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What People Want, Need And Why Relationships Are Delicate.

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No news is not good news because just not hearing anything makes a person wonder.

Hope, assume but not know for absolute certain how things are going. Maybe jump to the wrong conclusion. Like dial readings to know how a machine is running, communication both voiced, non-verbal all add cues. To give others a hint of what’s up, shakin’, bakin’.

Maine Communication Cam Mean Job Telecommuting

The Connection With The Audience. Seeing Each Member One By One.

I work in a service industry and setting expectations upfront is great.

. But for great service providing, it means very good care. But along the way explaining, some backing up to start educating has to happen. About what the process is. What stage we are in and what could happen next. If this, that does take place or ends up failing to occur.

Everyone wants to be kept informed in a relationship. No matter how business like or intimate. To hear from you, to ask you questions, to make it two way communication. Because the twenty questions helps relay what is happening on your end. As it happens, changes and things unfold.

For between their ears on the other side of the conversation connection.

Behind the eyeballs too. To transfer the best, current information. To draw, come to the same correct commonly shared conclusion. So the other is in the know. If the two sides are not in the same room location to see and hear for themselves. If not in the same hometown, state, heck country or solar system.

Maine Lake Photo

Peaceful, Space, Fresh Air, Clean Water. That’s A Big Part Of Maine’s Magic.

Tell me what you are doing, and getting the same report back.

To avoid worry from creeping in and based on not much if anything. With texting, emailing, cell phones and the mails.

Actual visits too. There is no reason for someone in the relationship, no matter what kind to be left in the dark. Out in the cold on what you are up to and why, where, when.

Busy happens, but chasing to update is not needed with the new electronic age. Showing you care. Making it a priority to keep those in the circle abreast of developments. In the loop that gets fed, weeded, watered. If the other is wired in, tuned to use. Choose from the many methods of communication we have access to today.

Thinking of moving, relocating to Vacationland? Telecommute to Maine easier than ever before. Bring that current job out of state to Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Jack Frost Has Set Up The Easel, The Second Bloom Explosion Of Color Happening.

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Fall foliage, sneak peeking, leaf peepers in Maine that make the yearly trek to Maine to see the color explosion.

After the spring and summer flower bloom, the rich hues of orange, red, yellows and changing shades of green. The handiwork of Jack Frost in the Maine fall landscape is underway. For the second bloom of color natural fireworks. Have you been to Maine for fall color change?

Are we at peak color, when will we be if not for pretty amazing leaf arrays?

Maine is one big honking sized state.

maine fall foliage peak colors

Fall Fireworks, Second Bloom Color Explosion Now Happening.

So keep driving, see the different fall foliage colors regions take center stage for their performance.

One by one the stunning fall colors in Maine do solos. Northern Maine is nearing the peak for color and trees still have an abundance of leaves to display the harvest tones.

Maine Fall Foliage

Million Shades Of Just Green Of Spring, Summer. Suddenly, Red, Orange, Yellow Fireworks Explosion Of Fall Foliage Display.

Like you need a reason to escape to Maine right?

But come now, come quick. No no, just a gentle reminder, causal nudge.

An easy, unassuming oh by the way did you know about Maine falls colors? What’s happening as we hunt and peck.

The individual leaf colors on Maine that is 91% forested, wooded, treed. All those many shades of green variations are mutating.

Evolving, blossoming again into amazing tints of harvest colors Maine is famous for, that causes all the requests.

Bus and carloads of folk from outside Maine. All the locals lucky enough to be here full time. To mutter the same thing. The “let’s get outside, go for long drive on a ribbon of Maine roadway”. Everyone has their special travel map route to do that every year.

Preparing to go out to bathe, bask, take in the panorama. To celebrate fall colors, the farm harvest bounty now underway in Vacationland. Come sample the tapestry of fall leaf color change in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Small Maine Airports, Making Them Funnel In New Money.

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Maine is a great place and if you ask the out of state average Joe or Jane, to describe Maine in one word.

Lobsters, ocean, lighthouses, moose, blueberries, potatoes, Baxter, Acadia, Allagash, Sugarloaf, Sunday River. Whoops, two words for skiing, sorry. Oh, and Moosehead, Sebago, East Grand Lakes. And to be fair rivers like the Penobscot, Dead, Androscoggin and Kennebec.

Sure there are Maine towns and a handful of cities that might come up in conversation.

Visited during vacation, on the way through traveling.

Maine Small Town Airports, Generate, Attract Income, Traffic.

Low Cost Jet Fuel Or AV Gas, Small Maine Airports, Less Busy Small Maine Town Runways. Win Win Win.

Or because relatives live there, the reason for passing through on occasion. But small Maine towns, making them destinations because of all those one word descriptions. When major airports are still hours away. And sampling “the other Maine” is the target.

Less commercial, more outdoors and infested with wildlife, sparse numbers of locals.

What to expect to find in small Maine towns, villages, burgs. A friend of my son’s works at a small airport. Has an app on his phone that let’s him know there is a request for a drink. A plane needing lots of fuel that is requesting touch down. Just long enough to make the gauge on the silver bird go back to the right, up on “F”.

Then turn around, after dropping off precious cargo and flapping those wings back to whence it came. Five hundred gallons, times $4.75 makes for one attractive gas stop of higher octane. With more flammable fumes than the Yugo or Rambler in your average small Maine town yard drink. That are used to go to the local IGA Foodliner, to the Blue Seal feed store for pellets of mixed grain, etc.

Maine Small Town Living, Simpler Approach.

Simpler Small Town Living In Maine.

I really like, get excited helping the flow of new dollars into a small Maine town economy.

And any time someone in my day job asks can I fly into your hometown airport, sure can. May not be a domestic, daily flight schedule you are marching to but with a little lead time, Sky King, Penny can be located to take on the assignment.

Paved runways, mile long can handle the job nicely in say Houlton Maine’s KHUL airport. Earlier today another smaller Cessna drifted in, land for a fill it up please expensive slurp. And then went on it’s merry flight plan way. Local manufacturing factories based here, the US Government, private sector use the small Maine airport too.

Today’s Hawker 800 fuel consumer will be back to pick up a passenger, family member staying until the end of the month.

Flying a Hawker 800 that looks pretty neat, sleek when not the norm where big jet engines row. The airport in Houlton Maine was pretty important, busy during World War Two when barracks were set up. To house NCO and officers but also German prisoner of wars. Who helped local Maine potato farmers plant, tend, harvest the local crops.

Maine Is Space, Outdoors.

Weaving, Needling Your Car, Bike Through The Highway Thread. Exploring Maine.

While most of local GI’s were across the puddle in the European or further mileage racked up in the Pacific war theatre. My Dad played a part taking rides, working out of the back of a four engine bomber.

So when someone asks can you fly their plane, small jet into some Maine town without a major airport but with a runway all FCC approved for traffic, roll out the red carpet.

If you are lucky enough to have one. Tell them sure thing. Hope they stay awhile, return. Make it a habit.

Help yourself to lower cost jet and airplane fuel. Quick clearing of customs, immigration in the case of Houlton Maine’s airport smack dab on the Canadian border.

Spread the word, small Maine town airports are open for business.

Round the clock, Ready Freddy when needed. Repair work can be done on air frames too, avionics and more if needed. Tell your fly boy friends in your rolodex, business circles would you please?

And put others in the Maine small town community to work. Like a car dealer renting the pilot and crew a vehicle. That end up staying the night or longer at a local Maine motel, cabin, lodging.

And who knows, with the small Maine home town warm reception, an up and coming industry expansion, someone starting a new business that generates jobs could ignite. Could be the low hanging fruit harvested. From sending up the flare to say “Land Here Easy.” Simply playing the local small Maine town airport introduction face card.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Like The Kid’s Card Game Of Fish, Got Any …..?

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Peas in a pod, two people that are well matched and compliment each other.

There is harmony and peace in the household. But they say opposites attract. Those differences are what add depth to the chemistry that makes the sum of the two better than being single. And the pair both know it.

Maine Moose Trail Traffic.

The Moose Is Loose, Alone. Where’s The Mrs?

When a couple gets older, aging moves their relationship and life into a time affectionately termed the “Golden Years”.

Often the differences after sixty plus years of marital rock polishing to smooth, shape the two are reduced to only health ones. Her hearing is poor, his eyesight is anything but 20-20.

Her back problems limit what she has to rely on him to do around the household. She cooks, he cleans. The blur of cross training reverts back to which partner is physically or mentally able to perform the task at hand. The duty of the day.

But like two parts cars bought to make one vehicle with time, love and turning the wrenches, the couple’s disabilities become many. But each has a different top ten list of where they shine, where the luster is missing in those advancing “Golden Years”. Complimenting each other goes beyond mental preferences and accepting the lumps, bumps, quirks of the other. Reduced to just purely physical differences that enter the room. That loom large and stay like an elephant.

Maine Loons On Lake Fishing.

Taught How To Fish, Survive Early In Life. Missing His Mate, Crying About It Heard On A Maine Lake.

The pair’s closeness becomes razor thin in the space between the couple when their have to share their five senses.

To rely on the other when what is needed sensory is diminished or eventually gone completely. So when one passes on, the other is truly lost. Because like the expression it was like losing my right arm, or I’ve give an arm and a leg for whatever. The partner who provided what the other could not bring to the plate anymore is faced with the limitations all by their lonesome.

The “we” becomes “me, myself and I”.

And instead of the independence of living at home, the move to a facility to function in a healthy way takes place. Has to because more than losing your best friend happens. Your reliance on the other is no longer an option when they leave the Earth. It is always amazing to see two elderly people that have marital bliss. From years of practice, trial and error. And not the same carbon copy list of what ails them, what part is missing or diminished. Between the two, like the Fish game, they find what they need which is more than enough. And for that the pair is grateful. Growing old gracefully.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker


Music Where The Lead Instrument Usually Holds Down The Background.

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Music where the instrument played is out front and center stage when usually more of a support, backup application.

It is neat to see a musician, an individual take it to a level there is nothing to compare to in music, in life. That passion is infectious and you can get addicted to the musical works in a very healthy way.

Maine Sunset Lake Photo

Finding A Way To Make A Living, Stay In Maine Full Time. It’s Worth It.

Maybe not being the norm, what is expected adds to the music artistry being edgy, raw yet refined.

But so new or innovative and not mainstream that it stands out like one copy. Not mass produced or “everybody’s doing it”. No sea of sameness.

Blazing your own trail and not looking down to see if anyone else has been on it prior to you. Not needing to glance down for the reference points to follow a pathway in life is pure confidence. Living by your own rules, standards, heck even whims. Isn’t that the essence of enjoying life? Sampling it, contributing to it for others to enjoy and not just being a spectator?

Mark King of Level 42 is one of those musician lost in what he does. That can make a bass the lead guitar.

Listen, watch him pluck, slap the bass center stage.

The hand made bass neck lit up with LEDs, chewing gum and taped up thumb, Mark King entertains. Check him out.

Or hear, see maybe you already have discovered, enjoy Victor Wooten, another incredible bass player.

Not singing like Mark King in the earlier video. But jamming with the Dave Mathews Band that is loaded with visionaries squeezing more, nothing quite like it out there in solos on stage. Lost in the music. Hypnotizing the audience.

Or changing it up and setting the bass guitar in the slanted floor cradle.

Reaching for the bow and focusing on two cellos, a pair of brothers making them perform in ways you have never seen, heard before.

Music, the kind that is made out in nature. Where the musicians are unknowns. Crickets, robins, lake loons, bull frogs and water lapping on shore rocks. A fire crackles, sputters, creating flickering shadows. As the glow combined with the heat spills light you can feel down to your bones around a log cabin in the Northern Maine woods.

Maine Is Outdoor Simple Living.

Maine, Somehow Water Is Always In The Background. Part Of The Outdoor Fun.

It is the song you sing inside, that stays with you. Like a hearty home cooked filled with lots of love meal that sticks to your ribs.

The company, the setting, the day in Maine you just experienced or that brand new one laying ahead.

The hand crafted, garden grown slow food meal all add to the take away deep inside. When you make, take the time to live, enjoy your life. Include others in it.

What songs linger with you, long after the practice, the solo under water while getting started for the day ahead in the shower performance?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Pick Up A Rock, Lob It Into The Conversation.

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Ever find yourself in a group that the main topic is other people that rub them the wrong way?

One by one, systematically this person, that individual is hoisted up for all to review, critique. When you are silent or squirming, not so comfortable you might even be asked for your contribution to the conversation.

Maine Is Outdoors, Using Only Natural Ingredients.

Maine Living, All Natural. Rock Solid Simple. Not Used To Judge, Stone.

What do you think about so and so? Pick up a rock, lob it in. Zing them. Three things happen when at a holiday gathering, after church lunch, in a social setting and the topic of what do you think about so and so comes up for a question.

I don’t hate anyone. I am not a good person to ask for judgement of another. I feel I have lots to work on and pretty happy, content, humble.

The second feeling that hits deep down in the bones is what would this posse bsaying about me if not here?

Not wild about being the topic of conversation on a slow news day. Or to help roast another that I don’t really know or if I did, who am I to apply the lashes? Move them into the cross hairs. To critique, find fault, ridicule.

Maine Kitchen Cookstove

Antique Wood Kitchen Cook Stoves. Not For Sale, We Use Them For Heating, Eating, Baking. Sitting Around To Talk With Coffee, Tea.

Maybe it is being busy. Lots to do with family, in the community, work. Heck blogging. Plenty to do so not wasting daylight character bashing another. Sometimes the person rotated into the same diss I heard last link up is close to home. Married to a cousin…. (hands up, fingers making cross) Time out. Whoa.

In small Maine towns, not many of us here so we need all the helping hands possible. Tread lightly and cut others slack, hoping for the same in return. Many hands. The entire team and this is what we have so make it work, be highly creative in a small Maine town applies. To keep it alive, vibrant.

The third reason just not in the habit of dissing others is taught to look for the good.

To admire effort, trying to do good works even if coming up a little short of the target. The heart was in the right place, it is the thought that counts. Parents reward and recognized sincere effort. Encouragement went a long way to keep you moving, productive and from standing still, feeling sorry for yourself.

Happiness In Small Maine Towns, Working Public Suppers.

Community Service Volunteering, One Of Maine’s Algorithm For Simply Living Joy.

Insecurity within oneself could be the reason the habit happens. Finding fault in others to make you feel like you measure up higher on a scale someone out there secretly records.

Inside you know you did a good job, not having the fancy, the favor of all those around you. There is a higher power you answer to, pray with and that loves you. C. S. Lewis weighs in on why people judge.

A lady I know told me it is hard to go on a car ride with two others that are on board for out of town meetings.

One starts in one by one attacking a person and moves on down the line to another she does not particularly like. And goes into the reasons why they are so irritating, she can not stand them.

The other passenger in the car is good natured but gets pulled into the black widow venom. And the ride is one unpleasant experience for someone who does not know the folks being attacked. Or sometimes she does and has a neutral reaction. Or sports a positive, different one to offer.

She says if she defends, the conversation stalls. The chatter lulls. And the ride is suddenly longer and very quiet. Except for the tunes she cranks up or the sound of the roadway from the tire hum taking over. And all the thoughts in the car go silent, get mulled over in private, not collectively shared.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

Finding The Source Of Unhappiness, Turning The Corner In Maine.

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You read, hear, see lots of signs of depression, unhappiness.

And wonder where did all the angry people come from? Why folks are angry, are frustrated is fueled from lots of sources deep inside. My Mom used to call it “stinking thinking”. Not being grateful, counting your blessings.

Maine Small Town Living, Simpler Approach.

Simpler Small Town Living In Maine.

The approach that you are better off than you deserve, others have it a lot worse than you.

Sure chemical imbalance, something missing in the inside chemistry can trigger the highs and lows. But your outlook, what you were taught has a hand in the “how’s it going?”.

Anger turned inward causes depression. Having the wrong, skewed set of expectations that are not realistic or forgetting the struggle, hard work to pull off change spells disaster too.

In my Maine real estate job, I find a person, couple upside down with a mortgage loan that is unhappy. Worried about losing the place. And beyond the housing stress to get payments caught up or the place sold, you quickly find other areas of the owner’s life is out of whack.

Not happy about their job, all the mountain of debt, the relationship too is a struggle and hanging on by a thread.

It’s all making everyone bone tired. Discouraged, depressed, not such a happy camper. Sometimes the anger that fuels, is the mortar of the short temper, unhappiness comes from knowing the individual or couple had a role. Made mistakes, but not always cranked up about taking ownership of their contribution. In the fine kettle of fish they find themselves swimming around in.

Maine Is Rural, Lots Of Farms.

Maine Is Having Land, Using It For Farming, Hobbies. Or Just Enjoying Wide Open Space.

Grass is always green kicks in and just looking for relief. But self medication, retail therapy, affairs don’t fix the problem.

Adjustment in life to correct the off the road should be done carefully, in small measures. Kinda of like apply power to a skid on a slick Maine winter road of ice. The ribbon thread of up, down, twisting sideways dips and no thank you ma’ms.

When you live in Maine, the approach to living is less expensive, lower key and time always spent outdoors.

Being on a Maine lake or something waterfront is the setting to figure out, hear yourself think. To consider where you are now, where you have been, where you want to end up. Hard work, determination, patience but right thinking… not the stinking kind needed in large supply.

Having lots of space around you and acres not inches is the setting that helps the general mood. On everything that happens in life that spills from that location. Too tight, too small, up close and way way too personal does not make you easy going. Able to let things roll off without a fuss, a frown, a string series of four letter words anger.

Maine Small Farm Land Photo

Growing Up In Maine, The Fun Home Made, Outdoors.

Lack of fear, missing crime is what Maine provides a healthy dose of for day to day simple living.

Being productive, worthwhile and having a purpose. Skills developed because it is up to you, no one else empowers a person too. Shows the grit, what the person is made of to persevere, dig in, hang on and move beyond the rock and a hard place.

Coming to Maine debt free works best. Knowing what you got paid there and just skinned by with is not the same pay in the envelope here. Scaling back on the spending if still needing to work here in Maine. But you gain so so much more than you give up. Maine, outdoors, fresh air, clean water, wildlife. Ready for some for quality of simple Maine living?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

The Best Time To Come To Maine?

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The best time to wander into Maine if you are one of the unlucky ones forced to be on rations of vitamin “V”.

Vacationland when the dose is only a week a year, a long holiday weekend stint fix is just a tease. Does not begin to knock down the addiction and only serves to feed it really.

So the best time to come to Maine? When you need the change of scenery most. Space is the big attraction. Which causes all the other life blocks to fall into place. For a feeling of peace. Surrounded by all her natural splendor awe. But the real beauty of Maine beams, originates from the friendly small town centered hardworking people.

Slow Color Change In Maine Fall Weather

Cooler Nights, Warm Days Start Up The Maine Fall Color Machine.

So instead of ordering off the menu, trying to figure out how you think you should spend your limited time here on the Vacationland planet, just reach out, ask them.

Close the four color glossy tourist flyers. Stash, slide, put ‘em away. And don’t just do what you did last year, the one before that. No no. Shake it up. Throw yourself a curve.

Ask the locals what’s good here?

What’s the special of the day or what would, do they do if they have time off? Were all caught up with their daily chores and obligations. They head out to where? Tell me about those special haunts, places off the beaten tourist industry pathway. But vow, pledge, raise your right hand. To keep it a secret.

Not let the cat out of the bag to maintain a level of trust too. So on the return, more adventures await you because you are inside the circle of trust. Don’t get hung up on how you dress, the color scheme or if everything matches or not either. The locals don’t…

Maine Lake Sunset Photo

Fresh Air, Clean Water, Wildlife Not People. That’s Part Of Maine’s Secret Beauty.

Just put on the correct application for the journey you embark on. Clothes that fit the particular day, season activity.

To many the ends of the tourist seasons are the sweet spot.

To find their happy place. The locals are a little more relaxed, the turn the corner is close. To roll in the new backdrop, slide the current one the other way to dove tail underneath. Preserved for the next rotation three seasons away.

Sitting On A Maine Porch. Maine Is That.

All Year Long, Maine Is Outdoor Living.

What to do for fun, recharging a weary overworked mind and body.

To collect some magic moments in Maine for those “ah ha” light bulb illuminating times in your life. Maine’s magic is often getting lost, freed up and letting go. When hypnotized, put under her spell.

Tractor beamed into the drop dead gorgeous 360 degrees that wraps around you. As she tugs at all of your heart strings at once. And you stop fighting it, admitting to yourself you are in lub dub love.

Why don’t you take a hike. Ahhh, just go jump in a lake, get lost in Maine. Or do one of the slew of other outdoor, low or no cost activities you decide are just what the Doctor ordered.

Get away, beeline to Maine. She is your best friend, a healthy addiction, make her your habit for life.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Fresh, Real Time, In The Moment Living In Maine.

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You know the feeling of being on the road, thinking snackage.

Crossing Maine, even at 75 miles per hour on the Interstate 95 system takes time to cover ground. Hungry, stopped at a gas station to fuel up the whatever you drive has to happen. The wheel you twist, turn. Iron you push up and down the highway. No restaurant options in many parts of our rural state.

Mt Katahdin Baxter Park

White Capped, Snowy Much Of The Year, Mt Katahdin At Baxter Park

And thinking just stay on task. Get back on the road but still gee, I’m hungry.

Partly out of boredom. Not really starving.

Or half crazed thinking about eating a horse. But also because the clock says it’s here. The three sided triangle hanging on the porch of the Maine farm house kitchen is mentally ringing louder and louder.

Answer the call. The magic slot of the three or more opportunities in a day to strap, slide on the feedbag has arrived as if you were home. Not moving, becoming velocitized.

Something solid to go with all that coffee, energy, juice, soft drinks or just good old bottled something wet water you swill down.

You scan the C store glass wall to wall with door handles. Just barely off the Interstate exchange in pretty much the middle of nowhere. Podunk, Maine USA. MMMmmmmmm, saran wrapped or rigid plastic see through container pre-made sandwiches. Not like Mom, Grammy made. The morgue like lighting eerily cast on the dining selection makes your stomach queasy, uneasy. How many days ago were they assembled?

Maine Farm Machinery

Yesteryear, One Row Horse Drawn Maine Farm Machinery.

Don’t do it says one of the voices in your head. The one fatigued from traveling and just wanting to get home. But a snack, to eat on the run. Revolutions of the noggin on your neck shows no apples, bananas, or anything fresh. Dried out pizza slices on a carousel, hots dogs rolling for days on warming station stainless steel cylinders under the sneeze guard. Life is like that too in other ways.

What you snack, graze on and put into your system.

Not just open wide and down the gullet. But what is fed into your senses. Is it a current, fresh, real, raw and in the moment experience? Just plucked off the vine and succulent? Or pretty much like high quality vending machine food? Looks like food, tastes like cardboard, straw, nothing. Without a lot of dipping sauce.

Ordered up because not so handstand happy about it. But all there is for dining options, fast food, on the run. Maybe living in gentile poverty clears the table to prepare for the feast of life in other ways.

Maine Potato House Workers

One Potato, Two Potato… Three Maine Potatoes Heading To Market, Winter Storage.

Maine is all about slow food. Take your time.

Quality experiences with home grown, all natural and take your time preparing it. Savoring it, enjoying it fully. Eating with an easy does it mindset. Slow down. The simpler living approach to life means being, staying in the moment. Being grateful for what you have and not lamenting what you don’t. Making the most with what is around you and not living life with an “if” attached. That involves something missing, but not needed anyway.

Maine is not “I’ll be happy if, when” this or that takes place.

That is in the future. Robs today and may not pan out like you wished for or hoped. Delayed, put off is not smelling today’s roses. Or just plain in season Maine wild flowers. The lupines, brown eyed susans, forget me nots. All arranged outdoors sans vase, four walls by Mother Nature. For a limited time that cycles in four seasons. But requires focusing on today. Or miss the Maine slide show.

Lop off that “if”. Just shorten it to “I’ll be happy.”. “I am happy”. Or without words, thoughts, just smile and radiate an inner joy. That telegraphs to man and animals around you this cat is content, at peace, in Maine. Get here quickly. Don’t you hear her calling your name? Don’t stand her up, keep her waiting.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker


The Pink Ribbon, Best Maine Christmas Ever.

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The boy was from a Maine family of three kids, his mother passed away from cancer at thirty one years of age.

His Dad was a cook in the army. But you would not know it from the menu selection served up, brought back stateside. The TV dinners, frozen pot pies and never ending supply of morning cereals of shredded wheat, corn flakes, puffed rice kept them fed.

Early Maine Snow Sledding.

No Thumb Warmers, Heated Radiators Under Your Feet. Tinker For Two, Ride For One Hour. Helped Teach You Survival Mechanics.

The oldest and only son decided he would be a self taught cook.

Reached, tied on the apron at meal time. And appreciated his Dad of thirty two taking on the solo responsibility of raising he and his two sisters. A year later the father married a much younger gal, a waitress he connected with at coffee.

In her early twenties, the marriage did not last long.

The son figures because his Dad was still married to a ghost, his deceased Mom. That he never truly got over to move on and begin again to be in love. Make a life to share with another, beyond just his young family.

Working for the public works department in 1964, the pay was not going to make you land on the Forbes top one hundred wealthiest. He was rich, grateful in other ways. And over the childhood moving five times. From rent to rent. Getting the kids raised the best the Dad could in a small Northern Maine community. Where the village all pitches in too. This son’s little league team was O’donnell’s Express and his uniform was more man than child sized.

The son with the cook’s apron on figuring better cuisine started and ended with his stepping up to the plate.

Lamenting his pot roast did not begin to compare with his Mom’s meal time entry. But there was no contest with his baked beans. Which over the years became his signature meal time offering when the dinner bell sounded. Cooked to perfection. To die for meal offering that his stomach roll over the cinched up belt proves hit it’s mark with deadly accuracy.

Maine Small Farm Land Photo

Growing Up In Maine, The Fun Home Made, Outdoors.

Soaking the pretty white and splashed with maroon colors Jacob’s Cattle variety. For the bean pot last night as the beat goes on. Memories linger. The years pile up and the seasons change with a sense of urgency. But you gotta eat right?

One Christmas, the corner decorated tree was very sparse in the present department.

The three kids went to sample the sugar plums, get prepared for the roof landing of the red velvet, white fur clad sleigh and flying deer pilot. Not expecting much due to the missing cargo usually already arranged under the colored lights, tinseled trees of past by this late date on the holiday calendar.

The next morning the mood was vastly different. Happy, smiling kids bounding down the old farm house 2nd floor stairway on the Hogan Road spying a tree. Loaded with pretty papered wrapped gifts. Flowing like lava out from under the tree, flooding into the room. Leaving little floor space for the opening family ritual to begin. Starting with the oldest first or was it the other way around? Who’s turn in rotation again?

A pink ribbon guided the way, created a path. From the living room, through the dining room, across the Maine farm house kitchen.

Out into the attached, unfinished back woodshed. The place where periodic discipline was administered. Or just threatened, hinted at would do the trick. Because of success reining in an out of control child with an attitude, nose out of joint early on. Not waiting. For perspective, to bring them back into line to keep the family home happy, calm, quiet.

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Parked in the center of the shed was a brand new 1964 Ski Doo or called then Bombardier snow sled. Ten horse power under the bright yellow cowling, perched above the narrow ski stance.

Ready for the recoil to receive a yank. Strong tug from a youngster barely able to pull hard enough to start the snow sled. The machine high school skinny, not barnyard wide for a reason. Because groomed, marked Maine snow sled trails and bridges over, spanning water hazards were not yet invented. Not in vogue.

It was necessary to being a skinny profile in snowmobile width. To squeeze, needle through forest trees. To get anywhere beyond the just the pretty predictable, round and round back yard.

Learning to lean into corners, sledding on one knee standing up. To move and groove, shift weight and guide, throw the light weight sled through new fresh white powder. To keep from becoming bogged down, bogie wheels buried and causing a winter field exhaustive work out. Digging out of a deeper hole the harder you tried to throttle your way away from the stall in the outdoor fun. Settling into quick sand. The new fluffy powder snow as you lose steam heading up a hill incline.

The sled described this morning at coffee at a corner store pit stop, fuel up I can see clearly.

Even though a Snow Jet blue snowmobile experienced driver, my Aunt Ruth had a boyfriend, Freeman Taylor had one that was souped up, modified to churn out twenty two horsepower. Which was pretty unstable at the higher speeds than any stock machine produced. For the narrow stock ski stance unlike snow sleds of today. Where they are sit, point, steer, hang on. Go very fast on the ice rockets on well groomed, marked ITS trails.

No doubt this Christmas snow machine from Willy Lynds was not many if any serial number digits away.

From the one on Freeman Taylor’s yellow winter big boy toy. The fellow with the loud memorable, infectious laugh. The habit of a steady, slow drip of Schaeffer warm beer flowing into his system. Who did his best to keep all the neighborhood kid’s snow machines of all sizes, colors, kinds and ailments moving up and down the local trails.

The best Christmas ever, the Dad went all out. And scratching his head, looking back on what his father, the sole breadwinner did not bring home weekly for wages, the son wonders how he did it. Made the Christmas to remember for he and his two younger sisters as a single parent, a Mister Mom.

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