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Tips For Moving To A Small Maine Town, What To Remember.

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You climbed the corporate ladder and are coming back to the state where you were raised, Maine.

This blog post is not so much for the local that left and returned. More geared for the never been here for a long stint of time. Just maybe liked the place because of a few vacation stop experiences.

Well, for starters there is the actual making the move itself and here are a few tips for how to reduce the stress. And to have it down pat on what to do, when and why for a time table check list.

Maine Wildflowers, Where Mother Nature Does The Natural Arrangements.

It Is The Prettiest Weed I Can Think Of… Lupines.

But now that you are here, adjusting the goggles to see life in a small Maine town is different than the way folks move and groove, shimmy and shake in a large city.

For starters, the locals have the home court advantage. Are established, involved, work pretty hard to make the small Maine town what it is.

But lots of room for more talent to add to the small town community flavor. Whatever you enjoyed in your life giving back to the wherever you lived before are areas to apply locally in Maine too. But holes, spaces where someone passed on that used to hold down a certain event is a place to step in and help out.

The experiences outside Maine are valuable to add to the local mix of what we offer to make the town stand out brightly. What distinguishes it from the other over 400 that dot the landscape in Maine. Small Maine towns are big on youth activities.

Maine. The Jewels Are Out In The Open, Glistening, Sparkling The Daylight. Not Trapped, Under A Light In A Locked Up Tight Display Case.

Maine. The Jewels Are Out In The Open, Glistening, Sparkling The Daylight. Not Trapped, Under A Light In A Locked Up Tight Display Case.

Whether it is sports, children’s theater, a haunted hayride, play ground improvement, nature trail development, church event, or anything youth oriented, it gets lots of volunteer and financial support. Job shadowing, career days, passing on the traditions of farming, lumbering, fishing are a big part of the Maine culture.

Also, winter is one of the season, not the only one.

We don’t hibernate. It is not the land of igloos. That is further up the globe. We live outdoors all four seasons in Maine. Do dress a little different to match the hanging, displayed month on the calendar.

Forget what you heard about winter from your out of state hair dresser or guys down at the club who have never set foot in Maine.

We watch the national news. And when we see life come to a halt in a city because of a couple inches of snow and drivers and maintenance crews can not keep up, we mutter “amateurs”.

Less people, a lower population makes winter driving easier. Not so many people to watch out for on the roads in Maine. Lots of wildlife though. And in Maine we have the equipment, the experience with snow and a work ethic to get the job done the most efficient, professional way possible. More on Maine weather, the climate.

The move to Maine is motivated because of all we have here that was missing or came at a high price in the city right?

Or lower cost real estate, living debt free and stretching the fixed income monthly checks part of the sizzle. A better place to raise your kids where the village helps in the process of getting them reared right. And the outdoor natural beauty that is respected, protected and all pure, unspoiled.

maine lakes ponds

Year Round, Maine Lakes, Ponds Get Enjoyed. Used Like The Outdoor Living Room.

But get involved, don’t expect folks beating down your door to be dying to meet you. They are busy, industrious and just waiting for you to step up and pitch in. They are connected and related to lots of the neighbors. And in border towns to folks on both sides of the International boundary. Remember, Maine borders Quebec, New Brunswick Canada too.

“The way we did it back where I lived before … “

Go easy on that one. The tone better not be one that is “you guys here are idiots”. If it is heard enough times how stupid the locals are for doing this, this and this coupled with lots of “back in Jersey, Mass, NY..” wherever it was you remind the locals you came from in your past.

Harsh criticism never gets good results. Just like the Pirate logic of the beatings will continue until the attitudes, comradery improves. Resentment, and pulling back happens. For that first year at least, the locals can complain, but you new to these parts can not. Listen, learn, fit in and find a way to work hard to make everyone glad you are in the small Maine town.

Also, what worked well in a populated area to support the event might not in small town Maine.

Simple economics, not enough heads to pay to have what a city supported. Maine is home grown not store bought anyway. Do it on a everyone pitch in and make it like the pot luck supper simple, easy, rich and pleasing.

Don’t let your feelings get hurt or be bent out of shape if your idea is not taken and run with and consider you are in a small Maine town which operates a little differently than the urban center you are used to for the day to day.

maine small town living

Children, Our Greatest Entertainment, Investment In Maine Small Town Living. Kids Don’t Raise Themselves. Or Shouldn’t.

Be kind, a good listener, watch and learn. Pretty much the same advice anywhere you travel and are dropped into an area finding yourself new to these parts.

And hardware store, where is the place to buy no trespassing signs?

On no, don’t put those up. And snow sled trail markets, the ones for ATV across land, think before just pulling up all those stakes. You are going to want to explore and discover the local treasures.

Where you can not get by car or truck, only by foot. In small rural Maine the traffic on these trails is pretty limited. Just some friendly advice from a local, me in Maine. You could have the sign about I have a gun, own a back hoe to keep them guessing. But more for conversation, showing a different way of doing pretty much the same thing. Respect my Maine land, I will yours neighbor.

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What’s It Like Living In A Small Maine Town?

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Life in a small Maine town.

Too slow for some, just a dream never realized to others. What’s important in your life has constants. No matter where you live. But there is a shift in how much of this, how little of that we desire. To improve the life experience.

Maine Farmer To Farmer MOFGA Meeting.

The Joy Of Young Children, Youth To Make Life, Holidays Bright.

Maine is outdoor living all four seasons. It’s all the missing things too. Like rush hour traffic, over the top crime, high cost of living that don’t roost here. Maine is the 46th lowest state for crime.

Raising kids outside of Maine was not something I wanted to do.

Known far back into time as a young grass hopper. I believed a small Maine town would work best. Shaping the shoots or is it chutes? No matter, you get the drift.

But travel to show the kids there is life beyond the village is important. To know you can not see the World from your kitchen window. To spread those wings. And for perspective to know how lucky you really are when you are lucky enough to be involved in the day to day of small town living.

The small things are the big things.

People are less in number but way friendlier. Hands go up instinctively when driving or walking a small town side walk. Eye contact made, hello is uttered. People smile in small Maine towns. Well unless instead of talking about the local sports team or family, the topic swings to politics or pushing a certain brand of religion.

Sense Of Smell In Maine Strongest

The Home Made Goodies Feasted On After A Maine Youth Game Or Performance. Your Sense Of Smell. Is The Oldest, Quickest, Sharpest Of Them All?

When a car battery goes dead, look at your watch. With an engine compartment hood raised, it won’t be long for a jump start to arrive quickly.

Using your set or the good Samaritan’s red and black jumper cables to connect the battery terminals. And if that is not the problem, sticking around to try other roadside remedies. Or make sure help arrives to take the problem to the next step of resolution.

Does everyone in a small Maine town know each other?

They would like to. Give it enough time and yes, they pretty much do. There is a connection and the strong sense of we need to row the boat together. To survive, prosper and knowing all of us get out more than we put in when volunteerism becomes automatic. Whether helping set up or tear down for a benefit church supper, a school dance, coaching a little league baseball or whatever sport’s team.

Living, Vacationing In Maine

Find Yourself At The Maine Coast, Hiking To Lighthouses!

Smaller circles cause the people who live in a small Maine town to come into contact too.

There is overlap because you and I are not on one board, or in just one group.

Everyone has a big or small part, but some role in a slew of things.

Kinda like needing a certain number of credits in a variety of educational disciplines to get the life diploma. To graduate to the next level.

Maine Family Snow Skiing

Families, Outdoor Fun, Maine Fresh Air. Priceless.

Home grown and closer to the action is part of it living in a small Maine town. Not so much store bought or hired out happens. When the pockets are not bottomless deep but the heart’s are full to bursting with pride.

Wanting to help in whatever way possible drives the machinery. That’s the way life should be. Hey, that would be a great slogan for Maine huh?

Rich history in our families, over lap in who’s related to who and how closely or distantly.

And once a person steps up in a small Maine town to fit a role that does not usually have a long line of replacements for the task, you’re in. For life. Or as long as you can ride shot gun and oversee the event.

The people are the small town. Not the wood and brick structures, town hall or other municipal buildings all arranged just so within the grid work. Of old streets designed before the horseless carriages or tin lizzies plied them. And horses were king.

What makes a small Maine town great?

It’s the little things that all of them have but that just does not always get the four color glossy treatment or catchy sound bite coverage.  Downeast Magazine has their opinion of which of the 450 small

Maine Vacations, Move To Enjoy Them Full Time.

Maine Is Small, Friendly, Glad To Be In Vacationland Full Time Or At All!

Maine town’s stand out brightest. Depending on the benchmarks used. It just seems many of them are the tourist traps we don’t mind falling into when you have a license plate stamped with “Vacationland” above the bottom rim.

I think it is the unsung heroes in a small Maine town. The Pansy Burton’s, Win Dow’s who step up year after year. To make home made fudge or chocolate creme filled “logs”, whatever is their signature to die for dish.

Or Ken Wetmore working hours to create a lap strap cedar canoe. Or pegs by Porter, cribbage boards by Sylvester. For the local rotary auction fund raiser that pipelines money into the long list of  much needed projects in a small Maine town.

This past weekend was tackling the job at a Maine farmstead with vim, vigor, gusto.

I picked up some gutter pipe, the securing elbows from SW Collins hardware store. A tool from Tractor Supply. Then tooled into store #1974, our local  Walmart this past weekend to buy a can of red paint.

The last item for the cedar shingled dog house roof dying, longing, way over due for a drink of the oil based elixir. And in line at the check out, talking to the one in front, behind me and the cashier part of the conversation too. And then proceeded to walk out missing the can of barn red protective covering.

Maine Is Exercise, Team Sports.

Exercised, Disciplined Maine Youth. Leave It All Out On The Sheet Of Ice Players.

To hit Dunkin’ Donuts for muffins only to find as I headed for the Jeep in the parking lot that there’s Leo Hogan. In line behind me all Wally World, that retrieved the paint, ready to deliver with a smile.

Waiting beside my unlocked SUV, with unrolled window and passing me the forgotten loot. Thanks Leo.

You appreciate the small things in Maine towns.

The behind the scenes, other side of the curtain little gestures that go a long way. The helping hand not done for attention but because it’s the right thing to do. And the reward of joy inside because you didn’t have to but you did anyway.

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The Falls Colors In Maine, Your A Foliage Leaf Peeker?

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The colors of fall, do you find you have favorite ones you look for as you drive and leaf peek?

Some Maine fall foliage colors just grab your attention more than others. Deep red trees hidden among the other explosive colors of a Maine harvest. Those stand out as “wow” and rich.

maine fall foliage peak colors

Pick A Color, There Are Many Flashed During Fall Foliage Leave Peeking Rides In Maine. The Peak Varies Depending On Science.

But the trees that stay green, remain steadfast in their colors of spring and summer suddenly stand out too.

When the second bloom, the fall foliage of colors cover Maine. Until the wind, rain help cause the drift to the ground. And eventual drying, crackle and return to the soil through decay.

What contributes to brighter New England foliage colors of fall ?

Beeches, birches, maples part of it. Making for larger concentrations of certain colors. I like the trees that have a combination of colors and even leaves flash more than one special hue.

The experts report three factors influence fall colors.

Elevation, length of night, amount of moisture, the concentration of what types of trees. Lots goes into the Jack Frost palette of fall colors. The colors of fall need pigments. And the USDA spells it out scientifically.

maine fall foliage harvest colors

Some Fall Trees Offer Many Color Flavors. Blend, Mix, Twist Them Up During Peak Autumn Foliage.

  • Chlorophyll, which gives leaves their basic green color. It is necessary for photosynthesis, the chemical reaction that enables plants to use sunlight to manufacture sugars for their food. Trees in the temperate zones store these sugars for their winter dormant period.
  • Carotenoids, which produce yellow, orange, and brown colors in such things as corn, carrots, and daffodils, as well as rutabagas, buttercups, and bananas.
  • Anthocyanins, which give color to such familiar things as cranberries, red apples, concord grapes, blueberries, cherries, strawberries, and plums. They are water soluble and appear in the watery liquid of leaf cells.

But despite the color of fall all around you as you drive, don’t certain pockets, combinations just make you want to snap an image or two?

As you roam Maine byways and highways in Autumn? Because it hits you as over the top. Above and beyond and hypnotizes in a good way. And when you add water reflection of the leave colors, a double exposure or mirror reverse on bottle smooth H2O it can hit your deeper than just in the peepers.

maine water fall autumn leaf colors

Add Water To Maine Fall Leave Colors. It Leaves A Positive Impression Of Maine.

Some years the tail end of a hurricane like Matthew could make the fall fireworks of colors a short performance.

Wind and rain don’t back drop the color presentation of fall in Maine like a cobalt blue sky and sunshine radiating through the thin leaves of all shades does.

Fall colors in Maine, one of the prettiest seasons.

Harvest on Maine farms the industry happened right along with the color slide and shift.

Have you been to Maine in the fall and do you only visit a season or two and that’s it? What past time do you enjoy in Maine no matter what the season of the year? As your wardrobe to wander around Maine changes to fit the seasonal temperatures best.

Maine Fall Colors

You See The Colors Everywhere In Maine.

Experience Maine around the calendar.

And see how much she enriches your life with the vast space, the pure natural presentation of water, woods, open vistas.

Slow down, pencil her in to add to the short ride on planet Earth.

Maine, something for everyone, no matter what your age or location in life. Sample the recreation and drink in the scenery of Maine, New England’s largest state.

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Kennebunkport Maine, One Of The Coastline Jewels.

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Mention the word “Maine”, and here come the seacoast towns and beach regions that cause much of the audience excitement.

But ask for the show of hands to figure out the favorite section of sand or craggy rocked bound coastline of Maine and the results vary greatly. Because people are so different.

Kennebunkport Maine Tourist Vacations

Your Maine Vacation, Does It Involve Salt Air, The Sound Of Surf And Ocean Water?

The sound of the crashing surf, the smell of salt air and visuals when you are lucky enough to be on the ocean in Maine casts it’s lifelong spell.

And wherever you begin the time spent on the Maine coast, will probably be a spot on the map to revisit often through out the course of your life time. To check in with Andre the seal. Whatever the Kodak moment attraction.

Lots of fond memories with loved ones and the Maine beaches, lighthouses, sand and rock in the back drop is the main reason why.

The friendly, down to Earth folks that live in these areas and serve the tourists well is another for the come on back any time you can.

Maine is blessed with 228 miles of the ocean frontage.

Other states along the Atlantic coast line did not far so well. New Hampshire weighs in with 13, Massachusetts that Maine broke free from in 1820 has 192 miles worth.

The Wedding Cake House In Kennebunk Maine, One Of The Most Photographed Homes.

The Wedding Cake House In Kennebunk Maine, One Of The Most Photographed Homes.

Rhode Island treasures it’s 40 miles of coast line. Connecticut did not get any. New York promotes it’s 127, New Jersey next door pushes it’s 130 miles many ways. Delaware and Maryland are nip and tuck for waterfront bragging rights on ocean frontage with 28 and 31 respectively.

So back to Maine vacations, the where to go for a first time visit?

How much time do you have? How much do you want to spend for moolah if lodging at other than a state park or high tailing it inland to get the motel rates down to Earth?

For economical motel lodging along the Maine coast, in Kennebunport Maine you might look into Rhumb Line Resort.

If you got a big fat tax return or attended someone’s wedding, or your own, check in at The Colony in Kennebunkport Maine.

Kennebunkport Maine

The Property Values A Tad Higher, The Tax Assessments Approaching Nose Bleed In Kennebunkport Maine.

We have blogged about destination weddings in Maine used for the nuptial knot tying.

WARNING: The more expensive the wedding spread, the less smaller or any children at all get the invitation to pull up a chair around the linen topped, crystal and silver settings for multi course meal table.

(Hope you get your “plus one wedding invitation” added rider clause box to check off. Along with the surf, turf, veggie or spam, cereal or other menu food fare selections.)

In Kennebunkport Maine Walker’s Point Compound  on Ocean Avenue is a popular tourist query location that get’s “Googled” a lot.

Besides US Presidents #41 and #43, Jeb Bush is getting a new Maine home  away from home of his own.  Built at the Bush family compound on Walker’s Point.

You do feel the Secret Service scans, from a far pat downs as you just point the camera toward the home of two of the highest pay grades of them all in public service sector. God bless America.

Walkers Point Bush Family Compound Kennebunkport Maine

Walker’s Point, The Bush Family Compound On Ocean Avenue, Kennebunkport Maine.

The lighted red, white and blue flag on the point gives you the same feeling as after someone sings that song before the “play ball” shouted.

Lots of background selfies happen with this high taxed town chunk of Maine in the back ground.

For a budget stretching place to stay at Wells Beach a few miles to the south of Kennebunkport Maine, consider tapping out the phone numbers or emailing the N’er Beach Motel for an ocean vacation fun.

Plenty of food options, a trolley like the other Maine coastal tourist traps that you want to get pulled into willingly happens in Wells, Moody Beach that is not far from Old Orchard Beach too.

Maine's Kennebunkport Maine Beach Sea Shore

One Beach Is Not Exactly Like The Next. This One In Maine In Kennebunkport At Dusk.

In Bar Harbor Maine, Robbins Motel is pretty darn affordable.

To explore Acadia National Park, see Thunder Hole, check out a couple lighthouses like Egg Light  with it’s seals basking in the sun on an island, or Bass Harbor with its red lens and zip for parking.

So consider parking and biking in and out. And all along the 50 miles of Acadia carriage trails. With some very intricate granite bridges and stone work. Consider using your bike to roll on. To take the ferry from Portland to Peakes Island for bike ride. A quick easy spin with peddle power.

Like what you order off the menu at your favorite restaurant, often you know you should be adventuresome and try a new beach in Maine.

To sample another coastal Maine town and all it offers in a new and distinctive way. But it is hard when the temptation wanes and you order up the same beach in Maine to visit year after year. And each season is a variation on the same theme kinda sorta.

Maine Boats, Some Pretty Expensive, From Out Of This State, Country!

The Big Boats, Not Powered By Small Horsepower Motors Hanging Off The Aft Ends.

Say if you like Maine lighthouses, consider the hide and seek and joy of finding another. To add to your collection at Squirrel Point lighthouse in the Boothbay Harbor region as an example.

Maine has a lot of coast, more than most. And life is short if you plan to practice your take off, landing skills. To touch down barely and lift up quickly. To again, again. To sample the 228 miles coastline for a Maine vacation.

The coast of Maine, letting go and pulling the plug to recharge naturally, off grid. To reflect on life, the how’s it going for you weigh in to get your bearings. Find magnetic north. All that sea shore and what life is like along the coast is pretty special but only one facet of the vast Maine jewel.

The coastline gets more interesting, less commercial though while we are on the subject. As you venture north along Rt 1. Get off the Interstate 95 corridor. Check out Milbridge, Maine. Go further north to Lubec, Eastport Maine, West Quoddy Lighthouse, the local eateries.

Maine Harbor Boats Are Big, Expensive And Not Just Dingies, Lobster Vessels or Cruise Ships.

Maine Ocean Front Small Protected Harbors. You See Lots Of Big Watercraft, Clever Boat Names. Mine Would Be “Liquid Asset”.

Hang on pirates, to go ashore at President FDR’s vacation cottage. Get your sea legs for the short boat ride to Campobello Island. To experience real, raw, all pure and natural Downeast Maine. Without the vacations in Maine four color glossy hype.

Yes, in some regions of Maine to play it up for the tourists with the “you can’t get there from here-uh Chummy” there is some commercial posturing.

To play for the cameras, an open microphone. Anyone holding a tall, top ringed reporter’s notebook. To create a few catchy soundbites, grab some free press with full color 8×10’s, lots of black ink about lob-STAH that is some kinda wicked good Bub.

Fueling Up In A Maine Harbor. Anchoring For The Night To Come Ashore. Sample Whatever The Small Maine Coastal Town Serves Up.

Fueling Up In A Maine Harbor. Anchoring For The Night To Come Ashore. Sample Whatever The Small Maine Coastal Town Serves Up.

It’s hard tellin’ without knowing don’t ya know. Unless someone speaks up and spreads the word about Maine, the way life should be.

Have you been to Maine and to other places besides just the coast?

Consider the ski areas, the fall foliage tours inland and to see wide open farms, vast timbered northern sections of Maine. Not just the Maine beaches. The coastal tourist attractions where some have cruise ships parked out in the harbor.

Maine beaches, coastal towns for vacations. Those are only one Maine tourist trap you don’t really mind falling into and go willingly. But there is more.Maine, so much to explore, but only a short life time to do it.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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The Bigger The Maine Garage, Outbuildings, The More Hiding Spots.

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You might need it someday.

That hang on to it, depression baby thinking can fly in the face of those who subscribe to the travel light. If it doesn’t fit in the back pack you carry, it is too much and just bogging you down. Where do you weigh in?

In small rural Maine, when you are in business, or make your living off the land, from the woods, there are steep spikes up and then down.

Maine Family Reunions

Maine Family, The Jewels Of The Local Community. The Life Coaches, Mentors To Guide And Shape The Little Ones.

Break even years are considered some of the best ones because you keep going. Get to tear off another December from the calendar that seems to flip and fly off faster.

Falling back on what you saved up.

You might need it some day. And getting rid of stuff at the transfer station is harder and expensive. But that piece of angle iron, that just right length board or left over bracket from some door yard mechanics or carpentry. It could make the difference. If you remember where you stashed it.

Always impressed with the workshop where in a row of Gerber’s baby food jars, there are brads, nails, fasteners of all types. The small glass re-purposed jar lids one by one screwed to an overhead board to quickly twist, tilt, shake, pour out what you need for the job.

Tools where you can find them and the repair nerve center of the family home is ready to serve and protect the small household, farmstead way of life. Next year’s pile of wood for burning cut, split and air drying. While this winter’s BTU generator is all set.

maine river water falls photo

The Winter Run Off Of Snow Makes The Faster Paced Spring Canoe & Kayak Races

The five hardwood cords or more and a a big pile of softwood fire starting kindling is high and dry. In the cellar along with the shelf after shelf of canned preserves, other home grown provisions socked away neatly in the impressively stocked root cellar.

The family is not going to be cold, not going hungry and the HBO channel is outdoors, unplugged and ready to tap into when chores are done. We make our own outdoor four season fun.

Take what you need and pass along the rest.

Gratitude is riches and not falling into the trap of enough is never enough. Boundaries, limits, moderation. Again. Repeat. And do more than survive but savor all that life offers if you are not too busy. To anxious or nervous or just full of a feeling that something is missing.

In my real day job for the past 36 years listing and peddling properties, it seems to be a common theme. Heard louder by someone who has been living in the city and road weary from protect your self and your property from crime.

Maine Dogs, Surrogate Grand Children.

Take The Picture. I Want. Need To Go For A Walk Okay?

Personal injury from gangs, senseless drive by shootings and locking everything up tighter than a drum is not something you worry about in small population, vast expanse of land Maine.

Money is not the end all and resourcefulness rides herd, tugs the reins on the day to day approach to living.

If it is to be it is up to me and not thinking someone will catch me, help me, take care of the small stuff. Independence feels good and living without debt is like removing a ball and chain.

Many we talk to have had the merry go round of mountains of debt and just want to carve out a simple life. To buy a simple home, a modest priced chunk of land to create what they have dreamed about for decades or even since childhood.

Often they remember grandparents who lived in small town USA and want to stand next to that fire.

maine lakes ponds

Year Round, Maine Lakes, Ponds Get Enjoyed. Used Like The Outdoor Living Room.

To warm their bones, to soothe their soul. To take a break and have more control over their own life. Rather than too many someone elses running the show in the Candy Land game.

But even in small Maine towns, over spending and not pulling back on the expenditures to work on centralizing services, automation and creative new ways to live within your means threaten the small population clusters. Small town Maine pride can be a wonderful and at the same time destructive blinding light.

Trust fun babies, where the adult kid attends a two hour share holder’s meeting once a month to receive the $50,000 stipend.

And try to make that corporate allowance stretch while you scheme for ways to break the chains of the trust. That is ruling you from the grave and protecting yourself from yourself. There is nothing like making it on your own, living within your means and managing your resources. Teaching your kids the same approach to life where you pull yourself up by the bootstraps.

Over indulgence, spending high wide and handsome and trying to avoid the easy does it, keep it simple approach to living is not rural small town Maine living. That trust fund baby if not a self starter and motivated to channel the inheritance into improving the area around them, volunteering financial and time resources is missing out.

Mt Vernon Maine

Bikers Stop To Jaw At The Local Centers In Maine Small Towns.

On the richness of the unspoiled, not store bought but pure and natural four season surroundings Maine offers.

Exploitation has missed the hidden communities where there are not enough people to deem it worth while trying to take economic advantage of the sparse population.

Be yourself, walk in nature, reduce stress, do what you love and the rest of the fifteen ways to live a happy life  To smile more, really enjoy life more on a daily basis. That makes Maine one classic location to achieve happiness.

Simple living in Maine.

Explore the nooks and crannies, meet the down to Earth people of Maine. Are you over due for a visit and have you make the leap to beyond just a yearly three day or week long vacation? To full time, dig in and become connected to a small Maine town?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Farming In Maine, The Barn Was The Centerpiece In Building Collection.

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Farming in Maine, when there were seven farmers on one road.

Not one farmer in three small Maine towns. Bigger, more production but way way fewer in number now. And less of the stuck in the middle of the road farmers that were weeded out. Dying on the vine and pushed to the wayside.

Maine Farm Barns

Maine Farms, The Big Barn Is The Center Crowned Jewel Of The Buildings.

There is a resurgence in micro farming, locally sourced agriculture grow and raised close to home is a healthy sight to see.

But like farming without the eight row equipment and many zero place debt load, small farming in Maine takes frugal measures.

Regardless of the state of affairs on conventional, organic or whatever size spread for Maine farming, the buildings used to pull off the lifestyle.

In our travels it is always pleasurable to see a big main barn given TLC, a shot of love. Some on life support and it is a nip and tuck operation.

maine farm barns

The Maine Barn Sitting Back On Its Haunches. Leaning, Straining And Recently Went Down Completely Like 52 Pick Up.

It’s all over happens. Too late for the new sills, the roof repair and general pulling the structure back into post and beam health that it had when hand built in the late 1800’s or earlier. The lack of a new roof covering makes everything melt into the ground.

Like a dinosaur going to its knees and never to get back up.

With the 8×8’s and old doors, the hand forged hardware to hang them recycled from the rubble. To fix another barn a few townships over in rural, sparsely populated Maine.

When you think of barn raising, where all the family, kids and old alike joined forces to put up a farm building.

The barn that was the cornerstone, crowned jewel of everything else to come. Even horses pulled those mortised beams into place to pin them securely.

And next week we set up shop with the same folks at your spread down the road a piece in Maine. Another farm setting hosting the food, the hard work and hopefully good weather holding out until voila. Another big barn in Maine dots the countryside.

Maine Organic Farming

Hungry? Know What You Are Eating, Where It Came From If Not Locally Organically Grown?

Besides lack of maintenance, the high cost to insure, other factors put a cross hair on the life of a Maine barn.

Lack of use because like schools, everything is on one floor now. Those expansive hay lofts on a gambrel design or gable A-frame farm barn not used for loose or square bales anymore.

Big 1200 pounded that look like huge Rolo candies now squat around a recently hayed and laid to collect pasture field operation. Where no field hand muckles on to the twin twine strings to toss up on a passing hay wagon or farm truck flat body.

No hauling it back to the big Maine farm barn depository to store inside before black rain clouds open up to spoil the haying operation.

Or placement on a conveyor pointed skyward to hoist them higher for the rack and stack inside. Why no more?

Because a farm tractor with hay forks on the front or rear spears and lifts to deliver them to be placed in a roll. Wrapped in white plastic to preserve them until needed from the hay bank. Not put under cover of a big Maine farm barn.

Music, Maine, Farm Life, Perfect Combination

Oink. Wee Wee Wee .. Sing It Out Loud And Clear.

So no fear of if their is moisture in the hay, then oh oh. Heating up and spontaneous combustion ignites and no more big, beautiful barn.

Taken out of the farm spread rotation. And when a barn fire happens, like domino formation, one by one the rest of the auxiliary structures go down.

Poof. The machine shed, well house, ice house, grainery, pig shed, horse hovel, chicken coop and the farm house too!

Just farm land left, maybe no wood lot either though on top of it all. When the grass fire turns everything into the scorched Earth like the rules of war makes it leave nothing for the enemy to benefit from down the road. Al that brought into the chaos. No more buildings or remains of them to resurrect.

So barns, unless lots of money to maintain them, insure them, can die of natural causes. If no one climbs up and cables off the roof sides to hold them, suck them back together securely. Or cross braces to keep them from swaying in the Northeast gales, those winds out of the Northwest too.

Outdoors In Maine, Spend Four Seasons Here.

Maine Is Real, Fresh, Original.

Some Maine farm barns re-purposed for conventions, weddings, family events and rented out to earn their keep.

To pay their way. Conversion to truck terminals is one use the barn I now care take and own was. Now used for storage of campers, antique cars, recreational boats and other motorized adult “toys”.

Do you have the same love of barns and does that one structure surrounded by other buildings make the picture complete? Many are gone, but not forgotten. And a few are maintained and still standing proudly.

Add animals, crops and farm activity and all the better reaction to the big awesome barn. The barn is the charm, casts the spell has the smell of grain, hay, animals that used those standing, boxed stalls and stanchions. Food is pretty special to have at least three times a day for most of us.

Having a steady supply of quality raise it yourself food stuffs keeps the body healthy. Raising it keeps you in shape and just breaking even making you feel grateful helps your overall attitude. The way you look and approach obstacles, challenges in life is key for what you glean from the years here on Earth. On what you pass on for the next generation that is valuable in life skills.

Lucky to own one. Peddle them too. Maine farm barns, come north and can show you a few classic ones.

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Maine Weddings, R & R Vacations Are Not The Sole Reason To Visit.

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Maine is a vast state and because of less people, all this space, unspoiled natural beauty abounds.

And what a setting for nuptials, knot tying, weddings in Maine. Especially if you live in a too tight urban area where you have to watch your step to keep from bumping into someone in the bumper to bumper grid lock.

People like vegetable garden plants, too many critters in the barn corral not properly spaced do crazy things. When you invade their breathing room, stand too close to their personal space.

Maine Simple Living

Maine Is Outdoor Living, Hold The Crime. Second Helpings Of Fresh Air, Clean Water Please. Weddings In Maine … One In Your Future?

So Maine wedding settings, you could decide a state park, camping and being knee deep in nature to create a secure ground zero for the couple’s future.

More on the Maine state wedding facility rentals and group spaces to host the event where two family’s merge.

Or you and a loved one, the soul mate, only other of the same species on the planet are on the hunt, browsing for other affordable Maine wedding locations. There are about 9000 weddings in Maine a year. In southern Maine especially being a hop, skip and a jump over the big green bridge to Vacationland from Greater Boston. That offers an exotic, fresh clean different setting from the jammed too close city settings that are the norm for the city mouse. Easier on the wallet too.

Maine for a wedding destination, is it the setting or the connection from years and years of growing up and enjoying a particular location here?

Unplugged, Recharging In Maine.

Peaceful, Four Season Drop Dead Gorgeous, Maine.

Often it is brand new venue with salt water and a sea breeze, sound of the surf like my niece picked for her white dress, black tie affair. The honeymoon elsewhere out of the country.

On a mountain top. Or how do you feel about sand surrounding you to recite your marriage vows?

Picking a sandy beach with a nearby lighthouse for a one stop wedding shop facility like the Kennebunkport Maine grand hotel.

On the beach backdrop during the vows and then wake up the cold or chloroformed Monarch butterflies to rise and shine and flat those delicate winds skyward like hot air balloons released by all holding the strings.

Maine Lighthouses, Lots To See, All Different In Many Ways.

Over 60 Lighthouses In Maine, Have You Started Your Collection Yet? Prospect Harbor One Venue To Visit With The Camera.

These big Maine beach hotel complexes  have all the facilities under one roof.

This is not their first marriage rodeo and can make things come off without a hitch. Experienced about the red flags, devil in the details that can ruin the blessed event.

Chairs, plates, linens, serving all the needs and with the staff trained on everything. The Maine  setting for getting hitched can network the wedding services you check off like breakfast door hangers.

That someone collects in the wee hours and delivers on the orders. With eggs, juice, toast, coffee just the way you like them. When the rooster crows off key.

So one big bank check draft coordinates all the martial festivity fanfare. To hopefully make long lasting memories that everyone in attendance, not just the bride and groom remember warmly.

The family members who won’t be here for long make the date special and are in the wedding photos to prove it. The wedding is a family reunion. Longer than the 20 minutes after a funeral in the parking lot, saying local good byes if there is no celebration of life reception.

Weddings, funerals, they are all basic ingredients of the family unit. One of the most memorable Maine wedding I attended was so simple, low cost.

Maine Is Four Season Outdoor Living, Down To Earth People.

Explore, Discover, Sample Some Of All Maine Has To Offer. Maybe A Wedding Planned In Your Future?

Witnessed a daughter’s wedding in West Gouldsboro / Sorrento Maine last year.

There is one gorgeous public library for a Sorrento Maine wedding reception used for after the exchange of vows in a small country church pictured above.

This was a little harder to coordinate because it was not just one big Maine coastal hotel lobby to enter and sign in to put the wedding together easily.

It needed a wedding coordinator to figure out the logistics. Like the return of a space shuttle. All the professionals doing their expensive piece in the layers of players. To bring it all home for the magic wedding in Maine touch down date. For the getting hitched.

The small venues are special, quaint in Maine for weddings but the larger facilities are like big box one stop shop vendors. Low priced, lots of options when the smoke settles and you tally up the expenses for the wedding in Maine.

My mom and dad told me rural weddings in Maine were home cooked food from the family members not caterers that fed the marital masses.

Candy bought for twenty dollars, someone ties on the tin cans and applies the Just Married signage and streamers. Use the Grange Hall, local church or riverside, lake shore sporting or fraternal lodge.

Wedding Locations

Where To Get Married? Looking For A Location For Knot Tying?

Pick up the big bags of rice to distribute for everyone to throw over the exiting couple. Heading wearing smiles and a feeling of excited relief. For their ride to the reception or to embark on the honeymoon.

And a few black and whites snapped with the Brownie Hawkeye. Of the family, the couple, the rings and hand made local wild flower arrangements to slide into the album book. Hand churned ice cream, bean hole beans cooked in the ground. Smoked turkeys, hams or BBQ pork.

Local musicians rounded up, two punch bowls with ice cream, ginger ale, a large floating block of ice.

Pretty china cup ladled to the full mark with return visits welcomed. And maybe a railroad spike with a pink ribbon parked next to one of the family heirloom glass refreshment vessel. To hint hint, nudge nudge without a lot of publicity. Spell out between the lines without words. That this bowl contains high test. Easy does it.

Then back to the day to day without the average price of the wedding of $32,641 staring at you. Coming in to be paid the next 30 day cycle of the plastic card with the magnetic strip or chip.

west gouldsboro maine churches

Maine Small Town Churches For Weddings. Like This One In West Gouldsboro Maine.

Just got back from another wedding at Arcadia Michigan at the Watervale Inn.

Where an old logging settlement on the waterfront was re-purposed when the Chicago fire sparked the need for lumber to rebuild.

But when it  dried up the 500 acres of land, all these homes, casino, annex needed a new use. Weddings being one of the family gatherings in one drop dead gorgeous setting.

I thought East Grand, Sebago, Moosehead Lakes were big but not being parked next to Lake Michigan where we roosted.

Weddings in Maine, lots of options and they don’t have to cost an arm, leg, duplicate organ to pay for them. Going head over heels in debt is not the way to start a marriage of lots of promise but sad reality of overspending  of money you don’t have is a movie that does not end well. Or causes added hardship to weather and test the marriage knot tightness.

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Maine Vacations, Sometimes The Locals Swap And Travel.

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Mainers move around their own state to enjoy the surroundings, festivals, annual events. The Europeans cherish and regularly squeeze in their vacations to travel and explore too.

But Americans chasing the urban dollars to fund the more expensive cost of living. Have been labeled as workaholics and driven by vocation rather than vacations. (Burton Cummins sings “Got no no no (extra)  time.”)

Vacation Exchange Swapping Homes

Living Like The Locals, Seeing What’s Special In Maine Swapping The Use Of Your Old Home Out Of State. Ever Thought About Vacation Exchange Using Your Home?

Vacations in Maine, anywhere.

Like most things in life, practicing moderation makes sense to avoid tilting the playing field to either extreme. Of all work no play or hey hey.

Just wanting to play, beat on the drum all day. Yeah Mon. Wasting the day away on a tropical island with a blender working over time and searching for the shaker of salt. Admiring a tattoo you now wear but just don’t remember paying for, getting applied.

Waiting until you retire to take those vacation, to explore around Maine or anywhere on the planet is not the best plan.

Having fun along the way is and especially when you have a family, younger kids that need to know there is life beyond their backyard. To know where they settle down is because of comparing home to other places not so close.

But the cost to travel. Maine is a rural, unspoiled, under populated state not flush with disposable cash to climb into silver birds to jet here, there, everywhere on a regular basis.

Maine Outdoor Market. Been To One?

Farm Fresh Locally Sourced Food From Maine. Get Healthy Inside And Out In Maine Vacationing In Maine.

So swapping the Maine vacation home for another somewhere you have never been.

Or year after year with someone like you that respects their property and you pass in flight or on the open road heading to the others domain.

For a week to see how the rest of the World lives. One home at a time that cost you no money, just your roof and four walls, the floor. In exchange for vacation time at their local address.

Maine Vacation Photos

Never The Same, More To See In Maine, Vacationland. Some Tourist Traps, Other Locals Lost In Time, Off Radar.

How do you know it is a like value exchange of a vacation home you own for one of another?

How do you add credibility to the other end destination being what the supposed owner says it is? What if it does not measure up and they got the better end of the barter exchange?

That would hit a sour note. Kill the travel bug for a spell and make you think twice or more times before stepping out and doing that again.

There are firms to help the swapping vacation property exchange.

And everyone knows someone from school, growing up that moved somewhere out of town, out of state or even the country. Those are the first place to look using alumni websites and avoiding scams on Craig’s List.

We have run into those with a local property listing that someone online lifted the images in the copy and paste and passed themselves off as the owner.

Maine Vacations, Swap Those Homes For One.

Maine Vacations. Like Vitamins, You Need To Take More Than One A Year In Vacationland.

Looking for a quality renter like yourself that should wire them money so they can send you the keys they don’t have.

Because they don’t own but do a pretty do job of acting like the owner thanks to the information provided by the local listing agent or broker.

The exchange of vacation spots so two parties can experience what the other one does year round for just one week away from the local surroundings.

It can make the vacation more fun because other than the cost of the trip to and from, the food or entertainment, lodging is wiped off the take away cost. That shows up on the plastic cards with the magnetic chip or strip. For months afterwards.

Maine Outdoor Land Views

The View At Your Picnic In Maine. It Adds To The Home Made Taste Of Whatever Is Packed Away In The Picnic Basket.

So important because if you worry about the cost all the trip, then don’t go. The Europeans scrimp and save and go without during the year living austere to be able to have the means to travel.

It is part of their mental health. It is the carrot of something fun to look forward to and look back on with a smile.

I know a class mate who works on small engines, sport vehicles for recreational use of the Maine trail system. And whenever a customer complains about the high cost of a snow sled drive belt, a new idler or jack shaft bearing or suspension part.

Even thought the machine cost $10,000 to $20,000, he reminds the complainer that maybe you should sell it. Because either you can’t afford maintaining and using it, keeping it licensed. Or the cost outlay more than offsets the enjoyment factor for fear of going broke pulling off the sport.

maine winter photo

Not As Much Ice On Maine Lakes. Still Ice Shacks, Fishing Through A Hole Underway During A Mild Temperature, Snow Load Too Winter.

That’s one more reason too that hiking, biking, kayaking and using simple tents to sleep under the stars, cooking over an open fire makes sense.

Maine is famous for those low or no cost vacation options.

Don’t wait until retirement, the not so golden years when health makes the travel not an option.

Because of green oxygen tanks following you or the confinement of a walker or wheelchair that limits what you see or makes it such a struggle that it is just not worth it. Because you missed the opportunity to tap into your own personal travel channel.

Maine is waiting and don’t believe all the myths about winter being nine or more months long.

Who makes this stuff up, passes around the wrong information on the grapevine has never been to Maine. Like the folks they get purple ears listening too and spreading around their social circles. Wonder if Michigan, Minnesota, New York and other New England states get the same bum wrap. We don’t show up on the circling globe in the Arctic Circle and are a lot lower in the latitude line markings.

Maine Lake Living Is Pure, Simple, Real.

Playing With The Beagle, Chuck And Return Beagle Style. Maine Vacations. Free And Easy!

Maine, come see for yourself. Consider a vacation where you wrap what you have, leaving a book that shows the new to your area everything about the surroundings that they would want and need to know about on their R and R session.

And they do the same for you at their vacation home put to work to provide them with one in exchange. Staying in an entire home not am expensive, limited one or two  motel / hotel room is a no brainer decision where you don’t need to flip a coin, to know which to pick.

I live in Maine full time but like to travel whenever possible.

Four kids strategically located and brothers not local also helps our vacation planning and traveling. To free up resources to allow more than one slam bam thank you but that is all she wrote for this year. Some vacations more expensive and one in a life time than others too.

Maine Lighthouses, Lots To See, All Different In Many Ways.

Over 60 Lighthouses In Maine, Have You Started Your Collection Yet? Prospect Harbor One Venue To Visit With The Camera.

Introduction to high speed trains for travel was something new. And the sights and scenes gathered up from kids who went to out of state colleges exercised the travel bug.

Home swapping for vacations is not for everyone.

Like most things, it is quality not quantity of the day length of your vacations. And when you live in Maine full time, you don’t have to eat up that back and forth stretch of Interstate 95 reflectorized highway mile markers.

Swapping homes for vacations in Maine. We’ll help match you up from our local pool and yes there is a shameful reason beyond loving where we live and wanting to share it.

When your wanderlust dies down. I just happen to list, market, sell real estate property listings in Maine, vacation second homes and other types in case you decide let’s settle down in Vacationland, the Pine Tree State for good.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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When You Live In Maine, Your Foot Is Not Nailed To The Floor.

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Maine is one big state and when you live here, it is like a multi faceted dream come true.

Because you get to sample lots of very distinct areas. All friendly people but the closer to the southern border of the state you get, a little more traffic happens. The cost of living goes up.

It is more accessible, there are more rules to herd the population that treks there to sample it and those who live, mingle with the tourists. Depend on them for a living. Sharing what they love and others seek. When you live here it is not just one week’s inoculation until the next year’s booster is administered.

You get to enjoy Maine year round, it is like Christmas all twelve calendar months.

Wells Beach Maine

Another Day Starts At Wells Beach Maine.

Some tourist traps that you want to fall into at least once a year. Bar Harbor, Old Orchard, are so different than a visit to the same ocean but a different part of it say in Lubec, Eastport.

Like a buffet that you wished you started at the other end before your plate weighted down. Head North. Go deeper inside Maine, near her center, the soul.

And Maine has those other remote areas accessed  by hoofing it, only by a high clearance jeep or on horse back. Giddy up.

That no one but you gravitate to and the in between gray areas off the beaten path. That depending on the day, the time and budget you have to spend get visited.

That are not so easy to travel to without thinking about the return trip pretty much about the time you land there. The longer distances help insulate, not isolate is how I prefer to look at it.

Some folks chase Maine lighthouses.

Portland Headlight House

Lighthouses, Portland Headlight In Cape Elizabeth Has Lots Of Selfies Posted Using Her Nautical Charm.

Others just want to see a Maine moose! Hear a lake loon. Want a big slab slice of Maine blueberry pie or to slice into a steaming Maine potato.

Add some fixin’s that are not probably the healthiest. But you gotta have a little fun in this short life on Earth right?

Spent a few days in Wells Beach Maine and snapped a couple images to share in the Me In Maine blog post.

When a family picks an area of Maine to build their photo album it because tradition that others in the next generation continue.

I am happy to be introduced to Congdon’s Donuts, to share with the kids just waking up that just hopped out of the grease. Onto the cooling grills. Or to sample whole friend clams from Jakes Seafood, and more clams, the steamer kind from the Fisherman’s Catch.

All Kinds, Sizes, Styles Of Maine Beach Homes, Rentals.

No Two Alike, Along A Maine Beach Like The Ones In Wells, Moody Maine.

And the ocean front. Staying at N’er Beach in Wells Beach Maine last year. And right on the beach this year.

The vacation home in Maine rented for a week loaded with lots of expressions about being at the beach. Reminding you to relax. That the beach, the ocean fixes everything.

Reading material in the bathroom, on end tables, night stands and wall hanging about how to tap into the power of beach life. Knowing to forget about the concept of time. To get up, rise and shine and get out on the beach. To walk it and study the many different styles of beach front, waterfront property shanties and castles.

Vacation Stay At Wells Beach Maine.

Congdon’s Donuts, Jakes Clams… You Must Be Talking Wells Beach Maine.

Open porches are a must anywhere you live in Maine.

Communication still done without a glowing screen device casting an eerie glow on the user’s face.

Some have hammocks on them or an array of brightly colored rockers. Second and third floor balconies and public way access strips so folks on the other side of the Atlantic Avenues.

And other nautical or old salt air sea sounding locations can drag a lawn chair, an umbrella and cooler on wheels, a good book to tap into the healing power.

To set up the colored buckets and shovels for the kids to start sand construction.

As the tide makes the waves aggressive or causes them to retreat. And wipes out the handiwork, the foot prints in the sand, with sea weeds, the shells, sea glass and other finds.

Advice On Living At The Maine Beach

Advice For The Maine Beach Vacation. How To Relax Tips Everywhere You Look At A Beach Rental Property.

Para sailing boards, sea kayaks, jet skis and boats ply by and swimmers laugh, bob and get massaged by the wave sets. The smell of the ocean, the return to a visit with an old friend.

It changes the channel from the hike up Mount K, the trip to the Allagash Wilderness Waterway to fish. Or the wood’s camp visit on leased paper company land in T this, R that.

No Wally World or Mickey Dee’s corporate office scoping out these locations on the Maine turf. No Fun Town, Splash Town rides and slides in this GPS coordinate.

Maine is not one monotone speed in the rattle and hum.

Wells Beach Maine

Fresh Air, Working The Sand As Early Masons On A Maine Beach.

It comes at different price levels. you can mix and match and write the rules of relaxation that fit your pace to a “t”.

The best one is camping and grilling food at a state park. no money shelled out can improve the taste of a Maine vacation. Sleeping under the stars, listening to crickets. And unplugging to recharge.

Maine, you getting low on your supply of it? Don’t stay away so long, she tugs at your heart strings and misses you just as much as the other way around. The signal goes both ways.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Living In Maine, Small Rural Town Decision Making.

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Common sense and being forward thinking are two skills true dyed in the wool Mainers possess in great supply.

Small Maine towns survive if resistance to change is removed, if creative brainstorming is done. To figure out what do we do now? Way way before arriving at that all important crossroad that makes it do or die important.

Resistance to change happens for a lot of reasons.

You might have liked it just fine the way it was. Or the issue(s) at hand are large and many in number. So where to begin and how will it upset the rest of the apple cart has to be considered. Like the ticking bomb, you holding the wire cutters and with sweat on your lip and brow, hoping you pick the right colored wire to snip snip in just in time. With barely seconds to spare.

maine lake photo

When It Is Less People, More Peace And Quiet Happens.

The stakes are high because the room for error in the direction you head to work around the problems to arrive at solutions is small.

When you know hard decisions are needed but delayed, population starts to drop off. Folks that don’t want to leave do anyway. Because inefficiency and delay of implementing new policies that control the spending in a small Maine rural towns is disasterous.

High property taxes in small Maine towns, hikes in user fees and service permits signal something is not being correct  quick enough in the belt tightening. When you see one by one small Maine towns and plantations lined up to wave the white flag.

To deorganize and step into the boat being lowered into the water from a sinking local community ship. That opts out to go all in with centralized services from one of the sixteen Maine counties. To lose their local identity because not enough volume of people, too low a population, and too higher a tax burden. The bilge pumps can not keep that local boat afloat.

Maine Lake Loons.

Drift, Glide, Pop Up And Down Fishing. Maine Loons Dressed In A Black And White Tuexdo.

Local control is something small Maine towns are finding harder and harder to hang onto despite the fierce pride, the colors of the sport’s teams worn proudly at state contests on the way to the top. Reaching for the gold ball.

So when you see the loss of population going down, the cost of living in a small Maine town spiking upward, why so slow to rein in the spending?

Rather than hiking the mill rate to dangerous levels like watching the pressure readings on a steam locomotive engine with a dial needle dancing in the red. Drastic times do call for decisive measures to control the skid.

What adds to the frustration is true Mainers that know the rules of survival don’t run their own households that way. They adjust the spending and live below their means to prepare for those sharp curves, crater sized potholes in the road ahead.

Like pushing the heavy car that is out of gas to who knows where. Getting out, bailing and hitch hiking and looking for the best trail out of the situation can make it every dog for himself. Centralized services, removal the layers of duplications in spending and letting go of the way we always used to run the show in a small Maine town. With a spirit of we’ll be better off on the other side and around to rise and shine.

maine victorian homes

Style, Comfort, Home Sweet Home Made To Last Design. Life The Way It Should Be Protected In Small Maine Towns.

Like pruning a tree of life sucking dead limbs, what remains can thrive and prospers in new healthy ways. If.

Letting go of personality conflicts, using the wisdom of what happened in history when similar scenarios found their way into small Maine town life.

To arrive at this is the best course of action now for the good of the community, everyone in the small burg.

The Mainer who prides himself or herself on being independent will find new ways to work collectively because there is no other option. Just no room for slow, stalled or just not moving in the best course available correction. To keep as much of the distinct, the original flavor of a small Maine town. While preserving, at the same time streamlining and preparing for the future to assure survival of a small Maine town.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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