away In The Picnic Basket.

The Maine woods camp a yearly ritual for many now. Not just Teddy Roosevelt who read his bible on the point of the same name in the Island Falls, T4 R3 area of Maine forest. More on Bible Point where he met with his maker for some advice on life and fortified his soul.

For the families that extend the smile and local advice on how best to navigate around the timber tracts in the unorganized townships of 24,000 acres of square T this, R that. But at one time the trip to the north woods more than a fall ritual for game or spring jaunt for smelt, other fish that swam in the waterways unmolested.

Not like now with the search for fiddle heads, to play cribbage or poker card games around the pot belly wood stove and for recreation only. For the quick afternoon stop on snow sled or four wheeler to squeeze in some PDQ rest and relaxation.

Then high tailing it out of the Maine woods. Passing skidders with choker chains and reeled in cables, sitting idle in expansive log yards. With silence fella bunchers. wood processor delimbers of all kinds along the way on your ride out of the deep woods. Used less and less for processing the stuff paper is made from using pulp wood. The poplar attacked and stacked and destined for OSB waferboard mills around Maine.

maine water fall autumn leaf colors

Add Water To Maine Fall Leave Colors. It Leaves A Positive Impression Of Maine With Woods, Lake Camp Tourism Experiences Many Seek.

The Maine woods an early necessity to harvest more than timber for building and heating fuel to crank out the BTU warmth from the family hearth in the home. But also the four legged inhabitants were part of the many trips to the Maine woods.

The gill equipped fish plying the waterways that were clean, fresh, and under tapped by man due to their difficult locations to access wetting the baited  line. Before the railroad cut through passes through rock formations. To lay the steel pair of rails across wooded ties for the passenger and freight iron horse trains to ride.

To traverse in Northern. Central and Southern Maine when railroads opened up the Great Maine woods. And small, vibrant mill towns sprung up along their network of railway junctions and free trade opened up to load up the log lengths on the flat bed cars linked, pulled by laboring locomotives of steam power, then diesel engines.

Maine Lake Photo

Rich Where It Counts, Maine Is Unspoiled, Drop Dead Gorgeous.

The trip to the woods camp took considerably longer and a weekend zip trip up and back easy.

Like Interstate 95 allows today but that was more of a commitment, a greater strain to the hardy men and woman, boys and girls with more stamina yesteryear.

But the bounty harvested was the goal, not just the recreational pursuit to escape the day to day of a small Maine town landscape. Traded in for the wind in the pines, vibrating and humming to make you realize you were by yourself. With the birds serenading, the wildlife sharing their playground with all who took the time to venture into their special spot in Maine.

On the way to Moosehead, Jo Merry, North Twin, Chamberlain and Eagle Lakes, to hunting camps in the Allagash wilderness waterways are nothing new to local Mainers.

Who have made the trips more times than they can count or who can ever remember not their first time outing to the North Maine woods. And for a century or longer, the sporting camps for the rich and famous and average Joe with blue collar alike have catered to those seeking the solitude of the woods of Maine. Serving folks with hospitality, all those seeking the same refuge to collect their thoughts. To spend time alone and with sporting buddies and family, friends to make memories, To follow and pass on the tradition. For big feeds, fellowship and time in the forests of Maine, maybe with a foray into Canada for the two nation vacation in the fir, pines, hardwood stands infested with wildlife. Do you like to spend time in the North Maine woods?

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Take A Hike, Northern Pike And Other Illegal Game Fish.

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Largemouth bass, northern pike, rainbow smelt, black crappie … no, someone did not just hand you a Maine restaurant menu for your fish dinner choices.

Illegal game fish introduced into Maine’s waterways is serious stuff. I was taking my youngest son’s black cocker spaniel Nicky for a walk early this morning and down by the Meduxnekeag River boat landing I saw the warning sign.

Maine Dogs, Surrogate Grand Children.

Take The Picture. I Want. No Need To Go For A Walk Okay?

Like a wanted poster stapled up out west in the days of sleeping under the stars, eating canned beans, slurping coffee listening to coyotes. Propped up against your Western saddle next to your bed roll digging out the harmonica or knife to whittle. The river side sign shares news about up to $10,000 fines, $2000 reward checks being written to convictions of any one introducing illegal Maine game fish into our state’s precious waterways.

Here’s what the Inland, Fisheries people point out is the public enemy hit list for some of the fish that wreck the natural habitat on Maine’s waterfront.

Largemouth bass – If a waterbody already contains smallmouth bass, largemouth bass commonly outcompete smallmouths reducing their overall abundance. If a trout stocking program is active in a waterbody that largemouth bass become established in, the bass prey upon the stocked trout. This decreases angler catch rates for trout and may prompt MDIFW biologists to stop stocking trout altogether if predation rates on stocked trout become unacceptably high. Introduced largemouth bass have also decimated Maine baitfish populations in many waters, eliminating excellent opportunities to harvest baitfish, both recreationally and commercially.

Northern pike – Pike introductions create a significant change to the fish population structure within a waterbody. They will prey upon any available forage species (smelt, shiners, fallfish, and perch) as well as game fish (bass, pickerel, and both wild and stocked trout and salmon species). This reduces the overall abundance of both forage and game fish, which has drastic impacts to anglers over time.  Protect our Maine waterways or lose them is the sobering choice to make.

Muskellunge – Muskies negatively impact wild brook trout populations in Maine. Due to their preference for cool-water habitat muskie actively prey upon native minnow species and brook trout. They also at the same time crowd out brook trout and slow down water habitat balance cycle. This reduces the overall abundance of brook trout in ponds and rivers where muskie are present. This impacts greatly the angler catch rates of trout over time. The reduction hurts our tourism economy, the local enjoyment of wetting the lines and casting for fish a long time Maine tradition.

Maine Small Town Living, Enjoying The Simple Lake Life.

A Maine Lake For A Neighbor. Yeah, Do That. Protect That If You Are So Lucky.

Black crappie – Black crappie compete for forage with existing fish species when introduced to a waterbody. Due to their fast growth rates and high productivity, crappie can quickly become abundant. A unique life history trait exhibited by crappie is large-scale downstream movement of young-of-year fish. This allows for quick colonization of downstream waters.

Smallmouth bass – When smallmouth bass are introduced into waters with wild brook trout populations they prey upon the brook trout and compete with trout for food and available habitat. As the bass population becomes more abundant they will reduce or extirpate brook trout and spread into accessible waters upstream or downstream.

Landlocked alewife – Landlocked alewives compete with smelt populations, often reducing the abundance of smelt in a waterbody. This change produces a profound negative impact to landlocked salmon because smelt are the primary forage for salmon. Reduced smelt abundance decreases salmon growth and abundance, along with angler satisfaction.

Rainbow smelt – Smelt are common in many waters and are native to Maine. Though often used for bait, their introduction into wild brook trout ponds and small-sized Arctic charr waters cause significant negative impacts to trout and charr because adult smelt prey on the young of both species.

Leaving the natural resource to your kids in better shape than you found it is good stewardship. It is respect and consideration for the fish that need protection from anglers. And further education to show how the problem impacts the natural habitat.

But protection of the Maine waterways means we all have a role and should be concerned whether an angler or not. If fish could talk, the natives would gurgle lots. About watersheds and timber cutting operations miles away messing up the inlets to their homes. Lake loons, turtle, otters and all the other waterway animals would add to the chorus of what threatens their healthy way of life.

Maine Lake Living, Outdoors, Simple, Refreshing.

Stretch Your Neck Out, Consider Getting Your Own Maine Waterfront Property. But Protecting It Means Working Together To Combat Illegal Fish Introductions, Milfoil Education & MORE!

When a non-native or invasive species is illegally introduced into a Maine waterbody the following serious impacts can occur:

  1. Prey upon existing fish species in that Maine waterbody.
  2. Compete with existing Maine fish species for food and habitat.
  3. Spread to other Maine waterbodies (upstream and downstream) that are connected to the original water. This expands the range of the new species and continues impacting other existing fish populations.
  4. Increase the potential for fish diseases to be spread and for the introduction of new diseases from outside of Maine.
  5. Existing Maine regulations on the importation of live fish and health screening requirements for authorized transfers have prevented the spread of most fish diseases into Maine from neighboring states.
  6. Once an introduced fish species becomes established in a waterbody the fish community is changed forever. Education awareness is the key to give everyone a head’s up on what is threatening Maine’s waterfront.

We have blogged on milfoil before too which is not a pretty development in our Maine lakes and ponds.

Brought in by unclean props, float planes, etc, milfoil education has been on going and public funds are available to hire people to help the volunteer lake association members. To hand out brochures, connect with anglers and boaters. To monitor boat landings around Maine and increase awareness on how serious milfoil vegetative  infestation really is to our heritage of clean fresh waterways. Before it takes over the waterfront and the remedies get tougher to correct and reverse the negative impact to the species of fish and other wildlife that call our lakes, ponds, rivers and streams home in Maine.

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Living In A Small Maine Town, The Benefits.

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Where to live, why a small Maine town?

Rural living offers lots of perks and you can still take the treks to the population centers to experience whatever is a small town does not offer. Whatever the small population can not support that large urban areas can. But living with the traffic, the crime, the high cost of living is not a daily struggle when you decide to hang your hat in a small rural area.

Maine Lighthouses Enhance The Sea Shore Experience.

How’s This For a Back Drop Reading Your Favorite Book In Maine?

So living in a small town in Maine, what it the day to day like?

Well for starters, you feel the connection, you become very aware that you do care about others around you. And the feeling goes both ways. You have an intimate connection, you know the folks you meet on the streets and downtown in a small Maine town. Fewer in number is the population but working with the others who live around you happens. Whether it is through your job, church, school activities or community events. Or sharing the outdoors that Maine rural areas provide as the backdrop to small town living.

So what to prepare for living in a small town in Maine?

You don’t stay isolated, you don’t just attend events or shop and go home. There are lots of opportunities to pitch in, give back and make the small town living experience richer for yourself and others. If you move in from somewhere else, share what you have learned. And respect the local traditions if new to you because you now call home the small town in Maine.

Resist complaining about how life was different where you used to live compared to the small town in Maine. You moved here for a reason. Maybe it was the lake home for vacations that became a retirement property that caused the relocation. Maybe after you retired it was just too darn expensive to stay in the city setting where you used to chase the dollar.

But lack of traffic, no worries about crime, experiencing the bright star filled skies at night that pollution choked out are just a few life adjustments in small town Maine.

Small rural living is safer. Your family has less worries. Less time is spent on the road traveling to and fro. That creates more time for stuff you want to do to enrich your life. Smaller groups mean more intimacy, a stronger connection. You know each other more deeply in small rural towns. You need each other more because look behind you. You are it. Not a lot of competition for the endeavors you are designed perfectly to take on to make your small town living in Maine experience the best it can be.

amish farm horses in Maine

Teaming The Horses, Working The Land In Maine Farm Fields. Amish Communities Do It Daily Around The State.

Purpose in life, it starts with having a major role in the script. Less change or shake up happening in small town living too. Because change happens slower and the pace of life is sane, predictable, and friendly. When you shop for groceries, go to the movies, pick up the local paper, you know the folks you meet and read about and their families.

When something happens, a fire, someone has cancer treatments ahead, folks turn out ten fold in small Maine towns.

It could be them needing the helping hand. There is a sense of responsibility to others and deep pride in the local community. Because you are an intricate part of it, Year after year pitching in to help make a local event bigger and better than it was before and planning the next year’s undertaking as soon as this year’s wraps up and is in the history books.

Shopping in small towns in Maine is at local one of a kinds, where the owner is in the store to provide you personal customer service. As a kid you work at these small Mom and Pop stores, diners, service providers. Your grandfather traded with the same family that started the business in the small town in Maine. There is a good feeling to doing business with a small town enterprise where you know the owner, where it is not a chain franchise. Where it is one of a kind shopping experience and everything is familiar, down to Earth and where you the shopper know you are needed as a customer. You feel appreciated.

Wells Beach Maine

Fresh Air, Working The Sand As Early Masons On A Maine Beach.

In small towns in Maine you also sense more than Mom and Dad are raising you. You don’t feel like a little kid but are treated with respect and guided into adulthood by all the members of the village. The neighbors are rooting for you. Proud of the sports or academic performance or how you represent the small town in Maine at whatever level or endeavor you choose.

These folks root for the home town boy or girl because they watched them grow up, had a hand along the way in their development.

They helped shape you the little sprout as a teacher, minister, little league coach, farmer, store employer or soap box derby sponsor.

The college scholarships awarded to those going on to higher education are many in number. Not one big contributor but lots of them supporting you as you go on to learn a trade, obtain a sheepskin diploma and enter the work force wherever it may lead you.

Lower cost real estate, smaller sized insurance premiums too and labor for repairs or construction following along in more affordable fashion. That is all part of the many perks to getting more for less in small town living. But the best benefit is the unspoiled outdoors in Maine. When less people tramp or trample an area, the pure and natural shine it has is preserved. Respect for the outdoor fresh air and clean water and wildlife is higher. Sacred and that good stewardship is passed on to the next generation.

Sea Kayking In Bar Harbor Miane

Fmily Fun. Make A Splash, Paddle Around A Maine Coastal Community.


More than skilled in just one talent and bartering with lots of others to gain whatever is lacking until completion of anything lacking. We are lucky, grateful and don’t realize really to just how great an extent until someone from an urban area points out what is missing where they call home in the bright lights, big city landscape. We listen, hear what the city mouse regrets that usually revolves around needing more money, greater space, no crime and less traffic please. Help yourself to greater helpings of all those items that abound in small rural town living in Maine. And don’t stay away so long, Maine tugs as your heartstrings once you experience small town living in Maine.

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Fixing The Small Maine Town Economy.

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The attitude of the locals, sure Maine comedians try to exaggerate the Downeast slant that at times takes a different angle on day to day life in Vacationland.

Like the Purple Clam video blogged about earlier if you drop in for the hit or miss on the post stream. Hit the Downeast hyper link  above. The friggin’ clam is determined not to be trapped in the wire basket with the handle. He frustrates and wears out the digger down a finger on one hand. Who has a score to settle on the mud flats near the blueberry barrens of Maine.

life on the farm

Free Of Layers Of Players, Maine Simple Living Means Reduce, Reuse, Conserve.

But how someone appears to sweet or sour sound in conversation and what they really feel deep down inside don’t always match up in the ballistics test review.

We all know being around someone that is toxic can suck the air out of the room. That bitching, complaining can be contagious and a nasty habit. Discouragement and slow to change thinking to adapt to new economic situations can mire a person who just gets weighed down too heavily.

Overloaded worrisome thinking means head to the hills of Maine. For some control, alternate, delete. The nature trail of fresh air and clean running water that regains a healthy perspective. Does a body and mind good. A positive outlook always gets a person through the day best.

 So the spell when a rural small Maine town gets challenged to revamp how it rocks and rolls.

Paper or lumbering mill communities have the biggest economic hangover. Farming with hops and the scramble to get in on the ground floor of pot creates a buzz. The increase of younger micro farm producers has caused a stir in both the organic and conventional agriculture sides of Maine field operations.

Slow to change means dying on the vine, bleeding out and look Mom, no more small dot on the Maine Gazatteer atlas map.

Banding together for consolidation and reduction of duplication of services started years ago. Late night meetings into the wee hours to discuss the limited choices. Plenty of time to get used to the idea of inevitable change and the right direction in the tough choices has already happened. To avoid deorganization and surrender of identity to one of the sixteen counties that absorb the townships, plantations that become township this, range that auto piloted one level up the government food chain pay grade.

maine outdoor winter scene

The Peace And Quiet In Maine. Unplug, Recharge, Get Your Head Screwed On Straight.


Unfortunately the quickest way to turn the wagons around on the way into a box canyon is to be bankrupt on resources. So no more delay or talking solutions to death without implementing necessary steps ceases. Unfortunately “We’re out of money” is the quickest way to cause change instead of hoping each department or program administrator pulls themselves out of the local mud collectively.

Doing the right thing for the greater good means letting go, not looking over the shoulder waiting for Augusta Maine legislators and the Governor to come to the rescue.

These are the good old days twenty years from now looking back. The talk about “they need to this, that” discussion and pointing at leaders six feet under pushing up daisies wastes precious time. You and I are “they”. For the lead, follow or get out of the way.

maine small restaurant diner

Tradition, Wearing Wool Snow Caps Flipping Burgers And Pancakes. Maine Has Distinctive Eateries.

So when you vacation in Maine, as you head deeper into Vacationland away from the tourist traps, you see rugged individuals.

Polished smooth by hard time and perseverance. Experiences not taught in a classroom. These salt of the Earth individuals that work, live, play in small Maine landscapes. They are dependable, constant and never waiver. Not fickle fair weather friends but friends for life.

That have a few more facial lines than most and not from laughter but concern. And plenty of outdoor weather exposure in all kinds of elements. The desire for more jobs so our young don’t have to be the number one export is on the minds of all. And the need to stay positive and brainstorm to creatively hammer out the best solutions to keep small Maine towns more than just afloat. But to prosper and grow takes patience and sharp tongues that are silenced with duct tape over the pie holes. Best case scenarios solutions to real problems and not personal attacks is the only approach small Maine town populations can adopt.

Get excited, not discouraged. Be part of the solution, not the problem that need a common plan that the majority of locals can believe in to tackle the issues.


 I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Getting Ready For Spring, Maine Winter Weather Winds Down.

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Spring in Maine, a time of yard work to repair the truck plowing lawn scars, to remove rocks air lifted in from the snow blower.

Sides of houses pressure washed to release the sand and salt residue that clings to the exterior. And garage doors thrown open high and the interiors swamped out and organized. Just like the cars and trucks we hunker down in when the white blanket covers the landscape in Maine.

Spring is a time when not just your Maine house cats, dogs, whatever pet that samples the two dishes through out the day acts a little funny. Like they are on too catnip.

Cabin fever from the being stuck inside a little more than you would like over winter intensifies as the snow banks surrender and the temperature rises in the tube sampling the air outside your kitchen window.

Free at last. Especially if you are in the elderly demographic of Mainers and worried sick for too long. About that hidden layer of glare ice that might be lurking under the new fallen snow. That snow adds lubrication to the polished ice formation like a moat causing house arrest. That makes conditions ideal for a broken hip or dislocated shoulder if the house dweller inside gets any ideas of a quick escape to Wally World, Piggly Wiggly or Mardens. No one wants the siren ride to the ER and the OR pin applied to the hip right?

maine black bears

Searching For A Snack. Shy Maine Black Bears Shake Off Hibernation And Become More Social.

Throwing open windows and house doors to exchange the air inside for the fresh stuff the other side of the insulated barriers.

Study intently of the online and newsprint canoe and kayak racing circuit schedule news. For trophies to add to the collection gathering dust in the bookcase or on the fireplace mantel. Or the row row or paddle your boat for just the sheer pleasure of floating, coasting with the current at your own pace. Down a winter run off engorged river or stream in Maine with fellow friends, family and neighbors that is a spring tradition for many in Maine. You see the green and red water craft leaning against garages, getting ready for the heave ho hoist to the rack on the back of pickups around Maine. As the angled yellow or red or stainless steel angled plow and frame come off the other end.

The vegetable seed catalogs have long ago been delivered and peat pots on old newspapers cover card tables and porch room window sills.

Both areas littered with jump started, sprouting vegetables to transplant because of they are the best areas to capture the all important sunshine.

That is invited into Maine homes lucky enough to have an eastern, better yet southerly exposure location. The pools of warm sunshine same areas cats like to lounge as they follow the yellow and red ball radiation of heat and light from room to room in houses around Maine.

maine moose

Maine Moose Jogging By A Maple Syrup Tapped Grove. Spring Air Stirs The Wildlife And  The Local Natives.

Plans for a bigger garden this year with new editions that were not on the menu for family dining when harvested after the regiment of planting, weeding, watering, feeding in the labor of love. To serve your family, yourself and all the folks you share the excess bounty from the good old Earth that creates the all natural foodstuffs. In the piece of dirt that can be measured in feet, yards or acres depending on the size of the metes and bounds legal description in the deed to the house you call home in Maine.

Funneling the income tax return to needed repairs or to erase debt for the free and clear. That is part of spring’s ritual involving whether you owe or get a refund. Filling in driveway pot holes, pushing dirt back in to smooth out the runway stop and go. Spring means lots of exercising that involves ladders, holes, window washing and tightening, straightening what is loose.

New Year’s a regular time of resolutions for a better disciplined life as the ball drops and you kiss the one you love and rip off the month of December from the kitchen calendar.

But spring is a time of action to get results from the pledge IOU’s written under the influence of bubbly grape juice or barley pop or whatever firewater tickles the taste buds to fresh you in life celebrations and mile stones. Gratitude is riches and that blessing increases inside especially in spring. A time of renewed hope, faith and relief that robins and song birds return from the south along with lake loons who serenade us nightly as we circle our chairs around open fire pits for some outdoor gap fests and heart to heart therapy sessions.

Opening up the lake, woods, river camps in Maine.

Chasing out the mice who hung out while you were gone. Making a mental list transferred to the scribble on the job jar items that may be a little too ambitious for your back and wallet. But nonetheless created in gusto with prioritizing like the triage exercise in an emergency room. To determine whether the machine shed roof on a set of Maine farm property buildings trumps the replacement of the two windows or sliding doors that have lost their seal and fog over. Interfering with the view of the bird feeder that attracts winged delights of all kinds and a fair share of the cats and squirrels, chipmunks from around the neighborhood to shoo away with the daisy red rider broadcasting copper pellets.

maine winter wood burning

Next Year’s Wood Pile In Tree Life Form. Ready To Knit On, To Slowly Cut And Split Into Just The Right Stove Lengths. Mainers Stay A Season Ahead With Their Wood Stash.

Screwing back on or replacing hanging by one screw mud flaps. Getting a new windshield pinged by a sand truck rock on the way to the local sport’s team and their quest for a gold basketball or coveted hockey trophy. The new sheet of glass so the new vehicle inspection sticker can be applied to avoid the blue lights from Smokey Bear asking for license and your registration please.

Tending the wood home fires stops. Feeding the stoves and furnaces winds down. Next year’s tree length is delivered to prepared early for the next round of winter weather. Staying ahead of the heating curve.

Trips around Maine because you are lucky enough to live here and sample easily the delights of the many regions of Vacationland. Those are mulled over in the shower, humming while shaving with the guy you meet and greet each day in the bathroom mirror. Or while performing the thorough, deep spring cleaning where interior walls get scrubbed, curtains washed or dry cleaned and wardrobes exchanged. To slip into something more comfortable to match the weather in Maine now playing outside your home or camp or cottage.

Treks with picnic baskets to Baxter Park, down to the rugged rock bound coast line in Maine.

Hiking up the hills, biking around the islands that deliver whatever you peddle by ferry boats running on tight schedules when the Maine weather allows them to without peril. Collecting another light house in Maine for the collection.

tapping maple trees in maine for sap

The Sweet Stuff, Rock Maple Sap That Boils Down 40 To 1 For The Golden Mixture To Ooze And Drizzle On Your Griddle Stacks Of Maine Blueberry Pancakes.

Trips to visit, pay respects to family plots on the spots in a cemetery where departed loved ones are buried. The plastic flowers replaced with rear ones in some cases. Trimming bushes, shaping landscaping trees to keep them low to the ground and respectful. Silent and audible conversations had with the ones you miss but know are in a better place with no suffering and saving you a seat.

Maine home shows around the state give you ideas for renovations to your castle this spring and beyond.

New toys for the water front or all the trails that dot and dash the Gazetteer map to explore get attention too if sales too hard to pass up are marketed correctly. The seed is already planted in Mainers who study the Uncle Henry’s and Craiglist for a true bargain. Snow sled trail markers and directional signs are collected, uprooted in muddy fields. To make way for the farmers to drop the chisel plow to get ready for another spring planting when the soil warms up and drys out.

Awareness sharpens in spring because of the lull caused by spending more time than you would like indoors over a Maine winter. The exercise regiment increases and the pounds added on during the holidays melt away like the snow flakes free loading in receding bank on properties around Maine. Green grass awaits, golf courses too and hardware trips to perform a few of the requests at a time on the honey do list.

Spring time in Maine, folks of all ages smile more, dream  louder.

Kids sense it first as bikes are hauled out of storage way too early. And forgetting to wear a coat as they race for the trampoline under chilly conditions remind you what it is like to be young and not carry the weight of mortgage payments, poor medical reports and juggling the check book.

If you only spend time in Maine around July 4th, add some new dance steps to your vacation fox trot or jitter bug up the pike numbered “95” into the Pine Tree state. Maine, she does a body good and once those heart strings are found, she never lets go and you don’t mind one bit.

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